Mother Jones 08/01/16
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KELSEY DAKE draws for the New York Times, Nike, and McSweeney’s, among others, from her home in Phoenix. Dake, who has already re-created Donald Trump’s likeness a few times this year, was happy to have an election season assignment that didn’t invol
Make America Hate Again
Meet the white nationalists salivating at the thought of a Trump presidency.
Conventional Warfare
Nine times that presidential conventions devolved into madness
Olympians Without Borders
What it’s like to compete when you have “no flag to march behind”
The Little Tax That Could
How Hillary can rein in Big Finance—and win over Bernie’s supporters in the process
Muckraking in the Modern Era
Legal intimidation has made exposés like this one rare. It’s time for journalists to reclaim our roots.
A Brief History Of America’s Private Prison Industry
Madison Pauly 1983: Thomas Beasley, Doctor R. Crants, and T. Don Hutto start Corrections Corporation of America, the world’s first private prison company. 1984: CCA begins operating a county jail and a juvenile detention center in Tennessee. It als
Why Is It So Hard For Inmates To Sue Prisons?
Jaeah Lee It began with a complaint about salad. Since he started serving time in the ’70s, Melvin Leroy Tyler has filed dozens of lawsuits advocating better conditions in Missouri prisons, earning himself the nickname King of the Writs. One newspa
On The Record
The father of turntablism breaks down DJing, Drake, and Netflix’s new series The Get Down.
White Open Spaces
Confronting our parks’ racist history
A Brief History Of Bathroom Freakouts
Samantha Michaels Second century B.C.: In Rome’s public latrines, up to 80 men and women sit side by side on marble slabs, socializing—and wiping with a communal sponge on a stick. 1739: A Parisian restaurant rolls out some of the first sex-segrega
Come Undung
How one of our most successful humanitarian efforts is becoming a foul problem for the planet
Fishy Story
Are you eating sustainable snapper or farmed tilapia?