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Speak It Into Being

IT’S BEEN, WHAT, SIX MONTHS SINCE THE WORLD MET LAVAR BALL AND HIS BROOD OF BIG BALLERS? And already most basketball fans would recognize their big house in this upscale tract-housing community about 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles. There’s the double-rimmed basketball hoops rising from the solid white concrete fence in the backyard. The fake grass out front (you try keeping the real stuff going once it gets hot in the summer). The collection of luxury cars that LaVar bought for his three sons so they wouldn’t be swayed when someone else tried to impress them with wheels. And, of course, t
ESPN The Magazine
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No. 1 Golden State Warriors Only One Man Can Stop Steph Curry. His Name Is Kevin Durant.

IT’S MARCH 15, and Stephen Curry is hard at work in his laboratory, firing shots at the basket tucked in the corner of Golden State’s practice facility. Steph’s hoop has been a constant since 2012, back when he lived in a loft on the same block as the facility. Curry might change shoes at halftime if his shot is errant, but he’s never changing baskets. The hoop is on the fifth floor of the pinkish-beige downtown Oakland Marriott, resting above the city’s attached, unassuming strip of a convention center. Atop the beige box sits a panopticon where media and visitors stare at the efforts of a m
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Sights Around the World Every Sports Fan Must See

An anonymous sports fan once said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away.” OK, I don’t know if the guy who said that was a sports fan (or even a guy), but I do know that for those of us who love sports, the thrill of seeing an epic event or storied arena can be close to the meaning of life. We fans are thrill-seekers. We are also memory collectors—memory hoarders, to be more precise—and as we check items off our bucket list, those checks become prized mementos. And our personal sports bucket list becomes an impatiently t
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Gut instinct vs. big data…

Does incorporating data analysis take away from the art of sports, or does it sweeten the taste of victory? This “Moneyball”-esque tale about the MLB Pirates puts in the hard work & examines the raw data to find out.