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Philippine Military Vessel’s Shooting of Taiwanese Fishermen: News Review
9 May 2013 A Taiwanese fishing vessel “Guang Ta Hsin 28” was fired upon by a Philippine military vessel with machine guns about 180 nm off the southeast of Cape Eluanbi of Pingtung County, Taiwan, resulting in the death of Fisherman Hung Shih-cheng, injuries of three other crew members and the loss of power of the fishing vessel. 10 May 2013 A Philippine official in Taiwan called it a “tragic accident”. The Philippine Coast Guard, alleging that the incident occurred “within the Philippine waters”, and that it opened fire in order to prevent the fishing vessel from “illegal fishing”, refused to apologize. 11 May 2013 The Philippines said that the shooting was aimed at the engine of the fishing vessel, and that though the personnel involved had been suspended from their duties, it did not mean that they were “culpable”. Taiwan’s leader Ma Ying-jeou demanded four actions from the Philippines, apology, compensation, punishment of the killers and negotiation. 12 May 2013 According to a survey, nearly 70 percent of the cooperate to deal with the Philippines.

The Sixth Young Marine Scientists Forum to be held on 1 November 2013 in Xiamen, China.

China not ruling out possibility of joint exploration in South China Sea

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people wish that the two sides across the Straits should cooperate to deal with the Philippines. 14 May 2013 The Philippine “envoy in Taiwan” arrived in Taiwan, ending up in agreeing with three conditions raised by the Taiwan authorities, but without officially agreeing on the compensation for loss. 15 May 2013 The Philippine President authorized his personal representative to convey “his and the Filipino’s deep regret and apology”, regarding Mr. Hung’s death as “unfortunate and unintended loss of life.” 16 May 2013 A Taiwanese joint investigation team arrived in Manila to look into the case, but such effort was 您可以放置主题 viciously frustrated in the Philippines, as the Philippine Minister of Justice and the Philippine President ignored the official documents while alleging that they were uninformed, prevented Taiwanese investigators from conducting investigations, and repeatedly refused to show the video on the incident that the Philippines had alleged it had taken. Taiwan held large-scale fishing escort drills in the southern sea off the island. The Taiwanese authorities launched 11 sanctions against the Philippines. Before leaving Taiwan for the Philippines by plane, the Philippine “envoy in Taiwan” delivered a statement pointing out that the Philippine President apologized for this incident while still claiming that the death and injuries were unintended. 18 May 2013 The Taiwanese investigation team, rebuffed in the Philippines, returned to Taiwan today. An “unspoken rule” for Taiwanese fishermen in the SCS is rumored: a fisherman’s life is safeguarded only if he has USD 10,000 with him, and sometimes the Filipino will ask for more once the money is paid. The action of the Philippine military vessel is described by fishermen as “licensed piracy”. 20 May 2013 The Taiwanese authorities pointed out that the Philippines agreed that the Taiwanese investigation team go to the Philippines for investigation and board on the military vessel to check guns. 23 May 2013 Ma Ying-jeou emphasized that disputes should be settled with peaceful measures besides reiterating the determination to protect fishermen. 27 May 2013 The Taiwanese investigation team made another trip to the Philippines. 30 May 2013 According to the video showing Filipinos’ shooting of the Taiwanese fishing vessel, when one man on board refused to fire, the commanding officer seized his gun to fire. The Philippine Coast Guard officers verified: the Taiwanese fishing vessel had no clash with the military vessel, but the commanding officer still ordered fire. Meanwhile, the Philippine Coast Guard commanding officer insisted that for self-defense he ordered eight people to shoot the Taiwanese fishing vessel for ten minutes. 31 May 2013

2 June 2013

The Taiwanese investigation team interrogated nine Filipino witnesses and found the guns which had been used to shoot the fishermen. 2 June 2013 The Philippine media showed that the Philippine Coast Guard personnel fired upon the Taiwanese fishing vessel while laughing. 4 June 2013 The Philippine Coast Guard personnel fired at least 300 bullets, of which 45 hit the fishing vessel. 7 June 2013 The Taiwanese investigation team arrived in the Philippines again. The two sides exchanged opinions on the conclusion of the case, and would release their respective investigation results. Taiwan held that the Philippine Coast Guard personnel committed “murder”, while the Philippines might only take it as “reckless killing” or “manslaughter”. 8 June 2013 Expert of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation held that the video provided by the Philippine Coast Guard had probably been tampered before submission. 13 June 2013 The Philippine Minister of Justice stated that he had received the investigation report of the National Bureau of Investigation. The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation suggested suing against the killers of Taiwanese fishermen. 14 June 2013 The Philippine Office of the President confirmed for the first time that the investigation report on the shooting of Taiwanese fishermen had been received. 16 June 2013 Taiwan and the Philippines reached consensus, undertaking to forbid using armed force against fishing vessels of the other side, and agreeing to establish a notification mechanism. 25 June 2013 The Philippines claimed that the fishing vessel case report was so long that the President had no time to read it, whileTaiwan’s sanctions remain unremoved. 29 June 2013 The Philippines agreed to charge the perpetrators with manslaughter, substantially different from Taiwan’s indictment of murder and aggravated manslaughter. Taiwan Patrol No. 9 started to escort fishing vessels in this sea area.

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Conference on “IMO Approves Further Interim Guidance on Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel” Successfully Held at SCSI, Xiamen University

Prof. Paolo F. Ricci Gave a Lecture at SCSI, Xiamen University

Roundtable on the South China Sea, International Law and UNCLOS Held on 27-28 June
2013 in the National University of Singapore. XU Ke, associate professor in the South China Sea Institute of Xiamen University, attended the roundtable conference.

International Symposium on Peaceful Use of the Sea and Maritime Cooperation Held on
22-23 June 2013 in Hangzhou

10th Annual Energy Ocean International Held on 10-12 June 2013 in Warwick, Rhode Island.

5th Straits Forum: Ocean Science and Technology Seminar across the Straits Held in
Xiamen University on 5 June 2013

Upcoming Events
The Sixth Young Marine Scientists Forum to be held on 1 November 2013 in Xiamen, China.

Conference on Geological Characteristics, Resources and Environment in East China and Chinese Seas to be held in October 2013 in Qingdao, China.

The 2013 Conference on Geology, Mineral Resources and Environment of the Sea to be
held between November and December 2013 in Guangzhou, China.

The 2013 China Pacific Forum to be held in October 2013 in Beijing, China.
The theme of the forum is "Pacific Epoch, Peaceful Development, and Win-win Cooperation.” The major topics of agenda include: 1. Reality and prospect of the Pacific era; 2. Pacific economic cooperation and sustainable development; 3. Maritime security cooperation; and 4. Pacific international order.

The 1st Cross-Strait Seminar on Coastal Science and Sustainable Development to be held
on 29-31 August 2013 in Yantai, China.

The 7th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (APAC2013) to be held on
24-26 September 2013 in Bali Island, Indonesia. It aims to promote scientific advancement, technological progress, information exchange, and cooperation among engineers and researchers in coastal, port, and ocean engineering and other related fields.

The Gordon Research Conference on Marine Molecular Ecology to be held on 11-16 August
2013 in Hong Kong, China.

International Symposium on Marine and Offshore Renewable Energy to be held on 28-30
October 2013 in Japan.

The 16th Conference on China Ocean (Coastal) Engineering to be held on 4-7 August 2013 in
Dalian, China.

2013 Shanghai Forum on Shipping and Rule of Law to be held on 2 July 2013 in Shanghai,


Maritime Search and Rescue Asia 2013 (Maritime SAR Asia 2013) to be held on 11 November
2013 in Singapore.

International Conference on Oceanography and Sustainable Marine Production to be held
on 28-30 October 2013 in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

International Conference on Oceanography to be held on 21-23rd August 2013 in Orlando,
Florida, United States of America.

The 8th International Conference of Maritime Law to be held in Piraeus from 10 to 12 October
2013, which will deal with “Shipping in periods of economic distress: financing - ship’s operation enforcement”.

The World Conference on Stock Assessment Methods for Sustainable Fisheries will take
place in Boston, USA on 15-19 July 2013.

WUWNet'13 to be held on 11-13 November 2013, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.



China not ruling out possibility of joint exploration in South China Sea

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Vietnam PM seeks regional unity as China pushes maritime claims

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On overseas deployment, Navy vessels to cross South China Sea

The Times of India, 27 May 2013 nt-navy-vessels-to-cross-south-china-sea



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