v=IMZE2PqYqwo&feature=plcp "Advanced Stage Freight, or the Stage Freight of the Fearless" is the second of a three-part lecture series, "The Three Biggest Mistakes in Public Speaking." _____________________________ The second lecture is entitled, "Advanced Stage Freight, or the Stage Freight of the Fearless." The decision to use a podium or lectern breaks your rapport with your audience. You may imagine yourself as poised and confident, able to speak without (or with a minimum) of notes. But you are hiding behind a large piece of furniture -- and that choice is an act of cowardice. So you fall into the same trap as if you were simply relying entirely on notes, even if that practice is f ar worse because to read a speech means to deliver it from a lectern, plus you a void eye contact with your audience. The second mistake allows for compromises. You can have access to a p odium without standing behind it. You may place a few notes on a podium and peri odically consult them but your body should be available to the wider audience. The Lecture was addressed by Professor John Rodden on 11 April 2012. Professor R odden is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at Tunghai University, Taiwan. He has authored or edited a number of books on Orwel l, including The Cambridge Companion to George Orwell (2007).