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Yo-Yo Ma, whose multinational Silk Road Ensemble just released a new album, has sound advice for politicians, parents, and jittery performers.

On Donald Trump and cross-cultural collaboration

“It's about building bridges and not walls. Mexico is a huge country, and to demonize a whole population is not a good conversation to start. It’s so easy to render judgment—especially on something you don’t know much about. There are no simple solutions. As a musician, traveling all around, you’re always

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Mother Jones senior reporter ARI BERMAN watched the 2016 election results come in at a Wisconsin hotel bar, fielding frantic phone calls from family and friends while drinking with local political operatives. Berman, a reporting fellow at The Nation Institute and the author of Give Us the Ballot, a history of voting rights, has traveled to the state four times over the past year and a half to report on voter suppression (“Rigged,”). To increase her natural melatonin levels, SAMANTHA MICHAELS has tried eating cherries, wearing orange-lens safety glasses, and strapping on a red-light headlamp (
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You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot
I WANT TO TELL YOU STRAIGHT OFF WHAT THIS STORY IS ABOUT: SOMETIME IN THE NEXT 40 YEARS, ROBOTS ARE GOING TO TAKE YOUR JOB. I don’t care what your job is. If you dig ditches, a robot will dig them better. If you’re a magazine writer, a robot will write your articles better. If you’re a doctor, IBM’s Watson will no longer “assist” you in finding the right diagnosis from its database of millions of case studies and journal articles. It will just be a better doctor than you. And CEOs? Sorry. Robots will run companies better than you do. Artistic types? Robots will paint and write and sculpt bet
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A Brief History of Witch Hunts
1500s-1600s: Social upheaval and sectarianism lead to witch trials across Europe—tens of thousands are executed. Older women, outcasts, and healers are particularly vulnerable. The trials, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English note in their book Witches, Midwives & Nurses, were “a ruling class campaign of terror directed against the female peasant population.” 1641: Moral panic hits Massachusetts: “If any man or woman be a witch, that is, hath or consulteth with a familiar spirit, they shall be put to death.” For Puritans, “witches explain the presence of not only illness, death, and persona