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The Atlantic
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Humans Accidentally Created a Protective Bubble Around Earth

The next time someone says you’re living in a bubble, remind them that we all are. A pair of NASA space probes have detected an artificial bubble around Earth that forms when radio communications from the ground interact with high-energy radiation particles in space, the agency announced this week. The bubble forms a protective barrier around Earth, shielding the planet from potentially dangerous space weather, like solar flares and other ejections from the sun. Earth already has its own protective bubble, a magnetosphere stretched by powerful solar winds. The artificial bubble that NASA found
Popular Science
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Los Angeles Has Enjoyed The Same Amazing Climate For 50,000 Years

Modern darking beetle Joyce Gross Los Angeles is the land of sunshine, warm summers, and mild winters, with only a few dark and cloudy days to darken the relentless California cheerfulness. But what if you travelled back in time 50,000 years? What would California’s climate look like then? Probably about the same. At least, that’s what the asphalt-encrusted beetles have to say about it. A study published this week in Quaternary Science Reviews examined fragments of ancient beetles from the famous La Brea Tar Pits. The researchers carbon-dated the beetles and matched them up with the environmen
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The Science Behind The Super Abilities Of Sherpas

Sherpas are extraordinary human beings. In the high peaks of the Himalayas, members of the Nepalese ethnic group are famous for their speed-climbing records, ascents of routes that no one has ascended before, expert guiding and other skills. What makes Sherpas so good at climbing into the wispy atmosphere of the world's tallest mountains? They may be better at harnessing oxygen than the rest of us, suggests a new study, which also offers insights that could eventually help ordinary people whose tissues become deprived of oxygen because of medical conditions. "You don't need to spend very long
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Alex K., Scribd Editor
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Rocked the scientific community…

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” is the powerful true story of the woman who spawned a medical revolution. Skloot seamlessly weaves the stories of Henrietta’s life, her cells which rocked the scientific community, and a family struggling to cope with her mother’s immortality.

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Fascinating treatise…

You probably pass by dozens of trees every day, but do you ever think about how trees are social entities? Your next walk through the woods will be even more magical after reading Wohlleben’s heartfelt and fascinating treatise to trees.