Mother Jones 02/01/17
Parisian photojournalist ZEN LEFORT began his career schlepping lighting equipment for fashion photographers. Since then, the 23-year-old has documented militias in the Central African Republic, children affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam, demonstra
How Trump Played The Media
THERE AREN’T A LOT of people or things that have not yet been blamed for the election of Donald Trump. FBI Director James Comey. Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity. Twitter, Facebook, CNN, the Democratic National Committee, an
Don’t Mourn. Fight.
DECADES FROM NOW, when the election of 2016 is distilled to its essence, what will that be? Many hoped the central lesson would be a shattered glass ceiling and a cementing of the Obama legacy. An expansion of rights and tolerance. Instead, a small
Peter’s Choice
I asked one of my students to explain his support for Trump. The answer was more than I bargained for.
Bully Pulpit
WHEN I WAS about 10, a classmate in my small-town school in Latvia liked to tell me in between classes that he hated Jews. I was the only Jewish kid in school, and one day as I walked home I heard steps behind me. My eyes caught his, and we stood the
Swamp Creature
2016 WAS SUPPOSED to be the Dark Money Election, the year when a flood of anonymous campaign cash would dominate news cycles, the internet, and the airwaves, and pick our next president. In January 2015, the Koch brothers declared that their shadowy
Code Switch
DID YOU EVER wonder why Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan took such root among the Republican base? Did it symbolize a return to an age when wages were higher and jobs more secure? Or was it coded racial language designed to signal a r
Here’s How To Save Obamacare
DONALD TRUMP CAMPAIGNED on a promise to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law. In fact, he vowed to ask Congress to deliver a full repeal “on day one.” Can he do that? Well, no one can stop him from asking. But can Congress make it happen?
Return to the Dark Side
Liz Cheney is coming back to Washington, and she’s eager to pick up where her dad left off.
Make America Hate Again
The Birth Of A Notion
2007: Right-wing firebrand Andrew Breitbart creates Breitbart News as an antidote to “liberal bias” in media. “My entire business model is to go on offense,” he tells Slate. “They don’t like our aggressiveness. They want to portray me as crazy, unhin
Crude Awakening
Clashes over the Dakota Access Pipeline have inspired a new movement for Native American rights.
What To Expect
WHEN CLAIRE L. found out she was pregnant, she was ecstatic but a little nervous. Every one of her female relatives on her mother’s side—her grandma, her mom, her aunts, her sister—had needed a cesarean section. Slender hips and big babies were a fam
A Fish Out Of Water
BY MID-OCTOBER, harvest is in full swing in central Iowa. Giant green combines crawl through rows of withered corn until well after dusk as Webster City’s farmers hurry to gather their crops before the first freeze sets in. The stiff, pale bodies of
Sound Effects
Florence Williams IF YOU’RE A tree frog or an ovenbird in mating season and you happen to live in the 83 percent of the continental United States that lies within 3,500 feet of a road, bummer for you. Not only are you more likely to collide with an
In Country
Why are Americans so fearful of refugees? This Pulitzer Prize-winning author has his theories.
The Closet In The Cloud
LAST YEAR, A FRIEND of mine hosted a clothing swap. There were about 10 women and just a few rules: Bring clothes you want to get rid of. Take the items from your friends’ closets that you like, and the rest goes to the local thrift shop. The setup w
Lost In The Supermarket
DEBORAH GILFILLAN lives between Brooklyn’s first Trader Joe’s and its flagship Whole Foods. She’s also walking distance from Union Market, a local grocery chain where flank steak sells for $15.99 per pound. But these stores are too expensive and don’