July 2011

Bathroom & kitchen sinks
R&D efforts geared toward traditional markets

Sockets & switches
Prices to remain on the upswing in coming months
page 247

Fastening hand tools
Specialized kits, multitools on the rise
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Global Sources metrics Track buyer and supplier trends for high-demand products Sanitaryware
Top buyer requests
Bathroom sinks 22%

Other 22%

Kitchen sinks 12% Bathtubs 12%

Toilets 20% Whirlpools 12%

More demand & supply trends inside


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Reinvesting 70% of sales revenue to keep our factory updated

Reversible electric drill with variable speed function

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1,200W marble cutter

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230V wood router, 50Hz frequency and 1,200W power output

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Reinvesting 70% of sales revenue to keep our factory updated

Reversible electric drill with variable speed function

1,200W marble cutter

230V wood router, 50Hz frequency and 1,200W power output

High-strength, aluminum seamless tubes or aluminum cold-drawn tubes

Shanghai Everskill M&E Co. Ltd

ISO 9001:2008

Automatic hand soap and disinfectant dispensers
SBD-082 500mL Auto soap/disinfectant dispenser

SBD-081 1,000mL Auto soap/disinfectant dispenser

Auto aerosol dispensers made of PP, patented designs and CE approvals

Soap dispensers, available in single-, double- or triple-dispenser types

Foam dispensers and auto foam dispenser

Single-use air fresheners and urinal screens

Harvest Cosmetic Industry Co. Ltd

Turned components for auto parts

The Choice of Industry Giants
Having an experienced metalworking partner on your side can mean the difference between sourcing success and sourcing sadness. We work with giants in the electronics and hardware industries, including ABB Group, Cooper Industries, Honeywell and Emerson. Today, we are one of just five mainland China companies to offer metalworking, silver contact manufacturing and welding services. We have been making silver contacts for 15 years. And since we began offering other metalworking services in 2003, we have had zero rejected orders. We also provide multi-metal contacts made with a balance of silver and copper. As a result, these items are not only durable, but they save us 40 to 60 percent in cost which translates to higher profit margins for you. To date, we have exported more than 1,000 high-precision molds to the US, Europe, Australia and Singapore. For your quality assurance, we are ISO 9001:2000-certified, and all of our products are lead-free. Our monthly capacity is 3 billion units. We have 30 English-speaking trade staff members ready to reply to your inquiries within two hours. To get started, contact us today.

Stamped metal component for auto parts

Bimetal strip and contacts

HLC Metal Parts Ltd
Jintang Industrial Zone, Dongshen 2nd Rd.,Tangxia, Dongguan, Guangdong 523710, China Tel: (86-769) 8695 2287, 8201 2288 Fax: (86-769) 8695 2290 E-mail: hlcok@globalsources.com sales@hlc-metalparts.com Website: www.globalsources.com/hlcok.co www.hlc-metalparts.com

HLC (Hong Kong) Ltd
MSC 3001, Rm. 1007, 10/F, Ho King Center, 2-16 Fa Yuen St., Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
All items shown here with various trademarks, brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only, and are not for sale. The Marks are the property of the respective owners, and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.


Hardware & DIY July 2011

www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Sticking to the basics since 1980
We are an ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer based in Taiwan, and we have been specializing in hot-melt glue guns since 1980. You can rely on us for products that are well-designed and are of superior quality. We are good at what we do because we stick to the basics. To find out more, contact us now.

No. 423 Chung Shan Rd., Sec. 2, Shuishang Hsiang, Chiayi Hsien 60852, Taiwan Tel: (886-5) 268 8966 Fax: (886-5) 268 6876 E-mail: homeease@homeease.com.tw www.globalsources.com/homeease.co www.homeease.com.tw

More new products - www.globalsources.com

July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Ltd 12/F. 2789 9150 Fax: (86-574) 8717 0042 E-mail: youyou@globalsources. tools and sanitary products from mainland China. 225 West Huancheng Rd. and exports up to 10 million units to the US and Europe each year.More than 46.cn Website: www.com/youyou. made of aluminum Door and window latch 6 Hardware & DIY July 2011 Window roller Door hinge with powder-coated finish www.. We assist overseas buyers with the exporting procedures necessary to source hardware.co www. Zhenhanzi Building.com . That’s why we have searched out only the best factories to add to our network of over 1.000 products to choose from Our company is an international trading company with 14 years of experience.globalsources. One of our main suppliers specializes in the production of brackets.com/you-you.000 products.globalsources. Ningbo. Ningbo Youyou International Co.Choose verified suppliers .000 suppliers and selection of more than 46.com info@you-you. China Tel: (86-574) 2789 9160. Inquire today. door handles and cabinet handles. We commit ourselves to providing customers with excellent services. Zhejiang 315000. Beiduan. Most of these suppliers have at least 20 years of experience in this field and are ISO 9001:2000-approved.co Window handles.globalsources.

In addition to manufacturing sealing tape. We’ve received a number of patents for these product lines. Our 50. Call us today.One of the world’s largest PTFE tape suppliers Up to 15 million rolls every month Customers from more than 80 countries and regions bring us their volume orders for PTFE tape. Ningbo. Zhejiang 315029. Ningbo Changqi Fluorine Plastic Products Co.cn www.changqi.cn More new products . Ltd Shangshao. Turning out up to 15 million rolls per month – one of the largest capacities in the world – we are ready for yours too. Jiangbei.www. Big-name companies in the US and Japan count on our testing services to deliver quality goods. pots and pallets made to the same standards of durability.globalsources. we offer plastic trash bins. 5613 1158 Fax: (86-574) 8758 0015 E-mail: office@changqi.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 7 . Zhuangqiao. We also produce PTFE tape for wrapping wires and cables. We are the sole supplier of JIS-approved PTFE tape in mainland China and are the chief drafter of the national standards for PTFE tape.000 units per month. China Tel: (86-574) 8758 0138.com/changqi. Our production capacity for these products is 50.000m2 factory is equipped with advanced testing machines to ensure that your orders meet your quality requirements.co www. You can also come to us for porous membranes. high-tensile sealing strings.globalsources. expandable PTFE sealing cords and plastic-injection products.

Bathroom cabinet set with ceramic basins.com . available in various colors Bathroom cabinet with ceramic basin and silver mirror Shower enclosure with aluminum alloy frame and ABS tray 8 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources.

Various kinds of industrial tape.com More new products .com www.com yanuo@globalsources. Tongzhou. China Tel: (86-10) 8151 0002.www. Beijing 101121.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 9 .globalsources.yanuo-adhesive. available in your requested color.co www.com/yanuo. size and packaging Our products include: • Aluminum foil tape • Vinyl electrical tape • PVC pipe-wrapping tape • Double-sided PE foam tape • Double-sided cloth tape • Masking tape Jiangjun Fen Industrial Park.globalsources. 8151 0005 Fax: (86-10) 8151 0004 sales@yanuo-adhesive.

including: – Drawer slide with rear interlocking mechanism – Scaffolding accessory made of carbon or stainless steel 141 157 Tools & Accessories Fastening hand tools The latest screwdrivers and wrenches are marketed with accessories and other implements.COVER STORY Bathroom & kitchen sinks Practicality and aesthetics top R&D priorities as makers fortify foothold in key destinations. building supplies and sanitaryware.globalsources. Building Materials New products Construction materials.Choose verified suppliers . including: – Steel pipe in black paint finish – Kitchen sink that resists heat up to 300 C On the cover: Kitchen sink from Foshan Dasen Kitchenware Co. including: – LED tube that uses 3528 SMD diodes – LED downlight fitted with aluminum reflector Sockets & switches Further adjustments in quotes are expected as makers cover higher production outlay and exchange risk. wall socket and switch from Fuzhou Elegance Electric Co. Ltd. all of China 69 37 47 DIY & Home Center New products Fasteners. lock mechanisms and gardening supplies. Ltd. page 2 . page 69.com . 237 243 247 10 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. bulbs and tubes. 195 205 Lighting & Electricals New products Electrical fixtures.

All product images are provided by the companies interviewed and are for reference purposes only. FOB prices were provided by the companies interviewed only as reference prices at the time of the interview and may have changed. brand names or logos are not intended for sale. products.com. PRODUCT ALERTS Source direct from your desktop with free personalized e-mail updates on new products and suppliers. Those product images featuring products with trademarks. representatives.Global Sources online metrics Online Now! Get the latest product information—updated every day. on your PC. our affiliates. including full-color photos NOTE TO READERS: All prices quoted in this magazine are in US dollars. agents or contractors do not accept and will not have any responsibility or liability for product images (or any part thereof) which infringe on any intellectual property or other rights of a third party. unless otherwise specified. and our affiliates’ respective directors. All publishing rights and copyrights are held by Trade Media Ltd. employees.com/ subscribenow July 2011 Hardware & DIY 11 More new products .ChinaSourcingReports. go to: www. TRADE SHOW CENTER Suppliers. Track buyer and supplier trends for high-demand products Online metrics are taken from buyer and supplier activity in hundreds of high-demand product groups on www.globalsources. industrial automation systems and packaging equipment. 257 271 CONTACT SUPPLIERS Connect with leading suppliers from China and other export hubs in Asia and around the world.com Products Online Advertiser Index by Product Advertiser Index 390 393 432 Sourcing Magazines Insights into the latest supplymarket trends New product information.com/diy 299 China Sourcing Reports Verified China manufacturers’ profiles Product and pricing forecasts Information on supply centers and market trends To see a complete list of all our China Sourcing Reports.com . We. go to: www.globalsources. Products that are not the specific topics of editorial articles are shown for illustrative and/or demonstrative purposes only.globalsources. Contact details for qualified advertisers from Greater China Concise profiles of featured suppliers To subscribe. www. Reliable suppliers can be verified and checked by simply going online. previews and detailed guides to hundreds of shows. including: – Tractor equipped with electric multidisc clutch – Frequency inverter that supports RS-485 interface Disposable protective wear Companies are updating product range and manufacturing facilities to widen market reach. In this issue: Sanitaryware Workplace safety page 119 page 359 Machinery & Industrial Supplies New products Metalworking machinery. Readers seeking firm quotes on products mentioned in this magazine should contact the manufacturers/traders directly. FIND PRODUCTS Find thousands of top quality products—in your market.globalsources.www. offi cers.

com .globalsources.Below-surface parts created using dynamic modeling 12 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

2376 8790 E-mail: panucom@ms5.www. We can also produce almost the same amount of plastic..com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 13 . Parts tested to ensure long-lasting surfaces With 32 years’ experience. Contact us today to benefit from our R&D and manufacturing strengths. 2371 8620 Fax: (886-4) 2371 6513. This helps us make sure that finishes are of sufficient thicknesses to withstand the most adverse of marine conditions. source from us. In fact. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2371 8617.com/panu. And we offer QC standards tailored to your requirements. You’ll also find importation of our UL-listed parts easy.panu. Up to 500 tons of metal items monthly By drawing upon the capabilities of 25 satellite factories and 100 production lines. so cost and performance are always ideally balanced. Rd. rubber and composite hardware and fittings. since we ship them with NSF.globalsources. No.net www. we’re able to keep up with virtually any order size.co • www. we can ramp up production at a moment’s notice and turn out up to 500 tons of finished metal products monthly.tw More new products . 139 San-Min W. Other makers without these testing capabilities simply can’t match the sophistication of our designs.hinet. And testing is conducted on lights and signals to guarantee their clarity under low-visibility conditions. We perform dynamic modeling on below-surface parts to ensure they produce as little drag as possible.globalsources.R&D testing that competitors don’t use For marine hardware and fittings that perform well on the water. we subject completed parts to salt-spray testing and rigorous examination by metal analyzers. BS and CSA certifications. Taichung.com.

Choose verified suppliers .com .globalsources.000m2 factory Our production lines 14 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Pipe coils Our 550.

drill bits and other hardware in our catalog.co • www. 601. Our two CNC machines from Germany and three assembly lines from Taiwan help ensure efficient production of your goods.Supplying retailers from the US and Europe for over 10 years Over 500 models of tool kits After 15 years in the tool industry. we’re able to control quality right from the start. Our R&D engineers update our offerings with over 100 new items annually. 601 Fax: (86-21) 3912 5230 E-mail: richard@le-bow. Combination hand tool sets. Italy. Jiading.le-bow. Germany and Spain to provide aftersales services. Well-known retailers in Europe. combination tool sets. with aluminum cases and telescoping handles 22-piece hand tool set 96-piece socket wrench set 42-piece socket and spanner set Shanghai Shanghai Le-Bow Tools Mfr Tools Mfr 285 Xinqin Rd. With our own mold-making and plastic-processing factory. China Tel: (86-21) 3912 7097 ext. We have offices in France.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 15 . You’ll find more than 500 models of tool kits. They can also develop your ODM sample faster than most other suppliers’ teams – in just 25 days.. Start with an order for just one set.www. socket wrench sets. send us an e-mail today. Australia and the US have already benefited from our selection for more than 10 years. Nanxiang. we can now offer you a comprehensive product range. To learn more about how we can be your reliable tool partner.globalsources. 3912 7067 ext.globalsources.com/lebow.com 197-piece tool trolley 186-piece hand tool set 121-piece hand tool set WEEE E-II More new products . Shanghai 201802. and you'll receive your goods within 20 days.com www.

com/advance-hardware. And a team of 100 QC inspectors helps to ensure quality at every step. we perform all production processes in-house at our SGS-inspected factory. Boss handles 1/F. Bow handles 100 QC inspectors check every production step We implement a specialized process so our steel handles with stainless steel looks are able to withstand 48 continuous hours of salt-spray testing. Our team of designers also develops 25 to 30 new products every month to keep you up-to-date. so inquire today.co • www.globalsources. Tiyuchang Rd.com www. And this year.com . Jinxi Economic Development Zone. Delivery of full orders takes 35 days.advance-hardware. we established our latest production line for making aluminum handles – complete with anodizing capabilities. Hangzhou. Dikuang Building. zinc and aluminum alloy. China 16 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-571) 8515 5568 Fax: (86-571) 8515 5443 E-mail: sales@advance-hardware. Let us know your desired specifications. Our 40-member support team is ready to answer your queries. Up to 30 new products monthly We can make a variety of furniture and kitchen cabinet hardware from materials such as stainless steel.. Jinhua.com Factory Address: Qinglian Rd. available in different sizes and materials Die-cast zinc handles and knobs $3.globalsources. and we'll have an OEM/ODM sample ready within 25 days.Custom samples in 25 days Pull handles.5 million. Zhejiang 321075. This is how we achieve a monthly revenue of $3.5 million in sales each month From the processing of raw materials to final electroplating.000ft2 to further increase our production capability.Choose verified suppliers . Zhejiang 310007. We've also expanded our workshop by 76.. standard steel.

Shanghai Masco Nonwoven Products Co. our imported equipment and production procedures ensure products are safe enough for discerning markets.com • gangkai@globalsources. NIOSH N95 and more further demonstrate the reliability of our goods. Send us an e-mail today. And we welcome orders as small as one 20-foot container.gangkai-mask.com. With a monthly capacity of 12 million particulate respirators and 27 million surgical face masks.com/gangkai.12 million respirators and 27 million surgical masks monthly Ours is an exacting industry. To validate quality. Buyers from 60 countries source from us with confi dence.globalsources. Ltd 382 Xiangting Rd. Songjiang.www.cn • www. 105 Fax: (86-21) 5777 4081 E-mail: mail@mnp-inc. When combined. Shanghai 201611. 130 6170 5441 (Joseph) More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 17 . That’s why we manufacture our respirators and masks under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 guidelines. we use the latest TSI testing equipment. Chedun. China Tel: (86-21) 5777 5403/4/5 ext. Product approvals such as EN 149:2001 + A 1:2009 FFP2 NR.co Mobile: (86) 159 2178 2338 (David). 106. we are more than ready to handle your volume requirements.com www. Our own nonwoven-fabric production lines for melt-blown PP fi lters ensure that we have enough materials in case of sudden requests..globalsources.

Over 1,000 products for mid-range to high-end markets

ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2000
18 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Nano-polished porcelain double loading tiles (Pilate series) • 600 x 600mm, 300 x 600mm, 800 x 800mm sizes • Beige, black and other colors available • Water absorption: below 0.2% • 9.50mm thickness • Suitable for walls, floors, work areas, shopping malls, offices and dining areas

Polished crystal skirting tile, stone skirting tile and glass borders (Skirting tile series)

We like to do things precisely and efficiently. That’s why we have outfitted our two factories with state-of-the-art production equipment from Italy. This machinery lets our skilled workers cut our tiles into the exact sizes and shapes necessary. Each month, we produce 1 million square meters of tiles, allowing us to deliver volume orders in just 20 days. As a 12-year manufacturer, we offer a wide range of polished and glazed porcelain tiles, ceramic floor and wall tiles and glass skirting tiles and borders. With a team of 20 R&D engineers, we release up to 10 new designs monthly. Some of our tile creations were used in various building projects overseas, including the Allure at the Park tower in Panama. To effectively meet our clients’ needs, we visit them regularly and conduct surveys so we can recommend suitable products for their target market. We also attend international trade shows annually to keep up with industry trends. With such efficient and extensive services, it’s no wonder we have an 80 percent repeat-order rate from buyers worldwide. We welcome wholesalers and distributors around the world. Contact us today.

Nano-polished porcelain double loading tiles (Serpeggiante series)

Minsum Industry Co. Ltd
Rm. F, 22/F, East Block, Wenhua Building, Shennan East Rd., Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Tel: (86-755) 2512 7648 Fax: (86-755) 2512 7748 E-mail: minsum@tttiles.com www.tttiles.com • www.skirtingtile.com • www.nobrandtile.com www.polishtile.com • www.globalsources.com/minsum.co

Glazed porcelain tiles (Rustic series)

More new products - www.globalsources.com

July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Steel wooden door measuring 2,050 x 950 x 75mm

Steel doors in various designs

ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers


Hardware & DIY July 2011

Precision metal stamping since 1970

More new products - www.globalsources.com

July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Consolidate your hardware shopping lists
Every order is unique. That's why with 20 years of OEM experience, we offer a variety of parts in four processing options. Work with us to get stamped, forged, welded and machined parts from one source. We manufacture thirty 20-foot containers of these items each month. Purchasing these products in bulk from one supplier shortens the time from factory to shelves and saves you money. Want a custom item? We have 12 R&D specialists, all with more than 30 years of experience, ready to handle your OEM requests. Thanks to our in-house molding workshop, we can provide you with a sample in just seven days – almost two weeks faster than the industry average. This is one reason we've been able to maintain 20-year relationships with buyers in the US, the UK and Germany. One of our 30 trade staff members will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. Let our 20 years of experience work for you. E-mail us today.

Qingdao D&L Hardware Co. Ltd
1563 Wangsha Rd., Dongge Industrial Zone, Xifu, Qingdao, Shandong 266071, China Tel: (86-532) 8667 6666 • Fax: (86-532) 8667 6669 E-mail: contact@dl-china.com Website: www.globalsources.com/dl-autoparts.co www.dlhardware.com 22 Hardware & DIY July 2011

www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Chainsaws with components made in-house

ISO 9001:2008

More new products - www.globalsources.com

July 2011 Hardware & DIY


PVC profiles, assembled windows and doors are also available

European-style casement UPVC window frame

Various kinds of window and door locks are available

ISO 9001:2000
Various kinds of PPR pipes and pipe fittings


Hardware & DIY July 2011

www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Satisfying big buyers for over 5 years
40 varieties of tow ropes and straps available

Our experience in the industry has been marked by our ability to handle big clients. Walmart, Lidl, Auchan and Metro have been cooperating with us for over five years. They have come to rely on our 40 varieties of tow ropes and straps, as well as our 35-day lead time. Over the past nine years, we have developed our company into a robust enterprise. Take a peek inside our 8,000m2 plant, and you’ll see 20 mold machines and advanced testing equipment. Thanks to the $29,000 we reinvest into R&D annually, our four experienced R&D technicians release two to three new products each year. Place an order starting at $5,000 worth of goods. Contact us today.

Zhejiang Jiasheng Tools Co. Ltd
Huku Industrial Zone, Gushan, Yongkang, Zhejiang 321307, China Tel: (86-579) 8706 6945 Fax: (86-579) 8706 6944 E-mail: manager@zj-js.com www.globalsources.com/zj-js.co • www.zj-js.com

ISO 9001:2000 BSCI
July 2011 Hardware & DIY 25

More new products - www.globalsources.com

globalsources.com .26 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 27 .globalsources.www.

guns. will find you a matching case in our comprehensive selection. That’s because our in-house R&D team of 15 engineers keeps our collection extensive by adding more than 100 new designs each year. laptops – you name it and we. we use advanced aluminum processing.000m2 factory. a 20-year manufacturer. Plus. we produce as many as 350. Buyers in North America.200 employees and eight production lines in our 40. records. Despite this massive production. To ensure accurate renditions of your designs. 28 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. You can too by e-mailing us today. And.com . we source our raw materials from trusted suppliers who offer us below-market rates. punching and extruding machines from Taiwan.globalsources.Source your aluminum toolboxes Tools. Europe and Australia have already benefited from our R&D and production advantages.Choose verified suppliers . cosmetics. with 1.000 units each month – a capacity that is sure to keep you stocked. we maintain uniform quality by strictly adhering to an ISO 9001:2000-certified system. jewelry items. They can also create cases according to your OEM/ODM specifications.

8561 7028 Fax: (86-757) 8566 0070 E-mail: giantion@globalsources.com/zhixing. Guangdong 528244.com • grace@zhixing21.com. Ltd No.from a 20-year manufacturer Foshan Zhixing Aluminium Products Industries Co.cn Website: www.www. China Tel: (86-757) 8563 0635.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 29 .zhixing21. Lishui Da Dao Zhong. Lishui. Nanhai.co • www.globalsources. Foshan.globalsources.com. 115.cn More new products .

Nanjing.cn sales@truckcrane.com machinerycn@hotmail.cn Website: www.com Mobile: (86) 153 5819 9727 (Jodie) (86) 153 5819 9657 (Grace) (86) 153 5819 9707 (Holly) Excavator 30 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.sen@public. 6.com.sen@truckcrane.truckcrane. 399 Zhongyang Rd. Bldg..js. Gulou.yc.cn MSN: rotarydrillingrig@hotmail.com.Nanjing Construction Machinery Co.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-25) 8317 9757 8317 9767. Jiangsu 210037.cn san.com.com . 1708.globalsources. 8317 9167 Fax: (86-25) 8317 9787 E-mail: san.

E-mail us today for more information. Both distributors and direct dealers are welcome to contact us. Every item comes with a one-year warranty. We work closely with these factories to ensure goods are of high quality and shipping times are kept short. Come to us for excavators.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 31 . heavy-duty forklifts and other products in diesel or gasoline configurations. tractors. Mixed orders are also not a problem.www. Diesel and gasoline generators Concrete mixer Core drill More new products . all-terrain cranes. For these reasons. generators.Your one-stop sourcing center Extensive line of construction machinery ready for your projects We offer a one-stop range of construction machinery that is sure to be a perfect fit for your projects. rotary drilling rigs.globalsources. Tractors All 10 of the suppliers in our network are ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004-certified. EPA and other certifications. We can help you build a parts warehouse for your company. clients from around the world have trusted us for over five years. and has CE.

our products meet specified measurements to within 0.Choose verified suppliers .BMW. ISO/TS 16949:2002. Our factory has ISO 9001:2000. Dongguan. GM. China Tel: (86-769) 8755 2298 Fax: (86-769) 8775 7239 qiangfa@globalsources. Thanks to our advanced tooling and inspection equipment. including Sodick wire cutters and Mitutoyo CMM and 10-250T punching machines.com/qiangfa.qiangfa.com www. Nissan. ISO 14001:2004 and IECQ QC 080000 accreditations.globalsources. We don't just make empty promises about quality and adherence to environmental regulations – we manufacture according to internationally recognized benchmarks. BMW.co www.com 32 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. Fenggang. Honda. Ltd Reservoir Industrial Estate. Contact us now and benefit from doing business with a company that meets the highest criteria.com . Guangdong 523690.com • qiangfa@qiangfa. Epson and Emerson come to us for stamped metal parts When it comes to our ability to produce precise stamped metal parts. Epson and Emerson trust us with their orders. we let our clientele do the talking.002mm. You'll have no difficulty distributing products from a manufacturer with these qualifications. Dongguan Qiangfa Metal Product Co. Guanjingtou.


we produce over 100 skid steer loader attachments. the Americas.globalsources. Australia and the Middle East. 34 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Delivery takes just 30 days. we ship SGS-inspected products to buyers around the world.Taking on heavy machinery As one of the largest manufacturers in China. Safety Our addition of roll-over and falling-object protective structures (ROPS/FOPS) to our cabins increases the safety of our products. All our products are also CE-certified. In fact. our first buyer still sources from us. Contact us today to learn more.Choose verified suppliers . Customization Services We’re also willing to carry out extensive customization on our products if needed. making them able to handle a variety of jobs. Hydraulic parts made by Sauer-Danfoss and Bosch Rexroth are another reason why our skid steer loaders can lift more weight than competitors’ models.com . and our primary markets are Europe. Our products have extremely long operating lives. From our ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004-certified production base. And we add self-leveling systems to keep our products stable when the bucket is lifted up. we have specialized in skid steer loaders and other construction machinery for 24 years. And to improve our products’ efficiency. making them more environmentally friendly. This makes our products cheaper to operate. This is easy for us since we maintain a staff of 110 R&D members. Cost-saving Products Our products’ engines are specially designed to conserve as much diesel fuel as possible. especially when compared to competing models. Efficiency All our skid steer loaders meet the Euro III and Euro IV standards. Engine Power We incorporate imported engines from Perkins and Kubota.

. Hangzhou.www.globalsources.globalsources.co • www.wolverineloader. 8893 2269 Fax: (86-571) 8893 2250 E-mail: hzgreat@globalsources. China Tel: (86-571) 8893 2219.com • info@wolverineloader.com More new products . & Exp.for 24 years Hangzhou Great Imp.com/hzgreat. 239 Tai’an Rd. Ltd 1104 Dunan Development Building. Co.com www. Ltd Zhejiang Forway Heavy Industry Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 35 . Zhejiang 310051.

They provide us with market information.000 doors each day. Wangli Group Co.com www. Our company is also a subsidiary of Assa Abloy. a leading maker of locks whose headquarters are located in Sweden.Choose verified suppliers . Hardware Science and Technology Industrial Area.globalsources. This relationship has helped boost our annual sales volume to $20 million. We manage to fill their orders by creating up to 4. We are so respected in our industry that our management team serves on the panel that makes and amends China’s national standards pertaining to safety and security products.globalsources. security. the Middle East and other locations requires a hefty production capacity. To start working with an industry leader.co ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 36 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com . Ltd 9 Mingyuan Rd. or we can have completely custom products shipped in 20 days. Russia. Zhejiang 321300. intelligent and other types of doors. 152 6793 8951 E-mail: doors@wanglidoor.Supplying you with up to 4. R&D assistance and management resources. 8722 8511 Fax: (86-579) 8722 8611 Mobile: (86) 135 7569 8785.. China Tel: (86-579) 8722 8658.com www. You too can come to us for interior. contact us today.000 doors daily Supplying Walmart and other clients in the US. Yongkang.wanglidoor.com/wanglidoors. Our efficiency also allows us to ship your OEM doors in 10 days.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 37 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .globalsources.

com .Choose verified suppliers .globalsources.Worried about quality? 38 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

globalsources.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 39 .45mm and widths up to 970mm More new products . available with thicknesses of 0. corrosion and pollutant resistance • 2 to 6mm panel thickness • Fire-resistant • Excellent heat and sound insulation • Various colors available Aluminum extrusions. OEM orders are welcome Tin plating.15 to 0.Aluminum composite panels with PE or PVDF coatings • Superior weather.

Choose verified suppliers .com .40 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources.

Aluminum profiles that will last up to 50 years Zhejiang Sunkey Industrial Co. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18000 More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 41 .globalsources.www.

Teluk Panglima Garang 42500. For more details. If you need customizations. Qijianfang. China Tel: (86-317) 268 7688 • Fax: (86-317) 268 7888 E-mail: rqbolon@yahoo. China Tel: (86-757) 2881 7532 • Fax: (86-757) 2880 0185 E-mail: zhoulichao2004@hotmail. Our QC experts have over five years’ experience and make sure our products can pass SGS inspections.co Geogrid and geomembrane Force protection barrier • Made of galvanized steel wire • Ideal for military applications Various roller-coated ACPs with wood and marble patterns For aluminum composite panels and coils that are unlike any other. We make up to 800 tons of geosynthetic products each month. Get in touch with us today.globalsources. Fireproof ACP Is your current supplier too slow? We’ll deliver in as little as seven days. plastic and brass. contact us now.com 42 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Fire. our high-speed needle punching machine contains patented technology to increase punch frequency by 50 percent. Kuala Langat. our 12. our technology compresses geosynthetic items to save up to 30 percent more space than our competitors’ products for easier shipping. and our factories are SGSaudited.com/honsenwiremesh. chrome.com/rqbolon. Anping.com www. Let us use our industry expertise to design products tailored to your market’s needs. The rebound delay action is controlled through the suction hole. Selangor. In addition to strength and speed. and up to 2m wide.Choose verified suppliers . Hengshui.cn www.000 fences each year. Foshan.co • www. we provide an extensive range of faucets. Shunde. and complex orders take 20 days or less.honsenfence. For additional requests. Our mainland China-patented technology enables us to produce these items in hundreds of different wood and marble patterns.and explosion-proofing can be requested as well to meet militarylevel tasks. Perindustrian. Ronggui. allowing for a consistent rebound period after extended use. These developments come from 14 years of experience.globalsources.com. bathroom accessories and sanitary ware in a variety of materials such as zinc. Kaw. call us today. we dedicated a vast amount of resources to R&D.globalsources. Inquire today. Perak 2. Jalan Perak.globalsources. Patented in mainland China... To manage this. our 10 R&D staff members – who average 15 years of experience – can design a new mold according to your specifications within 20 days. we possess 14 years of business experience too.globalsources.co www. Renqiu.com/dykas. We can manufacture ACPs that range from two to 25mm thick.dki. 751 2899 • Fax: (86-318) 752 2627 E-mail: sales@honsenwiremesh. Ltd Liangsan. Our products meet GB and ASTM standards. Lrg. source from us. China Tel: (86-318) 768 8868. Storage unit.co 139 East Wangdu Rd. Hebei 062550. Our products are designed to meet your strictest requirements.com/hongdao. To keep up with market demands. Dykas Industries Sdn Bhd Lot 3.com. manufacturing and QC methods to exceed our clients’ expectations.4-sec rebound This pin acts as a selfcleaning tool to avoid suction hole being clogged. increasing Thermally bonded the density and tensile strength of our nonwoven geotextile products.com www. Guangdong 528305.000m2 factory turns out up to 1 million square meters of wire mesh and 70.com . Also developed in-house. We offer an impressive range of faucets and sanitary ware Delayed-action pillar tap Established in 1980. Our innovations will save you money. packaged Anping Hongsheng Wire Mesh Factory and ready to ship 106 Changbao West Rd. Malaysia Since 1980 Tel: (60-3) 3122 6446/6464 • Fax: (60-3) 3122 6366 E-mail: enquiry@dki.my www. Hebei 053600.my Renqiu City Huayuan Chemical Fiber Product Co.

patented in many countries SH-721A Pneumatic adjustable glass door hinge with 300.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 43 . patented in many countries EM-1200 Shear locks. More new products .www. patented in many countries Door & Window Hardware Co. patented in many countries FL-860B Pneumatic pivot glass door hinge. patented in the US LK-500R-B Glass-patch fitting lock.000 continuous cycle lifetime.globalsources.Sliding system for frameless glass doors • Hydraulic. soft self-closing action for better security and luxurious feel • Easy-to-install • Patent pending in many countries MP-2010 Multipoint French-door lock.

com window corner Our products are cUPC-certified Our two ISO 9001:2000. Europe.com Each component that makes up our flush valves is sourced from trusted suppliers for quality you can rely on.my1616. and we reply to inquiries within 24 hours. China Tel: (86-592) 578 6088 Fax: (86-592) 578 8785 E-mail: xinnin@xinnin.globalsources.foryarn-sh. and comes with CSA and RoHS logos. OEM orders are welcome. Shanghai Minye Decoration Co.com/foryarn. Call or e-mail us today.com Solid-brass waterfall basin faucet 44 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com www. CE marks are also present. our clients know that projects completed with us get the kind of results only a 12-year specialist can provide.globalsources. UPC. Chedun Industrial Park. Ltd Torch East Rd. Fujian 361006. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed. Huli.globalsources. Ltd 143 Jiuxu Rd.co www. low-pressure and life span tests. Shanghai 201611.co www. And as an extra precaution.Choose verified suppliers . we use an automated CNC system to evaluate each finished unit.000 faucets and handles. and about 60 other countries and regions already see clearly.. Samples are finished within 20 days. Shanghai 201615. Adjustable fill valve Xiamen Xinnin Sanitaryware Technology Co. China Tel: (86-21) 6763 9081 Fax: (86-21) 6763 9081 E-mail: my16@my1616. Ltd. which includes high-pressure.and ISO 14001:2004-certified factories have a combined monthly capacity of 5.com www. Each item has cUPC approval. We have 10 series and 600 different styles available for your selection. Songjiang District. Chuangye Park. Songjiang. China Tel: (86-21) 6090 1795 Fax: (86-21) 3965 0000 E-mail: foryarn@gmail. Inquire now.co Aluminum casement www.com www.xinnin. Our MOQ is one 20-foot container.com/shanghai-minye. which is a rarity in our industry and appreciated by clients in over 30 countries and regions in Europe and Asia. Contact us today for a response within one working day. When sourcing aluminum and PVC windows... Then.Aluminum double-casement window Find out what buyers in the US. ASSE 1002-1986 and JC 707-1997 standards. Xiamen. we test all raw materials prior to volume production. Cable flush valve Glass waterfall faucet with brass body and polished chrome finish Shanghai Foryarn Sanitaryware Co.globalsources.com/xinnin. Those in need of customization services will be happy to know that our engineers can complete samples in less than one week. Each item in our 100-model collection meets PSB.com .

we’ll develop the perfect modular project for your environment. As the final touches of creature comfort. our modular and container accommodations last for 50 years. Today Modular Architecture & Construction Co. At the London ZEDpavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai. eco-friendly solutions for every step of your modular project Feel it’s time for another vacation? We do. even after numerous reinstallations. In only seven days. Feel free to customize the rest. we’ll furnish your space based on our 20 years of OEM knowledge. Ltd More new products . Luxury resorts.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 45 . plumbing supplies and electrical fixtures can be installed for modern convenience the eco-friendly way. Wind. floor heating. you get the whole package.and solar-powered systems.Modern. And when you choose us. the BedZED community praised us as a pioneer in zero-carbon architecture.globalsources. a complete blueprint can be drawn. From the blueprint to final furnishing. Though flexible in structure. villas and other temporary lodgings are some of our leisurely offerings. or an entire structure can be erected.www. Treat yourself to an early break – contact us today.

27.4g/cm3 • Water absorption: less than 0. we set up a new 40. Guangdong 528000..Choose verified suppliers .000m2 facility to further meet increasing market demands.co Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Woodworking Co. Ltd No. Guangdong 528211. With two factories spanning 60. Foshan. Ltd Xiqiao Science and Technology Industry Land.com/fydceramic. China Tel: (86-757) 8227 5346 Fax: (86-757) 8227 5348 Contact: David Yang E-mail: fsyangwei@yahoo. Foshan. Our tiles are the perfect choice for deluxe countertops. walls and flooring because they boast the following characteristics: • Content: 93 percent quartz • Hardness: over 6. Inquire today. Sihui Olivia Chemical Industry Co.cn Website: www.co Having been in the industry for five years. At our 100. Block B. Select from more than 400 tiles that are protected by 10-year warranties.200 x 1.500 tons worth of silicone sealants and organic silicone products for general sealing and glazing applications monthly. Interior wooden door (Victorian Times series) Interior wooden door (Royal Guard series) Foshan FYD Ceramics Co. reliability and a stable supply are what we can offer you. China Porcelain tile 46 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. You won’t ever run out of options. China Tel: (86-20) 3885 0342/0179/0236 Fax: (86-20) 3885 0478 E-mail: nick@gdolivia.globalsources. Ltd Longpu Industry Zone.com Website: www. Ltd ISO 9001:2008 includes a 1.000m2 of marble. In 2010.000 employees.600mm • Thickness: 12 to 30mm • 150-plus modern designs and colors. we produce 120.05 percent • Max. They can also finish OEM/ODM samples within five days.Multipurpose acetic silicone sealants. available in various colors Quartz tiles In the span of 11 years. custom requests are welcomed Our monthly capacity is 50.globalsources. For quality assurance. size: 3.6 Mohs • Density: over 2. we can provide you with first-grade quartz tiles at competitive prices. we use raw materials from Dow Corning. Wugang Rd.com .000m2 of tiles. and 1. To take advantage of our one-week deliveries. Hedang Ceramics Trading Center. we’ve established ourselves as one of the largest manufacturers of silicone sealants in mainland China. Guangdong 526200. Find out why 80 percent of our clients place repeat orders by inquiring now. Bestone High Tech Materials Co. inquire now. GE and other major suppliers.000m2. Longpu District. This ensures a stable supply to support your large-scale projects. we utilize production lines from Italy to turn out 2.000m3 Marble tiles Variety.globalsources. Sihui. as our designers create 11 new products every month.com/gdolivia.000m2 factory. porcelain and quartzite tiles monthly.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 47 .www.globalsources.More new products .

We specialize in manufacturing brass extrusions.hchm-alu. 1 Hengtai Rd. We own a custom mold shop. Foshan. fabricating and recycling..com/fujianhardware. Plus. Ltd Foshan Hecheng Huamei Copper and Alu Co. Our products are widely used in water piping systems and other plumbing application products.globalsources.. Lixi Rd.com Kenny Vensen International Co. and are involved in every aspect of aluminum processing.11-year trade experts ready to accept orders for delivery in 2-7 days Pipe fittings Soure our brass and copper pipe fittings and fixtures. Call us now. we turn out 2. Ltd Lixi Industrial Park. Xiaolan. including mining. curtain walls and more. brass fittings and hardware accessories.chan@hchm-alu. days. To learn more contact us today.zsfujian. Nanhai. Zhongshan.com .com www. submit your requests today.co Zhongshan Fujian Hardware Co. China Tel: (86-22) 6858 7646 Fax: (86-22) 6858 7649 doublewin@weglobaltrading.co• www.. Guangdong 528000. Guangdong 528415. we offer installation services. Tianjin 301606. Ltd 48 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/weglobaltrading.globalsources. With five factories.co • www. Yongning Industry Rd. Jinghai. And our minimum order requirement is one ton.Choose verified suppliers . copper bars and rods.com Website: www. and can produce OEM/ODM samples for you in just one week. Daqiuzhuang.. refining.com Curtain wall with aluminum plate infills If you're a building contractor or a retailer in need of construction materials. we're the supplier for you.000m2 worth of window and door systems monthly. Foshan Yinnuo Aluminum Fty Co.com www. smelting. and we can have two tons of products shipped to you in just seven days. China Tel: (86-760) 2225 4088 • Fax: (86-760) 2226 1096 E-mail: fj@zsfujian. We provide a wide range of building and architectural materials such as aluminum profiles. Ltd Lianshou Rd.globalsources. Dali. China Tel: (86-757) 8550 5551 • Fax: (86-757) 8550 5552 Mobile: (86) 137 2850 6223 • Contact Person: David Chan E-mail: david.globalsources. Our delivery lead time is seven days for two tons of pieces.000 tons worth of aluminum and 8.com/hchm. Our delivery times are as fast as 10 days.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 49 . For example. door switch testing machines and more. much longer than competing models.com. and can finish a customized sample for you in less than 30 days. Contact us now or visit our Global Sources Online showroom to find the product you need.com. Then we test our products using X-ray plating thickness analyzers and salt-spray testers from Germany.com.000 times Plus. S2011-H1094-78 Mortise door lock • Material: zinc alloy • Meets QB/T2474-2000 standards T1111AS 2-tier glass and aluminum alloy bathroom shelf Guangdong Archie Hardware Co.globalsources.cn More new products . 8555 5238 • Fax: (86-757) 8558 9301 E-mail: export@archie. atomic absorption spectrophotometers from the US. Dali.000 varieties. Guangdong. We achieve this by importing the best stainless steel.globalsources. In fact. the average life span of our locks is 200.archie. copper and other metal materials to build our locks. plastic • Meets GA701-2007 GA73-94 standards Stringent QC Our QC team of 100 technicians works hard to ensure your quality standards are exceeded.000 uses.com/archie.cn • md_004@archie. Foshan.co • www. Wide selection Our R&D prowess has resulted in a catalog of more than 2. 100 engineers Before we even get to the QC stage. these experts create up to six new items every month. Ltd Chang Hong Ridge Industrial Park.cn Website: www. China Tel: (86-757) 8552 3938. we have a team of 100 engineers with up to 21 years of experience constantly working on new designs to compete in your market.www. Nanhai. our engineers have 21 years' experience designing locks J1020-30 Fingerprint door lock • Materials: zinc alloy.S2011-H1094-78 Mortise door lock • Material: zinc alloy • Meets QB/T2474-2000 standards 100 QC staff members ensure our locks can be used 200.

Yujing Sq. including stainless steel furniture handles. and we can also handle your custom design requests.globalsources. Daehwa-dong. corner guards.com www. Ltd Units 2-3. Rita Wu Tel: (86-758) 291 0323 • Fax: (86-758) 291 0263 E-mail: rita2525@126.Choose verified suppliers . we occupy a large share of the parking safety product market in South Korea. Our corner guards and deck bumpers are uniquely designed to give good collision absorption and our recycled PP car stoppers don't crack or chip – making them long-life alternatives to concrete blocks.com/sunda. Ltd 2196-2. If you are interested in what you see here and would like to find out more. South Korea Tel: (82-31) 913 9115 Fax: (82-31) 913 9116 E-mail: carstopper@carstopper. We have no minimum order requirement for our standard products. bathrooms and more. Bldg. Goyang-si. Sunda Hardware Produce Co..com . China Contact person: Ms. deck bumpers and speed humps.com ISO 9001:2008 50 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. and can produce 1 million units every month in our 30.com Car park barriers We are a company specializing in parking safety products such as car stoppers. Call us today. Korea Carstopper Co.000m2 factory. Zhaoqing. furniture. Ilsanseo-gu. contact us today.co • www. Due to the good reputation we enjoy from our products' quality and designs.com www. We now offer over 320 items. A.co • www.com/carstopper.globalsources. we've specialized in the production of stainless steel and zinc alloy hardware for doors. stainless steel door hinges and fence hinges Since 1992. Guangdong 526020.sundahardware.carstopper.Hardware accessories.globalsources. Our English-speaking sales representatives look forward to hearing from you. Gyeonggi-do.

Co.strongerich. More new products . and over 260 skilled employees. Area 1. 402.000m2 factory is equipped with three advanced production lines.150mm • Thickness: 2. Contact us today to get started. And we’ve also been supplying the China Construction Third Building Group for over five years.440mm.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 51 .co • www. This workforce gives us up to 21. non-distorting. CE.globalsources.globalsources.250 x 2. Beijing 100024. And all of our products meet CE and CARB regulations.440mm. 915 x 2.In-house production from a 12-year plywood manufacturer Film-faced plywood • Thickness: 6-25mm • Dimensions: 915 x 1. China Tel: (86-10) 6548 8008.000-hectare forestry center. Australia and the Middle East. six hot presses with 18 layers. hardwood or mixed layers • Moisture: 8-12% • Density: >0.220 x 2.and CARB-certified We’re strict about where our wood. 6548 9848 • Fax: (86-10) 6543 5749 strongerich@globalsources.000m2 of plywood daily Benefit from our in-house produced plywood – we make it starting from scratch. Our 35.3mm 21.com www. We regularly export to India. Ltd No. We easily meet volume demands with our 3. four cold presses. Buyers across India. 1. Delivery of a 40-foot container is as fast as two days.000m2 of plywood daily. non-desquamating.500mm • Core: poplar.830mm. Chaoyang. North Chaoyang Rd.220 x 2. three film laminating machines.com • jenny@strongerich.75g/cm3 • Thickness tolerance: ±0.com UV MDF • Size: 1. the US. Bldg.com/strongerich..5-30mm • Advantages: Eco-friendly. the US and more We’re one of only three suppliers of plywood to the China Railway Construction Engineering Group. 1.www. waterproof Beijing Stronger Rich Imp. 9. & Exp. And we conduct inspections throughout the production process to ensure only high-quality goods reach your doorstep. core plates and glue come from. The edges of our plywood are dipped in waterproof resin for durability. Unit 6.

Henghua Plaza. Zhongzhou Center. So we can deliver immediately – 30 tons in 10 days.com 52 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.. On any given day. contact our English-. Sino East Steel Enterprise Co. We offer all kinds of steel pipes for oil and construction lines.000 tons in storage.co www.com/sinoeast. South Tower.globalsources. Our three factories are managed according to ISO 9001:2008-certified guidance. Zhejiang 325603.globalsources. Our items are backed by five. Call today.com .cnkinmade.com • www.com www.globalsources. C. Hongkong Allied Wisdom Industry Share Ltd 18/F. Bldg. China E-mail: z.000 CE-certified high-end shower rooms.globalsources..cliviatarp@gmail. Square and round Get 30t of steel pipes steel pipes in 10 days In just one month. we produce our own shower room hardware – shortening lead times significantly.co • www.000 Vinyl flooring varieties for you to choose from. We have a monthly capacity of 3.PVC laminate flooring Rm. sound-eliminating designs and formaldehydefree production.cn Contact Person: Mr. Liu • Mobile: (86) 186 2208 8833 Glass sliding door Moving door wheel Shower room.cn • sinoeast1@163. Hot-dip galvanized threaded and coupling steel pipe Unlike most manufacturers in our industry who can only assemble their shower rooms after they purchase the necessary parts. 1. Plus. We offer more than 1. For more details. China Tel: (86-577) 6287 0987 Fax: (86-577) 6287 5586 E-mail: zjk@shjianmei. 30 sales representatives track feedback closely to ensure customer satisfaction. Some marketable features of our products include HPU surface treatments for high-traffic areas. Ltd No. And we’ve passed inspections by Bureau Veritas and SGS. Bldg. Italianand Spanish-speaking representatives today. Qiongzhou Rd. 9. Hexi. and also offer integrated glass sliding and pivoting doors. China Tel: (86-22) 6829 1160 • Fax: (86-22) 2893 7589 E-mail: sinoeast7@yahoo. we have 5. and develop an additional 10 new styles every month. Yueqing. Tianjin 300202. our goods boast antibacterial and mildewand moisture-resistant properties. 2010.co All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Our R&D technicians have up to 40 years of experience and can create a customized sample for you in seven to 10 days.globalsources. available for customization Bantang Industry Park.com www. Xingang Rd.tjdfsd.chinaguandelin. Shuhaidao. Jinghai Development Zone.com www.to 12-year warranties. Baixiang. Possessing five to 10 years’ experience. we can make 10.com/clivia-tarp.shjianmei.com The advantages you can gain from us – one of the largest vinyl flooring manufacturers in mainland China – are endless.com/guandelin.com Website: www. Guangzhou.000 tons of steel pipes. Inquire now. Guangdong 510000. Tianjin 301606.co www. China Tel: (86-22) 5858 0776 Fax: (86-22) 5838 3098 E-mail: info@chinaguandelin.Choose verified suppliers .com/topsonc. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. as well as shower room hardware.

OEM is welcome ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 More new products .11cm-thick security door with stainless steel lock Security doors.www.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 53 .

Chaozhou. we've been supplying custom toilet seats to buyers across the world.co • www. so you can rest assured that communicating your ideas will never be a problem.. 230V heating films. Inquire now.com • cztaodu@gmail. Fengxi.to five millimeter insulation materials. And we can ship orders in 20 days. Inquire today.kr/en 54 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com . Changmei.com www. Jung-dong. China Tel: (86-768) 299 0678 • Fax: (86-768) 299 0222 Mobile: (86) 137 2799 1585 E-mail: taodu@globalsources. safe and easy to install AEN-100/APH-100 All-coated heating film SPN-310. 1141-1 Mukwang Building.globalsources. 908.taodu-cn.com/heatplus. Bucheon-si. Ltd Manchang Rd. Wonmi-gu. all of which are inspected by QC technicians with 10 years of experience. Our products include 110V.globalsources. Our R&D engineers can discuss your OEM/ODM requirements in English.Toilet seat Since 1995.305 Stripe type film We manufacture all-coated and stripe-type electric carbon heating films for under-floor heating systems. Gyeonggi-do. South Korea Tel: (82-32) 328-6699 • Fax: (82-32) 328-6464 E-mail: oversea@114century.com Anti-slip cushions. 220V. thermostat.co • www. Every month. three. Seggi Century Co. As a high technology company located in South Korea. OEM orders are welcome Chaozhou Taodu Sanitary Ware Fittings Co. we manufacture heating systems.com/taodu.com www.Choose verified suppliers . These systems are safe.000-square-meter factory yields 120. OEM/ODM service requests are welcomed.000 units. quiet. tapes and more.co. Ltd Rm.globalsources. We can offer your customers a more efficient way to heat their spaces. our 60. require little to no maintenance and are easy to install. Guangdong 521031.heatplus. materials and tools for the construction industry. Wooden interior doors with stainless steel doorsills.308.

globalsources. Ltd 172-2 Longjin West Rd.com.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 55 . so you can offer your customers a variety of products. Guangzhou.globalsources. 8102 8360 • Fax: (86-20) 8103 8982/8980 E-mail: atget@atgetco. CNC machines and precision mold-making equipment ensure that we shape this steel with the utmost precision.000 units. Guangdong 510150.co www. It starts with material sourcing – we use only premium 316 or 304 stainless steel sourced from Japan.cn Website: www. And for your peace of mind. 2-roll toilet paper dispenser with lock (TD-2372) Knurled nonslip 304 stainless steel grab bar Atget Decoration & Hardware Co. Because of our dedication to quality. Our experienced R&D team creates five to 10 new items every month. With a monthly capacity of 50. send us your inquiries today. we were chosen to supply the stainless steel handrails and bathroom accessories in the restrooms at the 2008 Summer Olympics.We use only 316 or 304 stainless steel Fixtures used at the 2008 Summer Olympics Paper towel dispenser (TD-8314S) Few manufacturers go to the lengths that we do to provide buyers with quality stainless steel bathroom and kitchen fixtures.com Makeup mirror (XM-6920) 1.www. Our QC process ends with five technicians assigned to each production line to weed out faulty units. we can guarantee shipments in as fast as 25 days.200mL recessed soap dispenser (SD-4010) More new products .. For a wide selection of high-quality stainless steel items. we welcome third-party inspections.com • atget@atgetco. China Tel: (86-20) 8103 8926. South Korea and Taiwan.com/atget.atgetco.

000m2 factory equipped with 100 production lines. China Tel: (86-574) 6263 5991 Fax: (86-574) 6266 3001 yongsheng@yongshengrubber.000t monthly capacity Assisted by our eight years of experience. as well as materials for roof flashing.donshan.QC process to seal up your markets Five senior engineers.com .6mm Yuyao Yongsheng Rubber & Plastic Products Fty Kangshan. Our product range includes rubber for gaskets. each with 15 years in the industry. or bring us your OEM/ODM requests.globalsources.com www. Guangdong Uncommon Industrial Co..3-0. and our MOQ is 20 tons. so we are adept at handling customization requests. modern and practical designs. 1503. we can create high-end products for homes that boast comfortable. Inquire today.globalsources.com www. pedestal basins. acrylic bathtubs. 8-year manufacturer. O-rings. China Tel: (86-768) 696 2554 • Fax: (86-768) 696 2550 Mobile: (86) 138 2833 6235 Contact person: Debbie E-mail: sanitary@uncommon.com ASTM ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 www. Each month. North Industrial Area. And with 250 R&D staff members.Choose verified suppliers 56 Hardware & DIY July 2011 . thickness: 0. faucets and other sanitary ware items.com ISO 9001:2000 Hangzhou Shangjun Industry Co. Choose from our five new products each quarter.com/yongsheng. Yuyao. titanium-zinc and aluminum-manganesemagnesium roofing materials. Samples take seven days. 819 Shixin Rd. . Contact us now.globalsources. Hangzhou.com/shangjun.com/uncommon. Chaozhou. Ltd Zhengong West Rd. alloy metal.co www. we can easily handle orders of any size. oil seals. bidets. China Tel: (86-571) 8289 1372 Fax: (86-571) 8289 1373 E-mail: jiabao@21steel.cn www. we specialize in designing. Zhejiang 311200. our 3.000 tons of these materials every month in our ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities. Lvdu World Trade Square.co • www. Corrugated steel roofing. 6.000 toilets.globalsources. Delivery takes between 15 and 35 days. auto and machine parts.co • www. We produce up to 6. Guangdong 521000.21steel. And our five engineers can design two or three new products every month. basins with cabinets.000 skilled workers can turn out 100. We welcome your custom specifications. customized lengths are welcome Xiaoshan. inquire today. patrol our ISO 9001:2000-certified facility – maintaining complete control over production.yongshengrubber.com One of the only makers using systems from Hensel of Germany Bathroom sink Wall-mounted toilet and bidet 100% eco-friendly WPC decking boards With 18 years of experience and an 80. Zhejiang 315400. Seventy percent of our products are for OEM. For a reply within 24 hours. Ltd Rm.com. Corrugated steel sheets. manufacturing and installing steel. Our rubber products carry FDA and SGS approvals and comply with the RoHS Directive.

8551 8832 Fax: (86-757) 8551 8581.com Website: www. Guangdong.com www. 8552 9377 E-mail: export@fenglu-alu.Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium Co. Ltd Fengchi Industrial Zone.globalsources. China Tel: (86-757) 8557 1632.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 57 . Dali.globalsources. Foshan.com/fenglu.www.fenglu-alu.co More new products . Nanhai.

globalsources.com .Choose verified suppliers .58 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

www.More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 59 .globalsources.

With 10 production lines.globalsources.com/cnbaoli. we have been a one-stop source for bathroom fixtures. we manufacture up to 1 million units monthly. Drawer slides Cabinet hinge Door stop 589 Shunping St. inquire today. slides and door stops to buyers in Europe.000 models.globalsources. Huacheng Guoji Plaza. proof of our commitment to accommodating your needs. Discuss your project with us today. Fujian 350001. Asia and South Africa. Co. Knitting machines from Germany give us an annual capacity of 6 million square meters of fiberglass geogrids.com . We offer various indoor and outdoor stone products. we’ve become one of the largest makers of geosynthetics.com Looking for a one-stop volume supplier that is both flexible and fast? If so. And in as fast as two weeks. For more details. sinks.co Nanguo Ceramics Sanitary Wares Industrial Co. 25/F. Plus. Guangdong 522071. our ISO 9001:2008-certified factory can turn out 25. we have you covered. Ninety engineers handle the OEM/ODM orders we procure from across Europe. we can fill and deliver a 20-foot container – speedy services that our clients appreciate.com • info@nanguo-cn.com chinabaoli@gmail. the Americas. we accept mixed orders and offer flexible purchasing solutions. contact us now. Africa and the Middle East.globalsources. That’s why we were chosen to supply our products to the 2010 Asian Games.com www. squat toilets. China Tel: (86-591) 8787 4407 • Fax: (86-591) 8733 5777 landstone@globalsources.000 units to accommodate your volume needs. Jieyang.cn-baoli.co • www. And we also produce 8 million square meters of plastic geogrids.com 60 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com www. Up to 14 million square meters of geogrids per annum Since 1993. including garden ornaments. we have been exporting hardware such as hinges. China Tel: (86-768) 683 8953 Fax: (86-768) 683 3818 nanguo@globalsources. urinals.globalsources. China Tel: (86-663) 883 9000 • Fax: (86-663) 883 9111 Mobile: (86) 133 8058 5900 E-mail: Jason@winhigh-china. but we accept orders starting at just 1. with sample lead Door hinge times of just one month. Fuzhou. China E-mail: mazhanliang@hotmail.co • www. which can be tailored to your specifications. Our current collection boasts over 1. sculptures and slabs. Hengshui. North Bldg.com/landstone. pedestal basins and much more.co www. So contact us now for a response within 24 hours.. For more information and to place an order. We’ve aided the construction and reconstruction of China’s architectural treasures.com www.com Industrial Park. Hebei 053000. Ltd Units 1821-1822. Our catalog features more than 200 items.000 pieces.globalsources.nanguo-cn.Choose verified suppliers .. Fuzhou Huaren Int'l Imp.com/nanguo. Chaozhou. Ltd Fengyi Industrial Development Zone. Ceramic pedestal basin • 910 x 590 x 900mm • Patented in mainland China Since 1992.com/winhighhk.Exporting hinges worldwide for a decade Since 2001. Quality is controlled from incoming raw materials to final testing. and we also welcome your OEM/ODM requests. Each month. & Exp.com www. including the National Grand Theater and connecting Beijing to destinations as far as Hong Kong also rely on us.com • ftc-pan@163. Dongshan. including toilet seats. Guangdong 515600.winhigh-china.

com/easternglory.cn Polyresin toilet seat with matching towel hook and toilet brush holder More new products .com robin@eastern-glory.cn www. Each month. We can also efficiently handle your ODM specifications. we design more than 100 new models. Plus. 4/F.co • www. 1. towel racks.com. China Tel: (86-756) 853 3113 • Fax: (86-756) 853 3555 E-mail: easternglory@globalsources. For more details.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 61 . Every year.www.. as well as DIN 19516 and BS EN 1254 regulations. Zhuhai.000 units to our buyers in Germany. our products are PAHs-free. in case you wish to add a personalized touch to our existing designs. Guangdong 519070. the UK.com. Sibo International Decoration Materials Plaza. 4B12-13.eastern-glory. and many of our items are patented in various countries in Europe. France.globalsources. Qianshan Rd.Customizable polyresin toilet seats We offer a diverse range of handmade toilet seats. Bldg. Eastern Glory Bathroom Furniture Manufacture Ltd Rms. Austria and the US. soap dispensers and toilet paper holders. e-mail us today. And each item is crafted using first-rate eco-friendly materials that comply with BS EN 1122 and REACH requirements.globalsources. we export more than 50.

0 ceilings that will never sag. which give them a low-water absorption rate and long life span.600m2. easy to clean Our gypsum ceiling boards are made with PVC coating sourced from Europe. West Town. China Tel: (86-574) 2790 5777 Fax: (86-574) 2790 3737 E-mail: ricky@jaymin-international. NRC 1. WPC decking board. and copper and zinc content inspections.co Mobile: (86) 136 0574 6967 62 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ningbo.com www. Suzhou.com www. the Middle East. Our Ceillex-brand acoustic ceilings are made from glass wool and rock wool. Changzhou.000t of WPC flooring annually Yixing Hualong New Material Lumber Co. Ltd South Development Area. hardware.com www. Bidets compatible with oval toilet fixtures Established in 2003. Zhenglu.com/jm-international. Asia. North America. Jiangsu 215600.com. Jiangsu 214200. contact us today. Since 1997. Yixing. Gypsum ceiling boards.000 tons. Mainly used for indoor decoration. Jiangsu 213114. Our bidets are particularly popular in various markets because they are easy to install. they can also be installed without worry in moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceiling T-bar with double coating Changzhou Beiyang Building Material Co. 12-12. Thanks to extensive damp proofing. and are suitable for mounting onto any kind of oval toilet fixture.co Fiberglass wall panels Zhangjiagang Qians’ Huilong Group Co.com . 100 Xiangyun Rd. Inquire today for more information. slow Easy Bidet close drop. we are a fastgrowing enterprise that specializes in the production and export of bathroom and toilet accessories. China Tel: (86-519) 8896 2907 Fax: (86-519) 8896 2909 E-mail: byzhq@vip. Australia and New Zealand. We follow ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004-certified management systems and many products are CE-certified. To check out the advanced equipment from Germany.cn www. adjusted for length.globalsources.globalsources.com/hualong-wpc. Hi-tech Park.Choose verified suppliers . we’ve been exporting to Europe. and is engaged in the design and production of plastic-wood PE composite materials.com/huilonggroup. tegular and concealed edges Come to us for Class A fireproof. Our WPC is made of plastic and cellulose that go through special treatments such as waterproofing and damp proofing.hualong-wpc.globalsources.. We also put our bidets through various tests. Zhangjiagang. China Tel: (86-512) 5898 9968 Fax: (86-512) 5898 9982 E-mail: huilon@huilon. Belgium and Taiwan we use at our factory.com/czbeiyang.sina.CE-compliant acoustic ceiling panels Fiberglass acoustic ceiling panels with square. including anticorrosion salt spray. Tangqiao.globalsources. filters and plastic products. We are fitted with 12 production lines that give us an annual capacity of 12. Our creations have passed the Green Label test in Singapore and the NRC test in Germany.globalsources. Ltd covers over 66. Ltd Dongqing Garden Industrial Area. Ltd Luyuan.co Ningbo Jay & Min International Trading Company WPC wall panel ISO 9001:2008 SGS No. available in various sizes. Contact us today. available in various patterns and sizes Yixing Hualong New Material Lumber Co. Contact us today. Zhejiang 315000. Our products have a natural wood feeling and can be drilled or nailed.co ISO 9001:2008 Over 12. our boards are dustproof and free of noxious chemicals. China Tel: (86-574) 8728 2568 Fax: (86-510) 8728 5000 E-mail: hualong-wpc@globalsources.com www. Xinjian. and easily maintained.

globalsources.More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 63 .www.

China Tel: (86-543) 481 6567 • Fax: (86-543) 483 9888 E-mail: info@chinawpc.. However.co www.Choose verified suppliers . sculptures.5 million cycles.cn Pipe fittings as large as 800mm Boasting more than 80 patents in mainland China. can be used in -40 to 70°C temperatures Wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking boards.com.com . We offer over 100 blocks. slabs. but we also source other premium materials imported from Italy.globalsources. Inquire today. And the absorption. Your OEM/ODM orders are welcomed.. contact us today. Car park barrier Plus. Fujian 361012. Xiamen. 21N. Shandong 256206. it comes with CE and CCC marks for easy importation into discerning markets.com/wejoin. railings. Guangdong 518118. Our featured items are perfect for use as decorative wall tiles.com/sunywood.globalsources. Granite tile (ZP-G682) More than 60 specifications and 11 color schemes WPC boards.net. Each month.Granite and marble products backed by 14 years’ experience To source all of your granite and marble products in one place.com. Shenzhen. Greece. Ltd Changshan Town Base. wall panels.cn www. tiles. as well as tripod turnstiles under an ISO 9001:2000-certified management system. Binzhou.com www. PVC pressure fittings with rubber ring joint. the featured car park barrier may not seem too different from standard models. China Tel: (86-592) 505 3070 Fax: (86-592) 505 3120 E-mail: belson@globalsources.com/belson. Browse our selection of 60 specifications and 11 color schemes to see the work of our R&D team.chinawpc. For more information. Pingshan. we turn out an average of 2. For more information. countertops and fireplaces.com wjq@belson.globalsources. Turkey. Iran and Brazil. it becomes apparent why our device is so unique. Ltd 3 BYD Rd.co Shandong Zouping Sunlight Wood-Plastic Composites Co. Our delivery lead time is just 10 days. making our items more durable. China Tel: (86-755) 8992 4615/4433 Fax: (86-755) 8464 3459 E-mail: wejoin@globalsources.com. with a life span of over 3. fencing. inquire now.globalsources. come to us – a supplier with 14 years of experience.wejoin. 38 Yuxiuli Rd. We’ve won eight technical patents in mainland China. aging and temperature tests we conduct on each product helps make sure our items can live up to their 10-year warranties. Bldg. tombstones. Rm. Not only do we make our products using granite from our own quarry.cn SMC round composite manhole cover. tiles and pallets – we make them all. Spain. C.co • www.000 units of each product. Our unique technology ensures an even mix of wood and plastic. We also manufacture sliding and swing gate operators. DIN PN10-compliant Zhejiang Taizhou Triunion Co.cn Website: www. as well as more resistant to water and deterioration. BS EN124-compliant Tripod turnstile PP compression fittings 64 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Zouping.

000 digital door locks and 300.globalsources. we conduct closing cycle tests at least 100.000 times for door locks.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 65 . DL2922 Mortise lock. making them easy-to-install and operate. To ensure durability. 240 x 46mm LK1788 Euro cylinder.000 models for your selection – a range to which we add 10 new items each month. We have more than 1. 159 x 47mm (UK Patent No. our improved mechanisms allow users to adjust codes without dismantling the backplates. EN 1303:2005-certified LK1789H Euro cylinder with cylindrical thumb knob Users don’t need loose pins to change the combinations of our door locks. Our monthly output is 10. Patented in the UK and mainland China. 108 x 44mm DL3154 Digital pushbutton door lock with easy code feature.000 profile cylinders. GB2401645) DL3492 Door handle with pushbutton lock and cylinder hole. EN 12209:2003-certified DL3491 LC5289 Steel mortise lock with Zinc alloy combination reversible latch bolt cabinet lock DL1866 Steel rolling gate lock DL3458 Steel drawback lock DL2117 Heavy-duty rim lock LK5102 Brass profile cylinder with flat key DL2120 Double-cylinder drawback lock DL2013 Zinc alloy rim dead latch DL2942 Cylindrical lock with lever handles DL3599 Digital pushbutton tubular lock LP5267 Zinc alloy padlock with alarm DL2016 Brass cylindrical lockset LK5030 Internal and external cylinders DL2328 Mortise lock with hook bolt VOLAR More new products .DL3404 Mini pushbutton door lock.www.000 times for profile DL1884 Zinc alloy rim cylinders and 50. Visit our Global Sources night latch Online showroom for details.

com ISO 9001:2008 8/F.000 units.globalsources. Hong Kong Precise results courtesy of equipment from Schlatter Industries AG Tape print V-groove laminate flooring. all of which are made according to EN 12101-2:2003 standards. And we can customize our items to your specifications in 35 days thanks to our strong Flexible duct and plastic R&D and in-house molding workshop. Inquire today.com/gtigroup.globalsources. and we from -18˚C to 130˚C use testing equipment from the US to ensure the long life spans of our hardware.com. we source advanced equipment with cost-effective results and timely delivery in mind. Our hardware line includes ducts.com/sate-lite. Barely into our eighth year in the window hardware industry.com 66 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. fans.wiremesh-dm. Foshan.gti-automation. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom today to view our wide range of products.cn www. cutting and welding can be done automatically with high accuracy and in large quantities. With key equipment from Schlatter Industries AG. Tuen Mun.000 items and a monthly output of 10 million units. Our QC vent hood.com .co E-mail: web@gti-automation.globalsources. Fu'an Industrial Park. which cover 160. 9 San On St.000km2 in total. Leliu.globalsources. we've already established ourselves as a major supplier of automatic window opening and smoke ventilation systems. China Tel: (86-10) 5269 3991 • Fax: (86-10) 5269 3990 E-mail: sales@wiremesh-dm. 2-2. we're a leading manufacturer of security fences and wire mesh products in China.Choose verified suppliers . We also specialize in point-of-purchase display stands and photo frames. Focusing on providing end-to-end engineering solutions. For our three ISO 9001:2008-certified factories.co www. Ltd No. producing up to 600km2 of fencing and mesh each month. Our monthly capacity is 3.com www. fire resistant technicians have 10 years of experience. Shunde. Inquire today. we have the range and production support to cover all your sourcing needs.. Ltd Customized wire mesh fence East Baoheng Rd. China Mobile: (86) 136 3013 3413 E-mail: candyz@sate-lite.. Hebei 053600. vents and diffusers. our R&D specialists will closely work with you to precisely meet your requirements.com Website: www.Semi-rigid duct Automatic window opener With a range of more than 1. Kin Ga Industrial Building. Sate-Lite (Foshan) Plastics Co. available in different sizes Up to 3 new products seasonally from a 9-year flooring producer Welded fence Founded in 1992.com/deming. Free samples are available in a few days. South Anping.co • www. Guangdong. Anping Deming Metal Net Co.

www. colors change with varying water temperatures More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 67 .LED shower heads.globalsources.

. drainers. 304 stainless steel soap dispenser Mainland China experts in wood-plastic composite products We’re one of the few manufacturers in mainland China that can claim expertise in wood-plastic (PP) composite production.com/rbhardware. We also use heating elements that are durable. Large orders are welcome. Shipai..globalsources. Liwan. Your volume demands are no problem for our monthly capacity of five 40-foot containers. hanging baskets and other bathroom accessories made of 304 stainless steel.com • info@szcoasts. Xiangxi Industrial Zone. butt hinges used on wood doors. Inquire now. 25 West Guihua Rd. suitable for temperaturesranging from -40 to 80ºC A trusted supplier to the 2010 Asian Games Established in 1993. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.globalsources.000 units every month from our three factories – all of which are thoroughly inspected by our 8 QC technicians. Longxi.com • info@rbhardware. Orders start at 500 units. or you can choose products from our frequently updated collection. Dongguan.Huizhou. 62-3. Guangdong 518114. Send us an e-mail today and receive a reply within 24 hours. Lemax Environmental Protection Decorative Building Materials Co. Guangdong 523345. Ltd 5/F. Boluo. Shenzhen. paper towel dispensers.lemaxwpc.co • www.co 68 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/gzjarjet. China Tel: (86-752) 687 6757 • Fax: (86-752) 687 6799 • Mobile: (86) 138 2993 8901 keya@globalsources. Our products provide stable performance at temperatures ranging from -40 to 80ºC. We're confident that these steam generators and heaters offer the best value for money of similar devices on the market. Contact us today.com • www.globalsources.co Wood-plastic (PP) composites. 116.co • www. Co. Our steam generators and sauna heaters have designs with unique features. Our development team uses a decade of experience to add five new products each month to our catalog. & Exp. Longxi Middle Rd. Unit 4.szcoasts. Fuchun St. Zhejiang 311400. our quality products were trusted for use in the 2010 Asian Games. all of our items are CE-marked. Guangdong 516121. Ltd South of the 2nd Rd. Ltd Rm. Bldg.com/keya. efficient and can heat a sauna quickly. we can create a mold in only 10 to 15 days. That’s because our factory is an appointed lab base for the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry and we receive technical support from leaders in the field. Ltd Sales: Rm. A. Fuyang.globalsources. Our English-speaking R&D staff will work with you directly on your OEM/ODM projects.com All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only..com www. and universal hinges used on standard doors.com Website: www. Shenzhen Keya Sauna & Swimming Pool Equipment Co. Fuyang Rightbright Imp. glass shelves. Buji.com . towel racks.com/lemaxwpc. Guangzhou. And when you come to us with custom projects.com www. who have an average of 15 years’ experience.rbhinge. Longgang. Inquire now for more information.Specializing in a range of door hinges Sauna heater (CA-A series) Steam generator (KSA series) We specialize in different kinds of door hinges such as weld-on hinges used on iron doors. Choose from over 200 models that have been created by our engineers. And for hassle-free distribution.com Guangzhou Pinya Industries Co. Kangqiaohuangzhiyuan.com www. Guangdong 510375. Qigang Rd. They are not only equipped with advanced intelligent control devices and digital displays. we specialize in soap dispensers. China Tel/Fax: (86-20) 8141 6099 E-mail: cyj@jarjet. but they also boast pre-heating and hightemperature protection functions.. We pump out 600. China Tel: (86-755) 2870 7113 • Fax: (86-755) 2870 7847 Factory and International department: Keya Industry Park.. China Tel: (86-571) 2328 3012 Fax: (86-571) 2328 3010 E-mail: rbhardware@globalsources.globalsources. In 2010. China Tel: (86-769) 8139 7538 • Fax: (86-769) 8139 7438 E-mail: lemaxwpc@globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .

www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 69 .

China Tel: (86-311) 8980 7629. Lianchen. Every welded point and galvanized inch on our products is examined for deformities. legends don’t have to fade.tianyueconstruction. then you can trust us. Shijiazhuang.jin-zhu. Ltd Wire Mesh St. Ltd Rm. Free Port Area. Tiangui Rd. Designers who’ve been handling custom projects for over 10 years have helped us supply fences and trench covers for the construction of Terminal 3 of Beijing’s Capital International Airport. 8980 7631 • Fax: (86-311) 8506 0875 E-mail: anpingwusheng@globalsources.com www. Buyers have sourced these machines from us after being impressed by the secure structure of our products. Its spire will be crowned with custom petal-shaped aluminum panels.. allowing us to offer you competitive prices. 15-A5.globalsources. Hebei 050061. Dubai will soon unveil the Princess Tower – to be the world’s tallest residential skyscraper – as another extravagant symbol of its cultural magnificence.com .com.com 70 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com Website: www. Inquire today.com/wushengwujin. Hebei 053600. Shougang and Taiyuan Iron & Steel to ensure quality. welded mesh panel Hebei Anping Wusheng Hardware Products Co. Shijiazhuang Tianyue Honest Co. And each panel is sprayed with PPG. Inquire today. Biological Medicine Industrial Base. China Tel: (86-311) 8910 5745 • Fax: (86-311) 8910 5741 E-mail: ty@tianyueconstruction.com Fencing and related machinery made in-house Fence and wire netting As civilizations develop.. These machines also help us cut costs.co www.. What do you want your structure to symbolize? Tell us today. West Industrial Zone. at least 1.ws-wiremesh.globalsources. We also provide Singapore’s Changi International Airport with fences. Anping. China www.co www. We can bend and twist any symbolic image into a modern architectural reality with equipment we’ve developed from our patented ideas.000 tons of mesh and netting are made with machines that were also developed in-house.Choose verified suppliers . KCC or Akzo paints that won’t fade for up to 10 years. Guoxing Industry Garden.Diamond mesh lath used as a plaster base If your project has unique requirements. Beijing 102600.cn Contact Person: Kathy Kong Our wire mesh and netting products are made in-house with constant scrutiny according to ISO 9001:2000 guidelines.co • www. Hengshui.com/jinzhu.globalsources.com/tianyue. Daxing. East Heping Rd.globalsources. We source materials from Baosteel. And its unique structure is popular Firm-structure galvanized across North America. Each month. Our diamond mesh lath is widely used as a plaster base and reinforcement on walls and ceilings.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 71 .More new products .globalsources.

Eco-friendly WPC boards for outdoor decking floors Kong Ah International Company Ltd Guang Ya Aluminium Industries (Hong Kong) Ltd Suites 1301-2.globalsources. Our products are waterproof. sight glasses and other air conditioner components.globalsources.com www.Choose verified suppliers . Zhuji City Howhi Air Conditioners Made Co. Nanhai.and Spanish-speaking sales team members today. Inquire today. With a suite of extrusion and fluorocarbon production lines and CNC machines. To further ensure quality. 63 Mody Rd. valves.1791 (Auto). you can count on us to ensure smooth production.and ISO 14001:2004certified factory to maintain reliable standards. Zhejiang 311800.vama365.com. 9 East Chuangxin Rd. Foshan. contact our English-. Since our establishment in 1996. including Blum. Ruanshi.hk www.com/kongah. Japanese.com www. we import top-grade solid wood from Malaysia. China Tel: (86-757) 6689 1183/1168 • Fax: (86-757) 6689 1169 Mobile: (86) 139 2722 3239 • Contact person: Susan Chin E-mail: export001@vama365. They also trust our ISO 9001:2008. all items are subjected to 27-step inspections at our 70. Hafele and DTC. Guanyao.. Plus.co • www.com . we are ready to take on your projects as well. We produce our products at different price levels to meet your market needs. Australia. we’ve been the main aluminum supplier for numerous large architectural projects.000m2 factory. For more details. Guangdong SGS 72 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com Mainland China factory: Baisha Bridge.guangyaal. Tsim Sha Tsui East. Select from over 300 models..com ISO 9001:2000 We’ve taken on big projects worldwide for 15 years Aluminum products we manufacture include: • Extrusions • Window frames • Doors • Heatsinks • Curtain walls • Shower doors • Grills • Fences • Thermal breaks When it comes to your large-scale projects. These include mainland China’s National Stadium and Aquatic Center. the Venetian Macao. casinos and hotels in North America.com Bathroom vanity with soft-closing doors • Natural wood color • Blum hardware • 900 x 510 x 590mm Searching for quality cabinets and vanities? Look no further.globalsources. Most of our products are NSF-approved and have a certificate from CRN of Canada. we have specialized in manufacturing copper pipe fittings.globalsources. as well as resistant to cracking and warping. Foshan. Inquire today. the EU.Since 1985. Ltd Jinling Industrial Park. (86-755) 2548 8049 (Operator) E-mail: sales@cnhowhi.com/vama365. Leping Hi-Tech Industry Zone.com/howhi. Guangdong 528100.cnhowhi. Indonesia. brass pipe fittings. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2301 4333 Fax: (852) 2312 7729 E-mail: sales@guangyaal.co • www. Houston Centre. China Tel: (86-755) 2548 8049 Fax: (86-755) 6167 5805 ext. Russia and South Africa. as well as other resorts. Brazil and Thailand to laminate our goods.co www. Buyers such as BMI of Canada and CFI of the US have enjoyed the range of prices we offer. Kowloon. Each unit boasts sturdy fixtures sourced from 30 leading hardware suppliers.

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We offer lead times of seven days for standard orders.globalsources.com .com/kxglass.globalsources. And equipped with a 3 x 8m laminating production line. Hefei..14 years’ experience in glass processing Tempered glass Insulated glass Laminated glass Specializing in glass processing since 1997. Beichen.com Website: www. Our 300. Anhui 230601.000 bolt locks and 20.000 employees and can produce up to 40.dwzy.co for windows www.com Elegant aluminum extrusion profiles www.com/dongwei. Aluminum extrusion profiles After 16 years in the industry.5m horizontal tempering furnace and other machinery from Italy and Finland.com Dongguan City Kunxing Glass Mirror Products Co. electric strikes. Ltd Zhaolin Jinchuan Industrial Zone. exit buttons. Inquire today. as well as door holders. Inquire today. Nanhai.. and we can produce 15. Tianjin 300400. All of our products undergo extensive QC evaluations and come with CE.globalsources.com Website: www.000m2 facilities feature over 100 production lines staffed by over 2. China Tel: (86-22) 2634 5216. China Tel: (86-757) 8669 7000/8669 • Fax: (86-757) 8669 7505/7556 E-mail: sales@lcj. we’re now one of the biggest aluminum extrusion manufacturers in Anhui. including electromagnetic locks. In 2006. EMC and UL marks.globalsources. call us today. Jingjin Rd.000 electromagnetic locks.lcj. bolt locks and glass locks.co 15 East Kebao Rd. District A. Dongguan. China Tel: (86-551) 3818 955 Fax: (86-551) 3818 955 E-mail: sales@dwzy.com • www. we’ve been manufacturing various locks.co • www. Our 45 R&D specialists can create a custom sample based on your specifications in just one week.000 electric strikes every month. Economic & Technology Development Zone. 20. We deliver to our clients in Europe. and Southeast Asia in just 10 days – to join them. Foshan. our Dongwei brand became AQISQ-certified.cn 74 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-769) 8778 8022 • Fax: (86-769) 8763 5776 E-mail: kxglass@188.. China. Xiegang. a 3 x 5.000 tons of aluminum extrusions annually. Two-year warranties are available.com/lcjcn. Our 5.000m2 of glass every month.co Seamless steel pipes with outer diameters of 15 to 800mm Since 1990.ahhuilv.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . Anhui Dongwei Group Corporation Ltd 118 Danxia Rd.000m2 factory is ISO 9001:2008-certified. We’ll apply the same expertise to efficiently and precisely meet your requirements. we know the manufacturing process by heart. Guangdong 523595. we turn out 10. Seamless steel pipes ISO 9001:2008 Electric strike Electromagnetic lock Electric bolt lock Tianyang Mansion. They can also offer you five new models monthly. power supplies and access control systems. Guangdong 528225. South Africa. 2634 5211 • Fax: (86-22) 2662 0219 E-mail: ekinwan0412@gmail. Shishan Scientific Zone.cn Website: www.com/tjxdwy.

com Our 50.000m2 factory Our projects Our production lines More new products .Household evaporative air cooler Evaporative cooling pads Industrial evaporative air cooler As a pioneer in evaporative cooling technologies. China Tel: (86-769) 2218 8788 ext. but we are also one of the largest suppliers. Dongguan Keda Electrical & Mechanical Equipments Co. Ltd. commercial and agricultural applications. We are not only one of the earliest manufacturers of such products in mainland China. 765 • Fax: (86-769) 8902 8282 E-mail: info@easywindint. our products are widely used in industrial.www.com www.com/keruilai.co en. Guangdong 523055. contact us today. including: • Lowering room temperatures by 10oC • More cost effective than central air conditioners • Air purifier and humidifier functions • Energy-efficiency: each unit only consumes 1kW per hour to cool a 100m2 room For more details..com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 75 . Our air coolers.. In fact. Dongguan. cooling fans and cooling pads deliver many benefits.keruilai. as well as in homes and other places. Shangjia Industrial Area. we helped draft four national standards in this field and have led the way in developing more efficient air cooling systems.globalsources.globalsources. Wanjiang. 83 Fenxi 1st Rd.

Fuzhou.com. 86 Middle Jiangbin Rd.com . available in solid wood or MDF Our extensive catalog. We have sales offices in Dubai. China Tel: (86-755) 8341 5740/4614 • Fax: (86-755) 8341 4547. and you’ll find a wide selection of doors.. stainless. source from us. handle your OEM/ODM orders. Siming Park.com Carved wooden interior door Security door Partner with us and you will have 20 years of industry experience backing your orders. Inquire today. Call us today.xmgxmc. Inquire now. Futaihuating. China Tel: (86-592) 739 5990 • Fax: (86-592) 739 5997 xmgxmc@globalsources.000 vanity designs – with up to 20 new models each month – ensuring you have a wide range of options to choose from.co • www. Jordan and South Korea. Our products are created with a size tolerance as low as ±3mm.globalsources. Shenzhen Longyear Industrial Co. And by utilizing our own factory. available in different sizes and styles For ceramic tiles your customers are sure to appreciate. Rm.Choose verified suppliers . Guangdong 518033.co • www. Browse through our catalog. Taijiang. Section AB. so no matter what type of tiles you want. And our R&D department offers OEM/ODM services.com/szlongyear. send us your ideas and we’ll have a sample ready in seven days.globalsources. Let our 15 R&D engineers.com/xmgxmc.cn www.000 items. we can turn out 400 containers worth of high-quality tiles monthly. We release 10 stylish new designs each month.000 units for cabinets.globalsources. 43. Tong’an Central Industrial Zone. Shenzhen.com/fzjinhaiying. Houzhou St. Xiamen.globalsources. including galvanized. Futian. Tianji Building.com • longyear8@yahoo. Fujian 361000. medicine cabinet.Ceramic tiles. Our monthly capacity for bathroom sinks is 5.com Guanxing Canaandoor Industry (Xiamen) Co.com www. who average seven years of experience. DHA and Royo Group our clients for over seven years. 8342 0582 szlongyear@globalsources. end table. armored and archaized steel security types.com • sales@xmgxmc. 2101.com www. Small and mixed orders are welcome. Each unit is made of premium materials that we source from suppliers we’ve been cooperating with for a decade. 5/F. Tian'an Cyber Park. 25/F.szlongyear. shelves and vase.com 76 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd No. Fujian 350009. If you have your own ideas or special requirements. 5B1-1. precision standards and capability for volume orders have kept Richelieu. solid wood and MDF.fzjinhaiying. China Tel: (86-591) 8830 6016 • Fax: (86-591) 8328 6180 E-mail: liu@fzjinhaiying. Ltd Rm. we can customize a simple sample within five days. and 1. Vanity.co www.. as well as partner factories we’ve worked with for over 10 years. as well as models made of copper. Product offerings include over 1.

5 Guanyinshan International Business Operation Center. Luncang. China Factory address: Sanitary Wares High-tech Development Zone.com www.globalsources.com/chinalogoo. Fujian 361000.Made with top-grade copper and other materials Bathroom faucets Since we began making faucets and other bathroom related hardware in 1987.co www. Co. Quick facts about our company include: • In-house brand: LOGOO • OEM/ODM/OBM services are available • Factory size: 21.globalsources. Contact us today to learn more. we have not wavered in our focus on quality. bathroom accessories and other hardware parts for kitchens and bathrooms. Xiamen. No. Ltd Logoo Sanitary Wares (Fujian) Co. and test all raw materials before they enter the assembly line.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 77 .500 m2 • 323 employees • 30 inspectors • 8 R&D engineers • 6 production lines • 30.com ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001 More new products .to 45-day lead times • 13. This has allowed us to launch products that received iF design and Kapok awards. 5. Nan’an. & Exp. Fujian 362300. we work with skilled designers. Our products include faucets.chinalogoo. Ltd 12/F. shower systems.200-set monthly capacity for shower panels and faucets To keep up with the latest design trends. We source A-grade copper and ceramic cartridges from 30 of the most reputable suppliers in Taiwan and mainland China.2-ton monthly capacity for pipe fittings and bathroom accessories. China Tel: (86-592) 590 2518 Fax: (86-592) 590 2510 E-mail: sales@chinalogoo.www. Xiamen Logoo Imp.

supermarkets.co Shenzhen Svavo Bathroom Products Co. Shandong 276023. Linyi. Ltd Linyi Economic Development Zone. With a peeling intensity of 9N/mm at a 180° angle. China REACH UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Tel: (86-755) 8992 8983 Fax: (86-755) 8992 8986 E-mail: rw@svavo.cn www. as well as in-house injection molding and die-casting. Shenzhen. Jiyu Building Materials Co.globalsources.globalsources.com .Aluminum composite panels. Hot-press composite production lines from Siemens are a rarity in the industry in mainland China – but we’ve got them. our panels easily exceed the industry standard of 7N/mm. Ltd Factory 4. ensure the consistently high quality of our products – quality that more than 100 buyers can attest to.com/svavo. air fresheners and dryers have been awarded more than 10 design and utility patents and are widely used in airports. Xinwu Industrial Estate.globalsources. different sizes and colors available Aluminum composite panels with a peeling intensity of ≥ 9N/mm at 180° Our aluminum composite panels are made to last. First-class components sourced from the US.svavo.Choose verified suppliers . Guangdong 518118.co • www. Shabo. we’ll have no problem meeting your largest orders. Automatic soap dispenser Our dispensers.com/lyjiyu.cn 78 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we’ve developed automatic liquid dispensers for completely hands-free use.com Website: www. hospitals. Inquire today. restaurants and office buildings worldwide. We also source paint from PPG and binding from South Korea to further ensure consistent quality. Japan and Taiwan. And with an annual output of 3 million square meters. They can withstand temperatures up to 113°C and exhibit a bending strength of 120MP. China Tel: (86-539) 2903168 • Fax: (86-539) 8807128 E-mail: daishouhui@gmail. Automatic liquid dispensers for public areas To improve sanitation in public areas. Check out our website to see our latest dispenser designs. Pingshan.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 79 .Advanced machinery slices our wood into a scope of sizes Plywood in various thicknesses MDF Film faced plywood ISO 9001:2000 More new products .globalsources.

Guangdong 510620. We produce slabs that are eight to 30 millimeters thick – most of our competitors can only offer thicknesses of 12 to 30 millimeters.com . Cable flush valve Flapper flush valve Compas (Xiamen) Plumbing Technology Co. Ltd Rm.Aluminum pipes Aluminum plates Electrothermal towel rack (EDR006BS). Ltd REACH IP44 Rm. Choose from our wide selection of aluminum pipes. Fujian 361006.com/hfal. bathrooms and bars. Source from us and take advantage of our 80-model collection of electrothermal towel racks.com Foshan Blue Sea Quartz Stone Co.co 80 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. our collection includes fill valves. plates. Producing our own raw materials also gives us greater control over delivery schedules and production costs. Division Record Plaza. we can design a product that suits your exact specifications in as fast as two weeks.fromart. Guangdong 528000. We can make pipes with 600-millimeter diameters and sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0. Ltd 798 Yuanshan South Rd.. Or if you’re unable to find what you're looking for. And with 600 workers. rods. as we can finish samples in only 40 days.Choose verified suppliers . countertops. 8 to 30mm-thick quartz slabs with 10-year warranties Turn to us for quartz slabs for flooring. We use 93-percent acid-washed quartz stone. 44 x 55.5 x 9.com www.globalsources. we allocate 8 percent of our sales revenue for R&D ventures to offer you plumbing parts that boast the latest market features.9cm Electrothermal towel rack (EDR101). Economic and Technological Development Zone. Inquire now. The resulting stone is then grinded and polished.huafeng-al. 11. Foshan. Custom orders are welcomed. A. Kuiqi West Rd.com Fromart Co.com www.. Tianhe. All units bear CE marks and are IP44-rated. Chongqing Huafeng Aluminium (Group) Co.co • www.com • www.globalsources. sheets. Inquire now.com Website: www. which means on-time shipments and better prices for you. Guangzhou.460 millimeters. Chongqing 400060.com Our R&D investments bring you 2 new plumbing parts monthly Every year. Huilong Industrial Park.2 to 180 millimeters and widths of up to 2.co www. and comply with RoHS Directive and REACH requirements. And. we release up to two new items monthly. All of our stone slabs are backed by 10-year warranties. busbars. a 20-foot container can be shipped to you in only 15 days. China Tel: (86-20) 3802 1011 Fax: (86-20) 3802 1010 E-mail: sales@fromart. 73 x 59 x 53cm Quality and cost benefits from in-house raw material production We process our own aluminum and alloy to ensure no defective material ever gets into your order.compas-plumbing. 301. In addition to the flush valves shown here. Ltd 7 Shuanglong Rd.J.com/compasxm. Bldg. strips.globalsources. China Tel: (86-592) 557 9285/9281 • Fax: (86-592) 551 3629 E-mail: sales@compasxm. 239-257 Tianfu Rd. Baolilai Machine & Ceramic City. Inquire today.co www. each with eight years of experience.com • sale@fslanhai. And with 11 engineers. toilet repair kits. Chancheng.globalsources.globalsources. coils and military die forgings. Inquire today.com www.bs-stone..com/blueseaquartz. China Tel: (86-23) 6264 1289 • Fax: (86-23) 6276 5185 E-mail: cqhuafeng@gmail. we can surely accommodate your volume needs.com/fromart. which we mix with a high-polymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment before submitting it to high-pressure processing. Xiamen.. toilet seats and plastic cisterns. H. China Tel: (86-757) 8266 8280 • Fax: (86-757) 8266 7628 blueseaquartz@globalsources.

Chaozhou. Guxiang. We make it a point to retest all of our raw materials prior to production.globalsources. Guangdong 515647. Bathroom cabinet with mirror • Mirror size: 620 x 30 x 870mm • Cabinet size: 900 x 480 x 500mm Two-piece toilet. 680 x 360 x 870mm Guangdong Oulu Sanitaryware Co.com/gdoulu. China Tel: (86-768) 683 6666 Fax: (86-768) 683 5555 E-mail: gdoulu@globalsources. shower enclosure and bathtub manufacturing. Join 300-plus clients worldwide in sourcing from us. But that’s not all.Three-year product warranties available Bathroom cabinet with mirror Intelligent toilet • Automatic deodorizing • Keep-warm seat • Warm-water cleaning. Ltd Guer Industrial Zone. nightlight and more We flush out everything that’s not up to our standards As a quality-focused manufacturer of ceramic sanitary ware for 20 years. bathroom furniture. we have your volume orders covered.globalsources. cabinet. we make sure that only qualified products are delivered to you.www. That’s why we deploy 40 inspectors to monitor every production stage and reject any defective units.co • www.com www. warm-air drying • Automatic flushing.oulu-cn.com More new products . An industry pioneer • Created one of the first ceramic bodies for intelligent toilets in mainland China in early 2003 • Participated in the drafting of the standards for intelligent toilets in mainland China • Appointed as the production demonstration base for intelligent toilets by the research center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China 40 production lines at your disposal So why not just take a seat while we handle the rest for you? With 40 production lines and separate factories for ceramic sanitary ware. Contact us today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 81 . This quality is reflected in the three-year warranties that we offer.

sinks. shower panels and more. China Tel: (86-757) 8310 6005. Financial Plaza.com Wenzhou SC Imp. designing.com www.b2b@gmail. Gaoming.com • shirley@gardengallery..Choose verified suppliers . For more details.400 products.co • www. QC and shipping services for a variety of products.co Maxlead Co. 8891 1193 E-mail: jinlangroup@globalsources.com.com/gardengallery. In fact. Our clients come to us because we provide sourcing.globalsources.com/wzsc. OEM orders welcome Solid wood window with aluminum profile and adiabatic bar We provide customers with a one-stop service by offering development.and cadmium-free AISI 304 stainless steel.Our faucets are made of lead. source from us. so they are familiar with what international buyers demand.and cadmium-free AISI 304 stainless steel For long-lasting faucets.gdjinlan.000 units.com • jinlan.com www. shower rooms.. various types available 82 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Co.wzscchina. sliding bars. We also offer doors. Jihua 5th Rd. As the sole agent of our partner factory for the past five years. we are able to accept sample orders. Most of our items feature designs based on trends in Europe. China Tel: (86-577) 8521 2722 Fax: (86-577) 8521 2758 sales@wzscchina. & Exp. we provide durable. you can choose from either powder-coated or anodizedsurface finishes. For more details. Ltd 19/F. Most Chrome-plated faucet. products are compliant with CE and various types available ACS guidelines. Zhejiang 325055. fireproof. Our products are made using lead. Foshan.com Chrome-plated bathroom accessory.com/jinlangroup. bathroom accessories. Wenzhou. As a result of these quality components.globalsources. our faucets have life spans of up to 30 years. Haicheng. manufacturing.co • www. heat-insulating and easy-to-assemble tiles made of uPVC. Duichuan. Ltd 525 Haigong Ave. China Tel: (86-757) 8328 4111. and our hardware comes from Germany and the US. Nanhai. Yanghe. 8312 6656 gardengallery@globalsources. Kitchen faucet Showerhead Garden Gallery Trading Co.com Looking for a manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience? Then work with us.globalsources. China E-mail: cathy@steeltaps. Foshan. Guangdong 528000. bathroom cabinets.cn Website: www. contact us today. Our procurement group has over five years of experience. Ltd Shishan Industrial Zone. And for all of our aluminum profiles. we’re ready for your volume orders. We have 200 models for your selection. We produce our lightweight and soundproof windows out of solid wood and aluminum profiles for ensured strength. 8312 6652 Fax: (86-757) 8328 4666. 8891 1193 Fax: (86-757) 8310 8533. and you’ll find over 1. Our pinewood is sourced from North America. mirrors. Chrome-plated faucet. we can accommodate your most stringent requirements. transportation and export services. Source tiles from a 10-year provider ASA composite resin and heat-insulating uPVC roof tiles We have 10 years of experience working with buyers worldwide. Inquire today.globalsources. Guangdong. as well as tiles that are manufactured using ASA composite resin.com • wzsc@globalsources. Longwan. including faucets. And because we have our own ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. Foshan. Look in our catalog. Guangdong 528000. inquire now. And with a monthly capacity of 4. Inquire now.com . as well as aerators sourced from the Netherlands and cartridges from Hungary.

We also conduct salt-spray tests to ensure durability and provide test reports. we double-check our raw materials before production.000m2 of factory space to handle your volume orders.hardware. Eastern Centre.globalsources.com/kinkei. Contact us now. we specialize in manufacturing louvre frames. and can customize a sample for you utilizing our molding department. 704.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 83 .com. window fittings and hinges for various applications. upon receiving your requirements. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2561 6788 • Fax: (852) 2563 9115 E-mail: info@hardware.co • www. We have 60. For quality your market expects. 1065 King's Rd.Over 300 options available Decorative fence made of PVC PVC profiles PVC cellular profiles 37 years of experience Established in 1973. Window fittings Sliding door hinges Movable louvre frames Kin Kei Hardware Industries Ltd Rm. 7/F. Tai Koo.hk More new products .www.hk Website: www.. We have thousands of models for you to choose from.globalsources.com. In fact. we’ll have your product completed in two weeks.

8252 0394.com Website: www.com • geelypanel@globalsources.com ISO 9001:2000 84 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/jnj. Aluminum composite panels in various colors Manufacturing flexible shower heads. you can be sure that you'll get quality products that satisfy your most discerning customers. Our QC officers test our panels according to ASTM and other international standards. Ningbo Jingte Sanitary Wares Co. Guangdong 510430.com • info@china-jnj. China Tel: (86-20) 3646 0026/0614 • Fax: (86-20) 3646 0905 E-mail: jnj@globalsources. 1.co Zhejiang Geely Decorating Materials Co. It is one of the earliest aluminum composite and solid aluminum panel manufacturing enterprises in mainland China – we have specialized in this area for over 20 years. 6245 2668 color changes with Fax: (86-574) 6245 2677 water temperature E-mail: jingte@cnjingte. China Tel: (86-576) 8240 0179.com www. And with our four R&D members. including freeze protection. So when you source from us. Our latest product. water purification and leak-guard systems. each of whom has over 10 years of experience.geelypanel.cn www. For quality CE-marked spas.com Sliding bar set Spas made with materials that satisfy the most discerning customers A range of hardwood products made with advanced machinery Spacious outdoor hot spa with stainless steel jets We manufacture our spas using Aristech acrylic. and a customized sample is ready in five to seven days. No. Huangjinwei Industrial Village.china-jnj. Zhejiang 318050. we release at least one new design every month. CrownTM tubes and LXTM pumps with UL and TÜV certifications.Choose verified suppliers . Guangzhou. has even garnered a utility patent in mainland China. OEM and ODM requests are welcome.com/cnjingte.co • www. Inquire now.com . Our 2. Inquire today.globalsources. an advanced shower head system. as well as waste-water taps and other sanitary ware has been our specialty since 1998. In fact.. inquire now. 8240 0116 Fax: (86-576) 8240 0232 E-mail: geelycladding@gmail. Zhejiang 315450.. Baiyun.com/geelypanel. Shijing. Lunan. digital diagnosis. Taizhou. Mazhu.globalsources.500mm wide Our factory is a core enterprise in the China Geely Group. Ltd 47 West Zhubei Rd.co • www.The 1st aluminum composite panel maker in mainland China We apply a Kynar 500 PVDF coating to our panels Panels up to 1.globalsources.000m2 ISO 9001:2000certified molding workshop and 10 years of manufacturing and design experience allow us to realize any OEM/ODM project. And we reinforce it with macromolecule film from DuPont to make sure they don't peel. hoses. Ltd Jichang Rd. and nozzles. Yuyao. We apply a Kynar 500 PVDF coating to our panels to ensure color fidelity and longer lifespans. China Tel: (86-574) 6245 2669 LED shower head. we can also integrate various features. Luqiao.globalsources.

. 1-3 Taohua Rd. Dasheng Building.500 staff members. for you to choose from.co Phase 3 power box Hall command indicator Car top wire connection box We have several manufacturing bases throughout mainland China We are a reliable manufacturer of waterproof construction materials with 12 years of industry experience. We want to offer those same advantages to you. we have built good relationships with reputable material suppliers in Japan. Your orders are backed by our 1. Jingpin Building. Our ERP system and ISO 9001:2000-certified processes enable us to maintain production efficiency so no material or labor is wasted. competitive prices and on-time deliveries. In fact. Suzhou and Wuhan. China Tel/Fax: (86-595) 2249 8683 corelift@globalsources. who utilize advanced manufacturing machinery imported from the US. Ltd 2/F.www. Product quality is ensured by our QC specialists. can start seeing your profits go up and your overhead costs go down.globalsources. Self-adhesive waterproof polymer membrane Shenzhen Yeming Technology Development Co.globalsources. with each elevator control system and car operating panel tested for weather resistance on machines from Germany and the US. Ltd Waterproof APP-modified asphalt membrane Waterproof SPU paint Waterproof PVC-reinforced membrane Waterproof SBS-modified bitumen membrane 7/F. all patented in mainland China. Beijing. Ask about our remarkable export experience today and receive a reply within 24 hours. During our 10 years of manufacturing elevator systems. the US and Taiwan who we can always rely on for excellent quality. Quanzhou. That’s why they keep coming back for our elevator cars and parts. If you entrust your ODM orders to us today. Elevator control system Core Lift Co. too.. including Shenzhen. Our 100 R&D engineers have created over 20 products. Nanshan Rd.com www. who work in our manufacturing bases located in major cities throughout mainland China. Futian Free Trade Zone. so that you. Shenzhen. OEM prototypes take around seven days to complete. Fujian 362000.Quality elevator cars and parts at great prices We offer our clients a steady balance of good quality and great prices. we can have a working sample ready in less than 60 days.co www. Huinan Industrial Zone.com/waterproofmaterial.com • youan2817@163. our products have been used to build the Beijing National Stadium.waterproofmaterial. Contact us today for more information. Pazhou International Exhibition Center and other well-known public buildings.cn More new products .globalsources. As a result. Guangzhou.com Website: www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 85 . our goods are trusted worldwide. Our monthly capacity is 500 units.com/corelift. Guangdong 518052. China E-mail: shenzhen@chinayeming.

W1 E37 Ceramic toilet (V-5070) ISO 9001:2008 Qingke Industry Development Zone. And our yearly sales reach up to $10 million. We produce over 1. 1585 Xicheng Rd.globalsources.com/ivi. soundproof and safe. our: • Tank fittings can be flushed 200.hfpvc.000 times more • Drainage pipes are fully glazed • Ceramic water absorption rate is 0.cn www. patented in mainland China. Wuxi. Shiwan. Our R&D staff also develops up to five new items each month to add to our collection. our windows are waterproof.com/hfpvc.globalsources.china-health. Our windows are made with Venetian glass and save energy thanks to built-in thermal insulation.000m2 of window and door assemblies. Mainland China’s largest property developer sources our shower enclosures – find out why by contacting us today. Shishan Industrial Park.net.Mainland China’s top geosynthetics manufacturer Filament spunbond nonwoven geotextile Sanitary ware that surpasses industry standards Flush away the competition with our sanitary ware. Qingyang.000 times more • Toilet seats can be closed 100.cn • www. and we can produce 8. due to superior-quality sealing material.3 percent lower To maintain our quality advantage. Take. Foshan.com/kangjian. the toilet featured here.5 million pieces annually across our two factories in Foshan and Jiangxi. When compared to industry standards. 17. Our products are CE-marked and GS-certified and come with five-year warranties. doors. Guangdong 528225. Bldg.co • www.000 shower units monthly in our 15.ivi. Shower enclosure Need custom shower enclosures? Give us 20 days and we will create a prototype to match your specifications. China Tel: (86-757) 8120 2162 • Fax: (86-757) 8120 0199 E-mail: kangjian@globalsources. HDPE geonet CRW Shower Equipment Factory Chan Cheng Foshan IVI Bathroom Sensations Kitchen and Bath China Shanghai Expo Center May 25-28. Ltd Area B.cn PVC window with thermal insulation Wuxi Lushi PVC Profile Manufacturing Co. For more details.cn We’ll create a custom shower prototype in 20 days PVC and aluminum window and door specialist We specialize in the production of PVC and aluminum windows.Choose verified suppliers ..net.000m2 factory. 116-117. The hardware for these windows and doors is manufactured in-house.com • info@china-health. Our annual output is 500. Foshan.co • www. And.com 86 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.co • www. and profiles. Ltd Rms. contact us today. Chancheng. Jiangsu 214000. China Tel: (86-757) 8266 6216 • Fax: (86-757) 8270 7881 export4@ivi. Nanhai. China Tel: (86-510) 8161 1115 Fax: (86-510) 8161 1597 E-mail: hengfang@vip.globalsources. we source tank fittings and cabinet hardware from Geberit and Blum. Guangdong 528031.com Website: www. for example. Kangjian Sanitary Ware Co. 2011 Booth No.com .163.globalsources. Our minimum order requirement is 100 pieces.

hot-stamped brass body Central vacuum cleaner. E-mail us today. Annually. including PrimeSource and American Wire Tie. China Tel: (86-577) 6266 5822 Fax: (86-577) 6266 7388 E-mail: sales@menred.and L-type fence posts. Yueqing Central Industrial Zone. radiant floor heating. The items you’ll find in our catalog have been widely used in central air-conditioning.menred.globalsources. We use hot-dip galvanized. Urgent requests can be delivered in 10 to 15 days. Ltd 3/F. We are able to customize products for each of our customers to meet their diverse requirements. wireless with touchscreen interface OEM/ODM orders are welcome. So sit back and relax as you browse our vast selection. Fence-post anchor and caps. Our MOQ is one 20-foot container of goods. Technology Park. place repeat orders. as well as U-. get in touch with us today. This flexibility is why 95 percent of our customers. BWG and DIN standards. various colors available More new products .com Manifolds. T-. central E8 vacuum cleaner and ventilation systems. including mixed variations. All of our fence accessories meet ASWG. we have devoted ourselves to the R&D. For more information. Zhejiang 325600.globalsources. color-painted.co • www. electro-galvanized. and powder-sprayed surface treatments to coat our products.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 87 . Programmable thermostats.com/menred. without wondering if your needs will be met. Y. sales and marketing of unique energy-saving products. 10 partner factories give us up to 4.800 tons of pole anchors and caps. Menred Controls System (Yueqing) Co. Over the past 16 years. available in custom finishes and sizes E9 E7 E3 Attention: you can stop here for specialized HVAC products. production.Enjoyed by PrimeSource and American Wire Tie What kind of order do you need filled? Big? Small? Rushed? Mixed? We’ll prepare it for you.com www.

china-fulisi.globalsources. Zhongzhou Center South Port.co • www. Guangzhou Area Expansion Industrial Co.com Rms.globalsources. 18/F. to ensure uniform quality. steam rooms. Foshan. 1068 Xingang East Rd. We are a manufacturer of aluminum composite panels. For more information. China Tel: (86-757) 8641 1709 • Fax: (86-757) 8643 5018 E-mail: fulisi@china-fulisi. hydraulic presses and more. multifunction drills. 1801-1802. outdoor spas.co • www. Our 10 designers can complete samples for you in just two days. Block A. Guangzhou. Nanhai.Over 300 steam rooms. bathroom cabinets and more. massage bathtubs and more Shower enclosure and steam room Massage bathtub Up to 50 new designs released monthly Established in 2000..cn 88 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we now offer more than 300 models. Focusing on the R&D of interior decoration materials.Choose verified suppliers . we’ve quickly become a first-rate provider of shower enclosures. massage bathtubs.com . we release up to 50 new designs for curtain walls and ceilings each month. contact us today. Guangdong.com/m-c. This facility is equipped with intelligent frequency voltage power supplies. China Tel: (86-20) 8923 6700 ext. with two factories to handle your volume orders. metal mosaic tiles and stretch ceiling film. Ltd Dafengtian Industrial Park. 818 Mobile: (86) 135 3334 5476 E-mail: yrgrace@gmail.globalsources.cn Website: www.com www. In fact. Ltd Foshan Fulisi Sanitary Ware Co. Wuzhuang. millers.com/fulisi. Inquire now.000m2 – manned by 150 skilled workers. Guangdong. 803 • Fax: (86-20) 8923 6149 ext. This is largely thanks to our two factories – totaling 30. Luocun. Our minimum order requirement is five units.m-c.com • grace@m-c.

Our CNC sawing machine maximizes precision ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008 More new products .globalsources.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 89 .

Ltd 8 West Huanhe Rd. great for temperatures ranging from -40 to 70oC NewTechWood® is a leading brand of alternative composites for decking. Wutang Rd. Inquire today.Our sturdy supply chain gives you competitive prices 20.com/tjhaoyou.. Liyuan Street Market. Tianjin Haoyou Industry Trade Co.Choose verified suppliers . In fact.co 90 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. SMSDema mills. And from Austria.com Website: www. we supplied products for the 2010 Asian Games. Nigeria and South Korea.com Huirongxing Stainless Steel Products Ltd Rms. designed to bring you a better outdoor life. 1-4.com www.globalsources. Ltd Amidst the uncertainties on the global steel market in 2010. available in various sizes Since 1997. 2. Send your enquiries now. All of our exported items. China US sale office: New Group Asia Construction Ltd Tel: (1-281) 359 2288 E-mail: inquiry@newtechwood. Miebach welders and Herkules grinders perform the grunt work. Our products provide outstanding. Order today. which boast a monthly output of 2. Tianjin 300308.. elbows.globalsources. we managed robust sales of 20. We use UV stabilizers to protect them from degradation over time and also integrate anti-microbial additives to prevent them from growing mold and mildew. columns and more. Section A. Saudi Arabia. From Germany.6-15mm • Zinc content: 300-400g Wooden interior door in various sizes Jiaxing Shengding Imp. Bldg. Stainless steel pipes.000 tons of galvanized steel pipes sold in 2010 Galvanized steel pipes • Outer diameter: 10-219mm • Width: 0. Co. fittings. Ebner full-hydrogen batch annealing furnaces make our steel durable and workable. railing.500 tons of goods. & Exp. We can deliver pipes and pipe fittings in just 15 days. OEM and ODM services are available and samples can be finished quickly. wall cladding and benches. are made to meet specific quality demands. Guangdong 528000. yet stable performance at temperatures ranging from -40 to 70oC. Airport Industrial Park. we can create models according to your desired shapes and sizes. 12 Tuo.com/huidexing. Our lineup includes pipes. Production is handled at our two factories. Approved by clients in North America. Daling. Shunde. Guangdong 516321. Meixin Manufacturing Co. we’re sure you’ll approve too.co Wood-plastic composites with UV stabilizers Wood-plastic composites.000 tons of galvanized steel pipes. With R&D engineers who have up to 20 years of experience. Foshan. China Tel: (86-757) 8307 0870/0872 • Fax: (86-757) 8307 0871 E-mail: stainlesssteel97@gmail. thanks to our unwavering focus on quality. including various kinds of pipes. decorative covers. South Africa.globalsources. coils and roofs. Ltd New Group Asia Industrial Park.com . Huidong. we’ve been providing OEM/ODM services for a variety of stainless steel hardware items. China Tel: (86-22) 8490 5847 • Fax: (86-22) 8490 5351 E-mail: cissy@tjhaoyou.

Keeping production and testing in-house allows us to control the quality of our products. including profile cylinders.com www.com/huialock. handles and hinges.globalsources. deadbolt.8 million locks every year. Caobu.Solid SS304 lever handle with satin stainless steel finish Brass-finished Euro profile cylinder Mortise lock with brass latch.www.huialock. Guangdong 528421. Guzhen. We can also customize a sample in seven days. face plate and strike Complete zinc-alloy lock with handle • Brass cylinder • Stainless steel mortise lock • SS304 lever • Stainless steel handle Over the course of 20 years. Your material options include zinc alloy. China Tel: (86-760) 2234 9499/7722 • Fax: (86-760) 2235 6917 E-mail: hwlock@globalsources. cylindrical and lever locks. stainless steel and more.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 91 . as well as mortise. Hi-tech Development Industrial Area. 95 percent of our first-time buyers have come back for more of our hardware items. We offer up to 80 new items annually.co • www. This product development has earned us 48 patents in mainland China. Why do they continue to source from us? Quality and selection. brass.globalsources. contact us now. To find out more about how we are selling 1.com More new products . Zhongshan.

basins.Delivery in as fast as 12 days The 5. spouts. Up to 3.globalsources. We supply OEM/ODM services.000kN hydraulic presses we utilize in our factory make our doors sturdier while ensuring specified dimensions come out accurately.000 stainless steel. valves. Bytronic.com/xfxglass.globalsources. drain strainers. China Tel: (86-591) 8558 7006 Fax: (86-591) 8557 7999 E-mail: eddychen@xfxglass. China Tel: (86-571) 8577 5972 Fax: (86-571) 8577 5502 E-mail: maoyuanmetals@globalsources.com/maoyuanmetals. Ltd Xindian Industrial Zone. To learn about the four to five products we release monthly. contact us today.com 92 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Yuhuan.com • james@9huang. Fujian 350314.co Contact Person: Mr. Contact us today. contact us today. For 15 years. Qinggang. IGIS. Tamglass. decorative glass and low-emissivity coated glass We have: • Advanced production lines and machines from Glaston. measures 800-1. Ltd Fangdu.Choose verified suppliers . Zhejiang 321300. and customized samples are finished within 10 to 20 days.600mm x 5. Ltd Yuanhong Industrial Zone. Uniglass.com/jiuhuang. We develop 10 to 20 new doors every month to keep you updated.com/en Yuhuan Maoyuan Metal Products Co. furniture glass.000m2 per month • Sales coordinators with more than five years’ experience • Quality products with competitive prices and prompt delivery To find out more. This advanced equipment has helped us consistently produce quality doors and cuts our delivery time to 12 to 20 days. the US and other countries and regions.8m Producing 3 million square meters of ACPs annually We are: • One of the top deep-processed glass manufacturers in mainland China • A company consisting of six subsidiaries and 15 branches • A manufacturer of construction glass. Intermac. Bavelloni.com .xfxglass.globalsources. sewage pipes. Europe.com www.com www. Ltd Xinfuxing Glass Co.co • www. water faucets. Glass tabletop Sandblasted tempered glass Changzhou Shuangou Flooring Co. IPRO and more • Over 30 years' experience in glass processing techniques • Mass production capabilities of 250. India.com Website: www. Zhejiang Jiuhuang Industry & Trade Co.co • www.com • angelwubiz@gmail. Zhejiang 317606.globalsources. Jamie Sheng Mobile: (86) 189 5712 0912 Modern brass basin Aluminum composite panels. security and aluminum doors come out of our factory each day. They choose from our shower heads. Square brass shower head with square brass shower arm 15 years’ experience producing shower heads One-hundred percent of our products are exported to buyers like you in the Middle East.9huang. pipe fittings and related products. Yongkang. China Tel: (86-579) 8703 3598 Fax: (86-579) 8703 2700 E-mail: jiuhuang@globalsources. Bottero. we’ve been building this international reputation by offering our customers a range of products made with different materials. Fuqing.

various models available 3/F.co We keep everything in-house to ensure quality We ensure that everything leaving our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory is top quality by doing everything ourselves – the design. China Tel: (86-573) 8328 5032 Fax: (86-573) 8328 5822 E-mail: jxdr-sales@jxdirui.. precision-formed parts and welded parts. stainless steel and aluminum hardware products are used in the construction. Contact us today. development and molding. Our bending. Jiaxing.www. we welcome your ODM/OEM requests. 28 Zhonghua Rd. Our team of five designers creates 150 new items every year for you to choose from. Ronggui. Guangdong 528300. hardware and automotive industries.com Website: www.com Website: www.globalsources.com • fenghuawei@jxdirui. tapping and pressing machines create our bestsellers – metal stampings. Foshan.com/dirui. Nanhu. Daqiao. Alternatively. China E-mail: tnb@globalsources.. $5 million worth of products sold annually Customers buy up to $5 million worth of goods annually because they respect the quality of our molding and punching machines.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 93 . punched components. if you have a design for a specific door hinge in mind. Our copper. Shunde. Zinc-plated rolling door spring box Jiaxing Dirui Metal Products Factory West Shunfeng Rd.Window-mount ventilation fans.com/tnb. Zhejiang 314006.co Nickel-plated chair base Stainless steel side hinge with polished surface More new products .globalsources.

Inquire now. And our factory’s formaldehyde emissions meet E1 standards. OEM orders are welcome Zhongshan Kaixiang Accurate-Valve Co. thicknesses and dimensions.com • fiona@cnb-joint. go to our Global Sources Online showroom today. the Middle East. We utilize SpectraMax analyzers from Germany to ensure our items contain the right balance of metals.globalsources.1mm. measures 2.cnb-joint.. Delivery takes 15 to 20 days. Changzhou Most Trading Co.globalsources. Guangdong 528429.000m2 of flooring per month out of eco-friendly materials.com . They can be customized to have up to 80-centimeter diameters and weigh a maximum of 200 kilograms. To check out more of our products. our plywood complies with DIN.co • www. Covering a wide range of grades. Ltd 8 Xinliu Rd. Henglin. These are a few of the reasons why TCL.globalsources. China Tel: (86-760) 2322 9980 • Fax: (86-760) 2321 7862 E-mail: beyonce@cnb-joint. Ltd 2 Cuihengzhi Rd.mosttrading.co www. Jiangsu 213103.com/pzplywood.OEM services for grooved-end stainless steel pipe fittings and precision castings We specialize in OEM services for grooved-end stainless steel pipe fittings and precision castings. GB/T 1300-91 and JG/T 3026-1995 standards.com/cnb-joint. We can make 900. Balu.000 x 800 x 40mm. Carrier and Sumitomo partner with us. Europe and Southeast Asia. China Tel: (86-519) 8850 9168 Fax: (86-519) 8850 5688 E-mail: helen@dongjiacn.com www.com Mobile: (86)138 6112 2290 Pizhou Xincheng Wood Co. Wujin. consider the fact that we are one of the few manufacturers who offer FSC-certified products in mainland China.com www. standard size: 2.Choose verified suppliers .co Poplar face/back B2 grade plywood 94 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Jiangsu 221312. our items – which also include valves and other hardware parts – can be made with a tolerance of ±0. ISO 9001:2000 PVC interior door. Ltd Xiangbu. Depending on your specifications. One of the few mainland China-based producers of FSC-certified products When searching for a plywood supplier. Huangpu.globalsources. China Tel: (86-516) 8633 6640 Fax: (86-516) 8016 6989 pzxcwood@163.com www.com Steel security door. Inquire now.com/mosttrading. Zhongshan. Changzhou. Additionally. Pizhou.. our film-faced plywood is widely exported to North America.050 x 860/ 960 x 50/70/90mm Brown film-faced plywood Solid wood floor appearance at a laminated floor price Are you interested in sourcing solid wood floors but worry about the high prices? Then take a look at our laminated floors that look and feel just like solid wood – while still retaining the low price tag of laminated floors.

com/rongguan. Baini. all of our products undergo tests to ensure they're nontoxic. co www. We can make tiles as large as 3. A.rongguanco.globalsources.000m2 produced annually Why are our quartz tiles the perfect choice for countertops. 10 Middle Hong Kong Rd.globalsources. cabinet tops. Foshan. For your peace of mind. For more information about our tiles. China anthardware@globalsources.co 60. we provide an endless range of constantly updated wire netting. tubs. fence accessories and more. window sills. Every month. With a suite of advanced equipment such as CNC and water jet machines at our 200. we export over one hundred 20foot containers of fence products. Inquire now for a response within 24 hours. And we have a marketing knack for pricing our products just right..com Quartz tiles for a variety of applications More new products . fence posts.com master@rongguanco. Sanshui. Rm.650 millimeters. welded mesh. contact us today. Bldg. wire nails. Qingdao. EN and ASTM approvals are secured by imported testing equipment. China Tel: (86-757) 8266 7141/7142 • Fax: (86-757) 8266 7143 E-mail: rongguan@globalsources. 2001. but they also boast high hardness and density levels and retain their shapes. Buyers in the US and Western Europe largely contribute to our success. Baijin Rd.www.globalsources.com tandong@unitrendcn. we manufacture 60.250 by 1. alkali cracks and scratches. Since 1999.. Top Yihe International.com Website: www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 95 .com www. From your first inquiry to delivery.com/anthardware. Guangdong 528131. In return.A range without borders Feeling cooped in by the hundreds of fast-talking suppliers rapping at your door? Then choose one that truly delivers. with custom samples completed in seven days. doors and inner walls? They not only have high resistance to acid. Shandong 266071.000m2 of tiles annually. you’ll be met with informative service staff in a professional manner.000m2 factory. This production capacity ensures we can support your large-scale projects. our fence products and services have upheld our reputation for reliability.

com Contact Person: Michael Pan ISO 9001:2008 Foshan OVS Sanitary Ware Mfg Co. Ltd 198 Mayuan Rd. 1413.daulfin. Inquire today. We own several large factories.globalsources. we can supply a variety of over 10. and we believe you will too. as well as fill.. one produces shower cabins and massage bathtubs. Ltd Leping Industrial Park.com . Guangdong 528000.globalsources. Nanhai. Ltd Shunjing Rd. In total.cn-ovs.co • www.com www. 4 x 4” and 6 x 6” models available Acetic silicone sealant (Kali 4000) In our 76.com/woma. we are an exportoriented corporation. Plus. One factory is dedicated to the production of faucets and valves. Yongfeng Bldg. We introduce up to 20 new series of items annually. 200kg iron drums and 600mL plastic membranes. glass wash basins and mirrors. Home Depot and Lowe's value our services.com • dyang@daulfin. We accept mixed orders.co • www. one creates bathroom accessories. Source our WOMA-brand tubs today. 12.. within 30 days.000m2 factory. Zhejiang 315012. Inquire today. China Tel: (86-757) 8330 2887/97 • Fax: (86-757) 8330 2890 dolphintrading@globalsources. we offer models with dual drain systems. they come in different colors and packaging that can be printed in your required language. With a network of 300 suppliers. Songsha Industrial Park. Unlike many of our competitors.globalsources. we produce our raw materials.kater-silicones. Inquire today.globalsources.co • www. Ningbo. These handmade pieces are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Tongji West Rd. polyurethane and other types of sealants.Crackle glaze wall tiles.com • pqsh302@hotmail.com www. Foshan. print and package our goods at our ISO 9001:2000.Choose verified suppliers . Our range includes porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles.com Source with confidence from a 23-year supplier Established in 1988. Guangdong 528234. China Tel: (86-757) 8520 0225 • Fax: (86-757) 8034 5158 Mobile: (86) 158 0250 5488 E-mail: kater@kater-silicones.com/dolphin.com Kater Adhesives Industrial Co.com/zpl. China Tel: (86-757) 8738 8828 • Fax: (86-757) 8738 8308 E-mail: ovs@cn-ovs. Walk-in bathtubs As a five-year manufacturer of walk-in bathtubs. we can ship a 20-foot container in 20 days. Glass shower enclosure Chrome-plated bathtub faucet China Ningbo International Cooperation Co. and each of these factories focus on producing specific items. as well as glass and stone mosaics. 280 and 300mL tubes.com/kater. Foshan.and ISO 14001:1996-certified facilities.com ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 96 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-574) 8711 6796 Fax: (86-574) 8714 9171 E-mail: panqingshan@gmail. Ltd Rm.co • www.com www. and one manufactures bathroom cabinets. Songgang. All of our products comply with REACH regulations.. reinforced safety rails and door seals backed by lifetime warranties. Foshan Dolphin Trading Co. our 400-member team works hard to customize architectural and hardware products according to your specifications. And they are available in 80. Guangdong 528137. 17-inch ergonomic contoured seats.globalsources. acrylic. Foshan. Our in-house production makes it easy for you to source a range of silicone.com www.bathroom-line. These features make our walk-in tubs stand out from the competition. Sanshui.000 kinds of sanitary ware.

JIS 3446. pipe caps and flanges. More than 200 models await your perusal. Tianjin Shitong Iron & Steel Co.www. 701. We’re one of the few manufacturers to source our testing equipment from overseas.000 tons of pipes and fittings. and lengths ranging from 3 to 14mm.com More new products .co • www. China Tel: (86-10) 6770 7877 • Fax: (86-10) 6770 6877 E-mail: tianjinshitongironandsteel@hotmail. Chaoyang. Ltd Rm.com Contact Person: Mr.globalsources. Our seamless steel.23 production lines for your aluminum extrusion needs Up to 20 tons ready in 2 weeks Aluminum extrusions Sihui Guoyao Aluminum Co. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 Air ventilator Fence Casing pipes. Fu • Mobile: (86) 158 1110 0777 MSN: pancui0125@163. Monthly. We can also produce standard elbows. Contact us today. stainless and carbon steel. we make up to 100. ISG 3463.shitonggangtie. Unit 3. available with outer diameters of 6 to 530mm How do we maintain quality? By investing more in testing equipment than our competitors do. welded. 223. spiral and casing pipes. Bldg. and DIN 17456 and 17458.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 97 . Baiziwan Dongli. including ASTM A312.globalsources. we’re able to make sure our products meet many standards. a wall thickness range of 8 to 30mm. 3448 and 3459.com www. A269 and A270. Our steel pipes have outer diameters of 6 to 530mm.com/ststeel. With testers from Germany. Beijing 100022. are available in alloy. API has certified our items as well. as well as pipe fittings.

com .98 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources.

VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 99 .globalsources.

EIR laminate flooring Our ISO 9001:2000. Working with a renowned German designer. Kohler and Home Depot are among our regular partners that take advantage of our efficient OEM and ODM services. Dongguan.com ultra-thin horizontal and T-type model www. Sec.Patented trap seals keep the stench out With 30 years of R&D. Guangdong 523000.com/rongdeng.com/grandltt.net • zhongxin@globalsources. 623 Wenxin Rd. Ltd Mingying Industrial Zone.co Lamxon Technology Building Materials Co. In addition to our pressing and attaching production lines. 188 Machang Rd. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2241 1778 Fax: (886-4) 2242 1488 E-mail: grand.co • www. precision aluminum components are used in transportation.com/sunming. And to ensure stable product quality.com www. including this E-mail: omb@sanming-cj.globalsources. For a fresh supply. Ltd Waterless wall urinal. Five patents have been awarded for these urinals’ appearance.com www. surface coated with a nano-antimicrobial glaze Yanyuan Jingguan Villa. call today. these bowls are built to block smells and bacterial growth. 4. design and utility. machining and finishing. Daluosha. we also use a fully automated floor board production line from Germany. China Tel: (86-769) 8838 8858 • Fax: (86-769) 8838 8602 E-mail: fredma@lamxon.com . Sheraton® hotels in Japan. stamping. construction and even demanding military applications.. Designs tailored to your market can be ready for production in 28 days. This equipment helps us produce up to 10 million square meters of laminate flooring annually. Daojiao.ltt@msa. as well as schools and military sites use our products. Changzhou.com We produce mirrors preferred by Kohler Bathroom vanity companies love our illuminated mirrors because we’ve succeeded where many mainland China manufacturers have failed: we've added an automatic light sensor system. Hexi.net www. we produce items that carry MIL-A-8625F and other military certifications. 70.globalsources. The reliability of our products is guaranteed by the 3-D measuring instruments and 25 CNC machines we use during production. Our services include extrusion. to let us start working on your design requests. In fact. Our Taiwan-made. All of our products meet EN 13329:2000 and CE standards.sunming-jj.globalsources.com/lamxon.lamxon. Inquire now.. Jiangsu 213000. China Tel: (86-519) 8850 1642 Fax: (86-519) 8850 8055 E-mail: webmaster@zhongxin. Tianjin 300074.hinet. Bathroom mirror Grand Latitude Industries Co. Made of ceramic and glazed with a nanoantimicrobial coating.com Mirror cabinet 100 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. And unlike the oil-based trap seals found in most waterless urinals.co www. Henglin. In addition. casting.globalsources. we update our collection with 70 new mirrors every month. To start with a small order. contact us now. our patented trap seals are made of stainless steel and silica gel. we’ve developed a unique model of waterless urinals. Taichung City 40654. forging. on top of 500 shelf-ready models in our showroom. Call us today. we perform strict inspections from the initial selection of raw materials throughout all stages of production and packaging.co Sanming Industrial Science & Technology (Tianjin) Co.. we offer full QA on any faulty products.and ISO 14001:2004-certified. China Tel: (86-22) 2352 5200 Fax: (86-22) 2352 5500 Floor drains are available too.Choose verified suppliers .000m2 factory houses a range of advanced machinery. Ltd No.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 101 .com/dlktsw. wall-mount hooks and more. For more information. Ltd Rms. Foshan. Liaoning 116033. We also utilize advanced machines such as CNC lathes.dlktsw. Dalian.globalsources.com All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. soap dishes. we have both the experience and resources to fill any OEM order. shears.sano-cn.www.co www. Unit 2. toilet paper holders.globalsources. B1. benders. Wall-mount hooks • 304 stainless steel • Satin surface finish More new products . They are the property of their respective owners.globalsources. Bathroom basket • 304 stainless steel • Satin or polished surface finish available • Various models to choose from Wall-mount toilet paper holder • 304 stainless steel • Polished surface finish Foshan Shunde Shuquan Cast Copper Hardware Fty Zhuangtou Industry Zone. Our 6. Chencun. China Tel: (86-757) 2381 1191/1192 • Fax: (86-757) 2381 1190 E-mail: sano@vip. contact us today.com www. 8652 7928 Fax: (86-411) 8652 2843 E-mail: ych@dlktsw. toilet brush holders. For your peace of mind. 601 & 602. we source ASME-certified stainless steel and operate according to an ISO 9001:2000-certified management system. grinders.800m2 factory is equipped with two assembly lines operated by 150 highly experienced workers. Guangdong 528000. 70 West Zhonghua Rd. Ganjingzi.com www.Wire mesh woven 20 different ways Customizable wire mesh with galvanized finish Dalian Kangtai Wire Mesh Co.com/shunquan. Some of the items we offer include bathroom baskets. glass platforms.com Customizable mesh wire with galvanized or PVC finishes Customizable wire mesh containers Having specialized in copper goods since 1979 and stainless steel products since 2004. China Tel: (86-411) 8650 7805. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. towel rings.co www. cutters and buffers. Shunde..163.

weatherproof boxes. there is no need to source from multiple companies. We manufacture IMC/RSC/GI conduits and elbows. OEM samples and full orders only require 15 days.com/luho.yoyachina. compression connectors. contact us today. A. Dongguan. Hangzhou. Electrical metallic tubing.globalsources. We also produce malleable boxes. Besides polishing and sanding. China Tel: (86-769) 8559 6328 • Fax: (86-769) 8592 8196 steven@dongcheng-stone. China Tel: (86-25) 5230 0068 Fax: (86-25) 5230 2069 E-mail: sinotrans@globalsources. 1601. Jiangsu 210001.com/sinotrans.000 units.com • yoya@globalsources. Guangdong 523705.com/yoya.000m2 facilities boast 100 CNC machines from Italy and Germany • Strict QC regimen – 47 inspectors oversee every step of the manufacturing process We have already completed over 200 architectural projects – let us work on yours by inquiring today. 40 percent plastic and 10 percent gluewater. China Tel: (86-769) 8750 3213 Fax: (86-769) 8750 4498 E-mail: luho@globalsources. Ltd Puyang Industrial Zone. Our monthly output is 30. including handles. Inquire today. To learn how easy sourcing from us can be. switch boxes. flexible connectors. available in 1/2 to 4” Meter socket Hangzhou Yoya Electrical Co. We apply everything we've learned in our 28 years of providing OEM services to expedite your hardware orders.com Website: www.luhoindustry. Their corrosion-resistant and fireproof features help keep them preserved for up to 30 years. Ltd Rm. Nanjing. Nanwu. couplings. liquid-tight connectors.. meter sockets. Contact us today.co • www.globalsources. Co. New Century Plaza.com www. Watski and Ground Effects in sourcing from us.com www. 288 East Zhongshan Rd.com Dongguan Yicheng Stone Products Co. Dongguan. Fenggang.globalsources.com .com MSN: yoyachina@hotmail. Xiaoshan.com. Join Roca. lock nuts.com www. and we welcome orders for as few as 50 pieces. Guangdong 523960. As a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise.globalsources. steel boxes. our decking boards are the eco-friendly and long-lasting choice of buyers in Europe and North America.tw A comprehensive manufacturer with over 300 products Granite tiles With more than 300 products for you to choose from.Choose verified suppliers . wire connectors and conduit bodies. we also perform electrolysis for our stainless steel items and plating for our iron products to guarantee they are rust-resistant for at least one year.globalsources. Our selection boasts over 300 customizable models. Ltd Free True Marble Ltd Free True Industrial Estate. Houjie.co PIN-DA Hardware Fty Xiaobu Industry Zone. Our monthly capacity of 3 million units is sure to meet your needs. & Exp. entrance caps. we are adept at handling international transactions. Guanjingtou. hinges and other parts. Sinotrans Jiangsu Imp. Zhejiang 311225. How have we lasted in the tile business for two decades? • Product variety – over 200 types of marble and granite tiles are available • Skilled R&D team – we have 25 experienced engineers who provide full OEM/ODM support • Steady access to raw materials – we have our own mines both in mainland China and abroad • Advanced equipment – our 200.com/freetrue. Bldg.co • www.com • bill2580@hotmail. cables and more.co • dongcheng-stone. and other electrical metallic tubing. China Tel: (86-571) 8241 1111 Fax: (86-571) 8240 3628 E-mail: sales@yoyachina.com Lighting housing 102 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Stainless steel door handle with satin finish Eco-friendly decking boards Eco-friendly decking boards with lifespans of up to 30 years Stainless steel hinge with polished or electroplated finish Composed of 50 percent wooden meal.

Ltd Rm. 15-19.. 2 Light-steel structure warehouse/workshop Container house Weifang Henglida Steel Structure Co.www. we once made 30. Shandong 266000.com/lidagroup.com • sales@lidajituan. ready for your OEM requests SONCAP ISO 9001:2008 16 years of making prefabricated houses and light-steel structures Exporting to 40 countries and regions Prefabricated labor camp Established in 1995. Oct. 2011 Website: www.000m2 of prefabricated houses monthly for post-Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction. and delivery takes one to two weeks. And we manufactured 100. Be sure to visit our booth at the 109th Canton Fair. 1102. Our daily capacity is 5. We’ll reply to your inquiries within eight hours. China Tel: (86-532) 8896 6982 • Fax: (86-532) 8896 5571 Fair lidagroup@globalsources.PVC interior glass door Wooden interior door.000m2. Inquire today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 103 . 2 Zhonghui Bldg. Xianxialing Rd.com 110th CantonChina Guangzhou.globalsources.globalsources.000m of factory space • 3 production lines for our prefabricated house series • 2 production lines for our light-steel structure house series • 1 production line for our light-steel villa series • 3 production lines for our container house series • 722 workers We currently export to 40 countries and regions.[pending] www.. and this is how we maintain it: • 73.lidajituan.com More new products .000m2 of prefabricated houses in 20 days for a major buyer in Saudi Arabia. Qingdao.co Booth No.

co For clients that are conscious of price and quality levels. and lever and plate shapes. Doxi Business Center.com Website: www. China Tel: (86-563) 206 2096 Fax: (86-563) 261 0558 E-mail: chris. Inquire now. Lunjiao. Find what you’re looking for in our 15 series – consisting of over 1.longwinco.com/longwinsale. you'll be reassured to know that we handle all surface processing and galvanization in-house. Ltd Lieqiao Industrial Zone. North District Industrial Park.globalsources. China Tel: (86-579) 8725 6168. Daqiuzhuang Jinghai. OEM orders welcome Tianjin Furen Steel Tube Co.000 locksets monthly.com/tianjinfuren.yijiete. Inquire now..com 104 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.and ISO 14001:2004-certified 50.com All surface processing and galvanization done in-house Galvanized steel pipes. If you don’t find the perfect item. 331.co www. Longwin Industrial Co.com www. Every year. Yongkang Egate Electronics Technology Co.. China Tel: (86-757) 2362 7522 • Fax: (86-757) 2699 8052 E-mail: apple@longwinco.000m2 factory has a monthly capacity of 600 tons.Choose verified suppliers .com/fumeida. Guangdong 528308.co www. Xuancheng Fumeida New Material Co. outer diameter range: 1/2"-8" Burglar-proof locksets. Anhui 242000.com .com Glass and stone mosaic tiles Add more color to your product line by sourcing from our extensive range of mosaic tiles. And we have seven assembly lines turning out up to 200.000 models of tiles for bathrooms. China Tel: (86-22) 6858 0558 • Fax: (86-22) 6858 9128 E-mail: trade@tjfrg. available in various patterns and sizes When the 2010 Asian Games went looking to source high-quality CE. Plus.com/yijiete.globalsources. This is because we have developed our own special treatment that reliably prevents deformation and mildew on wood. We have five experienced molders ready for your OEM orders.co • www. 3/F.globalsources. we launch between 10 and 20 new items to add to our broad selection.com Website: www. Ltd 1 Zhufeng Rd. our R&D team will create a customized sample for you in as few as five days. metal and other materials. Our locksets are easy to install. Yongkang. 8718 7918 Fax: (86-579) 8729 4766 E-mail: yijiete128@gmail. ceramic.com Website: www. swimming pools and fireplaces.globalsources. Foshan.com • egate@globalsources. Ltd 6 Dongshan Rd. A 20-foot container can be ready for delivery in 15 days. Ltd Intertek SGS ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001: 2004 Rm.WPC decking board. Orders starting at 200m2 are accepted. Tianjin 301606. our goods come with a 15-year guarantee.and RoHS-approved WPC decking boards. Zhejiang 321300. Inquire now. Our wholly owned ISO 9001:2008. We offer varieties in glass.forestar-wpc.globalsources. and are available in various colors. Xuancheng. and has a high impact resistance. they chose us as their supplier.zhu@forestar-wpc.

208 • Fax: (86-10) 5957 4107 E-mail: steelpipejob@gmail. A technical team is ready to assist you with installation wherever you are in the world. warehouse or even construction projects.950mm by 2. New Zealand.com www. 1312. thickness: 1. Singapore and Afghanistan.5 million tons makes us China’s largest steel pipe manufacturer. 21 Guangqu Rd. Over 4. Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes. We have eight series to cover this entire range.224mm in width. We provide electrical and plumbing products too.com • xingli@yfgg. This includes the time our 200 inspectors utilize to check each chemical and mechanical property of our materials. we can get deliveries to you in just one week.310mm by 2.and API 5CT-certified. An annual capacity of 4. Beijing 100022. More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 105 . China Tel: (86-10) 5957 4117 ext.globalsources.740mm. our sales representatives sharpen their marketing strategies by attending about 10 international trade shows. With power like this driving our business. No matter the size of your project. and our straight steel pipes are API 5L. length: 4.globalsources.Supplying more than anyone in China with up 4. whether you need them for an office. Chaoyang. Our spiral steel pipes are API 5L-certified.co • www. and we can deliver to you as well in 15 to 30 days. Act fast and call us today.www. we’ll get the job done on time.5 million tons annually Orders delivered in one week When it comes to production. Our products are exported to Australia..yfgg.500 employees keep our 60 production lines rolling to maintain a full stock of steel materials. Every year. Ltd Rm. Contact us today. ceiling. And each modular of the container house featured here measures 5.2-12mm Youfa Group Siano (Beijing) Steel Co. pipes and tubes at all times.877-14m. A team of 10 designers and 40 R&D specialists can create any of these products according to your requirements. Fortune Center. Russia. as well as flooring.com/youfasiano. dining hall. Each modular unit of the featured single-storey house measures 1.com Spiral steel pipes Modular designs for easy installation Our modular designs are created to make assembling and disassembling easy. and interior and exterior designs. our capabilities are colossal. Tower B. dormitory.

aging and pollution..globalsources. Ming Chuan East Rd.co www. In two decades. Our product range includes faucets. we can customize models for you in just 10 days. China Tel: (86-757) 8557 6771 Fax: (86-757) 8557 2295 E-mail: info@huimeigao-alu. Bldg. Leliu. various colors and fire-resistant models available Sliding door roller (JL-38-10DF) Suspended sliding door roller (JL747) We confidently provide 20-year warranties To ensure durability.. washbasins. concealed hinges and tie holders. aluminum and steel. we produce bathroom products using automated CNC and welding machinery.com • junaobao@globalsources.co • www. Lane 123. Our monthly output is 5. 6. No. These facilities boast extruding lines from Japan and powder spraying machines from Switzerland. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 8792 0219 Fax: (886-2) 8792 4968 E-mail: stvnkuo@kallestech.co Jiangsu Kingertai Decoration Material Co.sina.com Factory: Western Daiwang Rd. Unlike our rivals. precision-coating and continuous lamination lines allow us to turn out up to 4 million square meters of aluminum composite panels yearly. Jiangsu 225403.com www. 17B. Hui Meigao Aluminium Foshan Co. Foshan. We have been making furniture accessories. China Tel: (86-757) 2556 7612. we source Kynar 500® base resin from licensed suppliers.alucoworld. To join our international clientele.tw Alucoworld-brand aluminum composite panels. Along with 10 in-house inspectors. sheets. This engineering-grade thermoplastic helps our products retain their color and gloss by protecting them against weathering.. offer superior resistance to wear and tear and have life spans of up to 100. Gong Yan Fu 3F. Our chroming. Inquire now. Nanhai.com.163. contact us today. Taixing. In addition to developing 20 new items yearly. Sec.Decorative aluminum profiles We’re not your typical trading company. allowing us to offer a variety of surface treatments – including polishing. SGS confirms the quality of our monthly output of 3 million hinges and 1 million door rollers. To join the hundreds of clients from the EU who trust our furniture accessories. Place an order for as few as 500m2 of panels. Ltd 2nd Industrial Estate. This precise technology allows us to maintain defect rates below 2 percent — far lower than competitors’. Dali. China ISO 9001:2000 106 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. Guangdong 528322. since 1990.com . we have perfected our manufacturing process to ensure that our rollers and hinges are ultra-quiet. Nei Hu Dist. China Tel: (86-21) 5505 2638 Fax: (86-21) 5505 0328 E-mail: alucoworld@vip.globalsources. Chengdong Industrial Park Zone. mirrors and hardware brackets. Inquire today. Ltd Rm. including stainless steel 304. Shanghai 200122. including sliding door rollers.com.com www. Lane 1999. 2366 7743 • Fax: (86-757) 2555 7612 E-mail: shjlnina@vip. we confidently offer 20-year warranties on our goods. Ltd 21 Longsheng North Rd. 3. Due to these benefits. we have two partner factories to help meet your aluminum profile needs. 17.kallestech. contact us today. Alley 34.com/alucoworld.000 switches.tw www. Xiebian. Guangdong 528231..globalsources.com • www.shenghao-jl. brass. our R&D team can complete your OEM projects using an array of high-quality materials. foils and coils. anodizing and wet painting. and we’ll ship it out in 10 days.com Contact person: Mr. Foshan Shunde Junaobao Hardware Co..com/kallestech. Foshan. Based in Taiwan. And with an in-house engineering team and a molding workshop.com/junaobao.000 tons of aluminum strips. Huangxing Rd. Shunde.Choose verified suppliers . Taipei.

molding.. Guangdong. 7.kkphardware. Block B. including bearing. Duruan. pressing.com Website: www.com • Website: www. We achieve this by using AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel. Tsing Yi. 14-20 Cheung Tat Rd. Pengjiang.T. cutting. milling.co • www.K. Our monthly capacity is 25. iron and plastic from Japan and Europe. bending and metal-polishing machines to handle all manufacturing processes in-house.com/kkp..KS-238-CE Solid lever handle with screwtop rosette KS-138-PL218 Solid lever handle with spring design for long plates Solid cast lever handles with screw-top resettes of your choice Source from us for door handles that are more rust-resistant than standard models. Ltd Toilet More new products . Vigor Industrial Building.com KKP Hardware Product Fty Ltd Longbang Industrial District. as well as alloy. spring and upspring models. Inquire today for more details.kkprosperity. N. K. China Tel: (86-750) 365 6236/6183/6238 • Fax: (86-750) 823 8595 E-mail: anita@kkphardware.globalsources.com Water-conserving toilets Saving 1. Our mainland China plant is equipped with punching.000 sets. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2431 6982/8921 • Fax: (852) 2432 0626 E-mail: kkp@globalsources.globalsources. Duruan North 3rd Rd. We also manufacture stainless steel investment-cast door handles for classic locks and hollow section stainless steel door handles.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 107 . and we welcome your OEM orders. Our products can be customized with the screw-top rosettes of your choice.www.5L of water with each flush Jiadebao Ceramics Industrial Co. aluminum. Prosperity Mfg Ltd Rm. 12/F..

CONTACT SUPPLIERS 108 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .com .globalsources.

English assistance is available.com • service@elpurchase. Our windows bear CE marks. up to 50. Ltd Aluminum sliding windows More new products . Our company deals in a variety of products from different industries. aluminum composite panels. And 5.elpurchase.000m2 of windows and doors.. hundreds of factories throughout mainland China help us to fill orders for international clients like you.com White melamine door .globalsources. We offer over 30 different items. paper converting machines. meet the standards of the US and EU. Guangdong 528000. Inquire today.com/fsel. With over eight years’ experience. Foshan. bathroom products.co • www. Africa and the Middle East. Our export markets are Europe. Glass mosaic tiles 8mm-thick glass and stone mosaic tiles Foshan Everlasting Enterprise Co. 18 Jihuawu Rd. We can have one 40-foot HQ container of melamine molded doors ready within one week. Ltd 31/F. Tilt-and-turn window Beijing Tianyi Curtainwall Engineering Co. Our sales and R&D specialists work together in line with the 6S management model. various designs available Over 20 years of specializing in aluminum windows and doors Over 20 years of experience make us the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 109 . as well as curtain walls. Walmart and B&Q rely on us to deliver their orders fast. Our patented aluminum hidden-frame windows are a particular hit among emerging middle-class customers. Each month. ceramic tiles.Over 30 different products to choose from We have been in the export business for nearly four decades. Ikea. thanks to CNC production lines from Europe. and 100. packaging machines and food processors. including doors.000m2 of curtain walls are shipped from our workshops to medium-range and high-end markets.500 door skins are shipped in only two to three days. Jinghua Building. bamboo flooring.www. Contact us today and we will reply within 48 hours. In addition to our own facilities. China Tel: (86-757) 8303 3395/3397 • Fax: (86-757) 8303 3397 E-mail: fsel@globalsources.com www. the Americas. Our Gloe-brand aluminum windows and doors. Asia. our R&D team is devoted to developing new heat-insulation features. stainless steel sinks.globalsources.

For more details. Contact us today to discuss your needs.com . Henan Wein Industry Co.co • www.hslms. Brass mixer tap Anhui Red Forest New Material Technology Co.com Foshan Nanhai Weikai Sanitary Ware Co. We make up to 5. A. call us now.globalsources. All of our units are CE.000 tons of WPC products every year. Bldg.com www.globalsources. All internal parts of our tubs come with two-year warranties.globalsources. Beisha Industrial District. Inner Ring Rd. Foshan.and RoHS-marked. and boast overheating and low water-level protection. Lishui. our hot tub components will not freeze.. Guangdong 528244.com/dignity-china.com ISO 14001:2004 www. Our WPC flooring materials are just the thing.com www. Shencun. Henan 450046. we’ve been manufacturing high-quality hot tubs for the past 16 years. Ltd Rm.co • www. Gangji.hawein. Nanhai. Anhui 231137. Shaluo Rd.globalsources. while the shells and structures are protected for three years.com/hawein. China Tel: (86-371) 6580 7516 • Fax: (86-371) 6580 7519 E-mail: huangwei@hawein. In cold environments. Jincheng Oriental International..CE-marked luxury hot tub • Massage jets and bubble function • Available with a waterproof 19” pop-up TV.5m SS double lock hose 110 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Zhengzhou. Zhengdong New District.com/redforest. These intelligent items are guaranteed to not leak.co • www. China ISO 9001:2008 Tel/Fax: (86-551) 677 9991 E-mail: redforest.com • sngg@sngspa.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd JAC Auto Parts Industrial Park. 1403. speakers and fountains Ductile iron pipe fitting. OEM orders are welcome and we can get you custom samples in just 10 days. Hefei.sngspa. China Tel: (86-757) 8560 9163 • Fax: (86-757) 8560 9162 sandg@globalsources. Changfeng. processed with lostfoam and resin-bonded sand casting As an ISO 9001:2008-certified supplier.com Brass mixer with 1.com Custom samples in just 10 days Kitchen faucet Offer your customers eco-friendly products that look like real wood but last longer. 1.wpc@gmail. Ltd West Bldg.

www.A Britain-based company that designs and manufactures window and door hardware Product range: • uPVC window and door hardware • Multipoint door locks • Storefront hardware • Panic exit hardware Avocet Hardware (Taiwan) Ltd LTMQ-A202 Wooden door LT-876 Exterior door LT-076-F Interior security door ISO 9001:2000 CE LT-901 Security door More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 111 .globalsources.

Puliwendong Garden.com • jenny@cbmindustry.com www.globalsources. Orders ship with CE and GB/T19001-2000 certifications. And. Baiyun. International Building. Instead of contacting hundreds of suppliers in mainland China to source tiles. Ltd 8 Huangshi East Rd.co Developing energy-saving products is our top priority.umdoublewin. Using the information we’ve gathered.Choose verified suppliers . 210 Wusi Rd. Shandong 250000.com • www.co www. sanitary ware and other hardware products. Hongkong Double Win Electronic Technology Co. Plus.com/hkdoublewin. with four to 16 years of trading experience.. Our monthly capacity is 50.globalsources. Chaozhou.com www.com . thanks to our close relationships with these factories. China Tel: (86-591) 8753 2978/2967 Fax: (86-591) 8750 4864 betsy@cbmindustry.Showerhead • Water-powered LED lights that change color according to the water temperature • Water-powered MP3 player Three factories let us get a lot of work done.com/czjiahao. Tell us what products you need. Inquire today. The steel sheets that form our highway guard rails are made in-house. Guangdong 510425. inquire today. Our expertise is a major reason why Kohler. Get your minimum order for 25 tons delivered in 10 to 15 days. all of which come with five-year warranties.globalsources.com www. We also offer cabinets. This product boasts LED lights.cbm-industry. China Tel: (86-20) 8618 1162 • Fax: (86-20) 8629 4680 E-mail: hkdoublewin@vip.com • jiahao@globalsources. Sign up today. which weigh 550 grams per square meter. Ltd Huxia Industrial Zone.com/shandongtongya. we attend trade shows around the world. powered by the water flow.com • www.000 basins.cbmindustry. Fengxi. are ready to take your orders. Lixia. For more information regarding our products and services. 1602. we can negotiate lower prices and shorter delivery times than you may be able to independently. The difference in consistency is clear in our uniquely blended ISO 1461:2009-compliant coatings. it features a water-powered MP3 player – so your customers can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while taking a shower.com www. East Culture Rd. Guangzhou. China shandongtongya@hotmail.co 112 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we add three new models monthly to our collection of over 300 items.jiahao-porcelain. make one call – to us. LED light boxes and LED solar lights. We hot-dip galvanize them on equipment developed in-house too. which uses 30 percent less energy compared to standard models and cuts our expenditures by up to 10 percent..com Bathroom sink Every ceramic bathroom sink we make is a result of our 19 years of craftsmanship. Our 30 salespeople. that change color and illuminate the water according to the temperature.163.globalsources. Jinan. Fujian 350001. and we’ll find them quickly through our network of manufacturers. Rm. as well as SANS and AS/NZS approvals. Guangdong 521031. Inquire today. To keep an eye on international trends. The showerhead shown here is just one example of this endeavor.com www. Ceramic tiles Faucet Chaozhou Jiahao Porcelain Sanitary Ware Industrial Co.co Unit 10C. We also offer LED faucet lights. American Standard and other major sanitary ware suppliers source from us. China Tel: (86-768) 299 3588/3382 Fax: (86-768) 299 3054 Mobile: (86) 139 2472 4688 E-mail: sfy@jiahao-porcelain. Fuzhou.com/fjcbm.globalsources..

Daliang.com www. we can fulfill your orders in rapid time.com/chenmingindustry. we've implemented an ISO 9001:2000-certified management program to ensure you receive this high quality in every order. our clients value the quality of our hardware. the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Rongbian Tianhe Industrial Zone. Shunde. we inspect every single unit that comes off our lines. and who can develop a custom solution for you in 15 days. This experience is reflected in the efforts of our designers.com More new products .. With an output of 550.globalsources. Asia and the Middle East.Valued by over 100 clients worldwide Our stainless steel glass curtain wall hardware is an integral part of Beijing's International Finance Center. Guangdong 528303.cm-yuhua. Guangdong 528300. Ltd 5 Siheng Rd.www. who add two new items to our catalog monthly. Australia. 35˚C-43˚C <35˚C Chenming Industry Co. Fengxiang Industrial Park. Singapore.globalsources. Spider fitting for glass fin structures 8 Chengfeng Rd.000 pieces per day. Shunde. Plus.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 113 . Shenzhen's Bao'an International Airport and over 100 other locations across Europe. Secondly. China 13 years of experience designing shower heads 43˚C-50˚C LED shower head (YH-TCD109) Over the past thirteen years. we have been developing and manufacturing shower heads for clients in North America. To eliminate defects. We were mainland China's first producer of metal Routels for different clamps and fixing bolts glass thicknesses for glass curtain walls. Contact us today to learn more. Foshan. Foshan. Contact us today for more information.co www. the Americas. China E-mail: sales@cm-yuhua. We have our own R&D team and molding workshop for your ODM and OEM requests.

globalsources. doors.com . Baiyun.com/gzguanglv.globalsources. they’re nontoxic.gzga. We employ a lean manufacturing-focused 7S management system. Zhejiang 321200. Jiangsu 225006. Japan and Germany to manufacture our extrusions and industrial aluminum profiles. PVC and composite doors.co • www.com/kkddoors. Plus.. our 40 engineers – each with over 10 years’ experience – can finish a sample for you within 20 days.5 million doors every year We have four of our own ISO 14001:2004certified factories with another two on the way.com • adam_gzga@yahoo. 11. With a 20-year life span. China Tel: (86-20) 8616 1838 • Fax: (86-20) 8616 1890 gzguanglv@globalsources.com.globalsources. Eight series of doors are available for your selection.com. our more than 1.000 items we produce monthly? We utilize the most advanced equipment imported from Israel. Laser-carved painted steel security door KingKind Industry & Trade Co.000 employees are able to manufacture over 1. Combine them together into buildings with ladders. and ready for habitation. To join our clients in Europe. and each door comes with a one-year warranty. Plus. With a total of 200. inquire today.cn www.cn www. China Tel: (86-514) 8729 2979 Fax: (86-514) 8729 2748 E-mail: hope@herogroup.5 million doors each year. We only use highquality parts that can withstand rust for over 10 years. including security.kkddoors.ERW steel pipes sourced by Semnan Soda Ash of Iran ERW steel pipes • Grades: X42-X70 • Outer diameters: 140-406mm Up to 1. the US. Guangdong Galuminium Group Ltd 55 Qingyun Rd. Yangzhou.com.com with special painting Our insulated container houses have a 20-year life span Aluminum extrusions Container houses How do we ensure the preciseness of the more than 5. Ltd 90 Kaifa Rd.000m2 of space. and other countries and regions.globalsources. China Tel: (86-579) 8908 3068 Fax: (86-579) 8908 3090 sales@kingkinddoors. Baihuashan Industrial Zone.co 114 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Jianggao.. Guangling Industrial Park. Inquire now. Insulated for heat retention. Southeast Asia. Ltd No. steel. they can be taken apart for easy transportation.cn Yangzhou Hengxing E&E Co. pipes and more – we’ll send a team of engineers to help with assembly on-site.com/hxee. our stackable container houses are more than just temporary solutions.com SONCAP ISO 9001:2000 www. Guangzhou. And if you have OEM/ODM requests.co ISO 14001:2004 Seamless interior doors www. Wuyi.com kkddoors@globalsources. eco-friendly. we employ 100 QC specialists to ensure the quality designs you expect. Inquire now. Guangdong 510450.Choose verified suppliers .

com www.globalsources. and you will witness the difference in how quickly we will get things done for you. greatly reducing lead times. China Tel: (86-574) 2626 7777 Fax: (86-574) 2626 7726 E-mail: sales@nbhongshan. we ensure cost-effectiveness and quick completion of your orders.co • www. Ltd 168 Donghui Rd. Fortune Factory Building. multiple compartments and instant foaming are just some of the features being offered. We achieve an annual turnover of up to $100 million. Aluminum composite panels.com • redfir@nbhongshan. 40 Lee Chung St. Ningbo. Ningbo Redfir Hi-tech Board Industry Co.. Most production processes are carried out in-house.globalsources. To learn more about us. Chai Wan. Area B. We can produce different surface designs in only a matter of hours.com Aluminum composite panels with marble covers Aluminum coil Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the household products industry. Supported by 14 years of experience. Zhenhai Economic Developing Zone. ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities.www. as well as color-coated aluminum coil machines for compound production and for colored aluminum panels are all manufactured within our 25. contact us today. A4. Each item is developed with the consumer’s ease of use in mind.wing-fai.nbhongshan.globalsources. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2896 6826 Fax: (852) 2889 7489 E-mail: general@wing-fai. our Darren brand of products has won recognition in over 30 countries and regions. Our Shenzhen factory is equipped with 18 injection-molding machines with capacities from four to 64 ounces to suit a wide range of product requirements. Take a look at our range of soap dispensers and you’ll see what we mean. Wing Fai Metal & Plastic Mfy Ltd Rm. And. 21/F. Delivery is within 30 days.com www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 115 . And we are able to whip out customized samples in only 10 days.Decorative design surfaces made in-house Speed matters.000m2. This is because our decorative design surfaces are all created in-house. Compare us with other aluminum composite panel suppliers. Contact ourHong Kong office to learn more about our products or to discuss your OEM projects with us.. Zhejiang 315221. with our wholly-owned molding factory and spraying/printing lines.com More new products . our R&D staff develops a new product series every three months. Built-in infrared sensors.com/wingmeta.com/redfir.co www.

com We’ve created flush valves that flush 2. We have over 15 years of experience producing these items based on designs from Europe– products that are stylish and elegant. Besides these items. we offer over 80 drain valves.com Website: www. If you need an OEM/ODM sample. Shanghai Totallink Scaffold & Formwork Tec Co. Ltd Flush valves • 2. whirlpools. China Tel: (86-757) 8531 7448 • Fax: (86-757) 8539 5912 E-mail: export@sengpar. Orders are completed in 15 to 20 days. and our R&D engineers finish custom samples in about one week.000-ton monthly capacity. up to 0.globalsources. Chao’an. They are 100 percent recyclable and reusable. Ltd Chengbei Industrial Zone. These valves carry mainland China patents.000m2 factory has more than 10 production lines. so our products are 10 to 12 decibels quieter than other models. Guangdong 528051.3L/s • 7-13" models available for different water tanks • Various screw threads Fuqian Rd.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources.com . Our R&D staff will handle your projects at our 20. computerized steam rooms and bathroom accessories. And our QC department makes certain that the raw materials we use meet ASTM standards.Aluminum shoring system with load capacity of 80kN per leg Up to 1.anboly. and won't warp or corrode. Ltd Chao'an Xinli Plastic Co.com/anboly.com E-mail: anboly@globalsources. Chancheng.. Our Sengpar-brand collection includes over 350 bathroom vanity cabinets.co ISO 9001:2008 RoHS INTERTEK Faster. quieter flush valves that save 20% more water Registered in Germany.5 liters per second faster than competitors’ models. Huizhou. durable. Contact us today to learn more.com/sengpar. we provide environmentally friendly WPC boards. bathtubs. Rongzhou. Nanzhuang. Xiamen Anboly Plastic Co. For more information. Chaozhou. we can provide you with one in 30 days or less. Inquire now.globalsources. 100% recyclable and UV-resistant As professional WPC decking manufacturers.com/hohecotech. China Tel: (86-559) 358 2638 Fax: (86-559) 358 1884 E-mail: hhz5782@gmail. China Tel: (86-768) 699 0788 • Fax: (86-768) 699 0488 MSN: anboly2010@hotmail. This translates into water savings of up to 20 percent. They are also water-resistant.com Website: www.co • www. Bathroom vanity (SP-HD005) Dongxing Industrial Area. yet highly functional. contact us today.000t monthly of 100% recyclable WPC boards Eco-friendly WPC DIY tiles. Guangdong 521000.sengpar. our company produces bathroom vanity cabinets and sanitary ware that are sure to appeal to your customers. Ltd Huangshan Huasu New Material Science & Technology Co.globalsources. Foshan. Guxiang. Huangshan. 10.com 116 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. inlet valves and control buttons for water tanks. Our ISO 9001:2008. including equipment from Germany for a 1. toilets. We’ve also integrated spiral groove technology into our designs. OEM/ODM orders are also welcome.and ISO 14001:2004-certified. Anhui 245900.com www.co • www.000m2 factory. shower enclosures.3 liters per second.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 117 . with special connector for easy installation on any faucet 1/2” filter connector.www. adjustable height.Our 50 QC specialists test every shower set before shipping Stainless steel shower assembly.globalsources. multi-angle spray DIY shower assembly. Ltd 18 x 18” PVC floor tiles and imitation wood PVC floor planks More new products . stops water flow from detached pipes without requiring main valve shut-off Floor your customers with our expertly crafted vinyl and PVC tiles Imitation wood PVC vinyl flooring Zhangjiagang Elegant Plastics Co.

Choose verified suppliers .globalsources.com .118 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 119 .

and German-speaking sales staff today.co Randy Sanitary Ware Co. Inquire today. Datun Development Zone. Inspectors with over 10 years’ experience use equipment from Japan and Germany to make sure all raw materials pass GB. 7.com Website: www. and deliver one 20-foot container in just 20 days. Our catalog boasts 500-plus items. In fact. this level of care helps us reduce outsourcing time and costs.. New models of hand dryers are also on their way. Ltd Liguang Industrial Zone. call our English. Tianjin Qunshengda Steel Pipe Co.. ours run on magnetic-generated power instead of batteries for increased life spans.com . To start benefiting from our rapid deliveries.unitechlightNing.handdryer. we’re ready for your volume orders. Shanghai 200025.. We’re experts when it comes to lightning protection and earthing systems. for example. 37-39 Hung To Rd. Guanlan. Our in-depth knowledge comes from manufacturing earth rods and clamps for 33 years.globalsources.cn Unitech Electric Group Ltd Rm. Tianjin 301606. ASTM or DIN certification tests. Our shower heads are sure to appeal to your customers because unlike other products on the market. LED shower heads and faucet We know that getting your products to market quickly is important to you. Guangdong 518110.com/waiter.com/szrandy. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 8200 0973 • Fax: (852) 8200 0976 E-mail: patrick@unitechlightNing. Ltd East Chenda Rd. China Tel: (86-755) 2900 6403. In our 66. only draws 60W of power during summertime operation. Bao’an.000 hours.szrandy.com www.com. Kwun Tong. We can process products according to your requests.com/qunshengda.000 units.co • www. That's why we've streamlined our processes to make sure your order for 1. Shenzhen.com 120 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. each production line has a complete set of equipment to accomplish at least five production steps.000 earth rods. 9/F.Choose verified suppliers .com www. Halo (Shanghai) Building Materials Inc. Daqiuzhuang. It’s no wonder that our products are exported to six continents. and our products are available for OEM/ODM. Our R&D team also developed a deep knowledge of product design. Kowloon. The hand dryer shown here. Jinghai. Hung Tai Industrial Building. 5/F. Ruijin Garden. China Tel: (86-22) 6858 1498 • Fax: (86-22) 6858 1491 E-mail: creditbruce@gmail.cn www. China Tel: (86-21) 6385 1077/1277 Fax: (86-21) 5101 0317 waiter@handdryer.com • szrandy@163.globalsources.000 shower heads is finished in as fast as seven days. we’re one of few suppliers in our field with in-house earth rod manufacturing capabilities and who complies with UL 467 and BS EN 50164 regulations.com U-bolt clamp (UC307) Square tape clamp (SC253) Earth rod (B201) 20 years’ experience developing and manufacturing hand dryers Over the past 20 years.Orders processed in-house for competitive prices and faster delivery Shower heads delivered in 7 days Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes for construction and water projects Source steel pipes made with a precision that can only be handled in-house. And it has an operating lifetime of approximately 20. And with a monthly capacity of 200. Join our global distribution network in over 25 countries by contacting us today.co • www. Contact us today. we have earned the support of our clients by focusing on product quality. 378 Xujiahui Rd. our monthly production capacity is 200.com/unitechelec.com.globalsources.globalsources.700m2 production facilities. CE certifications are available too. 2797 4183 • Fax: (86-755) 2797 4015 E-mail: szrandy@globalsources. Combined with our in-house molding ability. Suite 503.co www.globalsources.

. and a production lead time of 14 to 21 days.globalsources.Fixtures and fittings delivered in as fast as 14 days With us. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2426 8268 Fax: (852) 2481 6668 E-mail: tshingnt@netvigator. letter boxes. Australia.co Suitcase latches Iron corners More new products . Kwai Chung. Inquire today. the UK. Germany.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 121 .. 172-180 Tai Lin Pai Rd. you can find a complete line of construction fixtures and fittings in thousands of specifications. we have 28 stamping machines and two hydraulic press machines installed at our Dongguan factory. number plates. shelf supports. latches. our quality products have satisfied customers in the US. We introduce 10 new items every year.www. locks. Block 3.com/tsmetal. Golden Dragon Industrial Centre.com Website: www.globalsources. For 25 years. To ensure speedy production. Butterfly dish Tin Shing Metal Mfy Flat H. slide bolts. 20/F. pegboard hooks and hinges. N. These give us a monthly capacity of 1 million units.T. including door bells.

No.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .shaanxislate. 8732 1923 • Fax: (86-29) 8732 2887 E-mail: shaanxislate@globalsources.co www. Qingnian No.com .globalsources.com Website: www.X-grade pipes and pipe fittings from a 35-year manufacturer Burst-tested X70 hot-bend pipe fitting Slate roof tiles.com/shaanxislate. Xi'an.com Electrical cable and power cable Computer-controlled shower enclosure with ventilation fan and speaker Shower enclosure with computer control and towel rack Electrical wires 122 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Shaanxi 710003. Shaanxi Huanyu Stone Company Ltd Rm. conform to BS EN 12326-1:2004 and ASTM C406 standards X60 tee Hebei Province Yanshan County Electricity Pipe-Fittings Co. China Tel: (86-29) 8732 2633. 2153.2 Qilin Building. 2 Xiang.

zinc die casting. to which we add five new models each month. Foshan Zhongwang Metal Goods Co. Our engineers can create a custom product for you in just 15 days. Foshan.www. Inquire today. and we can deliver within 30 days. Our catalog features an array of door handles. the Middle East.com • bab@babcn. window latches. South America and Asia.globalsources.com Aluminum door locks. locks. rollers and transmission rods.globalsources. Our minimum order requirement is 20. we have the capability to keep you fully stocked. China Tel: (86-757) 2555 8137.co • www.000 units. Key processes such as molding. punching and finishing take place in-house to ensure that we have control of your project from start to finish.babcn. door stops.RoHS ISO 9001:2000 600 million hardware items made monthly With a monthly output of 600. we know the design preferences and building requirements of various markets.com/zhongwang. various surface treatments available Window lock with key Door roller Handle lock with key More new products . Learn more about why buyers from four continents source from us.000 units. Guangdong 528322. And with 18 years of experience providing OEM and ODM services to clients in Europe.com Website: www. Shunde.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 123 . Ltd 62 Changpin Rd. 2366 1926 • Fax: (86-757) 2552 0133 E-mail: zhongwang@globalsources. Leliu. hinges..

000m2 of fireproof B-grade ACPs monthly. we work closely with our trusted suppliers and partners.com 124 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. With a 60.000 door and window products Fireproof aluminum composite panels in various colors If you have several building projects lined up. We now operate a 200.decorativeboards.000 workers and 68 managers.com/kamol. Guangdong 515646. lockers. toilet partitions and more. Give us a call today. which houses six advanced kilns from Germany and employs a staff of over 1. Daliang. Longwu Industrial Area. China Tel: (86-755) 2982 2199 • Fax: (86-755) 2811 5670 E-mail: sales@risewell.globalsources.globalsources. Foshan. Ltd Anli Industrial Area. Ltd Foshan Shunde Kamol Decorative Materials Co.Over 3.com www.000m2 factory. we offer versatile compact laminates that can be used on virtually any flat surface such as furniture interiors. China Tel: (86-757) 2230 2889 • Fax: (86-757) 2230 2217 E-mail: kamol@globalsources.co • www. Ningbo Lianyongxin Construction Hardware Co. China Tel: (86-768) 533 2266 • Fax: (86-768) 533 2277 E-mail: sue@farns-ceramics.000 workers Not only are we one of the largest OEM suppliers of ceramic sanitary ware in Chao'an. Inquire today. Chaozhou Farns Ceramics Industrial Co.com/risewell. Fengtang.000m2 factory has over 1. And our 10-day lead times mean we’ll get orders to you in half the time it normally takes our competitors. Get in touch with us directly or contact one of our distributors near you.cn www. With four automated production lines at our 10.risewell. Guangdong. Shangtang.Choose verified suppliers . Toilet partition system Thanks to our experienced and innovative R&D team.com • www. Guangdong 528300. Thanks to them and our facilities.globalsources. we can turn out 900.com • kamol8899@163.com .co Shenzhen Risewell Industry Co. we achieve a daily capacity of 10.co www.000 units. Sixteen sales representatives are standing by to make sure your orders go smoothly. Shunde. To ensure quality and prompt delivery. Longhua. Ltd Bldg. 4. Our minimum order requirement is just 500m2. we export more than twenty 20-foot containers of laminates and laminate systems every month to buyers in 38 countries.globalsources.kamol-alu. we were also one of the first companies established in this area in 2000.000m2 production and research Compact grade laminates base.000m2 factory. Ltd Shutu Development Zone. Chaozhou.com/farns. you need a panel supplier who can meet your requirements.com www. Shenzhen. We offer panels in a variety of colors and designs to match any residential or commercial interior and exterior decorations. Guangdong 518109.cn • www.farns-ceramics. Chao’an.com Our 200.

com/yabo-hardware.co www. and other related fittings and accessories. and other countries and regions. Russia and more We travel to a host of trade shows worldwide every year thanks to the international interest of our upper management. door and cabinet handles. We mainly produce furniture.yabo-hardware. We’ve gathered a reputable list of clientele – such as a wellknown hardware company from Europe – by going the distance and offering a wide range of products and materials. Jinao. Europe. including a 15-member QC team. including: • Stainless steel • Aluminum • Iron • Granite • Ceramic • Zinc alloy • Marble Our 220 employees. Longwan.com www. Ltd 105 Qinfen Rd.globalsources.. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 SONCAP More new products . To get started with this seven-year supplier. Yaoxi.com Interior door with 45mm thickness July 2011 Hardware & DIY 125 . China Tel: (86-577) 8891 0250 Fax: (86-577) 8891 0821 E-mail: sales@yabo-hardware.www. Customers can choose from a range of materials. Wenzhou Yabo Hardware Co.globalsources. Our products have been showcased in the US. Wenzhou. Zhejiang 325000. Russia. give us a call today. are ready to roll out your next order.com 10 new designs monthly to enrich your selection Zhejiang Justime Industrial Development Co. Germany. the Middle East.Attending annual trade shows in the US.

lugs and electrical fittings – are available for you to choose from. spindles. DIN and NEMA regulations. China Tel: (86-591) 8780 1020/1900 • Fax: (86-591) 8780 7600 colmate@globalsources. These facilities are manned by 2. Huayuan East Rd..000 products – including high-voltage insulators. We also have 15 R&D staff members to work on your custom projects. glazed and matte wall. Corrosion-resistant outward-opening window Porcelain tiles With 13 years of R&D and production experience. Ltd 103 Gaoping Ave. All of these items are produced according to IEC.chinademe. Our masterpieces include German-style glass doors and windows with solid-wood frames. and built to last at least 15 years.globalsources. These bathroom cabinets are antibacterial.com www. China Tel: (86-760) 2362 3198 • Fax: (86-760) 2362 3108 Contact person: Ms.and mildew-resistant.co www.. Unlike traditional wood or fiberboard cabinets. Our wood is from Russia. so they can be readily distributed in major markets.globalsources. BS. we can create samples based on your OEM/ODM specifications in as fast as seven days. German-style glass door with a wooden frame J. Equipment from Italy makes sure we meet your quality demands. 199 Hudong Rd. ours are made using steel on the outside. Foshan. you know our items are unique. we now own three factories for porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturing. We call our newest bathroom cabinets “fridge-style” because we make them using the same materials used in refrigerators in order to prevent warping.Fridge-style bathroom cabinet. patented in mainland China High-voltage insulators Our selection of hardware items won’t leave you wanting.Choose verified suppliers . Custom packaging is available.000 workers turning out 200 kinds of vitreous.com • william@colmate. Contact us today. they are made without the use of formaldehyde.com/colmate. Ltd 28/F. and six QC technicians on each production line to enforce your quality requirements. some of whom have 30-plus years of experience. Foshan Development Building. International Development Ltd Rm.com/deme. and windows with aluminum cladding. And since we own 13 national patents for our designs. made with 90% imported materials With 12 years of experience. Fujian 350003.com www. Fuzhou Colmate Electric Co. as well as humidity. plastic on the inside and PU foam in the middle.com . and our hardware and paint are from Germany. in order to protect the health of our workers and buyers. as well as Italian-style wood and aluminum composite glass windows. Zhongshan. 30/F. K. With R&D engineers. Contact us now to get a 20-foot container delivered within seven days. To add variety to your product lineup. We also specialize in producing overhead lines. floor and mosaic tiles.. Daisy Liang Mobile: (86) 131 7860 8513 E-mail: beijing@chinademe.C.and window-making into an art. Foreign Trade Plaza.cn Zhongshan Deme Bathroom Accessory Co.globalsources. cracking and swelling. More than 10. We import 90 percent of our materials. Fuzhou. China 126 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com Glass doors with wooden frames. Guangdong 528445. We can ship a 20-foot container in just 15 days. Inquire now.colmate. cross arms. Plus.co • www. clamps. we’ve turned door. Guangdong 528000. inquire today. Shanjiao.

Ltd 6/F. Shenzhen. contact our representatives today. Inquire now.globalsources. For more information. That’s because they value both the quality of our products.000 handles.com • sales@orbitatech.co E3031 Stainless steel hotel card-access door lock • LED screen • Meets ANSI standards Hotel minibar Hotel room safe Contactless hotel door lock (E3061Z) More new products .We use spectrum analyzers from Germany to ensure quality Stainless steel door handle We believe that a product is only as good as the parts that it's made of. In fact. as well as the sourcing convenience we provide. all of our items are UL-.gloryhardware.com Lock mechanism Door hinge Glass door hinge For more than seven years. A3. Manufacturing is carried out using CNC and die-casting machines from Italy. Guangdong.www.000m2 ISO 9001:2008certified factory. Before these parts are used for production. we check them on spectrum analyzers from Germany. Buji. We have over 100 models to choose from. Jiangmen.com www. If you need customizations. we subject our door hardware to corrosion-resistance and air impermeability tests. China Tel: (86-750) 316 8288 Fax: (86-750) 387 6638 E-mail: jmglory@globalsources.com/szorbitatech. That's why we source our components from Japan and Taiwan. we’ve exported to over 80 countries worldwide. we make 200.com/jmglory. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed. CE.000m2 facility.com Website: www.000 door locks. leading hotel corporations such as the Sheraton and Kempinski have come to us for keyless entry locks. 50.co • www. Ltd 42 Shuanglong Ave.com • info@gloryhardware. Guangdong 529000. And as an added guarantee. Orbita Technology Co. We release 30 new models each month to keep up with market trends.globalsources. Xiufeng Industrial Zone.000 hinges and 1 million other hardware units monthly.000 units. Bldg. and meet SONCAP and SASO standards. our 15 R&D technicians are ready to work with you. China Tel: (86-755) 8336 9158/8958 • Fax: (86-755) 8361 7778 szorbitatech@globalsources.and FCC-marked.globalsources. which also houses an electroplating factory. At our 80. Accordingly. 500. Glory Building Materials Co. Join buyers from 70-plus countries in sourcing from us. and production takes place at our 10..com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 127 . Our monthly capacity is 100.

Jiangsu 215164. and related parts to buyers across Latin America.com Website: www.globalsources. the Middle East and Southeast Asia.Choose verified suppliers . Shandong 262000. Sales agents are standing by in Germany. Samples can be completed in three days. Foshan.fushiwood..co • www.com Yuyao Hengxing Pipe Co. China Tel: (86-536) 567 8898 • Fax: (86-536) 567 1769 E-mail: fushi@globalsources. Zhejiang 315458. different sizes available 8% of workforce dedicated to QC When it comes to QC. Inquire now. Suzhou.co • www. Yuyao.com/yyhengxing. Established in 1996. Weifang.hrtech. mining and aviation industries.com Honri Airclean Technology (Suzhou) Co. Nanhai. Handheld airborne-particle counter with LCD Foshan Nanhai Sonlam Hardware Fty 35 Xiabai Industrial Blvd. Guangdong 528226. These giants come to us because our senior engineers use their 30 years' experience when managing OEM orders. we have sold a range of galvanized conduits.Designated supplier to Unilever and 3M for 8 years 7 years’ experience in stair and handrail fitting production Airflow capture hood with automatic display of wind direction Cleanroom For the past eight years. petrochemical.co 128 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.cn www.com • hengxingelectrical@gmail. China Tel: (86-574) 6249 0968 Fax: (86-574) 6249 0954 E-mail: hxzl@zjhengxing. we've handled projects for Unilever and 3M. construction. flexible tubes and fittings. Ltd Shouguang. We're ready to do the same for your project too.. Ltd Liquid-tight connectors and conduits Tongjiashan. Our products have been used in the electrical. India and Israel to offer more personalized services for customers in those locations.cn MDF sourced by leading suppliers in the Middle East EMT/IMC conduits and fittings Plain MDF with 730 to 760kg/m3 density.globalsources.globalsources. Moushan.com . Xukou. China Mobile: (86) 150 5915 1962 E-mail: sonlamfrench@hotmail.com www.com/hrtech. China Tel: (86-512) 6687 7225 Fax: (86-512) 6841 6875 E-mail: sales@hrtech. That's why we assign 8 percent of our complete workforce to inspecting every stage of production in our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. Wuzhong. Contact us today. Ltd 409 Xinfeng Rd. Luocun.com/fushiwood. or you can choose items from one of the 30 series we currently have available. we take matters seriously. South Korea. Shouguang Fushi Wood Co.globalsources.

To help you find just the unit you’re looking for. our Hong Kong managers recently imported 30 multi-spindle automatic bar machines from the US. molding. Zhongshan. China Tel: (86-757) 2555 3174 Fax: (86-757) 2556 5174 E-mail: shun-long@shun-long. send us your inquiries now.shun-long. Our customized Baird spectrometer helps us develop the right alloy for your application in your market.com Website: www. rollers.globalsources.com/shunlong. Lianfeng.000 units.000 handles.com/ecfit. Foshan.co www. Leliu. die-casting. Xiaolan.com shunlong@globalsources. Choose from our selection or let our design team. hinges. operators. We'll also ensure each unit is made costeffectively by carrying out all design. To learn more. backed by a senior technician with over 21 years' experience.co As demand for your doors and windows increases. thanks to our monthly capacity of 600. Contact us today. we'll make sure you have the amount of fittings you need. China Tel: (86-760) 2224 6120/3420 Fax: (86-760) 2224 7096 E-mail: ecfit@globalsources. Learn more about our supplier capabilities.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 129 . Zhongshan Genius Copper & Aluminium Products Co. latches and other accessories. Ltd Lefeng Rd. create a new model that meets your exact specifications. locks. We'll reply within 12 hours. To reinforce our commitment to quality. we offer a catalog filled with nearly 1.com www.globalsources. including JIT delivery. High recoverability standards are maintained under a TQM system. Guangdong 528322.globalsources. Jiangcun Industry Zone. Guangdong 528415.www.. electroplating. cold-punching.Using US-made multi-spindle automatic bar machines We have over 40 years of experience in the brass fittings industry.com mshmetal@iohk.com More new products . assembly and QC in-house. This addition to our equipment lineup has also increased our annual capacity to more than 100 million units. Shunde.

Unit F1.com www. Whether installing flooring in a new project or refurbishing an aged structure. and we’ll bestow upon your market the multitude of advantages you’d expect from a 26-year flooring supplier. 1. coils and strips are sitting in our storage rooms. and we’ll tailor your flooring to include scratchresistant. 2662 5816. the Middle East.globalsources. government building.com. manufacture and install – as a 16-year expert in industrial and commercial steel buildings. waterproof.com 130 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Africa and more.000 tons in storage for immediate shipping At any given time. China Tel: (86-22) 2662 5616. So choose us – a 15-year supplier – for fast.com Steel structure building. But we accept orders for just 500 kilograms too. saving time and money on third-party logistics labor.com . Inquire today. end-users will find the products in our range have their needs covered – with the appropriate functionality to match.sqfloor. Beichen. Chubao Steel Market.globalsources. 5826 8656. SGS and Bureau Veritas inspections are welcome. bridge and railway projects worldwide.com www.com/stainlesssteel. Just ask.830 x 3. available in 1. We offer laminate.660mm Stainless steel sheets 7. and more. the EU.000 tons of stainless steel sheets.com • www. Embossed Call us today to get started. fireproof and antiseptic properties. Changzhou. over 7.co • www. warehouse. Ltd 268 Sancheng Rd. made with welded H-type steel New WPC flooring.MDF. plates.830 x 3.steelstructurechina.. Tianjin 300400. as well as antistatic access panels for computer rooms. And we transport goods from factory to port with our own trucks. Contact us today.. laminate flooring Henglin Cuiqiao.north-steel.Choose verified suppliers . Our steel structures and prefabricated houses have been used for industrial plant.com/qdxgz.co • www. Ltd 2/F. hardwood and engineered flooring. South Donghaun 5th Rd.globalsources.660mm MDF made for buyers in the Middle East CARB-certified plywood Tianjin North-pipe Trade Co. 5826 8657 Fax: (86-22) 2663 1216 E-mail: beishunguancai2008@yahoo. China Tel: (86-519) 8850 1571 Fax: (86-519) 8850 5118 E-mail: coya_export@hotmail. And having served buyers in the US.co Supporting a wide variety of infrastructure worldwide for 16 years Design.660mm and 610 x 3. China Tel: (86-532) 8099 2666 • Fax: (86-532) 8095 2326 E-mail: qdxgz@globalsources. flexible sourcing. waterproof Glide into our graces. we’ve mastered these steps to support any project. Pingdu. one of northern China’s largest shipping hubs.cn www. E0 grade. Shandong 266705. We’re a short drive to Tianjin Port.globalsources. Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co. our English-fluent 21 QC inspectors and 23 R&D specialists are ready to process your order too. Australia.com/czshuangqi. Jiangsu 213000.

extruding. Huahao Aluminium Products Co. China Tel: (86-757) 8366 6352 • Fax: (86-757) 8557 9292 E-mail: huahao-alu@globalsources. powder coating. anodizing. China Tel: (86-592) 568 5666 • Fax: (86-592) 376 1616 E-mail: xmnoya@noya.com master@huahao-alu.cn Website: www.co • www. Dali.co www.noya. Xinghu Building.www. heat insulation and other production lines. proving our commitment to offering quality merchandise.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 131 . Fujian 361006.. As one of mainland China’s major suppliers.000 tons of aluminum alloy profiles annually. you can count on us to meet your aluminum profile needs.huahao-alu. Xiamen. 2L. This manufacturing power is thanks to an 80.com/noya.globalsources. electroplating.com/huahao-alu. Ltd Aluminum profiles in different finishes and shapes Guihe Rd.com Website: www. We are ISO 9001:2000-certified.. Nanhai.globalsources. Guangdong 528231. Ltd Rm.globalsources. we produce more than 60. Foshan.com Over 10 years’ experience in WPC panels Xiamen Noya Manufacturing & Trading Co. Inquire today. 46 Huili Rd.000m2 factory equipped with state-of-the-art casting.Production power to support large-scale projects For big architectural or industrial projects.cn More new products .

Choose verified suppliers . China Tel: (86-577) 8522 9399 Fax: (86-577) 8523 0331 E-mail: sales@hjfaucet. You can start with an order for 50 units. flexible hoses. Wenzhou. Contact us now.co • www. Haicheng Industrial Area.com/siheung. A non-profit organization.com www. brass valves. Watts and Pegler. China Tel: (86-755) 2911 2270 • Fax: (86-755) 2911 2294 E-mail: sales@gcgplumbing. Our delivery time is as fast as 25 days. some of whom have 15 years of experience.globalsources. we are a professional manufacturer who specializes in producing and exporting bathroom. bathtubs.com Your gateway to reliable suppliers in South Korea Looking for reliable suppliers of hardware products from South Korea? Let us introduce you to the 60 companies in our association.com www. All production processes are completed at our four factories. Guangdong 518102. Siheung. Ltd Golden Continent Group Ltd No. we aim to increase the competitiveness of small and mediumsized enterprises in our area by providing comprehensive support in various trades.000m2. South Korea. we’re confident we can take on any project you might have. Jeongwang-dong.globalsources. Our granite used in a project Shanghai Lujiazui Stone and Material Co.co 132 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. kitchen. Europe. 311. we have no problem customizing products to your OEM/ODM specifications.plumbing-center.com . Canada. Our selection includes faucets.Granite in golden rose and red rose colors Class-A solid-rock granite from our wholly owned mine Having developed sanitary ware for American Standard. shower and basin faucets. We produce up to 1. Japan. Contact us in English or Spanish today.hjfaucet. All of our members have been strictly evaluated and required to provide full company information. TOUCH (TC-SC) Keyless entry lock Established in 1999.000 faucets a day and can deliver them in 15 to 20 days. fittings and bathroom accessories. Ansheng Building.globalsources.globalsources. This capacity and delivery speed have led to our success in over 50 countries and regions such as the US.co www. And with five R&D specialists. Zhejiang 325000. including their financial records and national or international certifications and awards. covering a total area of 10. OEM/ODM orders are welcome.com Siheung City Company CEO Association 1366-13.com/haijun. Gyeonggi-do 429-450. South Korea E-mail: shceo88@naver.com/gcgplumbing. Bao’an. 199 East Guangxin Rd. the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Longwan. Inquire now. Xixiang.. Shenzhen. You can count on our members to offer you items that are up to international standards. Block 62.com Website: www.

000 sets of fittings monthly. fittings and other bathroom hardware from us.com.com. China Tel: (86-592) 596 9565/9575 Fax: (86-592) 575 0069 E-mail: laurence@vib. and you will be assured of products that meet the strict plumbing requirements of the US and Canada. coupled with our eight years of experience.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 133 .cn • vib@globalsources. the Canadian Standards Association's CSA B125 and the Universal Plumbing Codes. Ltd Caitang Industrial Zone. available in various designs Soyale Hardware Co. Huli.cn Plastic cistern More new products . Ltd Bathroom fixture with suction cups 8 years of manufacturing toilet tank fittings Source your toilet tank repair kits. And as an added value for you.globalsources. we offer five-year warranties. our six-member R&D team. All finished products are inspected piece by piece to ensure quality.com www. Fujian 361009. Dual flush toilet conversion kits Xiamen VIB Industry & Trade Co. Our catalog is updated with one new item every three months. These include the American Society of Sanitary Engineers' ASSE 10021986. We can manufacture up to 300.vib. Inquire today. led by our general manager with over a decade of experience. Plus. Xiamen. This.18 years of producing and exporting bathroom accessories Towel rack.com/vib.globalsources. guarantees that you'll have no trouble bringing our merchandise to your market.co • www.www. can customize items for you in 45 days.

com www. V-groove laminate flooring Tiles pressed. We welcome any special requests you may have. Jiangxi 330800. Europe. Jiangxi Newpearl Building Material Co.000m2.jx@gmail.com/jinchuanceiling.com Changzhou Daikho Decorative Materials Co. Bajing. which cover an area Laminate flooring. all of which are tested for quality according to national standards. we use some of the most advanced equipment available.. OEM measuring 40. Call us today to learn more. including the China and Denmark pavilions. Baoshan. This includes a SACMI 7200T pressing machine from Italy. In fact. Production takes place in our two factories.globalsources.co • www. a rotocolor embossing machine and a ceramic digital printing machine. Our delivery time is as fast as 10 days.Select from 10 new designs monthly Instead of being burdened by preventable design errors. China E-mail: newpearl. decorative wall panels and decorative architectural motifs.200m2 factory with a monthly production capacity of twenty 40-foot containers. Hong Kong SAR Tel: (852) 3590 2656 • Fax: (852) 3590 2657 E-mail: Edmond@risecheer. Gucun Industrial Park. and our monthly capacity is 400 containers of flooring. Over 10 pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai. China Tel: (86-21) 3385 6186 Fax: (86-21) 3385 6189 E-mail: jcceiling@gmail. were outfitted with our ceiling or wall grids – let us join your next construction project as well.co Ceiling grids 134 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Rise Cheer Development Ltd Rm. Our team also releases up to six new items every month to keep your options fresh.com www. Shanghai 201900. Ltd Cuiqiao Industry Area.com/risecheer. Egypt and Kenya. Ltd Newpearl Building. We currently export products to the US.. That’s because they know that they can avoid such catastrophes by keeping updated with the 10 new designs of flooring we release every month. Hi-Tech Industrial Centre. 3. Ltd 233 Futiao Rd.globalsources. Jiangsu 213100. We’ve quickly risen to a position of prominence in our field since establishment in 1995. India. Contact us today. To join our satisfied customers in Australia. grain and EIR surfaces. Changzhou. Canada.co Featured in over 10 pavilions at Expo 2010 Shanghai T-type ceiling grids.globalsources. And our flooring is licensed by Unilin. We manufacture PU moldings.globalsources. we've spent over $300 million in equipping our three factories with computerized production and testing equipment. and we offer OEM/ODM services. Call us now. Block A. Yichun.com Shanghai Jinchuan Industry Co.risecheer.com www. we can turn out 100 million square meters of tiles annually. and we’ll reply to your inquiries within 24 hours.300 unique molding designs to choose from. 3/F. Henglin. hand-scraped. We complete orders are welcome deliveries on time. 5-21 Pak Tin Par St. Ceramics Industrial Base. OEM/ODM services are readily available.com/daikho. As a result.Choose verified suppliers . embossed and polished using advanced equipment 10mm-thick glazed and polished porcelain tile 800 x 800mm glazed and polished porcelain tile To achieve the results you expect from your ceramic or porcelain tile orders. and samples can be completed in just two weeks.com . available in various specifications and types Thanks to the work of our six engineers – who average 10 years of industry experience . contact us today. including those with laminated. We own a 6. We produce up to 6 million square meters worth of ceiling grids annually in our wholly owned factory. buyers turn to us.we offer clients over 1. China Tel: (86-519) 6999 0349 Fax: (86-519) 6999 0328 E-mail: roger@daikhofloor. Tsuen Wan. North America and the Middle East.

globalsources.com Website: www. We've been serving markets throughout the Middle East. light-steel villas. Our eight production lines produce up to 5. which include modular houses. Nanhai.. Qingdao.500 tons of wrought-iron pieces monthly.5. Ltd Rm. Shandong 266071. Inquire now to let us serve you. Plus. we assign specialized engineers for on-site installations. Foshan.luyiforge. including: • Finished products such as gates and fences • Leaves and flowers • Stamped spears. To maintain a high level of precision. China Tel: (86-757) 8270 6933 • Fax: (86-757) 8270 0609 Mobile: (86) 139 0280 8995 Contact person: Siwen Chen E-mail: exportmanager@yaodaprefab. Australia and other regions. Africa.yaodaprefab.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 135 . And we’ve amassed a mélange of 5.000m2 daily. our 15 R&D specialists create durable structures that withstand magnitude seven earthquakes and typhoon wind speeds of up to 140km/h. mostly for export to Western Europe and North America. We maximize efficiency by implementing an ERP management system.000 antique-style wrought-iron items From a 14-year manufacturer Wrought-iron gate Invoke a sense of medieval antiquity with your selection. we’ve been developing an ageless variety of wrought-iron items. We forge up to 1. Middle Hong Kong Rd. rosettes. For 14 years. Guangdong 528216. studs and steel balls • Gate accessories such as hinges • Forged pickets and wheels • Flower panels and balusters • Cast steel and iron decorations • Scrolls. Asia. Twelve patents in mainland China protect our innovative product designs.com www. Times Square. and samples in one week.com/yaoda. For delivery in 30 days.com/luyiforge.globalsources. It's no wonder the UN has sourced our structures.000 models.www. China Tel: (86-532) 8668 2200 • Fax: (86-532) 8668 2210 E-mail: info@luyiforge.co www. rings • Steel bars Our molding and R&D specialists create 50 new offerings each month.globalsources.com ISO 9001:2000 A prefabricated structure supplier to the UN Our products are protected by 12 patents Source from a prefabricated building manufacturer with 16 years of industry experience. 1201. Luxin Import & Export Co. Danzhao.com www. warehouses and container houses. Prefabricated villa Prefabricated house Container house Next to the Danzhao Government. cast your order today.chinaprefabhouse.co www.com More new products .

opens 100 degrees Construction.Choose verified suppliers . one of our OEM products received the Most Energy-saving Product award at the 2010 Piscine Expo in Lyon. France. rush orders take just eight days to ship.and automotive-grade PU sealants and sealant gun TS-16949:2002 ISO 9001:2000 Zinc alloy drawer lock Boasting three of our own facilities and 10 partner factories.com • eric. Jinli.000m2 production facilities. Gaoyao New Global Hardware Products Ltd Jinmao Middle Rd.com . An example of one of our latest innovations is using an advanced UV technology to kill bacteria and viruses.co • www.com/sprayspa. Whirlpool with 3-stage contact us today. we can handle your volume orders with ease. Guangdong 526105. we specialize in and welcome ODM/OEM orders and have two production lines dedicated to these orders in our 100.sprayspas. They can create molds and samples based on your requests within 15 days.com www.com Granite tile 136 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. insulation system Gaopu Industrial Area. In fact.huang@sprayspas. Gaoyao. Accordingly. And we keep our costs low by sourcing materials at preferential prices from the same suppliers we have worked with for over a decade.globalsources. Taiping. Inquire now.globalsources. Conghua. China Tel: (86-20) 6179 6016/6011 • Fax: (86-20) 6179 6013 sprayspa@globalsources.Concealed hydraulic soft-closing cabinet hinge. China Whirlpool with ergonomic seat design We like to incorporate the latest designs and innovations into our spa pools. Guangdong 510900. Our R&D engineers welcome your OEM/ODM orders.. we can produce 20 million units of each type of hinge monthly. For more information. Furthermore. With such resources. Guangzhou.

com www. 800-. We also use equipment from Germany. JIS. DIN. China Tel: (86-757) 8266 6781. Taihe Sanitary Wares Products Co. Ltd Rm. washbasins. While many of our competitors focus on just one or two products. Sinopec. Chancheng. ISO.and 300-ton hydraulic press machines. Ltd Custom pipe fittings. 13.000 tons of goods annually. CNOOC and the State Power Corp. 5929 4741 • Fax: (86-10) 5929 4713 E-mail: sales@htpipe-fitting. China Ceramics Industry Headquarters. CUPC and ETL certifications for all models to make distribution easier for our clients. We possess a 7. 8252 3032 Fax: (86-757) 8266 6481 E-mail: taihe@globalsouces.globalsources. carbon steel and alloy materials Rm. We can easily meet large volume requirements as our three factories – equipped with machinery from Germany – boast a monthly capacity of over 100 40-foot containers.000-. A. Foshan. thanks to our 10-year relations with them. vanities. GB and EN standards Jacuzzi bathtub Baby bathtub American Standard and Home Depot. 501.Aker Solutions. Bldg. hotel chains such as Holiday Inn and OEM buyers worldwide rely on us for sanitary ware. And we trust our materials suppliers to give us the best of what they have. We hold API Specification Q1.500-ton extruder machine. Cangzhou.globalsources.co • www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 137 .globalsources. thanks to the advanced machinery and technical staff we employ.com/taihe. Tecnimont and Maison Worley Parsons. can be made to ANSI/ASME. available in stainless steel. Chaoyang 100123. bidets. 3. 68 West Jihua Rd.newtaihe. China Carbon steel pipes. we’ve obtained CE.. but so do international corporations Aker Solutions. depend on us. Beijing Tel: (86-10) 5929 4712.htpipe-fitting. Hebei 061303. Bldg. 500.co • www. Hebei Cangzhou Hengtong Tubing Co. Contact us today.. And because 70 percent of our output is for export. Guangdong 528000. computerized steam rooms and spas. Tecnimont and Maison Worley Parsons depend on us API.com Factory address: Hanji. bathtubs. API 6H and CCS certifications. we manufacture a complete range of shower enclosures. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom today to view our latest offerings. East Area. Yanshan. 29 Qingnian Rd.www. Not only do domestic giants CNPC.com/htpipe-fitting. toilets.com Shower enclosure with TV and steam function More new products . Unit 1. They come to us for our 30 years of experience and ability to produce up to 200.and CCS-certified pipe fittings from a 30-year manufacturer The world’s largest energy and engineering companies require pipe fittings that hold. and also 2.com www.

We welcome OEM and ODM inquiries.globalsources. up to 50t delivered within 30 days Rolling door motors from an experienced manufacturer We have over 10 years’ experience in the manufacture of AC and DC rolling door motors. For samples in one week.newqilin. with walls ranging from two to 120 millimeters in thickness. Mengcun.com . China Tel: (86-596) 831 2097 Fax: (86-596) 831 2091 Mobile: (86) 139 5924 3791 MSN: adamliuyu@hotmail. Ltd Guan Shan Industrial Park.Choose verified suppliers . Over the past 10 years. Changtai. Hebei 061400. China Tel/Fax: (86-317) 216 9777 E-mail: sale@stpipefitting.com/stgroup.co • www.com Skype: blooten E-mail: adam@newqilin. Zhangzhou. As the world’s water. In China. we’ve developed equipment to meet this growing urgency by making pipe fittings of immense proportions. size matters more than ever. Wu'an. Sinopec and CNPC have been using our fittings for over 10 years. our brand of rolling door motors has become one of the biggest in China and now we export CE.globalsources.com ASTM ANSI DIN JIS BS GOST 138 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. with custom designs and colors 10 years of experience catering to your markets diverse needs 0ne-piece wash-down toilet 3-D wall paneling with patented fixtures for DIY hanging Patented fixture for hanging wall panels Chaoan County Guxiang Huada Ceramic Co. E-mail us today to find out more.com Hebei Shengtian Pipe-Fitting Group Co. Most of the parts we use in our motors are manufactured in-house.3-D PU wall panels. Fujian 363900. Europe and Russia are major importing markets. Asia. Established in 1980. Our seamless elbows have been made with outer diameters of up to 42 inches.co • www. Ltd Xiwang New District. petroleum and chemical projects get bigger. AC rolling door motor ASTM A234 WPB tee 3A heavy tubular motor Zhangzhou Changtai New Qilin Machine Co.com/newqilin.stting.com www. Ltd 31 years of customizing seamless pipe fittings up to 42” in outer diameter Carbon steel pipe elbow.and CQC-certified motors to many countries. South America. thus enabling us to control the quality of the parts we use.cn ISO 9001:2000 www. Cangzhou.globalsources. order today. the Middle East.

China Tel: (86-592) 637 6688 Fax: (86-592) 637 6664 E-mail: clease@mysolex. the resources they need to continually create innovative products.000 models that currently have 300-plus patents and have won a series of international product design honors.and ISO 14001:2004-certified.com www. different colors are available Anhui Sentai WPC New Material Co. Ltd Factory: Guangde Economy and Technology Development Zone. For more information about our products and customization services. Xinyang Industrial Zone. Other clients who have found our products to be popular in their markets include Home Depot. Contact us today. Toto and Roca source from us. International Garden.globalsources. Eco-friendly decking boards.com. Kohler. We also have CE approvals and our factory is ISO 9001:2000. Huzhou. Our faucets.com/ahsentai. it's evident why Grohe.globalsources. we reinvest $2 million into our R&D department annually..Paving the way to the Beijing National Stadium If your path has ever crossed the Beijing National Stadium. Zhejiang 313000. 1201/02. The pathway that leads up to the stadium is made of our eco-friendly composite decking boards. Xiamen Clease Industries Co. contact one of our friendly sales representatives today. 807 Fax: (86-572) 212 7822 Contact Person: Ms.com Sales Office: Rms. Anhui 242237. Fujian 361022. This gives our 110 R&D and 20 industrial design engineers. chances are you have experienced our products. The wood-plastic composite material we use – which has one technology patent and 15 design patents in mainland China – has been tested by Intertek to meet ASTM standards. comply with California’s AB 1953 standard. for example. as well as four designers in Italy.clease.com www. Castorama. Ltd 298 Yangguang West Rd. China Tel/Fax: (86-563) 698 9388 E-mail: hzshentai@vip. Let us handle your ODM and OEM orders.www.co www. Susan Yang MSN: susanyang1000@hotmail. 555 Binhe Rd. and other chain stores and major importers.co • www. we make sure that the items you receive from us meet international market requirements.com Eco-friendly WPC outdoor decking boards As a world-class provider of sanitary ware. Unit A. we offer you award-winning bathroom faucets and shower systems.com/clease.cn Our factory Single-lever bathroom faucet • Ceramic disc cartridge • Made of brass More new products .. With accolades such as these. Plus. To maintain our competitive edge. Bldg. Xiamen. We’ve developed more than 1. including the iF and red dot design awards. 1. Haicang.sentaiwpc.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 139 .163. China Tel: (86-572) 212 7866 ext.globalsources.

Our 10 QC staff members ensure our products are built to high standards and meet CE. From our 70. And they can design a sample for you based on your requirements within 90 days. EMC and RoHS Directive requirements. Fujian 355000. Our 13 R&D engineers can speak directly to buyers in English.com www. We also provide QC from the incoming raw materials through to the finished products.com .000m2 factory 140 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.julvonpower.Choose verified suppliers . Our products come with two-year warranties and our salespeople will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. hedge trimmers. helping us to take your OEM/ODM orders easily.globalsources. Ltd Gantang Industry & Trade District.globalsources. Although we source our raw materials from other trusted suppliers.000 units per month.Get the edge on your competition with our range of lawn mowers We test all of our raw materials prior to production We produce a range of gardening and forestry machinery.com julvon@julvonpower.com Website: www. including lawn mowers. so contact us today. we still carry out strict tests before putting them into mass production.co Leaf blower/vacuum Our 70. chainsaws and leaf blowers/vacuums. brush cutters. GS. we can produce up to 70. Fu’an. Brush cutter Lawn mower Hedge trimmer Fujian Julvon Power Machinery Co.com/julvonpower.000m2 ISO 9001:2008-certified factory. China Tel: (86-593) 669 6111 Fax: (86-593) 679 9808 E-mail: julvon@globalsources.

globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE DIY & Home Center Fasteners Hardware supplies Furniture parts & accessories Landscaping supplies Plants.com/diy Find thousands of products and suppliers in an easy to compare format–updated daily Product Alert–receive e-mails when new products go online Inquiry Basket–send inquiries quickly to multiple suppliers 157 More new products .www. seeds & bulbs New products Fasteners.globalsources. lock mechanisms and gardening supplies.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 141 . including: – Drawer slide with rear interlocking mechanism – Scaffolding accessory made of carbon or stainless steel Online www.

we can easily cater to your market needs and offer on-time shipments.com/sinocau.Choose verified suppliers . To put our expertise to use on your next project.co 142 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com . we ensure the level of quality you demand. China Tel: (86-592) 367 5092 • Fax: (86-592) 509 2388 E-mail: sales@sinocau.globalsources. Fujian 361000. Ltd Glass mosaic Xitang Industrial Area.sinocau. Each year. Lead times and quality you can trust With 20 material suppliers. with 25 inspectors enforcing an ISO 9001:2000-certified management system.500 containers worth of our products annually. we develop 50 new designs that match architectural or interior design trends.globalsources. Xiamen. Ceramic tiles Xiamen Sinocau Co. Keeping up with architectural and interior design trends Innovation is another major reason why you should choose us as your supplier. send us your inquiries today. Plus.Ceramic tiles Tiles are our area of expertise We offer porcelain and ceramic types for a variety of uses Serving clients worldwide for a decade We’ve been manufacturing and exporting porcelain and ceramic tiles for the past p10 years. This variety is one reason why major buyers worldwide order 4. Tong'an. Some of our products are CE-marked and verified by international testing companies such as Intertek and SGS.com • www. Our range includes wall and floor tiles.com www.

inquire now.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 143 . 78 Hubin North Rd. Xiamen. We work with four quarries and 20 material suppliers to ensure an ample supply of stone. To work with a qualified supplier. Fujian 361012. countertops. All of our factories are ISO 9001:2000-certified. and we welcome third-party inspection from Intertek. garden ornaments. We supply them with marble and granite tiles for walls and floors. as well as basins. Ltd 15/F. paving stones and construction materials. Xingye Building. we comply with BSCI requirements and are BV-certified. bathroom accessories.Producing granite and marble for 24 years. Ltd Jinjiang Huabao Stone Co. sinks.www. Europe and Asia have been sourcing from us for eight years. This is one of the reasons why buyers from the US. vanity tops. Why else do they choose us? We’ve been named one of the top 20 stone product manufacturers in mainland China. including where to anticipate problems and how to solve them. Quality assurance and socially responsible manufacturing are also major reasons why program. we know the process by heart. Fortune 500 companies are among those clients. China Contact Person: Jeffrey Lin More new products .globalsources.. Plus. Xiamen Huabao Stone Co. In fact. thanks to our abundant resources.

globalsources.com .144 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 145 .www.More new products .globalsources.

com/stonecarver. contact us today. Ningbo.. Zhenhai.com www. China Tel: (86-574) 8813 8545 Fax: (86-574) 8813 8343 E-mail: sales@wdfastener. Ltd Fangqian.000m2 production base Soft-closing hinge Zhongqiao Hardware & Electrical Appliance Mfg Co.com.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. Zhejiang 315040. with the addition of 70 each year. all in compliance with DIN. But we know how to preserve it. BS and other international standards. Jiulonghu. We meet large-volume orders for bolts and nuts from clients worldwide. Ningbo.300 designs are available. we export up to 19 twenty-foot containers of sculptures to the EU and other developed markets.Thanks to our new 162.com Factory: Changshi. Annually.wdfastener. Zhejiang 315040. Junan. Stone penguin sculptures Ningbo Longding Fasteners Co. We carry out strict QC procedures at our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. as well as for expansion anchors.com .cn 892 East Baizhang Rd. IFI. Ltd Soft-closing ball bearing slides Easy-to-install metal drawer slides Ball bearing drawer slides Preserving beauty in stone for 18 years Natural beauty fades long before natural stone. China Tel: (86-539) 753 3969 • Fax: (86-539) 753 2039 E-mail: info@joygarden. ANSI.co • www.co • www. pandas. To learn how we can help you become more competitive in the fastener market. Shandong 276617.com/wdfastener. AS. Visit our website to learn more about our products. Japan has been importing our stone items for 15 years. Over 2.globalsources. Quality fasteners exported worldwide Bolt series Want to find a reliable supplier for industrial and construction fasteners? Choose us. in compliance with our BSCI accreditation. tigers and other animals facing extinction have inspired us to recreate their endangered beauty.joygarden.cn www. Linyi.globalsources. Ltd Stud bolt Linyi Joy Garden Co. Penguins. we’ve been carving out nature’s creatures from natural stone.com. For 18 years. screws and more. China 146 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

.com www.com manager@jinmao.co www.com/tjjinmao.jinmao. China Tel: (86-22) 2664 2558 Fax: (86-22) 2666 4067.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 147 . 2666 7119 tjjinmao@globalsources.globalsources.www. Beichen.com Fiberglass combination ladder More new products . Tianjin 300402.Paint tray set Caulking gun Gardening tools with fiberglass handles Extension poles for painting and cleaning Aluminum platform ladder Tianjin Jinmao Group Co. Ltd Aluminum folding ladder 980 East Jinwei Rd.globalsources.

zhencheng. and 800 tons of high-tensile bolts is the largest in mainland China. China Tel: (86-574) 6340 7999/7511/7789 Fax: (86-574) 6340 7711/9713 zc@globalsources.The largest self-drilling and self-tapping screw capacity in mainland China Working with a high-capacity supplier means you can fill larger orders.co • www. Zhejiang 315326.com .globalsources. and many other non-standard items.globalsources. Changhe. serve more customers and add to your bottom line.Choose verified suppliers .com/zhencheng.000m2 workshop. Ningbo. As reported by the China General Machine Components Industry Association. Ltd Cangtian Industrial Development Zone. E-mail us today. And capacities don’t get any larger than ours. Our 800 workers handle all production at our 80. They are overseen by 50 engineers who each have at least 20 years of experience. our monthly capacity of 4. ISO 9001:2000 Cixi.000m2 factory Greenhouse under construction In-house production for a 20.com www.com • zhencheng@zhencheng. Our selection includes patented screws with nylon heads that are resistant to rust.000 tons of self-drilling and self-tapping screws.com Hex-head self-drilling screws Modified truss-head screws High-tensile bolts and nuts Our 80. We also have 10 engineers in-charge of developing new products. Self-drilling screws and hex shank bit Cixi Zhencheng Machinery Co.000t yearly capacity Steel wire rope Complete greenhouse manufacturing services 148 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

More new products .www.globalsources.Special Rivets Corp.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 149 .

globalsources. DIN and ANSI regulations and are SGS-certified. mainland China and various countries in Europe. Ltd No. Let us put our 16 years of design experience to work for you.globalsources. We can have orders of 5. DIN and BS regulations.000 pieces shipped in one week.com/aoyi. black annealed or stainless steel configurations.jiachengcn.000 units monthly.globalsources.cn www. all of which are tested to ANSI.walljet.000 tons of steel wires helps us meet the volume demands of Tata Steel and Tree Island.nanhai.cn www.net. Jinghai. Inquire today.tjhygy. Patented in the US.co • www.com walljet@pub. Huangjiang. Tianjin 301636. electroplated.000-item collection. Banhu.com Zhangjia Fangzi.com. Inquire today. Custom samples take 18 to 25 days. Join Sanyo. Our main products are available in hot-galvanized. Yanbu. We can customize any of our ball-bearing slides and door slides to suit your application.Choose verified suppliers .Electronic ball-bearing slide • For drawers with electronic switches • Anti-clamp design • Delayed closure • Made of powerful engineered plastic and steel Furniture buyers from the US and Europe have been sourcing ball-bearing slides from us for 16 years. Foshan. Tuanbo. We owe our staying power to our ability to roll ahead of the competition by developing slides with our own linkage movement systems for greater convenience. Zinc-coated steel wire. We add 50 new items monthly to our 2. An annual production capacity of 80. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory can turn out 450. Guangdong 523000.com . As a result.com. Ltd 5 North Third St.. China Tel: (86-769) 8232 4301 • Fax: (86-769) 8355 9960 aoyi@globalsources. Dongxiu Industrial Zone. Nanhai.cn 150 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 36. Inquire now. Siemens and VTech in sourcing from us. as well as microscopic hardness testers and coordinate measurement machines from Japan to ensure our products’ reliability.com/walljet. China Tel: (86-22) 6850 9690 • Fax: (86-22) 6850 9072 E-mail: huayuan@tjhygy. Ltd Dongguan City Aoyi Hardware Co.co www. They utilize automatic optical inspection machines from Taiwan. Ninety of our R&D specialists cooperate with Shougang (Capital Steel) Group to develop steel wires.globalsources. this product allows end-users to easily pull out a drawer from the table. complies with GB/T 15393 standard Tianjin Huayuan Wire Products Co. China Tel: (86-757) 8576 2481/2503 Fax: (86-757) 8577 6531 walljet@globalsources. we place three QC technicians at each production line. Walljet Hardware Products Co.com www.co • www. Take for example the ball-bearing slide shown here. or simply put it away. China's Ministry of Commerce officially recognizes us as the country’s largest exporter of low-carbon steel wire. our goods meet JIS.com/tjhuayuan. Guangdong 528247.com • jc@jiachengcn. oxygen-free.cn • wxf@tjhygy. Dongguan.com China's biggest low-carbon steel wire exporter Self-tapping and self-drilling screws For quality screws and other CNC-machined parts.com.

CE. a CNC processing center.co • www.com Website: www.com/kingxxel. 2 Tianedang Rd. so send us an e-mail today.We provide eco-friendly garden tools Our competitors are still making the same pollution-creating gas-powered garden tools that have been around for years. Ltd Bldg.. a vibration polishing machine and heat treatment equipment. Kingxxel Tools Co. Our Li-ion-powered selection includes lawn mowers.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 151 . we ship more than 80. Our R&D team of more than 20 engineers keeps pace with the latest market trends by launching five new models every year. and house aluminum die-casting machines. GS. EMC and cUL approvals.com ISO 9001:2000 More new products .globalsources. Youxin Industrial Park. Our three factories have passed audits by BSCI. China Tel: (86-512) 8227 7266/7267 Fax: (86-512) 8227 7260 E-mail: hunter@kingxxel. Wuzhong. With a total of 600 employees and 15 assembly lines.www.globalsources. All of our products carry FFU. hedge and grass trimmers.kingxxel. A3. And we have more than 15 years of manufacturing experience.000 gardening tools monthly to international buyers like you. Our sales team responds to all inquiries within one working day. shearers and garden sprayers. Jiangsu 215128. Offer your customers an eco-friendly solution – source from our line of Li-ion battery-powered tools.

Home Depot. Guangdong 515500.com 152 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Lunhou. Jieyang. stone. bailing wire. 10 Honghuang Rd. China Tel: (86-663) 329 2388 • Fax: (86-663) 329 2168 E-mail: cyz@ls-wj.com We are a flexible 10-year supplier Volume buyers and startups alike can source indoor and outdoor decorations from us. ASCR.globalsources. Fujian 361009. Wutong.When it comes to sourcing quality products.. statues. Inquire today. Our monthly production capacity is 10. Huli.6 to 4. bird feeders and other garden items to your specifications in as fast as five days. You can rest assured our products are eco-friendly. messenger wire and self-supporting cable. Lowe's and other major retailers value our flexibility. Xiamen. we can customize our fountains. Our volume production also enables us to offer you competitive prices. We manufacture a complete line of aircraft steel cables. We use up to 400 grams of zinc per square meter to coat our ground and stay wires – a process that makes our wires more corrosion-resistant than our competitors. We also make sure our galvanized and stainless steel products according to W-410E-2002 and MIL-W-83420DD standards. metal or polyresin. We offer various steel wires No. there’s a reason why the aviation and construction industries source our cables and wire ropes. Aside from the featured products.co Longgang Rd. Utilizing 10 years of experience. We manufacture our wire according to IEC 888. Huachuang International Commerce Building.com/lwy. China Tel: (86-592) 536 6773 SGS ITS CQC CSA Fax: (86-592) 536 6779 ISO 9001:2000 BS GS mike@longwayyoung.com www..com lwy@globalsources.9 millimeters.co • www. with diameters of 0. Chongqing 400020. Although we turn out two 40-foot containers' worth of products daily.globalsources.com/gainlead. Contact our English-speaking staff today with your OEM inquiries and receive a response within 12 hours.ls-wj. How is this volume possible? We have more than 100 production lines that are operated by over 500 skilled staff members. ASTM498. Plus.Choose verified suppliers . Ball bearing drawer slides Bringing you a monthly capacity of 3 million drawer slides Only one of the largest manufacturers of steel ball bearing drawer slides in mainland China can assure you of a 3 millionunit monthly capacity. China E-mail: chonghong@globalsources.com Website: www. fiber cement.com www.com . we run stringent product inspections according to ANSI and BS regulations at our independent testing center. ASTM475 and DIN 48200 standards.000 metric tons.globalsources. 2006-7. 83. Inquire now. we also offer guy wire. Jiedong Experiment Zone. planters.longwayyoung. as they are made with fiberglass. steel wire ropes and coated wire ropes to your specifications. Jiangbei. Ltd No. Samples can be customized based on your requests in 15 days. we gladly fill small orders. Garden bench Garden fountain Xiamen Long Way Young Handcraft Co.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 153 .globalsources.Clutch spring and other springs in various specifications Metal stamped parts for various applications Our ISO/TS 16949:2009.and ISO 14001:2004-certified facilities More new products .

com/konnerabrasive. Guangdong 528311.com www.. sandpaper and other abrasive products a spin.globalsources.com • konnerabrasive@globalsources. We specialize in tools for the woodworking.com MSN: allenlu_6@hotmail. Give our cutting discs.12. Currently. Foshan..com Website: www. China Tel: (86-27) 8535 2979. 27/F.000m2 factory Full-extension ball bearing slides With over 17 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting drawer slides and hinges. hook-and-loop discs.cn • saca@globalsources. Guomaoxindu Building A. Just allow us 30 to 45 days to complete your order.com www. Our product range includes cabinet locks.200 staff members who utilize our suite of advanced automated equipment. we service projects for Schneider.co 154 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.co Your solution for locking systems We pay attention to every detail of product development and provide sound solutions for locking systems. This volume capability is thanks in part to our 1. every month we roll out 10 million hinges and 2. Shaoxing THCOO Locks Manufacturer Co. Wuhan. In fact. door latches.5 million slides and hinges a month Manufactured at our 40.000m2 ISO 9001:2008-certified factory.thcoo.globalsources. handles. China Tel: (86-757) 2633 2266.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Fusi Industrial Zone. Our products boast SGS. For more information. Beijiao Industry Zone. Chongren. 562 Jianshe Ave. our 50 R&D engineers develop up to two new models of sliding and divider doors. The new products we develop allow us to meet the demands of our OEM/ODM customers.sh-abc.com • www. Our 15-member R&D team is ready for your detailed OEM and ODM projects.com . 8535 2997 • Fax: (86-27) 8535 3983 Mobile: (86) 138 0719 8947 E-mail: steve@konnerabrasive.globalsources. hinges. kitchen fittings.cn • www.com/saca.com Wuhan Konner Holdings Ltd Units C-D. inquire now. Soft-closing hinge Soft-closing steel drawer slides Guangdong Saca Precision Manufacturing Co. we can handle your orders efficiently. Shengzhou. 2632 6895 • Fax: (86-757) 2665 3400 E-mail: export@sh-abc.globalsources.5 million drawer slides from our 40.co www. metalworking and automobile industries and manufacture our goods according to EN 12413 and AQA standards. Wet or dry sandpaper Premium gold hook-and-loop disc Clients from around the world have come to us for abrasive grinding tools for close to 20 years. To ensure quality. Emka and other global enterprises. Each month. China Tel: (86-575) 8392 6888 Fax: (86-575) 8392 7222 E-mail: allen@thcoo. BIFMA and JIS approvals. Ltd 7 Xingye Rd. Hubei 430014.konnerabrasive. Zhejiang 312474. wire baskets and more. They can also customize a sample according to your specifications. pulls and cabinet lock accessories. All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours. our 70 QC specialists oversee production.com/thcoo. Contact us today. Shunde. Contact us today.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 155 .globalsources.40 different types of hoists and winches RoHS ISO 9001:2000 More new products .www.

co • www.000t of steel wires and wire ropes annually from our 10..globalsources.000m2 factory PineappleExports reach 1.globalsources.com 156 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 27/F. Ltd Rms. Ltd 10. Equipment from Japan and Italy ensure precise sizing. Nanshan Century Mansion. the US. sandstone. marble. order today. limestone and slate are only some of what we export in up to 1. Shandong 264003. Flower pot Yantai Profstone Import and Export Co.800 surface steps EU-ready containers each year Paving landscapes as diverse as those of Europe. Granite.profstone.com www.Our TV cameras work in harsh environments and deep underwater Chieng Ming Industries Co. 4-5.com/yantaiprofstone.com . smooth edges and an elegant finish according to EN standards.Choose verified suppliers .800 containers each year.com www. For custom samples in three days. Unit B. Australia and the Middle East requires a grand variety of stones. And though our handicrafts are hand-sculpted. our artists possess skills of at least 10 years to fill orders in two weeks – half the industry average.yantaistone. 301 East Gangcheng St. China Tel: (86-535) 210 6608 • Fax: (86-535) 210 6600 E-mail: info@yantaistone. Ltd Nantong Shenlong Metal Products Co. Yantai.

A105. galvanized or ungalvanized steel. carbon or stainless steel.000 sets Description: Ball-bearing drawer slide. welding. 316. Ltd (mainland China) Model: YS-14 MOQ: 99cm Delivery: 50 days Description: Flange. extrusion. for wooden.NEW PRODUCTS Steel wire rope suitable for elevators Nantong Shenwei Steel Wire Rope Co. 91kg load capacity. Ltd (Taiwan) Model: Inter Lock-2 MOQ: 1. rear interlocking mechanism. Ltd (mainland China) Model: DR-SC-003 MOQ: 1. various finishes. made via sand. metal drawers Scaffolding accessory made of carbon or stainless steel Donrex Industrial Co. for elevators Drawer slide features rear interlocking mechanism Tai Cheer Industrial Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 157 .www. forging. 1/2 to 24in continued on page 172 More new products . 316L or 321 stainless steel. die or permanent mold casting.globalsources. 304.000kg Delivery: 35 days Description: Scaffolding accessory. 304L. Ltd (mainland China) Model: Elevator Wire Rope MOQ: 500kg Delivery: 60 days Description: Wire rope. CNC machining Flange measures 1/2 to 24in Shandong Yanshan Pipe Engineering Co.

To ensure that our industrial tape performs in a variety of environmental conditions. China Tel: (86-769) 2317 0199 • Fax: (86-769) 2270 7295 Mobile: (86) 139 2555 9729 E-mail: shenghuigd@globalsources.globalsources.com Website: www. Lockable hook Dongguan Shenghui Packaging Industrial Co. we can complete your orders within seven days.Various types of industrial tape Adjustable overhead shelf bracket and hanger. Guangdong 523000. LG and BYD stick with us for quality tape For consistent quality that international corporations – such as IBM. available in 12-20" sizes IBM. we carry out extensive temperature testing.co 158 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Jianshazhou. contact us today. Plus. Dongguan. For more details. LG and BYD – rely on.globalsources. Wanjiang.com/shenghuigd.com . Our English-speaking R&D engineers can easily handle your OEM/ODM specifications. partner with us. And thanks to a suite of advanced equipment.Choose verified suppliers . we station a minimum of two QC specialists on each production line. Ltd 1st Industrial Park.

globalsources.www. polyester enclosures. which carry CE and RoHS marks.and ISO 14001:2004-certifi cated factory is equipped with seven production lines.cn SGS RoHS IP66 ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 More new products .tibox. the Middle East. Africa and other countries and regions. plastic enclosures and more. South America. And our engineers add five to 10 new items to this variety every year. which allow us to supply up to 60. We export to buyers in the US. depending upon the quantity.globalsources.cn www. Southeast Asia. steel enclosures. Canada. China Tel: (86-572) 581 5118 Fax: (86-572) 511 8861 E-mail: marry@tibox. We offer 400 different products for our clients to choose from. Anji. Ltd Tianzi Lake Industry Zone. For delivery. and are SGS. stainless steel enclosures. Huzhou.com/tibox.000 pieces every month. and we have over 20 QC personnel to strictly inspect our products. Gaoyu. India. we are a professional manufacturer of industrial control panel enclosures.com Floor standing cabinets July 2011 Hardware & DIY 159 .and TÜV-inspected. Our ISO 9001:2008. Zhejiang 313310. STX stainless steel enclosures Polyester enclosures Zhejiang Tianqi Electric Co. We can also develop a new product according to your special requests within 40 days.ST steel wall-mount and plastic enclosures Choose from 400 different models Founded in 1998. Our trained staff work on imported production equipment. E-mail us today. you can except to get your order in 30 to 60 days.co • www.

and is ready to work with you on your OEM/ODM projects. 6A. Keyless dual-mechanism lock • 1. but they also come with CE. work with us – an industry leader. salt-spray and impact-resistance tests. (86-755) 8321 5926 E-mail: jim@makelocks. China Tel: (86-27) 8280 1008 • Fax: (86-27) 8280 1003 E-mail: vanjoin@vanjoin. precision cutting. We have nine different series with over 200 products to choose from. inquire now. Qiaokou. plating. Locker lock Computer lock Bldg. For more information. the quality of our locks is our highest priority. Guankou. GS.globalsources. Not only are our products guaranteed for three years. Fujian 361023.. we put all of our products through a myriad of evaluations. Xiamen. Maban. Yinzhou. we manufacture our locks utilizing advanced CNC.Lock cylinder Combination lock Coin lock Vending machine lock Cam locks Here at Make Locks Manufacturer Co.globalsources. contact our representatives today.Choose verified suppliers . By maintaining relationships with 500-plus raw materials suppliers. Our monthly capacity is 500. 2. EMC. Then. Jimei. To ensure durability. we’re able to source parts at competitive prices. Hubei 430035. UL.000 possible combinations • Users require no keys or cards • With master key for emergency opening RL-9157 Container door lock 3/F. And for the level of accuracy you seek.globalsources. (86-755) 8325 6141 Mobile: (86) 131 6254 7880. Ningbo.. stamping. we source our RoHS-marked steel.com • www.com www.co • www.makelocks. Bldg. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed.com www.com • grace@makelocks. To start offering durable tools to your customers.000 units. 139 5011 9398 Fax: (86-21) 6219 6736. Gutian 2nd Rd. And. We employ 15 QC specialists – each with more than three years’ experience – to oversee our entire production process. China Sales offices: Tel: (86-21) 6219 6786. Shuangling.000 to 10.com/makelocks. our English-speaking R&D team releases up to 10 new models monthly. polishing and metal injection molding machines. Advanced Business Park. CSA and LGA marks. China Tel: (86-592) 636 3716/17/18 Fax: (86-592) 636 3719 Ningbo factory: Falan Rd.cn 160 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. including temperature. lathe. Ltd.co Our lock designs have over 100 patents 20" chainsaw with gasoline-powered 58cc engine Robotic lawn mower If you’re looking for lawn mowers and hardware tools that match your quality requirements. Hengjie Industrial Area. Wuhan. as we have 10 R&D engineers on staff.vanjoin. die-casting. brass and zinc alloy from trusted suppliers.com .com/vanjoin.

.com/highton.co • www. Qingdao. 2 Shandong Rd.com • info@qd-highton.globalsources. 8667 6396 • Fax: (86-532) 8667 6399 hightonmachinery@globalsources. Ltd Unit 24H.www.Rigging hardware made to your regional safety requirements Grade 80 and 100 chain fittings Wire rope sling accessories Wire rope terminations and shackles Qingdao Highton Machinery Co. China Tel: (86-532) 8667 6390.globalsources.com More new products . Shandong 266071.qd-highton.com www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 161 . China-R International Mansion.

chipboard. we produce most of our products at our ISO 9001:2008-.globalsources.com/kaimametal. No. Staple gun and staples available in various sizes When looking for staples. Gangshan Dist. Hangzhou. China Tel: (86-571) 6332 2305 Fax: (86-571) 6332 3016 Circlips with HRC44-52 hardness E-mail: kaimametal@gmail.and ISO/TS 16949:2009certified factory. Jiashin E. Fuyang.co www.co • www. We’ve been in business for over 24 years. Touchong Industrial Park. Our product range currently includes tapping. Dongli. Chenghai.com Website: www. For high-grade rust-resistant fasteners. Based in Taiwan. Choose from our newly developed ColorGuard® series of eco-friendly coated screws that are corrosion-resistant. frame fixings and anchor bolts. With automated production lines and 120 skilled workers. is well-known in mainland China. Contact us today. Guangdong 515829.sce. Taiwan Tel: (886-7) 621 5998 Fax: (886-7) 621 5997 E-mail: paul@sce. Rd. Shantou. Kaohsiung City. as well as hex bolts. choose an experienced supplier.000 manual staple guns and 500 tons of pneumatic gun staples every month. We accept minimum orders starting at just 100. Contact us today. including zinc galvanization.com/shinchun.Choose verified suppliers . ready for OEM We have 11 years of experience producing fasteners.tw Making up to 10.kaimametal.. DIN. These products boast a triple-layer scratch-resistant coating that is produced without the use of harmful materials such as chromium. we can turn out 50. Ltd 57 West Jiangbing Rd.com. Our screws can be made with different materials and are available in various practical and eye-catching colors to cater to buyers worldwide.com/hudong. Our products comply with GB.. JIS and BS standards. and our brand. wood and drilling screws.globalsources. 7. staple guns and nails. Zhejiang 310000.co Fuyang Kaima Metal Co.com.globalsources.tw www. Lane 1.000 tons of fasteners every year. chipboard and concrete applications. hot-dip galvanization and chemical blackening. we manufacture tapping and self-drilling screws for drywall. In fact.Established in 2003. Various finishes are available. Source from our collection or have our R&D team – with an average of 18 years of experience – take care of your OEM/ODM orders. China Tel: (86-754) 8575 1821 • Fax: (86-754) 8575 7702 E-mail: hudong@globalsources.globalsources. nuts. contact us today.. washers and more. ISO 14001:2004. Hudong.com . We also supply models for the automotive industry and for other machines.com www.com 162 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. drywall. ANSI.000 pieces. we make up to 10.000 tons of fasteners annually Chipboard screws.

. Ltd 88 Yongle Ave.globalsources. Hebei 072750.www.chtape. China Tel: (86-312) 397 5878 • Fax: (86-312) 397 5899 E-mail: chtape@globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 163 .com Transparent blue PCB protection tape Rubber mastic tape More new products .globalsources.Your tapes made under one roof Various kinds of PVC electrical insulation and marking tapes Hebei Huaxia Enterprise Co.com trade@chtape.co www. Zhuozhou.com/chtape.com Website: www.

Yongkang. We have three factories and 1. allowing us to ship orders out within 20 days. Ltd Singi Building. Yueqing.zjweige.com/maxwel.and RoHS-certified products. Zhejiang Yongkang Weige Industrial & Trading Co. For CE.co • www.000m2 factory staffs over 150 employees and 16 technicians.000 units every month.com/zjweige.com . This is a feature your customers will be sure to appreciate. 19 Wei Rd..Versatile tape delivered within 20 days Materials that meet EN 131 guidelines We produce up to 20. Zhiying Telescopic ladder. And only materials that comply with EN 131 guidelines are used to create our ladders.500 skilled workers.cn www. we use equipment from Germany and the Netherlands.globalsources.com. Molding is completed in-house..maxwel.Choose verified suppliers .cn www. Yueqing Industrial District. We also reinvest 10 percent of our sales income back into R&D so we can launch five to 10 new items annually. China Tel: (86-579) 8732 0999/0888 Fax: (86-579) 8732 0369 sales@zjweige.cn 164 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Self-fusing silicone rubber electrical tapes Our self-fusing silicone rubber electrical tape can be subjected to continuous 260ºC temperatures and still maintain an excellent seal.cn • weige@zjweige. Rush delivery is also available.co Household ladder www. Our 10. and houses advanced spray-plastic lines and 10 assembly lines.cn 5 Qunbang Rd. Ltd Maxwel Mfg (Wenzhou) Co. saves space Industrial Zone.globalsources. Phase 2. To ensure quality. contact us today. allowing us to deliver our aluminum alloy multipurpose ladders and folding ladders in just 30 days. China Tel: (86-577) 6266 8366 Fax: (86-577) 6266 8369 E-mail: youwen@maxwel. Zhejiang 321300. Zhejiang 325600.com.globalsources. Inquire now.

globalsources.www.More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 165 .

com/nbmind. North-Bank Fortune Center. Keep yours interested with the 4.cn www.000 models of garden tools.com. Ltd 109 Linban Rd. Towers 3-4.co 166 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Our factory has advanced machinery used to produce molds for your customization requests. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom or contact one of our representatives today.com Brush cutter • Engine displacement: 33cc • Blade diameter: 255mm • Max.cn www. With our vast network of 500 partner factories. And to ensure you receive only flawless products.Choose verified suppliers . Jiangbei. FSC and GPA approvals.. Hangzhou Solar Garden Tools Co.globalsources. quality and cost requirements. Rush order services are also available. Gasoline lawn mower • Cutting width: 400mm • Cutting height: 20-50mm Ningbo Mind Import & Export Co. Ltd Hangzhou King Chee M & E Co.co • www. For more information. We gladly welcome your OEM/ ODM orders. 8729 4518 Fax: (86-574) 8731 3158 E-mail: nbmind@globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Ningbo Powtech Import & Export Co. we know customers like to have options. each month our R&D department introduces a new item to our already extensive line of plant and garden care products. cutting diameter: 500mm • Engine type: 2-stroke.com. Shitang.com . China Tel: (86-574) 8731 3168. China Tel: (86-571) 8508 1635 Fax: (86-571) 8535 3592 E-mail: admin@kingchee. Gongshu. This product diversity is why 90 percent of our clients place repeat orders. and are ready to help make your sourcing process smoother.com/hzsolar. hand tools and combination tool sets in our collection – most with GS. Zhejiang 315010.kingchee. visit our Global Sources Online showroom and then contact us today. cutting path: 42cm Gasoline saw • Max. And our 30 trade staff members each have a decade of sourcing experience. Zhejiang 310022. This helps us complete and deliver your orders in less than 35 days.com www. air-cooled cylinder New gardening products every month To keep your selection constantly fresh. Hangzhou.nbmind. our QC team carefully monitors the entire production process. Ltd 8/F.solargarden.cn • www.com • trade@nbmind.globalsources.Source with confidence from an 18-year supplier As an 18-year supplier. we can provide goods according to your design.com. Ningbo.

iron nails • Mesh products: gabions. Japanese. we have an annual capacity of 200. expanded steel mesh. Audited by Bureau Veritas.www. deformed bars. rebar tie wire. coils. filtration discs • Steel products: wire rods.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 167 . hot-dip galvanized iron wire. crimped wire mesh. mesh and gabions. hexagonal wire mesh. English. zinc-aluminum alloy wire. plating. razor barbed wire. cut wire. barbed wire. e-mail today. French and Russian sales assistance is available. we have what it takes to fortify a foothold in your market. welded wire mesh. binding wire.000 tons. For delivery in two to four weeks. More new products . diamond wire mesh. sheeting. PVC-coated wire. Altogether.10 years of exporting and 31 years of manufacturing In 1980. billets Our offices in the international shipping and commercial hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore provide global buyers with convenient access to our resources. chain link fences.globalsources. The products we manufacture include: • Wire: galvanized iron wire. square mesh netting. we became one of the earliest manufacturers of metal products in northern China. our efforts to distribute worldwide have attracted 30 agents from 20 countries. H-beams. pipes. And since 2001. our three wholly owned factories each have their own area of expertise – wire. angle steel. As a production pioneer with multinational export backing. double-loop wire ties. barbecue grills. U-shape wire. black iron wire. channel steel.

wu@everflying-tools. Send us your requests to receive a sample within two weeks. Suzhou. Nantong.globalsources. Ltd 38 Jiaoyu Rd.cn Everflying Industry Co. we can help you get a firmer grasp on your markets with our clamps and fixing sets.cn www.com 168 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We have different sizes to choose from ranging from 8 to 1.co www.com/everflyingtools. Our annual export sales reach $7 million.Choose verified suppliers . 368 Tongyuan Rd.com www. Inquire now..000mm. Dasen Mansion. we offer a selection of over 2. garden accessory and BBQ product designs in only 10 days. Jiangsu 215006.com/skyfix. We also offer customized packaging services. Contact us now.and RoHS-certified retail-ready goods. Nantong Skyfix Co. and we can finish orders in 30 to 40 days. Jiangsu 226007. China Tel: (86-512) 6741 8981 Fax: (86-512) 6741 8983 E-mail: freyja.globalsources. And if you’re looking for CE. Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience completing both ODM and customized orders. rock and mineral wool Self-wound aluminum foil tapes ISO 9001:2000 Precisely produced clamps from a 12-year specialist With 12 years of precision manufacturing experience.skyfix. Ltd Rm..000 fireplace items. 217. Our skilled R&D department visits Europe up to four times every year to gather first-hand knowledge of the market demands within that region. we are ready to finish your fireplace. More than 2. China Tel: (86-513) 8357 4299 Fax: (86-513) 8357 4226 E-mail: wujian@skyking.com .000 fireplace products available With 15 years of OEM experience.globalsources.Industry Giants Stick with Us Self-adhesive aluminum foil tapes FSK facing for glass.everflyingtools.co www.

Kwikstage® and mobile varieties. cuplock. drilling and welding. Our branch offices in the US and Austria support clients with aftersales service.com/qingdaomaxwill.globalsources. ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities are equipped with eight production lines for stamping. EN 12811.. EN 74B.co • scaform. American-frame. Shandong 266071. EN 1065. our 60. we have strong production capabilities and quality products. including load-bearing and tensilestrength types. They can be easily put together using just a hammer. EN 1004 and BS 1139 standards. This attention to quality helps our products meet EN 12810. with cross-brace and base-jack combination design As a manufacturer with 12 years of experience. we invite new buyers to try our services. China Tel: (86-532) 8607 7088 • Fax: (86-532) 8593 0120 E-mail: maxwill@globalsources. 1602. Zhongshang Mansion.www. QC staff members check for quality. floor.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 169 .com • zhang@maxwill. They carry out multiple tests. This enables us to produce 100 forty-foot HQ containers' worth of products monthly.000m2. With machinery imported from Germany and South Korea.maxwill. column.globalsources. casting. 100 Central Hong Kong Rd. thread rolling. With no minimum-order requirement.com Column formwork Floor formwork Hollow-base jack Wing nut Swivel coupler Double coupler Plank More new products . tunnel and bridge types. On every production line. We offer six types of scaffolding systems – European-frame. Rm. ringlock. And our formwork systems include wall. so contact us today.com www. Qingdao. Our 40 R&D team members can finish custom scaffolding and formwork systems in 10 to 20 days. Our services include production of entire scaffolding and formwork systems.12 years of experience in scaffolding and formwork systems Steel frame scaffolding system. forging.

We finish orders in 40 days and samples in 20 to 30 days. Designers hired from overseas help stoke international demand with developments such as our SIPO-patented design for river-rock fire pits.globalsources. we have enough room to fill your orders large and small. China Tel: (86-519) 8985 2161 Fax: (86-519) 8985 2163 E-mail: simon@groundpowertools.000m2 factory and 200 employees help us produce up to 5 million CE-. Jungwang-dong.com Cordless pruner 170 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. Siheung-si. Orders start at 500 units.com Website: www.com . Sodimac and Norma. green.ppband. South Korea Tel: (82-31) 499 3306 Fax: (82-31) 499 8450 E-mail: ddsm@ppband.co www. and our monthly output has grown to 750 tons worth of products. Call our English-speaking representatives today.Choose verified suppliers .groundpowertools. 2ma 706.and CSAcertified units every year. With an extra 50 tons of capacity available each month. black and more Changzhou Ground Tools Co. with no MOQ Take comfort in our expertise. Wujin. Financial risks are minimal if you consider our no-MOQ policy and price range of $5 to $8 per piece. They can turn ideas into samples in seven days. we have more experience than our competitors. Order today. and launch up to seven new products each year. we own two design patents and a technical patent for our lawn mowers. Our newest innovations include flame-resistant. and we can finish your OEM/ODM projects within four weeks. Gyeonggi-do 429-450.. Ltd East Renmin Rd.com Fire pits priced $5 to $8 each. Fire pits. Shihwa Industrial Complex. Changzhou.Simply put.co • www. Inquire now. The first producer of self-propelled lawn mowers 20” electric lawn mower We are the only manufacturer that is qualified to produce selfpropelled lawn mowers in mainland China. Jiangsu 213102. We have been manufacturing and distributing packaging straps and buckles for 30 years. Their familiarity with worldwide trends delights retail giants such as Walmart. This advanced product uses batteries instead of gasoline. antistatic and foam straps.globalsources. Our 15. Or you can create your own products – specify everything from color to thickness and width. Our sales personnel have been handling export accounts for up to 12 years.com/groundtools.com/ppband. available in brown. ETL. Thanks to our 40-member R&D team.com www.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 171 .28 years of manufacturing locks Over 160 designs available for your customization Product range: • Bar locks • Cam locks • Mortise locks • Central locks • Cabinet and drawer locks • Glass door locks • Car door locks • Hasps/latches More new products .globalsources.www.

we can make 37.com . various sizes Gun lock Specializing in PVC products for 17 years. Ltd (Taiwan) Model: WS/DFQ+/Color K64 MOQ: 100.Hose clamp made of galvanized or stainless steel Tianjin Kainuo Industrial Co. we’ve amassed expert production and R&D capabilities.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . We also keep cutting. air-conditioning and wire-harness tapes are just some of the items we offer. square. wrapping. floor-marking. Phillips or star drive. Our 30 design engineers have developed a variety of tapes. films and glues with our own adhesive formulas. self-amalgamating. C1022 or C1018 carbon steel. 9 or 12mm band width. various sizes Deck screw comes in carbon steel Sheh Fung Screws Co.000 rolls can be delivered in four to seven days. packaging and printing in-house to ensure quality. Your minimum order of 20. Laminated padlock 172 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Annually. Inquire today. PVC electrical. cross. galvanized or stainless steel. Ltd (mainland China) Model: KN DS03 Series 15th Oct 2009 Description: Worm-drive hose clamp.5 million square meters of tape.000 pieces Delivery: 45 days Description: Deck screw.

Quality ensured by a complete range of testing instruments Wheelbarrow Wheeling out up to 2 million products monthly Over 2.www. Sign up today.000 wheelbarrows.globalsources. Europe. Australia and Japan. Jiaonan.000 employees operate our 13 factories to meet the demands of large retail outlets across the US. Sheet iron from Posco. Total output can reach 2 million units each month. and rubber and plastic from Thailand and Malaysia provide us with plentiful sources of durable materials. Shandong 266431. Our product range includes: • Wheelbarrows • Garden carts • Hand trucks • Hose-reel carts • Kinds of wheels • Plastic and rubber parts for wheelbarrows Designated open testing facilities Forty-eight QC controllers with three to eight years' experience conduct thorough tests on our wheelbarrows. Our laboratory is equipped with a range of technology so comprehensive – totaling 44 instruments – that it's been designated as an open testing facility for the industry.com www. Qingdao. and our lead time is 30 days. we’re now the largest wheelbarrow manufacturer in China. And after 10 years of filling OEM orders. 8319 3227 • Fax: (86-532) 8319 5157 E-mail: sales@huatian-china. the only one of its kind in China. 90 percent of which is exported.co • www.com Garden cart Wheels Hose-reel cart One of our 13 factories Qingdao Huatian Hand Truck Co. with a monthly capability of 300. China Tel: (86-532) 8319 6287. More new products .com/huatian-china. Orders start with 200 sets. Ltd Yinzhu.globalsources.huatian-china.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 173 .

com www. 3rd Industry Park.globalsources. available in different sizes and designs Machine-made and natural cobblestones Polished marble mosaic tiles Scaffolding platforms certified by Singapore’s HDB Anti-static tray in customized shapes Anti-static PET.. To learn more about our capabilities. China Tel: (86-755) 2665 2591/2 • Fax: (86-755) 2665 2593 E-mail: lds@btree. Shandong 266071. Flextronics. Qingdao. Xixiang. PS. Anti-static fluid. Olympus. China Tel: (86-532) 8573 6086 Fax: (86-532) 8573 5096 E-mail: sales@hitecm.Turtle sculptures for gardens.cn • btreechina@139.000 pairs of clean room shoes monthly. and Foxconn are among the more than 200 buyers relying on our anti-static sheets. Shenzhen Btree Industrial Co. PVC sheets in customizable thickness and width Anti-static sheets used by DuPont. PP.com/hitecm.cn 10 Middle Hong Kong Rd. Huangmabu. Sanyo. Our products are a preferred choice for their industry.Choose verified suppliers .com/btree.globalsources. Shenzhen. with a permanent surface resistance level of 105-108 ohms per square centimeter and the flexibility to easily customize to any size and shape.btree. conductive polymers and nano-materials are all developed inhouse. made of natural granite and sandstone. Ltd Building A5.hitecm.com www. Emerson.co • www.000 clean room garments and 150. Guangdong 518126.globalsources. Emerson and Flextronics DuPont.com . We also produce 80.com 174 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.co www. contact us today.

We can help. Jiangsu 215213. all of which can be made with thicknesses ranging from 0.globalsources. To learn about our latest products. fi rst aid boxes and mail boxes. we offer cash boxes.000 products to meet your diverse security needs More new products . Th is range of items is made possible thanks to the advanced equipment in our ISO 9001:2008-certified factory. Fenhu Economic Development Zone.7 design patents to diversify your options Hardware and plastic products since 1994 If you’re like most buyers. tool boxes.www. Established in 1994. and they introduce two to three new products every month.com/chinasteelbox.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 175 . Cash boxes Wujiang City Shenta Hengfeng Hardware & Plastic Products Factory 358 Fushi Rd.globalsources. China Tel: (86-512) 6329 6555/5577 Fax: (86-512) 6329 6577 E-mail: cnhengfeng@yahoo. key boxes.cn www. you’re looking to secure your market with the latest thing out there.2 to 25mm. Shenta. contact us today. safes.. Specializing in hardware and plastic products. Wujiang. Our expert R&D team has earned seven design patents for safes.co First aid boxes Key box Safe with keypad 1. Suzhou. we assure quality to match our experience – CE. 3C and UL certifications are all provided.

hjwiremesh.com • aosen@aosen-china. and we’ll create a product that’s within your budget. link fences.aosen-china. Find out how we can supply you with control panel enclosures. available with low-carbon or stainless steel. Dongguan. in mainland China. China Tel: (86-769) 8116 5323 • Fax: (86-769) 8116 5312 marketing@163.com • www.000m2 of expanded metal plates and 30. Our 5. We employ five R&D team members. Many of our clients come from Europe. Ltd West of Nanhuan Rd. perforated metal sheets.200m2 factory facilities turn out 150.globalsources.com/huijinwiremesh. each of whom has been on the job for 15 years. wire mesh. Anping.com.globalsources. and aluminum or brass plating Wall-mount metal control panel enclosures OEM and ODM projects have been our specialty for more than 15 years. Call today. Hebei 053600. Inquire today.com www. 2m wide and with a 100 x 300mm hole. And our can be 10mm thick and 2m wide production base is ISO 9001:2008certified.com www.globalsources.CL-226-1 Heavy-duty hinge CL-203-1 Zinc alloy hinge MS-818-3 Waterproof latch Metal plates with dimensions our competitors can’t beat For 24 years.Choose verified suppliers . Guangdong 523231. switchgears. Southeast Asia and the Middle East.com/aosen. China Tel: (86-318) 797 7209 Fax: (86-318) 753 6135 Email: sales@hjwiremesh. We’re one of few manufacturers who own heavy-duty expanded metal plate production machines Expanded metal mesh.co www. the US.000m2 of perforated metal sheets every month. power distribution substations and more. We can produce expanded metal plates more than 10mm thick.com . Simply let us know what you and your market need. barbed rope and razorbarbed wire.. Zhongtang.co • www.expandedmetal.com 176 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Expanded metal. Hengshui. Anping County Huijin Wire Mesh Co. we’ve specialized in developing and manufacturing expanded plate mesh.cn Chajiao Industrial Zone.

www. To find out more about our products and services. We've been in business since 1995 and have developed our own brand. That's because we employ only the most qualified inspectors – all with over nine years of experience – to check each item during production and before shipment to ensure you receive quality products every time. gas springs.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 177 . concealed hinges. contact us today. Add this quality focus to our R&D strengths and you'll get the services only an experienced manufacturer like us can provide. More new products . HDK. casters and sofa legs has just become easier. Trust us to apply our industry knowledge and manufacturing ability to meet your customization needs. furniture handles.Zatas Corporation Making top-grade furniture fittings for over 15 years Sourcing high-caliber drawer slides.globalsources.

Ningbo. Thinking of getting something customized? We'll get you a sample in 10 to 15 days.cnjlauto. computer and safety locks.. Wuyi. China Tel: (86-574) 8659 2087. Ltd Zhejiang Huili Locks Co. Zhejiang 321201. We’ve established an ERP-compliant inspection center to prevent such abominations from ever reaching your shelves. China Tel: (86-577) 6131 2886 Fax: (86-577) 6131 2889 Email: sales03@hui-li. GS and EN 131. made of aluminum Hardware Machine Industrial Zone.com Making up to 20 million locks a year 15. Thanks to the devotion of our experienced QC team. China Tel: (86-579) 8771 3050/2299 Fax: (86-579) 8771 2399 E-mail: sale@cnjlauto.com/huililocks. During our 20 years in business.2mm thickness.000 units. Yueqing. GS.globalsources. Contact us today. Inquire today. Our astronomical monthly capacity of 1 million units – made possible with our 20.com Structural bolts Folding ladder Zhejiang Jialong Auto Parts Co. Contact us today to learn more.co • www.and EN 131certified units monthly Find out where quality and quantity meet by placing an order with us. Our automatic heat-treatment furnace with 12-point temperature control and automatic data logging ensure optimum strength and durability from our products.sinofastener.com www. Minimum orders range from 3. as well as associated master keys.globalsources. cabinet.com/cnjlauto.The first in our industry to offer CE-approved hex bolts Up to 1 million CE-.com www.co www. We have perfected our designs of blade.com www. switch.globalsources. all of our products have been approved by CE. 178 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we’ve aided the construction of the Hong Kong subway system and the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates. Wenzhou.globalsources. Nantong Zhongke Metal Products Co. depending on the product. New products can be created in 40 days. Ltd Tiancheng Industrial Zone. Ningbo Zhonglian Fastener Mfg Co. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Ltd 66 Shengxing Rd. Luotuo Industrial Development Zone. Ltd Combination ladder with 1. which has been audited by one of our largest clients in the US. Zhejiang 325608. Discover the benefits buyers from over 30 countries and regions have already experienced. Tongqin. CE-approved hex bolts Beware of rusted nuts and bolts that break.000m2 facility. pin. 8659 2000 E-mail: sales@sinofastener. We have international offices for your convenience.Choose verified suppliers . Up to 20 million locks are made annually at our 8.co All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Zhejiang 315020.com . car. CompX. 8659 2014 Fax: (86-574) 8659 2099.000 tons of steel wire rope per year Switch lock and pin lock We’ve focused on lock design and manufacture for over a decade.000 to 5.com/sinofastener.000m2 factory – is only met by our commitment to consistent quality. And we were the first in mainland China to offer CE-approved hex bolts.

Macoware Co. All inquiries and OEM orders are welcome. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2545 1045 Fax: (852) 2854 1449 E-mail: info@macoware.. Contact us today.. Ltd Rm.globalsources. 14/F. reliability and craftsmanship are assured.macoware.com Innovative cam locks with padlock flexibility ABA UFO International Corp. All products come with five-year warranties and our average lead time is just 45 days.T. Shatin.globalsources. We offer a full range of locks in various sizes and styles. and update our collection with 30 new models each year.Choose from 500 padlock models Padlocks We have large production facilities and use modern equipment to make world-class padlocks.com/macoltd. N.www. More new products . 43-47 Shan Mei St.com www.co www. World Wide Industrial Centre. We have 500 models for your immediate selection. Special packing and customers’ logos are welcome. Fo Tan. Excellent finishing. 1410.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 179 .

lathes.Choose verified suppliers . they are high-quality.000m2 factory.. 2 Hi Yip Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Street. Our collection also includes lacquered. China Guangzhou factory: Dagang Industrial Area. sliding doors.cn www. contact us now. 835 • Fax: (86-757) 8996 1362 E-mail: davidluo5560@gmail.zhuv.com .co • www. Plus. Dongguan. Ltd Foshan factory: Zhongzhi Rd.000m2 factory in Foshan and 15.com Website: www. T5. our R&D engineers – with 20 years of experience each – can customize a sample for you in just seven days. Baiyun.dgmingxing. Foshan. This is part of our total solution service. Huangjiang. Tianmei Industrial Park. Europe and the Americas to cater to your needs. Contact our representatives today.000 high-gloss UV panels and 1. China E-mail: eaglemetalware@globalsources.com MSC Electronic Co. Hi Yip Factory Building.globalsources. as well as color PP cores with PU threads. Guangdong 528000. Eagle Metalware Co. we can customize orders to your specifications.co • www. Ltd Bldg.com/dgmsc. With more than a decade of industry experience.co • www.Self-clinching standard floating nut Screws Anchor bolts Micro screws • UNC thread • Custom designs available In addition to creating more than 200 new screws. rivets and other items each month.com Interzum Guangzhou China Rm. Our delivery lead time for a 20-foot container is only 10 days. Huangjiang. we have 45 branches and sales networks across Asia.globalsources. East Industry Area. Contact our dedicated team of eight salespeople now.500 cabinet sets monthly. 27-30. 2012 Tel: (852) 2690 9519 • Fax: (852) 2467 9419 Booth No. To ensure precise manufacturing. nuts.globalsources. which also includes testing and production on imported machinery. 2. We welcome you to speak with them directly in English about your requirements. Yuen Long. Dongguan.co www. we produce kitchen cabinets. Plus. Ltd Chang Long Jinzhuyuan Industrial Area. N.com • elvis@dgmingxing.com/eaglemetalware.5 billion units of hardware for electronic devices. Guangdong 523750. as well as melaminecoated MDF. Guangdong 510000.500 tons worth of items monthly. and our monthly output is now up to 1. China Tel: (86-757) 8996 1363 ext. Add a little pizzazz to your trolleys by sourcing our eye-catching casters. ISO 9001:2000 ANSI/BIFMA X5.eaglemetalware. Our factories are equipped with automated machinery from Homag in Germany for precision consistent quality. as we manufacture our goods under an ISO 9001:2000-certified management system.supreme-caster. Guangdong 523750. Plus.000-plus tons of fasteners in-stock to meet our clients’ urgent requests.cn High-gloss UV panels for kitchen cabinets Light to medium-duty caster • Electroplated metal housings • Double ball bearings • Color PP cores with PU threads • Available in various colors At our 30. we are able to turn out up to 50. Hong Kong March.2 F41 E-mail: info@supremeMfr.000m2 facility in Guangzhou.com/supremeh.T. 2/F. Available in light. Lishui.com www. We’ve been supplying fasteners for over 40 years. Guangzhou.globalsources.com www.com Mainland China factory: Tel: (86-755) 8221 0830 180 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.. Shijing.to medium-duty versions. We keep 8.1-2002 Foshan Xinchuang Decorative Material Co. household furniture and other items. we use advanced machines from Taiwan and Japan to turn out 2. And not a single bolt or screw leaves our factory without undergoing strict inspections by our 80 QC specialists. To place an order. We've been offering these services since 1998.com/zhuv. varnished and acrylic door panels. Inquire today. China Tel: (86-769) 8399 5968 • Fax: (86-769) 8399 6861 E-mail: dgmsc@globalsources. Hall 11.globalsources. our items bear electroplated metal housings and double ball bearing. Production takes place at our 14.

6/F.4GHz wireless doorphone.hk PDP-123-08 Doorbell intercom system with wireless remote door lock-release function PP-1127 2. To ensure the quality of our products. our engineers.. duplex speaking system Block 9.. Fuhua Industrial Area. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2951 0886 Fax: (852) 2423 9498 E-mail: global@precise.globalsources.Shandong Yanshan Pipe Engineering Co. Tang Wei Estate. China Tel: (86-755) 2751 5218 Fax: (86-755) 2731 5482 More new products . design all of our software and hardware in-house.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 181 . Bao’an. Flat I. Shenzhen. Kwai Chung. Guangdong. Block 4. Call us today and we’ll provide you with a quote within three hours.www. plastic injection molding and logistics arrangement.T. 182-190 Tai Lin Pai Rd. N. PB-D0309 Wireless doorbell with flashing light Our comprehensive services include product and packaging design. Our monthly capacity is 500. Fu Yong. such as wireless doorbells and surveillance cameras. Golden Dragon Industrial Center. Ltd We reinvest 60 percent of our annual sales in R&D to incorporate the newest features into our home communication and security devices..000 units. each with 15 years of experience and a master’s degree.

000m2 ISO 9001:2000. Ltd Built-in universal 4-dial combination locks Our featured universal four-dial combination locks – for lockers and safes – are designed to provide security with 10. Come to us for polyamide.jp Website: www.com/hinomotojomae. polyethylene.co Fireproof safe series 182 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.co Contact Person: Felix Pan Mobile: (86) 136 6520 4331 A safe company with 100% sales increase yearly Fingerprint safe Ningbo Kingtiger Safes Co.000 tons of chemical-fiber rope each year.com . and automatic electroplating machinery.globalsources. as well as metal accessories for housings. ISO 9001:2000-certified factory has 136 employees – 13 percent of which are engineers. Ltd 8 Chengnan Rd. and our products are compliant with ABS.co. GL and CCS standards. polishing. Our 34.co. Using automated production lines with technology from Japan and Germany. Jiangsu 225815.globalsources..5.hinomotojomae. various colors are available Our 20.Choose verified suppliers . nylon monofilament and other varieties. 1-19-19 Nishigahara. We have been inspected by Bureau Veritas. polypropylene. LR. the lock can still be opened using the included emergency key. Baoying. we manufacture locks and hinges for a variety of industrial utility cases. stamping. Inquire now. made of nylon or polyamide. Tokyo 114-0024.com/xcrope.jp www.000 tons of chemical-fiber rope annually Twisted and braided ropes. And if a user forgets the combination. Chengnan Industrial Park.globalsources. Jiangsu Xiangchuan Rope Technology Co.and ISO 9001:2008-certified factories in mainland China are equipped with die casting. Kita-Ku. polyester. Besides the items shown here. Japan Tel: (81-48) 227 8110 • Fax: (81-48) 227 8112 E-mail: info@hinomotojomae.com www. we are able to make up to 5. China NK DNV RS CCS Tel: (86-514) 8830 2931 Fax: (86-514) 8825 3370 E-mail: felix @xcrope. Contact us today for more information.000m2.000 combination options.

Sui Yan Rd. Studs. 3 Fuxing Rd. bolts. contact us today.u-ween. carbon steel. Feng Yuan. wheels and rollers – we make them all.and TS 16949-certified facilities and come with TÜV approvals. Just bring us your drawings and let us do the rest. Whatever precision metal parts you need. Lane 115. We also source the best stainless steel.www. To get started on your next OEM/ODM projects. Zhongshan City. Sanjiao Town. Taichung. China Werner. screws. brass. plastics and rubber parts to ensure dependability and eliminate defects.. All our products are made in our ISO 9001:2000. alloy steel. We have over 50 design engineers and QC specialists to create your parts and ensure uniform quality. Guangdong.com. 66.tw Mainland China factory: No. hot-forged. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2522 3290 Fax: (886-4) 2522 3482 E-mail: annie@u-ween.com/uween.globalsources. SA Ladder and Lite prefer our ladders Alfa Metal Corp.co • www.globalsources. More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 183 .tw www. size and angle requirements. turned-machined and injection-molded products. aluminum. No. stamped.com..We have 43 years’ experience manufacturing various cold-forged. we can make them to your exact specification.

China ISO 9001:2000 Select from our 15 series of tape Sealing tape for bags.com info@lishunda. we have been dedicated to manufacturing a variety of steel wires. including spectroscopy. 3. Contact us today to learn more. Kaiwang Glue Product Co.co www.. Ltd 3/F. OEM orders welcome Within our 15 series of adhesive products. Our two factories are ISO 9001:2008-.com/lishunda. Our workforce of 260 employees produces 40. galvanized. As an ISO 9001:2000certified manufacturer. we produce more intricate pieces with superior finishes. Futian Zone 3. and orders are delivered in 10 days.Choose verified suppliers . including casting. bridges. assembly.cn • huaxing@cnhuaxing.globalsources. Taocun Industrial Village.cnhuaxing. including five R&D engineers and five QC staff members. Ltd 131 Ruixing Rd.000 units. And by using investment casting. Samples can be completed in 25 days. Inquire now. Bldg. Call us now. Jiangsu 226016.com www.com/nantonghuaxing. Jenny Zhu Mobile: (86) 158 5121 1658 North 2nd Rd. packing and adhesive-rationing equipment.com BOPP packing tapes.and AD2000-W0-certified.co Contact Person: Ms. A staff of 10 QC members looks over each production step to ensure a 100-percent acceptance rate. Over 300 clients come to us to fill their need for carbon. tensile strength. coal mines and other applications. China Tel: (86-513) 8591 6090 Fax: (86-513) 8591 1858 E-mail: hxgs@cnhuaxing. 73.We conduct an array of tests to ensure quality More than 300 buyers rely on our 8 years' experience Since 2002. We offer OEM/ODM services. We have 50 employees. Nantong Huaxing Steel Wire Products Co.cn www. Guangdong 528311. No. salt spray and hardness analyses.cn • www. Our monthly capacity is 100.com .globalsources. we’ve been manufacturing glass clamps. 184 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. Zhuhang. polishing. inspection and packaging. and auxiliary cutting. Nantong.lishunda.. Zhejiang 322000. railing and balusters. available in different sizes All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. They carry out strict inspections. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. elevator. spring.000 tons of steel products annually to fill your volume orders. we have thousands of different models available for your selection. we have QC technicians with up to seven years’ experience each. PED97/23/EC. China Tel: (86-579) 8559 5429 Fax: (86-579) 8559 5049 E-mail: lishunda@globalsources. machining. printing. Shunde. railways. Yiwu. To ensure quality. we are well-equipped with modern high-speed spread production lines. Spring steel wires For over a decade. mattresses. computers. hose and flat steel wire that is suitable for use in automobiles.

Shandong 255086. EN 14183. Foshan. Zibo New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Zibo.co • www. Japan-made manufacturing equipment and ISO 9001:2008-certified processes ensure that we meet your quality requirements.. 135 Zhengtong Rd. it's easy to see why so many buyers trust us.Abrasives developed in Japan Zibo Zhongli Abrasives Co. Contact us today to learn more about our OEM services. EN 131.www. ALDI. We are one of the largest household ladder producers in mainland China.abrasivepaper. LIDL and Carrefour.globalsources. Our 11 production lines roll out 3 million ladders every year.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 185 . Daliang.globalsources. China Tel: (86-533) 358 5975 • Fax: (86-533) 358 1005 E-mail: zhongliabrasives@globalsources. Thanks to our 30-year industry knowledge and exporting expertise. and ANSI standards apply. We offer quality and cost-effective household steel ladders and aluminum ladders to global markets. China Two-step steel ladder with power-coated finish (WR2061) More new products .com/zhongliabrasives. Guangdong 528300. Ltd Foshan Anli Industrial District. GS.com www. Shunde. including Home Depot. Wright Housewares Co. Ltd C511.com Chucked abrasive flap wheels Multifunction ladder (WR2397) Aluminum five-step ladder (WR2591) Extension ladder (WR2499B) Our company supplies houseware products to over 200 repeat clients.

we invite you to step inside China factories with Global Sources China Sourcing Reports. You’ll find page after page of details on verified manufacturers of specific products. To see all titles.com . benchmark your suppliers against these factories’ capabilities and prices. select your China Sourcing Reports today.com/HA 186 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.ChinaSourcingReports.Choose verified suppliers China Sourcing Reports HA_MOM_658 To buy direct from verified China manufacturers.globalsources. Choose from the following list of titles: • • • • • • Automotive Parts Beauty & Cosmetics Bicycles Fitness Equipment Footwear Holiday & Party Decorations • • • • • • Household & Kitchen Appliances Kitchen & Tableware Lighting & Electricals Plumbing & Sanitaryware Promotional Items Underwear & Swimwear To experience the difference that working with verified suppliers can make to your business. go to www.Choose verified suppliers . Plus.

globalsources. Ltd More new products .www.ETA Spring Tree Industry Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 187 .

.com .000 tons of top-quality PC sheets annually. 17 Fengcheng 2nd Rd. We provide customization services. To make our offerings as cost-effective as possible. and we’ll have a sample ready in 10 days. Jiande.com Source chains and hoists from a 20-year manufacturer Various kinds of chains are available Polycarbonate sheets made with Makrolon resin from Bayer PVC door We make our polycarbonate sheets using advanced Makrolon resin from Bayer. Guangdong 528427.com. but most of our staff has 20 years of industry experience as well. Xi'an Economic & Development Zone. we can also fill your orders for quality PVC doors. Rm. Our MOQ is $3. This includes our 16 R&D technicians – who create up to five new products yearly – and our six-member QC team. 15A.globalsources. 818 Dongfang Rd. These advanced materials allow us to produce 16. Shanghai 200122. Send us your customization requests. Europe and the Americas.goodlife.com and lever hoist Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co. including nails up to 150mm in length and 5. We export to more than 100 countries worldwide including all of Asia. which also helps us ship orders in 10 days.6mm in diameter. Ltd Datong Industrial Function Zone.com www. we manufacture our raw materials entirely in-house. Haiyang Building.globalsources. Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-29) 8651 3989 Fax: (86-29) 8651 2486 goldennestbuildingmaterial@hotmail.000m2 factory..000 worth of goods. 1101. contact us today. Zhongshan.globalsources. Nantou.co Jiande Xingchen Metal Products Co. China Tel: (86-571) 6450 6548 Fax: (86-571) 6457 6638 Common nails E-mail: graceyxrao@hotmail. Shanghai TCH Metals & Machinery Co.com • goodlife@goodlife.globalsources. with samples completed in 15 days. 60 production lines from Taiwan and 300 employees help us produce up to 120 tons of weldless chains and 500 tons of welded chains monthly.com/jiandexingchen.co • www. In addition to PC sheets.cn 188 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Shaanxi 710000.560m2 factory has a monthly capacity of 400 tons of products.jdxcjs. China Tel: (86-21) 5831 6036 Fax: (86-21) 5820 9989 E-mail: tch@tchmetals.globalsources.com www. Hangzhou. and we accept mixed orders. Inquire now.Materials made in-house for greater cost effectiveness Electro-galvanized nails Come to us for a wide range of hardware. Not only have we been manufacturing chains and hoists for 20 years. ceiling panels and PVC profiles. At our ISO 9001:2000-certified. Ltd Yifu Rd. Orders are delivered in 45 days.com/goodlife. Our 17.Choose verified suppliers .com. China Tel: (86-760) 2313 2001 Fax: (86-760) 2313 2006 goodlife@globalsources.tchmetals. Inquire now.com www.cn www. windows.co Chain hoist www.co • www. Minimum orders for one 20-foot HQ container are welcome. To get these top-quality building materials delivered to your market.com/goldennest.. and UV co-extruders from Omipa.com/tchmetals. 11. Zhejiang 311614.

We export to Europe and the US. Flywheel specializes in the manufacture of aluminum scaffolding.000 units we produce annually. ideal for indoor installation and maintenance projects More new products . Discover why global buyers source over $25 million worth of our goods every year.. Guangdong 529500.www.globalsources. and manned by 700 skilled workers. Flywheel Caster Mfg Ltd Flywheel Metal Products Mfg Ltd 1 Chigang East Rd. China. That’s why our 168. China Aluminum scaffolding.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 189 . We pay great attention to the quality of the 10.Over 100 types of screws and nails Ginfa World Co.000m2 ISO 9001:2008-certified factory is equipped with more than 500 advanced production and testing machines. trolleys and casters. Ltd ISO 9001:2008 (CNS 12681) Established in 1981. Yangjiang. our 20 R&D engineers can work with you on your designs and create a sample that matches your needs. If you need customization services. Inquire now. It’s no wonder we’ve been recognized as a leading brand in Guangdong. We conduct inhouse inspections on everything from incoming raw materials to finished products about to be shipped.

DIN.and ISO 14001:2004certified. releasing up to 20 new models monthly. We also crank out up to 700. Zhejiang 315317.We source recycled PC and process it into new raw materials.com www.globalsources. Xi'an.cn Aluminum sofa leg (FA0071) 190 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com • www.petertrade. China Tel/Fax: (86-574) 6369 8726 E-mail: catherine@nbzhonghong. Our products meet ANSI. take advantage of our no-MOQ policy.com.com/hechuang. Qiaotou.globalsources. all complying with ISO 9001:2000.com/dongjiali. Bao’an.000 cabinet feet each month using die-casting and automatic polishing machines from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We've been producing sofa legs and casters. BS.com . Our production facility is ISO 9001:2000. pipe fittings and valves are handled by 18 partner factories.com. Shenzhen. Ltd Yandun. Shaanxi 710061. Cixi. C-901. And we can get you OEM samples in just two weeks.com • sales@szfvb.com/petertrade. China Tel: (86-755) 8170 5820 • Fax: (86-755) 8170 5811 E-mail: dongjiali789@163.co • www. boards or panels? Let us offer you a low-cost solution. Every month. China E-mail: frankk@petertrade.000 sofa legs and 80. we can supply 500 tons of flanges.. door knobs and other accessories since 1995. Xintang. Our delivery time is as fast as 15 days.szfvb. Ltd Dongjiali Industrial Zone. steel pipes.cn www. Contact us today to get your next order started. we offer variety.Choose verified suppliers .000 times • Patented in Taiwan Crystal sheets with PE film on both sides We cut costs by using recycled PC Looking for PC sheets.globalsources. Guanlan.We then manufacture new PC products on our four double-sided UV co-extrusion production lines.com Shenzhen Dongjiali Hardware Co. Yanta.000 tons of steel pipes and 300 tons of pipe fittings. Guangdong 518110.000 door knobs. API and JIS regulations. TÜV and Moody’s guidelines. Qujiang International Apartment. 4. Plus. We’ve been satisfying buyers in North America for 15 years. Cam lock (T-105) Front-mounted central lock (T-101) Cixi Hechuang Plastics Co.nbzhonghong. 80. Contact us today.co www.com www. Mass orders for our flanges. and we’re certain to impress you too.globalsources. cabinet feet. Ningbo. 6 Yanzhan Rd.co Plastic sheets with UV protection and thermal insulation Furniture hardware from a 16-year manufacturer Aluminum door knob (AD1063) What makes us the ideal go-to supplier for all of your furniture and kitchen hardware needs? The fact that we're experienced.Cabinet lock (T-152) • SGS-approved • Cylinder made of zinc alloy from Australia • Can be used more than 20. Inquire today.

Japan Sep.www. as well as patio door. 489-491 Castle Peak Rd. At our two factories in mainland China. 2011 Booth no. Hong Kong Industrial Centre. Co. TBA SPOGA+GAFA 2011 Cologne. our 500-member team produces 1 million locks monthly. as each one is made of raw materials that comply with international standards.com www.Having started as a modest family business specializing in locks in 1970. Zhejiang 313200. OEM projects are welcomed. USA June 14-17.com • xf@hzxinfeng.000m2. flooring or fences. 2011 Booth no. Th is combination gives our products eco-friendly and nontoxic advantages.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 191 . Hong Kong E-mail: kwmcoltd@netvigator. 2011 Booth no.com International Floriculture Expo Miami. we’ve grown to gain the trust of industry giants such as Master Lock and Stanley Black & Decker.com/xinfengindustry..globalsources. You’ll never have to question the durability of our items. But unlike wooden products. We hold 11 patents for specially designed WPC products. We also offer toggles and safety lockout hasps. DIY flooring Huzhou Xinfeng Wood Plastic Composite Co. TBA WPC flower pots. Germany Sep. Ltd 187 West Changhong St. China Tel: (86-571) 8993 5792 Fax: (86-571) 8993 5705 hzxinfeng@globalsources.globalsources. available in various styles More new products . Our materials are 55 percent plant fiber. 40 percent recycled PP and 5 percent additives. 11/F. Huzhou. which span a total of 22. we’ve got the products you’re looking for. discus and combination padlocks. and samples are finished in two weeks. TBA Japan Home and Building Show Tokyo. Ltd Rm. 28-30. they will never become moldy or misshapen. mortise cylinder and hasp locks.hzxinfeng. Deqing Economic Development Zone.co ISO 9001:2000 www. Combination dial padlock Brass padlock Safety lockout hasp Kam Wah Metalware Mfg. These include brass. Our products are also compliant with CE and RoHS guidelines. B5. The images here will demonstrate just how similar our products are to authentic hardwood.. 4-6. Take advantage of our 40 years of industry experience by inquiring now. Kowloon.com Hasp and staple Toggle and catch plate Specializing in manufacturing WPC products We hold 11 patents Whether you need WPC flower pots. Contact us today or visit us at an upcoming trade show.

com • www.globalsources.sgsiec.globalsources. which mostly fills orders from clients in the US. China Tel: (86-22) 6877 1997. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified flanges factory is spread across 60. Shaanxi 710075.co Exporting all varieties of abrasives for 33 years Stainless steel flanges Flexible disc and convex fiber disc An abundance of resources is ready to get your business pumping. and we'll design a sample.com/tjkainuo.000m2.Choose verified suppliers .tjbchg.. Ten of our 30 R&D staffers have over 20 years’ experience in designing hose clamps in various styles. producing over 400. Our 40 QC technicians will perform chemical analysis. Danfeng International Building. China Tel: (86-29) 6296 3081 • Fax: (86-29) 6296 3083 E-mail: posiya@sgsiec. Europe and the Middle East. Tianjin 301605. Since 1986. Jinghai. And we can fit them exactly to your specifications. 4 Gaoxin Rd. Everything we export is PED-compliant. Bldg.500 tons. Co. and API. Stainless steel pipe fittings Shaanxi Gold-Stone Imp. valves and tubes can all be made to your specifications too.000 sets every day. Just send us your drawings. Altogether. Visit our Global Sources website today. C.globalsources.com/sgsiec. Inquire today. 6877 1191 Fax: (86-22) 6877 1129 E-mail: tjkainuo@globalsources. Ltd Yuanmengkou. Stainless steel hose clamps.com • tjbc@tjbchg. Pipelines. hardness and salt-spray tests to meet your requirements.com Website: www. materials and sizes. tensile strength. Xi’an. Ltd Rm.com . One wholly owned factory and six partner manufacturers in key cities across China ensure a readily available supply of stainless and carbon steel flanges and pipe fittings in all sizes. & Exp.com 192 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com www.co • www. meets DIN 3017 standards Tianjin Kainuo Industrial Co. Gaoxin. we’ve grown into one of the largest hose-clamp manufacturers in Asia. our network has a monthly capacity of 1.and TÜVapproved.Clamps customized by 30 specialists with 20 years’ experience Hose clamps need to fit just right. 31906.

lathes and internal one-up cold-press machines. pivot hinges and push plates Knob. For quality assurance.. Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Over the years.com/jinlizj..globalsources. Fasteners in various sizes. We are also a member of the China General Machine Components Industry Association. our products go through hydraulic pressure and pulling tests.600 tons of goods – cutting our delivery time down drastically. Binhai 3rd Ave.www. hex-socket and flange bolts. handles and furniture fittings Magnetic catches and latches Our warehouse can store 3. drawbenches. This facility allows us to hold up to 3. Ltd Suite 609B.net chbshanya@vip. We recently invested $2.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 193 . studs.Door and furniture fittings exported to 20 countries Metal hinge.globalsources.co ISO/TS 16494:2002 Flange bolts Screw nuts Hex-socket bolts More new products . we’ve fitted our facilities with high-end machinery such as annealing stoves.163. We have a vast variety of production machines and 296 testing machines. our 20 years of industry experience are hard to beat. and bolt nuts. China Tel: (86-577) 8655 5066 Fax: (86-577) 8655 9018 E-mail: jinlizj@yeah. compressors.600t of products When it comes to hardware. Our product range includes automotive fasteners.com ISO 9001:2000 www.2 million in a warehouse of grand proportions. Inquire now. all ready to be customized. for automotive use Zhejiang Jinli Industry Co. 12th Rd. Zhejiang 325000.

.globalsources. If you’re looking to shape up a sharp design.co • www. you can test your market by sourcing only the amount you currently require. no more. Zhejiang Anqidi Garden Machinery Co. Don’t commit to a large-quantity order if you don’t want to. To get started on your next order. no less. Our appealing designs utilize green technology with straightforward operation. Zhejiang 318050. we have become well-acclimated to serving OEM customers.com Website: www.globalsources.com .Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Tengda Rd. And if you’re looking to bulk up.com CE EPA 194 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Taizhou. China Tel: (86-576) 82419166 Fax: (86-576) 82419160 E-mail: sales@anqidi. Two. our 50.anqidi. our R&D department can assist you. and with our innovative. market-ready designs.000-unit annual capacity can help complete large orders thanks to our four production lines.In line with eco-conscious consumers. With our no-MOQ policy.and four-stroke series are available – both with CE and EPA approvals. inquire today. In the garden machinery industry for five years. Luqiao. We have satisfied clients with our ability to make custom modifications quickly. we produce gasoline brush cutters with lower emissions.com/anqidi.

VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE Tools & Accessories Hand tools Garden/lawn tools Power/electric tools Tool kits Combination tool sets Workshop equipment & accessories Fastening hand tools The latest screwdrivers and wrenches are marketed with accessories and other implements.globalsources. Online www.globalsources.com/diy Find thousands of products and suppliers in an easy to compare format–updated daily Product Alert–receive e-mails when new products go online Inquiry Basket–send inquiries quickly to multiple suppliers 205 More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 195 .www.

Wu-jih. multitools. We have over 3. Tanzhou. Section 2. Taichung. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2335 4478 • Fax: (886-4) 2335 4476 • E-mail: grnguard@ms14.com . Bypass pruner with safety lock (GP-1221) • Teflon-coated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip aluminum top handle and nylon bottom handle with hook Folding saw with hand guard (FL86-180T) • Chrome-plated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip ABS handles • Triple chip grind Factory: 3rd Industrial Zone. Lane 516.2-in-1 hedge shears (GH-8461) • Doubles as loopers • Teflon-coated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip aluminum handles Work with us to benefit from one of the gardening and hand tool industry’s most comprehensive collections.co • www. With us. 80. Guangdong 528467. Plus. you’ll also benefit from: • Compliance with ISO 9001:2000. BSCI. Newell Rubbermaid and Spear & Jackson have taken advantage of these benefits.greenguard.. tooling and sampling • OEM samples in a week and ODM samples in two weeks 2-in-1 loppers (GL-6999) • Bypass and anvil cutting • Teflon-coated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip aluminum handles • Volume production of 100 million units each year • 19 years of experience • Complete in-house production for quality you can rely on • Audits by Walmart.com/greenguard.net All items shown here with various trademarks.hinet. Call us today to find out how you can too.cn Office: No. we release 10 new products every month – all of which are customizable to your specifications. The Marks are the property of the respective owners.globalsources.000 eco-friendly items – made with PET and TPR – ranging from garden tools. saws and clamps to plumbing tools and a variety of outdoor knives. Kmart. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only. So we’re just the partner you need for one-stop tool sourcing. Bahco.globalsources.com. China Tel: (86-760) 8665 3777 • Fax: (86-760) 8665 3658 E-mail: greenguard@globalsources. and are not for sale. Zhongshan. 360˚ grass shears with safety lock (GS-2026) • Teflon-coated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip ABS handles Hedge shears (GH-31113) • Teflon-coated carbon steel blades • Soft-grip PP handles 196 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Hsi-nan Rd. Home Depot and Tesco • TÜV-approved and a licensed Teflon® applicator We export to markets worldwide and our minimum order requirement is 1.com • greenguard@china. Stanley. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.com www. OEM clients such as Fiskars.200 units. Alley 121.Choose verified suppliers . GS and FSC standards • 50 R&D engineers for designing.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 197 .Developed by seasoned R&D engineers Electric fillet knife set with case More new products .globalsources.www.

globalsources.com .Choose verified suppliers .198 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

4kW gasoline chainsaw with 51.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 199 .and GS-certified CSB52 2.0kW gasoline chainsaw with 45cc displacement and 18” guide bar.globalsources.and GS-certified BCB43 Real emission Euro II 43cc brush cutter with 1.www.2cc displacement and 20” guide bar.2kW power and 22” guide bar. CE.and GS-certified CSB62 62cc gasoline chainsaw with 3.CSB45 2. with digital ignition and low-fuel consumption More new products . CE. CE.25kW engine power.

Leou Hsiang Village.000-unit industry average – we can meet your order requirements quickly. Our featured 100W industrial glue is just one of our latest offerings.donghuicase. Leou Lin. They value our growing collection of innovative and patented designs.globalsources. choose from over 1.Choose verified suppliers . Taiwan Tel: (886-5) 268 7550 Fax: (886-5) 268 1110 E-mail: yc@yeuchyuan. Operating under ISO 9001:2008. 189-9. including Hitachi Power Tools Europe.com Website: www. Our R&D team is on hand to handle your OEM and ODM orders. we turn out 300.000m2 factory. producing and exporting aluminum toolboxes.globalsources. and the reliability of our products.com/donghuicase. heat guns.com/yeuchyuan. call or e-mail us now.000 units monthly at our 10. And we use injection molding and thermoforming machines for all your OEM projects and maintain a defect rate of just 0. Ltd No. Foshan. To benefit from our R&D and production capabilities. Shui Shang Town.com.co • www.and ISO 14001:2004-certified guidelines. hot fix applicator wands and other hardware items are sourced by Walmart and Henkel. Chia Yi County. We are an OEM/ODM provider for well-known brands.We have more than 20 years of experience designing.globalsources.com .yeuchyuan. Ltd Wanshi Industrial Zone.000 units – almost double the 350. Aluminum toolboxes RECH Foshan Nanhai Donghui Cases Products Co. Our 500 workers and six advanced production lines support this production ability. e-mail us today. Nanhai.000 production-ready models – a collection to which we add 100 new REACH Directive-compliant items every year. Sample turnaround time is only five days. With a monthly capacity of 600. For samples in three days. Guangdong 528234.com Major retailers come to us for glue guns and heat guns and more Our glue guns.tw 200 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com www. Yeu Chyuan Industrial Co. Or.co www. Songgang.3 percent – the industry standard is 3 percent. China Tel: (86-757) 8520 7760 • Fax: (86-757) 8520 7780 E-mail: donghuicase@globalsources.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 201 . Pump dispenser • With angled discharge nozzle • Uniquely designed cap. Dispenser pumps with angled nozzles. available in a range of nozzle lengths Pump World Inc. More new products .globalsources.Splash-free pumps approved by leading fast food chain Sprays. pumps and bottles ready to be customized a.www. completely insulates the pump from contaminants c. Splash-free pumps • Cutting-edge angled spout with a more uniform flow rate • Different actuator designs and lengths are available for various bottles • Removable outlet cap allows for a thorough cleaning in just seconds • Long actuator with 90˚ angle nozzle allows fluids to be pumped out evenly with no mess b.

Yale Industrial Centre. 388 8652 Fax: (60-7) 388 8657 E-mail: marwinsb@streamyx.com. enable us to offer high quality toolboxes. TS810-20 Watchmaker tool set Unit 1201. stackable containers. Visit our Global Sources online showroom to see our 50 latest models. We promise to turn your orders into our commitment.Choose verified suppliers . 205100-W) PTD 113376. N.hk Disposable wares Drawer cabinets Toolbox series Our factory in Malaysia is equipped with 28 injection molding machines from JSW.hk Website: www..co 202 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. These resources. GSP Form A and ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Scheme Form D are available. we introduce a series of comprehensive and user-friendly toolkits for watchmakers. we provide various types of dry cell batteries. Kawasan Perindustrian Kota Putri 81750 Masai.soil. 61-63 Aui Pui Wan St. Customized toolkits are always welcome. Our professional services have brought us repeat orders from Asia. We can ensure on-time delivery. Marwin Industries Sdn Bhd (Reg. combined with more than 20 years of experience. Europe.co • www. Kawaguchi and Sumitomo of Japan. Jalan Penaga 13. watch parts and accessories for timepieces and electronic industries in our fully equipped factories in Jiangmen and Dongguan.. Now. compartment boxes and disposable microwave containers that meet your OEM demands.com .com/marwin.com Website: www. the Americas and Australia. Our experienced QC staff monitors everything from incoming materials to production and packaging under international standards.com.com/soil. Malaysia Tel: (60-7) 388 8651. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2687 6032 • Fax: (852) 2687 6201 E-mail: info@soil.globalsources.T. Fotan. no. Johor.globalsources. drawer part cabinets. You may contact us today for more information.TS902-17 Watchmaker tool set With over 30 years of experience. Sha Tin.globalsources.

Their efforts are a major reason why everything made in our 70. brush cutters. our products – which include chainsaws. Our key parts reach first-class standards An 18-member QC team conducts regular tests to imbue confidence in our quality.chinapioneer.com. Zhejiang 321016. different engines available Outboard engine with different powers available Brush cutter with different powers available Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Co. Chainsaw. Call us today. GS-. China Tel: (86-579) 8281 2368 Fax: (86-579) 8281 1758 E-mail: zxq@chinapioneer. South America.www. EMC. And they can get you samples in as fast as one week.com/painier.cn Our 70.to three-year warranties depending on the product you choose.000m2 factory complies with CE.com.co ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 www. GS. 1 million-unit yearly capacity Filling volume orders is not a problem for us. That’s why we design 20 completely new products every year so that your hard-earned customer appeal doesn’t diminish.globalsources. Jinhua Industry Zone. the Middle East and Southeast Asia. EMC and EPA standards.Garner appeal with 20 new models yearly OBI sources our CE-.globalsources. Jinhua.000m2 factory More new products . outboard engines and hedge trimmers – enjoy a first-class quality reputation because we use first-class key parts – just ask our satisfied buyers in Europe. With a team of professionals like this.cn PAHS EU-II www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 203 .and EPA-approved power tools 1.. Ltd 727 Shenli Rd. we confidently offer one. In fact. Our yearly capacity of 1 million units already satisfies the likes of OBI.to 3-year warranties provided Appeasing a large customer base has time constraints. Eighteen engineers with over 10 years of experience are given the task of rendering these new models.

Zhejiang 315040. we can provide insight into products popular in your market. 8/F. Donghai Shuguang Mansion.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. 8797 0671 Fax: (86-574) 8775 4455 everesttools@globalsources. Ltd Rms. Ningbo Everest Imp.com .com $35 million in sales annually Pneumatic tool Zhejiang Refine Wufu Air Tools Co.000 tool models More than 10 years in the industry As a tool trading company with more than 300 partner factories. Ltd LVMP spray gun Electric HVLP paint sprayer Air-operated grease pump ISO 9001:2000 RoHS PAHS 204 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. With more than a decade of experience.globalsources. Contact us today. Co.Over 4. We have worked with some of our partner factories since our business started over 10 years ago. We ship fifty 20-foot containers monthly to clients in Europe. automotive and power tools.co www. we have the selection and capacity you need. as well as ways to trim order costs for more successful sourcing. Ningbo.000 hand tools and other gardening. A1-A4.. We welcome orders for as few as 10 cartons per model. Australia and other regions worldwide.com/everesttools. Look to our catalog for over 4.everest-tools.com • xuyun@everest-tools. & Exp. 455 East Zhongshan Rd. North America.com www. China Tel: (86-574) 8775 4466.

which has the bit container built into the handle. Plenty Harvest Tools Manufacturer Ltd’s line includes several multitools combining screwdrivers with knives. screwdrivers and wrenches are often combined with hammers. Ray-1761 model for car emergencies.Sourcing Update FASTENING HAND TOOLS VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE Specialized kits. growing about 10 percent annually.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 205 . Another product. Ltd • Ningbo Haishu Raying Import & Export Manufacture • Ningbo Mind Import & Export Co. knife and saw. has come out with the CONTACT SUPPLIERS Suppliers interviewed for this report: Nanjing Sembol Hardware Tools Co. wire stripper. although a number of dual-color constructions are available. where price competition limits profitability to less than 5 percent. including Phillips. Ltd. Ningbo Haishu Raying and Plenty Harvest. Ltd • Plenty Harvest Tools Manufacturer Ltd • Tanio International Holdings Ltd • Wenzhou Yongchang Tools Co. Xiamen Nanchbit Precision Tools Co. The two areas are currently the top venues for overseas shipments. pliers. The tools and add-ons are typically offered in boxes. slotted and hex types. LED torch. integrates a flat screwdriver with a heavy-duty hammer. has released several kits designed specifically for electronics and eyeglasses repair. Besides offering specialized kits. ratchet. for example. socket. for instance. several companies have expanded selections to comprise all-in-one tools with fastening implements among the attachments. Products are marketed individually or offered in sets with continued on page 214 More new products . In this line. Efforts to boost product functionality have yielded a greater number of sets bundling screwdrivers and wrenches with related accessories for a particular purpose or user segment. Most are in a single hue. cross. saws. Ltd Ningbo Haishu Raying’s Ray-1762 model is a screwdriver with 12 detachable steel bits. the 8170 model. these sets combine a screwdriver handle with various heads. Ltd • Xiamen Nanchbit Precision Tools Co. wire strippers. The boost is projected to come mainly from midrange and high-end markets. Multifunction implements generate returns 20 to 100 percent higher than standard designs. pipe. Some have integrated holders for the bits and other attachments. pliers and scissors. especially those in North America and Europe. knives and other instruments for vehicle repair and outdoor DIY work. Over the past two years. Ningbo Haishu Raying. cross and slotted heads. window breaker and seat-belt cutter. Suppliers expect multifunction models and kits to be the main drivers of growth in the fastening tools segment this year. The implement functions as a screwdriver. Black and red are the shades typically combined. At Ningbo Haishu Raying Import & Export Manufacture. Wrenches Wrenches are among the best-sellers of China’s fastening hand tools industry. multitools on the rise The latest screwdrivers and wrenches are marketed with accessories and other implements. The product comes with hex. accounting for 60 to 70 percent. are anticipating export sales to increase between 10 and 15 percent. the fastening tool options include the model Ray-1762 screwdriver. Packed in a box or wallet. China suppliers of fastening hand tools are shifting production toward versatile models and kits to increase margins. for instance. It has five detachable bits and a magnetic tool for retrieving screws and similar small items from hard-to-reach places. Models come in adjustable. strap. hex key and L types. such constructions have accounted for a larger share of output and exports.globalsources. One of these is the 8146S model. which has Phillips and flat screwdrivers among its attachments. spanner. wallets or cases for portability and convenient storage.

globalsources.206 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .com .

contact our representatives today – they’ll respond within 12 hours. Delivery for 10. Samples can be ready in as fast as three days. PU or ABS Aluminum toolbox Companies from around the world come to us for a wide range of OEM-ready toolboxes and cases. we welcome thirdAluminum cases for musical instruments party audits and offer one-year warranties.500m2 and boast three production lines.com www.globalsources. gift and musical instrument boxes. Nanhai. can be made with PVC. Guangdong 528000. 8576 3232 Fax: (86-757) 8576 3767 E-mail: sales@rz-case.com/ruizheng.com More new products . Our extensive product line includes gun. just send us your requirements and we will create an item to match. as well as cosmetic. jetton and attaché cases. To ensure quality. Plus. We have two factories that cover 5.rz-case. such as the featured insulated cases. tool.We supply a variety of OEM-ready toolboxes and cases Aluminum toolbox Aluminum guitar case Aluminum toolboxes. If our in-house designs don’t match your needs. China Tel: (86-757) 8576 3765. Ltd Shayong Industry.co • www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 207 .com • xgruizheng@gmail. Foshan Nanhai Ruizheng Aluminum Products Co. To place an order for 10 items or more. Plus we provide industry-specific models. Lishui.000 units takes only 15 days. Our R&D team members have decades of experience and release hundreds of new products per month.globalsources. we source SGS-marked raw materials and conduct additional inspections on all components. Foshan.www.

Beverley Industrial Co. 6/F. putty knives and protective work wear. 77 Hoi Yuen Rd. agitators. North America and Japan. And our operations are supervised by staff members from our headquarters in Hong Kong to further ensure that all of your requirements are met.. Cangjiang Industrial Zone. Ltd Sanzhou Park.hk www. If you value safety and the environment. Our products have been exported to Europe. Lead-free tools sourced by 3M and Walmart Stainless steel tool cabinet and workstation Caulking gun We’ve completed OEM and ODM orders for major retailers and chain stores. All products that leave our facility are RoHS Directive-compliant for easy market access. including caulking guns.globalsources. Gaoming.Drilling Polishing Model making set. Our new 55. Foshan. battery detectors and mini massagers to markets worldwide.globalsources..hk All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only.000m2 factory is equipped with seven production lines and boasts laser cutting machines. Contact us today for complete product information and to find out more about our OEM services. we’ve been supplying rotary tools. choose us. over-molded handles Jin Rong Hua Le Metal Manufactures Co. numerical punches. Clients trust us because we’ve passed inspections from Bureau Veritas and Intertek. efficiency and a built-in key lock button • Polisher has high and low speeds • Comes with durable plastic carrying case Producing rotary tools since 1961 For almost half a century.000 units monthly – enough to handle your volume orders.cn Website: www. grinders.com/beverley. GAM and Hyde Tools come to us.co www. includes grinder and polisher (AD-1920) • Grinder features 70 g-cm torque at max. Ninety-nine percent of our hand tools and all of our packaging are lead-free.co • www. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2797 0003 • Fax: (852) 2341 8978 E-mail: info@beverley. respirators. tool kits.com. In order to produce such a wide range of gadgets.globalsources. Guangdong 528500.com . Delivery takes 15 to 30 days. Kwun Tong. or work with our existing models – our products hold seven design patents and two utility patents in mainland China.beverley.com/tbk.tbk. inquire today. Big buyers also love our vast product range. Kowloon.com. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Brushes with TPR Inquire today. China Tel: (86-757) 8862 5905 • Fax: (86-757) 8862 5925 Contact Person: Cathy Wang E-mail: sales@tbk. drills. They are the property of their respective owners. Walmart. These are just some of the reasons why 3M. Phase 1. Here. Yip Fat Industrial Bldg. Flat B. To find out more. Send us your designs. we produce up to 100. we operate eight production lines at our factory in Dongguan. automatic benders and automated powder coating lines from Germany and Italy. industrial brushes. abrasives.Choose verified suppliers .cn 208 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

EMC and EPA certifications. Wenling. Shipped in 15 days We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Ltd 6-in-1 portable garden tool set with 2-pole splineconnection system 11 Shanglin Rd. Using seven production lines. and we use carburetors from Walbro. We use magnesium alloy to produce our lightweight crankcases – most of our competitors use heavier aluminum alloy.com • color@zomaxtool. we turn out up to 600. Each product undergoes 10 rounds of QC at our testing lab. We also welcome minimum orders for 500 units per model. Zhejiang Zomax Garden Machinery Co. Oregon chains give our chainsaws stronger cutting ability.www. We use a plasma vapor deposition process to coat our engines. Oregon and Walbro components And that’s not the only reason our chainsaws are better.Thanks to superior engine production Gasoline chainsaw (ZM5010) • Magnesium alloy crankcase. This process doubles engine life span and reduces emissions. GS.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 209 . This helps to ensure that our tools carry GS. CE. China Tel: (86-576) 8614 6558.co Eu ISO 9001:2000 More new products . Inquire today. lightweight and durable • Patented starter design reduces starting efforts • Optimized cylinder design provides more power • Advanced antivibration system • Safety grip handle 8” chainsaw (ZM2000) • Automatic chain tension • Quick ignition • Advanced air-intake system • Tool-less technology • Spring antivibration system • Carburetor with primer pump Longer-lasting tools will keep your customers happy – and keep them coming back for more products.globalsources.globalsources..000 units annually and ship orders in 15 days. CE and EPA approvals Our 100 R&D experts welcome your OEM/ODM projects and develop four new power tools annually. Zhejiang 317500.com/zomax. (86-576) 8614 6566 Fax: (86-576) 8614 6567 E-mail: zomax@globalsources.com Website: www.

Garage organization systems available in various sizes. 1111.co www. Jindong. machining.com/good-link. 2. they’re able to create six products with the newest features every month.000 units.com 210 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. CDs and beauty accessories. Contact us today. From tool organizers and hooks to portable racks and hangers.000m2 factory.com tianyi@nhtianyi.. our range is bulked up by 50 unique items every year thanks to the $50.com/tianyi. Guangdong 528244. heat-treatment and surface-finishing equipment. Qingdao Good-link Tools Corp. 61 Haier Rd.Choose verified suppliers .cn ISO 9001:2000 Jinhua Dongfeng Commodity Manufacturer Co. Aluminum alloy tool cases Nanhai Tianyi Metal Products Co. Jinhua. This facility boasts six production lines with advanced punching and riveting machines from Taiwan. customizable garage organization systems Plumbing tool kit Swedish-type Cr-V pipe wrench Our R&D ability will have you hooked. Lishui.com . We have over 100 models of hand tools for your selection. Besides the hooks displayed in this system.globalsources. Xiaoshun.globalsources. As a result. Shandong 266103. Five to six new products are added to our catalog each year. we also produce 100 other types. China Tel: (86-757) 8568 8281 • Fax: (86-757) 8568 7862 E-mail: tianyi@globalsources.plumbingtools.. all made in-house with our advanced forging. Bldg. Such volume is made possible by having our 300-member team utilize our 12. China Tel: (86-579) 8295 1888 Fax: (86-579) 8295 2118 E-mail: kevin@geckyrack. They can also create prototypes according to your specifications within seven days.000 units can be shipped within 35 days. China Tel: (86-532) 5557 8708 • Fax: (86-532) 5557 8709 E-mail: good-linktools@vip. Ltd 68 Kingsun Rd. Zhejiang 321035. Contact us today. In addition.com/gecky.geckyrack.co • www. our convenient location close to ports in Nanhai helps us to minimize lead times.com www.globalsources.co • www. Nanhai. We’ll fill your orders with our monthly capacity of 200. Our plumbing tools bear GS marks. we firmly stand by our social responsibilities.163.Choose from 500-plus aluminum alloy cases Aluminum alloy case for beauty accessories Foldable aluminum alloy toolbox Come to us for a selection of over 500 aluminum alloy cases for tools.com www. Plus. And as a BSCI-certified manufacturer. They come with many adjustable features catering to the markets of the US and Europe. Qingdao. Inquire today. and our plumbing tools are a prime example of that. We stay on top of the latest trends by sending our R&D engineers to international trade shows. Rm.000 we reinvest in R&D annually. Ltd Hecun Industrial Area.com Innovative designs from a 38-year manufacturer R&D has been driving our business since 1972. guns. Minimum orders of 1.globalsources. Our garage organization systems are designed to allow for easy customization by the end-user. they are also extremely portable.nhtianyi. OEM orders welcome Portable.com Website: www.

com/au All items shown here with various trademarks. Bao’an.co • www. Fishing rod rack Shoe rack More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 211 . two metal baskets and one wall hook PVC slat wall panel.com www. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.com • jackey-38@hotmail. with 3ft2 slat wall panel.globalsources. Ltd Ying Tai Industry Zone.. and are not for sale. Shenzhen. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. Guangdong 518109. Dalang St.globalsources.We offer comprehensive space-saving storage solutions Wall storage kit. centipede brackets available PVC slat wall panels Shenzhen Tangyi Metal Industrial Co.www. China Tel: (86-755) 2817 7255 • Fax: (86-755) 2813 1256 Skype: jackey38 E-mail: sztangyi@gmail.tongmings. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.com/tangyi.

com .5 million units annually Jig saw.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. 45º maximum bevel cut 212 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. weighs only 8.000ft/lbs • Twin-hammer mechanism • 6 adjustable torque settings: 3 forward and 3 reverse • Adjustable inner or outer trigger Electric planer Using advanced equipment to make up to 1.1kg • High-torque output: 2.1” square drive air impact wrench • Ultra-lightweight.

power tool accessories and automotive accessories. Jiangsu 210012. Linesman pliers Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E Corp. we have implemented an efficient management system to keep our R&D. China Tel: (86-25) 5225 0454.com. QC. 5220 9297 E-mail: saintytools@sumex. we own one specialized packaging factory and one logistics warehouse.com/saintycorp. Nanjing. sales and warehouse maintenance departments on track.cn www. That’s how we are able to offer our vast range of products. and have also established partnerships with over 400 factories in China. sourcing.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 213 . Multifunction pneumatic cutter tool set As an ISO 9001:2008-certified enterprise. Ltd Bldg.Products available in more than 20. C.globalsources. 5287 5966 Fax: (86-25) 5225 1901.cn One-piece claw hammer More new products . That’s exactly what we have been accomplishing during the more than 30 years that we have been providing hand tools. You can choose from over 3. Inquire now.500 items in more than 20..www.sumex. So we are able to keep buyers in over 60 countries and regions satisfied with our dependable deliveries and services.000 specifications 30-piece quick change drill bit set Imagine a supplier that has spent over three decades honing their skills. 21 South Ning Ave. To keep organized. In addition. we have invested in dozens of other factories.com.co www. And we reliably export up to $80 million worth of goods across the globe every year.globalsources.000 specifications spread over 60 categories.

Hex keys.com/sxjiutai. Bldg. manufacturing and trading hardware items. China Tel: (86-575) 8602 8004. 2. square and hexagonal constructions. come in lengths of up to 18in.globalsources. you’ll never need to deal with another supplier again. Industry & Trading Co. Models are available starting at $0. sanding and electroplating.com/starexweld. models reaching $0.globalsources. Visit our website for more information and contact us today.K.longsharptools. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom or call us today.plastic cases or bags.25 typically adopt unforged carbon steel shafts with a black finish or a layer of electroplating.65 employ forged carbon or CrV steel shafts. Adjustable wrenches. with the last two materials usually found in upscale variants. are offering models with detachable heads and shafts.globalsources. Models typically have shafts made of 45 carbon steel. Ratchet wrenches are fitted with 45 to 120 teeth and singleor dual-color handles made of PP or TPR.5. and all inquires are replied to within 24 hours. & Exp.Choose verified suppliers . and we’re Welding and cutting protective outfit confident that our 10 years’ OEM/ODM experience make us able to handle any and all requests. Generally. machinery and tools. most screwdrivers have slotted or Phillips heads. Zhejiang 312500.com . Designs are made of cast. measure 1. Spanner types are often double-ring or open-end constructions with 6 to 38mm pins. tools.co Cutting tips Shaoxing Jiutai Imp. carbon. The handles are in a single shade. Shaoxing.000 sizes. Garden saws Ningbo V. CrV or CrMo steel. S2 or CrV alloys are available as well. We welcome OEM requests. Xinchang. We offer more than 2. Phillips versions come in sizes 00. China Tel: (86-574) 8787 2085 Fax: (86-574) 8707 1995 E-mail: starex@stareweld.. and gardening products for 18 years. 4-piece kits have 6. Ltd 8/F. 2. but designs in 6150. Handles adopt PP. PVC or TPR. Such designs are suitable for heavy-duty industrial tasks because of their strong resistance to wear and corrosion. These may have adjustable heads and handgrips that can be extended for higher torque. www.500 items in 12. More companies. machines and fittings. 8662 3004 Fax: (86-575) 8603 3674 E-mail: 86033674@sxmail. Ltd 99 Heyi Rd. More sourcing opportunities online Save time searching One search provides you with quality results from Global Sources verified suppliers — plus hundreds of other suppliers from the entire Web. Designs ranging from $0. Higher-priced screwdrivers utilize CrMo and NiCr steel with sandblasted surfaces.com Website: www. which are commonly for DIY applications.. These come in cylindrical. One-piece screwdrivers dominate output. The former. manufacturing and trading for 18 years Hand saws We have been designing. Ningbo. Combination models are also on hand. Co. phosphating and sanding. Designing. have bits ranging from 3 to 8mm. A. 127 East Renmin Rd. • Product gallery.5 or 3 to 12mm. and supply over 100 customers worldwide. Sign up for Product Alert Source from your desktop with e-mail updates on new products and suppliers. also known as flatheads.5 and 3. Sporting similar surface treatments. when you need it. 2. meanwhile. page 225 Screwdrivers Another major export. The products are packaged in sets with several accessories. so we’ll always be able to get you what you need.com/diy Your one-stop shop for OEM/ODM welding and cutting equipment With our range of welding and cutting protective gear. Dual-color handles are an option. however.com Cutting torch 214 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Zhejiang 315040.30 per piece.globalsources. 8.15 to $0.net www. chrome and nickel plating. 2. The surface treatment options include blackening. 10 and 12in sockets. We’ve spent over a decade strengthening our relationships with 13 China-based manufacturers. The surface treatment options include polishing. Our R&D team releases two new products monthly. 0.com Contact Person: Yu Bohua MSN: bohuayu@hotmail. Jiayi Plaza. while the handles are transparent or in two shades.co • www. 1. Quotes increase depending primarily on the materials used.

Up to 20 million products annually Bin organizer with tray and casters. 1.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 215 .globalsources.109 x 660 x 550mm Plastic tool boxes and bin racks Bucket and cabinet More new products .www.

Choose verified suppliers . OEM orders are welcome unluyi 216 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000 quality products available Over 9 series with more than 800 models YN-05A Combination tool sharpener with endmill and drill Aluminum toolbox with tool set.com .globalsources.Over 2.

www.Over 1.globalsources.000 power tools to choose from More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 217 .

Our batteries carry RoHS and EC 2006 certifications. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2495 0798 Fax: (886-4) 2495 0768 E-mail: sale@welih.tw www. extra heavy-duty air hydraulic riveter – shown here – has an efficient. They include hand riveters.8 minutes at 10C.Choose verified suppliers . Compared to NiCd batteries. inquire today. Zhejiang 311121. We can design any pneumatic tool according to your OEM/ODM specifications.globalsources.. Our recent products are fit for any market. continuous discharge rate of 75W/cell per minute at 50C or 25W/cell per 5.com. Dali City. Our patented.co • www.net www. 1.globalsources.riveter. Ltd Our patent-pending NiZn power-tool batteries are: • Over 40% more cost-efficient than Li-ion batteries • 3 times the strength of NiCd models • Without poisonous substances Using breakthrough technology.com .neucell. Taichung County 412. For more information. air hydraulic riveters. Ltd 8 Shengdi Rd.500mAh NiZn battery.Exporting over $12 million worth of goods annually Suzhou Xindadi Hardware Co. We also sell batteries for electric vehicles and energy-storage devices.net 218 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. riveter adapters and more. Hangzhou.com. giving it a longer life span.co • www. It consumes less air and creates less noise and vibration than competing models. we have successfully developed a revolutionary NiZn power-tool battery that out energizes and outlasts previous top performers.. 200 Jingjhuang St.com/neucell.globalsources. China Tel: (86-571) 8908 0182 Fax: (86-571) 8908 0199 RoHS E-mail: sales@neucell. eco-friendly design. Yuhang. suitable for power tools No.tw Hangzhou NeuCell Energy Co. Contact us now. twin-trigger vacuum air riveters.com/welih. We have 25 year of experience designing and producing high-quality pneumatic tools. our new model has a 25 percent smaller body and has no memory effect.

www.0mm • Quick change mandrel • Single repeat-use adjustment • Includes 75 assorted rivets • Blow-molded case for easy storage and transport • Also available in SAE sizes (1440) PR14 Air riveter • Includes 1/4 (6.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 219 . 5/32 (4mm). 3/16 and 1/4" rivets • Ergonomic handle • Plastic container collects spent mandrels for safety and easy disposal • Hidden spring automatically returns the handle to start-position 1421 Ergonomically designed micro riveter • Pulls aluminum rivets up to 3/16" (4. 1/8 (3.2mm).8 and M6 x 1. 5/32 (4mm) and 3/16" (4. M6.7. M8. M10 and M12 rivet nuts • Hand screw design for loading and unloading nuts • Hidden spring automatically returns the handle to start-position • Ergonomic handle design for user comfort • Compact and lightweight 1423 1426 13" heavy-duty hand riveter kit 1/4" heavy-duty hand riveter • Includes 2 x 1/4 (6.4mm).1420 Hand riveter with 4-position swiveling head • Works with 1/8.8mm) nosepieces • Shorter handle with double compound hinges for maximum leverage • Patented structure for increased power and reduced shock • Ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas • 3-piece chromoly steel jaws for extended tool life • Core collection bottle for safety and easy disposal 1441 Professional rivet nut/thread setting tool kit • 4 interchangeable nosepieces • Metric sizes: M3 x 0. 5/32.8mm). 1/8 (3. M4 x 0.4mm).5.2mm). 3/16 (4. M5 x 0. and 3/32" (2.4mm) nosepieces • Gets into hard-to-reach areas • Performs well at any angle • Prevents user fatigue with quick. quiet and comfortable operation • Also available in 3/16 capacity (PR36) More new products .8mm) • Outer sleeve with adjustable working stroke • Chromoly steel jaws for extended tool life • International patents pending 1427 Hand riveter and nut kit • Includes M5.

gpbond.chenghaiyongjia. China Tel: (86-754) 8575 2691/3755 • Fax: (86-754) 8575 3528 chenghai@21cn. Twentyone Engineering Co. 938-29. Orders can be shipped in as fast as two weeks.globalsources. safety clasps. Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power and over 500 other clients across South Korea source from us. For quality products.com/styongjia. nut drivers.com Yongjia Hardware Plastic Products Co. Our current selection boasts more than 2. plastic cases and toolboxes. Chenghai. cabinet hinges. Dal-san Li.com . we’ve grown to become one of mainland China’s largest manufacturers of hardware items.co • www. Our monthly production capacity is 70. 1st Industrial Zone. Jung-kwan Myun. including screwdrivers. Inquire today.and DIN-compliant products.000 units of adhesives and 30. Ltd Make life easier for you and your clients. Rms.com www.net • styongjia@globalsources.globalsources. nylon casters. we have the resources to handle your volume orders. Gi-Jang Gun.co • www. Caulking gun and PVC/CPVC adhesive Caster Tee hinge Manufacturer Cabinet hinge The Hardware Tool Area. we provide PVC and CPVC adhesives and non-drip caulking guns to markets worldwide.000 ANSI. Busan. LG.com 220 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Visit our website and contact us today to learn more. We up the ante by adding 10 new models monthly. big buyers such as Samsung. corner braces.000 caulking guns – ready for your mass volume order. South Korea Tel: (82-51) 727 5337 • Fax: (82-51) 727 5339 E-mail: tj4388@gpbond.com/gpbond. Guangdong 515829. Shantou. With 10 workshops.com Website: www. Dongli.Choose verified suppliers . With over 13 years of industry experience.4 years of OEM experience Cr-Mo-V steel screwdriver with triangular grip Over the past 55 years.globalsources.

www.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 221 .More new products .

8-year supplier of electrical and handheld garden tools 41cc professional gasoline-powered chain saw Cordless drill with 14. Ltd 588 North Jiulong Rd. UL and cUL approvals Visit our Global Sources Online showroom today to find out more.com/contact. but we have also been supplying electrical and handheld garden tools for eight years. 55 Hung To Rd.asp Not only does our factory specialize in the production of gasoline-powered garden tools. China Tel: (86-579) 8721 1948 Fax: (86-579) 8757 6795 E-mail: bright@eximioustools. which include: • Extensive R&D services from conceptualization to prototyping and from molding to production • A wide range of ironing pens. Inquire today. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified plant has a monthly capacity of 50. 222 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Dual-wattage professional soldering iron (KC-15030P) • High/low/off settings • Ergonomic handle with LED light indicator • Equipped with a high-quality ECO long-life tip • The quick-change collar enables convenient tip changing • Comes with a metal stand Since 1977. Euro II and EPA standards.000m2 advanced facilities.com Cordless drill for OEM orders All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. EMC. Ltd No.globalsources. CE..co • www.and UL-approved units.co • www.000 into R&D.Choose verified suppliers .000 CCC-approved cordless drills. Inquire now. Dongcheng. Flat G-H. Kwun Tong. Yongkang. Zhejiang 321300.deweico.cn www.com/deweitools. You too can benefit from our advantages.com/eximioustools. and orders are delivered in 30 to 45 days.400rpm no-load speed Zhejiang Dewei Industry & Trade Co.000 GS-. Zhejiang 321300.com Monthly capacity of 50. Samples are completed in two days. CE-. Every year. Precise enough to use on PCBs 2/F.. and orders are delivered in 30 to 45 days.co www. Many of our first clients have remained with us for all of these years.com www. East Xizhong Rd. 2-stroke gasoline-powered garden tiller/cultivator with Euro II approval 2-stroke gasoline-powered grass trimmer with 43cc displacement Hongkong Eximious Tools Co.4V DC rated voltage and 0 to 400/1.com/kopen. which also meet RoHS.globalsources.globalsources. This advanced machinery helps us meet your demands for quantity – our monthly output reaches 50. we reinvest $440.000m2 workshop which houses equipment from Japan. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Winner Factory Bldg. giving us our competitive edge. Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. soldering irons. China Tel: (86-579) 8723 3460 Fax: (86-579) 8722 9320 E-mail: deweitools@globalsources.com Website: www.000 units Inside of our 26.com . helping us launch five to 10 new items annually. 3.. Bldg.globalsources. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2342 4281 Fax: (852) 2343 2850 E-mail: info@kopen. you will find our 15.com • eximioustools@globalsources.kopen. Yongkang.com deweico@yahoo. EMC. wood-burning pens and other DIY heating tools • The latest XRF screening device to test for RoHS Directive-compliance • Products with VDE GS.. These products sell well in the Middle East. 4/F. Kowloon. Samples are completed in five days. we've been specializing in DIY heating tools such as the hot wire foam cutter featured here. 268.eximioustools.

com www. And we were the first mainland China manufacturer to receive certification from NWML for compliance with MID. 6271 3333 E-mail: assist@mail. Make your sales take off. Start by e-mailing us today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 223 . reaching $30 million in 2008. For easier market entry.cn • china-assist@globalsources.www.co • www.000m2 factory turns out up to 250 million meters of tape measures each month – the highest capacity in the industry. Our new heavy-duty multipurpose utility knife is made with zinc and iron. Ltd 4 Far East Industrial City. It features a comfortable handle and 1-meter measuring tape. our products carry EEC and TÜV certifications. Ningbo Assist Tools Co.com ISO 9001:2000 More new products .globalsources. What can your customers expect from our products? We’ve developed two new measuring tapes with an auto-lock wheel feature that helps end-users measure long jobs step-by-step. Zhejiang 315400.nbptt. Ningbo. Japan and Europe are choosing our tape measures and utility knives. China Tel: (86-574) 6270 0963. returning to us regularly to refill their shelves. Our 55.globalsources. 6276 0999 Fax: (86-574) 6270 5013.com/china-assist. Their orders help our sales increase by 30 percent each year. Yuyao.Our sales increase by 30% annually Let our tape measures and knives help boost yours Retailers in the US.zj.china-assist.

com .Samples ready in less than a week Rebar tying machine • High-speed operation • Less strain on lower back • Lightweight and compact body with name-brand parts • Can be operated using one hand Our high-speed tying machines can be operated using one hand Make life easier for you and your clients. from incoming accessories to finished units. including Omron. Nanhai. We can produce up to 100. Contact us today. Inquire now. Lujingcun.xdldz. China Taizhou Xindalu Electronic Technology Co. and it is five times more efficient than manual tying. Foshan. we source components from many reputable brands. Panasonic.co • www. our 10 R&D technicians will create custom samples for you within one week.. We have a huge collection of hardware items for your selection. To ensure quality. Wenling. Guilan Rd. Ltd Shanglin Industrial Zone. including the featured aluminum toolboxes. You can also be assured of the quality of our products. as we have 25 inspectors who check everything.com www.com • xdldzkj@globalsources.000 units monthly to support your market demands. And in the event that you don’t find the items you need. Tronlite Industries Co. Mitsubishi and Toshiba. China Tel: (86-576) 8622 9788 Fax: (86-576) 8616 2711 E-mail: xdldzkj@163.globalsources. Guicheng. it has been reported that using our machine reduces the risk of injury.globalsources. our catalog showcases thousands of products. Guangdong 528200. Zhejiang 317500.Choose verified suppliers .500 units each month for volume orders. We can make up to 1. In fact. And because of our user-oriented design. Ltd Luyaju A301.com RoHS ISO 9001:2000 224 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.. Chengxi Rd.com/xdldz. Our latest high-speed rebar tying machine can be operated using only one hand.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 225 .www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .globalsources.

com . In fact.globalsources. Well-known companies around the world source our goods.com/machangroup. Changzhou..globalsources. Inquire now.machangroup. Through support from our Taiwan headquarters.tw www.Choose verified suppliers . Europe and Australia.com. China Tel: (86-519) 8512 8156 Fax: (86-519) 8512 8157 E-mail: aurora@machangroup.co www.Pneumatic tools with lifetime parts support Certificate TW04102301QA 33 years of manufacturing experience With over 33 years of manufacturing experience. we offer more than 200 different models of tool boxes. Xinbei. PR-type spline combination wrench Spline Geartech combination wrenches • 72-tooth ratchet heads • Work on all types of fasteners Machan International Co.cn ISO 9001:2008 226 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We mainly ship to clients in the US. we have gained a solid reputation for superior quality goods. Ltd 8 Hongtu Rd. helping our annual turnover reach up to $30 million. innovative R&D and professional customer service.com. we have been providing OEM services to some of our buyers for over 10 years. Jiangsu 213000.

Guangdong 528467.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 227 . and is equipped with fully automated production lines that can turn out 10 million water timers. Alley 121.globalsources. 2. Wu-jih.From a supplier with 26 years in the field GS-9396 9-pattern sprinkler with metal base GM-247 Two-in-one hose and reel cart GM-252 Die-casted round decorative hose and reel hanger As a subsidiary of one of Asia's largest garden tool manufacturers. Hsi-nan Rd. Our factory spans 150.co • www.www.com • greenfrog@globalsources. 80. Supplying garden tools to clients in North America and Europe since 1985. trigger nozzles. Shenwan. oscillating sprinklers.000 square meters. spray wands and hose connectors every month. Zhongshan. Our R&D technicians have been working on ODM and OEM projects for 10 years.com Taiwan office: No. Sec. we have the resources and financial backing to cover your volume needs for watering systems. Taichung.com/greenfrog. we have the experience buyers seek. Ltd Dingxi.000-unit trial order offer. China Tel: (86-760) 8665 3650 • Fax: (86-760) 8621 4615 greenfrog@greenfrogtools. Lane 516. so they're familiar with the product functionality and quality you expect.globalsources.. GN-2456 3-pattern trigger nozzle with TPR-insulated soft grip GN-56561 10-pattern trigger nozzle with dial plate protector and TPR-insulated grip Green Frog Garden Tools Co.greenfrogtools.com www. See how our products work – contact us today and we'll tell you how you can take advantage of our 2. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2335 2335 • Fax: (886-4) 2335 9947 E-mail: taiwan@greenfrogtools.com GW64601-18 18" 6-pattern metal water wand • Aluminum head with zinc alloy body • 18" Aluminum pipe with foam More new products .

globalsources.com Mobile: (86) 136 2663 5011 Battery-powered sprayer with diaphragm-type pump Zhejiang Menghua Sprayer Co. Our monthly capacity is 5 million sprayers. with samples completed in as fast as three days. Taizhou. levels. We welcome your ODM requests.000 digital levels.. B&Q. Zhejiang 318000. Power sprayer with capacity of 7 to 8L Battery-powered and manual sprayers from a 33-year manufacturer Manufacturing sprayers since 1978. metal and voltage testers. 17/F.chinasprayer. CCC. Our factory uses CNC machines and automated assembly lines from the US to ensure greater efficiency and precision. Lowe's and OBI. 10 horizontal and three vertical injection molding machines and various other types of advanced equipment. Inquire now. eight fully automated blowing machines and 12 testing machines in our 50. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2389 1542 • Fax: (852) 3011 5594 E-mail: sales@metek. we offer a unique range of mist dusters as well as hand. 8 On Ping St. including Aldi. We employ 300 welltrained staff members.co www. Our range includes digital stud finders. Most of our products comply with CE. We have two SMD machines from Japan. which boasts seven production lines and 300 workers.globalsources. two wire bonding machines from Hong Kong.com/kobold.. and orders are delivered in 15 to 30 days. we follow an ERP management system. Inquire today.com RoHS ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 Pistol garden sprayer with 32oz capacity 228 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-576) 8918 1880 Fax: (86-576) 8918 1886 E-mail: ada@shixia. Our items comply with the RoHS Directive.com/shixia. Grandtech Centre.com . Huangyan.com/metek. 30.000 detectors and 50. doorbell and intercom systems. Ltd 19 Beiyuan Rd.globalsources. At our factory in Dongguan.metek. China Tel: (86-576) 8820 4565 Fax: (86-576) 8820 4566 E-mail: kobold@188..co www.com www.koboldsprayer.000 testers monthly.co www. Zhejiang 318020. Carrefour.Choose verified suppliers .000m2 factory.com.hk Website: www. Taizhou. automobile accessories.com. Huangyan Economic Development Zone. N.com www. Plus. voltage and stud detector (MMD-233) (BAL-003P) Professional AC/DC voltage tester (MVT-808ACE) Metek Industrial Co. Shixia Holding Co.com shixia@globalsources. Ltd Unit 7. And each one of our items can be customized. and use 110 injection machines. and our facility is ISO 9001:2008-certified. GS and RoHS guidelines. Triple socket car chargers (BAL-003C) • USB port • Battery monitor Digital 3-in-1 metal.We have been providing OEM/ODM services to our global clientele since 1987. Ltd 16L backpack sprayer with telescopic lance Backpack sprayer with power mist-duster West Industrial Zone. This selection already has won the business of many major clients.globalsources. battery-operated and power sprayers.hk 5 million sprayers monthly Our catalog is home to 300 types of sprayers and eight series of products. premiums and more. we can produce up to 10. Our in-house team is formed by 14 technical engineers. home security alarms.T. We can also customize our products for your OEM orders. E-mail us today. and we can deliver one 40-foot container within 20 days. Shatin.

globalsources.com HA_AAU_242 More new products .000 ‘mobile phones’ from China suppliers Source with more confidence at Global Sources Online ✓ Stay ahead of your competitors with our comprehensive range of new products ✓ Pinpoint qualified suppliers in your industry by finding those products that meet your specialized needs ✓ Save time sourcing with just one search that includes Global Sources verified suppliers and search results from other sourcing websites Swift and confident sourcing is just a mouse click away! www.All the quality products and suppliers you need – globalsources.com Over 1.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 229 . Taiwan.500 ‘sunglasses’ manufacturers Over 120 verified suppliers of ‘sweaters’ More than 390 ‘dinnerware’ from India.200 ‘winter hats’ online More than 1.000 products related to ‘multimedia players’ 66 ‘promotional products’ categories Over 1.globalsources. Hong Kong and Vietnam Over 200 six-star suppliers of ‘CCTV cameras’ Over 53 ‘pliers’ from export-ready suppliers Over 2.000 ‘USB flash drives’ posted monthly More than 5.

Inquire today. Let us handle your OEM/ODM orders. CE. Fuqiang Holding Group Nanma Mechanical Hardware Industial Park. Ltd Low-volume.4kW power 230 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.and Euro II. Europe.globalsources. Orders start at 500 units.approved. We ship to markets in Southeast Asia. low-pressure spray gun Airless high-pressure piston pump.That’s why we’ve brought in a series of detection machines from EMC of Germany to continuously check production in our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. and provide customized packaging if necessary.We know quality and reliability are of the utmost importance to you and your end-users.Up to 500. China Tel: (86-579) 8629 2668/2768 Fax: (86-579) 8629 2701 E-mail: trade@fuqiangcn.fuqianggroup. with stable paint outlet valve system Quality-checked by equipment from EMC of Germany 50cc gas chainsaw with 18” or 20” guide bar Trust our SGS-inspected power tools.com/fuqianggroup.000 high-pressure pumps and spray guns produced monthly 34º 100mm clipped head framing nailer 1/2” twin-hammer air impact wrench with rear exhaust Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co.com . Dongyang.globalsources.7cc brush cutter with 1.com 42.co www.Choose verified suppliers . garden tools and tourism products – they’re also GS-. and the Americas within 30 days. Zhejiang 322121.com www.

Ltd 189 Fulian 2nd Rd. Shanghai 201906.com.cn lohuischainsaw@globalsources. lawn mowers and other gardening tools since 2002.com Website: www. To fill volume orders.cn More new products . 22 of them have over a decade of design experience.globalsources. GS. China Tel: (86-21) 5161 5815 • Fax: (86-21) 3604 1090 E-mail: lohuis@lohuis.com/lohuischainsaw.000m2 factory manufactures up to 50. chainsaws. our 70. Baoshan. our tools come with CE.co www. Trial orders are welcome. The engines and other primary components that go in our products were all designed in-house by our 30-member R&D team. Lohuis (Shanghai) Industrial Developing Co. North America and Southeast Asia.www. and all of them are ready to customize our tools according to your requirements. For more information. Of these 30 members. To ease the entry process into these markets.com.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 231 .50.globalsources.000 gardening tools each month We have been manufacturing brush cutters. hedge trimmers. EMC and EPA certifications.000 gardening tools each month. contact us today. Gucun Industrial Zone.lohuis.. Most of our output goes to Western Europe.

we produce up to $5 million worth of hardware products each month. With around five years’ industry experience. Zhejiang Wantong Vehicle Industry Co.com/jasontools. inquire today. Get in touch with us today.globalsources.. Jiangsu 210024.000m2. Zhejiang 321100. brush cutters and related goods.Choose verified suppliers . If customization is more your style. China Tel: (86-25) 8332 1715. Its lightweight PC/ABS blend blade is ideal for use in temperatures as low as -40oC. The snow shovel featured here has an ergonomic design and S-bend steel tube handle that reduces back strain. 5/F.jasontools. E-Tech Mansion. we can get you a fresh sample within 15 days just like we’ve done for big buyers such as SBM and Intercool.com www. Jinhua.co • www. Ltd Sanjian Rd. 50 QC inspectors and 300 production staff – these are the teams that make up the backbone behind our brand of hardware products. 8330 9957 Ergonomically designed Fax: (86-25) 8330 7986 snow shovel E-mail: jason@jasontools.com/wantongindustry. including chainsaws. Economic Area. snowmobile dollies. 228 Guangzhou Rd.zjwtjt.60 engineers to help freshen up your selection Sixty engineers.com Increasingly extreme weather conditions ensure a big market for our snow removal tools and winter storage products. And it also features a durable metal edge that increases cutting power and extends the tool’s lifetime. our engineers continue to keep our clients on the cutting edge by releasing 26 new designs every month.com .globalsources.globalsources. At our 90.com • chengyi@zjwtjt. and orders start at 100 units. Anti-slip ice grippers Snow scrapers Jason Tools Industrial Supply Ltd Unit 5D. Delivery takes 20 days.com ISO 9001:2008 232 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. ice scrapers.com www. allowing the end-user to shovel snow without stooping. snow pushers. instant garages and shelters are all available.. Snow shovels. ISO 9001:2000certified factory. China Tel: (86-579) 8230 5757 Fax: (86-579) 8230 0858 E-mail: wangchun@zjwtjt.To learn more about our many winter products. Nanjing.co • www.

More new products .globalsources.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 233 .

gf21.net NOV and Master Drilling rely on us Wide selection of tools for professional and personal use Whether for professional or home use... They count on our prompt delivery and custom design services. Shantou. Ltd 9 Weiwu Rd. Guangzhou. and we have 25 R&D engineers at your service.globalsources.co • www. Guangdong. screwdrivers. Inquire today. drill pipes. China Tel: (86-25) 8662 9396 ext. kelly rods. 5B06. tool sets and various other related items. Established in 2006. Drill collar joints In the oil industry. Plus.globalsources. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom or call us today. tool joints. Economic Development Zone. we’ve got the tool you’re looking for on hand. Our monthly output is 15 million units. Dongtai.jiangsuhexin. Jiangning. it’s no wonder Noveko and Lohmann Haas Pharmaceuticals source from us.globalsources.com/semboltools. A comprehensive company. Nanjing.Choose verified suppliers . large retailers and well-known companies from all over the world. viscosity and torque tests. Inquire now. OEM orders are welcome. Chaonan. 32 Lianhehelong 1st Rd. Australia. we produce our items using key materials sourced from Taiwan.Utility knives Dispensing pumps To ensure that our dispensing pumps withstand daily use. Jiangsu 224000.com • sales1@gf21. Guangdong 515146. Yufeng Plaza.globalsources. provide internal and external anti-corrosion coating for oil tubes and other such components. our products undergo an 8MPa vacuum assessment – a rarity in the industry. With such measures. Johnson Zhao Mobile: (86) 189 6199 8888 Nanjing Sembol Hardware Tools Co. tool kits. Russia and other countries and regions. we also maintain oilfield machinery. China Tel: (86-515) 8532 2388 Fax: (86-515) 8951 4666 E-mail: johnsonzjx@gmail. reliability is paramount. Baiyun. Ltd 789 Kening Rd. including wrenches. we are an exporter of hand tools and other hardware products. Our clients include wholesalers. Shantou Rongsen Dispenser Pump Co. non-magnetic rods and other products are employed in the Middle East.co • www. files. pliers. In addition to pull force.com www. hammers. Our drill collars.com . China Tel: (86-20) 3674 8639 • Fax: (86-20) 3674 8636 E-mail: rongsen@globalsources. South Korea and Saudi Arabia. We supply all kinds of hand tools. 807 Fax: (86-25) 8448 3728 E-mail: sales1@semboltools.com/jshexin. HWDPs.com Contact Person: Mr. Jiangsu 210000. and offer oil pipe inspection services. Ltd Sales Office: Rm. That’s why NOV and Master Drilling have chosen us as their supplier.com/rongsen.. Jiangsu Hexin Petroleum Machinery Co.net Website: www. China Factory: Luxi Industrial Area.co 234 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we subject them to a gamut of endurance tests. North America.com www.

Developing air tools for 16 years Zhejiang Auarita Pneumatic Tools LLC Pneumatic airless pump Water-based paint spray guys All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only.globalsources. They are the property of their respective owners. Storage systems for home and industrial use from a 12-year specialist Home garage storage system Damon Storage System Mfg 52’’ heavy-duty tool wagon More new products .www. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 235 .

peripherals for computers and Apple’s iPod. each wireless receiver can support multiple remotes. developed and manufactured in Taiwan. These devices can also be used with garage doors. Taiwan Tel: (886-6) 357 0037 Fax: (886-6) 357 0036 E-mail: jessica@glighttech. automated systems and more. All our products are designed.com . Unlike many competitors. Tainan City. and can function portably or be affixed to walls.tw 236 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Light switches without cables for placement anywhere Our featured wireless switches are innovative solutions to wiring problems and controlling multiple lights. They’re easy to install without drilling. home security devices..globalsources. Visit our website today.co www. ceiling fans. We cooperate with specialists from Europe and the US to bring you the latest circuit and mold designs. we can custom-design a range of different wireless and automation products.com www. Ltd No. They use a RF remote to control existing switches from up to 50 meters away – even through walls.com.igreen. Plus. These include automotive electronics parts. 5 Kai-An 5th St. G-Light Technologies Co. yard appliances and gate openers.com/glight.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .

VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 237 .www.

With a 50,000m2 factory, we have more than enough resources to handle your volume lighting orders. In fact, our capacity exceeds 450,000 units every month. This is made possible thanks to our 10 assembly lines, as well as in-house die-casting, tooling, extrusion pressing, liquid electrostatic painting, powdercoating, drilling and tapping workshops. We’ve been in the business for 19 years, and every year, we add up to 20 new products to our catalog. Plus, our R&D engineers can also develop custom items for you in three to seven days. Or, choose from our 350 series, which feature 1,200 models of outdoor wall, ground and landscape lights, and more. All of our goods come with CE, GS, EMC, UL and RoHS marks. Contact us now.

Modern aluminum outdoor wall lamps (1040) • Available with silver, red or yellow frames • Compatible with 60W E27 bulbs and high-power LEDs • PC diffusers • Round design available

Xiang Xing Lighting Co. Ltd
Shunxing Rd., Area B, Guicheng East Industrial District, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong 528251, China Tel: (86-757) 8679 1491, 8678 3178 Fax: (86-757) 8677 7432 E-mail: xxlight@vip.163.com xxlight@globalsources.com www.globalsources.com/fsxiangxing.co www.xiangxinglighting.com

Aluminum outdoor wall lamp (238) Outdoor P-lux lantern (4689-5/P-lux) • Single-head design, tilts up and down • Stainless steel • 11W GU10 energy-saving bulb • Offers subtle, low-energy lighting • Matching landscape light available

Stainless steel outdoor wall lamp (1013) • Compatible with 60W E27 or 20W GU10 bulbs or high-voltage LEDs • Available in a variety of designs

Since 1992, when we became the first maker of DC circuit breakers in China, we've developed DC circuit breaker solutions for over 600 power plants and 4,500 electric substations worldwide. Past projects include power plants in Pakistan, Sudan, Malaysia and Indonesia. We can produce 1,500V DC circuit breakers for PV, wind and thermal power plants. Our 130 R&D engineers have earned over 100 patents so far. Solutions are customized in our 4,000Ah 220V DC storage battery test station, and tested with equipment from Japan and the US. Inquire now.

100-240V 100W digital ballast, saves up to 40% more energy than standard ballasts

Specializing in digital ballasts for 12 years
As 12-year specialists, we make digital ballasts for high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps that can provide your customers with energysaving lighting. Every year, we widen our range with more than 10 digital ballast types to give you even more power-efficient options. These new creations are added to our catalog which already contains more than 100 different models. And we generate up to 500,000 digital ballasts every year within our ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities. To begin on your OEM/ODM project, give us a call today.

Non-polarized DC circuit breaker for PV string protection

Beijing People's Electric Plant Co. Ltd
29 Jinyuan Rd., Daxing Industrial Development Zone, Beijing 102600, China Tel: (86-10) 6127 2828 ext. 8001• Fax: (86 10) 6127 2847 E-mail: sales@securelucky.com www.globalsources.com/peopleelectric.co ISO 9001:2008 www.securelucky.com.cn OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001:2004 ISO 10012:2003

Lumlux Lighting Inc. 220/230/240V 600W digital 16 Chunqiu Rd., Panyang Industrial Park, ballast, up to 15% more lumens Xiangcheng, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215143, China than standard ballasts Tel: (86-512) 6590 7791 Fax: (86-512) 6590 7792 ISO 9001:2008 E-mail: info@lumluxlighting.com www.globalsources.com/lumlux.co • www.lumluxlighting.com
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Hardware & DIY July 2011

LK4.0-series light switch and socket made of PC

MCB Circuit breaker with small housing

Experience, efficiency and quality With 17 years of manufacturing experience, we can make your electrical product sourcing as efficient as possible. Combine this with four factories housing 1,000 employees and over 100 QC technicians, and you know you can put your mind at ease when working with us. We manage our operations under MRP II systems and produce 90 percent of our components in-house. This ensures that each unit we ship meets your stringent quality requirements. Vast selection Our collection includes more than 3,000 items ranging from light switches and fittings to circuit breakers, exhaust fans and lamps.

How do we provide such a wide range? The answer lies in our commitment to R&D. Fifty engineers, each with more than 10 years of experience, make certain that our lineup is continuously updated and able to satisfy the requirements of buyers worldwide. Trust Our products are trusted by top institutions in mainland China. In fact, we've installed hardware in Beijing's Great Hall of the People and State Department, as well as in Tsinghua University and in several 2008 Summer Olympics facilities. Find out more about why you can trust us too. Inquire today.

Foshan Shunde Fengze Electrical Engineering Mfg Co. Ltd
Sanshe Industry Village, 319 Dongfeng Industrial Zone, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528322, China Tel: (86-757) 2553 9177/9178 Fax: (86-757) 2553 9178 E-mail: gdsanshe@globalsources.com • sanshe@sansheele.com Website: www.globalsources.com/gdsanshe.co • www.sansheele.com

Wall- and glass-mount exhaust fan, available in 4 and 6" models

80% energy-saving T5 electronic light fittings, CE-approved

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Recessed light fixture

Fluorescent light fixture

CFL with stainless steel base

A 40,000m2 factory, a lineup of advanced equipment – including plastic injection molding, electric spark, spewing and painting machines – and a steady supply of raw materials are the key factors to our monthly capacity of over 1 million units. This manufacturing power, coupled with our focus on quality, keep buyers from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia coming back. Our collection consists of 10 different series of lights with 1,000-plus models to choose from. They include compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving bulbs, light fixtures and more. And if you need customization services, our team of R&D engineers – who add three new models to our catalog monthly – can have samples completed for you within 25 days. For more information, inquire now.

No. 8, Renhai Industrial Zone, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528322, China Tel: (86-757) 2553 2555 • Fax: (86-757) 2553 2444 E-mail: omeni@globalsources.com • omeni@omeni.com.cn www.globalsources.com/omeni.co • www.omeni.com.cn

Skylight-series ceiling light • 300 x 300mm • Various colors available

High-end lighting for export since 1998
We specialize in aluminum die casting and deep stamping for aluminum, brass and stainless steel luxury landscape lamps. Our products carry CE, UL, RoHS and GS marks, and are used in gardens and households, and on bridges. We’ve exported to high-end markets in the US and Europe for 12 years. Big buyers Panasonic, Kichler and RZB source from us. Our QC personnel inspect all raw materials, components and production processes. We create two new models monthly, and 30 percent of our goods are patented. Come to us for up to 100,000 units monthly. Inquire today. Outdoor wall lamp Outdoor streetlight No. CN6, Far East Industrial Park, Yuyao, Zhejiang 315400, China Tel: (86-574) 6276 0168 Fax: (86-574) 6272 9090 E-mail: FSL2@CNOOL.NET • FSL3@CNOOL.NET Website: www.chinalamp.com • www.globalsources.com/yyfourstar.co 7-hole wall switch/socket • Zinc alloy-plated • Available in silver and wood finishes 7-hole wall switch/socket, 16A/120V

Wall switches and sockets with designs from Italy
We develop our wall switches and sockets, plugs and circuit breakers based on trends in Italy. In fact, 10 of our 12 product series feature Italian designs. This is also reflected in the 300,000 units that we produce and export to Italy, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America monthly. We create up to 30 new CE-approved electrical fittings every month. If you're looking for a partner that can accurately meet your requirements, call today. Unit 103, Bldg. 23, Jinjueyuan, Zhongtian Gold Coast, 336 Jinju Rd., Jinshan St., Fuzhou, Fujian 350008, China Tel: (86-591) 8782 1080, 8336 6928 • Fax: (86-591) 8782 1353 E-mail: sales@elegance-electric.com • davis_liu@winmail.cn Website: www.globalsources.com/elegance-electric.co www.elegance-electric.com

Yuyao Four Star Lamps Co. Ltd


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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LED neon-flex

LED strip

LED neon-flex

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Buyers in Europe, the US and Australia – including leading retailers and hotel chains – come to us for LED lighting. We never compromise on quality, which is why we source raw materials from the US. All of our bulbs, spotlights, downlights and other LED products meet the standards necessary to carry RoHS, CE, UL and EN marks. Plus, our factory is ISO 9001:2000-, ISO 14001:2004- and OHSAS 18001-certified for safe and efficient production. We offer lead times of seven days. We are currently looking for agents and distributors worldwide. Contact us today.
LED bulb

Ground light Street light Downlight Rm. A1, 8/F, Cheung Fat Building, 7 Hill Rd., Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3576 3576 Fax: (852) 2548 3070 E-mail: info@eco-lamps.com www.globalsources.com/eco-lamps.co www.eco-lamps.com

MCBs, MCCBs and ACBs, ready for your OEM requests

14 years of experience in the circuit breaker field
Recessed lighting fixture with 2 or 4 SMD LED 10W bulbs


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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new products
LED tube uses 3528 SMD diodes
Zhejiang Mingyang Lighting Technology Co. Ltd
(mainland c hina) Model: MY-rt 860t -w 8 Delivery: 25 days Description: Led tube; 3528 s Md diodes; 120 to 135-degree viewing angle; -20 to 45 c operating temperature; 8w ; 600mm length; 30,000hr service life; can replace traditional t 8 fluorescent lamps; ce

Venezina International Ltd
(mainland c hina) Model: r 6183w -1-1 MOQ: 100 units Delivery: 30 days Description: Led downlight; aluminum reflector; recessed mounting; for hotels, department stores, residences; ce , r oHs

15 years of producing KEMA-certif ied goods
We’ve dedicated the past 15 years to manufacturing electrical products that meet some of the highest industry standards. All of our goods are KEMA-certified and have an average lifespan of 10 years. Browse our selection of floor-standing and wall-mounted cabinets, as well as SPN/TPN distribution boards available in plug-in and DIN-rail models. Your custom specifications are welcome. We utilize gasket-making machines from Germany, robotic welders, CNC punching machines and bending machines to turn out three 40-foot containers of goods per day. Our staff members have an average of seven years on the job. This low employee turnover means you can count on us to deliver the same high-quality products with each and every order. E-mail us today to get started.

Onesto Electric Co. Ltd
16B Jiaohang Plaza, Chezhan Rd., Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325000, China Tel: (86-577) 8676 0560 Fax: (86-577) 8676 0580 onesto@globalsources.com • onesto@onestoelectric.com www.globalsources.com/onesto.co • www.onesto.cn

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Fluorescent lights

LED downlight What do we have that many of our competitors lack? We have lighting manufacturing experience that spans 19 years. For you, this translates into products that meet your strict requirements. And when we say that we have the volume to support your lighting needs, you can rest assured that we stay true to our word. With 20 production lines at our 100,000m2 factory, we turn out over 2 million brackets and 1 million louver fittings monthly. Our current selection includes recessed light fixtures, light brackets, energy-saving lamps, reflectors, electrical rectifiers and exhaust fans. We’ve designed bulbs that last for up to 8,000 hours. And each unit that we ship is CE-marked and checked using spectroanalyzers and

Recessed light fixtures with optional reflector materials UI2000 synthetic testing machines. We’re ready to put our 19 years of experience to work for you. Send us your specifications today.

Zhuhe Rd., Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528323, China Tel: (86-757) 2533 3398 • Fax: (86-757) 2533 3530 E-mail: xingyun@globalsources.com • export@xhlamps.com www.globalsources.com/xingyun.co • www.xingyunlighting.com

6-outlet power strip with individual switches Wall switch with night light We invest $1.5 million in R&D and QC management annually By investing $1.5 million in R&D and QC management yearly, we can manufacture a wide range of first-rate electrical accessories. Our collection includes power strips, adapters, plugs, cables, switches, ceiling lights and junction boxes – to which our engineers add 50 new items every year. Each model comes with a variety of certifications, including UL, CE, TÜV, GS, CB, SAA, SASO and SONCAP. After 25 years in the industry, we’ve built up a facility with 45 assembly lines, 55 injection molding machines and four CNC machining centers. This production power enables us to turn out $50 million worth of products annually. Inquire today.
FM 83061

Supplying OEM wrought-iron products for 21 years
With 21 years of practice, we’re more than capable of creating unique wrought-iron pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, outdoor wall lamps, wall sconces, plant stands, gates, fences, and other ornaments for you. Browse our 10,000 varieties of wrought-iron products. Over 20 new products are added to our selection every month, and custom samples take two weeks. Customers in Europe and North America love our wrought-iron products. Inquire today.

West Industry Zone, Gonghe, Heshan, Guangdong 529000, China Tel: (86-750) 831 8918 • Fax: (86-750) 831 8919 E-mail: gdwanshun@globalsources.com Website: www.globalsources.com/gdwanshun.co www.gdwanshun.com


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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More than 1 million SEMKO- and CE-certified units monthly

AUC1 Installation contactor

AUBT Bell transformer


MCP-12 AC contactor

MRP-93 Thermal overload relay

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Guangdong 528427. Ltd 23 Tongji Rd.com/rxltools. Our clients include Huawei. RoHS. Shanghai 200070. Guangdong 523000. 555 Middle Rili Rd. Contact us now to learn more. Chuangye Industrial Park Jianshazhou. For more information. 2. as well as GS.000m2 and housing 11 production lines..co www. Benefit from our flexible minimum order requirement and one-year warranties. PAH and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Our engineers release up to 10 new products every month and ODM/OEM samples can be finished in just 15 days. Our products are already used in many home appliances and industrial equipment.. Ningbo. Zhongshan Nanya Plastics Products Co. we’ve earned patents for our unique designs.com/langyi.com/dior. Dongguan.com/wenlida. we invest five percent of our revenue into R&D to enable our engineers.co Rechargeable LED flashlight 10 new switches and sockets annually from engineers with 16 years' experience Energy-saving voltage stabilizers with voltage optimisation 15-year expert of voltage-optimisation products Each year.000 unique tubes. each product comes with a six month-warranty. ZTE.com .Patented products with international approvals Tube housing and cap Quality lighting accessories from a 22-year manufacturer Since 1989. 16/F. screwdrivers and more. And with a suite of fully automated production equipment.co Voltage optimisation technology is an energy-saving technique that our company has fine-tuned over the past 15 years.net • www. With the help of our Wenlida-branded products. China Tel: (86-760) 2281 6201 • Fax: (86-760) 2313 0281 langyi@globalsources. Zhongshan. China Tel: (86-574) 8730 0189 Fax: (86-574) 8730 0289 E-mail: cathy@nbrxltools. Wanjiang.com Website: www.. Nantou. In fact. We own two factories covering a total of over 63.co SONCAP SGS ISO 14001:2004 246 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We offer over 1. Ltd Rm. 1002.We create two new products every month and samples take just a week.globalsources. We have a team of 15 R&D staff members and a testing lab to ensure quality.globalsources. Shanghai Wenlida Electric Co.com www. China Mobile: (86) 159 2069 8900 E-mail: admin@chdior. also ideal for camping Ningbo Ruixinli Automatic Meter Co.globalsources.globalsources. Shenghuibei Industry Estate. your customers can drastically cut their energy bills and carbon emissions by up to 30 percent while also prolonging the life of their equipment. CE. Siemens and Philips.com • manniling@gmail. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of cordless powered devices such as work lights. B-C. And for added assurance. to create up to 10 new styles.Yinzhou. who have 16 years of industry knowledge each.wenlida.com Black aluminum flashlight with strap Dongguan Dior Lighting Technology Co. we have been manufacturing quality lighting accessories for clients worldwide. flashlights. we’re able to manufacture 3 million switches and wall power sockets each month to meet your needs. Ltd Customizable dry transformers Rms. Ltd Bldg.com Website: www. Contact us today to learn more. LED work light. All raw materials are compliant with the RoHS Directive and bear SGS marks. Zhejiang 315714. 290 West Tianmu Rd. China Tel: (86-21) 6094 0675 Fax: (86-21) 6353 3418 E-mail: global@wenlida.rxltools.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. call us today or seek out our 24-hour online staff. Inquire today.com ISO 9001:2000 www. bulbs and other lighting products and accessories to choose from. Panasonic.

Prices of push-button types start at $0. most are rated at 110 to 250V and 10 to 16A. the selection comprises designs for various CONTACT SUPPLIERS Suppliers interviewed for this report: Fuzhou Elegance Electric Co. or socket-and-switch combination. the selection includes PP and PC designs with multiple sockets and switch-and-socket combinations. Ltd (Elec. Models in this category are typically rated at 230 to 250V and 10. Suppliers are generally reluctant to adjust quotes further after implementing markups of about 5 percent earlier this year. In the latter. Rates for the metal reached $10. while PC is often used in midrange and high-end units. Projections point to quotes of China-made sockets and switches staying on an upward track in coming months. continued on page 250 Price guide: Sockets Price range (per unit) Basic features Single socket. Most China-made switches have white rectangular faceplates made of plastic.45 to $1 $1 to $5 More new products . Ltd • Yangzhou Jinding Electronics Co. Spending on the same amount of PP. the exchange rate broke 6. Increases in production outlay continue to put pressure on margins. Products can be configured to control one or more lamps. Plastic designs dominate Most sockets and switches from China are made of plastic. Fuzhou Elegance offers the model EE-EL wall socket and switch in various colors.com .100 per ton in April from $2.Sourcing Update SOCKETS & SWITCHES VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE Prices to remain on the upswing Further adjustments are expected as makers cover higher production outlay and exchange risk.globalsources. domestically sourced ABS Multiple sockets.800 per ton in April. Versions with timer settings reach $18. which is less than 10 percent at most companies.45 and $10.600. rose 18 percent to exceed $1.55. glass and metal options are also available. meanwhile. At the higher end of the price range.50 and $16. Copper for the wiring surged 20 percent.) • Winweal Industry Co.70 in December 2010. however. Amid these developments. White is the prevalent color. most makers hope to keep price increases in the months ahead within 5 percent to ensure competitiveness.700 in December last year. domestically sourced PP or PC July 2011 Hardware & DIY 247 $0. some companies are studying the possibility of pricing in yuan exports to Southeast Asia and certain buyers in the Middle East and the US. Besides soaring raw material costs. To minimize losses. 15 or 16A. for instance. For sockets. Those compatible with incandescent luminaires go for $0. Voice-activated units exceed $8. Ltd • Ningbo Master Soken Electrical Co. including US and Europe types. A number of designs.50 yuan to the dollar from 6. while designs for LED light fixtures are between $5. The least expensive models come in ABS. are offered in other hues. Ltd types of plugs. Ltd • Ningbo Yusing Electronics Co. the appreciation of the yuan against the US dollar is causing concern. 13.35 to $6. A number are reducing price validity periods from three months to 30 days to react more quickly to fluctuation in costs or the exchange rate. wood. Models not exceeding $1 consist only of a single socket with a plate made of ABS. Ltd • Ningbo Wuyun Electrical Co. climbed 15 percent to more than $3. PC.www. In May. Priced between $0.

000 decorative items. Huaou Courtyard.china-zhenma. Bldg. Zhejiang 315450. Buyers from the Americas and Europe already appreciate our monthly production rate of $1 million worth of goods – and so can you. OEM/ODM requests are accepted. Yuecheng.globalsources. and 170 types of small night lights. as well as other plastic products. Wenzhou.hkcontrol. and 170 small night lights A combination of 362 employees.Change your life by switching to our switches As a professional supplier of electrical accessories. we invest $500. junction boxes. Mazhu. Yuyao. SASO and SONCAP certifications. Every year.com/elite-switch. lamp holders. Ltd B-1402.000 units every day.cn www. E. Jinma Square. We also gladly accept customized orders with samples finished in one week. Wenzhou Elite International Co.co www.com • www.co 40 LED garden pot lights. distribution boards. Contact us today to start building a bright future together. flowerpot and stool. China Tel: (86-574) 6245 2388 Fax: (86-574) 6245 2755 E-mail: zm@nb-zm. China Tel: (86-577) 8988 5155 Fax: (86-577) 8988 5355 E-mail: labjy@taos. energy-saving lighting. MCCB. 16 production lines and 2.com/zhenma. we have built long-term business relationships with customers from Europe. Africa and South Asia. China Tel: (86-577) 6158 8227 Fax: (86-577) 6158 8226 E-mail: sales@hkcontrol.000m2 of production space – that's how we're able to manufacture 40.Choose verified suppliers . Through our years of hard work. And our products have obtained CE.000 in R&D so we are able to launch one to two new products monthly.. high-quality products and superior services.cc www. the Middle East. Xincheng. balls and stools. balls and stools. decorative items..com www.com Rm. metal boxes. we mainly produce wall switches and sockets. Ltd 38 Zhubei Rd.globalsources. 15A decorative duplex TR receptacle LED ball. pipes and more. South Tangjiaqiao Rd. Customized packaging services are also available. D. Big clients like GE also appreciate that our lighting controllers.com . terminal blocks. regulators.cc www. Zhejiang 325600.electric-elite.co • www. and we welcome minimum orders for 1.com/honki. OEM orders accepted Sliding dimmer with switch Ningbo Zhenma Electric Appliance Co. Our young and efficient team members will make every effort to meet your requirements by providing competitive prices. MCB.000 dimmers or 5. You can also come to us for plugs.elite-switch. Shima. wiring devices and other items have UL and cUL approvals. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing our 40 kinds of LED garden pot lights. Contact us now. Inquire now for a response within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our most valued reward.globalsources.cc Small night light series ISO 9001:2000 RoHS 248 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. Zhejiang 325000. 7/F.

globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 249 . Ltd Stainless steel speaker wall plate with brushed-steel finish More new products .www. ready for your OEM orders Stainless steel multimedia wall plate with chrome finish Hangzhou Direct Electronics Co.Patented stainless steel wall plates for home and public use Orders finished in 14 days Stainless steel multimedia wall plates.

Our English-fluent R&D engineers have over five years’ experience each – they’re the brains behind our unique products.000 wall sockets. size and jacks can be customized Stay connected to your customers with over 60 models of sockets and 100 models of hidden connection panels for walls and desks. the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. which have earned utility and design patents in mainland China. Inquire today. A/V wall plate 250 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-10) 8256 2814 • Fax: (86-10) 6973 7152 E-mail: zhu@bjjinshi.globalsources. 9.com/jstechnology.globalsources. Ltd Bldg.. Beijing 102206. Dingfuhuangzhuang. Custom samples take 30 days. Beijing JS Technology Co. we turn out 10. 221 Changping Rd. hotels and the office.co HDMI. our sockets make life easier for users at home.com .000 hidden connection panels and 20.com www.000 hotel cable cubbies.Choose verified suppliers .Customized wall sockets made with imported Al-Mg alloy Wall or desk sockets. Every month. 30. Made of imported aluminum-magnesium alloy and Lotus RCA plugs. Changping. Huilongguan.

Most of our items carry CE. electrical appliances.com ISO 9001:2000 www. FI and KEMA marks for easier market entry. wires. Contact us today. UL. transmission equipment and other products. We have already supplied to many large construction projects in mainland China. 220kV transformer MCBs with optional overload protection People Ele.MCCB with overload protection One of the top 10 makers of circuit breakers and transformers Samples ready in 3 days Factories don’t get much bigger than ours in mainland China.globalsources.com/chinapeople. 6173 0155 Fax: (86-577) 6173 0150 sinoele@chinapeople. We offer circuit breakers.com • www. the Three Gorges Dam and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. ready for OEM July 2011 Hardware & DIY 251 . Our design team can have samples ready for you in only three days. including Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. China Tel: (86-577) 6273 0763. So when you work with us. Economic Development Zone. 4.www. Yueqing. SEMKO. Our company is able to produce up to $25 million worth of circuit breakers and transformers each year – one of the top 10 capacities in our industry.peopleelectric.globalsources. Appliances Group Liushi Renmin Industrial Park.co ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:1999 More new products . meters. GB. Zhejiang 325604.000m2 in factory space. SAA. Bring us your OEM requirements.com Kilowatt/hour meters.000 employees and have 12 subsidiaries.com • chinapeople@globalsources. We have 500. you can be certain that we have the stability to meet your needs.

Choose verified suppliers .000 switchgear cabinets.com/wankong. All of our models have passed a full set of tests. We release two to three new products each year.cn www. Zhejiang 325000. and are IEC 62271-100. 6. China Tel: (86-577) 6287 2328 Fax: (86-577) 6287 2581 anniechan789@gmail.000m2 and staffs over 3.globalsources. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 258 kinds of ballasts from an 18-year supplier OEM for well-known circuit breaker and switchgear kit suppliers Comprised of six wholly owned subsidiaries and four manufacturing bases. Yueqing.000 skilled workers.com/fitbright.fitbright. Shushan.com.co ISO 14001:2004 www. Bldg.000 circuit breakers and 77.chinawankong. cooler electronic ballasts 1.fitbright@yahoo.000W (120V/240V) dimming electronic ballast Our ballasts have clear advantages when compared to competing models.com OHSAS 18001 Floodlight SASO RoHS Switchgear cabinet 252 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Contact us today to discuss your specifications. China Tel: (86-551) 539 8795 Fax: (86-551) 539 8747 E-mail: grace.com . We have an annual capacity of 8. Their long protruding fins create heat sinks to protect high-end lamps and extend operating life. Our OEM products are mainly exported to well-known circuit breaker and switchgear kit suppliers in Eastern Europe and South America. Ltd Wenzhou Bridge Industrial Area.com ISO 9001:2000 www. Ltd Wankong Group Co.. our enterprise covers an area of 260.com Rite-Tech Industrial Co. CE. They’re designed to work with top-of-the-line lamps such as those supplied by EYE Lighting International of North America.co www.globalsources. Anhui 230031. Beibaixiang. Inquire now. Hefei Fitbright Electronic Technology Co.Quieter.globalsources. 68 Jinggang Rd. Ltd 4/F.and IEC 62271-200-compliant. We’d be happy to apply the knowledge that went into these ballasts to your next OEM/ODM order. And they also create less ambient noise than most products on the market. available in various specs Vacuum circuit breaker Shanghai Lipu Lighting Co.and RoHS-approved magnetic ballasts.

Our development team has 50 technicians that are also ready to work on your custom projects. Songjiang. Shanghai 201614. China Tel: (86-21) 5151 9888 ext. We also reinvest 15 percent of our profits back into R&D annually. mold and produce all of our goods in-house.000 options.Benefit from our 23 years of experience And 800.000-unit monthly capacity Buyers have been coming to us for 23 years because we offer them a wide range of electrical products such as power strips.co • www.www. 5070/8674 Fax: (86-21) 5151 9888 ext. In fact. 3586 feidiao@globalsources. exhaust fan and light Source from our 27 categories of electrical fixtures Juche Group Co.com • fd-export@feidiao.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 253 . This equipment enables us to make up to 800.globalsources. Our factory is ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004-certified. resulting in seven or eight new designs every month. available in various specifications Feidiao Electrical Appliance Group Co. we can design. Ltd RoHS TÜV More new products . our catalog houses over 3. Ltd 288 Gangde Rd. Power strips.com/feidiao. pneumatic riveting and pressure machines.com www.com 1.200W bathroom heater with infrared lamp.feidiao. With the help of our 40 efficient assembly lines equipped with injection molding machines. Inquire now. and electric punching machines from Europe.000 units monthly..globalsources.

banks.com/linksun. Shunde. Ningbo. North America and Asia also appreciate the fact that we include two. Ltd Xiangjinyang. Place your next order with a 19-year industry veteran. Ltd Jiangyi Industrial Zone.com . we’ll repair or replace it for free. Liushi.000 units in just seven days. Foshan Manbang Electrical Industry Co. contact us today. and orders start at $3. Our clients in Europe. Or. China Tel: (86-757) 2555 5939 Fax: (86-757) 2555 2080 E-mail: vpon@globalsources. which give us the confidence to offer you 10-year warranties on our hardware. Co. relays. Our engineers develop up to 10 new products a year. Other clients in Asia.co • www. China Tel: (86-577) 6279 0555 Fax: (86-577) 6279 6777 E-mail: manager@linksuntrader. and anticipate your OEM/ODM orders. Contact us today. Guangdong 528000. Contact one of our representatives now for more information.cn 6 years of satisfying 5 big buyers Pop-up type floor socket with 3-module capacity What does it take to secure the repeat business of big buyers? Source from us and you too can discover how we’ve captured the interests of five major buyers for the past six years. Convenient to use and attractively designed. Zhejiang 315176. We offer a wide range of CE-certified low-voltage electrical products such as circuit breakers.globalsources. Foshan. button switches. Yinzhou. the Middle East and Asia in under a month.com • robbie@manbang.000 models. Zhejiang 325600.Choose verified suppliers . contactors. Oceania. Ltd Gulin.globalsources.co • www.globalsources.com Website: www.net Ningbo Orstar Electronics Co.co • www.com/sinoamigo. Either way.globalsources. China Tel: (86-577) 6173 0881 Fax: (86-577) 6173 0882 E-mail: floorsocket@gmail. We deliver to clients in Europe. hospitals and homes. Zhejiang 325604.orstar. isolation switches. you'll benefit from our three-stage QC process and testing machines. and we'll send you an order of 20.Every one of our unique models shines Take a look inside our catalog.net www. China Tel: (86-574) 8815 1588 Fax: (86-574) 8815 1589 E-mail: qyj@nbip. so check back often to see what we add to our catalog. schools.globalsources. Liushi. Xiamen Industrial Zone. start with a test shipment of just 1.manbang.to five-year warranties. the US.com/orstar. Leliu. Contact us today.linksuntrader. If a unit breaks during normal use. Wenzhou. hotels. depending on the chosen models. Light switch and socket In a hurry to get your shipment of switches and sockets on the shelves? Choose from our 1. and you’ll find nothing but unique products – every model is backed by a design patent in mainland China. terminals and nylon cable ties – as well as solar batteries. airports. our top-quality floor and office electrical components are widely used in office buildings.Wenzhou.com Wenzhou Sinoamigo Imp. the Middle East and the Americas have also reaped the benefits of working with us. For a response within 24 hours.co Floor and table sockets 254 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. & Exp.000. Every year.com/vpon.net www. we invest 50 percent of our turnover in R&D.000 units.com www.

. power extension cords. We also have 10-plus years of OEM/ODM experience to carry out your custom projects. Every member of our trade staff has been in the business for at least six years. 4 Bldg.com/jashion. China Tel: (86-592) 589 3655/3663 • Fax: (86-592) 589 3660/3668 E-mail: jashion@globalsources. To join them. our professional personnel oversee every step of the process. including adapters. International Trade Building. China Tel: (86-25) 6660 5206. Everything we manufacture at our ISO 9001:2000certified factory has CE approval.com/caideal. Ltd Rms. Hubin South Rd. We're willing to work with you whether you're a big or small enterprise. Your next new lighting product is just a click away – visit us online today. Corp. Our monthly capacity is 200. we can easily handle volume and mixed orders.globalsources.com www.caideal. Jiangsu 210028. Nanjing Caideal Products Co. Ltd Rm.Four new lighting products monthly Keeping your selection of lighting products up-to-date was never so easy. Xiamen. lamp holders. contact us now. Nanjing.com www. E27 lamp holder Spiral CFL Xiamen Jashion Imp. Supported by a network of ISO 9001:2000-certified partner factories.www. Fujian 361004.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 255 . 3 Wubaicun Rd. Xiamen Jashion Import & Export specializes in electrical products.com RoHS SASO ISO 9001:2000 Over 200 electrical products Developed during 18 years of service As a bridge between the demander and the supplier.com Three-outlet Germany-standard adapter with switch Five-outlet Germany-standard power strip with gang switches and indicator lights Germany-standard plug with switch More new products . switches. 8516 5887 Fax: (86-25) 6660 5207 E-mail: caideal@globalsources. 25C. Over the past 18 years. Xiaguan. Shicheng Jiayuan.co • www. Our catalog has over 300 choices so we probably have the one you’re looking for.globalsources.co • www.com • jia@jashion. and we deliver within 30 days. Ninety percent of our first-time buyers place repeat orders with us.globalsources. energy-saving lamps.com • manager@caideal. From order tracking and quality control to logistics arrangement. So you’ll have a team with industry experience on your side.jashion. 104/108.000 pieces. & Exp.. voltage regulators/stabilizers and mini circuit breakers. plugs.. Just check our Global Sources website to see three to four new models each month. we have developed more than 200 electrical products and never stop innovating.

Quanzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone. To benefit from our expertise and services.cn • honcha@globalsources.globalsources. This way. Value-added services We offer one-year warranties and parts replacements for every order. Even after your equipment is up and running. we’ll keep in touch with you.hcm.cn Factory: Xuefeng. These clients also appreciate the convenience of our turnkey solutions.globalsources.com www. we offer training sessions in raw material mixing and production processes.com . China 256 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Fully automated concrete block production lines Automatic concrete block-making machine Fully automated concrete block production lines Experience trusted by buyers in over 50 countries Our 25 years of producing automatic concrete block-making machines have provided us with the groundwork to assemble construction equipment that exhibits the performance you require.com/honcha. contact us today. as well as receive feedback to help us continually improve our products and services. Fujian Excellence Honcha Building Material Equipment Co. which allow them to immediately begin production.Choose verified suppliers . China Tel: (86-595) 2249 6062 • Fax: (86-595) 2249 6061 E-mail: marketing@hcm. Nan'an. Fujian 362300. Quanzhou.co • www. Fujian 362005. Our expertise is a major reason why buyers from 50-plus countries rely on us. Huaqiao Economic Development Zone. Technical support before and after the sale As part of our package. Ltd Head office: 3-16B. we can offer additional support. And we can send technicians to troubleshoot problems on location.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 257 . industrial & construction equipment Chemicals.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE Machinery & Industrial Supplies Agricultural.globalsources.com/diy Find thousands of products and suppliers in an easy to compare format–updated daily Product Alert–receive e-mails when new products go online Inquiry Basket–send inquiries quickly to multiple suppliers 359 More new products . industrial automation systems and packaging equipment. including: – Tractor equipped with electric multidisc clutch – Frequency inverter that supports RS-485 interface 271 Disposable protective wear 299 Companies are updating product range and manufacturing facilities to widen market reach. minerals & fabrication parts/materials Industrial materials handling & printing equipment Machinery parts.globalsources. Global Sources online metrics Workplace safety Online www. tooling & components Precision measuring & testing instruments Vending/dispensing/amusement machines New products Metalworking machinery.

Sales branches worldwide As a subsidiary of CNBM Group. This brand of construction equipment helped build the Burj Khalifa. Complete service provider To help your project run smoothly. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom to learn more. United Arab Emirates. Join clients from over 30 countries by sourcing our CE-certified product range. logistics.com . Indonesia. as well as 80. And to better serve buyers in their regions.Cranes that helped the Burj Khalifa Serving famous projects worldwide Next time you see the world’s tallest building. design. Germany. in power plants across India. we also offer a complete range of services such as technical consultancy. Nigeria and other regions. Customers from those areas order hundreds of cranes and hoists from us each year. Russia. India. including: • Tower cranes • Suspended platforms • PM hoists • Formworks CNBM International Corporation PM hoist Formwork Suspended platform 258 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we’re a part of a network of 300 companies and factories. Saudi Arabia. You can also find our construction machinery.globalsources. Then e-mail us today. which has been patented in mainland China.Choose verified suppliers . as well as the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Riyadh. we’ve expanded our sales network across the US. think CMAX.000 staff members. storage. Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. maintenance and personal training. Iran. And EPC turnkey projects are no problem for us either. installation. manufacturing. Saudi Arabia. dismantling.

working range: 70m More new products .www. lifting capacity: 20t • Max.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 259 .reach a new height Tower crane • Max.globalsources.

000 x 2.700/1.globalsources.000mm CNC gantry surface grinding machine • Machining capability: 80.720-16. cutting taper: 60/100mm • Digital power generator for finishing and cutting Universal CNC cylindrical grinder • Max.000mm • Control system: Siemens 840D CNC gantry boring and milling machine with moving beam • X/Y/Z axis travel: 4. grinding diameter: 275mm • Distance between center: 1.We offer CNC machines that CNC wire-cutting EDM • Max.000mm • 125kW turning motor CNC turning center • Max.000mm • Spindle power: 40/66kW or 60/84kW CNC double-column vertical turning and milling combined machine • Max.com . cutting thickness: 500/1.000 x 1.720/3.Choose verified suppliers . workpiece diameter: 1.000mm • Max. turning diameter: 420mm • Control system: Fanuc • C axis function 260 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.

meet your requirements CNC fixed-beam gantry boring and milling machine • X/Y/Z axis travel: 3.www.520-17.000/1.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 261 .220/2.200mm • Spindle power: 30/37kW or 30/41kW More new products .globalsources.

000 clients Industrial safety helmet with built-in face shield and earmuffs Safety glasses 262 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . trusted by over 1.com .From a 34-year supplier.

globalsources. part of a special promotion Fiberglass stepladder Pedestal-mounted eye wash Safety cones Exit and evacuate direction signs More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 263 .www.Safety shoe Safety harness Half-mask respirator High-efficiency ear-loop mask.

5kW.com/sensecn. machined and forged parts.co • www. Shandong 266000. China Tel: (86-574) 8764 6558 Fax: (86-574) 8764 6559 E-mail: sales@ptfesupplier. Equipment inspection When sourcing materials. Pingdu. China Tel: (86-531) 8826 9106 • Fax: (86-531) 8826 7763 E-mail: cxcnc@globalsources. we know that it can be difficult to navigate the range of quality that suppliers offer. Lanxiang Rd. Stress tolerance is kept within ±0.. On-time delivery is certain thanks to efficient CNC lathes from Japan. And every unit we ship is approved by CE. our CNC routers. plus industry-wide buyers across the US. PTFE adhesive tape. contact us today. we’ve been the best at making OEM casting. Developed CNC woodworking router with 10 years of research • Table size: 1. Ltd Luzhuang Industry Zone.Choose verified suppliers .000 tons each year. we employ an adept R&D team that utilizes specialized facilities to make advances in the PTFE coating and fluorine soaking processes. Ltd 60 East Qingdao Rd. Yinyi Waitan Plaza. Inquire now. We're well-respected in the industry. PTFE oven liners and PTFE toast bags. 6. alloy and much more are used to form up to 5. 420. No. iron.globalsources.globalsources. Backed by over three decades of research and production experience. Over 100 grades of stainless steel. the coating treatment and architectural roof membranes we use are patented. Zhejiang 315020. Nanyou Tian’an Industry.com . In fact. Ningbo. PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics A pioneer in PTFE-coated and fluorine-soaked products. • Spindle: 4. To save time and money on your next engineering project. To learn more. Orders start with five tons. Visit our website to read testimonials from leading companies we've served. Qingdao. air-cooled and laser engraving and cutting machines are suitable for all kinds of materials and applications.co PTFE-coated nonstick toast bag Contact Person: Mr. Mainland China’s first automaker FAW.com ISO 9001:2000 264 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. contact us today. but don't just take our word for it. the EU and Japan confirm our reliable flexibility.jgqcasting.com www.globalsources. Ltd Rm. Panasonic. China Tel: (86-532) 8377 0555 • Fax: (86-532) 8375 0555 E-mail: peter@jgqcasting.com Sense Engineering Services Ltd Unit 2A. Siemens. Two to three new products are added to our rich selection each year. PTFE-coated conveyor belts.com www. stamped. as well as minimize non-conformity risks.globalsources. China Tel: (86-755) 2641 6816 Fax: (86-755) 2641 6813 E-mail: info@sense-cn.com/cxcnc.com On-time delivery from a 16-year manufacturer Since 1995..sense-cn.co • www.040mm knowledge. Ningbo Superbright Technology Co.440 x 3. Shenzhen.com/ptfesupplier..Intensive vendor inspections for your projects Multiple-spindle design developed with 10 years of research knowledge Furniture production just got easier.cx-cnc.co www.com www.com/jgq.01 millimeters with tri-linear coordinatemeasuring instruments and spectrum analyzers. Guangdong 518054. 132 Renmin Rd. Shandong 250031. Tianqiao. Jinan. Act today. Our experienced team intensively tests raw materials. Peter Stamped hook for solar roofing JGQ Casting Co. as well as by providing document and certificate verification and project expediting services. we have grown into one of the largest producers in the industry. thanks to three automatic alternating HSD spindles. Jinan Create Star CNC Machinery Co. semifinished items and finished products to your standards.com www. You can come to us for PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric. carbon steel. We make it simple by conducting on-site inspections. The featured CNC woodworking router is designed to cut at speeds of up to 30 meters per minute.com • hawk@cn-cnc. Syntec and Hiwin components are used in our machines.

From one of mainland China’s pioneers in tractor technology Tractor with electrohydraulic front-wheel steering system Agricultural tractor with 2.www.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 265 .040mm wheel base More new products .

000 units each month. IDF. acid and alkali Tianjin KRS Valve Co.com Get your seamless steel pipes from a 26-year expert As a competitive 26-year producer of seamless stainless steel pipes and fittings with a monthly capacity of 500 tons. energy.com Xiongfeng Special Steel Co.com. DS. We manufacture butterfly.. including blocks.com www.com 266 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. RJT and ASME BPE. Inquire today. When you source from us.com Skype: elvis2009818 What’s your industry? Whether it’s urban water supply. All of our products meet ASTM. we can provide material processing services such as cold cutting. pneumatic. Guangdong. Longwan.000 tons of steel materials in stock at all times. Ltd 3rd Rd. Our production machines from Ericsson and Siemens help us make 70. Contact our English.wzbsbxg. Wenzhou Anbo Light Industry Machinery Co. can customize valves for you in just three days. Zhejiang 325024.Get your order in as fast as 1 day Samples within five days. Our two ISO 9001:2008certified factories cover 100. we can provide goods on-call because our warehouse is regularly stocked.co www. 3-A.co • www.wzststeel. And stocked items in one day. Inquire today. round bars. Standard orders in two or three days. Baodi. water treatment and cosmetics industries. Ltd Binhai Industrial Park. oil. These items are widely applied in the food. Ltd Lintou Section.com Mobile: (86) 152 5772 8729 MSN: elvis2009818@hotmail. China Tel: (86-577) 8680 6356 Fax: (86-577) 8699 1206 E-mail: valvelbow@yahoo.com www. strips and plates. Our monthly capacity is over 200 tons. pharmaceutical. cold work mold and plastic mold steel.Choose verified suppliers .xiongfenggroup. flats.000m2 and afford us the capacity to produce 300 varieties of steel pipes and fittings. Tianjin 301802. 60 types of structures to meet your industry’s demands Double-eccentric soft-sealed butterfly valve. Foshan. and other pipe fittings possible.. sewage treatment. Yongqiang Hi-tech Zone. we make these extraordinary delivery times for butterfly. and samples are free.000mm. Ltd 1018 Tianzhong Rd. for temperatures of -45 to 155oC Wenzhou Bosheng Pipe Manufacturing Co. marine.com/krsvalve.. Wenzhou. Beijiao. we have the right valves for you.steel@gmail. All products can be made according to different material quality requests and industry standards such as DIN.globalsources. we can Globe valve.com . check.krscn. milling and grinding for sizes up to 200 by 800 by 1.com/chinabosheng.globalsources. Moreover.globalsources. Wenzhou.com • 15822017525@139. Zhejiang 325025. JIS. We also offer fine material processing with a tolerance of as small as 0.com/wzststeel.co www. China Tel: (86-577) 8598 9986 Fax: (86-577) 8598 9958 E-mail: elvis.com/xiongfeng.and Russian-speaking trade staff today.globalsources.co • www. gate. Order one valve for a trial run. Delivery time is between 25 and 40 days. SMS. Inquire now. And backed by our R&D engineers with up to 40 years’ experience.03mm. China Tel: (86-22) 2240 0169 • Fax: (86-22) 2240 1869 E-mail: krsvalve@globalsources. Our product range includes hot work mold. Specialist of mold steel and steel products for over 25 years For more than 25 years we have focused on providing our clients with large volumes of special steel. as well as carbon and alloy steel. Furthermore. and we have more than 50. diaphragm and ball valves. Guangzhu Rd. beverage. DIN and other standards. we are confident in our ability to keep you properly supplied.globalsources. medicine or metallurgy.com www. BS.com • jzzhen@xiongfengsteel. check and ball valves in 60 structure types to meet these industries’ demands. be used with water. Jiuyuan Industrial Park. China Tel: (86-757) 2639 0137 • Fax: (86-757) 2639 0137 lzchao@xiongfengsteel.cn www.

globalsources.Forged steel swivel casters.www. with and without brakes Pressed steel institutional casters Heavy-duty wheelbarrow Premium-quality wheels More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 267 .

so contact us now. flanges and piping accessories to clients worldwide. This complete in-house process allows us to apply strict QC measures throughout production. 905.co PVC picnic trolley with cooler bag and EVA handle Gate valves Fire alarm system Pipe fittings and flanges We’ve been producing fire alarm control panels. Walmart. Guangdong 518052..com/frontvalve. food and marine development industries. Our 5. North America and East Asia trust our shopping carts in their stores. fittings. India and the UAE. gate.co www. with five production lines. East Block. We are a leading supplier of various industrial valves. Our products are widely utilized in the oil. globe.and ISO 14001:2004-certified facility.com www. Yuxin. we accept orders of just 2. By using high-grade carbon.kr Shenzhen Front Valve Co. as well as gray and ductile iron. All of our products conform to API. Contact us now to learn more. BS and DIN standards. AWWA. Venture Building.000 pieces. Our minimum order requirement is just 20 units. ISO 14001:2004 Kyungnam 630-857. and our R&D team releases two new products per month. Nanshan Software Park.Choose verified suppliers . ISO 9001:2000 1127-26 Jung-Ri. China Tel: (86-755) 2647 0032/2647 0069 Fax: (86-755) 2647 0195 Email: info@frontvalve. We can prepare samples in just 15 days and have your orders delivered in 35. pharmaceutical. B&Q. Our products include ball.E-Mart. China Tel: (86-573) 831 76333 Fax: (86-573) 831 61711 E-mail: grace@hn-metal.com/atcorp. produces up to 250. Shopping cart • 95 x 38 x 32cm frame • 58 x 35 x 23cm bag • 16 x 0. Naeseo. flame detectors and fire extinguishers since 2005. casings and much more.globalsources. We have subsidiary offices in the US and agents in Kuwait and Pakistan. Ltd 6 Xinhong Rd.frontvalve.globalsources.. petrochemical.com www. Jiaxing..com/hn-metal. gas. B&Q. Robot Mechatronics Center. 5/F. and Ikea love our shopping carts Big buyers in the EU.com 268 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Aurora Technology Corp.6mm steel tubes Jiaxing Hano Metal Products Co. 10128 Shennan Rd. Our experienced sales representatives respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Ltd. Hoewon-Gu. ANSI. Shenzhen. Nanhu. South Korea Tel: (82-55) 247 1100 Fax: (82-55) 687 0001 E-mail: chang@atcorp.globalsources.atcorp.com . we control quality from the start of design and development right through to manufacture and testing.co • www. Changwon. Though we supply clients like E-Mart.000 pieces monthly. we also export to Saudi Arabia. alloy and stainless steel. so call us today. In addition to these countries. check. plug and butterfly valves. Walmart and Ikea. as well as pipes.kr www. Zhejiang 314009.globalsources. From our ISO 9001:2000. JIS.000m2 factory. we’ve developed a line of products to suit various industries. Rm.

2 Shandong Rd.10-year OEM/ODM supplier of stamped.globalsources.com Website: www. Ltd 24H..com/hightonjm.globalsources. China-R International Mansion.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 269 . deep-drawn and fabricated steel parts Adjustable stand Quick hook Lock catch and clip Brake backing plate Highton (Jimo) MFG Co. 8667 6396 • Fax: (86-532) 8667 6399 E-mail: info@qd-highton.com Stainless steel flange More new products . Shandong 266071. Qingdao. China Tel: (86-532) 8667 6390.co • www.qd-highton.www.

toys.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .co • www. It’s no wonder more than 80 percent of our products are exported. China Big expectations met with 500t always in stock Die-casting. China Tel: (86-512) 6336 3988 Fax: (86-512) 6334 0086 E-mail: global@myparts. springs and lathe parts We offer an extensive selection of OEM/ODM stamped metal parts. Ltd Tianyang Mansion.com/tinpingmfg.D. Tianjin 300400. our innovations have won awards from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Guangdong 523752. chemical. Beichen. Our 160 highly trained employees work in a 12.globalsources. The mighty Three Gorges Dam Project relied on us to become a part of history.myparts. Datong. Lidu International Compound. Unit 6. And 30 inspectors with over 15 years’ experience keep quality consistent for buyers worldwide in the metallurgy. springs and lathe components. Alloy steel pipes With 26 years of experience in one-stop production. Products include: • Springs: torsion. 5/F. machining and powder coating in-house. Kwun Tong Industrial Centre. Third-party inspections are welcome. furnaces. for all purposes From industrial heating to electrical conductivity. Shanxi 037002. Kowloon. Jiangsu 215222.com ISO 9001:2008 270 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.globalsources. our graphite variety covers it all. JIS. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2790 8591 • Fax: (852) 2797 8600 E-mail: sales@tinping. Ltd 51 Zhenbei Rd. Wujiang.xcg-carbon. Inquire today. Datong Xincheng Science & Technology Industrial Co. we perform die-casting... we can manufacture it all in-house with ease.com Flats D/E/J. The shortest delivery time we offer is seven days. contact us today.com Mainland China factory: A10 Shebei Rd.Exporting graphite in all shapes and sizes.co • www.. 460-470 Kwun Tong Rd. crucibles.com/xinchengcarbon. compression and extension (0.com .co MSN: sarahxuan84@hotmail. Huangjiangzhen. felts and batteries – is diverse. China Tel/Fax: (86-352) 506 4262 E-mail: xcg-carbon@hotmail.08-5mm thicknesses) For products that will fit your application needs. CNPC is a consistent buyer.. We’ve been involved in die casting since our founding in 1985. Dongguan. up to 20. Shebei Area. ASTM. medical equipment and more. Phase 2. Machining and Powder Coating since 1985 Stainless steel pipes.. design or material you require.000m2 factory stocked with sophisticated equipment.com/diecast. Our products are widely used in electronic components.globalsources. model.016mm in outer diameter and 100mm in wall thickness. Ltd Rm. electronics and military industries. and our extensive experience has earned us the business of big buyers. Bred Isostatic-graphite crucible. Whatever the shape.tinping. They can been customized to specifications of up to 1.cn diecast@globalsources. Suzhou.com Website: www.01-32mm thicknesses) • Lathe parts: various shapes and cuts (0.com www. size.com www. 1. Make us a part of your project – call today. 500 tons of steel pipes are stored in our warehouse.co www. GB. sporting goods.: 6-1. we have it all here.016mm Currently. Bldg.08-5mm diameters) • Stamped metal parts: multi-cut and bent (0.com/hywy. including custom orders.com www.globalsources. Contact us today to learn more.06-32mm thicknesses) • Wire forms: compound shapes and cuts (0. Jingjin Rd.cn Tianjin Hongyun Weiye Steel Co. home appliances. Wujiang Tianlong Machinery Co. Though our selection – including blocks. 52. Bache. Stamped metal parts. DIN and KS certifications are appended. China Tel: (86-22) 2634 8881/4446 • Fax: (86-22) 8686 5209 E-mail: sarahxyy84@gmail. Annually.000 tons of products leave our factories. O. by an R&D team of 95 technical custom specifications welcome engineers.

5sqm per hour production capacity.880mm wheelbase. 20 to 40μm thickness.5hp engine Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co. fresh fruit and vegetables Block machine produces 22. 30 to 200mm product height.5sqm per hour Fujian Excellence Honcha Building Material Equipment Co. Ltd (mainland c hina) Model: AFpp MOQ: 5.14m bucket capacity. 31kw main engine power.7kph speed continued on page 284 More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 271 .globalsources. electric multidisc clutch. 0. Ltd (mainland c hina) Model: 6.www.170mm Guangdong Weifu Packaging Material Co. 12 to 25Mpa rated compressive strength.5hp B&s engine. 6.500x2. 11 to 20s molding cycle. Ltd (mainland c hina) Model: Qt 9-15 Automatic Block Machine MOQ: 99 sets Delivery: 90 days Description: Block machine. 2.950mm Mini dumper uses 6. for packaging frozen food.000kg Delivery: 15 days Description: Bopp film. 1.5hp Mini dumper Description: dump truck. 22.new products Tractor equipped with electric multidisc clutch Shandong Wuzheng Group Co.100x3. anti-fog.320x3.345x2. 6. puncture-resistant properties. 5. Ltd (mainland c hina) Model: w Z-r enoman-1804 MOQ: 1 unit Delivery: 60 days Description: t ractor. 101dB maximum noise level.

Ltd aimiao Industrial Park. and construction projects in India and Africa. This is possible as we stay stocked with at least 10 units of each item at all times.com/jinfeitianhong. Siemens.29 years of pumping out production for MNCs All businesses thrive on efficiency. But keep in mind that after you browse our 10-year portfolio. Changping.com 272 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000 assembly-line workers. Our collection includes concrete block machines and concrete mixing plants – all of which are CE. For more information. we’ll deliver your choice immediately. Products are assembled with CNC lathes and Schneider control systems by up about 1. Building hoist • Lifting capacity: 1-2t • Running speed: 36-96m/min Beijing Jinfei Tianhong Construction machinery Co. For your peace of mind. Bayer. With clients as big as ours. China GOST Tel: (86-10) 8176 0978 • Fax: (86-10) 8176 9546 ISO 9001:2000 E-mail: trade@bjfth. we specialize in manufacturing and marketing a wide range of construction equipment. We’ve been recognized with a China Well-known Trademark award. Order today. Fujian 362000. Fengzhou. Coca-Cola and Haier. Quanzhou Hengxing Industry Machinery Co.and CCC-marked. Beiqijia. material hoists.globalsources. portal frames and tower cranes to our range. construction elevators. China Tel: (86-595) 8678 0088 Fax: (86-595) 8678 3567 hx@fj-hengxing.co • www. Beijing 102209.com/fj-hengxing. we are ISO 9001:2000. Nearly 100 R&D engineers have added suspended platforms. And we exort to markets worldwide.bjfth. Concrete mixing plant Established in 1984. Seals and bearings from Germany and Sweden make sure of that.com • hengxing@globalsources. we know how to keep their production flowing.com .co www. And when dealing with MNCs such as GM.globalsources. Ltd Automatic block machine Dongmen Industrial Zone. energy and construction sites worldwide for 29 years. Our pumps have been supplied to manufacturing.and ISO 14001:2004-certified.globalsources. Volkswagen.com www.com 10 years of experience ready for immediate delivery A decade of experience might seem to take ages to accumulate. they're in use at Gul Ahmed's textile mills in Pakistan. Inquire today.fj-hengxing.Choose verified suppliers . and finally shipped with relevant CE and GOST certifications.com www. we make sure nothing leaks through. Quanzhou. as well as the 300 patented Submersible sewage pump designs featured in our with 15m3/hr capacity selection. inquire now. Currently.

globalsources.www.Trust our 30 years of experience More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 273 .

Wujiayong.co • www.000 water pumps. Industrial power generator Quality has been our top priority since we began producing power generators in 1993. China Tel: (86-577) 6377 8019. Lane 78.cn www. Plus. we roll out 400 tons of disposable food containers and cups every month.com 274 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Our monthly output is 3. Dongguan.hinet. Chunghwa Rd. Inquire now. This commitment is demonstrated by the 15 inspectors – each with 20 years of experience – we devote to monitoring every stage of the production process. Fuan.globalsources.co www. No. cellophanefilm tri-dimensional packaging.globalsources. These items are produced in dust-free workshops. and each production line is overseen by two QC specialists to ensure quality. flatness testers and more. Chunan Town .tw Mindong Baiyun Electrical Machine Co.com A quality-focused supplier of power generators since 1993 We invest over $10 million in QC equipment to ensure that you receive quality precision turned parts..gdzhentai. Our full range of inspection machinery includes CMMs. CNC computer lathe processing.cn www. Fujian 355000. Ltd 118 East Liangyou Rd.. Wenzhou. Songqiao. packaging and shipping processes take place in-house at our ISO 9001:2008. E-mail us today. Plus.chinazxin.com/zhuxin. we turn out up to 50 units of industrial machinery. transparent-film 3-D packaging. We can send our technicians to perform on-site maintenance. we source raw materials from our network of 100 trusted suppliers.com www.com • cloud@vip.Each month. CCD projection cameras.Choose verified suppliers . We accept OEM/ODM projects. Zhejiang 325409.com • admin@zhuxin. And we produce our power generators according to CE. Our range includes equipment for printing.The film-blowing machine shown here can produce LDPE. even if you’re located abroad.globalsources. including Europe's Directive 2007/19/EC.com . 6308 1111 Fax: (86-577) 6377 8011 E-mail: zhuxin@globalsources. Send us your requirements today and receive samples in 30 days.co • www. Miaoli County.winmail. HDPE and LLDPE film.com/hankwangco. 47.com/cloudgenerator. Contact us now for more information.co • www.com. and leather-shoe and plastic-bag production. EPA and UL regulations. roughness testers. We provide powder metallurgy and hardware components processing. Furthermore.net www.com/zhentai.globalsources.and ISO/TS 16949:2008-certified facility in Taiwan. Guangdong 523227. It features a rotary wheel. 8120 9568 ext.hangkang.. China Tel: (86-593) 636 4336 • Fax: (86-593) 636 4318 E-mail: cloud@globalsources. some of whom we’ve worked with for 18 years. All of our products comply with the latest standards. OEM services are available. and we can develop a sample for you in just 10 days. Zhangqiao.globalsources. Ltd 17 Beiwang Rd. all production.000 generators and 2. High-speed film-blowing machine Disposable food containers 400 tons of disposable food containers every month With production machinery from Taiwan. Pingyang. Ltd 9 Xiaoxi Bian. Taiwan Tel: (886-37) 664 682 Fax: (886-37) 671 166 E-mail: hangkang@ms45. Dongguan Zhentai Packing Co. a surface-friction double-station winding device and automatic temperature regulator. 80 percent of which is bound for export.cloudmotor.com Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co. Fully customized orders are welcomed. 8016 Fax: (86-769) 8120 9568 E-mail: mail@gdzhentai. Zhongtang. precise abrasive machining and other services. 8015. Start working with a 21-year maker. China Tel: (86-769) 8120 9528 ext.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 275 .All items shown here with various trademarks. available with diesel.www.globalsources. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. load capacity from 1 to 10t More new products . and are not for sale. or LPG engine. Forklift truck. gas.

Our factory is ISO 9001:2000-certified and can turn out 200 standard containers monthly. graspers for grass. Ltd Jinghua Rd. Engineered by 30 professional technicians. Shandong 271000. China Tel/Fax: (86-538) 836 5669 luneng@globalsources. we attract major clients such as The Hong Kong International Airport and Siemens. Dongguan. a key hub of China’s plastic industry. Youth Startup Zone. Germany. OEM orders are welcome If you need a certain type of shelving for your warehouse.net Website: www. we have been in the business of making long-lasting molds since 1998. namely a side dump bucket. light duty and electric mobile shelves. South Korea. Taizhou. our cap.com/xtian.com 276 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. To join our clients from the US.com/weitelong. contact us today. we provide over 48 varieties for buyers to choose from.globalsources.co • www.globalsources. China Tel: (86-769) 8116 2023 • Fax: (86-769) 8116 2006 • Mobile: (86) 138 0964 6950 E-mail: weitelong@globalsources. Ltd Huangyan. Inquire today. Tai’an.com www.net Based in Zhejiang..lunengmachinery. It has five exchangeable attachments.xintianmould. check out our catalog.com . Daojiao.Molds made to last 2 years Durable injection molds with 32 cavities.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. Inquire today. Ltd Taian Luneng Machinery Co. Nanya Industrial Area. When it comes to cap molds.com Contact Person: Mr. we’ve upgraded 30 models of our LN-series wheel loaders with engines from Cummins. Our wheel loaders all bear CE marks too.globalsources. and a snow-collection board and fork. PET preform and bottle-blowing molds have an average life span of two years. Perkins and factory distributors in mainland China.com www. Zhejiang 318020. Andrew Mobile: (86) 150 5721 7453 PET preform injection molds 18 years of OEM injection molding expertise CE-certified wheel loaders with five exchangeable attachments CE-certified 60kW loader (LN926) Buyers across 30 countries all agree – our wheel loaders get the job done. China Tel: (86) 152 6720 0668 Fax: (86-576) 840 65128 E-mail: capmoulding@126. And its O-rings meet international standards for oil leakage control. and powder-coated using ITW Gema spraying machines to prevent corrosion and ensure durability. Over the past 11 years. France and Canada.co • www.weitelong.co www. Our products are assembled with Panasonic welding robots.com/luneng. As an executive member of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. The LN926 is the latest model made especially for export. We offer many kinds of heavy duty. Zhejiang Taizhou Xintian Mold & Plastic Co. Guangdong 523062.com • sales@weitelong. Suzhou Benteng Science And Technology Co. We use AutoCAD design software to enhance the quality of our molds and speed up the design process.net • info@weitelong. wood and tubes.com • lunengjixie001@163.

And our client list includes well-known retailers. patented in mainland China and the US (FW-99F) Yangjiang Shunhe Industrial Co. our 18 QC technicians subject our products to a myriad of tests. we enlist the help of marketing organizations to conduct research. ANSI. as well as perform buyer surveys. Ltd Yangjiang Shunhe Industrial & Trade Co. such as Costco. patented in mainland China and Germany (FW-90S) One or more of the illustrations shown here is a drawing or other representation of a product and not an actual photograph of the product.com Website: www. we’ve obtained over 30 product patents worldwide. Plus. China Tel: (86-662) 317 3088/8588 Fax: (86-662) 317 2278 E-mail: yjsh@globalsources. Tantangzhou. as required by our clients.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 277 .com • yjjr@shunheproducts. To stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in our industry.com More new products . Ltd Folding hand truck. Many of our items have passed SGS inspections. We welcome agents from all over the world. Guangdong 529500. including salt-spray and load evaluations. And some carry TÜV. Inquire today. We release up to eight new models annually and have our own molding factory to accommodate your OEM/ODM orders. making us one of the largest manufacturers of this type of equipment in mainland China.www. Sears and Tchibo. Guangzhan National Highway.globalsources. Rigorous tests We produce up to 200. CE. GS.globalsources. Trusted by major retailers We have a repeat-order rate of over 90 percent. Yangjiang. To ensure your strict requirements are met. patented in mainland China and the EU (ST-11) Folding platform hand truck.co • www.000 hand trucks each month. EN 131-approved telescopic ladder.We subject our products to a gamut of tests 22 experienced engineers Our 22 engineers average 10 years of experience. CSA and EN 131 marks. Chengxi.com/yjsh. Thanks to their work. we attend trade shows every year.shunheproducts.

Japan and South Korea. To resist price flucuations of raw materials. China Pneumatic actuator Plastic hoses.Our actuators last 2 to 3 times longer than competitors’ products Quarter-turn pneumatic control valve Zhejiang Dingfeng Fluid Autocontrol Equipment Co.up to 1.000 pieces. as well as our daily capacity of 6.000 tons of processed plastic in-stock at all times. Shandong 262212. This storage. IMDG and CCS certifications also make entry easy. we keep 20. used in many fields and available in different sizes Hoses with inside diameters of 8 to 500mm Spare part for piston pumps and motors Zhejiang Okawa M&E Co.Choose verified suppliers . Inquire today. allows us to deliver fast . Our goods meet the market requirements of the US. But this won’t impact our budget. Zhucheng.globalsources. Ltd Demand is on the rise but supply is unstable – that’s the nature of the petroleum market. Europe. Xiangzhou Economic Development Zone. Ltd 278 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000 plastic pallets in three to seven days. UN.com .

And. and are not for sale. More new products . In addition to in-house performance evaluations. In fact. so you can test our equipment before ordering in bulk. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. blade front.and EPA-marked • Honda or B&S engine • Load capacity: 250kg Road roller • Single or double drums available • 5.5 to 13hp Honda engine We specialize in the production and distribution of agricultural and construction equipment. forklifts and their fittings are just some of the products featured in our catalog.www. we provide samples as well as accept orders for only one unit. excavators. we test each machine outdoors for maneuverability. We welcome buyers from all over the world. Track dumper • Load capacity: 1. grapple and mixer Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co. dump trucks.globalsources. wheel loaders. garden loaders.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 279 .globalsources. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only. despite the global economic downturn. Jinfeng Building A305.com/chancay. Contact us today.co All items shown here with various trademarks. bulldozers. Ltd International Business Center (Phase 3). Track dumpers. Wuhan. auger. we saw a 30 percent growth in our export sales last year.Field-tested for optimum performance Garden loader • CE. Donghu Hi-tech Development Zone.000kg • 13hp B&S engine • Hydraulic tipper • Interchangeable attachments: fork. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. motor graders. road rollers. Our products are CE-marked and UL-approved for easy importation.cn Website: www. tractors. Our machines are selling well worldwide.com. China Tel: (86-27) 8759 2091/2081 • Fax: (86-27) 8759 2096/2097 E-mail: wuhangland@yahoo. Hubei 430074.

DIN and ASTM A653/A792 approvals.500 employees.including 128. With over 12 years of experience coating steel. Anhui Liyuan CNC Blade Mold Manufacturing Co. They’re drawn to our 14 years of expertise and massive range of maximum-performance crushers. 5373 8757 • Fax: (86-371) 6053 5395 E-mail: dscrusher@hotmail.co • www. measurement and standardization systems The solid choice of Lafarge. plus CNC machines. Our limestone crushers can process 2.com/liyuannd. Orders begin at only 20 tons. 2.ahliyuan.globalsources. 8 Guohuai Rd. annual sales of 100.com Website: www. China Tel: (86-371) 6789 7103.. EN 10142/10147.globalsources. Call today. Ltd 6/F.com www. China Tel: (86-21) 3379 4128 Fax: (86-21) 3379 4600 E-mail: info@lansteel. the US and Southeast Asia. GSK has specialized in the R&D and production of reliable CNC control systems. available for viewing at our Global Sources Online showroom.000m2 ISO 9001:2000-certified factory is run by over 200 employees and is able to meet all of your large or small volume needs. 515. China Tel: (86-555) 676 5968 Fax: (86-555) 676 5969 E-mail: ahlywm@hotmail.dscrusher. Anhui 243131. Ltd Bowang Industrial Development Zone. and have been inspected by SGS. Street No.lansteel. We created and currently follow a quality management system. Henan 450001.000 buyers. including Lafarge. Baoshan. Heidelberg Cement and Holcim. Ltd No 52. spectrometers and welders from Germany – are ready to handle your requests.com/dsmac.com Press brake lower die ISO 9001:2008 ISO 10012:2003 280 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Luochong North Rd. our 10.co • www.CNC control systems 800 R&D engineers ready to serve you Since 1991.000 units and service centers in more than 40 countries.globalsources.000 tons of pre-painted steel annually. For more information. Torch Building. That’s over 4. 800 engineers. Customers in over 50 locations worldwide have made us a popular choice. We offer: Pre-painted galvanized steel coils More than 12 years of experience coating steel The galvanized and pre-painted steel we produce comes with JIS G3312. Ma’anshan.com ISO 9001:2008 Website: www. a measurement management system and a standardization system to ensure all our products are of the highest quality. 111 East Songqiao Rd.com . Contact us today for more information. a popular selling point in over 20 countries.000 other buyers Press brake upper die We were one of the first manufacturers in mainland China to offer CNC bending machine molds and shear blades.co Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co.globalsources. Our refined resources . contact us today. With 20 years of continuous efforts. with rotors and hammer heads that can last four times longer than the competition.com www. GSK is recognized both domestically and abroad as a leading supplier of CNC control systems.000 tons per hour. Zhengzhou Hi-tech Development Zone.000m2 of manufactories. Shanghai Lanjiang Iron & Steel Co. GSK CNC Equipment Co.000 tons of galvanized steel and 150. We export 600.com/lanjiangsteel..com We created our own quality.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Rm.. Holcim and 4. Shanghai 200940. Unit B. 1. Contact us today to learn more. And our R&D knowledge has grown to the point where we now export bending molds to buyers in Europe.

and custom samples take just seven days. Yongkang.com/chinaxingyue. have already chosen us.www. We operate according to ISO 9001:2000 guidelines for consistent quality. China Tel: (86-579) 8751 6772/7941/7942 Fax: (86-579) 8751 7615/2827 E-mail: xy888@xingyue.globalsources.com www.co www. Home Depot and Metro. Your OEM orders are welcome. Gushan Industrial Zone. Orders take 12 to 20 days. Our products are UL-listed as your guarantee that they will meet the high standards of your market too. Many big buyers such as B&Q.Source from our eight new designs each year Our 30-member R&D team adds eight new items annually to our selection of 60 product lines.000m2 factory meeting your specifications.com ISO 9001:2000 More new products .globalsources. Send us an e-mail today.xingyue.5 million units supplies volume buyers across the globe – many of them architectural contractors. Have you got volume needs? Our annual capacity of 1.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 281 . Zhejiang 321307. And all aspects of the production process are closely monitored to further ensure that your orders depart our 105. This bulk production is thanks to eight assembly lines with digital control systems from Germany and Japan.

decreases heat accumulation Exporting woodworking machines for 14 years Having produced respirators since 1992. we’ve been exporting woodworking and metal-cutting machines. X42.co 282 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. X52 and X60 Established in 1998. Hangzhou. all for export.com Website: www. various sizes available Galvanized steel coils Suns Steel International Trading Limited Rm. EN 149:2001 and FFP1/FFP2 standards. we have the experience to allow our clients to breathe easier when they source from us. and all of our products meet ASTM. widely appreciated across Europe. China Tel: (86-535) 422 2377 Fax: (86-535) 894 1177 E-mail: shootmachine@globalsources. we turn out 50. and meet N95/N99. Yantai. Zhangyang Rd. the US.globalsources. beauty parlors. X46.B.com www. China Tel: (86-571) 8911 6793 Fax: (86-571) 8623 3625 E-mail: wy.sunssteel. We have 18 R&D specialists. with 6 functions: • Surface planning • Pressing thickness • Circular saw • Milling • Scorer • Drilling Since 1996. We also make safety work gloves – up to 200.com Cylindrical roller bearings Experienced manufacturer with international certifications Respirator with valve. Some of our buyers have even been sourcing from us since our inception. Our products are sourced by hospitals. Muping.sales_china@hotmail. tubes and coils.globalsources. Bearings. 602.000 competively priced dozens monthly.000 metal band saws and 25. China Shoot Machinery Co. We have supplied tubes to Toyota for over eight years. Contact us today for more information.com . Shanghai 200136. Africa and Asia.co • www. Every month.globalsources. Contact us today.B. the Middle East. Now. Our two factories turn out up to 150. Lane 3611. industrial plants. Ltd 63 East Rd.000 metalcutting machines. DIN and JIS standards for our target markets in the US. Inquire today. Limited 113 Zhengfu St. API 5LGr. engineering workshops and other facilities. 6.. Polyester/cotton safety work gloves Hangzhou Quanbang Trading Co. we specialize in the production of steel pipes. We are a licensed exporter. our selection features over 500 models. API. China Tel: (86-21) 6087 1108 Fax: (86-21) 6087 1105 E-mail: shllns@sunssteel.Choose verified suppliers .com/sunssteel.000 metric tons of steel products per year. Europe and Southeast Asia.com Website: www. 10.and ISO 14001:2000-certified factory manufactures products that are approved by CE and NIOSH of the US.. and Minmetals and Van Leeuwen are also some of our big buyers. A106Gr.Supplying big buyers for 8 years Your one-stop shop for bearings Carbon steel pipes with steel grades of A53Gr. ASME.co Multifunctional woodworking machine. Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza.000 woodworking machines.. Yuhang.com/shootmachine. Canada. They can provide samples according to your specifications within 60 days. some with 30 years’ experience.globalsources. Find out why buyers from over 60 countries and regions source from us with confidence. No. Shandong 264100. Zhejiang 311100.com/quanbang. as well as band saws.B. Our ISO 9001:2000.

Thread repair kits Various types of drill bits More new products .www.globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 283 .

co • www. Zhejiang 325000.com. for injection molding.com . Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000-certified. ready for your OEM orders TCT saw blade Furong Industrial Zone.Sand casting made of ductile iron Qingdao Maxwill Industrial Corp.com/zhongtaitool. chisels and more are also available.zhongtaitool. 6229 0366 Fax: (86-577) 6229 0566 E-mail: cnzhongtai@yahoo. China Tel: (86-577) 6229 0666. (mainland c hina) Model: Mw -c 014 MOQ: 10. we are prepared to handle your orders. and we produce our tungsten carbide tips in-house. Wenzhou. Modbus standard protocol. ductile iron. oe M orders accepted Frequency inverter supports RS-485 interface Shenzhen Spitzer Electronic Co.000 SDS drill bits. and deliveries take about 30 days. spinning and other machines API 6D ball valve If you need drill bits in bulk. We manufacture up to 30. weaving. Samples are finished within two days. reducing costs by about 5 percent. TCT saw blades. Yueqing.cn www.globalsources. masonry drill bits and HSS drill bits every day. r S-485 interface. SDS drill bits.Choose verified suppliers . Inquire now.com Mobile: (86) 138 1976 8066 Pneumatic ball valve 284 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000kg Delivery: 60 days Description: s and casting. 0 to 400Hz output. Ltd (mainland c hina) Model: Linkcon-HV100 Delivery: 10 days Description: Frequency inverter.globalsources.

globalsources.www.Complete solutions for various types of metal and plastic parts Aluminum die castings.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 285 . Precision machining parts More new products . ready for OEM customization Stamping part and sub-assembly part Aluminum die castings. various finishes available China Electronics Zhejiang Co.

we’ll satisfy them.globalsources.com/mydebao. 1. Hengtang.com/hx-metalparts. It processes livestock and domestic waste. Place your order today.000 to 2. Dongguan. and are the only manufacturer of livestock waste treatment machines in mainland China. China Tel: (86-769) 8960 2103 ext. Ltd No.000kg/h and is energy-efficient.000 kinds of bearings. with more expected for our roller-type. We have over 100 types of machines available. Jiangsu 214000.. These cookers have captured 60 percent of the mainland China market. China Tel: (86-510) 8379 1888 Fax: (86-510) 8379 4983 E-mail: reio654@yahoo.com.60 years of combined molding and stamping experience Continuous fryer. And we use carburized steel from Timken of the US to ensure high quality. 050081 Hebei. turned parts. Ltd 286 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd Wuxi Huaming Machinery Fty Xibei.globalsources.com www. and turns it into organic fertilizer. Our heat-treatment production line from Aichelin of Austria is a rare find among mainland China manufacturers. as well as a gold medal from the Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition in 2004. Taihua Industrial Park.com Working with research centers abroad for 10 years We’ve been working with domestic and international research institutes for more than 10 years. Guangdong 518111. we can save you an average of 8 to 10 percent relative to standard industry prices. Food coloring. Shijiazhuang. 8011 • Fax: (86-769) 8960 2101 Mobile: (86) 139 2576 3129 / 137 1441 2935 E-mail: hx-metalparts@globalsources. In just two years.cn ISO 9001:2008 www.. We’re ready to serve your sector too.com . all of which meet ISO 492:2002 and GB/T 307.co How would you like your order? Whatever conditions you crave. that works out to 60 years of expertise backing your OEM/ODM projects. suitable for cooking burgers and breaded foods Stamped metal fan blade Stamped metal heat sink The head of our company has 30 years of molding and stamping experience. with exhaust emissions kept to AGA standards. 3530 7524 Fax: (86-21) 3530 7484 Livestock waste treatment machine with capacities from 1. bring us your designs. we earned five design patents.Choose verified suppliers . One of our major projects was the granulating machine for organic fertilizers. Inquire today.cn Website: www.com/reiochina. Tangxia. China Tel: (86-311) 8360 0939 • Fax: (86-311) 8362 9045 E-mail: mydebao@yahoo. Large bearings made on production lines from Austria Reio Electronic & Equipment Co. which we developed in cooperation with Japan’s Aichi Agricultural Research Center in 2005.debao365.globalsources. Our selection includes more than 10. all with 10 years of experience themselves. special screws or molds for these parts. Wuxi. Shijiazhuang Debao Machinery Manufacturing Co. By keeping molding in-house. And we even have mainland China patents for our bearings. North Shihuo Rd.co • www. Working temperatures are customizable too. See why Posco and Honda enjoy our items. Ltd 16 Songyuan Rd.globalsources. Wafangdian Zhengda Metallurgical Mill Bearing Co. Inquire today.co • www. Contact us now for a response within 24 hours. and have a new mold ready in 10 to 15 days.com. waterwheeltype and oil-water mixed fryers.com Shanghai Office Tel: (86-21) 3530 7489. liquids and food. density and taste can all be adjusted.1 standards. This equipment has capacities ranging from 1. So if you’re looking for stamped metal parts. We’ll handcraft a sample in as fast as three days. we’re masters of mechanical designs on processing heat energy.jshm.000 to 2. As an 11-year ODM supplier. We also have three R&D engineers. Sea News Hardware Co.000kg/h Technology is what sets us apart from the competition. Together.

CNC machining center • QC via alpha image.5m.000 units. Plus. This arsenal of equipment allows us to process metal parts with the precision that car. We spent $650. 6. To benefit from our services. work with us. We offer comprehensive services such as die casting and sand casting. PC-DMIS CAD++ • 1.com Website: www. We’re also outfitted with automatic equipment from Hartford and Gentiger..www. and manufacture precision parts for cars and medical equipment. China Tel: (86-769) 8115 2971.globalsources. respectively – from Mori Seiki to increase our production. 8509 8629 • Fax: (86-769) 8538 7095 E-mail: sunnytch@globalsources.com Our factory 3 x 1m grinder More new products . Guangdong 523850.300 x 25mm CNC precision machined part 5-axis control machining center 3 x 2m high-speed CNC machine Sunny Technology Ltd No.co www. two of Taiwan's leading CNC machinery makers.com • sunnytch@163. inquire today.globalsources. We’ve recently added two high-speed grinders – 3 x 1m and 1 x 0. Our products include the following: • Components • Panels • Molds • Fixtures • Jigs • Gears With a monthly output of 100. medical equipment and electronics makers like Bielomatik demand.We use a 5-axis control machining center and CNC equipment from Japan To ensure your requirements are met with precision and speed.000 in procuring a 5-axis control machining center and a number of CNC machines from Japan.400 revolutions per minute for greater efficiency while maintaining accuracy. we have high-speed gantry machines that can reach up to 2.sunnytch. Dongguan. we have what it takes to handle your volume orders.com/sunnytech. Zhongnan Rd.300 x 1. Haibin Area.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 287 . Shangsha. ScanWorks V4i. Chang'an.

1 to 20mm. our four QC engineers use testing equipment from Switzerland. China Tel: (86-576) 8742 7173 Fax: (86-576) 8741 5295 Brass ball valve E-mail: info@fzcoppercn.Testing equipment from Switzerland We provide insurance for our products in Europe – a fact big clients such as Thermador of France value.co • www. In fact. China Tel: (86-317) 307 9019. precision-punching. Inquire now.globalsources. And our TS 16949. Our products are 100 percent tested for gas leakage.co ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001 Gas valves for cookers and stoves 288 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com TS 16949/2002 Ningbo Qianshou Valve Co. ISO 9001:2000.000m2 facilities. and go through 40.net Chemical metering pump with PTFE diaphragm. 24. Ltd Dutoudong Industrial Zone.. we’ve developed a variety of dies in-house to shape metals to buyer’ specifications such as progressive. single. OEM/ODM orders are welcome. Cangzhou. Yuhuan. We’re ready to crank out your order too. the US. deep-drawing. Colombia and other places.com ISO 9001:2000 www. Denso.ruier. combination and cold extrusion dies. and brass valves and fittings.com/qianshou. Ltd 100 Bohai Rd. suitable for water heating systems Yuhuan Bangbang Valve Co. Customized samples can be ready within 10 days. with our 4 million-unit annual output. we are becoming one of the largest makers in our industry.com/ruier. ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 certifications mean we’re reliable.com .com Website: www. bending. China Tel: (86-574) 8619 6509 Fax: (86-574) 8619 6500 E-mail: chairman@nbqianshou. gas grills. Beilun.000-use life-cycle testing before shipping. our 100 employees produce CE-certified radiator valves.com/bangbangvalve.co • www. CSA and RoHS approvals. gas cookers and barbeque grills. Hebei 061000.globalsources. Ltd Sci-tech and Industrial Zone. Cangzhou Ruier Stamping & Manufacturing Co. We already supply buyers in Russia.Choose verified suppliers .bbvalve. Inquire today. Zhejiang 315800. Quick delivery within 15 days Solenoid diaphragm metering pump. Economic Development Zone. Volkswagen. The thickness range of our stampings is 0. Ningbo.com www. 0-15L/h flow rate and low-power consumption Radiator valve.globalsources. Backed by 10 years’ experience. Inquire today. and customized samples are finished within 35 days. Kohler and Dixon of the US are also on our list of big buyers. Egypt.globalsources. Hiliti and Mitsuba have come to use our products. To verify product stability. 307 0251 • Fax: (86-317) 307 5069 E-mail: michelle@ruier. and PE and PVC tubing Select a 10-year stampings supplier specializing in custom requests Get your metal stampings from a true specialist. Zhejiang 317605. Inside of our ISO 9001:2000-certified. Source products with CE. 307 9029. CSA and RoHS approvals Clutch hub Planet carrier for 4AT gearboxes Gas valves for ovens We are a specialized manufacturer of gas valves and components for use in gas ovens. Our products also have CE.

.co • www. Wenling. Contact us today. Ltd 15/F. AC arc welders.com www.globalsources. battery chargers and welding accessories. and we’ve been customizing them for OEM clients for almost 10 years.com/smartertool. we ensure reliable and efficient service by employing 110 senior staff members with at least five years of trade experience. General Chamber of Commerce. Zhejiang 317500.com • sales@smarter-tool.globalsources.Supplying 120 global customers and up to 50.000 IGBT inverter welding machines per day. and at least 1. And we add at least three new models to our catalog each month. plasma cutting machines.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 289 . Wenling Import & Export Co.com More new products . DIY MIG/MAG welders. Our ample product range includes inverter DC and TIG welders.www. 159 Middle Henghu Rd. Orders can be delivered in as little as 40 days. Our two sub-factories and 10 assembly lines provide up to 50. Welding machines have been our specialty since 1998.smarter-tool. China Tel: (86-576) 8622 3201 Fax: (86-576) 8616 9398 E-mail: smartertool@globalsources. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000-certified and have passed inspections by TÜV and SGS. including various big buyers. And all of our products are RoHS-compliant. inverter TIG and MMA welders. And as a 30-year supplier.000 inverter welding machines every month At least 3 new items monthly We have the production capacity necessary to handle the demands of our 120 customers around the world. MIG/MAG welding machines.000 inverter welding machines every month.

globalsources. China Mobile: (86) 136 6055 6792 • Fax: (86-750) 372 2265 lukaslan1@gmail. It's hard to believe.onlyele. Work with us to benefit from free design services. Zhejiang 325200.com Website: www. CSA and CTTL standards. Contact us today. RoHS. Ltd Wenzhou Only International Trade Co. China Unlike most of our competitors.co www. Industrial water purification system Wenzhou Only Electronics Co.com .. Yancheng Jiangdong Gasoline Engine Manufacturing Co. China Tel: (86-577) 6660 5255 Fax: (86-577) 6660 5252 E-mail: onlyele@onlyele. we also meet GS. D. Xili. Inquire today.jdchina.cnaolian. we can manufacture nearly any type of water treatment system. unless you come to our factory and see our QC procedures in action.com/jmangel.com • www.globalsources. PV grid-tie inverter Our order return rate stands at 0 percent. Yancheng.com Gasoline generator with 2.com Shenzhen Clou Inverter Co. 90 percent of which are exported to the US and Europe. and we respond to inquiries in 24 hours.globalsources. bottle washing machines. Tangxia. Xinhu Building.com • www.co www.jd-gasengine.globalsources.000 people.8 or 3. Jiangsu 224003. We also produced a model with a capacity of 36 tons of water per hour for a buyer in Cuba. cap removers and bottle loaders. focus exclusively on hearing protection earmuffs. We. Ltd Bldg. This.5kVA maximum AC output Source from an extremely focused manufacturer Electronic earmuffs that automatically attenuate noises above 85dB Most of our competitors spread out their R&D budgets over earphones. product image jitter testing and more.and lowtemperature testing on raw materials. is how we maintain the high quality of our inverters and VFSR systems. Jiangmen. Ltd Rm.com/jdchina.000 units. Zhejiang 325200.com/szclouinverter.One of the first China-based generator makers to meet EAP and CARB requirements Gasoline generators and engines are our specialty. China Tel: (86-755) 2601 8085 Fax: (86-755) 8611 4913 Mobile: (86) 158 1558 4131 clouinverter@gmail.com Website: www.5kVA rated AC output 6.com www. Ltd 142 Kaifang Rd. Our past projects include developing an RO purifier – which we exported to a customer in Dubai – with the capability to clean up to 50 tons of water per hour. microphones and solar power cells are all available. Jiangmen Pengjiang Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co.co 290 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Guangdong 518055. Our product range also includes water bottling machines.com/onlyele. Shenzhen. Unit 1. MP3 player plugs. Our QC technicians run specialized high. We’re ready to take on your next order.1 Industrial Park. free buyer training courses and fast replacements for any defective products. Last year we exported 1. Rui’an. Chaolian. China Tel: (86-515) 8888 1528/8888 1529 Fax: (86-515) 8888 1596 E-mail: zoubin@gasenginejd. Every month we can make 30. mixed and trial orders are all welcome. In fact. E-mail us today.2 million generators.szcloubp. CE. Custom.com • jiangmenangel@globalsources. Products with radios. in addition to sourcing from our three-year material suppliers.com www.co www. Ltd Lubian Industrial Zone. We’ve earned EAP and CARB approvals for our products – few China-based generator makers can say the same. we’ve been making gasolinepowered products since 1959 and we currently employ more than Gasoline generator with 5 or 5.globalsources. on the other hand. Nanshan. Guanlong No. Our monthly capacity is over 100 sets. Besides those approvals. industrial filtration and desalination systems. 1302. We also offer some of the best aftersales services in the industry. Rui’an. headphones and other audio products.com Factory: Changqiao Shangye Industry Area. Guangdong 529000. so contact us today.Choose verified suppliers . salt-spray testing.

8779 2456 • Fax: (86-769) 8779 9980 E-mail: hk-bestech@globalsources. we have what it takes to efficiently fill your volume orders. Their confidence is a result of our extensive QC measures. Queen's Rd.co www.hkbestech. they go directly into their warehouses without being checked for consistency.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 291 .com Website: www. At our 4.500m2 factory. including stamping. micro hardness testers and precision projectors. You can benefit from our efficient services whether you choose from our catalog of 500-plus products or send us your own specifications.When we send shipments of rivets to Cooper Industries and Tyco. Zhangmutou. We examine all products using advanced QC devices such as 2-D measuring machines. Block 2. Guangdong 523620. as well as cold headers. Huatai Technology Park. Wah Lee Bldg.globalsources. we have more than 70 production machines. Yufeng Industry Zone.www. Whirlpool and other global buyers source their metal parts from us.globalsources.. lathe and CNC machines. Hong Kong More new products . Nokia. 12/F. 210-218.com/hk-bestech. And with lead times as short as one week. China Tel: (86-769) 8718 9780. Chishan. West. we can easily meet your supply needs in a timely manner.com Hong Kong office: Block D. This is also a reason why Brother. On the production front. Dongguan. Inquire today.

inquire today. Southeast Asia and Taiwan already source with us. Benefit from our product range too by contacting us today. China Tel: (86-574) 6559 5988.co www.Choose verified suppliers . Four R&D technicians with over 10 years' experience are waiting to begin your OEM/ODM orders.globalsources. Lishui. LPG pressure regulators and more. no order is too small for us.com/guanyusteel. valves and regulators will find our range of products handy. Ningbo. sewing machine parts. Nanhai.com/shuanghai.com Website: www. B.com/verve.co Contact Person: Ms. the US.com www. China Tel: (86-757) 8566 9735 • Fax: (86-757) 8566 3751 Contact person: Karen Fu E-mail: qyxieji@126. Guangdong 528244. pipe fittings. Zhejiang Guanyu Steel Tube Co. Contact us today. DIN and JIS standards. our fully owned ISO 9001:2000-certified factory turns out up to 30 million fittings. we produce pneumatic fittings. Ltd 1312 Luan Rd.. Cixi.globalsources. To learn more about what we have to offer. Zhejiang 315325. valves and regulators since 1980 Those in search of fittings. Foshan.globalsources. Yet with no MOQ.globalsources.com.com Stainless steel pipes Ningbo Morning Import & Export Development Co. China Tel: (86-577) 8563 0777 Fax: (86-577) 8563 0776 E-mail: yuxiaoyan2004@yahoo. LPG cylinder valves. 455 Wenchang Rd. Ningbo Shuanghai Machine Manufacturing Co. A raft of buyers from Europe. hardware tools. Send us your inquiries today. Quanyi Shoe-Making Machine Co. Wenzhou. Chen V16 multilayer rotated.com Website: www. Ltd Toll Station. Fenggang Bridge. Ningbo. Zhejiang 315600. enclosed infrared-soften production line Die-cast parts for automobiles We produce automotive and machinery spare parts.cn www. Ltd Stationery Goods Market. shafts.$20 million worth of goods exported yearly Offering a variety of fittings. Tianyun.. Zhejiang 325024. molds.co Die-cast parts for construction It's no coincidence that over 600 overseas buyers – including Nike. pipes. as well as to more than 20 other well-known companies. flanges and valves annually with a production capacity of 800 tons each month. We offer over 100 models of shoe-making machines to choose from.co 292 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Established in 1980.000m2 factory features 13 production lines and is staffed by 200 employees. We recently added duplex steel pipes and Grade 904L pipes to our growing line of specialty products. All of these CE-marked products reduce waste by up to 45 percent and increase productivity by up to 30 percent.com . China Tel: (86-574) 6345 2022 Fax: (86-574) 6345 6803 E-mail: chenzhan@globalsources. Bldg. and valves at a level of proficiency that befits a 20-year manufacturer. Every year. 8705 1596 Fax: (86-574) 6558 3308 songj@globalsources.globalsources. These clients come to us because we are a shoe-making machine expert that offers total support from materials procurement and plant location planning and production line layout design to operations training. Stainless steel pipe fittings It's easy to export $20 million of stainless steel tubes. Our 30.guanyusteel.. 3 million valves and 3 million regulators – all CE-approved. Ecco and Pierre Cardin – choose us as their supplier.com/chenzhan. Our TS 16949-certified facilities have a capacity of 600 tons of precision castings – all of which meet ASTM. Ltd 37 Science & Technology Ave. Adidas. We provide OEM services to Pentair Water and Crown Equipment Corporation of the US.com • zhouk@shuanghai. Ninghai Hi-tech Industrial Park.

you’ll be assured of receiving durable. Shunde. Foshan.000 workers and over 1. Under this brand. Guangdong 528303. ceiling tiles.globalsources.welsun.com ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2000 July 2011 Hardware & DIY 293 More new products . These have enabled us to develop multiple brands and produce a plethora of high-grade construction materials that contractors and DIY retailers around the world have come to trust. Welsun. contact us today.co • www.com • goody@globalsources. door and window frames. 160 assembly lines operated by 3. you’ll need the expertise of an industry leader.000m2.com Website: www.. including four production centers covering 200. plastic pipes and other materials. Ronggui. high-end wall panels. In our 32 years of existence. PVC boards and shutters. has spawned foreign-invested sub-companies.globalsources. conduits. PVC shutters Rust-resistant celuka boards 13 Huanan Rd.com . We’ve devoted considerable resources into building this brand.com/goody.Lightweight split-resistant wall panels If you’re going to take on lucrative large-scale construction projects. We’ve created a notable construction material brand in mainland China – Goody. China Tel: (86-757) 2638 3002 • Fax: (86-757) 2638 2985 E-mail: jim@welsun. our flagship company.000 CNC injection machines. To see what this kind of experience and production capability can do for your sales revenue.www.

Jinan. combined with our practice of applying an AQL of your choice to our QC processes. They can cut into acrylic. our bamboo pallets will stand up to constant use without warping. Ltd No. China Tel: (86-754) 8834 4657 • Fax: (86-754) 8881 1182 E-mail: silvital@126. Shandong 250031.com.We’ve been manufacturing wireless thermometers. Anhui 230071. helps us meet your quality expectations.com/silvital.silvital. making us an attractive sourcing option for buyers in North America and Europe. On a platform of 1.tw Processing speed up to 500mm/s on a 1. it can process materials at a speed of 100 meters per second. visit us online today.30mm thermal CTP plate 0. Chang Hua 504. One swift incision can penetrate 30 millimeters of acrylic. This. In fact. 66.peaceful. we export 80 percent of our goods to these two regions. our engineers utilize the $2 million that we invest annually in R&D to design an OEM sample for you.xyz-tech. voltage testers.300 x 2. Hefei. And in the same amount of time. Plus.500mm platform Fast services that rival the world’s top 500 suppliers Laser cutting machine with DSP system Distributed worldwide for over 12 years.com/peaceful.. Xinji Business Center. Fenghuangshan Business St. That's why our eco-conscious clients in the US and Europe choose us.300 by 2. 10. Yujin Zhonglu. our laser cutting machines are developed with working platforms of massive proportions. As a result of our commitment to modern production. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 768 1199 Fax: (886-4) 768 2299 E-mail: diytester@peaceful.500 millimeters. Inquire today. Sec. our factory in Taiwan is outfitted with highly precise machinery.ypi-trading.globalsources. We partner with the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop new technologies. Rather than using wood as our competitors do.globalsources. Our precision instruments carry GS.globalsources. Zhujin Industrial Park.com.15-0. Guangdong 515041. Hsiu Shui Hsiang. corrosion-.com/sanzhou. Rm. Bamboo brick pallet Say no to unsustainable deforestation and switch to our eco-friendly brick pallets for use in your brick production facilities. Chang Shui Road.net www. Send us your inquiries and we’ll respond within 24 hours. cloth. Section A. Ltd No.globalsources.co • www. 2.co • www. acid. we offer services that rival some of the world’s top 500 companies. For OEM information.net Silvital Industrial Co.com Website: www. A-1611. China Tel: (86-551) 352 5372 Fax: (86-551) 352 5272 E-mail: yp9@ypi-trading. Jinan XYZ-Tech CNC Equipment Co. leather and paper all with the same precision. CE and cUL approvals. China Tel: (86-531) 8641 3336/3337/3338/3339 Fax: (86-531) 8641 3335 E-mail: sales@xyz-tech.com • silvital@globalsources. 0. Contact us today. Ltd No. UL. but all we need is two weeks.com • www.com/yhz.co • www. We'll customize our products according to your requests.Choose verified suppliers .and alkali-resistant. These results come from over 10 years of R&D support.com Peaceful Thriving Enterprise Co. Civic Center. Lane 102. we make our pallets out of bamboo – a plant famous for its durability and strength. Shantou. Your custom sample can be ready in one month. odometers. Many of our competitors require two months to deliver your order. 294 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. And our featured product is no exception.30mm silver halide violet CTP plate Silvital is the one of the few producers of silver CTP plates and related chemicals in the world.com . Impact-.tw www.globalsources.co The illustration shown here is a drawing or other representation of the product.com Website: www. It is not an actual photograph of the product. digital meters and stud/metal/voltage detectors since 1983. 15.

www.More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 295 .globalsources.

globalsources. RoHS-certified and SGS-inspected Suzhou Jietailong Precision Casting Industry Co. Ltd Die-cast scissors Semiconductor inspectionequipment parts Die-cast saw 296 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Die-casting machines from Japan and South Korea Paint gun barrel Lead screw Die casting. fireproof with highlight striping Yangzhou Safings Imp.6 years of making work clothes with EU and US approvals Refrigerator door. Co. various sizes and materials available 100% cotton overalls with EN 531/471 and ASTM D6413 approvals.com .Choose verified suppliers . We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. & Exp.

. you need quality components. and a tiltable hood.And 2-year warranties on engine parts from mainland China Heavy-duty forklift. Zhejiang 310004. We also offer electric forklifts with 4. Other highlights include an electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system. Hangzhou.globalsources. and meets Euro III requirements. Impco. is equipped with a Cummins engine.com Gasoline and LPG forklift. Our latest Maximal-brand diesel forklift.5t capacity. In order to ease the importation process.5t capacity Diesel forklift. Nissan. 3-wheel forklifts with 1. 2800 1566 Fax: (86-571) 2800 1569 E-mail: info@maxforklift. The controller uses MOSFET components and a powerful microprocessor for precise movement control.com www. Isuzu.com/maxforklift.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 297 . Zhejiang Maximal Forklift Co. Contact us now for a response within 24 hours. and has low noise levels and regenerative braking.globalsources. Ltd 141 North Huancheng Rd. 16 to 25t capacity To produce quality products. That’s why we use name-brand parts from Mitsubishi. and a gear box equipped with malfunction diagnostic equipment from ZF of Germany. Our forklift is energy-efficient. a hydraulic dynamic breaking system from Mico of the US. We provide two-year warranties on all engine parts from mainland China. 1 to 3. China Tel: (86-571) 2881 5951.5-ton capacities.3 to 2t capacity also available More new products .co • www. 1 to 25t capacity Electric forklifts with 1 to 3. Our model also has a maintenance-free drive axle equipped with a fully enclosed wet brake. It uses a high-frequency AC controller system sourced from Zapi.www.maxforklift. which has a load capacity of 16 to 25 tons. we have an online sourcing system for clients across the globe so they can source parts with little difficulty. 2803 7691. Cummins and Yanmar in our lifting equipment.

Our monthly capacity is 1 million units. 1988 Yingbin Rd.globalsources.com www.china-benyu.co • www.com/letusgo.000 pieces in seven days. Ltd No. Cutting machine (DCZ70 series) Hunan Runshi Trade and Economic Development Co.co • www. Tianjin 300451. Hunan 410015.Industrial steel tubes Steel tubes sourced by major buyers in mainland China Our industrial steel tubes have been sourced by industry giants in mainland China. enabling our 20 R&D team members to develop over 1. Tianxin. Over 300 buyers.co • www. We always keep 2. Inquire today. such as Sany. 20. And. we’ve obtained more than 10 patents in mainland China for our casters. China Tel: (86-757) 2362 2996/3995 • Fax: (86-757) 2362 0562 E-mail: jessica@benyu-casters. Foshan. Zoomlio and Daqing Oilfield. SES Casters and Albion Caster. Start with 60 tons.com www. including Honda. International Wood-working Machinery Center. Ltd No.globalsources. China Tel: (86-22) 6622 4148 • Fax: (86-22) 6622 4149 ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 E-mail: watts. we can have samples ready within one month.com/runshitrade. for years.chinawatts.com 298 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 001. We invest 8 percent of our annual revenue in R&D.000 tons of tubes in stock so that we can quickly fill your orders.com .com www.Choose verified suppliers . source from us. and we’ll have your order shipped in 15 days. Contact us today to find out more. Benyu Casters & Wheels Manufacturing Co. Zhengjie Xincun. 1608-1609.com Cutting machine (DCZ50 series) Source from mainland China’s first maker of butterfly valves Medium-duty PU swivel caster Light-duty PU caster with side brake Heavy-duty PU top plate caster with full brake Industrial casters with patented designs Wafer butterfly valve with pin (AS2129) Tianjin Tangfa Watts Valve Sales Co.. Shunde.com • tinaliao@runshitrade. Zheshang Plaza. Changsha. Tanggu. Jiyue Industrial District. We’re also capable of customizing our steel tubes to your specific project requirements.com Since starting our company in 2005.cn • letusgo@globalsources. Ltd Rm.globalsources. Kelon. and we can deliver 10.com/wattsvalve. with an in-house molding facility.100 models in the past five years. Now we’re ready to export these tubes to you.jack@chinawatts. Lunjiao.runshitrade. Yangtianhu. China Tel: (86-731) 8425 1978 • Fax: (86-731) 8425 1978 E-mail: runshi@runshitrade.globalsources. Guangdong 528300.

and a 2-way zipper. Sizes S to XXXL are offered.60 are often made of nonwoven SBPP. Designs not exceeding $0. oil. Coveralls & masks China produces a range of disposable protective wear. Cost-control strategies include investment in more efficient facilities. keeping price increases to a minimum in their bid to reach more markets.880 per ton in March from $1. More elastic and permeable. a number are enhancing capability to filter out particulates such as dust and fumes.680 in October last year. Growing emphasis worldwide on worker health and safety. Besides expanding options for industrial users.Sourcing Update DISPOSABLE PROTECTIVE WEAR VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE Makers target more applications Companies are updating product range and manufacturing facilities to widen market reach. most models come in a PE-coated nonwoven fabric made of spunbond PP or a blend with PE. Ltd This shoe cover from Protec comes in nonwoven PP. PP fabric. current salaries of workers 20 percent higher than they were 12 months ago.30 to $1. For respirators. Coveralls and masks account for 40 and 30 percent of output. Ltd • Wuhan Rainbow Protective Products Co. for instance. Ltd • Protec Safety Co. with raw material and labor costs both on the upswing. In the first category.globalsources. This is a challenge for many. metal processing plants and electronic assembly. Comfort is also a key consideration in design. TPU is also a raw material option. the garments are suitable for use in painting and other surface treatment facilities.20. At several makers. although usage is limited to upscale designs. Most suppliers hope to limit adjustments to 5 percent in the next half-year. Models conform to EN149:2001 FFP3. development work is oriented toward increasing models’ resistance to water. pharmaceutical laboratories. Ltd exports disposable coveralls with elastic cuffs.www. Compliant with EN1149-1. Prices range from $0. TPU variants are priced higher than PP versions because the material is typically imported. Product specifications are often aligned with standards in the US and the EU. continued on page 314 More new products . research laboratories and manufacturing plants.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 299 . Ltd • Xiantao Hongcheng Health Products Co. Wuhan Huatian Innovation Trade & Industry Co. China suppliers of disposable protective wear are stepping up R&D efforts to keep pace with the needs of various sectors. Ltd • Sword Xiantao Disposable Protective Products Fty • Wuhan Huatian Innovation Trade & Industry Co. for example. In terms of wages. Hubei Deemhow International Trading Co. Elastic openings. supported by government legislation. garments and shoe covers to fit people with different face and body structures. ankles and waist. is encouraging companies to broaden their selections for medical facilities. depending primarily on the materials adopted. climbed to $1. offers facepieces with adjustable straps and nose clips. Demand from such industries is climbing as many enterprises now prefer single-use nonwoven garments instead of reusable ones for better contamination control. makers are CONTACT SUPPLIERS Suppliers interviewed for this report: Hubei Deemhow International Trading Co. White and blue are the main color options. alcohol and other liquid substances. Disposable coveralls weigh between 9 and 80g. loops and ties allow masks. Ltd. respectively.

com 300 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. wire rope accessories such as clips and turnbuckles. As an added assurance.co • www. Hong Kong Pneumatic ball valve and brass ball valve with mounting pad Trust our experienced engineers for your food processor orders V-series chain block We provide 1. we provide CE and GS certifications.com www.com www. we carry out production under an ISO 9001:2008-certified management system. we closely monitor your stamped and CNC-machined parts orders through our four-step QC regimen. and lifting components such as hooks and shackles. Chongqing 401147. 2 Hongjin St. 12/F.co www.8mPa pressure control Stamped metal parts To ensure that your strict requirements are met.. Our skilled R&D team can have a sample ready in just one day.Choose verified suppliers . steel wire ropes. we have been dedicating our resources towards making pneumatic valves. We make two new products each year for your selection. Qinggang. Chongqing Chamber of Commerce Building. we can use imported materials from our 20 long-term suppliers across the globe. Huadong Industrial Park. Samples of all our items are available upon request. 438-444 Shanghai St. China Tel: (86-23) 6895 3066 Fax: (86-23) 6895 3166 E-mail: pan-un@globalsources. Ltd Bldg.globalsources.com donsion@donsion. D. Ltd Rm.Quality assured by our strict 4-step evaluation process For the past 14 years. For lifting equipment such as electric hoists and chain blocks. Ltd 19 Guangyang Rd. China Tel: (86-576) 8711 7695. we will provide you with reports from SGS. No. Pneumatic angle valve with 0.szzxwj. galvanized chains. 8710 2382 Fax: (86-576) 8710 8458 E-mail: sales@btbvalve.com ISO 9001:2008 Yuhuan B.com/pan-un. Best Air-Valve Co. Contact us now and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Our 100 employees are able to turn out up to 10. Guangdong 518126. And if requested. Ltd Rm. electric hoists. Bao'an.. Shenzhen. Yuhuan. based on your budget requirements.com/zxwj.com www. China Tel: (86-755) 2997 6035 • Fax: (86-755) 6110 4024 E-mail: zhenxing@szzxwj. 9.com/btbvalve. Our range includes lever hoists. It takes us one day to finish custom blueprints and 15 days to complete samples.globalsources.3 to 0.com Hong Kong office: SZX Industrial Co.000-plus hardware products covering the entire rigging and lifting industry. Orders start at only one unit. Centre.donsion. Tung Chun Comm.co www. Taizhou. G80/G100 black lifting chains. Shenzhen Zhenxing Metal Mfg Co.. Yubei. Steel wire ropes Chongqing PAN-UN Trade Co.globalsources.btbvalve. Kowloon.com . Inquire now. Zhejiang 317606.T.000 units each month – each coming with a one-year warranty. chain blocks. Plus.globalsources. 1202. 7. Inquire today.

At our 58.www.1kVA portable power gasoline generator 2. Zhejiang 321300.com • www.000m2 factory. We have more than 1. We also supply angle grinders.000 generators and tools every year. and testing and R&D centers. China ISO/TS 16949:2002 CARB ISO 9001:2000 Tel: (86-579) 8835 9996.7kVA digital inverter generator Zhejiang Xingyu Industry & Trade Co.zjxypower. Ltd 23 Hardware Rd.globalsources.Sine wave inverter generator set with 2 units. Learn more about our latest innovations by visiting our Global Sources Online showroom today. They help us add noise-reduction features and increase the efficiency of our generators.ykxg. 8835 9963. Our extensive facilities include 10 branch offices.5kVA digital inverter generator 3. and we abide by ISO 9001:2000and ISO/TS 16949:2002-certified guidelines.com/zjxypower.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 301 . highly efficient and quiet Products that comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives Our 100 designers work with technical universities in mainland China to develop environmentally friendly generators that comply with the RoHS and WEEE directives. Tongqin Industrial Park. power drills and lawn mowers.com Website: www. Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 1.000 employees – including 40 engineers and 180 technicians – to assist with your orders. Kohler and Bosch rely on us for their volume orders. Quality production is our priority.2kVA portable gasoline inverter generator 3. 8835 9991 Fax: (86-579) 8835 9929 E-mail: xgdq@ykxg. Our familiarity with different market regulations comes from supplying buyers in Europe. Australia. Wuyi.com More new products .co • www. the Americas.globalsources. we turn out up to 800..

Qingxi. JET or centrifugal pumps. CE. Guangdong 523560. Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co. Dongguan. Daxi.globalsources. Roots blower with 9.com Website: www.8kPa to 196kPa pressure rise Ring blower Metal stamped parts Equipped with advanced machinery from Japan and Germany 6-inch submersible pump.co MJ Metal Parts Ltd 302 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .co • www. Plus. This secures us the largest share of the Roots blower market in China too. ABB. Speroni and Subline wanted to do just this.000-unit monthly capacity.globalsources. affording us the largest annual capacity – 10. To place an order starting at 50 units. they started taking full advantage of our 90. Panasonic. used for deep wells Submersible pump 4-inch submersible pumps. contact us now. We’re also the first blower manufacturer in mainland China to set up a subsidiary overseas.000m2 facilities are the largest of their kind. We aim to make their job easy with the advanced equipment installed in our ISO 9001:2008-certified factory. For more information.com . They are not actual photographs of the products. including CNC. Investors from Japan have come to us. LG and Sanyo come to us. Whether you’re on the lookout for submersible.com/doyin.Roots blowers from China’s largest manufacturer As an industry champion since 1968. high-punch and coordinate measurement machines from Japan and Germany. and have eight QC officers who oversee the whole production process. used for deep wells. Visit our Global Sources website to see some of our innovative offerings today. Zhejiang 317525.com Illustrations shown here are drawings or other representations of products. namely the US.globalsources. we operate under an ISO 9001:2000-certified management system. inquire today.com • meijingmetal@163. Wenling.com www. China Tel: (86-769) 8730 7391 ext. That’s because we manufacture all of our products using advanced equipment. When big industry players from Italy such as Matra. cementing two financially stable joint ventures. different motors are available When it comes to high-quality metal stamped parts. made possible with the profits from 24 years of dynamic business. In China.com/mjmetal.doyin. Thirty QC inspectors are assigned the task of ensuring our pumps meet CE and RoHS standards. China Tel: (86-576) 8160 9983 Fax: (86-576) 8633 2358 E-mail: doyin10@doyin. we’re sure our quality section will satisfy. Sanxing Area. Ltd South of Dashi Highway.and RoHS-approved products made popular in Italy With our capacity. we’re a pioneer manufacturer of Roots blowers. our 430. you can pacify your market’s demands before the competition comes in.000 sets. 601/608 Fax: (86-769) 8730 7390 E-mail: mjmetal@globalsources.

www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 303 .More new products .globalsources.

Galvanization and anodized surface treatments are also available.5g ceramic ozone generator cells Bottle unscrambler For over 35 years.co • www. stainless steel. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 763 1697 Fax: (886-4) 761 6892 E-mail: service@hongliang. Our main markets include the EU. and we will turn your complex design ideas into reality. Our ISO 9001:2008-certified factory houses eight production lines. To advance your business with a Taiwan-based supplier.com • brendawong2003@vip. We inspect all of our parts using optical projecting cameras. 4/F. made using copper. Ltd Precision part No.globalsources.com . state-of-the-art bottling and production equipment to beverage manufacturers around the world.com www. Guangzhou. North America and Australia. Ltd Rm.3.noendexport. we have been providing turnkey. aluminum alloy and other materials Come to us with your new precision part OEM/ODM projects. Suntrap Business Bldg. Our main products include beverage production. measuring equipment and feeler gauges to ensure we turn out the quality precision parts you require.globalsources. Double eccentric butterfly valve with zero leakage Hung Liang Industrial Co.com PED 304 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. enabling us to handle orders of any size. we utilize our 25 years of manufacturing experience and 10 types of CNC machines to produce turned parts with external diameters ranging from 1 to 60 millimeters..hungliang.. Spotlit Enterprise Co. 262-19 Yongfang Rd.globalsources. inquire now. iron.co • www.com/spotlit. To learn more about our items and turnkey solutions for your business.com/hungliang. 3B10.961 Tianyuan Rd. Changhua City. Guangdong 510630. glass-blowing and labeling machines. Changhua County 500. bottling.com.Choose verified suppliers . To do this.com Precision CNC machined part. Africa. contact us today.163. water-treatment.tw www. All of our products come with CE marks for easy importation. China Tel: (86-20) 2202 3683 Fax: (86-20) 2202 3685 spotlit@globalsources.

www.000 products to choose from Industrial caster.More than 5. measures 48 x 15 x 78” More new products . Ltd ISO 9001:2000 Locker. Ltd Evernew Machinery & Equipment Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 305 . Steel shopping cart custom sizes available with durable paint Aluminum bun pan rack Zhejiang Yinghong Metalworks Co.globalsources.

Block A. to meet your strict requirements. Give us a call today. Zhejiang 317016.powervaluemate. Inquire today.globalsources.aopaionline. if you have any problems with your order.5 million tin wine boxes. Nanshan Ave. China Tel: (86-755) 8282 1922 • Mobile: (86) 189 0243 9032 Fax: (86-755) 8282 1577 E-mail: sales@aopaionline. EPA and SONCAP certificates. Taizhou Genour Power Machinery Co. 63cc portable generator Gasoline-powered automotive generator.co • www. Ltd 163cc gasolinepowered generator Fenxi Industrial Park.globalsources. This volume production doesn’t come at the expense of quality. supersonic thickness gauges and more. Nanhai Building. water pumps and pressure washers to sell well in their markets.com/genour. saving you money. Our sales team – with eight years of experience – is ready to serve you. 8898 3115. tees. We export 100 percent of our output. the US and Africa trust our generators.com .. we’ve been specializing in making pipe fittings. they can help you solve them at once. And every piece we make is checked in our fully equipped QC labs with spectrum testers.com www. 8897 5288 E-mail: genour@globalsources. This means that buyers in Europe.com All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Contact us today. Every month. Plus. 306 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. crack detectors.com 15 years of OEM/ODM experience 1. we ensure a monthly capacity of 2.com • powervalue@126.com/aopai.30 standards. China Tel: (86-576) 8898 3288. Our sales personnel undergo extensive technical training.500 tons each month all checked in our fully equipped QC labs Connecting rod for electric-power transmission systems Forged bronze turnbuckle For 23 years. Ltd 11G. we make up to 1.globalsources. flanges and others. we source tinplates from the same suppliers we’ve worked with for eight years. This way. And our products meet ASTM.co • www. Nanshan. We create 40. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.com Website: www. Guangdong 518054. we have 40 QC specialists who make sure that our items meet EN 71 regulations. including elbows.2. Our materials meet GB 8163 and ASME 16.5 million units monthly from a tin box specialist By operating the largest tin packaging production base in Eastern China.500 tons of products.000 units monthly that come with CE. JIS and BS standards. with 25L fuel tank Aopai Metal Products Co. Shenzhen. In fact. Taizhou.Choose verified suppliers . engines. 8898 3278 Fax: (86-576) 8898 3238. 8898 3322. And we make 20 percent of the parts. Duqiao. DIN.

brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.co All items shown here with various trademarks. For example. which include water treatment equipment and shrink-wrapping machines. washing and packaging machines. as well as bottle filling. we can produce 280 sets of equipment every month.globalsources. This selection is backed by integrated production from our two metal sheet and metal component machining centers. Utilizing CNC machines from Japan and Germany. ensuring a stable influx of components that meet our quality standards. and are not for sale. Our in-house system translates into sourcing savings for you. we are the ideal partner for you. More new products . Chaolian. Contact us now to find out more. China Tel: (86-750) 372 6979 Mobile: (86) 139 2308 6155 Fax: (86-750) 372 0273 E-mail: info@angeljx. When you source from us.com/jiangmenangel. Guangdong 529090. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. capping.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 307 . We've been sourcing raw materials from the same trusted suppliers for 12 years. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. Jiangmen.Integrated production for water purification systems With more than 20 years of experience in water purification systems.www. you’ll also benefit from personalized services.globalsources.com www. Jiangmen Keling Water Treatment Equipment Co. we offer on-site installation and training. Choose from our main products. Ltd Lubian Industrial Zone.

We will continue to offer good services.cn 308 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We offer over 20 GS-. UL-.cn www. we develop four new products for your selection. Jiangsu New Qiujing Stainless Steel Co.com Hot-rolled stainless steel plate Equipment from the US and Japan for a 50.000 units.000m2 factory houses over 400 sets of production equipment. Jiangsu 214191.cn www.globalsources. and established sole distributorships in 10 markets. we’ve established trading relationships with buyers in 30 countries. Jisco.The authorized agent big buyers turn to Mainland China’s first manufacturer of skid-steer loaders Cold-rolled stainless steel coil We are one of the largest authorized agents of Tisco. Brush cutter and lawn mower Jinqing. Since 1996. Posco. Walsin.globalsources. ETL-. 40 of whom have more than 15 years of industry experience. We hold design and function patents in both Europe and the US. Wuxi. Nippon Yakin.globalsources. Our R&D team includes 50 high-level engineers. and plates such as 310S. 316L. Ltd 18 Furong 4th Rd. Thyssenkrupp. Sole distributors in 10 countries and regions Electric pressure washer Zhejiang Kingwash Electromachinery Co.and CCC-approved pressure washers spread over three series.newqjsteel. 904L. Zhejiang 318058.. Ltd Bowang Economic Special Industrial Zone.com/newqj. Every month. including CNC machines. 304L. We produce up to 120 units monthly. CE-. as well as gardening tools.com www.com/kingwash. sheets.000-unit monthly capacity Our 40. We specialize in hot.000 tons of products stocked for sale every month.globalsources.com/zdmt. 253MA. Taishan Steel and others. EMC. Ltd Juanqiao Industrial Zone. Press brake Shearing machine Anhui Zhongde Machine Tool Co.and cold-rolled stainless steel coils. This equipment helps our monthly capacity to reach 50. ArcelorMittal and more. Luqiao. 304. China Tel: (86-510) 8211 2322 Fax: (86-510) 8377 1436 E-mail: sales@newqjsteel. China Tel/Fax: (86-555) 676 0698 E-mail: jack@zdmt. Taizhou. Outokumpu. 321.co Over the last 10 years.com . Anhui 243131. S32304 and more. Inquire now.zdmt. China Tel: (86-576) 8271 3389 Fax: (86-576) 8271 3398 E-mail: sales@kingwash. We have over 25. 309S. so you won’t see these models anywhere else. Inquire today. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with your company. 316Ti. S32205. we have been importing from NSSC. Custom products can be finished within two months. and automated assembly and testing lines from Citizen of Japan and Haas Automation of the US. S31803.co • english.com.co • www.Choose verified suppliers . Contact us today for additional information. ISO 9001:2008 Ma’anshan.

000t of steel coil annually with customized designs and colors Jiangyin Zhongjiang Prepainted Steel Mfg Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 309 . Ltd More new products .globalsources.100.www.

com www. Beijing 101111. track link and other fittings used in hydraulic systems for ships..com/qnglobal. Qingzhou.com • sales@chinapinghe. Africa and Europe. Xiamen Rongsheng Industry & Trade Co. Zhejiang 314504. contact us today.chinapinghe. Xiamen.co • www. valves. cranes and construction machinery.com .163. Our products sell well in both domestic and overseas markets.globalsources.globalsources. Inquire today. Longxiang St.20 years of aluminum deep-processing CNC machines Powering the world with our EPC and turnkey project services 3+3 axis CNC double-head machining center (ZX3-6500B) For 20 years. we'll help you customize colors and printing to create products with a design that matches its application. Ltd 3011 North Haidai Rd. Contact us today for more information. Chain link Pumps for hydraulic systems Since 1988.co • www. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed.com www. automobiles. We’re ready to customize our designs according to your requirements. forklifts.com/tiannv..com www.com. including our machines’ structure.com Zhejiang Tiannu Color Steel Co. Tongzhou. Ciqu Industrial Area. Our selection of over 40 models of aluminum deep-processing equipment can make profiles for windows. electrical apparatus and software. Extraction condensing steam turbine Beijing Pinghe Machine Manufacture Company Dongcun. Fujian 361008.. 301H. ISO 9001:2000 Huli. Our two factories. oil cylinders.globalsources. including Southeast Asia. Yao Contact Tel: (86) 137 3681 8221 Corrugated steel sheets Aluminum composite panels 310 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com Shandong Qingneng Power Co. Rihua Intl Building.com/chinapinghe. Jiaxing. China Tel: (86-10) 8150 4260 • Fax: (86-10) 8150 4260 E-mail: itd@chinaping. Over 20 patents have been awarded for our designs.com • rongsheng@sjliansheng.Choose verified suppliers . Our ISO 9001:2000certified factory turns out 6. totaling 25. Our machines are CE-certified too.. For Prepainted steel coil. China Tel: (86-592) 601 5077/5078 • Fax: (86-592) 601 5079 rongsheng@globalsources.000 tons of metal monthly thanks to our four automated production lines. which are commonly used in home appliances and construction.co • www. When you come to us.qnpower. In addition.sjliansheng. You can customize our prepainted steel and aluminum coils. boast 800 production and testing machines. the Middle East.cn Your guide to customizing colors and printing for metal coils Stop buying bland-looking metal by adding a dose of color to your building materials. we’ve been making deep impressions. China Tel: (86-536) 325 8818. Ltd 8 Zaolin Rd. Shandong 262515.com Website: www. doors.globalsources. Tongxiang. railways and even aviation products.000m2. Ltd Rm. 325 9399 • Fax: (86-536) 325 9399 E-mail: qnpower@vip. curtain walls. OEM orders are welcome more information on how to make the gray go away. Xinfeng 3rd Rd.co Contact Person: Ms.com/rongsheng.globalsources. Panasonic and Siemens controllers and components make them user-friendly and durably efficient for at least 10 years. China Tel: (86-573) 8938 1086 Fax: (86-573) 8879 7529 E-mail: yaoqi2050@hotmail. we’ve been manufacturing hydraulic pumps and motors.

000 units monthly and efficiently serve you. our 30-member QC team runs thorough inspections throughout the entire production process.We develop up to 3 new instruments monthly To offer you advanced measuring instruments.com/meetintl. Dual moisture meter. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2950 4689 Fax: (852) 2763 9659 E-mail: meetintl@globalsources. Call today to find out about our trial order plan. China Trade Centre.com. DIY detectors.meet. pin/pinless models available (MS-98U(3)) Thermo-hygrometer with alarm clock (TP-81G) Multifunction electrical testers. Our production facility houses a suite of imported machinery. These procedures ensure that all of our instruments are fit to bear CE marks. Kowloon.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 311 . including plastic injection.hk Website: www. These resources enable us to manufacture up to 250. battery testers. On average.. stud finders and ultrasonic distance meters Manufacturer & Exporter Flat C.co • www. stud detectors. bonding and ultrasonic machines. 122-124 Wai Yip St. They can prepare prototypes for various electrical and battery testers. 11/F.www. Kwun Tong.com • sales@meet.globalsources. we introduce up to three new devices every month. Let us put our 18 years of experience to work on your next project. Discuss your OEM/ODM preferences with our English-speaking engineers. ultrasonic distance meters and more in as few as four weeks.com.hk More new products .globalsources. SMT. For quality assurance. our R&D team is based in the US to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

Liaoning 118009. Brown Safety boot. Wolverine. fans. IT products. Solid approvals from Chile.com All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.globalsources.Trust our 15 years of exporting experience Safety boots sourced by Dickies and Wolverine Made to endure high-risk environments. Ltd Qingdao First Safety Footwear Co.com. Orders for existing models start at 500 to 700 pairs.. China Tel: (86-532) 8578 7087/7091/7085 • Fax: (86-532) 8578 7093 E-mail: boots@firstsafety. 2 Hong Man St.cn www. Ltd Gasoline chainsaw Hunting boot ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 Rm. Shandong 266071. Baoquan Rd.000 pairs to small-.firstsafety. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. call us today. we can deliver slip-resistant outsole 300.. sound systems. and oil. North America and the EU accompany every piece we ship. printers. 7L.Choose verified suppliers . our safety boots don’t just provide protection but also defense. heaters. We also have a 68. completing samples within 14 days. satellite receivers and other products.com/firstsafety.co www.cn Supplying stamped metal and plastic injection parts since 1978 measuring instruments trusted patented contactless sensor and standard calibration methods to and power-plant operations. Small order quantities are accepted. Gasoline engine Shanghai Kunfu (Group) Co.com . mediumand large-scale buyers on time. Fifteen-year safety specialists handle counter-sample requests. with steel toe Shoe and JCB are proud to retail our protection. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2556 5646 • Fax: (852) 2889 7654 E-mail: enquiry@qimao-wangtak.qimao-wangtak. enabling us to create both big and small parts. Each month. United Mansion. Choose between flanged and For 32 years. power supplies and more.com Wang Tak Metal Mfy Ltd Rm.com. Dandong. grills.000m2 factory and thousands of skilled workers. Dickies. Hard Yakka. With a 28. we have the manpower to efficiently cater to your volume needs. China E-mail: sealsale@gmail. Ctr.globalsources. we have provided our customers with stamped metal parts for appliances. 9 Nanjing Rd.cn • michael@firstsafety.000m2 factory with an array of equipment dedicated to plastic injection items. Jinquan Industrial Development Zone. stoves. Qingdao. 2309. Our qualified engineers are on hand to take care of customizations. Hong Man Ind.globalsources. Inquire now. metal frames..com Website: www. Some of these include parts for DVD players.co • www. 312 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/wangtak.com. Chai Wan. For your next step..and boots.

We’ve also spent 30 years building our distribution network for OEM components.globalsources. We invite you to visit our website for further details. Precision Engineered Products.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 313 . in addition to Boeing’s 777 and 787 planes. Total Quality Management (TQM) systems. 7F. Nei-Hu. These include the Airbus A320.com. innovative engineering. We’ve gained recognition by way of being Taiwan’s only qualified supplier of aerospace fuel-system investment castings for Airbus and Boeing airplanes. And our quality parts are made using materials from Europe. hydraulic. No. Lane 35. A330 and A380. the US and Japan. Taipei. ISO 9001:2000.and TS 16949-certified factories in Taiwan.www. Jihu Rd. medical. Inc.net www.globalsources. We also provide parts for automotive. We rely on effective communication.. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 6606 6622 Fax: (886-2) 6606 2277-9 E-mail: precprod@ms19. computer and other industries.com/precprod. 13.We manufacture precision parts in our AS9100-.hinet.co • www. PEP was founded in 1980 and has evolved into one of Taiwan’s leading engineering and manufacturing companies.tw More new products .pepinc. and the spirit of partnership to deliver competitively priced products on time. pneumatic. the continuous improvement of personnel and equipment.

and we welcome your audits as well. We can also provide accuracy levels from ±0. refrigeration shelves. Inquire now for more information. metal houseware and other metal wire parts. midrange variants come in nonwoven fabrics manufactured from a blend of SBPP and PE. page 329 This glove from Wuhan Rainbow is made of PVC. motor mounts.750 tons. Most companies are privately owned and over 95 percent have small or midsize operations.. High-end disposable coveralls.80.3μm. are made of spunbond-meltblown-spunbond fabric. Plus. www. Midsize enterprises.20.com/sinoac. Nearly 20 clients visit our facility every year. the most prominent production hub of single-use protective clothing. Xingyi Rd. Chang’an. wire baskets.Industry demographics Disposable protective wear is available from more than 500 suppliers in China.Choose verified suppliers . Orders start at 200 units per item.globalsources.2 to 0. we offer products with ±0. Our specialized experience has earned us the OEM business of major companies such as Ziehl-Abegg of Germany and Carrier of the US. including yellow. Guangdong 523000. Wusha.globalsources.com/zhy. More than 80 percent of these are exported to Europe. • Product gallery.zhytool.com Website: www. Upward to $0. and have a lead time of 30 days.01mm tolerances – much lower than the industry standard of ±0. A wider range of hues is offered. Inquire today.com/diy Utilizing advanced CNC machines from Germany. blue. China Tel: (86-571) 8669 8568 Fax: (86-571) 8669 8868 E-mail: info@sinoac. More sourcing opportunities online Save time searching One search provides you with quality results from Global Sources verified suppliers — plus hundreds of other suppliers from the entire Web.05mm. which have up to 400 employees. The area’s annual output of disposable safety wear is roughly 16. Milling cutters Fan guard for air conditioner We supply Ziehl-Abegg and Carrier We are a leading maker of fan guards. Asia. Chanrong Intl Hardware Plaza. manufacturers in the first group post less than $1 million in export sales annually. The selection includes designs with earloops and ties.co Steel fire bowl 314 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We can fill up to 10 containers every month. 4F-D. Raw materials are purchased from Germany.30.globalsources. steel fire bowls.net Website: www. Quotes increase to $0.co • www. Employing fewer than 200 people. The SMS material is usually a PP-PE blend or TPU. And to ensure this level of precision. reaching $1. Dongguan. North America. generate between $1 million and $5 million from overseas shipments. Zhongtian Building. Hubei province. the Middle East and South Africa. we have 20 QC specialists who oversee the entire production process. Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-769) 8564 6282 • Fax: (86-769) 8564 6281 Mobile: (86) 135 0900 5224 E-mail: zhytools@hotmail. Hangzhou. we operate under ISO 9001:2008-certified guidelines. V18. Zhejiang 310007..com • zhy@zhytool.com Sinoac Industry Limited Rms. Single-use face masks start similarly at $0. 173 Yugu Rd.com . green and pink.50 based on the material and dimensions of the model.globalsources. Suppliers are located in areas with a developed textile industry. SBPP is the top raw material option. ZHY Tool Co. Sign up for Product Alert Source from your desktop with e-mail updates on new products and suppliers. also hosts a large cluster of fabric makers targeting medical and hygiene applications.

Products we make: • RF connectors • Fiber-optic connectors • Medical equipment parts • Precision shafts • Auto parts Materials we use: • Brass • Bronze • Stainless steel • Aluminum alloy • Free-cutting steel • Copper 60.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 315 . Tsugami and Miyano CNC AutoCAD R&D machines for metal part processing system More new products .www.globalsources.000m2 factory Telescopic equipment used for inspecting our turned parts Star.

com/jinshun. Yuzhong. Our experience is a major reason that big-name clients such as Ferrari and Boeing choose to work with us – and why you should too. we have the expertise that many suppliers in our industry lack. pipes and rods monthly. Contact us today. China Tel: (86-576) 8270 6815 Fax: (86-576) 8270 6818 E-mail: journy122@gmail. China Tel: (86-592) 715 5518/7298. wind-turbine generators and more. Fujian 361012. Japan and Germany to turn out 30. Zhejiang 318058. Alps and Timken have been coming to us for many years. Hou Mobile: (86) 189 1527 7027 EPA.com • www.com Website: www. hoses. with five years' experience each. 131 Zhongshan Rd.com www.com/swaf. sports equipment and more. 26-27. solar PV power systems.com/lingben. Buyers such as Panasonic. Binhu.com Website: www. 723 5598 • Fax: (86-592) 723 5528 E-mail: jinshunxm@globalsources. Siming Industrial Zone. 8543 6666 Fax: (86-510) 8544 0000 E-mail: kingtown@globalsources. RoHS and CE certifications. vehicles. China Tel: (86-510) 8542 6666. We have offices in Dubai and Angola to provide customers in those regions with more localized service. so entering your market won’t be a problem.com • journy@chinalingben...globalsources.co 316 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. And. bars. semiconductor and car accessories. Hudai Industrial Park.chinalingben.com Zhejiang Lingben Machinery and Electronics Co. Southwest Chongqing Aluminum Material Production Development Co. die-cast and breadboard molds. CE. we offer three-year warranties.globalsources.globalsources. Quality is maintained by enforcing Six Sigma practices at all stages of production. Hybrid wind/solar generator Over 1. We have a 12.com . and add five new items monthly. Inquire today. We use advanced equipment from the US. Ltd 29-2 Lu’ou Rd. Contact us today. Tongan. Wuxi. are constantly updating our catalog of O-rings. including hybrid wind/solar generators. PCB tools and FPC tools. medical appliances. Our products are commonly used in electronic. Ltd No. You can also come to us for lights that are powered by alternative means. Our products are widely used in sanitary ware. as well as precision accessories. Xiamen.co Tichuan Technology Co. auto fittings and more. Our products have EPA. Luqiao. 30 million hoses and 30 million auto fittings..jinshunxm.Block molds Aluminum coils Having supplied aluminum products for over 50 years. China Tel: (86-23) 8903 9887 Fax: (86-23) 8903 6689 E-mail: wshuming@yahoo. Jiangsu 214000.Choose verified suppliers .000 tons of aluminum coils. Inquire now. Aluminum-coated sheets Cold-formed injection molds designs trusted by Panasonic We are a manufacturer of injection molds. Xiamen Jinshun Rubber Plastic Co.000m2 factory with a monthly capacity of 360 million O-rings. Our R&D team has more than 15 senior engineers and can develop 20 to Precision cold-formed part 30 new models each month. And in recent years. home appliance.globalsources.com • kelly@jinshunxm.000 different varieties. 11-1 Hilton Office Tower. Chongqing 400015. refrigerators. We currently offer over 1.co Contact Person: Mr.and GS-approved we’ve turned our focus towards portable power generator supplying green-energy products. including precision cold-formed.com www. Taizhou.globalsources.co • www. RoHS and CE stamps of approval Rubber car part O-rings We started helping power the world with conventional generators 10 years ago.com/kingtown. Ltd Jinqing Industrial Park.000 products from our 15-member R&D team Our 15 R&D team members. Meixi Rd. sheets.

138 Shatin Rural Committee Rd. A result of our 50-plus years of manufacturing experience. India.com. this device is packed with features that are sure to appeal to your customers.www. 16/F. Japan and South Korea More new products .T.8-inch LCD screen. it can detect temperature changes as low as 0.. prevent sudden equipment fire and can even reduce insurance premiums – making our cameras ideal for electrical.600 more temperature readouts than a traditional spot meter. Shatin..globalsources. N.000 JPEG images 2.co • www. and displays them on a 2.8” LCD color display Battery operating time: 5 hours Thumbnail image gallery FLIR Systems Co.flir. China. 1613-16.com/flir. is one of the most revolutionary products available on the market. Grand Central Plaza. mechanical and building applications. Our new IR thermal imaging camera. Inquire today to learn more.15oC. but it also measures temperatures from -20 to 250oC.globalsources. It produces up to 3.hk Website: www. Ltd Asia Pacific headquarters: Rms. These features minimize equipment downtimes. Not only does it detect hot spots.com Branch offices in the Asia-Pacific region includes Australia. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2792 8955 • Fax: (852) 2792 8952 E-mail: flir@flir. Resolution: 60 x 60 pixels Measurement mode: center spot Weight: 340g Thermal sensitivity: NETD 150mK Focus-free lens Stores up to 5.Locate electrical problems Detect plumbing issues Check mechanical devices Small businesses now have access to the same technology once available only to governments and large corporations. Plus. shown here. Tower II.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 317 .

Australia and North America. Order today.globalsources.com info@yunkai-mechanics. Fixtures are held sturdily in place by vacuum clamps.com All of our team members have over a decade of experience Concrete batching plant In our pursuit to provide you with excellent products and services. Shanghai Yunkai International Trading Co.Choose verified suppliers .co www. We supply processing parts to clients in Europe. South America and other countries and regions. Contact us today. China Tel: (86-21) 6282 8320 Fax: (86-21) 6282 9970 Contact Person: Mr.co • www. Africa. get in touch with us today.com .com 318 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we use imported Z-axis ball screws in the oil lubrication system and 25mm linear guide rails. 5t wheel loader with Cat/Cummins engine Quanzhou Soueast Constructing Road Machine Co. Zhenjiang. when you want them. plastic injection and metal sheet parts in various materials. power presses. precision processing equipment and other advanced machinery.com. 123 Central Renmin Rd. Wheel loaders.globalsources.com www.co • www. For perfect precision. We are looking for dealers and distributors to promote our products in worldwide markets as well. Wuxi. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.com • dnjx@dnjx.OEM services for precision machining parts We bring more than 20 years of experience to your OEM requests. A water-cooled motor and high-frequency converter ensure top-level performance. Wang Mobile: (86) 138 1759 0728 E-mail: worldzgw@yahoo. lawn mowers and crankshafts for diesel engines are all on offer. South Qinzheng Rd.com/dnjx. and a dust collection system removes potentially hazardous excess particles. We specialize in CNC machined. Jiangsu 214100.cn Website: www. we utilize over two decades of experience to offer you concrete and asphalt batching plants. Shanghai 200052. Dantu. A 13-year CNC router manufacturer ready 24/7 Once you start ordering.shworldmachinery. Careri Building. We have professional engineers to carry out quality control. As a leading manufacturer in the construction machinery industry. Our factory is equipped with die casting machines. As a supplier with 22 years of experience.com/worldzg. Ltd World Industrial Park. wheel tractors.cn All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. we've set up offices in Africa. For more information. 432 West Huaihai Rd.dnjx. as well as block making machines.globalsources.yunkai-mechanics. China Export Department: Rm. inquire now.cn Website: www. you can trust us to complete your orders with expertise. Quanzhou. combine harvesters. we’ll start working. Fujian 362332. Moresky Building. Asphalt mixing equipment ISO 9001:2000 Xuefeng Industrial Zone. Jiangsu 212000. China Tel: (86-510) 8272 4898 Fax: (86-510) 8271 4238 E-mail: yunkai@globalsources.. 2408. hydraulic excavators. Our products are popular with buyers in Asia. We’re available 24/7 so your CNC routers are made exactly how you need them. die cast. torque and efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about us... 11A-B. we were recognized by the China Machinery Industry Federation as a leading industry brand. Nan’an. Ltd Rm. and our customer service department can handle inquiries within 24 hours.com/yunkai. China Tel: (86-595) 8678 5199 • Fax: (86-595) 8678 5429 E-mail: dnjx@globalsources. Southeast Asia and South America. we strictly operate according to ISO 9001:2000 standards. In 2009.globalsources. To offer you more comprehensive services.

113 Argyle St. CNC lathe. Foshan. and we’ll take care of the rest. In fact. we fit the bill exactly. NdFeB. die-casting and lost-wax casting machines from Taiwan.huaxing.hk Website: www. Chen Cun. Ltd Unit 2707.5 million worth of advanced equipment. Shunde. SmCo and magnetic assembly types.com/huaxing. 27/F. Guangdong Tel: (86-757) 2381 3878 Fax: (86-757) 2335 8027 More new products . contact our representatives today. including ferrite.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 319 .When it comes to sourcing customized investment cast and machined parts. rubber. we have specialists assigned to each phase to ensure your specifications are met.com. Yong Xing Industrial Zone. We also produce magnets.com. Hua Xing Mfg Co. Simply send us your requirements. For more information regarding our products and services. Kowloon. there’s nothing better than working with a manufacturer with experience.www. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2300 1942 Fax: (852) 2783 7025 E-mail: saleshx@huaxing. Mong Kok.hk Mainland China factory: 10 Third Rd. alnico.globalsources. Our processes take place at our three factories equipped with $1. This includes more than 100 state-of-the-art CNC vertical.co • www.. Established in 1996 and with engineers who have 20-plus years’ expertise.globalsources.. stamping. from design conceptualizing to prototyping and mass production.

Shandong 264003. China Tel: (86-571) 8626 3208. while some of our inspection equipment is sourced from Japan. and concrete fences. Tianducheng. We have machines for making blocks and bricks. Yantai. automobiles. Chaoyang.. motors and more. you can start with an order for just 100.Choose verified suppliers . aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-cast parts. Zhejiang 310000. Die-cast and plastic injection LED heat sink Cryogenic thermal-insulating cylinder Cryogenic liquidstorage tank Yantai Kangwei Die Casting Moulds Co. Beijing 100723. Our products have passed national quality tests for building materials and mechanical products. some countries in Asia and more. Our production machinery comes from Germany.globalsources.globalsources.co Beijing Sinocleansky Technologies Corp. Ltd Factory: Xindu Industrial Park. China Tel: (86-535) 676 1353 • Fax: (86-535) 675 1950 E-mail: chinakangwei@hotmail. Automatic block-making machinery (QTY6-16) Quzhou Botai Plastic Co.com Door-to-door maintenance guaranteed for a lifetime Manufacturing plastic pipes and hoses for over 12 years We’ve been producing a variety of pipes and hoses for over 12 years. China Machines only work as well as they’re programmed to.com/sinocleansky. Hangzhou. Inquire today. Laishan.com . Quzhou. Changshan. Even though we produce as many as 500. injection molding parts. Beijing Zhongcai Jianke Institute for Building Materials 320 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Concrete batching plants are available too.co • www. aluminum and industrial varieties. 8620 3008 Fax: (86-571) 8620 6532 E-mail: admin@hzbotai. And should any mechanical difficulties arise. our ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities contain our own molding equipment. and stamped parts can be used for electronic components. 36-1-402.co www. Japan and Europe who especially enjoy the 20 new products we develop each month. made of aluminum alloy Fourteen years of manufacturing have made our selection vast.com www.com/chinakangwei.com • sinocleansky@gmail. Zhejiang 324200. Contact us today. Our 200 varieties of casting molds.com/qzbotai. We release two or three new styles every month and custom requests are welcome. China Chemical Plaza. Contact us today. That’s why we install Siemens PLC programming devices into our construction machinery. And to cut down on costs and shorten the production cycle.globalsources.sinocleansky.com www. lighting fixtures. you’ll appreciate our lifetime door-to-door maintenance policy. Tianquanyuan.globalsources. Orders are finished in about 15 days. East North 4th Ring Rd.com www. Our sales network includes 20 loyal buyers from North America. including plastic. roof tiles.com Office: No. And they’ve been exported to the Middle East. locks. Ltd Xiejiazhuang Industrial Zone. China Tel: (86-10) 8488 5229 • Fax: (86-10) 8488 5279 E-mail: sales@sinocleansky.Trust a 14-year manufacturer to supply your die-cast parts A cryogenic equipment range sure to have what you need Die-cast car light bracket. Europe. South America.000 parts each month.hzbotai. plastic plant and stainless steel factory. Africa.

and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.Low-noise diesel generator with ISUZU engine Doing Electric (Fujian) Co. The Marks are the property of the respective owners.globalsources. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 321 . More new products . and are not for sale. Ltd All items shown here with various trademarks.

globalsources.cn Mobile jaw crusher For 24 years. China Tel: (86-311) 8511 7137 • Fax: (86-317) 681 8188 E-mail: steelpipe@hbnsd. Hebei 061400. China Tel: (86-21) 6891 7855 Fax: (86-21) 3897 0007 E-mail: shlongyang@shlongyang. To learn how our technical team can assist with free on-site installation and training.co • www.perfectlaser. We can also produce our CE-marked items to fit your OEM requirements. Contact us now to begin. Fangqiao Industry Zone. Plus.com • perfectlaser@hotmail. Mobile impact crusher Shanghai Longyang Machinery Factory 98 Longdong Branch Rd. and they’re accustomed to handling our clients’ requests.com www.5 bar • Performance built to last 500. Germany. it’s small and compact.shlongyang. Cangzhou.com/perfectlaser.. Zhejiang 315514.xingyu-solenoid.co • www.co • www. France and Russia Discerning clients in the US. Shanghai 201201. Whether you source our crushers. API 5L Grade B and GB/T standards too.globalsources.com/newsinda. Ltd 2 Hengfeng Rd.globalsources. Ltd Gengzhuangzi Industrial Zone. contact us today.000mm/s • MTBF: >100. limit switch boxes. Take. we can make designs using SolidWorks. sand makers or mills.6 inches.com/shly. France. 322 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Pudong.000 hours • Energy-saving: up to 30% optical-electrical conversion • Maintenance-free Fenghua Xingyu Electron Co.globalsources. Mengcun Hui Autonomous County..com www.hbxsd. Our R&D engineers have about 20 years’ experience and can create custom samples within 15 days. 154 Zhongbei Rd. the UK and other countries source our featurepacked industrial laser equipment. We turn out 70. for example. Ningbo. Our R&D department has received seven national patents for crushers. Wuchang.and NAMURcertified connections • Hard anodized surfaces • Easy external bi-directional travel stop adjustments • Extended life cycle guarantee • Customized colors We use advanced CNC processing centers in our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. We’ll reply within 24 hours. The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway project put our products to work.com Website: www.com ISO 9001:2000 We have been manufacturing our RFS pneumatic actuators to go the distance for over six years. and then test them using computer simulation software. angel valves and more. This machine utilizes the latest technology from FiberMark to emit high-quality laser beams.globalsources.000 tons of large-diameter seamless steel pipes every year. we have learned how to crush the competition with our innovative designs. weighing only 22 kilograms.com/xyelectron.We’re ready to serve any project – big or small.co • www. Hubei 430077. Russia. the laser marking machine shown here. Wuhan. Pneumatic actuators Laser marking machine • Reposition precision: 0.002mm • Scanning speed: up 7.com Perfect Laser (Wuhan) Co. Inquire today. Fiber laser equipment used in the US.com .net All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We currently have 100-plus models available. A53 Grade B. Canada. DIN 3337.com. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Carbon steel pipe Carbon elbow Hebei New Sinda Pipe Manufacture Co. as well as solenoid valves. China Tel: (86-27) 8679 1986/3992 Fax: (86-27) 8677 5865 E-mail: jxlaser@globalsources.000 cycles • ISO 5211-. with walls as thick as 2. Germany. And we can also manufacture smalldiameter steel pipes measuring from ½ inch. 8868 0512 Fax: (86-574) 8868 0511 E-mail: silvia@xyelectron.com Website: www. Our steel pipes have outer diameters as large as 48 inches.. China Tel: (86-574) 8868 0515. Everything is made according to ASTM A106 Grade B. They feature: • A low starting pressure of only 0. Ltd Phoenix Science & Technology Park. Inquire today.Choose verified suppliers .

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 323 . we have been exporting for 11 years. we turn out 500.www.10 new items annually with 11 years of export experience Inverter generator with 4L fuel tank If your clients need enough voltage to power an outdoor event. Diesel engine with direct injection combustion system Zhejiang Taizhou Wangye Power Co. and the economy mode option saves fuel and reduces noise output. As a leading producer of generators in mainland China. To see some of our new designs and to place your order. Taizhou.wygenerator.globalsources.com/wypower. the pure sine wave inverter technology won’t interrupt sensitive equipment. Huangyan. Every year. our inverter generator is ready to serve. 8406 5771 Fax: (86-576) 8406 5770 E-mail: wypower@globalsources.globalsources. Zhejiang 318020.co 2 to 5kW gasoline generator with low-noise muffler More new products . 8406 5773.com • helen@wangyemotor. Plus.000 power generators and engines – and each year. Ltd Ma’anshan.com www. 10 new models are driven into our wide selection made for export worldwide. portable design. China Tel: (86-576) 8403 2322.com • www. contact us today. It has a lightweight.

our annual capacity now reaches 1 million metric tons. Each stride we’ve taken to become the international player we are today is evident throughout our portfolio. Zhejiang 315000. Ningbo. Send us a drawing. BMW.5-millimeters thick.sz@gmail. 39 South Huanchengxi Rd. As a result. Inquire now. Shandong 276017.. Longxi. Contact us today. machining. China Tel/Fax: (86-512) 6252 7396 E-mail: andyshen. They create 15 custom casting.globalsources.castleintl. PPGI and CR steel-coil production facilities just coming on line. Linyi.co www.A full range from an HDG.com. PPGI and CR steel coil manufacturer $40.000 spent annually to update our equipment for quality Radiator valve. Effective quality control prepares our coils for market distribution.globalsources. Taizhou.cn Huayanpu. and we’ll provide a sample in 15 days. China Tel: (86-576) 8749 2110 Fax: (86-576) 8749 7699 E-mail: info@cnkingston.globalsources.com/castleintl.Choose verified suppliers . Zhejiang 317609. China Tel: (86-574) 2786 3080 • Fax: (86-574) 2786 3050 E-mail: info@castleintl. Brass fitting Every item that leaves our production lines is destined for export markets. Taizhou Kingston Valve Co. forging and stamping parts monthly – all for export to Europe and the US. Ltd Huoju Rd.000 each year towards updating our equipment.to 1. Toyota and Honda already have. ensuring our products will be accurately manufactured.com Mobile: (86) 137 5744 4072 324 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000 valves.com Gas flare fitting Our R&D team includes 60 members with an average of eight years’ experience.com www. Make the choice that Mercedes-Benz.. To keep pace with the quality expectations of our international clients. and have passed SGS inspections. Haishu.com .We generally deliver orders in 40 days. Built using equipment from the US.cnkingston. over 420 megapascals in tensile strength and at least 40 percent elongation. we have never had a single unit returned. all of our parts meet CE and RoHS Directive requirements. and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Lane 158.sdhuifu.com/shandonghuifu.co • www. Modern machinery also allows us to achieve a monthly capacity of 100. Yuhuan. we allocate about $40. Ltd B1712.com www. ready for OEM customization With new HDG.com www. have over 280 megapascals in yield strength.co • www. and complete orders in 20 days. High-tech Zone.16. Modern Times Building.globalsources. This new machinery makes primary-steel coils that are 0. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom today. Stainless steel 316 investment casting parts Customizable CNC-machined parts Castle International Mfg Co.com/cnkingston.

000 tons and stock rooms always stocked with standard foil. and Asia. food packaging and lid use. it’s no wonder we can deliver your order 10 to 15 days faster than our competitors. QC inspectors with at least 10 years' experience check the raw materials strictly and ensure everything that leaves our factories meets FDA and GBT 3198-2003 standards. Our products are Kosher-certified too. to container. Submit your specifications.Foil made with Honeywell and Siemens technology Your requests met with precision There’s more to this aluminum foil than what meets the eye.www. Contact us today. and Honeywell thickness-measuring X-ray testers. Everything such as its size. and our operations are in line with ISO 9001:2000 guidelines. More new products . thickness and shape were custommade with the field’s most advanced technology. including North and South America. from household and pharmaceutical use. We manufacture foil for many uses. and other buyers in over 30 countries and regions. the EU.globalsources. Always stocked with a large variety With an annual capacity of 50. FDA-approved and Kosher-certified too Commercial Metals Company. and we’ll also process them with imported equipment such as Siemens automatic flatness and gauge control systems.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 325 . source our foil.

Inquire today. China Tel: (86-574) 5631 2929 ext. We also make steel pipe fittings such as elbows. Ltd 7 Shaling West Rd.com/ackor. 168. they’ve trusted our OEM/ODM experience designing and producing: • Die-cast steel bases • Base molds • Plastic injection molds • Die-cast tools We utilize six CNC and four linear cutting machines. the Middle East. particularly in Russia. Southeast Asia and South America.com 326 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.Protecting feet for 8 years with our safety and work footwear We have been protecting feet with our goods for eight years. end caps.cn ISO 9001:2008 Website: www..globalsources.com/huizegd. as well as 10 EDMs. Yuyao. Ltd 150 Donggang Rd. stainless steel and alloy steel. we manufacture Carbon-steel pipe fittings 30. Established in 1995.globalsources.pioneer-shoes.co No.com/fufamotor. heating. thanks to the precise tests we administer in our fully equipped QC lab. AC electrical motors and water pumps..000m2 ISO 9001:2000-certified factory.cn www. construction. We welcome your OEM/ODM orders. Yuhua.globalsources. Ningbo Pioneer Protective Equipment Co. Come to us for 210 models of safety and work footwear that can be used in the mining. 2328 0578 • Fax: (86-769) 2316 8281 E-mail: sales@hjmodel. Guangdong. 835 Fax: (86-574) 6259 7820 E-mail: pioneer-shoes@globalsources. They're all API-certified. and all of our items come with CE marks.cn 18 years of producing injection molds for industry giants Source generators.com/pioneer-shoes.com pioneer@pioneer-shoes. Shijiazhuang. GE.000 tons of products. Ackor Mould Co. Gaoban. motors and more from a 16-year manufacturer 60 new injection molds made monthly As an industry veteran. crosses and tees. we specialize in manufacturing diesel generator sets. we have handled the injection mold orders of buyers worldwide.com www. Every month. Xiakou. Our products are popular in markets worldwide. And 65 of our products come with CE and EN ISO 20345:2004 marks – a rarity among our competitors. Fu’an. Our clients include Sanyo.fufamotor. drying. China Tel: (86-769) 2316 6357. China Tel: (86-311) 6661 9538 • Fax: (86-311) 6661 9527 E-mail: admin@huizegd. We use upper-processing. Seamlesss carbon-steel pipes API-certified steel pipes and pipe fittings under one roof We have it all when it comes to steel pipes and pipe fittings. to guarantee precise production of your molds. reducers.com Shijiazhuang Huize Pipe Fitting Co.cn • hj@hjmodel. staffed with 50 inspectors.globalsources.co • www. Dongguan. Orders can be filled in 30 days.co • www.Choose verified suppliers .001 percent.co www. Inquire now. Inquire today. Fujian 355000.com www. Dongcheng. Ford and Panasonic. Production is carried out at our 15. AC generators. Zhejiang 315400. China Tel: (86-593) 637 9817/1211 • Fax: (86-593) 637 9938 E-mail: sale@fufamotor. And our QC inspectors monitor all processes and conduct random checks to ensure a defect rate of 0. Inquire today. flanges. and toe-cap and uppermolding machines from Cherokee. petroleum and machinery industries.globalsources.huizegd. For 18 years.com . Ltd Xiaodong Industrial Zone. Hebei 050000. One-year warranties are offered. and welded steel pipes made with carbon steel. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified workshops produce seamless steel pipes.

More new products .www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 327 .globalsources.

Shanghai 201424.700m2 factory turns out over 30 million units per year. 8038 Fax: (86-21) 5744 6475 lc@shlinchungroup.com www.com www. Ltd Xindeng Industrial Development Zone.com/cnhongxin. Ltd No. Our products include impellers.fang-yuan. And as an ISO 9001:2008certified. Turkey. Hangzhou. Our highquality products.com/epsmachine.. we have aftersales offices in Syria. Egypt and Vietnam. and delivery takes 20 to 30 days. Zhejiang 311404. Fuyang. we manufacture EPS (expandable polystyrene). Medium-duty caster Wenling Hongxin Plastics Co. Nanhuating Economic Development Zone. Mexico. B1.com • linchun68@yahoo.200 EPS machines and 2.hongxinplastic. Your OEM/ODM orders and packaging requests are also welcome. Orders start at 2.com epsmachine@globalsources. We have 13 engineers who add 10 new items to our selection each year. Ltd Phase I.000 kinds of products We have more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing plastic fittings and injection molds. so you can be assured you’ll receive innovative products. we are sure our production capabilities will benefit you. We have 44 design and four utility patents.globalsources. Our 12. we now bring you thousands of caster types spread over nine series and are able to develop 16 new items every month.000 units. China Tel: (86-576) 8841 1521 Fax: (86-576) 8841 1520 E-mail: wjc@hongxinplastic.Choose verified suppliers . Haiwan Rd. Contact us now for more details. Call today.co www. pump bodies. Iran.cn Website: www.co www. Contact us today and get a reply in 24 hours. XPS and EPP machinery manufacturing industries Formed in 1988.globalsources.000 specifications. Every year we make up to 2.Choose from over 3. China Tel: (86-21) 5744 2111 ext. XPS and EPP machines for the packaging and construction sectors. Taizhou. huge monthly capacity and excellent services are highly appreciated by our clients. Exporting to over 90 countries. Check out our 10 product series in more than 3. short lead time.com EPS packaging Insert Warehouse shelf with 300kg load capacity per level Ceiling sheet Insulation concrete foam 328 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/linchun.000m2 factory. Thousands of types of casters from a 13-year supplier Focusing on caster production for the past 13 years.com Shanghai Linchun Caster Co. Nanquan Industrial Zone.co Anti-impact and light-duty casters 23 years in the EPS.com . Russia.globalsources. Zhejiang 317500. China Tel: (86-571) 6325 2570 Fax: (86-571) 6325 2364 E-mail: sales1@fang-yuan. Foldable galvanized wire mesh container E-type shape-molding machine with vacuum Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastics Machinery Co. We accept OEM orders and can provide design services. Romania.000 EPS molds. Wenling. fans and connection boxes.globalsources. guide vanes. India. 80. Fengxian.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 329 .globalsources.www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .

beer. custom designs welcome Rigid PVC sheets. Ltd 9/F.100mm We offer PVC.com • www. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. xmplasticfilmpackaging.Cleanroom wiper Publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. we are a leading SGS-audited solutions provider of cleanroom products in mainland China. Hi-tech Industrial Park. cleaning and testing. PET. wine. Xiamen.globalsources.100 millimeters. Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co. optoelectronics.com • wentong@globalsources. Our system is suitable for all types of feed-water levels and the water output quality is ideal for drinking. maximum width of 2. China Tel: (86-577) 8688 9259 Fax: (86-577) 8688 9257 sales@hengtongcn.com . as well as PVC folding boxes. cutting. Gift box made of transparent rigid PVC. clamshells and more. Contact us today. 1101. chemicals and deionization water projects. Nanshan. Shenzhen. We've established eight dust-free laundry plants – with a Class 10 cleanroom for packaging – to cater to the needs of discerning clients.com Website: www..06 to 1 millimeter. 839. we've obtained 28 patents domestically for our products. we produce 30 million bags of wipers for use in the microelectronics. And based on your specifications. 2-1116 Xiahe Rd. Zhejiang 325025. China Tel: (86-592) 581 3260 • Fax: (86-592) 588 1363 Mobile: (86) 153 5923 2230 • E-mail: gary@xmfullstar.globalsources. 8th Rd. PETG and soft PVC sheets/films. Binhai Garden. Xiamen Fullstar Imp. dyeing.. bio-pharmaceutical.co www. blisters. and for use in medicine.Choose verified suppliers . Thicknesses range from 0. and the maximum width we offer is 2. juice. 330 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2000 Wenzhou Hengtong Water Treatment Co.com/wentong. We have 60 R&D members. inquire today. and every step is overseen by our QC specialists. & Exp. many of whom with Ph. For more details. we can customize packaging to fit your application requirements.co ISO 9001:2008 All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Fujian 361004. Our items are manufactured utilizing our 25 production lines.. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Each month.com/fullstar.Ds and master's degrees. Dawning Building. Plus. Holiday Garden. precision machining and other industries. aerospace. food. semiconductor.com www. 1st Ave. Wenzhou. Our services cover weaving.globalsources. Guangdong 518057.com All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Our water treatment plants feature premier components to ensure high recovery rates and minimum energy consumption. Ltd Rm. Automatic PLC water treatment plant for water purification Engineered solutions for your water treatment needs We have been a premier manufacturer of water treatment systems for over 14 years and can provide engineered solutions for your water treatment needs. Trading Co. Ltd No.hengtongcn. Contact us now.

globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 331 .www.Mini wheel loader More new products .

2 Wenchangbei Rd.com www. Ltd No. our English-speaking engineers develop 100 new items that buyers such as Nokia and JDSU trust.Source crushing machinery from a 24-year supplier Backed by 16 years’ experience. four-axis high-speed CNC mills and three-axis automated surface grinders.000-member team utilizes 16 advanced production lines from Japan and Germany to produce over 200 containers worth of products monthly – all of which are exported to more than 60 countries.com Website: www. China Tel: (86-371) 6709 0368 Fax: (86-371) 6709 0368 E-mail: amy. Dongguan. we place six QC officers at each production line to further ensure quality. we supply a wide range of warehouse shelving systems. we offer five-year warranties.aaimf. 1 Cuizhu St. 2. Japan and Taiwan to ensure accuracy. capable of detecting combustible. We utilize CNC equipment from the US.co Shanghai Leiyou Complete Machinery Co.huayi-group. Dongguan. Plus. For added assurance. our 1. New Hi-tech transmitter Zone. Inquire now – we’ll respond within 24 hours. three-axis CNC lathes.com www.com . toxic and hazardous gases Henan Zhiyi System Engineering Co. while our competitors only provide one-year guarantees. Ltd 585 Gongye Rd.globalsources..globalsources. Each month. Portable gas detector.000m2 factory. sinkers and drills. Shanghai 201404. China Tel: (86-769) 8238 5856 • Fax: (86-769) 8533 0807 E-mail: huayi@huayi-group. Jinhui. Ltd Fixed on-line gas Bldg. China Tel: (86-769) 8856 8800/11/22 Fax: (86-769) 8856 8877/55 aaimf@globalsources. Guangdong 523800. Guangdong 523199.globalsources. Xianxi.com/aaimf. as well as EDM wire cutters.liu@globeinstrument. Inquire now.Choose verified suppliers .com 332 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Zhengzhou. At our 90.com • kennyf@aaimf. Fengxian. 26-27.globalsources. we’ve been sourcing raw materials from Baosteel for more than 15 years. Jaw crusher Huayi International Industry Group Ltd Huayi Storage Equipment Co. Henan 450001. Wangniudun.. China ISO 9001:2008 Supplying complete gas-detection solutions for 14 years CNC-machined components Source our high-precision CNC-machined components.com/huayigroup. Our suite of machinery includes a five-axis automatic coordinate measuring machine. Chang’an. we export 200-plus containers monthly Established in 1995. To ensure quality..co • www.co Asia America Industrial Mfg Inc.com Website: www. Wangdong.com/hnzhiyi.

www.globalsources. Ltd More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 333 .Fully hydraulic truck and all-terrain cranes with payloads from 5 to 500 tons Xuzhou Silkway Machinery & Equipment Co.

sand filters. Our 900-ton automatic and Toyo die-casting machines can manufacture aluminum and zinc die castings weighing up to 20kg. light fixtures and general machinery. Southeast Asia and the Middle East are already benefiting from our OEM services. Yuxin. Zhejiang 314009. China Tel: (86-591) 8761 0093/4264 Fax: (86-591) 8364 0189.com. you can Metal stamping with various trust us to get your custom coatings. 21/F. 36 Dongda Rd. 8727 9269 E-mail: qqmd@globalsources. Inquire today. CE. Fujian 350001.globalsources. for orders right. cartridge filters. hydraulic presses and automatic turning machines allow us to create custom items with precision. J. every pool product we offer is made inside our 40.com . You can come to us for stamped and machined parts.cn Rm.Choose verified suppliers .com.com/jxtop.co www. Our water-pump products have ETL. Our electrical and mechanical engineers have the expertise needed to meet your specifications. Our pipe benders. Ningbo. automatic pool cleaners.cn www..com www. A.com/fctcl. Ltd Meeting the needs of industry giants such as Stanley and Gates Winhere is a cinch to us. underwater lights and more. Gulin Industry Zone. Ltd Zhenxi Rd. We can do this thanks to our own molding workshop and English-speaking engineers with 15 years of experience. To keep you informed of the status of your order. Buyers like you come to us for cleaning products. China Tel: (86-574) 8800 0999 Fax: (86-574) 8805 8687 E-mail: sales@splashpoolappliance. Send us an e-mail today.com • qqmd@pub1. Shao Ningbo Splash Pool Appliance Co. as well as automotive parts and metal products such as pull handles.All parts made in-house From systems to accessories. Huakaifugui Bldg.fz.000 units. we have become one of leading players in the pool industry in mainland China. stamping machines.globalsources. as well as investment castings. Stanley trusts our engineering expertise Pool filtration system West part of Yinxian Ave. Zhejiang 315176. We also provide aftersales services and technical support.000m2 factory. China Tel: (86-573) 8317 3700/3701 Fax: (86-573) 8316 3677 E-mail: mike@jxtop.cn Website: www. We develop at least three new products annually. Contact us today. In the past 13 years. We have a monthly capacity of 60.. We make die castings for automobiles. and buyers in the Americas. Jiaxing. And we’ll meet yours with the same ease too. Send us your OEM orders specifications. Pool pump Liquid level sensors Looking for ultrasonic and piezoresistive liquid level sensors as well as related items? Come to us – a supplier with a 20-year proven track record. and we welcome OEM orders.com/splashpool.fj. and we’ll have your design ready in 10 days. pool pumps.globalsources. Jiaxing Top Machinery Co.. GS and SAA certifications.jxtop. Inquire today. sand castings and forged parts. With over 20 years of experience.globalsources.co Metal stamping parts 334 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we'll send updates throughout the entire process – from product selection to manufacturing and QC. Fuzhou.co Contact Person: Ms.

com Sinotek Technology Co.com E-mail: sales@sinotooling.globalsources. contact us today. die-cast and plug mold designs • Plastic injection. Bao’an.com marketing@sinotek. grommets.net Website: www.. Shenzhen. China Tel: (86-755) 6118 6271 • Fax: (86-755) 6118 6273 Skype: sinotooling MSN: sinotek@hotmail. bayonet HDMI connector and HDMI-to-HDMI cable manufacturing For more information.net HDMI. Ltd Bldg.Specializing in OEM/ODM mold production for 10 years For the past decade. diving masks.sinotek. July 2011 Hardware & DIY 335 . Shenzhen SinoTooling Precision Mold has been focused on OEM/ODM mold production.www. the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. die casting and assembly • LSR part production for swimming caps. baby bottle nipples. Longhua. More new products .sinotooling. 5. Dalang St.com • www. pacifiers.com/sinotooling. mobile device protectors. valves. cooking accessories.co www. seals and medical accessories • HDMI® connector.globalsources. which include: • LSR. Benefit from our extensive capabilities. sporting goods. Guangdong 518109. Shi’ao Industrial Zone. plastic.

globalsources.We’ve produced thousands of machines for buyers worldwide Since our establishment in 1994. Our collection includes EPS cup/bowl production lines.co • www. crane cabins. complies with IEC standards Investment castings. as well as provide technical training and professional services. Ltd Wuliyao Industrial Zone. And our reorder rate is 99 percent.com MSN: lssine@hotmail.wd333. we have produced thousands of machines for buyers worldwide. For more details.co Almost half of our buyers have been coming back for at least 5 years We have a reorder rate of 99% With 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing crane controls. China Tel: (86-754) 8570 9333 • Fax: (86-754) 8570 9588 E-mail: weida@globalsources. Our production facility is ISO 9001:2000-certified. China Tel: (86-317) 639 3123 • Fax: (86-317) 639 3036 E-mail: ysyhgg2@yahoo. and have provided solutions for hundreds of individual projects.com/weida. or bring your samples to us. Cangzhou. PP cup making machines.com www. We will prepare samples that don’t require molding in one week. Guangdong 515800.Choose verified suppliers .com/lssine. equipment for fast food production and more. PS food container/tray production lines.globalsources. Choose from a variety of styles and specifications. Crane controller. industrial resistors and control cabinets.globalsources. Zhejiang 325604.com Tower cabin with 5mm tempered glass windows 336 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. and all products are tested at each stage.com Yanshan Xian Yonghui Steel Pipe Co. Shantou.com • weida@wd333.co www. Shanghua.lssine. Ltd Weida Industrial Zone. contact us now. Hebei 061300.cn Website: www. China Tel: (86-577) 6271 8250 Fax: (86-577) 6271 8999 E-mail: sales@lssine. Liushi.com www. Call us today.com .com/yanshanyonghui. made of stainless steel Zhejiang Lixin Hoist Switch Fty Xirendang Industrial Zone. We have a team of specialists who can communicate with you directly regarding your OEM or ODM orders. automatic high-speed vacuum forming machines. Wenzhou. API 5L-compliant seamless steel pipe Weida Plastic & Machinery Industry Co. Chenghai.globalsources. we have never had any returns for our products. Yanshan.

www. China Tel: (86-371) 6756 8061 Fax: (86-371) 6756 8897 E-mail: zgsales@yutong. Henan 450051. multi-truss crawler crane with full-rotary(YTQU160) Mining dump truck with 40t loading capacity.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 337 .com/yutongzg.A supplier of Olympic-sized proportions Rotary drilling rig with 2. 53km/h running speed (YT3621) Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co.globalsources.500mm drilling diameter.com More new products .com www. 78m drilling depth (YTRD300) Hydraulic. Ltd 99 Xizhan Rd. Zhengzhou.co www.yutong..globalsources.

Durable metal handcuffs Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co. China Tel: (86-25) 8620 9849 Fax: (86-25) 8622 6872 E-mail: machong@anhuapolice.com . and adhere to a long list of international quality and safety standards..Choose verified suppliers . and with a CEO that has over 20 years of experience. maintenance and a variety of other services. Established in 1993. China Tel: (86-595) 2815 6999 Fax: (86-595) 2289 5132 E-mail: maria@fufan. Jiangsu 210036. cement scales. we have what it takes to manufacture a wide range of concrete production equipment.globalsources. Quanzhou.com/anhuapolice. We produce in ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities. To learn more. Puxian Rd. 121 North Jiangdong Rd. operational training.anhuapolice. Nanjing. Fujian 362000. installation support.. hydraulic brick pressing machinery and more. we’ve been producing and exporting high-end police equipment to over 50 countries.co Fufan Machinery Co.globalsources.com/fufan.globalsources. Ltd Anti-riot suit for police officers ISO 9001:2008 Fufan Building.com www. For more information. contact us today. brick plants.net www. but also offer technological consultations.co • www. We got our start making products for China’s police force. inquire now. Ltd Slewing ring • Six meters high and over 13 tons • The largest solid-forged slewing rings exported from China • Product quality complies with EN10204/3. And we not only supply products. Ltd Rm.org 338 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. We specialize in block machines.com www. concrete mixers. forklift trucks. cement silos.fufan.1 Carbide insert series ISO 9001:2008 EN 10204/3. and now we offer a wide range of items for you to choose from. 1-1805. stone cutters.1 Two decades of experience manufacturing police equipment Block machine For more than two decades.$3 million have gone into our 12 new production lines Slewing rings 6 meters high Indexable carbide insert Cylindrical roller bearings • Raw materials are from Bao Steel • Roller complies with DIN5402 tolerances • Radial clearance compliance with DIN620 Part 4 THB Bearings Co.

Steady developments led by certified engineers Construction projects benefit from our: • LB (HXB)-series microprocessor-controlled asphalt-mixing plants • WBC-series soil-stabilization plants • HZS-series concrete-mixing plants • MF-series coal mills • SMF-series rotary coal burners • DHB-series mobile asphalt-mixing plants Developments are transformed into working models by over 40 technical engineers.www. Thirty export specialists and two technical advisers handle overseas accounts. Additional expansions have bolted our group beyond standard proportions to encompass 106. they’re one of China's top four manufacturers in the field and firmly hold 15 percent of the mainland’s asphalt-mixing plant market. 15 of whom are nationally certified senior engineers. Talk to us today. Foreign support. we’re proud to be a major contributor to their fiscal year 2010 sales of $46 million. China's Ministry of Transport lends us R&D support as well.Manufacturing for over 50 years Fiscal 2010 sales reached $46 million HXB-series microprocessorcontrolled asphalt mixing plant. Russian and Arabic assistance is available. WBC-series soil-stabilization plant. and source electric control units from Siemens and dust-removal systems from DuPont. Ya-Long Paving Machine Corp. multilingual assistance Orders are processed in-house with production machinery from Germany.globalsources. English. with a unique double horizontal mixer design Solid position in the mainland Over half a century ago marked the humble beginnings of our parent manufacturer. We only use nationally certified steel. Today. foil-free module-based design YxMF-series coal mill for grinding fine powder YxSMF-series rotary burner for pulverizing coal More new products .700m2. Representing their exclusive export arm.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 339 .

Our monthly production capacity is 50.globalsources.dotech21. We welcome your OEM/ODM projects.com . Contact us today. Ansan-si. Gyeonggi-do 425-090. as well as electronic expansion valve controllers. We offer digital temperature and humidity transmitters.com www.com 340 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 778 Wonsi-dong. JoongAng Ilbo Building.Choose verified suppliers . controllers and sensors.co • www. with more than 10 new products added yearly.globalsources.com/dotech21. DOTECH Inc. Our operations are ISO 9001:2008-approved and our products are CE-certified. our temperature controllers are built for precision and convenience. Australia and Israel waiting for your inquiries.000 units. We have overseas agents in Turkey. Ltd Digital temperature controller (FX3S) Multifunction cooling/ heating temperature controller (TX3 Series) With their easy-to-use functions and malfunction prevention features. South Korea Tel: (82-31) 495 3767 • Fax: (82-31) 495 3917 E-mail: mktg@dotech21. Choose from a selection of over 70 models. Danwon-gu. 6/F.We come prepared with CE and LA approvals Safety shoes made of cow suede leather Undercarriage parts for excavators and bulldozers Hydraulic vane/gear pump Wenzhou Saifu Shoes Industry Co.

you can expect easy market entry.com www. With their massive amount of resources at our disposal. We’ve hauled in advanced foil production lines equipped with machinery from Germany such as foil roughing and finishing mills. as well as roll grinding machines.www.esmeind. packaging. Our expert engineers – each with 10 to 30 years’ experience in the industry – are familiar with taking on the task. Shanghai 200439. We are the sales office of the Aluminum Corporation of China. China Tel: (86-932) 662 8818 Fax: (86-932) 662 2816 ISO 9001:2008 July 2011 Hardware & DIY 341 More new products . China Tel: (86-21) 5503 6385 Fax: (86-21) 5503 6393 E-mail: jason@esmeind.Equipped with foil production machinery from Germany One of the top 5 aluminum producers in China Aluminum foil for packaging How do we make aluminum. And because our products comply with ASTM standards. Start your order today. Europe. decoration and lithograph foil to such extreme precision? The answer lies within our ISO 9001:2008-certified factory.co • www. even the heftiest orders are easy for us to handle – you won’t wait longer than 15 days. Gansu 748111.globalsources. Ltd (Northwest Al Shanghai Office) 105 Gaoyi Rd. and Asia. one of the top five largest aluminum producers in China.com . Aluminum foil. We already ship our products to 20 countries and regions across the US.com/esmeind.com Factory address: Longxi.globalsources. so your OEM requests will be no problem for us. air conditioner. available in various widths Shanghai Everskill M&E Co..

Jinghai.globalsources. while monitoring temperature Gas. And for delivery in one to three months. Ltd Xinguang.com/tongdy. ejectors.com www. China E-mail: boyu@tjboai. undercut releasing systems. 1001. cooling elements and mold counters. two to three products are developed by our R&D team of 60 engineers with doctorate and master's degrees.Multifunctional air-quality monitors from an 11-year manufacturer Indoor airborne contaminants are responsible for many health problems. Guangdong 523750. 3. Made with 11 years of production backing. Baitong Precision Mould Fittings Co. Ltd 5/F.. All of our items are manufactured according to JIS.com www.com/zhonghanghua. temperature and and humidity. Unit 3.cn 342 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. classrooms. CO and VOC.globalsources. China Tel: (86-10) 5823 6611 Fax: (86-10) 5823 6787 lhb_htvalve@vip. Huangjiang. • Wireless connectivity offices.002mm.Choose verified suppliers . inquire now. China Tel: (86-10) 5873 1276 • Fax: (86-10) 5873 1275 E-mail: qtian@globalsources.safetyvalvechina. To see more of our offerings. Indoor air quality monitor and alarm Aerospace technology to secure your project airtight Our safety valves serve above and beyond the call of duty for BASF. Ltd Rm. AISI and DIN regulations. Kaixuan Center.com • makiyo_wu@globalsources. And every month.com • info@tongdy. our multifunctional indoor air-quality monitors can detect CO2.co www. we produce valves of endless varieties. Balanced bellows safety valve Beijing Zhonghanghua Safety Valve Sales Co. And we have a solution. To get started on your OEM/ODM orders. Haidian.com www. Contact us today for more information.com Pilot-operated pressure relief valve We make mold components with +/-0. 170 Beiyuan Rd. we use CNC machines. lathes and grinders from Japan and Taiwan. air poppet valves. BP. kindergartens. shopping malls. order today. With the same technology. Tianjin 300400. And to ensure accurate production.globalsources. China Tel: (86-769) 8360 0929 • Fax: (86-769) 8360 5699/0919 E-mail: zhang@baitomp.co • www. These values are humidity detector • 3-color backlit screen displayed in real time on a large three-color LCD screen as well.baitomp.002mm tolerances We’ve been researching and manufacturing mold components for nearly 10 years. including slide retainers.com. Dongguan. Indo Mansion. Beijing 100098.com Tongdy Control Technology Co. Utilizing our experience. date stamps. Our selection boasts 100-plus models. Caigongzhuang.com/baitong.com .tongdy. designs and materials China has been using to secure its missile and space programs.163. 48A Zhichun Rd. Saudi Aramco. CNPC and Sinopec. Bldg. Secco. Chaoyang. Beijing 100101. Our • USB data logger monitors can be used in residences.globalsources. we develop products with a precision tolerance of +/-0. visit our Global Sources Online showroom.co Taiping Industry Park..com • www. hospitals. hotels and more. Meijiang Industrial Park.

com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 343 . Colombia.com www. Taizhou. Argentina.. With international buyers in over 60 countries and regions.globalsources. Ju Guang Plastic Machine & Mould Industry Co.com Mobile: (86) 139 0576 1207 Extrusion blow molding machine More new products . Peru. it was only natural that we set up service centers across the world. Ltd 488 Gongxin Rd. Whatever the nature of your needs. India. Zhejiang 318020.to 72-cavity PET preform mold Your customers can complete their setup with our molds for PET preforms.www.globalsources.co www. all made in our ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities. Bangladesh and South Africa are just a few of the locations in which we’ve established a presence. Mexico. China Tel: (86-576) 8408 6911 Fax: (86-576) 8421 4680 E-mail: sale@jg-machinery. We’ve expanded our product range to include 58 types of CE-approved PET stretching and blow-molding machines.jg-machinery. and we’ll ship your order in customizable packaging if necessary. We look forward to your OEM/ODM requests.19 years in the field and still going strong 58 types of PET stretching and blow-molding machines Automatic high-speed PET stretch blow molding machine. Our machines are capable of producing bottles and containers with volumes from 1 milliliter to 1 kiloliter. the Philippines. and with our no-MOQ policy. Expect delivery in two months. bottle caps. household containers and more. Malaysia. we can help. Huangyan West Industry Zone. all orders are welcome. produces bottles with volumes of up to 2L We’ve spent the past 19 years cultivating relationships of mutual trust and respect with our clients. 1. Inquire now.com/machinerymould.

Choose verified suppliers .000 tons can be delivered in seven to 120 days. Fifty QC inspectors with five to 10 years’ experience help us control quality. Hebei 061001. China Tel: (86-317) 207 5235 • Fax: (86-317) 207 5234 E-mail: czindvp@cz-mz. for refrigerant or vacuum packaging.bopa-dhb.com/czmz.globalsources.com Agents Wanted ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 344 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd 43 West Xinhua Rd.. In fact.com www. but worried about quality? We have four nylon film production lines with machines from DMT S. This equipment makes up to 18. of France and Brückner of Germany. 10 to 1. Cangzhou.000t of nylon film annually Nylon film. also ensured by PA materials from South Korea and Germany.CONTACT SUPPLIERS Up to 18.000 tons each year.A. Inquire today. helping us to meet volume demands and deliver fast. temperature range: -60 to 150°C.globalsources.com .cz-mz. and retort pouches Need a large order delivered quickly.com www. Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co.co • www.

000 tons Production is kept entirely in-house within three manufactories.co www. we also supply projects in Pakistan. to develop up 10 new models every month. Japanese. Our 35 design engineers combine this knowledge with their own experience. China Tel: (86-317) 304 4584 • Fax: (86-317) 304 4584 E-mail: bohaizg@yahoo. Cangzhou.com/bohaipipes. More new products .bohaipipe. Vietnam and Indonesia.globalsources. while Westinghouse and Posco support our developments in exchange for project assistance.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 345 .www. who needs more pressure? Ease the stress in your next project with a company that’s been making hightemperature and high-pressure piping for 25 years. we can roll out up to 170. Hebei 061023.com. Ready for your projects too Serving massive pipeline efforts all over China.cn Website: www. averaging 10 years. India. In total. Kazakhstan.globalsources.R&D support from Westinghouse and Posco Alloy steel pipe with ASTM A335 P92 and ASTM A335 M-03 certifications With the energy industry plagued by onsite logistics issues. Support from chartered sources The ideas that permeate our labs come from China’s leading academic institutions as well as movers and shakers from abroad. Two facilities specialize in alloy and stainless steel piping for thermal and nuclear power plants. English. Take the pressure off and enlist our advantages today. Ltd Wulongtang. And one facility produces piping for fossil-fuel power stations. Tsinghua University and the North China Electric Power University lend us research aide. Myanmar.com Hot-pressed reduced tee Hot-pressed equal tee Forged 45o reduced tee Four-column hydraulic press for producing thick-walled alloy steel piping with large outer diameters Bohai Heavy Industry Pipeline Co. Monthly power of 170. Russian and Indonesian assistance is available.000 tons of pipes and pipe fittings each month.

We also use production machines from Italy and the US. China Tel: (86-23) 8613 0258/0259 • Fax: (86-23) 6812 9975 E-mail: cqxf@globalsources.co • www. Our ball mills use 20 percent to 30 percent less energy compared to ordinary models. For more information.co • www. rely on us for injection molds and molded parts. To ensure precise production. BMW.500 tons. for ball mills There's a good chance you'll find all woodworking blades you need with us. Spherical roller bearing. We have 20 mold designers and eight project engineers to handle your OEM/ODM orders. contact us today.com Ball mills that produce 1.. Guangdong 823868. Philips and DMG. Chongqing 400050.com • tangzhi@263.globalsources. China Tel: (86-769) 8547 3348. 8533 1232 • Fax: (86-769) 8547 3349 E-mail: forwa@globalsources. West Paradise Building. Ltd Rm. we’ve specialized in producing various TCT circular saw blades and planer blades for the DIY or professional markets. thanks to the Schneider controllers installed in them. Toyota and Tyco. and lathes from GM. Zhengzhou Taida Mining & Metallurgy Equipment Co. Our planer blades are for portable and table planers with HSS and TCT inlays. our 20 inspectors utilize testing equipment from Japan and North America to check our products. OEM orders welcome Forwa Precise Plastic Mould Co. Chang’an. Co. Ltd Chongqing Banan Foreign Trade Imp. Inquire today. Dongguan. 702.cqxftools.com 346 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.500 tons daily for 30% less TCT circular saw blade Dry ball mill.Choose verified suppliers .We're an injection mold supplier to industry giants Well-stocked to deliver bearings in 1 to 3 days Injection molds Injection-molded parts Renowned clients. plastic and aluminum.globalsources. Fuji Xerox. Audi.com/forwa.com/cqxf. Testing equipment from Germany further ensures the quality of our products. These products can be used for cutting wood. Ltd ISO 9001:2008 Haibin Industry Zone. Our ball mill has a daily capacity of 1.com . We welcome OEM orders and can create samples based on your specifications and requests. injection-molding and high-speed CNC machines from Japan and the US. Jiulongpo. 48 Zhujiang Rd. as well as wire-cutting machines from Switzerland. For 12 years. including Canon. Shangsha. & Exp. with steel grinding balls Get your project rolling with an energy-saving solution from a 53-year mining equipment manufacturer. Contact us today.com www.com • sales@forwa-mould. Ltd Chongqing Xiangfeng Tools Manufacture Co.globalsources.net www. And for quality assurance. we use electrical discharge. Fifteen engineers are in Steel balls used charge of overseas installation. Brother.forwa-mould.

stainless steel and brass Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co. it also allows you to confidently source in bulk and enjoy significant savings.000 units are accepted. Our 32 high-precision automatic lathes from Taiwan will meet your specifications for precision-machined parts to within ±0. Samples of brass hot-forged parts and metal stampings take 15 days. They make sure our QC process complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Your OEM requests are welcome and samples take one month. and all we need is 10 days for precision-machined parts. Ltd More new products . Precision machined parts. Ten CNC lathes and 10 punching machines with forces of up to 315 tons make this production possible – without compromising precision.www.01 millimeters.globalsources. Requests for as few as 1. Not only does our 60 million-unit annual capacity secure you with a stable supply.CNC machined part Up to 60 million punched. made from free machining steel. Our six-member QC department guarantees our products are high in quality with the help of a complete set of high-precision inspection instruments. Contact us today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 347 . forged and turned parts every year Our large-scale production will give you an advantage.

We enhance our product lineup with up to 10 new designs monthly.5kW to 800kW generators and generator sets. China Tel: (86-791) 753 9676 • Fax: (86-791) 753 9679 E-mail: ncroyal@globalsources. they have over 10 years of industry experience. they conduct another set of inspections to ensure your orders meet your quality expectations.globalsources. For more details. Find out more by contacting us today.. Ltd Self-priming jet pump Luojiang Industrial Area.globalsources. check every unit before packaging. engines. Fu'an. And our 10 engineers.ncroyal.com www. Plus. And prior to shipment. which are printed using precision Heidelberg machines on our five production lines.850 S-type Cultivator with heavy-duty engine from Japan • Adjustable rotary blade and groundbreaking blade for shallow and deep tillage. inquire today. and one product won't suit every buyer's needs.com • raton@fj-raton. we offer extensive OEM and ODM services. Our R&D engineers can speak English. 48 Hubin South Rd. All of our products have CE and SONCAP certifications. welding generators and more.com Website: www. even on hard soil • Different clutches available (push and hand-press types) • Lightweight and ergonomically designed Holographic wrapping paper Our 25 QC specialists.com • sales@ncroyal. Nanchang.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. some who have 15 years of experience. That's why. We offer 0.co • www. We produce up to 500 tons of wrapping paper monthly. Jiangxi 330029. making it easy for you to communicate your design needs to them.com Pumps that last longer than the competition’s OEM/ODM generators to meet buyers’ individual requirements Portable diesel generators We know that our clients have unique requirements.com/rtou-generator.2KW submersible pump Fujian Rtou Power Machinery Co. can create a sample in as fast as three days. in addition to our own product range. Fujian 355001.com . as well as gasoline and diesel water pumps. China Tel: (86-593) 693 7102/7118 • Fax: (86-593) 693 7101 Mobile: (86) 138 5038 4665 E-mail: ken@fj-raton.fj-raton.com/ncroyal.com 348 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. who have 20 years’ experience each.co • www. 2.

To start benefiting from our services. China Tel: (86-769) 8150 4382. and we have no minimum order requirements. Boye Ind. Bldg. Comprehensive sales services We offer comprehensive sales services with English-speaking representatives who are well-versed in the industry.16-plus years of engineering experience We’ve exported over 3. we back our items with one-year warranties. Panasonic. Europe and Japan.globalsources.com More new products . Dongguan. Volvo and more Over the years. And although we’ve never had a product returned. CNC machines from Japan and more. we use Charmilles EDMs from Switzerland. as our other international clients have. Panasonic. Park. Epson. Also.globalsources. and can provide you with a sample in as fast as one week. Epson.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 349 . Trusted by Canon. Intel. contact us today. Our list of clients includes Canon. Shangsha. we have created more than 3.500 molds to the US. HP.com/hitopmold. Citizen. Philips and others. Guangdong 523870.liu@hitopmold. weekly updates on your orders are available. Chang'an. And to ensure precision. Europe and Japan Samples in a week Our R&D team has over 16 years of engineering experience creating injection molds. die-cast molds and molded items.hitopmold. (86) 136 0016 0866 Fax: (86-769) 8150 3221 E-mail: james.com Website: www. Volvo.www.500 molds that have been exported to the US. C3.co www. We develop 60 new molds a month.

No matter the size of the order.com sales@rongxunindustry. Business Tower B. Zhejiang 318000. safety belts. made us one of the first exporters in the industry. China Tel: (86-512) 6935 0188 Fax: (86-512) 6935 1808 E-mail: rongxun@globalsources.globalsources. Bldg. Rongxun Industry Ltd Rm.com • waton@globalsources. and more.. All products pass TÜV and SGS inspections for compliance with CE and EN 471 prior to shipment. slings. Our R&D team is available to customize a product for you in 30 days. Ltd 906.39 years’ experience in OEM metal and plastic parts Harnesses with a 2.com • www. Xintai Square. Our 200 factory workers are ready to start work on your next order. China Tel: (86-576) 8880 7095 Fax: (86-576) 8880 7035 machinery@watongroup. Our latest harness has been designed and assembled to withstand 2. Taizhou.com/rongxun. They have three main advantages: • Their compact structure means they use as much as 50% less power than similar models • They last for years thanks to designs from Germany • They can produce up to 2. Jiangsu 215008.com . Inquire now.globalsources.400 PET bottles per hour (WTA-N series) with two cavities We also offer our WTA series of products for production of less complicated bottles and outputs of up to 1.co Semi-automatic blow-molding machine 350 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/waton. PE traffic cone LED flare Waton Machinery Co. we have the stability that you are looking for in a supplier. so contact us today.chinawaton. Jiaojiang. 2207. And our partner molding factory can easily complete samples in 10 days. Wanda Plaza. And with an operating capital of $15 million.com www.com www. LED traffic light Fully automatic blow-molding machine Our blow-molding machines stand out from the competition.globalsources. 3188 Renmin Rd.Choose verified suppliers . Suzhou.400-kilogram load capacity We’ve handled many orders from international clients for over 15 years. Inquire today. Our factory network is built on relations developed for over six years.and GScertified products. Substantial funding and technical support from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. we’re always on time.800 units per hour.400 kilograms of force – one of the highest load capacities in its class. E. You can also come to us for 100 other CE. including nylon and polyester webbing.co Superior blow-molding machines for PE T bottles Our industry-leading variety of 40 trafficproduct series is unprecedented in China.

power plants and wastewater treatment facilities.www.globalsources. C&D Paper Co. Seaside Building.com www.Create new value With our high-quality machinery and comprehensive services Paper-making machinery Create new value by taking advantage of our high-quality machinery and comprehensive services. Shanghai and Beijing.cnvmachinery. the Middle East and Eastern Europe To find out more information. Xiamen. contact us today.com/cndpaper. Partner with us. China Tel: (86-592) 226 3051 • Fax: (86-592) 211 4612 E-mail: machinery6@chinacnd. Ltd 11/F. machinery manufacturers. installation companies and operation teams in mainland China’s pulp and paper industry • Support from our offices in Xiamen. Petersburg • The expertise of engineers from Finland and Turkey • The same high-quality machinery and services we provide to buyers in Asia. Established in 1992.globalsources. as well as our joint ventures in Istanbul and St. – chosen by Fortune magazine as a top 100 listed company in mainland China for the past five years. we are a subsidiary of C&D Inc.com More new products . and you will also benefit from: • Our collaboration with top engineering institutes. We specialize in the development and manufacture of pulp and paper machinery. Fujian 361001.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 351 .co www.

curbstone and high-pressure hydraulic machines.000m2 factory. China Tel: (86-595) 8671 5599 • Fax: (86-595) 8678 3555 E-mail: xd@fjxd.co • www.Up to five new industrial generators designed every month Put our 10-plus years of experience to work on your project. for buyers such as Disney. Huli. No.and gasoline-powered generators on six production lines across our 30. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed. China Tel: (86-593) 639 5668 • Fax: (86-593) 658 2997 ISO9001:2008 E-mail: yihua@e-yihua. who make sure all products are fit to bear CE marks. inquire now. Each production line is monitored by two QC officers. Houtian Industry Zone. and collectively work with leading universities in mainland China.globalsources. We offer oneto three-year warranties on all products. These clients. Ltd 4/F.com/fjyihua. Fengzhou. For added quality assurance. diesel.Choose verified suppliers .000 ready-made molds for their OEM orders. production and complete assembly.fjxd. Industrial generators Our 38-member R&D team develops up to five new products every month. Xiamen.net 352 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Quanzhou. 8. Contact us today to learn more. Fujian 355000. such as Tsinghua University to create innovative products. 586 Jiahe Rd. ranging from consultations and technical advice. along with others in the electronic and medical industries.and FDA-approved items monthly. and our minimum order requirement is only one unit.globalsources. Inquire today. Xiaoxibian Industry Zone. Dwyer and ABB. to installation and training. Our engineers each have approximately 15 years of industry experience. We offer comprehensive services. as well as custom silicone rubber and plastic products.com Website: www. we operate according to ISO 9001:2000-certified guidelines. take advantage of our 4. We manufacture electric-.co Xiamen Xinhuabao Silicon Rubber Components Products Co. Fujian 362300.net Website: www. And our R&D team creates more than 10 new CE. Our skilled workers Silicone molds for various industries two molding factories and our production base. as well as various other types of construction equipment.cn www.globalsources. For more information. outfitted with 14 production lines and Mitsubishi CNC and EDM equipment. China Mobile: (86) 136 0096 6216 20 years of block machine production experience Founded in 1990. Fu’an. We've been producing molds.com . Fujian 361006.com fjyihua@globalsurces.com/fjxd. we specialize in the production of block. We have a QC team who conducts inspections during each stage of the manufacturing process.. to offer tooling.yihua. paving.

www.globalsources.More new products .com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 353 .

tadlytooling. Daifuku. It’s no wonder Damon is the number one brand of rollers in China. Our 15 R&D team members design each of our products.hu@tadlytooling. Damon is the largest manufacturer of rollers in China and has the longest history.globalsources. Dalingshan.000 pieces monthly. Wireless weather station series with USB interface 4/F.globalsources. We can make 500. wind direction.globalsources. and they release up to three new items every month. humidity. And our sales team has eight members with more than five years of exporting experience each.com www. the US and Japan each year – so we know how to meet your market’s requirements. Sanyo and Mazda.com . Nanshan. Custom samples can be ready for you within 30 days. wind speed. the US and Japan each year Supplier to Siemens and Mecalux If you need logistical components. we can finish your orders in 45 days. Volvo. including ABB. Daixi. Sprocket roller Huzhou Damon Suzuki Industrial Equipment Co. Custom requests are also welcome. Block B3. Our no-MOQ policy makes sourcing more practical for budget-minded buyers like you. In fact. We welcome you to compare our products with any of the world’s famous rollers. Ltd Daling Industrial Zone.Choose verified suppliers .com/tadlytooling. E-mail us today. Siemens. we deliver over 300 types of molds to clients in Europe. If you’re looking for injection molds and tooling services. we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest enterprises. Dematic.com www.foshk.com/damonroller. Come to us for over 10 high-end weather forecast devices that measure temperature.com www. Vanderlande and Mecalux are just a few of our many satisfied customers. Huzhou. China Tel: (86-769) 8563 5511 Fax: (86-769) 8563 5513 Mobile: (86) 138 2690 7659 daniel. Shenzhen. Eleven years of manufacturing galvanized and plastic-coated wire strainers have afforded us a vast collection of ready-made molds. give us a call today. Zhejiang 313023.com • www.co Gravity roller Tadly Tooling & Plastic Co.com • tadlytooling@globalsources. UV index and light levels.damonroller. Guangdong 523835. Tadly Tooling. was founded in 2003. but the head of our company has worked in the mold industry for over 15 years. pressure. The lengths of our wire strainers range from 80 to 120 millimeters. Huaqiaocheng. contact us today. Call today. Northeast Eastern Industrial Park. To learn more. Ltd Shangqiang Industrial Park.Ease the strain on your funds and storage space. China Tel: (86-572) 382 6 5 • Fax: (86-572) 382 6080 huangluotong@damonroller.co • www. China Tel: (86-755) 8610 6171 • Fax: (86-755) 8610 6173 E-mail: sales@foshk. Injection molds Our company. Ford.globalsources. Guangdong 518052. you should choose us.com www. and samples take three to five days. Together.co Over 300 molds sent to Europe.com/foshk.com Poly-vee roller 354 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Dongguan. With our 12 production lines. rain.

Kilter Electronic Institute Co. just one month. Learn more about why buyers in major markets source our products. the world’s leading patent provider. Ltd Battery analyzer (KT-97E) 9-year expert for your high-end steel solutions Pre-painted galvanized steel coils Sutor Technology Group Limited Changshu Huaye Steel Strip Co. It can also take voltage.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 355 . Inquire today. current. Ltd Hot-dipped galvanized steel coils Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe More new products .www. temperature and impedance measurements. ampere hours and can store as many as 50 sets of data.globalsources.Battery analyzers and current probes from a 22-year specialist Combining our 22 years of industry experience and the talents of our 30 designers. we’ve created many innovative items that have earned us patents from Derwent.

aluminum strips.Choose verified suppliers . JIS and DIN regulations. steel tape. Zhengzhou. and we will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours. Our products are CE-certified. including 201. Sand makers.com 356 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 430. Source from a reliable supplier – contact us today.co Agents Wanted www. Pre-painted galvanized steel Providing turnkey stone-crushing solutions for 30 years For three decades. Ltd Zhengzhou Unique Industrial Equipment Co. screens.com Rm. we turn out up to 3. Each month. cone and impact types. Contact us today. Ltd 38 Nongke Rd. feeders and other mining equipment are available too. They source our metal products. and each component and spare part carries a lifetime warranty.000m2 of workshops are managed according to ISO 9001:2000 guidelines by 1. 16/F..com www.000 engineers. which include stainless steel strips.com. Jaw crusher Impact crusher We are a large-scale stainless steel producer and exporter. Chancheng. 316 and 316L. Contact us for more details.com • dama@globalsources.globalsources. Development Building. 202. PPGI.000 tons of coils. Our 126.cn www.co • www. Take advantage of our competitive prices and quality guarantee. We specialize in supplying stainless steel coils of various grades. Our crusher range includes jaw. produced according to ASTM. China ISO 9001:2000 Tel: (86-371) 6369 9132 • Fax: (86-371) 6393 5058 E-mail: vip. Toshiba and Alstom come to us. copper strips and zinc strips. 304. China Tel: (86-757) 8333 7702 • Fax: (86-757) 8333 4557 damatrading@hotmail. We also offer building materials and Stainless steel strips machinery. Philips.unique-crusher.damafs. Dama Trading Co. Agents are warmly welcome. Free on-site installation and training can be requested. 301.globalsources. Foshan.Supplier to LG.machinery@yahoo. and we welcome third-party inspections. Philips.com . Guangdong 528000.com/dama. B. Henan 450002. Toshiba and Alstom World-renowned companies such as LG. Hua Yuan East Rd. we’ve been providing turnkey solutions for stone-crushing and mining projects. Our wholly owned factory is ISO 9001:2008-compliant and certified by Bureau Veritas.globalsources. 304L.com/hi-unique..

Ltd 3-axis CNC machine from Japan Use 30% less energy with our auto low-temperature air diffusers Auto low-temperature air diffuser for HVAC More new products .05mm Zhuhai Weichuang Technology Co.globalsources.www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 357 .Molded auto grille OEM laptop housing High-precision injection molds High-precision parts with tolerances of 0.

With six QC employees at each production line. we are able to ensure high-quality products. Contact us now. Currently our lineup includes more than 80 items for you to choose from.Using only the most advanced machinery Our high-speed drawing machine – which has an average line speed of 420 meters per minute – is one of the fastest drawing machines in the industry.nbhaoyu. 8785 7771 Fax: (86-574) 8785 7773 E-mail: admin@nbhaoyu. China Tel: (86-574) 8812 3776. MB Companies. China Tel: (86-27) 8356 4006/4007 Fax: (86-27) 8356 4008 welhel@globalsources.globalsources. Yinzhou. Using the light which is emitted from welding.co www. hydraulic cone crushers. without the need for outside power sources. Ltd 899 Dongfang Rd. Pudong. Ningbo. Maanshan Middle Asia Machine Tools Manufacture Co. Ltd Hydraulic swing-beam shearing machine Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Co.com Hydraulic cone crusher 358 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd 7 Fengqi Rd.co ANSI ACA ISO 9001:2008 Composite woven and craft bags Our advanced equipment makes up to 2. utilizes highly efficient crushing machinery Hazemag & EPR of Germany provided us with advanced technology and a proven management system.com Wuhan Welhel Photoelectric Co.globalsources.com/nbhaoyu... we’ve been able to meet the needs of Formosa Plastics.globalsources. Shanghai 200122.co www. making this item eco-friendly. with more than 10 years of experience each. Inquire now.Choose verified suppliers . Wuhan. Ltd 6 Jiangxing Rd. the helmet can auto-darken. We have five R&D engineers. They use Autodesk Inventor design software to create portable and traction crushing plants.com • info@welhel.sanmecrusher.com/sanme. Solar auto-darkening welding helmets We offer you a revolutionary new product – our solar autodarkening welding helmets. Combined with other equipment.com Website: www.. nothing less should be expected. We build on this innovative earmark with our modern R&D department.com www. China Tel: (86-21) 5820 2968 Fax: (86-21) 5820 0089 E-mail: sales@sanmecrusher. Hubei 430023. We have the necessary certifications to package hazardous materials.com/welhel. Panhuo Industrial Zone. Zhejiang 315040. This model is so advanced that only three units exist in mainland China. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008-certified. and other machinery. made of paper-plastic composite material Ningbo Haoyu Packing Printing Co. Roompot Vakanties and Elion for four years. who create up to three new items monthly.com .globalsources.com www. As one of the first manufacturers of portable crawler plants in China. which is headed by senior engineers with master's degrees and doctorates from well-known universities in China. Get in touch with us today.000 machines every year One of the first makers of portable crawler plants in China Hydraulic press brake Portable crawler plant. Self-sealing valve bag.


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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Glass processing machines backed by years of R&D experience
Forge ahead of your competitors with our 16 years' OEM experience. We cast, weld, machine and assemble parts all under one roof. You can order mechanical spare parts, automotive accessories, valves, steel pipes and marine ironware made of gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, low-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. Advanced equipment such as CNC machines, lathes, furnaces and testing equipment turn out 800 tons of castings per month. Samples take three weeks. Call us today.

Glass straight-line double edging machine We specialize in developing, researching, and manufacturing glass machines for client all over the world. Our product range covers: Glass straight-line double edging machines, glass edging machines, glass bevelling machines, shape edging machines, horizontal drilling machines and much more. We have 10 experienced R&D engineers to design and 16 QC officers to monitor the products across our 50,000m2 factory. They make sure each product is fit to bear the CE mark. And we have agents in Russia, Poland, USA, France, Vietnam and Turkey to assist you. Inquire today to learn more.

SS 316 investment casting

Sand-cast ductile iron part

Dalian Zhong Sheng Metal Products Co. Ltd
No. 73, Zhenpeng Industrial Park, Development Zone, Dalian, Liaoning 116600, China Tel: (86-411) 3921 8333 • Fax: (86-411) 3921 8099 E-mail: info@china-casting.com www.globalsources.com/casting.co • www.china-casting.com

Guangdong Enkong Machinery Co. Ltd
No.7, Xinda Industrial Zone, Sanzhou, Lunjiao Str., Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528308, China Tel: (86-757) 2775 6688 • Fax: (86-757) 2863 6022 enkong@globalsources.com • sales@enkong.com Website: www.globalsources.com/enkong.co www.enkong.com

Patent Nos.: ZL 2008 2 0203136.2 ZL 2008 1 0219000.5 ZL 2008 3 0217957.7

Supplying precise, high-quality progressive dies for 10 years

Progressive die for terminals Established in 2000, we are a professional manufacturer and exporter of precise, high-quality progressive dies and stamped metal parts. We offer an extensive product selection which is widely used in the automobile, appliance, electronics and furniture industries. You can rest assured of quality and cost-effective production, as we have an in-house team of 10 toolmakers, as well as engineers with at least 14 years of metal stamping experience. For more information regarding our products and services, contact us today.

MMA-400/MIG-350 welding machines

Specializing in manufacturing a full range of inverter welding machines
For 15 years, we’ve been specializing in producing inverter welding equipment with international approvals, including MMA, TIG AC/DC, plasma-cutting, MMA/MIG and MIG/MAG models. Every product that comes out of our factory ships with a one-year warranty – a policy that has made our products popular in professional markets. These customers also appreciate our high-volume monthly production capacity of 15,000 inverter welders. We can deliver orders within 25 days, and our MOQ ranges from 200 to 500 units. Call us today.

Seasky Tooling Industrial Ltd
Bldg. B, Hanlianda 2nd Industrial Area, 123 Shangnan East Rd., Shajing, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518105, China Tel: (86-755) 2766 2189 • Fax: (86-755) 2979 6407 E-mail: seaskytooling@globalsources.com marketing@seasky-tooling.com www.globalsources.com/seaskytooling.co www.seasky-tooling.com

Zhejiang Dongsen Electric Appliances Co. Ltd
Gumashan Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang 321200, China Tel: (86-579) 8779 9367 Fax: (86-579) 8779 9768 E-mail: dongsen@mail.chinadongsen.com • dongsen@globalsources.com Website: www.globalsources.com/dongsen.co • www.chinadongsen.com


Hardware & DIY July 2011

www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Located in Shanxi province, we have access to abundant pig-iron and coke resources. This allows us to keep transportation costs low and produce up to 6,000 tons annually. So come to us if you’re looking for a large order of competitively priced sand and investment castings. Our R&D team has developed over 3,000 types of investment, sand and lost-wax castings. These include building, construction, valve and pump parts, as well as machine components. Our design engineers have an average of 15 years’ experience and can give you suggestions on how to fine-tune your order. Send us your requirements, drawings or prototypes for OEM orders, and sample sketches will be finished within 15 working days. Call us today – we'll reply within 24 hours.

Various plastic hoses suitable for electric appliances

OEM for Panasonic, Arçelik and Electrolux

Hangzhou Guanghua Rubber and Plastic Co. Ltd

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Components from global leaders, plus 24/7 aftersales support
CNC router with 24V control system 8-1,500kW industrial power generators Established in 1994, we specialize in designing, configuring, manufacturing and maintaining power generators. That’s why Cummins, Perkins, Deutz and Daewoo allow us to use their engines in our OEM designs. Our factory is equipped with modern testing facilities, and our QC technicians oversee the entire production process for quality you can rely on. We back each generator with a one-year warranty. Call our 24-hour hotline for comprehensive aftersales support. For more details, inquire now. How do our 24-volt control systems power our CNC woodworking machines with working voltages of 220 or 380 volts? Look inside, and you’ll find Syntec control units, Delta inverters, HSD spindles, Yaskawa servo motors, and electric components from Omron and Schneider. Each month, we make up to 80 woodworking machines containing these parts, which are easily maintained through designated brand outlets. Aftersales support is available 24/7. Welcoming agents worldwide, we already export to more than 70 countries and regions such as the US, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Europe, South America, Australia and Taiwan.

Roctech Machinery Co. Ltd
Roctech International Co. Ltd Rm. 2223, Mingzhu International Business Center, 88 Jingyi Rd., Jinan, Shandong 250001, China Tel: (86-531) 8263 8823 • Fax: (86-531) 8263 8829 E-mail: info@roc-tech.com www.globalsources.com/roc-tech.co • www.roc-tech.com

Fujian Huatai Power Supply Co. Ltd
Tieling Industrial Zone, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian 350001, China Office: Bldg. 5, Zone B, Software Industrial Base, 89 Software Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian, China E-mail: sales@huatai-power.com

All machinery products made in-house, OEM since 1996

A wide variety of CEapproved generators

Gasoline generator Precision high-frequency straight seam pipe-making machine

Since 2000, we’ve focused on the production of generators, particularly 650W to 1,100kVA devices. Our products are CE-approved and our factory is ISO 9001:2000-certified. Our products include: • 650W to 6kVA portable gasoline generators • 2 to 7kVA portable diesel generators • 20 to 1,100kVA generators with Cummins technology • 20 to 600kVA generators with Deutz technology • 8 to 800kVA generators with China-sourced technology • 1.5 to 4” water pump sets Contact us today.

We are a leading manufacturer specializing in various machinery, all of which are produced in-house. Our product range covers: • Intermediate high-frequency welded pipe-making machines • Precision stainless steel pipe-making machines • Bundy pipe-making machines • Compounding pipe-making machines • Cold-bended structural steel-making equipment in various specifications • Diameter reducing, annealing, electrolytic copper-plating and electrolytic galvanizing lines With 15 years of OEM experience, we are ready to handle your requests for customization. To get started, inquire now.

Shanghai Youyou Mindong Generator Co. Ltd
Rm. 1201, No. 23, Lane 88, East Jin’an Rd., Pudong, Shanghai 201204, China Tel: (86-21) 6109 3142/3141 Fax: (86-21) 6109 3140 E-mail: wolfshen@yy-md.com www.globalsources.com/youyoumindong.co www.yy-md.com
Generator with Cummins engine

Yangzhou Weiguang Metal Manufacture Co. Ltd
Hanjiang, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225124, China Tel: (86-514) 8773 1958 Fax: (86-574) 8773 6092 E-mail: wg@wgmade.com Website: www.globalsources.com/weiguang.co


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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All major approvals for the US and Europe

2-piece reflective coverall suit, meets EN 471 and ANSI 107 standards

Parts produced according to ISO/TS 16949:2002 standards
In order to live up to your high expectations, we produce automobile parts according to ISO/TS 16949:2002-certified guidelines. We also adhere to ISO 9001:2008- and ISO 14001:2004-certified management systems, as well as comply with the RoHS Directive. And with 56 CNC lathes and eight machining centers, we can offer you the precision you seek. Our machinery isn't the second-rate equipment many of our competitors use to cut corners. Our machines come from industry leaders like Miyano in Japan. Since 1992, we have been exporting high-precision laboratory parts, hard disk components, optical instrument parts and A/V and communication devices to major markets. To take your share of our 3 million-unit monthly output, inquire today.
Precision metal parts

Flat 18, 11/F, Goldfield Industrial Centre, 1 Sui Wo Rd., Fotan, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2687 0692 • Fax: (852) 2687 0463 E-mail: topwin@topwin-ind.com.hk www.globalsources.com/topwin-ind.co • www.topwin-ind.com.hk Mainland China factory: Nanshan 5th Industrial Area, Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong

ISO/TS 16949:2002

ISO/TS 9001:2008

Our mainland China factory

CNC machine

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Providing die casting services to big buyers since 1993

An OEM supplier trusted across Europe, the US, Australia and Asia

Die-cast parts

Our experience in aluminum die casting is vast. In fact, since 1993, we’ve been providing comprehensive die casting services to big buyers, and count Ikea and Midea as our satisfied clients. We start by developing a mold for your specific product. Our R&D engineers may recommend design changes to enhance functionality. Then we carry out production using equipment from Japan and materials sourced from our trusted suppliers. Before shipping, our 20 QC technicians screen your products for defects using testing machinery from Switzerland. Contact us today.

Kiwek Die-Casting Co. Ltd
Changxing Industry Area, Junan, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong 528329, China Tel: (86-757) 2550 0216 • Fax: (86-757) 2557 2262 E-mail: project@jjqw.com www.globalsources.com/kiwek.co • www.jjqw.com Bei’an Office, Zhouge, Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong 266200, China E-mail: ehaocasting@yahoo.cn www.globalsources.com/ehaocasting.co

Specializing in quality trash bins for over 16 years

CNC, laser-engraving and plasmacutting machines from one supplier

CNC stone router

Trash bin used for industrial areas

Make the cut with a truly diverse range. Our R&D team has over five years of experience developing CNC, optical, mechanical and electrical integral technologies. As a result, we now have 60 series of CNC and laser machines suitable for various industries. The main parts of our machines are sourced from Germany and Japan to improve precision. These include Becker vacuum pumps and Yaskawa servo systems. To assist technical inquiries, we’ve appointed over 10 engineers to work in our aftersales office. Call today.

China Nice-cut Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd
2811 East Hehua Rd., Jinan, Shandong 250108, China Tel: (86-531) 8873 2307 • Fax: (86-531) 8873 2317 nicecut.zh@gmail.com • chinanicecut365@gmail.com www.globalsources.com/nice-cut.co www.chinanicecut.com • www.nice-cut.com
Trash bin


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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6 categories available for your selection
We produce 1.5 million welding machines per year, making us one of the largest manufacturers of welding equipment in mainland China. We have six product categories for you to pick from. Our range includes MMA inverters and MIG/MAG welders, as well as plasma cutters, battery chargers and accessories. So not only can you come to us for variety, but also the production capacity to fill your large orders. Our welding machines meet a wide variety of international standards, and come with GS, EMC, CE, SAA, ETL and CSA marks. So whether you sell them in Russia, Australia, the US or Europe, your customers will be dealing with a standard that speaks their language. For more information, contact one of our representatives today.

Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd
888 West Luqiao Rd., Luqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang 318050, China Tel: (86-576) 8243 1968, 8275 8933, 8275 8937 Fax: (86-576) 8243 1780, 8243 1781, 8295 0156 E-mail: sales@kende.com.cn • liah@kende.com.cn www.globalsources.com/kende.co • www.kende.com.cn

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Specializing in PET 2-stage blowmolding machines since 1992

Our engineers and workers provide on-site assembly

CSD-AB4-2L PET 2-stage automatic blow-molding machine, produces 6,260 units of 500mL bottles per hour Prepare to be blown away by our PET blow-molding machines. We have nearly 20 years of experience, and our machines carry CE certifications issued by TÜV Nord Group. We use imported servo motors to ensure a smooth performance and exact orientation. And with a preform photoelectric sensor, the clamping unit will stop automatically if the preform is absent. Plus, the preform feeding device will stop feeding preforms automatically when the heating temperature is abnormal. And the IR heating lamp’s socket-tilting mechanism allows for easy maintenance. Inquire now. Changshengda Machinery Co. Ltd (Zhejiang) 9 North Yuan Ave., West Economic Developing Area, PET preform injection Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang 318020, China molding machine Tel: (86-576) 8425 5555 Fax: (86-576) 8408 3333 E-mail: marketing@changshengda.com www.globalsources.com/changshengda.co • www.changshengda.com

Pure titanium heat exchanger We are a private enterprise that develops and manufactures chemical engineering equipment comprised of rare metals, insoluble anodes and electrolytic synthesis equipment. And when you order from us, we will dispatch our engineers and skilled workers to help with assembly on-site. Unlike other manufacturers who only supply products, we also provide the equipment to create chlorate and sodium perchlorate. Our nonstandard chemical engineering equipment and pressure vessels are widely used in the petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, dyeing, seawater desalinization, electric power and Titanium electrodes electroplating industries. Inquire now.

Fenggang Titanium Products Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd
368 Qianqiao Rd., Fengqiao, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215129, China Tel: (86-512) 6662 6191 Fax: (86-512) 6536 4961 E-mail: vicky@szti.com Website: www.globalsources.com/sztitanium.co

CE-approved welding machines

More than 30 years of manufacturing experience
We’re dedicated to QC and aftersales support. After 30 years of manufacturing beer, dairy, soft drink and pharmaceutical production devices, we know how important these processes are to our buyers. Our QC team has more than 10 years of experience and meticulously examines every unit at multiple production stages. And we send our engineers to test and debug our machines after sale and installation. OEM orders are welcome and we have no MOQ. Contact us today.

The safety of our products’ end-users is just as important to us as it is to them and to you. Five QC engineers with about eight years’ average experience ensure all our welding machines are up to CE standards. We supply buyers in Europe, the US, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries and regions with up to 20,000 welding machines monthly from our ISO 9000:2000-certified, 18,000m2 factory. We’re looking forward to your OEM/ODM orders – inquire today.

Jinhua Shiwei Vehicle Co. Ltd
399 Jinyuan Rd., Dongmei Industrial Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang 321000, China Tel: (86-579) 8216 0975 Fax: (86-579) 8216 0408 E-mail: sale@shiweicn.com www.globalsources.com/shiweicn.co • www.shiweicn.com

Wenzhou J-Zin Import & Export Co. Ltd
Rm. 506, Bldg. 2, Hongri Garden, Hengyuan Rd., Wenzhou, Zhejiang 311200, China Tel: (86-577) 8681 9887 Fax: (86-577) 8681 9857 E-mail: lengthjzin@yahoo.com.cn www.globalsources.com/length-jzin.co • www.length-cn.com


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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Source your bearings from a 50-year supplier

What can a manufacturer like us – with 50 years of experience – offer you? Variety. We have 3,000-plus products available for your selection, including spherical plain, AG and deep groove ball bearings. This range expands with at least 20 additions each month. For custom designs, our 60 engineers can have samples ready for you in two months. Volume manufacturing is another advantage of working with us. With six separate factories – boasting six metalsmithing production lines – we turn out up to 10 million spherical bearings, 8 million other bearing models and 120,000 automobile parts monthly. Our products come with a long list of approvals, including TÜV, CSA, ITS and SGS. To partner with an industry leader as Linde, SKF, RBC, Volvo, John Deere, CNH, Fiat and Caterpillar do, contact us today.

ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 ISO/TS 16949:2002

Fujian Longxi Bearing Group Co. Ltd
North Yanan Rd., Zhangzhou, Fujian 363000, China Tel: (86-596) 202 2320, 207 2165 Fax: (86-596) 202 5320, 202 7127 lin@ls.com.cn • xiaoying@ls.com.cn www.globalsources.com/longxi.co • www.ls.com.cn

And providing blueprints in 2 days
With more than 30 years of experience, we have an R&D team of 11 engineers to help provide your one-stop solution for design, development, prototyping and volume production. You can come to us for fabricated, stamped, bended and welded metal products as well as plastic-injection parts. And we can provide a variety of finishes such as powder coating, zinc electroplating, hot galvanizing, anodizing and chrome plating. We can make a blueprint for your project in just two days. With equipment from Japan such as laser-cutting machines, as well as CNC bending, shearing and punching machines, we can develop your samples quickly and with the precision you are looking for. Before shipping, our products undergo seven stages of inspection to confirm that they are defect-free. Call now to place an order.

We provide OEM/ODM services for all types of plastic and metal parts

Henri Metal Products Co. Ltd
Minri, No. 3-407 Economy Development Zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu 215600, China Tel: (86-512) 5891 7027 Fax: (86-512) 5891 7037 henri@globalsources.com • edward@zhangjiagang-henri.com Website: www.globalsources.com/henrimetal.co Scaffold wedge couplings for tubes Sheet metal parts

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


We can design and manufacture rollforming machines based on your special requirements
For 24 years, we’ve maintained a 90-percent repeat-order rate. This success can be attributed to the following: Extensive selection: We offer aluminum sheets/coils, tread sheets/coils, foils, circular plates and more Materials: We use special alloy in 1145, 1200, 1050A, 3104, 3105, 3004, 5182, 5251, 5005, 6063 and 7075 types Quality: Our items meet GB/T 3880-2006 and GB/T 3190-2008 standards Small orders: Start with 1 ton worth of goods Quick delivery: 20 to 25 days Inquire today.

Aluminum plates

Steel floor decking sheet roll-forming machine • Suitable material’s thickness: 0.8-1.2mm • Forming speed: about 12-15m/min

Foshan Shaorong Aluminum Materials Co. Ltd

For the past six years, we’ve provided various kinds of metal roll-forming machines for our customers from all over the world. Products are designed and manufactured based on our clients’ special requirements. They are all CE-approved and made in our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. Your inquiry will be answered just in three hours. And if our products malfunction in any ways, let us know – we’ll figure out the problem in 12 hours and send you a solution in 24. For more information, call us today. Aluminum foil

Hangzhou Santiway Intl Co. Ltd
Rm. 1104, Zhidi Mansion, 77 Jingcheng Rd., Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311200, China Tel: (86-571) 2286 8858 Fax: (86-571) 2286 8889 E-mail: santiway@globalsources.com Website: www.globalsources.com/santiway.co
ISO 9001:2000

Qili St., Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong 528000, China Tel: (86-757) 8310 3988, 8393 8775 • Fax: (86-757) 8382 3999 E-mail: jamila_pj@hotmail.com • jamila.fld@gmail.com www.globalsources.com/fenglida.co • www.shaorong.net

Making flow meters, thermometers and level gauges since 1979
Our over 30 years of manufacturing experience and our technical support network are ready to serve you. We offer variable-area, electromagnetic, vortex and turbine flow meters, as well as magnetic level gauges and bi-metallic thermometers. These products are widely used in the machinery, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, electricity, heat treatment and chemical industries. All items are strictly inspected during each procedure from production to delivery. We have strong OEM capabilities, and can finish a customized sample within 10 days. To start sourcing from an ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer, contact us today. Self-acting pressure controller for gas/liquid flows

Diesel generators featuring engines from Cummins, Perkins, Deutz or Lovol, 6 to 2,500kVA

Single and double bearing brushless synchronous generators

160,000m2 of production space at your disposal
We are a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial AC alternators and electric rolling door motors, as well as diesel, gasoline and synchronous generators. Featuring first-rate engines, our generators have power outputs ranging from 6 to 2,500kVA. We’ve invested $73 million to build our 160,000m2 facilities. There, we turn out 220,000 Snood-, Slife- and Sfull-branded items annually. Many renowned international companies, including Cummins, Perkins, Deutz and Lovol, work with us. Plus, we have become a major OEM supplier and maintenance provider for Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon and others. Inquire now.

Changzhou Chengfeng Flowmeter Co. Ltd
No. 15, Tongjia Industrial Park, Qinglong, Tianning, Changzhou, Jiangsu 213021, China Tel: (86-519) 8532 7611 Fax: (86-519) 8550 5269 E-mail: chinacharlene@gmail.com • sales@qf-meter.com www.globalsources.com/czchengfeng.co www.qf-meter.com

Fujian Filo Power Co. Ltd
Electronic Park, Xingtai Economic Development Zone, Changtai, Zhangzhou, Fujian 363900, China Tel: (86-596) 836 6677 • Fax: (86-596) 836 6886 filopower@globalsources.com • sales@filopower.com www.globalsources.com/filopower.co • www.filopower.com

Flow meters


Hardware & DIY July 2011

www.globalsources.com - Choose verified suppliers

Looking for a manufacturer with the capacity to meet your large volume needs? Our 15,000m2 factory with 150 staff members can turn out up to 25,500 units of small construction machinery per month. Our selection includes plate compactors, vibratory rammers, road cutters, pokers and rollers, floor saws, 1kVA to 1,000kVA generators, and 4hp to 13hp gas and diesel engines. We’ve been serving the European and US markets for five years with our H-Power brand and OEM products. We follow a 5S quality management system, and most of our products meet CE, EPA, CSA, AVT and Euro II standards. We test the engine power and performance of all finished items before they reach our warehouse to give us an offline qualification rate above 95 percent. Delivery takes one month. Inquire today.

Wuxi H-Power Machinery Co. Ltd
130 West Yangshan Rd., Yangshan, Huishan Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214155, China Tel: (86-510) 8369 5009 Fax: (86-510) 8369 4882 E-mail: sale@h-power.cn www.globalsources.com/h-power.co • www.h-power.cn

Accurate and easy-to-operate tools for DIY markets
If you’re looking for products that will appeal to DIY consumers all over the world, we’re the supplier you should be working with. We offer ultrasonic distance measurers, detectors, stud finders, moisture meters and digital levels. We also offer weather stations and radio-controlled clocks. Our R&D team has the ability to come up with accurate and functional, yet simple electronic hand tools and more that are already selling well in North America, Europe and Asia. This team can also render your design or function requirements to the letter. We can finish samples in just 14 days and deliver your orders in 45. Many of our products carry CE, GS and UL logos. Plus, our factory is ISO 9001:2000-certified, so you can be sure our products meet the standards of your markets. For more information, contact us today.

Advance Plus Co. Ltd Wood/building material moisture meter Office: 153 Wansheng St., Wunshan, Taipei 116, Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2930 2484 • Fax: (886-2) 8192 6703 E-mail: chi513@advanceplus.com.tw www.globalsources.com/advanceplus.co • www.advanceplus.com.tw Factory: Fuzhou Yuxin Electronic Co. Ltd 2/F, No. 31, Juyuanzhou, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

3-in-1 metal, AC live wire and stud detector

Ultrasonic distance measurer

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


Block machines

We've ben manufacturing block machines for more than two decades. Over these 20-plus years, we have built up a comprehensive sales and service network and are now exporting our products to the US, Russia, Malaysia, Tanzania, Pakistan and Vietnam, with positive feedback from our growing list of buyers. We use equipment from Germany and Japan to manufacture up to 400 machines every year. This allows us to fill your volume orders with ease. Our machines are covered by one-year warranties, and with technicians available for on-site support, we're confident that our service will surpass that of our competitors. Contact us now.

5,000 forklifts annually from our $10 million factory
We know how important it is to our clients to have their orders filled on time. That’s why we’ve invested $10 million into the construction of our factory. The 350 employees here are able to turn out 5,000 forklifts and 6,800 pieces of warehousing equipment – container cranes, wheel loaders, pallet trucks, stackers and more – every year. All our products are CE-certified for markets in the EU, and we also ship to the US, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and other countries and regions. Contact us today.

Quanzhou Fengze Hongyi Building Materials Machinery Co. Ltd
334 North Huayuan Rd., Chengdong Industrial Zone, Fengze, Quanhzou, Fujian 362011, China Tel: (86-595) 2267 5055, 2268 2555 Fax: (86-595) 2268 3555 E-mail: hyleo@qzhy.cn Website: www.globalsources.com/qzhy.co • www.qzhy.cn

Shanghai Gather Power Industry Co. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 211 Guangda Rd., Qinggang Industrial Parks, Nanfeng Highway, Fengxian, Shanghai 201414, China Tel: (86-21) 5046 0259 Fax: (86-21) 5046 0836 E-mail: info@gpforklift.cn www.globalsources.com/gpforklift.co • www.gpforklift.cn

Over 150 ways to work wood – your choice delivered 5 days faster

Automatic edgebander for applying PVC, wood and wood-veneer linear sealing (FZ-450D) Portable power generators R&D. Production. QC. Trading. Our 100 employees do it all. We have four English-speaking R&D officers to handle your custom orders. They also develop over eight new items each month, including portable power generators, gasoline/diesel engines, water pumps and alternators. Our three production lines have a monthly capacity of 50,000 units. We test all raw materials prior to production. And our trading team is available to communicate with you 24/7 in English, French and Spanish. Call today. How many varieties of woodworking machines can you name? Our count exceeds 150. This includes precision panel saws, band saws, multifunctional equipment, vacuum membrane presses, and woodworking moulders, thickness planers and routers. The edgebander featured here is fully automatic to glue, trim every end and corner, scrape, and buff panel edges for a linear seal. Delivery of one 40-foot container takes 25 to 35 days – up to five days faster than the competition. Order today.

ISO 9001:2000
66, Dayangping, Yanta, Chengyang, Fuan, Fujian 355000, China Mobile: (86) 139 5932 6820 • Fax: (86-593) 639 7778 E-mail: fksmotor@globalsources.com • sales@fksmotor.com www.globalsources.com/fksmotor.co • www.fukaishen.com

Qingdao Excel Luck International Trading Co. Ltd
Rm. 4005, Ego Digital Catenation, 167 Liaoning Rd., Qingdao, Shandong 266012, China Tel: (86-532) 8381 8798 • Fax: (86-532) 8380 0862 E-mail: qdelit002@qdelit.com www.globalsources.com/excelluck.co • www.excelluck.com


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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Custom-built metal and plastic parts
Crafted utilizing 15 years of experience

Aluminum die castings, available in A380-A386, ADC 10-ADC 12 and A413 alloys

Sotek Technology Co. Ltd

Our product range: • Parts from investment casting, sand casting, aluminum/zinc die casting, cold forging, plastic/metal injection molding and sintering (metallurgy) • Valve faucets, fittings, connectors, and many more Sintered parts Investment castings

Wenzhou Yongchang Tools Co. Ltd

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


We source materials from DuPont and Dow Corning
Getting a part customized? We'll help you with that. Buyers like you have been relying on our OEM services for over 10 years. When it comes to customized investment castings, car water pumps, motor parts, lighting accessories, computer components and more, our factory is fitted to fulfill your needs. We are equipped with CNC, drilling, threading, polishing, plating, painting, powder-coating and sand-blasting machinery. For materials, you can choose from various metals, including aluminum alloy, stainless steel, regular steel, zinc and more. Inquire today.

Rubber gaskets Nothing is spared when it comes to the quality of our gaskets. We source raw materials from DuPont, Dow Corning, Lanxess and Baosteel. And all of our processes are carried out in strict compliance with ASTM, DIN and JIS regulations. Most of our products meet RoHS Directive, REACH, NSF, FDA and UL requirements. That's why ABB and Siemens work with us. Choose from our range of 800 items. With a monthly output of more than 300 tons of rubber and metal products, we are ready for your large orders. E-mail us now.

Investment castings

New Resources Industrial Ltd (Xiamen)
21/F, Baofu Building, 819 Hubin South Rd., Xiamen, Fujian 361004, China Tel: (86-592) 516 5466/5455 • Fax: (86-592) 322 5783 E-mail: nrimw@new-resources.cn • new-resources@globalsources.com www.globalsources.com/new-resources.co

Bldg. J, Shangyang Rd., Dongqian Lake Industrial Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315121, China Tel: (86-574) 8832 9197 Fax: (86-574) 8832 9135 E-mail: tony@hainamachine.com • steven@hainamachine.com www.globalsources.com/nbhaina.co • www.hainamachine.com

Our three engineers each have 20 years of experience designing a wide range of products, including tie down straps, cargo nets, floor clamps, elastic straps, tow ropes and other items. And we can customize these products to meet your exact needs, just like we do for Lidl, Aldi and Kmart. We release a new product every month to stay current. To assure you of our products’ quality, one-year warranties are included. Contact us today.

Diesel generator

Tie down strap, 1 to 4” widths available

Bungee cord, various hooks available Retractable tie down strap

10 Danchen 2nd Rd., Beiyuan, Yiwu, Zhejiang 322000, China Tel: (86-579) 8526 3087 Fax: (86-579) 8526 0990 faming@globalsources.com • sales@alltiedowns.com www.globalsources.com/faming.co www.faming.com.cn


Hardware & DIY July 2011

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Get your precision engineered parts one week faster
Vast resources and imported technology help us work fast. Fifteen partner factories, in addition to our own 30,000m2 production facilities, provide us with the materials and services necessary to deliver your order one week faster than the competition. And CNC equipment from South Korea and Taiwan give us fast as well as accurate results. We’ll make sure these results suit your market too, thanks to our 53 years of exporting. We only hire specialists who have professional experience in the industry. So you know the quality of our products isn’t left in the hands of amateurs. Everything is checked twice with advanced equipment. Your sample will be fine-tuned by engineers with up to 30 years’ experience, in as little as seven days. Contact us today.

Precision results within 0.01mm
Our machined, turned and stamped parts, as well as our aluminum faceplates and housings for consumer electronics, are made with precision. To ensure accuracy within 0.01mm of your specifications, we use over 150 state-of-the-art CNC machines. This is a major reason why we have never had any items returned. More than 500 types of products are available for your selection. And we’ve worked with the same five raw material suppliers for six years to ensure consistent quality. We have an ERP system in place for seamless production. Every month, we manufacture 1 million units. Delivery of 100 to 1,000 items takes just 20 days. Send us an e-mail now and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Dongguan Foxron Precision Metal Parts Co. Ltd
Datang Industrial Zone, Dalingshan, Dongguan, Guangdong 523835, China Tel: (86-769) 8187 0480 • Fax: (86-769) 8563 4781 E-mail: sunny@foxron.com www.globalsources.com/foxron.co • www.foxron.cn

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July 2011 Hardware & DIY


com/chinashuangjie. water pumps and garden tools. Three decades ago.com www..com. 8738 9999 • Fax: (86-23) 8980 7433. laser etching and color floating.9 seconds to load. Inquire today.com/uni-home. Chongqing.Loaders with a 10. we can deliver orders in 20 days. Order today. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2694 6628 Fax: (886-2) 2694 7277 E-mail: sales4@uni-home.000 of these construction helpers each month. make up to 1.8 and 21 tons.co • www. EPA. our five-ton loaders take just 10. Over 1. Diankou Industry.co • www.globalsources.com/ducarpower.com 374 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-23) 8980 7499. net weight: 17 tons We are a manufacturer of gasoline-powered generators. Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment Co. Economic Development Area.. EMC.9-second cycle time from a 30-year maker 5-ton wheel loader.ducar. CE. most of our products hold design patents. Sichuan 400039. 8738 3333 E-mail: export@ducar.chinashuangjie..com. including separate screen printing.. Our annual capacity is 500. our three. Standard samples are delivered in only three days. Contact us today. filter ball valves and other ball valve products for three years. China Tel: (86-575) 8762 8687 Fax: (86-575) 8762 8831 E-mail: sales@chinashuangjie. Ltd No.globalsources.6MPa nominal pressure Forged double female ball valve. LVD and RoHS marks.000 units. CSA and GS standards and bear ETL.cn www.tw www. Lane 183. Also featuring short cycle times and stable performance. dump and maneuver. China Tel: (86-534) 255 2567 • Fax: (86-534) 255 2567 E-mail: market@degongchina.co • www. we became one of the earliest wheelloader manufacturers in mainland China.000m2 of workshops in operation. OEM requests welcome Zhejiang Shuangjie Copper Industry Co. Ltd East Baide Rd. And during the entirety of that time. Regardless of whether you need products that meet specific emissions standards or particular performance requirements. With a net weight of 17 tons. engines. We also offer an array of customization options. stop valves. Sijhih District. Additionally. including standby modes at nearly silent noise levels. and OEM samples take two weeks.and six-ton models have respective net weights of 10. With 330.cn • ducarpower@ducar.globalsources.globalsources. Shandong 253000. We make them using reliable raw materials from Japan and rigorously inspect each item before delivery.Choose verified suppliers . Our generators come with optional features. Peace Business Mansion. including a 30-member R&D think tank. 44-10 Shiyang Rd. low gasoline alerts. Ltd 23/F. as well as various surface coatings. remote starting capability. gate valves.degongchina.tw 163-195 Huajia Rd. New Taipei City. our 150 engineers can deliver.com . 6.cn Dezhou Degong Machinery Co.uni-home.com/degongchina. temperature control valves. To work with a 32-year supplier. Double jointforged PPR ball valve Forged DN 25 Y strainer with 1. we have never received a single complaint from our buyers regarding quality issues. so you can be sure the items you receive are distinct. Chenjiaping.com. Zhejiang 311835.com.com.com We have never received a quality complaint We have been manufacturing PPR hot-melt union valves. call us today. time meters and automatic idling control systems.globalsources. Dezhou. Jhongsing Rd.com www. ATS systems. All of our products comply with CARB. Our silicone rubber keypads have impressed buyers like Inhep Electronics and Jagruti Electronics.co • www. Jiulongpo.200 employees. Zhuji.

All you need to do is send us your specifications and we’ll have our R&D engineers create a prototype based on your requests within two weeks.globalsources.www. Our 25. Undercarriage sprocket. Quanzhou. nodular cast iron and stainless steel. Established in 1996.Production efficiency achieved thanks to 15 years' experience Simplify sourcing by partnering with an experienced manufacturer of construction machinery parts. Hi-tech Garden.cn www. For more on how to enter a stress-free purchasing agreement. Taking care of your OEM and ODM orders is a breeze for us.globalsources. Fujian 362005. OEM requests accepted Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co. OEM requests accepted OEM requests accepted Carrier roller Track roller More new products . Ltd 301 Jiangnan Rd.000m2 factory houses advanced production lines that turn out an annual capacity of 6.. we have accumulated enough experience to efficiently process your orders in 30 days. This enables us to fill large-quantity orders in no time. Undercarriage idler. contact us today.000 undercarriage components for construction machinery. as well as 100.000 tons of cast steel.co • www.hengtongcn.cn Undercarriage bucket teeth.com • ht@hengtongcn.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 375 . China Tel: (86-595) 2245 8289 • Fax: (86-595) 2245 6999 cht@globalsources.com/cht.

Our monthly capacity is 100. It is most applicable in the construction.com. making maintenance quick and easy. Zhejiang 314301. our R&D engineers will explain our internal workings and applications in factory-site trainings. 316 or other grades of stainless steel. We mainly offer goods. Trading for 14 years. 804/812/845 Fax: (86-512) 5750 3941. China Tel: (86-29) 8223 7416 • Fax: (86-29) 8769 9305 E-mail: briwaycn@yahoo.1 milligram to 100 tons. so plan a trip to Qingdao soon.Benefit from factory-site trainings and an accessible spare-parts network We offer a 1-year warranty on all scales Scales' circuit boards determine their accuracy and durability. and tested four times by our QC staff to ensure precision. Haiyan.co • www. 6T underground loader..cn ISO 9001:2000 20 patents and nearly 20 years’ experience V-slot tube screens with an open area of 15%-40% V-slot tube screen. They’re uniquely incised for efficient filtration of minerals. China Tel: (86-512) 5778 6119. with trainings provided at our factory in Qingdao and at your project’s location Spring’s in bloom.cn www.. Spare parts can readily be shipped from Deutz. Jiangsu 215300. Ltd 508 Middle Ma’anshan Rd. While normal models only have a 10 percent open area range. so filter out the rest.000 products. Geared to develop complex requests. we have a knack for success when it comes to meeting market demands.co • www. This has secured us with returning buyers for over 10 years.000 units. Qujiang Liu Hao. Bldg.lightever. with load capacities from 0. Our annular cutter is a multi-edge cutter with a cutting diameter of 12 to 150 millimeters. 5750 3843 E-mail: lightever@globalsources. our V-slot tube screens have a 15 to 40 percent range to allow for freer flow. 1.com 376 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. with hotel and meal expenses paid.000 units.co • www. oil and water to increase crude output. Comminus. Xi’an Brightway International Trading Inc. so contact us today.globalsources. Parke and Westinghouse centers worldwide.globalsources. we’ll customize the perfect product for you and train your employees on how to make the most of it.com. Dana. Kessler.86way. Xi’an.. and samples are completed in 15 to 45 days.ch-tools. or galvanized low-carbon steel We’re proud of our nearly 20 years’ experience. Shaanxi 710061.com . whereas competitors offer just three months. Deliveries take 15 days.Choose verified suppliers .com • sales@lightever. such as our annular cutter. Liuli.com/lightever. Inquiries are answered within 14 hours. Yannan 1st Rd.globalsources. To make the most out of our resources.com/briwaycn. Call us today.com • yqj@ch-tools. railway. 715. 5759 7806 ext. that are used to make holes in steel. China ISO 9001:2008 Tel: (86-573) 8656 2886 Fax: (86-573) 8656 0201 ISO 14001:2004 E-mail: chtools@globalsources. Providing underground loaders and other mining solutions for 18 years. Ours are manufactured in-house. shipbuilding and aviation industries. Our 40-member R&D team adds 10 new items annually to our range of over 10. Our monthly production capacity is 12.com Website: www. and on your premises. We’ve got the advantage. available in high-purity 304.cn www. In that time. Inquire today. Our nine R&D staff members have developed over 150 types of scales. Rm.com/chtools. we’ve earned 20 patents for several of our innovations.globalsources.cn Zhejiang Xinxing Tools Co. call us today. This is why we provide a one-year guarantee. Bosch Rexroth. Electronic weighing/ counting scale Crane scale with LCD screen Kunshan Lightever Electronic Scale Co. Ltd 33 Huanbei Rd.

and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Ltd Measuring wheel.PH-3BW pH/temp/ORP meter • pH range: 0. as well as CNC routers for processing electronic components. high-speed optical scanners. and jewelry.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 377 .00ppm Prices up to 30 percent lower Our strategy to help you save without increased risks is one of a kind. We map our budget on sales of at least 300 sets of laser marking machines each month. integrated circuits. watches.999mV Qingdao Tlead International Co. We’ve diversified our range to encompass marking.00 to 14. glasses. hardware parts and tools. engraving and cutting machines. Laser marking machine • Marking speed: 10. To keep our vast range precise. we can offer you prices up to 30 percent lower on competing models.00 to 20. Set your mark and order today.000mm/s • Repeatability: ±0. Aftersales support can be found online 24/7. Q switches and Nd:YAG lasers to make marks at a rate of 10. counts up to 10km without resetting Dissolved oxygen meter.005 millimeters.000 millimeters per second with a repeatability of ±0. Samples marked with our machines More new products .globalsources.www. Our installation and training teams are always ready. we use imported semiconductor modules.005mm All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. test range: 0.00 • ORP range: 0 to ±1. They are the property of their respective owners. Coupled with in-house developments such as our own software.

globalsources. Wenzhou. Taipei County. Ltd No. Quanzhou.co All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.globalsources. We specialize in producing different varieties of PVDC-coated film.com/qzpeixin. Zhejiang JNDIA Pipeline Industry Co.com/bolipackage. Guoxin Building.com www. e-mail us today.globalsources. diaper and paper pulp mold making machines.com/jndia.com. test it and train your engineers in its operation.Choose verified suppliers .tw www. East Renmin Rd. Our film sizes range from 300 to 1. You’ll also receive expert help from our technicians. And we welcome OEM/ODM orders. Our four coating lines help us achieve an annual capacity of 24.000 tons. Longwan. Elecom and Sanwa Big names in the electronics industry. sanitary napkin. Ltd Rm.co www.com . Because we have more than 100 tons of material in stock. Zhejiang 325025. Luojiang.. Our ISO 9001:2008certified factory is equipped with advanced equipment which is manned by 90 skilled workers. 2299 1315 Fax: (86-595) 2245 6781 E-mail: qzpeixin@globalsources.cn www.600mm in width – one of the biggest widths in mainland China. Huishan Economic Developing District.cn www. flanges and pipes Diaper-making machine Our 25 years’ experience in machinery production has taught us that superior service is crucial. Wuxi. the US.co Jie Li Sujiao Co. We can manufacture products according to ASME.jljc. Wenzhou. Contact our staff today.globalsources. DIN. Choose from 30 models of paper towel. Germany and Switzerland. That’s because we make everything in-house in Taiwan using a range of advanced equipment.. Fujian 362000. OEM service available We have been manufacturing and exporting duplex and stainless steel fittings.globalsources. BOPA. We also offer printing services on the film after they have been coated. 18/F. flanges and pipes for more than six years. Our 30 engineers will gladly modify any of these units to your OEM specifications. trust us to supply them with steel molds and plastic injectionmolded products. We can output 3 million units monthly to meet your volume demands. Call us today.Steel molds sourced by SanDisk.. Ltd Shuangyang Huaqiao Economic Development Area.com.com.tw All-encompassing services from installation to engineer training Offering duplex and stainless steel fittings. Wuxi Boli Packing Material Co. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 8511 0657 Fax: (886-2) 8511 0675 E-mail: sales@jljc. China Tel: (86-510) 8332 3678 Fax: (86-510) 8331 6678 E-mail: gary@garlos. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks..jndia. including SanDisk.com. China Tel: (86-595) 2245 8888. Fujian Peixin Machine Manufacture Industry Co.and PEcoated PVDC film. Contact us now to learn more. BoPET-. Stainless steel BW fitting.com. JIS and GB standards. 2nd Rd.com/jieli.cn Stainless steel forged fitting Stainless steel flange 378 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. To learn more.co • www. Sanchong City. China Tel: (86-577) 8582 6262 ISO 9001:2008 Fax: (86-577) 8582 6565 PED 97/23/EC E-mail: sales@jndia. 276 Jhongshan Rd. Ltd 3rd Ave. and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Jiangsu 214187. 1. we are able to deliver 50 tons of goods in 30 days. Elecom and Sanwa. who will travel to your factory to set up the equipment. That’s why when you order one of our household paper product-making machines. Zhejiang 325000.com fannyzyn2001@yahoo. Binhai Industrial Park. China Tel: (86-577) 8883 0855 Factory: Luoshe Western Auxiliany Quarter. you’ll receive more than a CE-marked system made with parts from Japan. Our main products include BOPP-.

taiyi-cn. Biling. China Tel: (86-755) 8463 4840 • Fax: (86-755) 8463 4884 E-mail: taiheyu@globalsources.com More new products . Shenzhen. Our arsenal of equipment includes: • 110 high-precision automatic lathes and 25 CNC lathes • Four centerless grinders • Four punching machines and a milling machine These machines guarantee: • Lathe products: 0. Shakeng Second Rd.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 379 .5-50mm outer diameters (with tolerances of 0. End products range from car mirrors and electronic appliance cases.01mm) and 1-180mm lengths (with tolerances of 0. manned by 30 specialists. Plus.Work with a supplier that can handle all of your stamping and molding needs under one roof. Find out why major industry giants like Foxconn and Truck-Lite work with us. contact us now.tevo-china. to external hard disk housings and brass terminals.globalsources. We specialize in precision metal stamping.co • www. Pingshan.com • shelley@taiyi-cn. electronic standoffs and more No.com Website: www. 8793 8618 ext. China Tel: (86-769) 8790 0808 ext.com www. 823 Fax: (86-769) 8790 1666 E-mail: tevo@globalsources. All products comply with the RoHS Directive.001mm tolerance • Precise punching: 0. our QC inspectors perform stringent tests at every stage of production.www. Dongguan. self-clinching parts. 20 punching and two CNC machines. allowing for hassle-free distribution to major markets. CNC machined parts. as well as plastic injection molding.01mm tolerance For a sample in seven days.globalsources. Guangdong 523730. punched and stamped aluminum alloy part Zinc die cast part Plastic injection-molded parts Over 20 years of turned parts experience We are a Taiwan-invested company with more than 20 years of experience producing turned parts. We source raw materials from 10 reliable suppliers to ensure quality.02mm) • Precise grinding (outer diameter): 0. 1.co • www. 801.com Injection-molded.. Inquire today. Nanping Industrial Zone.globalsources. Qiaolong.com/taiheyu.com • johnnyjiang@tevo-china.com/tevo. We offer high-precision turned parts. as well as our own molding workshop. Guangdong 518118. Our two factories are equipped with 26 plastic injection. Tangxia.

Based on designs created by six R&D engineers with an average of 10 years’ experience. Ltd 24th St.com.com www. cold-extrusion and taper-thread technology.com/sieve. we’ve sold over 2. screen mesh size: from 25 microns Tangshan Zhifu Plastic Machinery Co. the Middle East and Southeast Asia.globalsources.com/machtric.cn 380 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.. 644 0748 • Fax: (86-315) 644 6367 E-mail: meizi@zfsj. which we use to transform our patented designs into uniquely user-friendly rebar couplers.com.dzjx.com . order today. We’ve also set up agents in the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Southeast Asia and the Middle East. ISO 9001:2000-certified factory.000m2 factory with an annual production capacity of 100. Compact multifunction inverter (S900) General-purpose frequency inverter (S1100) • High torque • Low noise With the assistance of our 70 engineers.globalsources.com/zfsj. Hebei Yida Reinforcing Bar Connecting Technology Co.Choose verified suppliers . China Tel: (86-595) 2255 5311 • Fax: (86-595) 2255 5211 machtric@globalsources. Inquire today. China Tel: (86-311) 8309 5058 • Fax: (86-311) 8309 5092 E-mail: hbyidarebarsplice@yahoo. China Tel: (86-315) 644 4837. and we now export to over 30 countries and regions.Unique rebar couplers made with our own technology Founded in 1992.cn www. Ltd JGJ107-2003-grade parallel-thread rebar coupler 66 Qingyuan St. Yutian.. Our minimum order requirement is $3. we manufacture rebar couplers and threading machines. Henan 453000. parallel-thread. Ltd 37 Southwest Guodao St.. Ltd Rm. microcomputer controllers and much more. including the US. Our ISO-compliant rebar couplers have been exported to Europe.co Pioneering drip-tape making machines that process 120m/min. Block B. Shijiazhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Jiangbin Rd. we’re the first to develop upset-thread. Quanzhou. Every month.000 machines worldwide. thyristor power controllers. Tangshan.com/hebeiyida. and our molds are made of Swedish Carmax 8407 die steel.co • www. Hebei 064101. Fujian 362000.globalsources. we moved production from Taiwan to mainland China in 2000.globalsources.co • www. Inquire now. We are a manufacturer of frequency inverters for clients worldwide. Xinxiang Development Zone. Asia and South America. we make up to 1 million rebar couplers and 100 threading machines in our Taper-thread rebar couplers. We release a new product every quarter and export our products to markets such as the Middle East.rebar-splicing.cn ISO 9001:2000 Xinxiang Dongzhen Machinery Co. China Tel: (86-373) 351 0827 Fax: (86-373) 351 0806 ISO 9001:2000 E-mail: xxdzjx@hotmail.com Quanzhou Machtric Automation Equipment Co. Liangjiadian. Binjiang Garden. Section F.000 worth of merchandise. 1305. Licheng.cn www. We’re the first developer of drip-tape making machines in China. the EU. Hebei 052160.. South America.000 pieces.globalsources.zfsj. Africa. our machines can process 120 meters of drip tape per minute. Inline flat dripper-type drip-tape making machine (SJNX-70/90) Our 25 years of global endeavors include pioneering feats. Europe. In available to splice rebars with 14-40mm diameter mainland China. Our products include A/C frequency inverters.com Website: www. Since 2003.com.co • www. and built a 40. Customized screening equipment from a 25-year expert Round separator. For a sample in two days.com • jimmy@machtric.

16 wood lathes. Our products are spread across eight series.burt-group. Production is handled at our five ISO 9001:2000-certified factories. China Tel: (86-532) 8506 7708 • Fax: (86-532) 8506 7709 E-mail: burt@globalsources.globalsources. In business since 1993. Ltd 118 workshop machines available To do the job right.cn More new products . Qingdao. Tata Steel and Assmang make us their bulk choice Shandong Guangcheng Plastic Industry Co.globalsources.www. With our selection of 118 woodworking and metalworking machines. where we turn out 240. Most of our machines carry GS. Ltd 18 Central Donghai Rd.000 metal-cutting bandsaws every year. and comply with the RoHS Directive. bandsaw with swivel 2hp dust collector head (MCB260HD) (FM300B) 16” combination woodworking machine (C5-410H) Burt Group Co. 14 sanding machines.000 woodworking machines and 14.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 381 . 15 woodworking bandsaws.com.co www. CE. 15 mortising machines. we still serve our very first client today. You can choose from eight combined woodworking machines. your customers need the right tools.com/burt. so we're ready to outfit an entire workshop. Metal-cutting Contact us today. EMC. CSA and UL approvals. Samsung.Panasonic. Shandong 266071. 20 wooden benches and 10 metal-cutting bandsaws. 20 dust collectors..com www. you're sure to find what they need.

2290 2133 Fax: (86-595) 2291 2133 E-mail: donghailong@globalsources. Industrial Park.and PP-casting. Furthermore.cc www. as well as extrusion equipment. 8 Qiushi Rd. South Tower. LLDPE. What are you waiting for? Start an order for one unit today. adhesive.A variety of plastic processing machines from a 17-year specialist For 17 years. Call us today. LDPE-. Zhejiang 317207. Hongchou. China Tel: (86-571) 8993 9182 Fax: (86-571) 8782 7468 E-mail: export01@utien. Fujian 362000.co • www.com/automantraffic.globalsources. OEM orders are accepted 3 patents from 8 engineers Plastic traffic cones A fine-made machine is like a tailored suit – a fitting model will depend on who makes it. wheel localizers. We also offer plastic recycling and granulation machines. And we accept orders for just 500 units.com/donghailong. CK-10. Quanzhou.co • www. a team that has already earned three patents in the field.com www. we can have it ready in 30 to 45 days.com 382 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. we utilize automated equipment and have cooperated with the same raw materials suppliers for 15 years. If you need us to make a sample from scratch. Buyers choose us for our wide variety of traffic safety equipment.com Utien Pack Co.and multilayer film blowing machines.com www.000 units every month.globalsources.com . Ltd Rm. warning lamps. rubber speed humps. we’ve specialized in manufacturing plastic processing machines. Donghai Bincheng..globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . protective and contractive-film types. China Tel: (86-576) 8301 8060 Fax: (86-576) 8395 3772 Rubber speed hump E-mail: sales009@automan. Enter our eight engineers. 803. CNC machined parts SJ-type mini film blowing machine Rm. They release up to two new products monthly and work on machinery from Japan and Germany. we produce up to 150. And we follow the latest international trends to bring you products that boast the most advanced technologies. Ltd Third Industrial Zone. Traffic cones. Zhejiang Tiantai Automan Traffic Facilities Co. China Tel: (86-595) 2291 3787.utien. Hangzhou. Our customers relish the fact that everything made on our ISO 9001:2000-certified production lines is CE-approved and comes with a one-year warranty. safety fencing – we offer all these and much more. we also source key components from Japan.globalsources. With 110 employees and three production facilties. such as HDPE-.com/utienpack. rubber corner protectors. Tiantai.zjttcc.co Start with just 500 units Vacuum packaging machine. To control costs and quality. Zhejiang 310012. Contact us today. road switches. Choose from single.

Whether moving stock or rolling goods.com/newliteparts. China components. we only source reliable Ningbo. spark widths and other parameters. 668 Jingjia Rd. To further ensure quality. Chung Cheng Rd. Yinchen International distances.tw www. Building. barbeque grills and www. contact our representatives today. Lane 599.globalsources.globalsources. iron.com patio heaters. For example. All gas valves are tested in our in-house laboratory to ensure Ningbo Newlite Intl Trade Co.trolley. For more information.com frequency ceramic base and a lamp boasting a sales@gas-component.newliteparts. so visit our website to find the right combination of products for you. We fill their orders at our ISO 9001:2008certified factory in Taiwan. Zhejiang 315040.com/yeeshiuan. Sec.co incorporated in gas ovens.tw Source high-quality CE. we have the experience it takes to accurately manufacture trolleys and casters that can be used for any application.com.000 actuations.com 2. Ltd No. users will also appreciate that our products are built to last.. 1. Established in 1977. 1105. stainless steel and plastic to create trolleys or casters that suit your design and pricing requirements.globalsources. We welcome your mixed orders. Bldg.www. Rende Dist.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 383 . ignition Rm.000-hour lifespan. Oven-lamp holder Spark igniter More new products .. Shelf trolley with wire mesh Casters Foldable platform trolley with telescopic handle Foldable aluminum trolleys with telescopic handles Yee Shiuann Enterprise Co. output voltages. Ltd stable working currents.com. We use aluminum.. and have always concentrated our efforts Gas valves for gas ovens. and even come with CE and CSA certifications. Taiwan Tel: (886-6) 266 2181/1016 Fax: (886-6) 266 4760 E-mail: yeeshiua@globalsources.and CSA-certified valves We’ve manufactured gas valves and other products since 1998. And our items are customizable to your OEM/ODM requirements. barbeque grills. towards making our products more durable. Tainan City. They are patio heaters and other applications tested to withstand at least 40.Supplying major wholesalers in the US and Europe Top hardware wholesalers in the US and Europe offer their consumers industrial handling supplies made by us.co • www.com • yeeshiuann@trolley. 10. Most of our products are www. 1. our high-quality CETel: (86-574) 8772 7831 Fax: (86-574) 8772 7385 and UL-approved oven-lamp holder uses a highE-mail: manager@newliteparts.

Contact us today to learn more. Ltd Block 2. inquire today. including SGS.com Xuda Mold International Co. contact us now. They’re processed on our 23. Longgang. we’re the obvious choice. Bldg.000m2 factory grounds. consumer electronics and other applications. Duyar Vana and DeZURIK recognize our valves as cost-effective products. For delivery of one 20-foot container in just five days.com/liaopipe. Injection mold Pentaerythritol (115-77-5) Products created using our injection mold Sulphur black (1326-82-5) Established in 2000. Qinghe St. Roller conveyor systems. Tianjin 300020. We offer a full range of conveyor systems.com • tslapiping@gmail.co Skype: maria. Bureau Veritas and OMIC inspections are welcome.globalsources. Our comprehensive services cover parts and mold designing. and DeZURIK Our GM-branded gate valves. 1.. we specialize in designing. PED and API.co • www. where we make up to 500 tons of pentaerythritol. Heping.globalsources.xudamold. Hangzhou. Performance is ensured by engineers with 10 to 30 years of experience..com Website: www. molding trials.China Tel: (86-22) 2733 7112 • Fax: (86-22) 2733 7689 E-mail: tjcfjf@cfjfchem. as well as check. Ltd 18 Tianhe Rd. our foreign trade staff speaks English. Spare parts are also available.com PDE Hangzhou Nuohua Machinery Manufacturing Co.cn www. Duyar Vana.com www. With an in-house professional design group and CAD/CAM facilities. and stamped by the ISO.OEM supplier to Tyco. Tianjin Changfengjinfeng Chemical Co. pallet and telescopic versions. Zhejiang 311100. Rongqing Park. gravity roller. SGS.com. our chemicals have been approved by top authorities. Hebei 063000. For custom samples in one week.com/nuohua.com/xudamold.com 384 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-571) 8926 3807/3806 Fax: (86-571) 8926 7266 E-mail: admin@nhmachine. Ltd Rm. and we have no MOQ. Guangdong 518116. butterfly and ball valves have been pumping business through Europe.globlasouces. For fast and cost-efficient exports. the US and the Middle East. 2405. French and Spanish. detergents and more. we can render complex 3-D designs and new tooling projects.com www. food additives. Shenzhen. including belt.com . Yuhang Economic Zone. Gate valve with resilient or metal seat Tangshan Liao Pipe Industry Co. developing and supplying a wide range of injection molds and plastic products for various applications. Tyco.. lot production. Hebian Industrial Zone.com/cfjf. mold making. China Tel: (86-311) 8783 2297 • Fax: (86-311) 8770 6612 E-mail: liaopipe@globalsources. Unit 1. Zhangbei 1 Village. Ltd Ciyutuo Industrial Zone. OEM orders are welcome. Ailian. To take advantage of our services. Longcheng St. Samples take 10 to 20 days. Tangshan.nhconveyor. 250 tons of zinc oxide and 700 tons of sodium tripolyphosphate for dyes. In fact.globalsources.cfjf-chem. China Tel: (86-755) 2185 0253 Fax: (86-755) 8972 5959 E-mail: sales@xudamold. we hire trade specialists with at least five years of experience to market our valves. Lunan.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. our tooling department can produce various sizes and types of molds for telecom devices. Our dedication to quality is evident in our choice of production technology from South Korea and machinery from Japan and Germany. Handling accounts worldwide.co • www. OEM orders welcome Using advanced technology from South Korea When it comes to conveyor systems.com SGS always gives our chemicals a passing grade Since 1991.hebei • MSN: lcjnh119@hotmail. order today. assembly and painting.co • www. powered roller.

com marketing@kingdom-metal. We have invested in eight automatic CNC lathes with +/-0.com www. electronics.co Mobile: (86) 138 0883 5046. Gongming.globalsources.The ability to make complex metal parts in one set-up. China Tel: (86-755) 2716 5679 • Fax: (86-755) 2716 5639 E-mail: kingdommetal@globalsources. 113. Inquire now. We source raw materials from Japan. spot welding. Hong Kong and Taiwan. automotive and aviation industries. including: • Gate valves • Balance valves • Butterfly valves • Check valves • Globe valves • Strainers • Flanges • Pipe fittings CNC lathes Resilient seat gate valve DNV-certified butterfly valves More new products . 80 engine lathes and 50 drilling machines to perform precision short-run jobs for the medical. shafts. Our customer-relations staff are ready to take your calls. Shenzhen. with greater flexibility and faster turnaround. riveting and electroplating services. We also provide degreasing. fasteners. brushings. dental fittings and couplings. Sony suppliers and Adidas are among our regular clients. Rocky Zeng OEM supplier to Crane and AVK We offer over 32 types of products. is the biggest advantage of our CNC lathes over cam-driven machines. Zone.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 385 . And we manage our factory to ISO 9001:2000 standards.globalsources. Baoan. spindles.www. All our metal components are customizable to your application.01mm tolerance. Our OEM capabilities cover bolts. pins. First Ind.com/kingdommetal. Bldg.

hardwood. Panasonic.globalsources. operating over 170. carbonization furnaces and powdered carbon molders. bagasse. Cut-resistant. Gongyi.com www.000m2 of facilities with over 800 employees. ODM clients across Europe. forming machines.co ISO 9001:2008 Panasonic sources our safety gloves SW-905 Conductive gloves. with adjustable coating thickness Dating back 13 years.globalsources. South America and Asia order up to 200 sets each month. our selection is now jam-packed with variety. 6655 0208 • Fax: (86-371) 6655 0208 E-mail: gytianyuan@globalsources. it can produce up to 400 to 500 kilograms every hour.com. Shangyu. For delivery in seven to ten days. fire-resistant. Nissan.. Every month.cn www. cooking and more. Well-crafted ideas from our 30-year senior engineer have helped us develop biomass briquetting machines. garden and other gloves are available. act today. we turn out 120 stripers.co www. Dozens of design and utility patents have been approved for our pavement stripers and paint. nylon liner with PU coating on palm 386 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Orders start at just one pair of gloves. That’s why time and again our safety gloves have been a perfect fit for companies in the electronics. Not only does our CE-certified machinery make solid biomass briquettes measuring 40 to 80 millimeters. set your mark today. Kodak and all our other clients have been so satisfied with our goods that not one of our gloves has ever been returned. Zhejiang 312300. Ltd Toushe Industrial Park. antifrostbite. China Tel: (86-575) 8265 3308 Fax: (86-575) 8206 7229 E-mail: michael@see-way. traffic cones. We’re the largest manufacturer of pavement paint stripers in the world. Mingyang Business Tower. Ltd 2/F. Mechanical blade • Used to cut paper. twigs. and corncobs into briquettes for heating. as well as traffic lights and accessories such as road studs. Gongyi City Tianyuan Industry & Trade Co. This equipment can convert bamboo.cn SW-809 PU-coated gloves. automotive and optical equipment industries. Baiguan St.globalsources. waste wood. marking tape and crash barriers. including crushers. driers. Henan 451200. plastic.com.000 tons of paint that’s developed in-house.and Japanesespeaking staff will respond within 24 hours. rubber and aluminum foil • OEM orders are welcome Shangyu Seeway Gloves Co. For smooth roads ahead. Africa. and our English.Choose verified suppliers . peanut and coconut shells.The world’s largest source for pavement paint stripers Briquettes made with our machines Briquette pressing equipment Pavement paint stripers.com/syseeway.com/gytianyuan. sawdust.com . and 50.see-way. China Tel: (86-371) 6655 0316. copper fiber liner with PU coating on top Tough industries require resilient gloves. Call us now.

com • yfcrusher@globalsources. Guangdong 516085. In 2004. We can also design a complete solution to help you construct your project swiftly and efficiently. Zhengzhou. Ltd – are an ISO 9001:2000-certified company that manufactures UL-approved products.com www.globalsources.yfcrusher.com/yfcrusher.www.globalsources.globalsources.com www. Huizhou. This includes custom design. we became the first maker of mobile crushing and screening plants in mainland China.wellmold.000m2 mold-making workshop • Experience working with clients such as Whirlpool.Mainland China’s first maker of mobile crushing and screening plants Over 4. To get started.000 projects have been built with our equipment across 30 countries and regions.com/wellmold. Henan 450100.co • www. Crawler jaw crushing plant • Hydraulic system: Bosch Rexroth (Germany) • Crawler: Strickland (UK) • Capacity: 85-300 tons per hour • Weight: 36..000m2 warehouse • A 2. contact us now. we’ve been molding parts for buyers in the EU and the US. Netafim.com Sand making and screening plant We – Huizhou Well Industrial Co. 20 of which are equipped with robotic arms • An injection molding workshop covering 2. China Tel: (86-752) 520 3183 Fax: (86-752) 520 3673 E-mail: manager@wellmold. source from a pioneer. TCL and BYD • High. call us today. Ltd Tangbu. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co.co • www. Ltd Zhengyuan Rd. Xingyang. Our advantages include: • A state-of-the-art facility with 30 modern injection molding machines ranging from 90 to 1. production. 6496 3352 Fax: (86-371) 6462 8872 ISO 9001:2000 CE SGS yifan@yfcrusher.7 or Tier III (US) Twelve R&D technical experts are ready to provide you with customization services. Plastic injection-molded parts for various applications Huizhou Well Industrial Co. And we’re still a leader in the field today.8 tons • Diesel generator: Cummins QSB6. For over 10 years. China Tel: (86-371) 6462 8852. All of our products are CE-certified as well. Aquaphor. Dayawan West. Legrand. Over 4.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 387 .300 tons.000 projects served worldwide To get your project done right. with another 3.com More new products . installation and aftersales support.500m2.or low-volume orders are welcomed For more information and a quote.

com .co www. Xibeiwang. as well as wooden toys. When you source our ice cream packages. aviation and navigation models. packaging. Co.com. China Tel: (86-572) 211 9923 Fax: (86-572) 222 1338 gmqcn@hotmail. our products are certified with CE and FDA approvals.000mm/min • Cutting thickness: 40mm This laser cutting machine uses alloy aluminum processed in a special mold with a high-power motor and detachable structure for easy transport.co www. Beijing 100085. Russia. Ltd Arix core drill bit for reinforced concrete Ice cream cone sleeves Unit 701. we’ve been providing the best customer support for our internationally approved products in the ice cream industry. Beijing Laserworld International Imp. We have passed inspections from SGS. Send us an e-mail today for more information. Our small construction machinery is made to meet the strictest standards. Customization requests are welcomed. sticks and production machines. & Exp. We adhere to ISO 9001:2000 standards to deliver the quality demanded by clients in Germany. advertisements and decorations.com All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We can customize it to cut construction.com/diamondblades.com/laserworld.globalsources.globalsources.CE and FDA approve of our laser cutting machines Single or dual-head laser cutting machine • Cutting area: 1. Haidian. South Korea. 388 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 820 Fenghuang Rd. diamond blades. This support is readily available at our offices in the US. For delivery in two to three months. Our product range includes core drill bits.cn 10 product series for your selection Our total of 10 product series ensures an ample selection to keep you satisfied. inquire today. China Tel: (86-10) 6297 7425 Fax: (86-10) 6297 7426 ext. One-stop service for the ice cream industry Since 1994. front and back feeding. the UK and France.380 x 800mm • Engraving speed: 50-50.000mm/min • Cutting speed: 18.laserworld. Zhejiang 313000. Handling international orders for over 10 years. our export personnel can discuss your order in English. Co. Arix core bit for granite Ice cream paper cup Laser-welded diamond blade Huzhou Gu’s Imp. flexible polishing pads and much more. & Exp.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . 801 E-mail: laser@laserworld. grinding cup wheels. For delivery in as fast as 15 days.. Spanish or French.cn www. market trends and onsite installation. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Following mandatory 48-hour aging tests.dp-diamondblades. Huzhou. and are compliant with MPA and ISO 9001:2000 standards. Meixin Business Center.com • gmqcn@hz-gu. Australia and Saudi Arabia. spare parts. order today. Ltd Xiaoniufang. you’ll receive consultation on raw materials.com.com www. and no limits on material length.

20 million molded parts and 15 million CNC-machined parts every year..Take advantage of our 10 years of industry experience From mold-making services to precision parts. Each item we manufacture is strictly evaluated for precision by our 40 QC staff members. China Tel: (86-769) 8162 9760 • Fax: (86-769) 8150 4360 E-mail: jimmy-wsi@well-smart.com www.com Injection-molded parts Precision CNC-machined parts Die-cast box 32 years' experience producing various tooling items A wide range and 7-day delivery times Circular saw blades • Chrome-steel alloy • Chrome vanadium Band saw blades Circular saw blades • Chrome-steel alloy • Chrome vanadium Coated bonded abrasives More new products . Dongguan. We can also accommodate even the most difficult OEM and ODM requirements.. For everything from mold-making services to precision parts. a manufacturer with 10 years' experience. Xin’an Main Ave. Humen.com/wellsmart. Injection molds Wellsmart Group Xinyuan South Rd. Our team of skilled engineers utilize precision machinery to develop over 500 molds. contact us today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 389 .well-smart.www. Guangdong 523900.co • www.globalsources. Ludong.globalsources. we offer it all We have your needs covered when you partner with us. They carry out inspections by utilizing 2-D and 3-D coordinate measuring machines from Germany.

000 units Delivery time: 15 to 30 days Description: Heavy-duty aluminum level designed for maximum durability. B Line International Inc. as well as EN guidelines.000 units Delivery time: 30 to 45 days Description: ELCB and socket tester displays the wiring condition of any standard 3 wire AC 110-240V socket.25” receiver to 2” type.com/aps.co China Xi'an Xijin Import & Export Co. Inquire now.globalsources.) Location: Hong Kong Model number: 640 BP Price: $2.co Chang Yi Shin Enterprise Co.Choose verified suppliers . Location: Taiwan Model number: HA1142 MOQ: 200 units Delivery time: 30 to 35 days Description: Trailer hitch adapter with black painted finish. these top-quality faucets enjoy an acceptance rate of 97%.globalsources. capable of converting 1.15/unit FOB Hong Kong MOQ: 3000 units Delivery time: 50 to 60 days Description: The door lock shown here features a chain-link design made of brass. www.com .co www.com/changyishin.co Pacific E&A Corporation Location: Taiwan Model number: S-1602 MOQ: 1.K.or chrome-plated zinc alloy.globalsources. 24”.co 390 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. 25. CE-approved. www. 30 and 35mA. Ltd Location: Taiwan Model number: HD 24N3 MOQ: 1.globalsources. 15.000 units can be delivered to you in as fast as 50 days.com/bline. 20. Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities.co Ching Lin Industrial Co. We also offer torpedo levels and laser-leveling systems for DIY and industrial applications.globalsources. www.globalsources.globalsources.PRODUCTS ONLINE All suppliers on these pages are Go online for full product details and to contact these suppliers directly. www.com/xanewsun. www.com/pacieaco.six ELCB testing ranges for 10. Minimum orders of 3. We also produce ergonomic ratchet wrenches that rotate in a single direction. in addition to a new generation of fluid extractor products. Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: NS-11090 Delivery time: 30 days Description: Black-beaded iron elbow meeting American and British standards. APS Industries (H.com/chinglin. Ltd Location: Taiwan Model number: CYS-310 MOQ: 500 units Description: Manual/auto kitchen faucets powered by hydro or AC/DC. Available galvanized.

globalsources.com/xapinguan. inquire now. easy to install.globalsources.co www. Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: LB945 Price: $5. Ford. Xiaogan Huiwei Lighting & Electronics Inc.co Union-Power Metals Mfg (Shunde) Co.globalsources.co Xi’an Pin-Guan Electro-mechanic Equipment Co.com/bopo. Honda and Hyundai vehicles.globalsources.co All items shown here with various trademarks. with various colors and installation methods available. including Volkswagen.globalsources. For more information. No. It’s available in satin or mirror-polished finish and measures 85 by 45mm. More new products .80/unit FOB Shunde MOQ: 500 units/color Delivery time: 30 days Description: 304 stainless steel door lock with front and strike plate. www. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. 8.co Tekman Mfg Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: RBNH08100 MOQ: 3. Toyota. Jeep Cherokee.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 391 . brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only and are not for sale.com/unionpower.globalsources. www.com/huiwei.com/tekman. 100m on each mini spool. www. Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: Wheel Bearings & Wheel Hub Bearing Units MOQ: 200 units Delivery time: 30 days Description: Wheel bearing widely used for many cars and trucks. Location: Mainland China Model number: HW600 MOQ: 200 units Delivery time: 60 days Description: Electronic ballast for 600W HPS lamp with input power of 230V/620W.www.000 units Delivery time: 45 days after order confirmation and artwork approval Description: Nylon Bricklayer Line. fluorescent yellow. www. as well as nickel-plated cast steel hub. and suppliers are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: M1/706C35 MOQ: 300 units Delivery time: 25 to 30 days Description: Embedded downlight.All suppliers on these pages are Bopo (Zhongshan) Electric Co.

com .Choose verified suppliers .com • abrasive@pinezone. 9th Ave. Fritsch 28 years’ manufacturing experience Jiangsu Huachang Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd Bldg. Zhengzhou. 6686 6418 • Fax: (86-371) 6686 6416 E-mail: pinezone@globalsources.cn 392 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.000mm in size • Diamond hand pads made more flexible for polishing curved surfaces • Diamond polishing pads with up to 10 times the diamond content of the industry average Flexible diamond hand pads Pine Zone (Zhengzhou) Abrasives Industry Co. 1.Diamond tools made using equipment from Dr.. Henan 450016. China Tel: (86-371) 6686 6415. East Hanghai Rd.globalsources.. Ltd ISO 9001:2000 MPA/EN Cutting wheel with speed of 80m/s Some of our recent developments are: • Diamond and CBN abrasive belts up to 400 x 6. Zhengzhou Export Processing Zone.

globalsources.globalsources.com/lamxon.co www.com/chinalogoo. More new products .globalsources.com/szlongyear.com/fromart.co www. Ltd Shower bars Ningbo Jingte Sanitary Wares Co.co www. Ltd Xiamen Vib Industry & Trade Co. For more details.com/soyale.globalsources.com beijing@chinademe.163. Ltd 2 78 101 101 201 80 116 133 44 120 77 67 117 92 100 113 112 55 84 50 54 61 133 55 61 77 133 80 116 8 76 137 72 126 68 115 hicsba@ms9.globalsources.co www.co www.co www.cn sales@strongltd.com/chenmingindustry.globalsources.com/shunquan.globalsources.com/SITE/QUALITY. Ltd Taihe Sanitary Wares Products Co. Ltd Eastern Glory Bathroom Furniture Manufacture Ltd Logoo (Xiamen) Imp. Ltd LED bathroom mirrors Lamxon Technology Building Materials Co. third-party supplier verification with comprehensive business information.com/kzl.com/xinnin.com www.co www. & Exp.globalsources. Ltd For more information. Ltd Xiamen Anboly Plastic Co.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 393 .co www.co www.cn sales@chinalogoo. Ltd Shaoxing County Kadanli Sanitary Ware Co.com atget@atgetco. Ltd Vanities Foshan Sengpar Sanitary Ware Co.globalsources.co www.com/taodu.globalsources.com www.globalsources.co www.com/shunquan.cn sales@cm-yuhua.com fredma@lamxon. Ltd Wing Fai Metal & Plastic Mfy Ltd BUILDING COMPOUNDS Concrete waterproofing Shenzhen Yeming Technology Development Co.com/strongco. Ltd Hongkong Double Win Electronic Technology Co.com hkdoublewin@vip. Ltd Xiamen Xinnin Sanitaryware Technology Co.com.net sales@compasxm. Ltd Strong Industrial Co.com/sengpar.globalsources.com/gzjarjet.com lyz@jarjet.com icecream84482003@yahoo.com.com/chinaslion.co www. Ltd Zhongshan Deme Bathroom Accessory Co.com/waiter. Ltd Eastern Glory Bathroom Furniture Manufacture Ltd Xiamen Vib Industry & Trade Co.com sano@vip.Advertiser Index by Product Global Sources’ unique Supplier Ranking system combines best-of-breed.net rw@svavo.globalsources.com/vib. Ltd Towel warmers Fromart Co.globalsources. Ltd 85 136 shenzhen@chinayeming.163.globalsources. Ltd Yuhuan Maoyuan Metal Products Co. Ltd Shenzhen Longyear Industrial Co. Ltd Wall-mounted soap dispensers Guangzhou Yuexiu District Tobodo Hardware Co.globalsources.globalsources. Handheld showerheads Logoo (Xiamen) Imp.co www.com topset@ms9.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources.co www.co www.globalsources.com taihe@globalsources.com/easternglory. Ltd Shanghai Slion Industrial Co.co www.co Bathroom fixtures Foshan Shunde Shunquan Cast Copper Hardware Fty Bathroom safety products Foshan Shunde Shunquan Cast Copper Hardware Fty Bottle soap dispensers Pump World Inc.globalsources. Ltd Hand dryers Halo (Shanghai) Building Materials Inc.globalsources.com vama365@globalsources.globalsources.co www. Ltd Soyale Hardware Co.globalsources.com/atget.com/cnjingte.163.globalsources.com laurence@vib. Co.globalsources.globalsources.co www.globalsources.com robin@eastern-glory.com/compasxm.com/harvest.hinet.co www.globalsources.co www.com/taihe. visit this supplier’s website.co www.globalsources.cn laurence@vib.com/kenida. please visit www. The higher a supplier’s ranking.co www.com/vib.globalsources.com anboly@globalsources.globalsources.co www. Co. Ltd Shenzhen Kezhilai Electronics Technology Co.com. Flush valves Compas (Xiamen) Plumbing Technology Co. Ltd Paper towel dispensers Atget Decoration & Hardware Co.globalsources.com.com/pustar. allowing you to narrow down the huge number of suppliers quickly and efficiently.HTM SUPPLIER VERIFICATION Supplier Ranking 3 or more face-to-face visits by Global Sources team Credit Check business registration details Bureau Veritas Supplier Capability Assessment Product / Advertiser Page E-mail Website Star Ranking BATHROOM SUPPLIES Automatic soap/sanitizer dispensers Harvest Cosmetic Industry Co.com/hkdoublewin.com jennyfly168@163. Ltd Shenzhen Svavo Bathroom Products Co.co www.com/svavo.co www.com/pump. the more business information you’ll have access to from that supplier. Ltd Toilet seats Chaozhou Taodu Sanitary Ware Fittings Co.globalsources.co www.globalsources.com robin@eastern-glory.cn xinnin@globalsources.tw maoyuanmetals@globalsources.globalsources.co www.com/deme. Ltd Vama Sanitary Ware Technology Co.co www.cn sales@chinalogoo.com waiter@handdryer.cn sano@vip.com.com.com sherman8@soyale.co www.com/maoyuanmetals.com export@sengpar.com nrh523288@163.www.cn taodu@globalsources.com/vama365.com cnjingte@globalsources.com wingmeta@globalsources.com info@slion.com/waterproofmaterial.com/chinalogoo.co www. & Exp.cn atget@atgetco.com/easternglory. Ltd Towel racks Atget Decoration & Hardware Co.globalsources.co www.com/atget. Ltd LED showerheads Foshan Shunde Ronggui Chenming Industry Co.globalsources.co www.co www.com szlongyear@globalsources.com/wingmeta.co www.hinet.net.com/anboly.co www.com.co www.com sales@fromart.co Silicone sealants Dongguan Pustar Adhesives & Sealants Co.

co Star Ranking BUILDING MATERIALS Aluminum composite panels Changzhou Shuangou Flooring Co.globalsources.com luyidai@vip.com gdgavin@139. 394 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.co www.co www.com Website www. Ltd Huahao Aluminium Products Co.globalsources.com sate-lite@globalsources.com/eastchina.co www.co www. Ltd Sihui Guoyao Aluminum Co. Co.co www. Ltd Jiyu Building Materials Co.globalsources.globalsources.co www. Ltd Glass tiles Foshan Rongguan Glass Material For Building Co.co www.globalsources.globalsources.co www.com/ankplus.com/lilies.com export@gdolivia.cn huimeigao@globalsources.hinet. Ltd Quartz stones Bestone High Tech Materials Co.globalsources.com sale@fslanhai.globalsources.com/sate-lite.com adam_gzga@yahoo. Ltd Fuzhou Sonlam Adornment Co.cn grand.com/totallink.globalsources.com jztrade2010@gmail.com daishouhui@gmail.globalsources.com/zctrading.globalsources.co www. visit this supplier’s website.com/guoyao. Ltd Geogrids Hengshui Baoli Engineering Plastic Co.com destars@globalsources.com ych@dlktsw.com/shandongtongya.39 72 116 97 40.com. Ltd Jiangsu Kingertai Decoration Material Co.com/eastchina.Choose verified suppliers .cn shengkui@globalsources. Ltd Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum Profile Factory Co.globalsources.ltt@msa.globalsources. Ltd Tianjin Guandelin International Trade Co.com shenjuan1223@hotmail.co www.globalsources.com/grandltt.hk sales@totallinks.co www. Ltd Zhejiang Lilies Plastic Industry Co.com fushi@fushiwood.co www.com/sonlam.co www. Ltd Foshan Shunde Kamol Decorative Materials Co.com luligroup@gmail.co www. Ltd Construction fabrics Renqiu City Huayuan Chemical Fiber Product Co.com ankplus@ankplus.cn sales@jianmei-alu.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Kong Ah International Co.com alucoworld@vip.cn exp@guoyao.com edmond@risecheer.com/strongerich.com sales@wiremesh-dm.globalsources. 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This gives us complete control over the quality of our metal form parts and casted goods.globalsources. 808.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 395 .All processes conducted in-house Stamping. various shapes and sizes available One or more of the illustrations shown here is a drawing or other representation of a product and not an actual photograph of the product. available in steel alloy. Metal stamping parts.net www.000 kinds of products to choose from More new products .globalsources.com/comarch. 20 to 200mm sizes available Metal stamping part. Our team of experienced engineers will turn your specifications into a sample in 15 to 30 days.jsinfo. Contact us today for more information.co • www. 107 Xinsheng Rd.comarch-trade.www. And if you can’t find what you need. More than 1. China Tel: (86-510) 8276 0428.. stainless steel and carbon steel Rm. Our product catalog includes more than 300 items for you to select from.com Casted pipe fitting.wx. CNC processing and surface treating – we do it all in-house. Jiangsu 214002. 8273 9136 Fax: (86-510) 8273 4348 comarch@globalsources. Wuxi. send us your custom requests. New Dingqiu Mansion.com • comarch@pub.

com wejoin@globalsources.co www.net sales2@mingyi-co. Ltd Power distribution boxes Dongguan Aosen Electrical Equipment Co.co www.co www.39 309 324 280 356 310 56 138 96 95 104 19 42 101 70 167 95 70 E-mail shirley@gardengallery. Ltd Construction equipment Beijing Jinfei Tianhong Construction Machinery Co.globalsources.com bobu@chinabobu.globalsources.com bestfull@ms11.com beishunguancai2011@yahoo. Ltd Pipeline construction equipment Yangzhou Weiguang Metal Manufacture Co.com shaanxislate@globalsources.com dolphintrading@globalsources.com/chuangchung.globalsources.co www.globalsources.com Website www.globalsources.globalsources.com/eastchina.com/yoya.com/zhongjiang-steel.co www.com andyshen.co www.co www.com/cht.globalsources.com/anthardware.sz@gmail.com www.com sale@xine.globalsources. Ltd Minsum Industry Co.globalsources. Ltd Hebei Shineyond Metal Products Co.globalsources.globalsources. Mingyi Light Industry Co.com tractorchina@hotmail.com/wejoin.co www.com honsenwiremesh01@live. Ltd Electrical cables Xingle Group Co.com/xmgt. Ltd Shijiazhuang Tianyue Honest Co.com/h-power.com/lanjiangsteel.co www.globalsources.com/wuikai.co www.com sales@shanghaimetal. Ltd Jiangyin Zhongjiang Prepainted Steel Mfg Co. Ltd Wire mesh & netting Anping Hongsheng Wire Mesh Fty Dalian Kangtai Wire Mesh Co.com ty@tianyueconstruction.globalsources.co www.Product / Advertiser Roof tiles Foshan Garden Gallery Trading Co.globalsources.com/chinasmc.globalsources. Ltd Shanghai Metal Corporation Zhejiang Tiannu Color Steel Co.globalsources.co www. Ltd Wui Kai Locks Mfy Ltd Drawer pulls Four Winds Corp.globalsources.com.com/tractor. Ltd Hebei Anping Wusheng Hardware Products Co.com fw@fourwinds.com.com/baifu.globalsources. Ltd Shaanxi Huanyu Stone Co.globalsources.com allen@thcoo.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd 339 318 401 272 258.co www.co www.259 369 340 375 331 30.co www.com anpingwusheng@globalsources.fj. Ltd Page 82 56 122 130 355 308 38. 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CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY Asphalt mixing plants Zhengzhou Hanvy Machinery & Equipment Co.com yzwg88@yahoo.co www. Ltd Construction machinery parts Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co.co www. Ltd CABINET HARDWARE Cabinet hinges Tat Shing Metal Mfg Works 193 16 166 190 164 154 171 4 tatshing@globalsources.xm.com/zippersliders.com/tatshing. Ltd Excavators Nanjing Construction Machinery Co.globalsources.co www.co www.com minsum@tttiles.cn ych@dlktsw.cn set6214@public.com dnjx@globalsources.com yongsheng@yongshengrubber. Wuxi H-Power Machinery Co.globalsources.cc info@unitechlightning. Ltd Shaoxing Thcoo Locks Manufacturer Co.globalsources.com/tiannv.co www.com rongguan@globalsources.co Conduits Hangzhou Yoya Electrical Co.co www.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources.com wuikai@evergoodlocks. Ltd Steel coils Changshu Huaye Steel Strip Co.com/sutor.cn cht@globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .co www.globalsources.com sales@yoyachina.com sales@cnppgi.

globalsources. ultrasonic thickness meters. ultrasonic flaw detectors.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 397 . Standard piping generally only extends six meters in length. Spectrometers. 3. China Tel: (86-577) 5655 8883 Fax: (86-577) 5655 8889 Choose from more than 1.5 and 80mm. and you’ll be offered a greater range of specifications than our competitors can come up with. Bldg. Wenzhou. Anxin Mansion. www. 404. Our 30. Zhejiang 325024. Ningcun. tensile strength testers. They range from two to 800mm in exterior diameter and wall thicknesses between 1. Ltd Jiangnan Industrial Zone.co • www. FM radio and MP3 connector RM605/RM606 half-mask respirator • Lightweight TPR construction • Easy-to-adjust head straps • 1 exhalation and 2 inhalation valves with filters • EN 140-approved SM913 Working cap scalp protector with ventilation WG229 Welding goggles with flip-up lens SG271 Safety goggles with wide-angle lens More new products . Inquire today. Songyang. why are most pipes on the market only available in certain sizes? Source our stainless steel seamless pipes and fittings. while ours can be made to exceed 20 meters. Zhejiang 323400. SM907 Lightweight safety helmet with suspension EP109 Safety earmuffs with adjustable headband EP174 Electronic earmuffs with mini LCD.com/wzhengyuan. Lishui. available in different lengths. Stainless steel pipe fitting Zhejiang Hengyuan Steel Co. So.cn-hy.net factory is equipped with advanced inspection machinery.net hydrostatic testers and other equipment are all used on every item. Ltd Rm.www. China Wenzhou Point Trade Co.globalsources.Advanced testing equipment ensures consistent products Stainless steel flanges Stainless steel pipes.000m2 E-mail: hysteel@cn-hy. thicknesses and diameters Not every project is the same.000 pipe sizes and 60 steel grades. Longwan.

co www.globalsources.com zhongwang@globalsources.co www.K.globalsources.com danfeng751@hotmail.globalsources.globalsources.co www.com/archie.co www.com kwmcoltd@netvigator.co www.co www. Ltd 223 234 assist99@mail. Ltd Gee Bridge International Inc.globalsources.com/kinkei.co www.com export@archie.tw stnmak@biznetvigator.globalsources.co www.com/winhighhk. Ltd Jiaxing Dirui Metal Products Fty K. Jiaxing Darer Metalworks Co.co Door guards APS Industries (HK) Door handles Avocet Hardware (Taiwan) Ltd Glory Building Materials Co.co www.co www.co www.com/steelmark.globalsources.globalsources.hk unionpower@globalsources.co www. & Exp.globalsources.com/geebridge-tw.co www.co www.hk info@hardware.co www. Ltd Skid steers Taian Tamec Imp.com/szorbitatech.co www.com annie@wolverineloader.com zgsales@yutong.com degongchina@globalsources.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . Prosperity Mfg Ltd Kin Kei Hardware Industries Ltd Kin Kei Hardware Industries Ltd Pin-Da Hardware Factory Shunde Shunlong Hardware & Electric Appliance Co.cn wuhangland66@gmail.com shceo88@naver.hk anita@kkphardware.com www. & Exp.com .com Website www.tw Jason@winhigh-china.com.co www.com/dnw.com/aps.com info@rbhardware.co www.com/hzgreat.com shjlnina@vip.co www.com info@hardware.globalsources.globalsources.K.com juling@public.com/siheung.co www.com/worldzg.globalsources. Ltd Wuhan Kudat Industry & Trade Co.cn xhqwj@globalsources. Ltd Guangdong Archie Hardware Co.globalsources.com/shunlong. Ltd Rotary drilling rigs Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co.nbptt.com/archie.globalsources.globalsources.co www.com/jmglory. 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measures from -50 to 2.DT-9985 Insulation tester with true RMS multimeter DT-8880 Hot-wire anemometer BS-150 Video borescope DT-8869 IR thermometer with dual laser pointers. Place an order today. Ltd 20m tall heavy-duty storage rack with 4.nanhai.000kg load capacity and 160 x 110mm leg surface areas Xiebian Section of Guangfo Highway.globalsources.co www.www. Foshan. 1.cn www. China Tel: (86-757) 8366 6878. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to meet the volume needs of our big buyers in the Americas. we have been specializing in designing and manufacturing industrial and commercial shelving and racking products.globalsources. Guangdong 528231.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 399 . including five for electrostatic spraying and powder coating. While we currently have over 50 models to choose from. Each month.net. And we have more than 30 QC officers overseeing the production process. our designers welcome OEM orders and can create a sample according to your needs with in 20 days.com dachang@pub. Dali. we turn out up to 100. Inquire immediately.000 sets of shelves and racks in our 100. Australia and India.000m2 ISO 9001:2000-certified factory equipped with 12 production lines. Supermarket shelves Dachang Racking & Shelving Co. Europe. so you can rest assured that each item your customers receive will be flawless.200ºC DT-3353 True RMS clamp meter.dcshelf. and we’ll ship it to you within 20 days. 8555 3056 Fax: (86-757) 8366 6787 shelf@globalsources. Nanhai.com/shelf.000A AC And we’ll ship your volume orders within 20 days Since 1987.com More new products .

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We can make certain that your end-users’ equipment will be securely fastened. Contact us today. we can create a custom sample for you in just 15 days. Henan 450004. Choose from over 10. Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant (HZSY35) Zhengzhou Sanhui Co.www. marine and construction hardware.com/zzstc. we’ve become one of the leading companies in the industry in China. Shandong 266071.And a separate QC-testing facility for a piece-by-piece check Different marine apparatuses call for different types of rigging. Yuhong International Plaza. magnetic-particle and tensile testing. 61 Zijingshan Rd.com/rulonggroup. And if you still can’t find that exact fit.com ISO/TS 16949:2002 ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2000 Manufacturing for 31 years Our experience makes us a solid choice. and our products all bear CE marks. Ltd Rm. we’ve created our own 3. Guangfa Finance Building.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 401 .globalsources.cn www. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom and email us today. To ensure extra-sturdy equipment. we know the safety risks of constructing buildings with unqualified equipment. 40 Shandong Rd.qd. Zhengzhou.000 models spread across over 1. custom design requests welcome Hardware used in the rigging. Hoist.com ISO 9001:2000 Concrete Mixer (JS1000) Concrete Mixer (JS500) More new products .zzstcmachinery.sd.000m2 testing facility. China Tel: (86-532) 8501 3222 Fax: (86-532) 8501 2111 E-mail: rulong@public. So you know we’re qualified. 6631 6445 • Fax: (86-371) 6636 4729 E-mail: admin@zzstc. After years of development. marine and construction industries. made to fit your custom specifications Qingdao Rulong Machinery Co. Our operations are ISO 9001:2000-certified. Ltd A member of the RULONG Group 22/F.globalsources. We also use electronic components from Siemens and Schneider to make concrete-mixing plants that can store. lifting.com www. This selection is increased by 50 new products each year. Our products are checked once upon leaving our factory and then enter our additional inspection center for piece-by-piece hardness. Qingdao. measure and mix materials. As a 31-year manufacturer of concretemixing plants and mixers. transport. 2010.co • www. China Tel: (86-371) 6633 7773. lifting. Unit C.rulonggroup.. You can try our Rulong-brand products in your market easily since we do not have a minimum order quantity..globalsources.000 product lines.co www.

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More new products .globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 403 .www.

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www. They include shelves for supermarkets and warehouses. Every year we introduce 50 new designs. Ltd North Wangsheng Rd.all-sun. shell construction and panel design – and staffed with experienced engineers you can work with directly. BT20 Battery tester EM130USB Automotive multimeter ETP110 Humidity alarm Zhangzhou High & New Technology Center Building. Our R&D center is divided into specialized sections – circuitry.cn Website: www. Our products are backed by our 17 years of OEM/ODM experience.com EM306B Clamp meter Fifteen years in shelving and racking Work with one of the most experienced suppliers Expertise can not be developed overnight. 9.com/zzdf. cashier’s stations. or send us your sourcing inquiries today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 405 . Changshu. Jiangsu 215553. With a factory that was built 15 years ago. testers. 1006.000 units. multimeters. 5280 0802 Fax: (86-512) 5280 0803 E-mail: juliashelf@gmail.. environment meters and metal detectors for the DIY market. Hongfeng Yuan. Fujian 363000. and they have come to rely on our hard-earned credibility. CD racks. Gangqiao. Changshu. China Tel: (86-596) 216 1608 • Fax: (86-596) 216 1717 E-mail: zzdf@globalsources.com ISO 9001:2000 Website: www.co • www.com • df@e-sun.co Office: Rm. Suzhou Hongye Business Equipment Mfg Co. Zhangzhou. Our monthly capacity is 50. They also meet CE. Our trade staff works in shifts to answer your queries in 24 hours. OEM samples are ready in 15 days. we provide ODM services.globalsources. Wangzhuang. and shopping carts. Jiangsu 215553. China More new products . Bldg.e-sun. Leading supermarkets in Europe know this. we are one of mainland China’s first exporters of warehouse racks and other retail furniture. each one customizable to your OEM needs.globalsources.cn • www. We have 70.globalsources. Browse our online showroom to view our entire product collection.Check out our selection of over 500 models of thermometers. China Tel: (86-512) 5177 1105. Send us one today. UL and GS standards and are ETL-certified. Plus.com/hyshelf.000 square meters of production space and more than 400 staff to handle your orders. Choose from 50 different styles of retail furniture ready for your customization. bookshelves. even during weekends and holidays.

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com Website: www. West 4th Ring Rd. Our 200 employees.globalsources. Rotary dryer. Russian and Spanish assistance is available. We have a minimum order requirement of just 500 pieces.com/zhongding.www. have at least five years of welding. Orders are completed in just 30 days..Over 40 types of mining and sand-making equipment Come to us for more than 40 varieties of mining and sand-making machines. devices and more. Zhengzhou. while its production capacity is 10 percent to 15 percent higher. and on-site installation and technical assistance are available. including 10 engineers. Its coal and electricity consumption is lower than competing products’. our durable parts can endure extreme temperatures.com/thetop.com Over 10.000 precision turned and milled parts and screws available 30 years of OEM experience for high-quality precision turned and milled parts For durable and quality precision turned and milled parts from a 30-year OEM provider.co Stainless steel tactile stud. Taiwan.800mm Zhengzhou Zhongding Heavy Duty Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd Mazhai Industrial Park.co • www. covers and screw shaft More new products .com www.T. 21-33 Tai Lin Pai Rd. partner with us. Japan and the US. Logo-engraving and color coating services are available. Africa and South America. 6030 5292 Fax: (86-371) 6030 5293. 6030 5294 zd-machine@kssb. 3/F. N.000 precision parts. Accordingly. polishing and finishing experience. Henan 450000. For more information. China Tel: (86-371) 6030 5291.cn • zhongding@globalsources. contact our representatives today.globalsources. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2429 2151 • Fax: (852) 2480 6037 E-mail: thetop@globalsources.. We import all of our raw materials from South Korea. turned parts and screws for various appliances. Southeast Asia. ball mills and magnetic separators – a selection enjoyed by buyers in Europe. The Top Industrial Intl Ltd Unit 302. Kwai Chung. sand and coal for industrial purposes. with shell diameter of 600-2. We also carry over 10.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 407 .globalsources. Vanta Industrial Centre. and manufacture our products utilizing advanced machinery from Europe and Japan. Start your order today. English..zoneding. the Middle East. We also have flotation machines. The featured rotary dryer is suitable for drying metallic and nonmetallic minerals.

Ltd Yeu Chyuan Industrial Co.co www.globalsources.co www.com nortools@nortools.fj.co www.globalsources.nbptt.globalsources.globalsources.hk greenguard@globalsources.co www.com charlene@globalsources.com.globalsources.co www.hk setools@ms16.hk qtian@tongdy.globalsources.globalsources.co www.com qdelit@qdelit.197 283 202 231 15 206 E-mail yidatool@public.co www.tw assist99@mail.com/flir.com/fishertool.com/homeease. Ltd Qingdao Excel Luck International Trading Co.co www.co www.co www.co www.com/pacieaco.co www.globalsources.com/gongfong.com/advanceplus.com/zzdf.com/shouking.cn chenghai@21cn.com assist99@mail.co Window machines Beijing Pinghe Machine Manufacture Co.com shouking@xuite. 391 355 405 390 317 342 368 312 376 elightingsource@yahoo.co www.co www.com Rkalayjian@astrotools.com/greenguard.com/fufan.globalsources.cn sales@vertak.globalsources.com/burt.com/saintycorp.co www.globalsources.co www.globalsources.com fjxd@starasian.globalsources.co www.com/nortools. 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China Tel: (86-21) 5072 0102/0106 Fax: (86-21) 5854 9029 E-mail: zzw@zzwtools. Contact us today. Australia and Western Africa. Europe. NF and N end mills boast a tolerance of within 0. Shanghai 201201.We know your customers demand only the best in both precision and durability.com .co • www. we will complete it within one month.zzwtools. Changzhou Topsun Power Machinery Co. Changzhou. No matter how large your order is. Bldg..or gasoline-powered construction equipment.com SONCAP July 2011 Hardware & DIY 409 More new products . 528 Ruiqing Rd. HR. Bldg. we’re able to release 20 new products monthly.com • zzwtools@globalsources.globalsources.com/cztopsun. They’re also tough enough to withstand the rigors of constant use – we use only M42. China Tel: (86-519) 8980 3090 Fax: (86-519) 8980 3092 E-mail: sale5@enepac..com www. If your country has specific environmental protection standards. East Zhangjiang. And everything we make ships with CE and SONCAP certificates. A.com Exporting construction equipment with international approvals to dozens of countries If you need diesel.enepac. Contact us today to learn more. we can build products that meet or exceed them. look no further.com/zzwtools. Thanks to their expertise.and M2AL-grade high speed steel for a hardness level of HRC65-69. Various kinds of end mills are available ZZW Precision Tool Supply (Shanghai) Co.globalsources. Jiangsu 213000. 6. our NR. Manufactured according to DIN standards for both precision and efficiency. Ltd Rm. World Trade Center. Fudong Rd. We can also incorporate Honda or Robin engines into our products upon request.03mm. Pudong. and can prepare OEM/ODM samples in just 30 days. Our six senior engineers boast 15 years’ experience each designing precision tools. We have already developed stable relationships with leading construction firms and large retailers in dozens of countries in the Americas.globalsources. 2210. French and German. We can supply you with a wide range of devices.www.co www.com www. Now we want to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Our customer service team offers technical support in English. Wujin. Provide them with our end mills and ensure you aren’t drilled with complaints. Ltd 1/2” shank 4-flute end mills 4/F.

globalsources.co www.29 Hangzhou Case Tools Co.co www. Ltd 224 Foshan Zhixing Aluminium Products Industries Co.com zhongliabrasives@globalsources.com.globalsources. Ltd Meet International Ltd Liquid level controllers Fuzhou Canwell Imp.co www.cn shun-long@shun-long.co www. Ltd Maxwel Mfg (Wenzhou) Co. For more information.globalsources.com/sedmm.co www.globalsources.com/alfametal.liu@hitopmold.co www.com/maxwill.net@gmail.co www. Ltd Hebei Huaxia Enterprise Co. Ltd Wuhan Konner Holdings Ltd Zibo Zhongli Abrasives Co.com sales@hjwiremesh.hk sales@meet.com/tchmetals.co www.globalsources.co www.globalsources.com.globalsources.com/shenghuigd. Ltd Vernier calipers Qingdao Motoline Co. Ltd Temperature. Ltd Industrial tape Beijing Yanuo Adhesive Products Co.com/cemsz.co www.globalsources.com/cncase.tw motoline@globalsources.com trade@chtape.com/yanuo.co www.com/hitopmold.globalsources.cn web@zjfzjx. Ltd Pine Zone (Zhengzhou) Abrasives Industry Co. 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30. They are the property of their respective owners.000 other stamping parts are manufactured inside of our ISO 9001:2000-certified. China’s Ministry of Public Security has also approved our products.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 411 .000 ballistic helmets. the Middle East and South Africa have improved their defensive capabilities with our products. China Tel: (86-573) 8302 8318.co www. Kevlar® from DuPont. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. we can make 25 tons of aramid UD fabric. That’s why the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has supported us with the technology and research to develop bulletproof materials such as aramid UD fabric. made with Kevlar or Twaron Beijing Institute of Aerospace Testing Technology NIJ IIIA-certified soft bulletproof vest.co • www. Each month.500m2 factory.com • aero_rate@aerorate. 8301 5868 Fax: (86-573) 8302 5899 E-mail: darer@globalsources. Security personnel across Europe.com/casc.5 million stamping parts and 100.000 ballistic plates and 10. Fengtai. Custom samples take two weeks. the US. 1.000 bulletproof vests.globalsources. China Tel: (86-10) 8810 8580 • Fax: (86-10) 8810 8597 casc101@globalsources.50. Yungang.com brian@jxdeli. send us your inquiries today. We have six experienced molders who create molds in-house to control quality and costs. Our sample lead time is seven to 10 days for simple parts. Aramid UD fabric. and light in weight and density. And our engineering team is composed of skilled technicians who have worked within the stamping field for at least 15 years.com www. Ballistic plate and helmet More new products . Precision metal stamping parts. For more details. Deliveries take 20 to 30 days.aerorate. 6. Inquire today. and 20 to 30 days for complicated parts. 15. made of aramid UD fabric 1 Tiancheng Zhongli. Jiaxing. ready for OEM orders Jiaxing Darer Metalworks Co.com All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. White Laboratory and are NIJ IIIA-certified.com/darer. Every month. Beijing 100074.000 stamping parts daily Molds made in-house Buyers such as Kawamura.globalsources. North America.globalsources. Our products have been approved by H. Twaron® from Teijin and Armos® from Kamenskvolokno make our bulletproof vests impenetrable. Electrolux and Marklin depend on our colossal production capacity to fill their volume orders.www. Zhejiang 314005. Five-year warranties are available. This is the kind of output that also attracts buyers from Japan. Philips. Germany.jxdeli. the Netherlands and many other countries and regions.P.com www. Italy. Ltd Xinfeng Industrial Zone.com Metal stamping parts Motor shell Power distribution box Supported by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Up to 25 tons of aramid UD fabric made monthly Defense is a serious business. and we have no MOQ restrictions.

com.com sales@hitecm.globalsources.globalsources.com/omeni.globalsources.hk panucom@ms5. Ltd Tool organizers Damon Storage System Mfg Jinhua Dongfeng Commodity Manufacturer Co.com sales@tbk. Ltd Xiamen Fullstar Imp.co www.co www.co www.globalsources.com. Ltd Zhongshan Good Life Sun Sheet Co.co www.com/lebow.com jinyan@damon-group.com.com michaelyu6@gmail.co www.co www.globalsources.globalsources.co For more information.globalsources.com setools@ms16.com hightonmachinery@globalsources. 165 240 391 242 244 244 242 241 info@lch-bwl.com sztangyi@gmail.com/hitecm. Ltd Twine Jiangsu Xiangchuan Rope Technology Co.globalsources.com ella@keruilai.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS Alloy steel pipes Bohai Heavy Industry Pipeline Co.globalsources.globalsources.com/meiyuan.com/goodlife.co www.13 327 161 401 184 231 190 174 330 188 226 202 215 168 7 174 189 169 208 15 C-3 218 235 210 211 182 391 235 E-mail manager@jinmao.net catherine@nbzhonghong. Ltd 240 254 246 fsl2@cnool. 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we comply with a fleet of EU standards including CE.One of the earliest makers of bollards in mainland China Like the range of bollards we offer. in the industry – you'll benefit from color consistency. easy to access.com Website: www. This equipment can powder coat a maximum of 9 meters of shelves and racks in one pass. but rarely used. Our more than 10 engineers can finish your OEM/ODM samples in seven to 15 days. Ningbo. our experience in the industry produces firm results. We offer integral shelving in custom sizes. E-mail us today. China Tel: (86-571) 8930 5861 Fax: (86-571) 8585 4888 E-mail: sales@delosgroup.com/cf. Hangzhou. Inquire today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 413 .. Zhejiang 311121. Notable features of our products include anti-theft screws.. China Tel: (86-574) 2785 1530.com Website: www.co ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 One or more of the illustrations shown here is a drawing or other representation of a product and not an actual photograph of the product. Beilun.globalsources. We can produce bollards using iron. Zhejiang 315806. C-F Industries LLC 329 Batouxi Rd. which can be easily attached to our shelving for an instant mobile warehouse.www.co Retractable bollard Receive racks with consistent colors Tailor the look and size of your shelving. They can be made with diameters ranging from 89 to 275mm and at 600 to 900mm tall. Thanks to our powder-coating system – the most advanced.com/delosinternational. Other kinds of bollards Take a look at the range of bollards we offer: • Manual retractable • Automatic pneumatic • Semi-automatic • Automatic hydraulic • Removable • Automatic electronic • Fixed Delos International Group Ltd 9 Haishu Rd. suitable for storage of heavy and long materials More new products .globalsources. All you have to do is give us the measurement of the warehouse that you are going to outfit. 2687 7776 Fax: (86-574) 2687 7390 E-mail: chinarack@gmail. Cantilever racks. You can also purchase our steel roofs. Delivery is in 30 days. and SUS 304 and 316 stainless steel. high-quality reflective tape and comprehensive drainage systems. we can offer you at least 120 new products every year. Cangqian Industrial District.globalsources. One of the first manufacturers of bollards in mainland China. With an in-house molding center.

Page 368 341 316 325 322 306 282 326 336 374 270 384 378 298 342 266 419 388 270 266 292 397 366 E-mail jamila.cn www.com/qzpeixin. Ltd Zhejiang Guanyu Steel Tube Co. Ltd Industrial blowers Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co.globalsources.cn ysyhgg2@yahoo.co www.globalsources.co www.com www.com denuo@globalsources.co www. Ltd Mold steels Xiongfeng (Guangdong) Special Steel Co.com/sztitanium. Carbon steel pipes Hebei New Sinda Pipe Manufacture Co. Ltd Electrical insulation materials UNI-home Industry Corporation Graphite products Datong Xincheng Science & Technology Industrial Co. Ltd Hebei Tianlong Pipe-Line Equipment Co.globalsources.co www.globalsources.co www.com/wzhengyuan.com/sunnyplas. Ltd Protective film Wuxi Boli Packing Material Co. Ltd Tin packaging Aopai Metal Products Co.globalsources.co www.com doyin9@doyin.globalsources. visit this supplier’s website.globalsources.globalsources.com.co www.globalsources.com/newsinda.com renchengbag2007@yahoo.co www. 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globalsources.www. available in different sizes Changshu Jinsheng Metal Products Fty US.Die.com . OEM orders welcome Supermarket shelving and heavy-duty wire shelving for industrial use ISO 9001:2000 July 2011 Hardware & DIY 415 More new products . sand. gravity and low-pressure castings available for you Huge Base Industrial (Shanghai) Ltd ISO 9001:2000 Specializing in making supermarket equipment for 12 years Shopping cart.and Asian-style shopping carts.

com/wzststeel.com info@frontvalve.com scasing@mbox3.globalsources.globalsources.tw zhenma@globalsources. Ltd SCA Industries (S) Pte Ltd Cutting wheels Pine Zone (Zhengzhou) Abrasives Industry Co.co Flower pots Huzhou Xinfeng Wood Plastic Composite Co.com/linuovalve.co www.co www.com/gytianyuan.com/diamondblades.co www. 416 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www.com/henglidamachineblade.co www.cn gerry. Ltd Paving stones Yantai Profstone Imp.globalsources. & Exp. Ltd Ningbo Changqi Fluorine Plastic Products Co.cn minmetalyt@globalsources. Co.hua@hcdiamond.com mike@longwayyoung.com/penghang.globalsources.com liyan_htvalve@vip.com/krsvalve.com xks@kcvalve.com lighting@chinacnd. Ltd Zhejiang Penghang Machinery Co.net.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .co www.com/lumlux.cn bnzt@263. 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turn to us.com 100-piece drill set More new products . Plus.www. hardness and a battery of other tests. Discerning buyers such as Honda. Ltd Kangfeng Group Industry Co. China Tel: (86-769) 8181 9255. Guangdong 523332. We follow an ISO 9001:2008-certified management system for efficient production.We offer a variety of stamped metal parts When you need large volumes of stamped metal parts. Shipai.kangfeng-group. Taihe Rd. Canon and Johnson & Johnson count on our production capabilities.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 417 .com lel@dgkfmetal. 8138 5566 Fax: (86-769) 8181 9252 E-mail: kangfeng@globalsources.. Find out more by contacting us today. We also have testing machines to check the thickness of the plating – something many of our competitors do not do. and we also welcome your OEM/ODM orders.co www.globalsources. we can complete orders for up to 1 million units in just seven days. Dongguan. Our engineers create 80 new designs each month. Huawei.globalsources. Ltd Panling Industrial Zone. our products undergo salt-spray. With 35 high-speed punching machines at our three factories.com Website: www. Dongguan Kangfeng Metal Co.com/kangfeng.

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we’re able to produce high-quality mold bases in a timely manner..co More new products .globalsources.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 419 . We utilize a suite of lathes. handles the orders of buyers such as Flextronics and Gree. and standard types within seven days. Dongguan QiLi Mold Co.. South Xingfa Rd.com • ruipinmold@foxmail. Chang’an.Customizable mold bases for injection molds By acquiring $20 million worth of advanced machines from Taiwan and Switzerland. as well as CNC and milling machines. with more than 10 years of experience. China Tel: (86-769) 8538 9901 Fax: (86-769) 8553 3605 Mobile: (86) 136 5233 8504 qilimold@globalsources. grinders and drills.globalsources.www. Ltd 3rd East St. Inquire now.com/qilimold. This enables us to customize mold bases within 10 days.com Website: www. Our R&D team. Dongguan. Guangdong 518103.

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Dongguan. tension.com dgqunhe@hotmail.000 worth of injection molds – 90 percent of which are exported to markets worldwide. AutoCAD. torsion and wire forming springs with 0.ysspring.and Japanese-speaking sales staff today. Suwu Ins.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 421 . Our three factories. MoldWizard. telecommunication devices.qunhemould.globalsources. Walmart and Disney. we have outfitted our production facility with a suite of advanced machines. medical equipment. CNC equipment and more. medical and toy industries are sourcing compression springs from us because they can rely on our quick delivery.com We offer various compression. Dongguan. we turn out $150. Samsung.spring1688. volume production capacity and superb product quality.globalsources. Fenggang.www. Nike. To start taking advantage of our three-day delivery times. including EDMs..com/dgqunhe. Guangdong 523000. Wanjiang. can fill your large orders with a monthly output of 100 million springs. Guangdong 523000.com Website: www. To learn more. contact us today.co www. Plus. Bajiaowo Village. we’ve been developing injection molds for furniture parts.For 12 years. China Tel: (86-769) 2277 1525 • Fax: (86-769) 2277 4148 E-mail: yisenltd@vip. CNC equipment and raw materials from Japan and Taiwan ensure reliable quality. And utilizing SolidWorks. Nokia. automotive parts. toys and more. we integrate components from LKM and Yudo to meet your quality requirements.com Website: www. operating under GB/T19002-1994 and ISO 9002:1994-certified processes. Our client list includes Apple. Each month. ABB.globalsources.05 to 50mm wire diameters Buyers in the electronics. household electrical appliances. Qunhe Precision Mould Co.co www.com/yisenltd. Each month. Mastercam and other software.com • www. they can finish a custom sample for you in only 20 days. Dell. contact our English. China Tel: (86-769) 8200 3995 • Fax: (86-769) 8200 3997 Mobile: (86) 136 2005 0247 E-mail: dgqunhe@globalsources.com More new products .163. Ltd Zhutang. To ensure precision. our 15 R&D specialists create 50 new molds according to our clients' applications.

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With details so fine. leading holiday giftware companies in the US and Japan and security products suppliers in Europe.com Website: www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 423 . Our long-term clients include the world’s number one toy maker. More than 700 different items are available on an OEM basis. Ltd More new products .com/roadming. we produce a full range of plastic and metal items at our 15. premier brands keep coming back From precision springs to exhaust fans. Hong Kong E-mail: roadming@hknet. Road Ming Metal Plastics Spring Mfy Ltd Flat 13.000m2 factory in Guangzhou. San Po Kong.www. New Tech Plaza. China. Contact our Hong Kong office today for a quick quote.globalsources..globalsources. With five product designers and 16 tooling engineers on staff.co ISO 9001:2008 One of the only manufacturers of pressureadjusting valves in mainland China Zhejiang Penghang Machinery Co. Kowloon. so you get greater flexibility in selling your products. we deliver customized prototypes in seven to 14 days. 34 Tai Yau St. 29/F. We can provide components and parts to go with your orders.

com/ndd.co www.com sales@yanan-motor.com powervalue@126. Ltd Shanghai You You Mindong Generator Co.com/hk-bestech.com www.globalsources.tw rongpeng@rongpeng. Ltd POWER TOOLS Angle grinders Tons International Ltd Yean-Lu-Yi Co.com shelley@taiyi-cn.co Cordless power tools Tons International Ltd Vanjoin Industry Co.co www.globalsources.com info@kopen.com/sumake.com xgdq@ykxg.globalsources.co www.co www.co www.co www. Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co.com/hlcok.co www. Industry & Trading Co.com@msa.co www.com/tjhaoyou.globalsources. Ltd Mindong Yanan Electrical Machine Co. Ltd PRECISION ENGINEERED PARTS CNC machining Asia America Industrial Manufacturing Inc. 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Contact our English-speaking staff for more details. Seoul 150806. Our new converting machine features easy user operation and a nonstop RFID process. visit our Global Sources website today.oceanspring.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 425 . spring testers from Aikoh and hardness testers from Future-Tech. For more information regarding our product lineup as well as our services. Yeongdeungpo-Gu.kr For precision springs and metal parts Our springs and metal parts are specifically designed for cameras. Some of our other models.com.T.co • www. All materials and components are sourced from Japan. feature patented modules. we bring you our latest innovations – RFID converting and inspection machines.co.From a 35-year manufacturer MXCM-015 RFID converting machine Using 35 years of industry experience. the US and Europe. durability and fit.globalsources. South Korea Tel: (82-2) 2274 9973 Fax: (82-2) 2274 9972 E-mail: motexrfid@motex. including our smart label and tag converting machines. such as profile projectors from Mitutoyo and Nikon.hk www. And our RFID inspection machine boasts two rewinders for better productivity and an ultrasonic wave sensor for accuracy.motex. MXIM-010 RFID inspection machine 3/F. computers. 31-39 Wo Tong Tsui St. 92-4 Dangsan-Dong 4-Ga.globalsources. For thorough QC. HK Worsted Mills Industrial Building. spring-forming machines and other precision machinery. Our factory in Dongguan is equipped with molds from Futaba in Hong Kong. Kwai Chung.com/motexpro. Motex Building.globalsources. N. South Korea.kr www.co..www. household appliances.. automobiles and office automation equipment. Stamped and forged metal parts Automotive stamped part Ocean Spring & Metal Mfg Ltd Rm. computerized wire-cutting machines from Charmilles in Switzerland.com.co • www. This means that each item must be precisely machined for consistent shape. we use equipment from Japan. 703. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2424 5062 • Fax: (852) 2420 6236 E-mail: inquiry@oceanspring.com/opsmfg.hk Compression spring former • Tape and reel packing • Assembly with PC shaft More new products .

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our R&D team has developed user-friendly designs that have earned six patents in mainland China. Jinan. And we add 20 new products to our catalog each month. stone. paper or plastic. South America. Laser Machines. fabric.jnruijie. laser machines. All the Cutting and Engraving Equipment You Need CNC Routers. China Tel: (86-531) 8808 0666 (Eastern Asia). Plasma Cutters and Vinyl Cutters Over 40 models of CNC routers.com Woodworking CNC router for making wood doors (RJ1325 09) Laser machine for engraving and cutting acrylic (RJ1390) More new products . 8808 3666 (Europe and other markets) Fax: (86-531) 8808 2666 E-mail: sales@jnruijie. Backed by 10 years of experience.globalsources. metal. Daqiao. we use parts from Italy and Taiwan to make our machines.com/jnruijie. National Highway 308. the Middle East and Southeast Asia are ready to serve buyers.One Supplier. PVC. Whether users need to work on wood. glass. Trained on technical details by our engineers. 8808 1666 (Middle East). Tianqiao. plasma cutters and vinyl cutters await.com Website: www. Ltd Daliu. our products can make the cut.globalsources.co • www. Contact us today.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 427 . To meet the quality and precision expectations of retailers such as Ikea. Shandong 250000.www. Laser cutter with 1:4 wheel-speed ratio for high-quality cutting effect (RJ1625) Jinan Ruijie Mechanical Equipment Co. 30 agents across Europe. fur.

Ltd Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co.co www.com mkt@abalocks. Ltd Windus Enterprises Inc.com/silvital.co www.globalsources. Ltd Wujiang Shenta Hengfeng Hardware Plastic Product Fty SANITARY WARE Bathroom sinks Chaoan County Guxiang Huada Ceramic Co.com/cdph. Ltd Foshan Nanhai Yaoda Building Material Co.com.com woma@globalsources.com/todaymodular.globalsources.co www. Ltd Saunas Shenzhen Keya Sauna Equipment Co. Ltd Combination locks Real Locks & Security Co. Ltd PRINTING MACHINERY Laser marking machines Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co. Ltd PROCESS AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Integrated production lines Quanyi Shoe-Making Machine Co.globalsources.com/reallock. Ltd 8 Xiamen Huabao Stone Co. Ltd Today Modular Architecture & Construction Co.globalsources.com craftech@ms13.co www.com slgss@globalsources. Ltd Yangzhou Hengxing E&E Co.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources.com/sinoxlock.globalsources.co www.com topwin@topwin-ind. Ltd Safes Ningbo Kingtiger Safes Co.co www.com huili@hui-li. 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com www.com Up to 20 new items yearly 30% of annual sales reinvested into R&D Our 20 R&D engineers. Otis and Foxconn have in common? They all rely on us for their mechanical metal parts needs. We support them with 30 percent of our annual sales reinvested back into R&D.com www. Put our 17-year industry know-how to work for you by sending us your requirements today. including to the Americas. To ensure reliable product quality.com • li. electronics.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 429 .co • www.000m2 industrial facility with 420 sets of CNC equipment from Japan. France and Germany.com 9hp diesel engine 3" gasoline/kerosene water pump More new products .. the EU and Southeast Asia. Guangdong 518107.klang-generator. 2kW gasoline generator Zhejiang Jinlang Power Co.globalsources. we’ve equipped our 100. ISO 9001:2000certified production facilities can produce up to 80. Emerson.000 gasoline generators and 200. Zhejiang 318000.xiaoxia@tairisheng..000m 2. Our mid. Ltd 2178 Haifeng Rd. Shenzhen. help us develop and launch 10 to 20 new items every year. Guangming.globalsources.co • www. Taizhou Economic Development Zone.tairisheng. One hundred staff members in our 5. We export our CE. Ltd Gongchang North Rd. China Tel: (86-755) 2651 8918 Fax: (86-755) 2651 8601 trs@globalsources.com/trs.com • jinlang001@globalsources.000 engines annually.www. China Tel: (86-576) 8812 2259 Fax: (86-576) 8812 0839 E-mail: sales@klang-generator. working out of two dedicated research labs. With four production lines and a complete set of testing equipment.globalsources. Contact us today. Your OEM orders can also benefit from our dedication to innovation. as well as QC instruments from the US and Switzerland.com/jinlang001.Close to 2 decades of precision machining experience CNC-machined heatsink with aluminum extruded base CNC-machined metal housing filter with customizable surface treatment CNC-machined die-cast base station with powder painting finish What do Epson. we complete deliveries in just 15 to 20 days. Shenzhen Tairisheng Industry Co. Binhai Industrial Center. We offer precision machinery and hardware parts which are widely applied in communications products.and GS-certified goods all over the world.to high-range Klang brand of products accounts for 30 percent of all orders. medical equipment and railway systems.

com/sayyas.co Angle valves Jinyuan Orient (Xiamen) Co. Ltd Safety harness Rongxun Industry Ltd Safety helmets Long Dar Plastic Co.163. Ltd Safety gloves Shangyu Seeway Gloves Co.net www.co www.com longdar@ms8.com onlyele@onlyele.com/saifu.com/autospg.co www. Ltd Foshan Nanhai Weikai Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd Yuhuan Bangbang Valve Co.globalsources.com boots@firstsafety.com/shanghai-minye. visit this supplier’s website. Ltd Guangzhou Auto Spring Co.co WINDOWS Aluminum windows Beijing Tianyi Curtainwall Engineering Co.com/mkh.co Curtain walls Foshan Yinnuo Aluminum Factory Co.globalsources.globalsources.co Hearing protection earmuffs Wenzhou Only International Trade Co.globalsources.co www.com/hchm.com/autospg.co www. Ltd For more information.globalsources.globalsources.com info@hardware.co www.co www.com/pukui.com/yisenltd.com/fulisi.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . 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www.com www. Shandong 266071. the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. the US. Japan and Southeast Asia 29/F.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 431 . China Tel: (86-532) 8575 3168 Fax: (86-532) 8575 8138 E-mail: sales@motoline-china.motoline-china.co www. New World Mansion. Measuring tools sourced to Europe.. Qingdao.Specializing in OEM/ODM mold production for 10 years HDMI.com More new products .com/motoline. 9 Fuzhou Rd. East Block.globalsources.globalsources.

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To learn more.com • shenxi1988@gmail. Your OEM/ODM projects are also welcome. Make us your supplier too.com Website: www.co • www. Fujian 350008. Wuxi.com More new products . Jiangsu 214036. So if you’re targeting eco-conscious markets. but they also meet US EPA requirements for noise and emissions. Pushang Garden.co www.000 engines. Yangzhou Rd.com/shenxi. inquire now. Our engineers are available to help you with installation and operation..chinahailin.globalsources.shenxi.www. 8374 7028 • Fax: (86-591) 8330 1167.com/chinahailin.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 433 . Fuzhou. This allows us to deliver orders in just five to 10 days. This cost advantage is available to you thanks to our in-house production. We also offer pump sets and diesel generators. our products exhibit the same performance as those of leading brands – but at reasonable prices. Made according to US and EU standards.com www. We launch two designs month after month. The contractors of these mega-sized projects have trusted in our reputation to supply safe.globalsources.com Single-cylinder diesel engine • Vertical four-cycle air-cooling system • Direct injection combustion system Gasoline pump set. Xishan. we produce up to 50.Engines are critical to the performance of any machine. Russian. Not only do our engines carry CE and GS marks. To source top-notch engines. Our two factories produce up to 100 units per day – the largest capacity in mainland China. Jinshan Industrial Area. Each month. Mega Construction still works with us after five years because of our elevated services. Ensure the smooth operation of your generators and agricultural machinery by sourcing our engines. China Tel/Fax: (86-510) 8821 5261 shenxi@globalsources. China Tel: (86-591) 8336 5067. 8374 0238 E-mail: chinahailin@globalsources. separate pump available Air-cooled diesel generator with 100m remote control range We’ve reached new heights with the Burj Khalifa Our platforms were used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics stadiums too The Burj Khalifa was constructed with the help of our suspended and hydraulic platforms. They were also used at the construction sites of the Beijing National Stadium.com • power@chinahailin. Jiangsu Shenxi Construction Machinery Co. you can sell our items without a problem.globalsources. talk to our English-. Ltd 121 Furong 1st Rd. patented platforms.and Spanish-speaking trade staff today..

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Yangquan. Deutz and Lovol engines. Brushless synchronous generators Fuel cell More new products .com One or more of the illustrations shown here is a drawing or other representation of a product and not an actual photograph of the product..000kVA Diesel generating set 14 Jinglin Rd.com www.com • owen@yanan-motor.www.com/yananmotor. 25 to 3. China Tel: (86-593) 635 0898 • Fax: (86-593) 635 0889 yanan@globalsources.yanan-motor. Fujian 355019. Perkins.co • www.globalsources.globalsources.Diesel generators powered by Cummins. Fu'an.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 435 .

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Ltd Page 112 222 128 72 187 319 131 116 332 162 415 106 90 387 298 304 354 388 72 191 144.C. Ltd Lumlux Lighting (Suzhou) Inc. Ltd Jiangxi Royal Import & Export Co. Ltd Hongkong Eximious Tools Co. Ltd Jiangyin Meiyuan Industries Corp. Ltd Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.39 168 309 411 93 90 334 273 378 152 208 377 264 318 427 346 294 210 295 70 78 343 253 435 107 184 106 191 86 340 96 48 Advertisers Kilter Electronic Institute Co. Ltd Kingdom Metal Manufacture Co. Ltd Ming Cheng Precision Co. Ltd Luli Group Corp. Ltd Page 355 83 65 437 385 114 151 364 72 222 50 212 441 74 376 100 165 68 388 146 77 231 397 73 104 130 238 44 135 386 358 226 179 352 202 82 164 311 90 87 228 274 435 315 164 174 19 302 425 180 365 60 210 255 30. Ltd Nantong Shenwei Steel Wire Rope Co. Ltd Korea Car Stopper Co. Ltd Jiangsu Shunhe Wood Co. Ltd Hung Liang Industrial Co. Ltd Jiaxing Dirui Metal Products Fty Jiaxing Shengding Imp. Ltd Hunan Runshi Trade and Economic Development Co. 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com • weijun@xtl-mould.com www. China Tel: (86-592) 625 9391 • Fax: (86-592) 296 6383 MSN: weijun729@hotmail. Ltd More new products . Jimei. Fujian 351008. as well as injection molding and product assembly.co • www. Ltd 568 Dongren Rd.globalsources.xtl-mould.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 437 . we specialize in the research and development of plastic injection. Xiamen.weijun E-mail: xiamenxtl@globalsources.Looking for molds and plastic injection-molded parts made to your specifications? Then work with us. Plastic injection-molded parts Die-cast parts Injection molds Xiamen Xintonglian Mould Industry Co. If you have a design in mind. Xinbei Industrial Zone..globalsources. rubber and die-cast molds. OEM orders are welcomed and we export worldwide.www. Backed by 22 years of experience.com • Skype: mould. particularly to markets in the Americas and Europe. Contact us today. we have 10 experienced designers ready to render your specifications. Xinlin.com/xintonglian.com OEM precision parts backed by 21 years of experience King Yuchang Co.

Ltd Quanzhou Machtric Automation Equipment Co. Ltd Shanghai Shengchang Industry Equipments Co. Ltd Qingdao KC Valve Co. Ltd Randy Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd Seasky Tooling Industrial Ltd Seggi Century Co. Ltd Shaoxing Thcoo Locks Manufacturer Co. Ltd Shandong Tongya Group Shanghai Everskill Industry Co. Ltd Shanghai Slion Industrial Co. Ltd Shanghai Longyang Machinery Factory Shanghai Lujiazui Stone and Material Co. Ltd Ningbo Splash Pool Appliance Co. Ltd Pizhou Xincheng Wood Co. Ltd Shenzhen Keya Sauna Equipment Co. Ltd Renqiu City Huayuan Chemical Fiber Product Co. Ltd Ocean Spring & Metal Mfg Ltd Onesto Electric Co. Ltd Ningbo Ruixinli Automatic Meter Co. Ltd Pan-U Industries Co. Ltd Sheng Ching Enterprise Co. Ltd Shandong Guangcheng Plastic Industry Co. Ltd) Rondason Power Sources Ltd Rongxun Industry Ltd Sanming Industrial Science & Technology (Tianjin) Co. Ltd Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co. Ltd Shaanxi Peter International Trade Shaanxi Sinwa International Trading Co. Ltd Qingdao Langyu Hardware & Machinery Co. Ltd Ningbo V. Ltd Shenzhen Btree Indutrial Co. Ltd Shaanxi Huanyu Stone Co. Ltd Orbita Technology Co. Ltd Qingdao Maxwill Industrial Corp. Ltd Quanzhou Fengze Hongyi Building Materials Machinery Co. Ltd Nortools International Ltd Ocean Allied Co. Ltd Shenzhen Kezhilai Electronics Technology Co. Ltd Real Locks & Security Co. Ltd Shanghai Linchun Caster Co. Ltd Quanzhou Xiangda Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd Qingdao Good-link Tools Corp. Ltd Shaanxi Gold-Stone Imp. Ltd People Ele.199 188 116 246 298 362 318 24 386 234 300 8 214 154 182 192 174 260. Ltd Shanghai Yunkai International Trading Co. Ltd Shanghai Lipu Lighting Co. Ltd Page 134 252 423 362 202 350 100 66 427 389 286 360 54 264 231 192 122 190 170 278 381 86 324 373 310 181 302 64 112 341 1 44 17 370 134 312 280 15 332 272 328 252 322 132 356 44 358 232 50 282 198. Ltd Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co. Ltd Ningbo Vertak Associated Trading & Industrial Co. Industry & Trading Co. 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Ltd Ningbo Zhenma Electric Appliance Co. Ltd Ningbo Youyou International Co. Ltd Sense Engineering Services Co. Ltd Quzhou Botai Plastic Co. Ltd Qingdao Tlead International Co. Ltd Shandong Hengxinji Plastic Industry Co. Ltd Ningbo Zhonglian Fastener Manufacture Co. Pukui Hongkong Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd Pinghu Sweet Sanitary Ware Manufactory Pink Brand Co. Ltd Shanghai Kunfu (Group) Co. Ltd Quanyi Shoe-Making Machine Co.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Shaoxing Jiutai Imp. Ltd Shandong Zouping Sunlight Wood-Plastic Composites Co. Ltd Ningbo Qianshou Valve Co. Ltd SCA Industries (S) Pte Ltd Sea News Hardware Co. Ltd Shanghai Suns International Trading Limited Shanghai Sunseeker Garden Tools Co. Ltd Ningbo SuperbrIght Technology Co. Ltd Shanghai Wenlida Electric Co. Ltd Qingdao Automobile I/E Corp. Ltd Shandong Hongxiang Chemical Fibre Group Co. Ltd Qingdao Excel Luck International Trading Co. Ltd Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co. Ltd Qingdao Zehan Machinery Manufacturing Co. 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come to us for customized vending machines. China Tel: (86-750) 372 6049 • Fax: (86-750) 372 3532 Mobile: (86) 137 5037 6668 Hong Kong Office: Unit B. we produce up to 200 units every month.hk Drink and snack vending machine Water vending machine Small snack vending machine More new products . Chaolian. drink. micro-control and mechanical transmission systems. Hong Kong E-mail: johnchen@pukui. 1.co www. Ltd Factory: No. Ice vending machine Pukui Hongkong Intelligent Technology Co.vendingmachine. including buyers in the US. in as fast as one month..net Website: www. England and Australia.com/pukui. Guangdong 529090. 422 Jaffe Rd.15 tons of OEM precision parts every month Tasonic Industrial Co. so contact us now to get started. ice and condom vending machines. Canada.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 439 . Chinaweal Commerical Centre. China Water Exhibition Hall. We can ship an order of 30 machines in 15 days.globalsources. snack. They appreciate our R&D services and in-house manufacturing. Lubian Industrial Zone. Or. These machines are crafted with our own technology.globalsources. Ltd Customizable vending machines Clients from all over the world. choose from 70 models of water. Penjiang. 9/F. We can customize a model for you as well. Wanchai. Jiangmen. including water treatment.www. Under an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing procedure.

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Ltd The Top Industrial International Ltd Page 124 330 431 78 429 64 85 300 286 326 172 70 162 366 228 206 128 234 129 C-3 132 97 46 294 52 23 314 335 102 175 403 371 316 133 149 304 187 121 117 226 50 287 312 242 180 276 357 405 296 218 93 354 26. Ltd Wenzhou Yabo Hardware Co. Ltd Tianxing Group Co. Ltd Shunde Dunchang Plastic & Hardware Industrial Co. Ltd Taizhou Jinyuan Copper Product Co. Ltd Tianjin Boyu Steel Pipe Co. Ltd Wright Housewares Co. Ltd Wenzhou Haijun Sanitary Hardware Co. Ltd Suzhou Xindadi Hardware Co. Ltd Tanio International Holdings Ltd Tasonic Industrial Co. Ltd Tekman Mfg Ltd Tevo Industrial Co. Ltd Shenzhen Tairisheng Industry Co. Co. Ltd Spring Tree Industry Co. Ltd Wenzhou Elite International Co. Ltd Wenzhou J-Zin Import & Export Co. Ltd Wenzhou Bosheng Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co. Ltd Wui Kai Locks Mfy Ltd Wujiang Shenta Hengfeng Hardware Plastic Product Fty Page 350 342 384 104 52 90 270 150 147 266 192 130 120 97 298 208 48 94 316 121 45 342 217 363 148 224 220 233 183 374 391 120 382 72 160 89 184 286 150 312 36 252 350 336 103 218 389 328 289 266 245 266 248 132 330 366 290 340 82 254 52 125 371 274 361 115 60 318 185 279 154 331 358 171 175 440 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd Wenzhou Yongchang Tools Co. Ltd Wenzhou Sinoamigo Imp. Ltd Shenzhen Wejoin Machinery & Electrical Technology Co. Co. Ltd Tin Shing Metal Mfy Today Modular Architecture & Construction Co. Ltd Tianjin Furen Steel Tube Co. Ltd THB Bearings Co. Ltd Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co.com . Ltd UNI-home Industry Corporation Union-Power Metals Mfg (Shunde) Co. Ltd Tongdy Control Technology Co. Ltd Wenzhou SC Import & Export Co. Ltd Shijiazhuang Huize Pipe Fitting Co. Ltd Tianjin Haoyou Industry Trade Co. Ltd Somax Enterprise Co. Ltd Suzhou Benteng Science and Technology Co. 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com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 441 .More new products .www.globalsources.

Ltd Zhengzhou Yutong Heavy Industries Co. Ltd ZHY Tool Co. Ltd Xiamen Co-Gold Import & Export Co. Ltd Zhejiang Hengyuan Steel Co. Ltd Xiamen C&D Inc. Ltd Zhengzhou Sanhui Co.com . Ltd Zhejiang Xinxing Tools Co. Ltd Zhejiang Xingyu Industry & Trade Co. Ltd Zhengzhou Taida Mining & Metallurgy Equipment Co. Ltd Zhejiang Kingwash Electromachinery Co. Ltd Zhuhai Weichuang Technology Co. Ltd Xiamen Fullstar Imp. Ltd Yixing Hualong New Material Lumber Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang Qians' Huilong Group Co. Ltd Zhejiang Okawa M&E Co. & Exp.C.41 64 323 276 310 159 382 301 376 C-2 103 305 164 215 378 209 232 280 339 401 346 356 387 337 407 146 91 126 48 129 188 94 246 357 314 325 185 409 442 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd Xuda Mold International Co. Ltd Zhongshan Genius Copper & Aluminium Products Co. Ltd Yuyao Hengxing Pipe Co. Ltd Zhejiang Jinli Industry Co. Ltd Yantai Profstone Imp. Ltd Zhongqiao Hardware & Electrical Appliance Mfg Co. Ltd Yean-Lu-Yi Co.globalsources. 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More new products .www.com July 2011 Hardware & DIY 443 .globalsources.

along with other buyers in the oil. Xiamen. power.com/landee. drainage and irrigation industries. fasteners and gaskets.globalsources. X-ray tests and ultrasonic and magnetic particle examination. gas.com .Choose verified suppliers .Seamless pipes. DIN. chemical analysis. Our experience and resources also give us the ability to ship four 20-foot containers in just three to four weeks. Fujian 361012. BS. Shell. mechanical property tests. And our 15-year industry presence gives us the expertise to assist you throughout the sourcing process.co • www.landee. pipe fittings. PDO and AFPC. Steel pipe fittings Forged steel ball valve Xiamen Landee Industries Co. JIS and other international standards – another measure of our commitment to quality and safety. strainers. 321 Jiahe Rd.. China Tel: (86-592) 520 4188.cn www.com • landee@landee. flanges. Inquire today and we’ll respond within 12 hours. Huiteng Metropolis. petrochemical. We also have 39 inspectors on the production floor and in our workshop to make sure the items you receive are in the best condition possible. Forged flange Our products strictly adhere to API.globalsources. available in various materials and sizes Stud bolts with xylan fluoropolymer-coated surface finishes Big companies such as Exxon Mobil. Our QC workshop has equipment for pressure tests.cn 444 Hardware & DIY July 2011 www. Ltd Suite 2201. Find out the reasons why buyers in the Americas and Europe source from us. ANSI. can attest to the quality of our valves. 505 8283 E-mail: landee@globalsources. 505 8280 Fax: (86-592) 520 4189. pipes.