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Harvard Style of Referencing Extracted from Anglia Ruskin University Available at:

htm During the course of writing an essay, report or other assignment it is usual to support arguments by reference to other published work. These references may be from work presented in journal or newspaper articles, government reports, books or specific chapters of books, research dissertations or these, material from the internet etc. Citation is the practice of referring to the work of other authors in the text of your own piece of work. Such works are cited to show evidence that both of the background reading that has been done to support the content and conclusions. Each citation requires a reference at the end of the work, this gives the full details of the source item and should enable it to be traced. Referring accurately to such source materials is part of sound academic practice and a skill that should be mastered. Other reasons for accurate citation and referencing are:  To give credit to the concepts and ideas of other authors  To provide the reader (often the marker/examiner of the assignment) with evidence of the breadth and depth of your reading. To enable those who read your work to locate the cited references easily. REMEMBER to note that the details of all documents you read. The following pages gives you detailed guidance for various types of publication as there are major differences between books, journal articles and websites. Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. And this constitutes academic theft and is taken as a very serious matter for which you will be penalised in assignment marking.


M. Volume number (Issue/Part Number). Initials of First Name. E.. R. E. P.g.. 42(6). Boughton. (2005) The rise and fall of suburbia [e-book] Castle Press: Chester Available at: University Library http://libweb.. J.BOOKS Author Surname. JOURNAL ARTICLES Author Surname.anglia. 564-78. Political Science Quarterly.. 2 . BOOKS Author Suranme.g. Initial of First Name. Redman.g. Initial of First Name. Only difference is when used more than once in your assignment you can write et al for the other authors 2. (Year) Title of the article. (2002) The Bretton Woods Proposal: an in depth look... (Year) Title of the Book [Type of Medium] Publisher: Place of Publication Avalilable at: include e-book source and website address and routing details if needed [Accessed Date] E. Full Title of the Journal. (Year) Title of the Book: sub Title (Edition) Publisher/Publishing House: Place of Publication E. Fishman. (2006) Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide (3rd Edition) Open University: London *If there are more than one author follow the same as [Accessed 05 June 2008] 3. Page Numbers.CITING REFERENCES IN TEXT using the HARVARD SYSTEM This format should go in your bibliography 1.

Political Science Quarterly.M. [Accessed 12 June 2008] 5. ONLINE NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Author Surname. P. 42(6) Available at: Blackwell Science Synergy http://www. First Name Initials. Name of the newspaper. 3Sep.timesonline. initial of First Name. JOURNAL ARTICLES from an ELECTRONIC SOURCE Author Surname. [Online]. & Smith. (Year) Title of the article. G.. (2005) Corporate manslaughter: new issues for lawyers.11-1506.. Slapper. (Year) Title of the article.D.. [Internet] 1 June Available at: http://www.g.g. Page numbers if available Available at: include web site address and additional details of access [Accessed date] E. Full Title of the Newspaper.. First Name Initials.4b 6. [Type of medium] Volume number (Issue/Part number).html [Accessed 17 march 2005] 7. Day and month before page number and column line E. Chittenden. M. WEBSITES Authorship or Source (Year) Title of web document or web page [Medium] (date of update) 3 . The Times.. Boughton..4. Full title of the Journal. NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Author (2002) The Bretton Woods Proposal: an in depth look. (2003) Focus: About the NHS.g. Times Online. J. (Year) Title of the document. [type of medium] Available at: include web site address and additional details of access [Accessed date] E..pol.

.g..walking [Accessed 10 April 2005] This format should be followed for your assignment not bibliography 8. This is particularly important for quotations and for paraphrasing specific paragraphs in the texts: E. Page Numbers Including the page numbers of a reference will help readers trace your sources. 124) Or indirectly. 1966.d.. p. 2007) C. No Author If author cannot be identified use ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Anon’ and the title of the work and date of publication.. then the references should be cited in chronological order (i. Several Works by one Author in Different Years If more than one publication from an author illustrates the same point and the works are published in different years.g..Available at: include web site address and additional details [Accessed date] E.) has written and demonstrated. Or indirectly: Earlier research (Smith. Marketing Strategy (Anon.. (Lawrence. n. earliest first): 4 .g. OTHERS A.) demonstrated that. No Date The abbreviation n. National electronic library for health (2003) Can walking make you slimmer and healthier? [Online] (Updated 16 Jan 2006) Available at: http://www.124) D.hth. p. Lawrence (1966. is to be used to denote this. E.d. Smith (n.

. 1994) Or indirectly. b) has stated on more than one occasion that. 5 ...g..g..... If several works published in the same year are referred to on a single occasion or an author has made the same point in several publications they can all be referred to by using lower case letters as above: E.....g.. Bloggs (1993a... (Bloggs 1992. as suggested by Bloggs (1992... Earlier research by Smith (1993a) found that .. Several Works by one Author in the Same Year If you are quoting several works published by the same author in the same year.. E.....but later research suggested again by smith (1993b) that. 1994)...E... they should be differentiated by adding a lower case letter after the year for each item: E..