students will be exposed to the format. This ’50 Quality Essays’ Programme has been designed to help Form 1 to 5 students to answer the Continuous and Directed Writing questions in either the SPM or PMR English Language paper.0 Aims To expose students to different formats and genre of English essays which will later on enable them to write good quality essays in their PMR or SPM English Language papers. This will indirectly help the student to write a better essay irrespective of what topic he or she has to write on in the examination. just reading and writing them out will help to improve a student’s command of the language. as well as an early preparation to compete in the era of globalization. They are usually stumped by the argumentative or expository essays because they find it difficult to think of sufficient points to write on. • To provide students with a deep understanding of how a good quality English essay can be written. 3. that is the nation’s human capital development towards achieving the standard of a developed country.SEKOLAH MENENGAH KEBANGSAAN CONVENT. ideas and organization of different types of English essays. be it Continuous or Directed is the most feared question of any language that is being tested. Even if the essays do not come out in the examination. 2. essay writing. JALAN TANJUNG BENDAHARA. Rarely do they produce a coherent and logical piece of writing. KEDAH DARUL AMAN PROGRAM PENINGKATAN PRESTASI PANITIA BAHASA INGGERIS 1. Many candidates find writing an essay in English a daunting task. 05300 ALOR SETAR. They have difficulty in expressing their thoughts.0 Introduction Continuous Writing is Question 2 of Section B of Paper 1 of the SPM English Language Paper whereas Directed Writing is Question 1 & 2 of Paper 2 of PMR English Language Paper. ideas and views in a language that is so grammatically complex.0 Objectives • To provide a model of the type of writing for PMR and SPM students. 4. By copying good quality essays.0 Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan (PIPP) Observation This programme is in line with Teras 2 PIPP. Needless to say. .

Baba Sariza bt. Among the essay topics of different formats and genre are: 1. Narrative Example : My Happiest Day . Kamaruddin Rahmah bt. 7. (50 quality essays per year). 8. Expository or Explanatory Example : The Idea of an Ideal House 5. Argumentative Example : Should we allow cloning of humans? Discuss.0 Methods or Procedures of Plan • Students will select 50 good quality essays from Model Essay books which have been approved by their English teachers. Yusak Rusnah bt. checked and initialed by teachers at the end of every month.0 Target Group SMK Convent students. • Students will copy the essays into an exercise book during their free time or during Relief periods. To reinforce what a student has learned as they will benefit from seeing new vocabulary in written form. 2. Md Saleh All English teachers (Principal) (Senior Assistant of Administration) (Senior Assistant of Students’ Affairs) (Senior Assistant of Co-Curriculum) (Head of Language Department) Secretary : Committee Members : 6.0 Programme Committee Chairperson Vice Chairperson : : Zaini bt. Essays with One-word Titles Example : Honesty 3. 5. Descriptive Example : Describe a person who influenced you a lot 4.• • • To help the student to write a better essay irrespective of what topic he or she has to write on in the examinations. To improve and develop students’ Writing skills. • The books will then be collected.0 Schedule of Activities Throughout the years from Form 1 to Form 5 (50 quality essays per year). Yusak Ramlah bt.

0 Appendix Lampiran 1 . It will also improve and develop students’ Writing skills. 8. boost self. assist communication. Essays with Beginning (or First) Sentences Given Example : Write a story beginning with: “Wow! Is that Mercedes really yours?” 11.0 Conclusion It is hoped that SMK Convent students will have basic capacity to use English as the medium of instruction. writing essays have become a common way to express our thoughts. 11. What do you think? 7. Essays on How to Do Something Example : How I can make myself a better person 9. Autobiographies Example : Autobiography of a Car 10.6. Improving writing will facilitate learning in English. Writing good essays will reinforce what a student has learned as he or she will benefit from seeing new vocabulary in written form. and possibly lead to at least more respect in the classroom. this programme will encourage and further develop the students’ English language competence to a level that will engender optimal performance in and outside the classroom. Thus.0 Estimated Budget None.esteem. It has also made us able to discuss various topics in a better manner. views and experiences. Essays Based on Proverbs Example : Many people say that the pen is mightier than the sword. In the present scenario. 10. Essays with Closing (or Last) Sentences Given Example : Write a story which ends with : ‘And she started to cry’ . Imaginative Essays/Essays on Supposition Example : The World after a Hundred-year Sleep 8.

Sample Model Essays of different genre Lampiran 2 .

5) Tarikh Pemantauan : Penilaian Keberkesanan Program : Cadangan Penambaikan : Catatan : Tandatangan Penilai : Nama Penilai : Disahkan oleh : --------------------Pengetua .REKOD PELAKSANAAN DAN PENILAIAN PROGRAM KURIKULUM/ HEM/ KOKURIKULUM Panitia: Nama Program : Bahasa Inggeris 50 Quality Essays Tempoh Pelaksanaan : Sepanjang Tahun (Tingkatan 1 .

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