History of War


Author: James Douglas-Hamilton Publisher: Frontline Books Price: £19.99

Early on the morning of 11 May 1941, Adolf Hitler was having one of his habitual tantrums. Rudolf Hess’s adjutant Karl-Heinz Pintsch had arrived at the Berchtesgaden, the führer’s Eagle’s Nest in the Bavarian Alps, bringing with him an astonishing letter from his boss. The man who

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History of War5 min read
Anglo-persian War 1856-57
During the 19th century, Britain believed Persia was heavily influenced by Russia. Persia had clashed with Russia during the Russo-Persian Wars of 1804-13 and 1826-1828, both ending in Russian victory and the ceding of Persian territory to the victor
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Historic Photographer Of The Year 2019
The annual Historic Photographer of the Year Awards is back, searching for the finest photographic talent, inspired by historical sites around the globe. Embarking on the third year of the awards, online historical travel guide Trip Historic will be
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Desert Rats In Normandy
General Bernard Law Montgomery made an emotional farewell to the officers and men of his beloved 8th Army in late 1943 at Vasto Opera House, Italy. His place in the history books was firmly secured thanks to his victories in North Africa and Sicily,