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October 1-5, 2018 Mrs. Hatfield & Mrs.


​The Hatfield Herald! 

Important Dates/Reminders  Vocabulary 
Pick Up Procedure:​ Children who do not ride  Vocabulary is very important part of 
the bus will be brought to the front office.  expanding a child’s language.They may be 
The adult picking them up must ring the bell,  unfamiliar words that we will work to define 
enter the office and sign the child out before  or common words we will use to focus on 
the child is released.   letter/sound associations. This week we will 
  focus on tree words. We will also be working 
Scholastic Book Orders due Tuesday,  on the letter Tt. 
October 9th. Class code NFVRB.    
  tree trunk bark leaves branches 
(Tuesday if you forget:) 

Planned Activities  Read Alouds 

  ~A Grand Old Tree 
-Walk in Nature Center to look for Tree  By Mary Newell DePalma 
Items (Observe, Investigate, Collect,  Informative story about an old tree, it’s life 
Explore)  cycle and how life goes on.  
-Handwriting w/out Tears letter Tt   
-Second Step “Self Talk & Taking Care of  ~Trees Count 
Your Needs”  By Trish Holland 
-Name Writing Practice  Nonfiction book using tree parts and terms to 
-Playdough letter T  count 1-10. 
-Tree Art   
-Tree Sensory Play  ~Our Tree Named Steve 
  By Alan Zweibel 
Shared Writing: This is writing we do as a  Sweet story about the importance a tree 
group. A question may be asked and each  plays in the life of one family. 
child’s answer is recorded or we will use   
information to create a graph to practice  ~A Tree Is For... 
counting and using ‘data’.  By Judith Bauer Stamper 
-What do we know about trees?  Nonfiction book discussing the different 
-What do we want to learn about trees?  things people use trees for such as shade, 
-What are the parts of a tree?  food, shelter, etc.