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IF YOU’VE weighed the costs and benefits, considered the pros and cons, and finally arrived at the conclusion that, yes, you want to pursue an MFA degree, your homework has only just begun. Now that you know you want to attend an MFA program, you are faced with another set of

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Your Rights Revert
STEPHANIE DICKINSON is an Iowa native who lives in New York City. She is the author of three books published by Spuyten Duyvil, including the novel Half Girl (2008), the novella Lust Series (2011), and Love Highway (2014), a true-crime book based on the 2006 murder of Jennifer Moore. Her other books include Heat: An Interview With Jean Seberg (New Michigan Press, 2013) and Flashlight Girls Run (New Meridian Arts Press, 2017). Her work has been reprinted in Best American Nonrequired Reading, New Stories From the South, and New Stories From the Midwest 2016. She is the editor of Rain Mountain Pr
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Jimin Han
Age: Fifty-one. Residence: South Salem, New York. Book:A Small Revolution (Little A, May), a novel that unravels the intertwined narratives of a hostage crisis on the campus of a college in central Pennsylvania, two young people finding love, and a student uprising in South Korea. Editor: Vivian Lee. Agent: Cynthia Manson of Cynthia Manson Literary Agency. RECENTLY I was invited to speak on a panel about literary friendships at the annual alumni festival at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. The panel was scheduled for a smaller auditorium than where the other events were being he
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Digging Deeper
WE’VE all read the same go-to advice about submitting to literary magazines: Do your research, format your manuscript correctly, submit simultaneously whenever possible, be a good literary citizen by reading and subscribing to journals, and so on. There’s a reason those tips are shared again and again. You do need to understand what type of work a journal publishes to give yourself a fighting chance at an acceptance. Improper manuscript formatting is unprofessional and distracting. Unless you submit simultaneously, it may take you a quarter century to place a piece, and participating in the co