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Your Time: 10 Principles for Managing Time Before Time Manages You

Length: 86 pages1 hour


Your Time provides down-and-dirty principles for time management that are sure to help you on your path to success. A lengthy book about managing time wouldn't make sense, which is why I've boiled down the best practices to ten concise principles that you need the most. Full of inspiration and positivity, Your Time is sure to motivate you to do your best each and every day. The ten principles will give you the tools to transform your dreams into visualizations into reality.

Every page of Your Time is packed with nuggets of insight that will help you as you progress on your path to success, no matter how winding that path might be. Finally, Time Management skills are within your grasp!

"Never see an earned skill as a wasted effort." - Your Time, Trevor Schmidt
"Always be taking one step forward." - Your Time, Trevor Schmidt

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