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Leggings for Days


“I live in spandex—sometimes on national TV! I know which pairs perform best.”


“I’ve styled hundreds of models for fitness shoots and videos. I’ll tell you what flatters your body.”


The high, wide waistband

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PONCHO For Charita, it was “love at first sight” with this cozy, chic topper—now a wardrobe staple she throws on post-workout because it’s warm without being too heavy. LEGGINGS “I am a sucker for fun prints to showcase my extrovert personality in the gym, and these Nike Pro HyperWarm leggings deliver.” SNEAKERS Charita rocks cleats on the field, but when it comes to working out and being on the go, she reaches for these lightweight kicks. Street Style Charita Boseman, 38, Washington, D.C. As a global health manager for Special Olympics International, Charita focuses on creating a fit, healthy
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Death by Pregnancy
The first inkling came in 2001. Isabelle Horon, Dr.PH, and her colleague, Diana Cheng, M.D., of the Maryland Department of Health, were concerned that even after huge advances in prenatal care, too many American women were still dying during pregnancy or shortly after birth. So they launched a study to explore all occurrences of death during pregnancy, not just those directly related to obstetric complications— which was how the National Center for Health Statistics defined “maternal death” at the time. The further they probed, the more they checked and rechecked, the more undeniable it became
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15 Minute Workout
What it is: A total-body, abs-blasting workout with lots of jumping (the plyometric part) that builds in intensity (the progressive part) How it works: The routine gets harder as your body “awakens” on a neuromuscular level. (In other words, as you warm up and become more coordinated, you’re better prepared for the next move.) Plyos spike your heart rate to burn serious cals while activating your fast-twitch muscle fibers to improve strength. Because your upper- and lower-body muscles are working in tandem, your deepest core muscles fire over time. What to do: Once or twice a week, do this cir