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December 1 2016
Mother Jones1 min read
Photographer WINNI WINTERMEYER grew up in Germany, far from guns, and didn’t love having a rifle in the studio while shooting (with his camera!) MoJo senior reporter Shane Bauer—but he was fascinated by the camouflage aesthetic (“Undercover With a Bo
Mother Jones6 min readPolitics
Conspiracy Theorist In Chief
Donald Trump hasn’t just resurrected the paranoid style of American politics—he’s made it go mainstream.
Mother Jones2 min readPolitics
Jail Bait
T.M. 2015 SEPTEMBER: Infowars debuts its “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt. “I’m proud of it,” says Alex Jones. DECEMBER: Donald Trump tweets an image of a supporter in a “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt. 2016 JUNE 2: Trump tells a rally in San Jose, Cal
Mother Jones5 min read
The Rockweed Rush
Corporate harvesters are ripping up native seaweed—for use in everything from dog food to fracking.
Mother Jones4 min read
Snap Judgment
The 1996 welfare reform law is being used to cut food aid to some of the poorest Americans.
Mother Jones3 min readPolitics
A Well-Regulated History of Militias in America
Sara Rathod After independence, America’s militias were seen as an alternative to a standing army, but they fell by the wayside in the 19th century, only to be revived in the late 20th century by self-appointed patriots animated by fears of big gove
Mother Jones3 min readPolitics
Trump’s Troops
David Neiwert and Sarah Posner Meet the militia leaders and associates who have jumped on the Trump train. In April 2014, Donald Trump was asked about Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who had recently led a militia-backed standoff with federal auth
Mother Jones20 min readPolitics
The Bathroom And The Ballot Box
Multimillionaire Art Pope’s push to rewrite North Carolina politics was almost complete—until his cohorts went one bill too far.
Mother Jones4 min read
Colorblind Justice
John Roberts has made rolling back the Voting Rights Act a cornerstone of his career. Now the lower courts are pushing back.
Mother Jones17 min readPolitics
Mighty Morphin Power Player
ON AUGUST 22, a convoy of blacked-out Suburbans, flanked by police escorts, sped west along Sunset Boulevard and then headed north into the Hollywood Hills. The motorcade finally pulled up to the gated entrance of Beverly Park, an exclusive enclave t
Mother Jones7 min read
Wazed And Confused
ABOUT 15 YEARS ago, anthropologist Claudio Aporta and philosopher Eric Higgs traveled to Igloolik, a remote island in far northeast Canada, to answer an intriguing question: How might newly introduced GPS devices affect the island’s Inuit hunters, wh
Mother Jones3 min read
A Brief History Of Gps
Gregory Barber and Alexander Sammon 1956: Sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke envisions “a position-finding grid whereby anyone on earth could locate himself by means of a couple of dials on an instrument about the size of a watch...No one on the planet
Mother Jones5 min read
Man In The Mirror
Michael Mechanic CHARLIE BROOKER IS 45 minutes late for our phone interview, and I’m starting to feel like a desperate adolescent. Then again, fans of Black Mirror, Brooker’s smart, Twilight Zone-esque TV series, have waited years for the six new ep
Mother Jones3 min read
HAVE YOU EVER looked up at a glowing city skyline and wondered, even though it’s pretty and all, why so many offices stay lit up all night long? It’s hardly an idle question. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, commerc
Mother Jones3 min readFood & Wine
Yeast Of Burden
Instead of 9 million dairy cows, Americans might soon be milking billions of microscopic creatures.