The Pepper Sauce Ladies of Nevis

roadside on the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis, little sister to the better-known St. Kitts, you’re less likely to hear cars driving by than the sleepy sounds of wind blowing through mango trees, or goats bleating from a backyard. The capital city, Charlestown, is essentially just

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Master the Classic
PHOTOGRAPHS BY GRANT CORNETT FOOD STYLING BY STACY ADIMANDO AND KAT CRADDOCK “ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO WRITTEN EVIDENCE THAT CRUMB CAKE was invented in Germany,” Alfons Schuhbeck, author of The German Cookbook, says, “its emergence is attributed to the c
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Play with Fruit
BENEATH THE STREUSEL, German crumb cakes often have a layer of colorful fruit. “[It] can vary in different seasons,” Schuhbeck says, noting that apples, cherries, apricots, and prunes are popular. According to Beranbaum, adding fruit sparingly is key
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Perfect The Formula
The Crust: Chef Dion-Lavallée dispenses with the traditional six layers of interior pastry, instead relying on chopped potato as a starchy, binding element. And while he uses separate doughs for the top and bottom layers, we simplified that by using