Mother Jones 02/01/16
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When running late for her interview with a lawyer suing Uber, 1 Hannah Levintova decided her best option was to take the subway (“Road Warrior,” page 5). 2 Clive Thompson lives in a Brooklyn neighborhood where a parking spot converted to livable spac
Road Warrior
Is Uber ripping off its drivers? The woman who beat Starbucks and FedEx in court says yes.
The War On Wombs
Here’s what happened when politicians started treating women’s bodies like meth labs. Literally.
The Spy Who Stayed In From The Cold
How armchair intelligence analysts are debunking propaganda and uncovering war crimes without leaving home
No Parking Here
You’ve heard about how robocars are going to upend the economy. But have you thought about what they’ll do to urban space?
My Life To Leave
Assisted suicide, my family, and me
Do Candidates Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Clone armies, super-PAC spawns, and Potemkin headquarters. Welcome to the Age of the Uncampaign.
Humanitarian Raid
The World Bank is supposed to help the poor. So why do so many of its investments underwrite oligarchs?
Risky Business
Meet some of the IFC’s most controversial beneficiaries.
The Boy’s Life
At 16, Taurus Buchanan threw one deadly punch—and was sent away for life. Will the Supreme Court give him, and hundreds like him, a chance at freedom?
King Of Uncool
Kumail Nanjiani on sex, Silicon Valley, and the skepticism of Dana Scully
See How They Ran
From Thomas Eagleton’s depression to the 47 percent fiasco, CBS newsman John Dickerson puts campaign madness in perspective.
The Winding Stream BETH HARRINGTON PRODUCTIONS How big a deal was Virginia’s Carter Family? You've heard their staples, like “Keep on the Sunny Side” and “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?”—the “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect. And every folk and count
Wherefore Art Thou, Mohammad?
How the fates of a reporter and a rebellious Afghan couple became one
Hot Takes
Where does the green energy from your rooftop solar panels really go?
Metabolize This
If you believe recent claims that you can exercise away junk food, think again.