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Master Time in Two Hours

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This eBook has extracted the vital principles of time management from two master works by Brian Morgan, The Richest Man in Persia and You Are Already Rich. These principles will lead to profitable efficiency in life and work, whereas ignorance of them can lead to wasted time and incompetence.
The author wanted to make these timeless principles available to everyone "fast and easy". Master Time in Two Hours can be read quickly, as the title suggests, but the benefits could last a lifetime.
Tragoas, the Richest Man in Persia, speaks first in Master Time in Two Hours and reveals the nine tried and tested components to time mastery. He then speaks of time management in a way you've not heard before. The subject of time is one of what he calls the 11 Codes of Riches.
The benefits in efficiency, productivity and time savings (not to mention the kudos that results from this "new you") will be quickly apparent to readers.
Then Brian Morgan speaks in his own voice of time from the vantage point of experience and long study of the subject. You will think of time in ways you have not imagined before.
These words come from You Are Already Rich, in which the author reveals riches that are available to all of us - and not just money riches. In speaking of these riches, Brian Morgan talks of the Twelve Rooms of the world's treasure house - and one of those rooms contains time. Time as you've never thought of it before.
Reviews for The Richest Man in Persia and Master Time in Two Hours:
Marc Kneepkens
I wish I had read this book many years ago when I started out. Brian Morgan has presented timeless ideas in a beautiful story. He sets out what is important in business and in life by giving codes that can be applied in anyone's life.
If you are not too sure of your next step in life, if you want to become wealthy, or if you want as much wisdom up front as possible, and avoid the path of mistakes, this book can be your compass. Read and reread it.
This book is highly recommended for young people and everyone looking for a 'rich' and full life. The wisdom in these words is indeed priceless.
I will recommend it to my children, my friends, my clients, and my business relations.

This book tells a fascinating story and sets out all the principles needed for personal success.
It tells a story about how a man called Tragoas became the richest man in Persia by following the wise advice of "masters" or mentors. It's a great read. The 11 Codes of Riches are absolutely full of wisdom and practical advice.
It's hard to see how you would not succeed brilliantly if you followed this plan.
I recommend The Richest Man in Persia for anyone who is dissatisfied with life, or just wants something better. It's a book you'll read and keep for reference whenever you need a boost.

Don Darkes
Before you read and gain inspiration from this book, read the resume of the author, a business and thought leader, a professional writer and an accomplished teacher, who clearly has applied the principles he has used to drive his own successful careers and his own life. Then open the pages and be transported as he eloquently illustrates how some values never vary. Perhaps you, like me, will read it for the first time in one sitting before you return to it again and again.

Vivienne Edwards
An absolute Must Read.
Format: Paperback.
I began reading this book last night and could not put it down. Original and compelling. As an author and business owner, I found this to be both helpful and entertaining, while detailing vital truths. I would like to see this book in every high school and college. The way of life suggested herein would benefit everyone. Brian has done an exemplary job as a storyteller.

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