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February 5 2017
New York Magazine5 min readPolitics
1 “If the campaign estranged Kushner from the privileged world he once inhabited, the election represented a conclusive break,” wrote Andrew Rice in his profile of Donald Trump’s son-in-law turned shadow campaign manager, Jared Kushner (“The Young Tr
New York Magazine3 min read
The Circus Comes To America
And in the Center Ring This cover story by Richard Reeves, titled “Jerry Ford and His Flying Circus: A Presidential Diary,” opens with a gaffe. Gerald Ford had been inaugurated three months earlier as Richard Nixon resigned and had within weeks pardo
New York Magazine5 min readPolitics
The National Interest: Jonathan Chait
The Republicans Own Obamacare Now And the question becomes: How many people will they let suffer?
New York Magazine4 min readPolitics
34 Minutes With … Jeff Zucker
IT’S JUST UNFORTUNATE that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said, sitting in his office at the network’s cavernous Columbus Circle newsroom, talking about the now-preside
New York Magazine5 min read
The Culture Business: Mark Harris
HOLLYWOOD AND DONALD TRUMP are stuck in a standoff. The unofficial boycott of the inauguration by the entertainment industry—never announced but fully enacted—was a fitting end point to a yearlong anti-Trump campaign that was at once successful and i
New York Magazine26 min readPolitics
America Is Still The Future
BY THE TIME the court opened, there were around two dozen of us in line, nervously fiddling with our official papers. I was recovering from a brief but brutal stomach flu, which meant I hadn’t eaten in two days and had split open my lip in a mad, hal
New York Magazine10 min readPolitics
Russia: Life After Trust
Once you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all. Lessons from Putin’s Moscow.
New York Magazine14 min readPolitics
Long On Trump
Wall Streeters like Anthony Scaramucci BET HEAVY ON The Would-be President back when that seemed like a pretty dumb investment. BONUS TIME!
New York Magazine6 min readPolitics
Government By Gazillionaires
In his bid to build a staff of “the greatest people, the most incredible people,” Trump has nominated, in the main, plutocrats and those who hold their interests closest to heart.
New York Magazine2 min read
1 The Myth Of Dressing Your Age
I HATE ARTICLES about dressing your age. The whole notion that there are particular pieces of clothing that every woman should give up upon reaching a certain birthday is preposterous: “Aging out” of certain items happens, it’s true, but not on any p
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2 Everybody Needs A Boy Toy
I’M 56. I have never wanted to be married, I’ve never wanted children, and I’m not interested in a conventional relationship. I believe everyone should be free to design the relationship model that works for them. And for me that’s dating younger men
New York Magazine3 min read
3 Don’t Tell Me I Look Good
DON’T BOTHER TELLING me how good I look, because I know what you really mean. For my age, you mean. Face it: To tell a woman over 50 that she “looks good” is condescending, like telling a 4-year-old that she’s “so big” or a dog that he’s “so smart.”
New York Magazine3 min read
4 Fast-Forward To Middle Age
LATELY I’ve been trying not to think about the wrinkles starting in on my chest. It’s not going so well. There are lines: deep, definite, irrevocable wrinkles. God knows what’s happening where I can’t see it. All I can do is try to catch up, mentally
New York Magazine2 min read
The Look Book
INTERVIEW BY ALEXIS SWERDLOFF LIGHTNING ROUND Age: 23. Graduated: In 2015 from Bard. On clothes: “I usually like to wear a nice shirt, nice pants—these are the clothes I’d wear at the ranch.” Currently reading: Bomb, Book, and Compass, by Simon Win
New York Magazine2 min read
Second Home
When a couple returned to a Park Slope duplex they’d vacated ten years ago, they gave it a whole new look.
New York Magazine4 min readFood & Wine
Dk Kitchen
2/5 Stars Loring Place 21 W. 8th St., nr. Macdougal St. 212-388-1831 IF IT’S TRUE, as I’ve observed before, that the world of cooks and restaurateurs can be divided, the way the philosopher Isaiah Berlin famously did with writ
New York Magazine2 min read
Wet Hot American Sandwich
WHEN A RESTAURANT OPENS on the Upper West Side of Manhattan serving $15 cocktails and five kinds of French-dip sandwiches, you begin to wonder about culinary nostalgia and the eternal lure of the familiar. The new Maison Pickle (2315 Broadway) lists
New York Magazine1 min readFood & Wine
BEEF ON WECK Buffalo’s signature roast-beef sandwich is defined by its distinctive bread, the hard, round salt-and-caraway-seed roll called a kummelweck, and by the accompanying gob of horseradish. Get it at Buffalo’s Famous, an orange-Formica takeo
New York Magazine9 min read
Impossible Dream
Brit Marling’s ethereal series The OA is the year’s first sleeper hit. Which is funny, given that a few years ago, it likely never would have gotten made.
New York Magazine1 min read
Life On Mars
A poignant art exhibit suggests a modest proposal for Syrian refugees—relocating to outer space.
New York Magazine4 min read
Tragedy Foretold
Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi mines a bygone American classic to tell a compelling story about Iran—and America—today.
New York Magazine3 min read
The Anticipation Index
THANKS TO SOCIAL-MEDIA chatter and a steady drip of marketing teases, looking forward to cultural happenings has become its own form of entertainment. Here, we present our entirely scientific ranking of the events, both imminent and far off, we’re cu
New York Magazine9 min read
Archie and Betty and Veronica and Zombies
How a 76-year-old gang of teenagers wound up fighting the undead, meeting the Ramones, and starring in a sex-infused murder-mystery show on the CW.
New York Magazine1 min read
The Cheat Code
Can hi-tech earbuds silence movie chatter? the here line of earbuds from Doppler Labs promises to let you remix the sounds of the outside world—dim the din at a noisy office, or eavesdrop on a conversation at the coffee shop—all via an app that allo
New York Magazine3 min read
Billy Eichner Has A Few Questions
ARMED WITH NOTHING more than a microphone and inexhaustible chutzpah, Billy Eichner has made his candid-interview show Billy on the Street surprisingly compelling. Eichner accosts random passersby with rapid-fire questions (“Santa’s Reindeer or Sex A
New York Magazine6 min read
What Happened To Paul Auster?
CHRISTIAN LORENTZEN 4 3 2 1 BY PAUL AUSTER. HENRY HOLT AND CO. 880 PAGES. WHAT IF YOU WERE made to account for the books on your shelves the way souls have to account for their sins? I’m not talking about some bogus social signaling when a date is
New York Magazine5 min read
Trapped In History
New York Magazine5 min read
How Art Can Fight Trump
JERRY SALTZ AT 12:36 P.M. ON WEDNESDAY, January 11, the same day President-elect Trump laid down an almost Stalinist fist at his first press conference since the election, an artist on Twitter took what feels like the start of an effective action ag