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7 Top Anxiety Management Techniques
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Coping with anxiety via anxiety management can be effectively achieved if you understand what severe anxiety means and how it progresses. Anxiety disorders are labeled in various categories such as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), social phobias and panic attacks. Regardless of how anxiety is defined, short-term relief of anxiety symptoms, with the aid of proper anxiety management strategies, is entirely possible. More often than not, people tend to confuse between stress and anxiety. Stress is basically defined as a mental or emotional burden that you experience. In contrast to this, anxiety is described as uneasiness or nervousness in the presence of danger or over an anticipated situation. If you feel anxiety, you will become stressed out. Similarly, if you feel stressed out, you will feel anxiety. These two terms are often used interchangeably. While performing your daily tasks you may experience stress and anxiety. For instance, whenever you are in an argument with your friend, or sibling for that matter, you will experience stress and anxiety over what happened. Sometimes you may consider taking a walk, doing yoga, or watch television to take your mind off the situation. This may be your way of stress and anxiety management. Apart from these, there are few more tips and techniques that can be used to tackle both stress and anxiety. In order to begin with stress anxiety management, you should neutralize both your stress and anxiety, but how to achieve this? There are three major aspects that contribute to anxiety in our lives: Physical, Mental and Social.
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In the USA alone a total of 19 million adults between the ages of 18 and 54 have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder. As a result of this sufferers on finding anxiety treatments that prove effective are spending every year $46.6 billion.

Although the taking of medication prescribed by a doctor can help and certainly attending appointments with trained mental health professionals can help as well. There are many techniques that one can use when suffering from any form of anxiety disorder that can help the sufferer to regain control over their lives once again.

However before you can even begin using anxiety management techniques including those contained in this book is that you first need to understand the cause of the condition. We all suffer from anxiety in our lives at some stage and most of us can cope with the issue and lead normal lives. There are however situations where when a number of different stressful situations arise it makes dealing with them a lot more difficult and as a result anxiety then takes over.

In order to help you better understand your own anxiety we take a look more closely at what the different anxiety disorders are as well as what may cause them to develop.

It is important that before you actually choose to try out any anxiety management techniques you must make sure that you take a close look at the way you are actually coping with any kind of anxiety you may be suffering from at this time. If you don’t then how can you actually get a better understanding as to what is happening and which techniques would be best to use to help you deal with your condition more effectively.

Of course you may be wondering what are the benefits to trying out such techniques to help you manage your anxiety better. Well the first benefit to be had from using such techniques is that you again gain control over your life once more. If you allow the anxiety to take over then of course the condition will only become much worse.

The second benefit is that you will start to regain confidence in yourself. Once you learn ways to prevent your anxiety from taking over you become happier and you feel more confident about being able to handle any situation more effectively in the future.

The third and final benefit is that you can start to enjoy wonderful relationships with others around you. When any form of anxiety disorder is allowed to take control many people who suffer from them choose to alienate themselves from others.

Chapter 1- About Anxiety

From time to time we all experience feelings of anxiety. Generally it can be described as a sense of uneasiness, worry, fear, dread or nervousness in a person relating to something that is about to happen or to something that may happen.

The feelings that we get that associated with anxiety can be quite mild but they can also be quite intense. Of course this is dependent on the situation the person finds themself in and the kind of person that they are.

Most of us will have to deal with feelings of anxiety when faced with things that are unfamiliar or new to us. Plus these feelings will arise when we are faced with a situation that proves to be challenging. The kinds of situations that could cause such feelings to occur would be when taking a test or going for an interview, even going out on a date for the first time can lead to you feeling more anxious than is normal. Yet even though these situations don’t actually place any physical threat on our lives that can still cause us to feel threatened because we are worried that we are going to make a mistake.

As anxiety makes us much more alert and focused so that we can head off any potential problems that may come our way, suffering from a little anxiety can actually help us to do better in certain situations. However if the feelings are too strong then there is a