Solution In doing this road the road should be check the slope of the place make sure it is not dangerous to put a road in that place. Effects  The road can’t able to use for transportation.  Many people will be stranded if the road was fail. It should be prone in landslides. . earthquakes and erosion to avoid road failure.  If there is a cave under that road. In that case it might lessen the tendency of the road failure. it may cause a subsidence and ruined the road.  It cause erosion because when the water move down so fast.  It also may cause an earthquake.  Many people might accident because of it.Causes  The problem in this picture is that the road is near in the cliff. And the road will become weak and destroy.  The soil and the rock is getting weak because of the underground flow of water. It should be determine the strength of the soil before doing the project to avoid accident.  It will destroy the road. Make sure that there is no leaching of chemicals in the soil. So if there is a heavy rain or storm then it have a tendency that soil will collapse. many soil will also go down. especially if the earthquake is strong enough to destroy the road.  People will afraid to use the road because of the failure. Induce that load that using the road near the cliff.


It also determine the load if there is a traffic in that place so that they will know the materials that they are going to used. it need a truck that will need it help. this is a really a problem especially to the people who are using this kind of road.  The slope became weak when there is a cracks in the roads and the water intrude in the pavement and in soil. Solution In this kind of problem. It should know the vehicle wheel load so that the engineer will know thick the road will be.  If the truck will stranded in a hole.  It can also cause an earthquake.Causes  The vehicle wheel load did not determine.  When the evaporation occurs the soil under the pavement will have an space and the pavement will slightly open. .  It will have a traffic because of it. the road will destroy. it cause the failure.  It will be difficult to passed in this road especially to the heavy wheel trucks. the pavement should be a rigid pavement.  There are a lot of heavy vehicle passing in this road. Because rigid pavement is a very high in stiffness and distributes loads over a relatively wide area. To avoid this kind of failure.  People might die because of this kind of road. When a high density of earthquake occurs.  It can cause an accident Effects  The people will not going to use the road. In that case.

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