"Failure to Make a 'Powerful Point.

'" is the third of a three-part lecture serie s, "The Three Biggest Mistakes in Public Speaking." ___________________ Mistake No. 3 is "Failure to Make a 'Powerful Point.'" This mistake involves exc essive reliance on PowerPoint presentation or audio-visual aids. The error comes when these otherwise helpful accessories become primary. For instance, if a spe aker is addressing his or her audience with lights dimmed and reading much of a presentation, which consists largely of PowerPoint slides, the speaker becomes t he accessory rather than the main feature. Remember that you are the speaker, an d that your audience has gone to the trouble of showing up to hear the speech. The Lecture was addressed by Professor John Rodden on 28 March 2012. Professor R odden is currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at Tunghai University, Taiwan. He has authored or edited a number of books on Orwel l, including The Cambridge Introduction to George Orwell (2012).