Associated Press4 min read
Critics: NFL Decision Chooses Mainstream Appeal Over Players
Critics say the NFL's decision to force players to stand during the national anthem if on the field say the policy prioritizes the league's mainstream appeal over athletes
Associated Press4 min readSociety
Chaos Of Las Vegas Shooting Promoted Fears Of Wider Attack
Gunshots came so rapidly during the deadliest mass shooting in the nation's modern history that one Las Vegas police officer feared he was facing a fully stocked assault team with tactical gear
Associated Press5 min readPolitics
Trump Cancels Summit, Citing 'Open Hostility' By North Korea
President Donald Trump is canceling the June 12 summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, citing the "tremendous anger and open hostility" in a recent statement from North Korea
Associated Press2 min read
Emergency Rule Prohibits Most Anchoring In Michigan Waterway
Michigan's governor has approved an emergency rule prohibiting most vessels from dropping anchor in a waterway where oil, electric and other infrastructure cables rest
Associated Press3 min read
Texas Governor Supports 2 Small Gun Rules After Shooting
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday he could support stronger regulations for gun storage and quicker reporting to law enforcement when a court has determined someone is mentally ill in order to keep them from having weapons. A
Associated Press2 min read
'Eerie' Blue Flames Burn In Cracks Caused By Hawaii Volcano
Scientists in Hawaii have captured rare images of blue methane flames burning from cracks in pavement as the Kilauea volcano gushes lava in the background
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
FBI Briefed On Allegations Against Missouri Governor
Allegations of sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens have been shared with federal authorities
Associated Press3 min readSociety
Police: Missing Mexican Woman's Body Found In Utah Canyon
Utah police say they've found the body of a woman who disappeared on the way home from English class three years ago, shortly after she moved from Mexico
Associated Press3 min read
Discovery Of World War II Soldier's Plane Brings Closure
When Tom Kelly's relatives got word that his World War II B-24 bomber had finally been found, a wave of exhilaration and grief washed over them
Associated Press4 min readPolitics
Stocks Slip As Trump Says North Korean Meeting Is Canceled
US stocks recover from their worst losses, but they're still solidly lower after President Donald Trump said he'd canceled a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un scheduled for June
Associated Press2 min readSociety
Michigan Supreme Court Justice: Judges Must Cool Rhetoric
A Michigan Supreme Court justice has a message for judges who seem to seek vengeance: cool it, folks
Associated Press2 min read
Hawaii Volcano Generates Blue Flames From Burning Methane
Lava from Hawaii's erupting volcano that is flowing near a geothermal plant has prompted the plugging of production wells to prevent toxic gas from seeping out
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
In GOP Immigration Battle, Factions Split Over Citizenship
Divisions over whether to provide a conduit to citizenship for young "Dreamer" immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally loom for House Republicans
Associated Press3 min readSociety
Mexican Mafia Run Jail Crime Like An 'Illegal Government'
The Los Angeles jails are run by the county sheriff, but the Mexican Mafia wields the power in the underworld behind bars
Associated Press1 min read
US Home Sales Fell 2.5 Percent In April
US sales of existing homes tumbled 2.5 percent in April; inventory shortage and higher costs weigh on market
Associated Press2 min read
Boston Globe Probes Text Allegation Against Top Editor
Boston Globe executives are investigating an allegation that the newspaper's top editor had an inappropriate text exchange with a former employee
Associated Press3 min readSociety
Las Vegas Strike Would Have Far-reaching Effect
Two casino companies facing the threat of a strike from housekeepers, bartenders, servers and other key employees saw their shares slide
Associated Press2 min read
Acclaimed Nigerian Author Speaks At Harvard Class Day
Acclaimed Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has addressed Harvard University's graduates at the school's annual pre-commencement Class Day festivities
Associated Press2 min readSociety
California High Court To Rule On Social Media Access
The California Supreme Court will decide whether Facebook and other social media companies must turn over user content to criminal defendants preparing for trial
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
In US House Race, Former Navy Commander Targets Former SEAL
Political battle lines are forming in Virginia where a woman ex-Navy commander wants to lead Democrats in capturing a Republican congressional seat held by a former Navy SEAL
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
Biden: Republicans Show 'Phony Populism,' 'Fake Nationalism'
Joe Biden has rebuked President Donald Trump and other Washington Republicans, saying they've turned their backs on American values in the name of "phony populism" and "fake nationalism."
Associated Press3 min read
Grand Jury Says Police Shooting Of Georgia Man Justified
Georgia grand jury says fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man by police was justified because he pointed BB pistol at officers
Associated Press4 min readPolitics
NFL Sparks New Questions Over Anthem; Trump Lauds League
NFL imposes new policy on anthem, raising new questions; Trump says league did 'right thing'
Associated Press1 min readPolitics
House Passes $717B Pentagon Policy Measure
The House has passed a $717 billion defense policy bill that would give the military a 2.6 percent pay hike, the largest in nine years
Associated Press3 min readSociety
Chief Defends Officers Cleared By Grand Jury In Shooting
A Georgia police chief says officers acted professionally and appropriately when they fatally shot a 20-year-old man in January, and he urged the public to review all the evidence in the case
Associated Press5 min readSports & Recreation
Stand Or Stay Out Of Sight: NFL Takes On Anthem Protesters
Stand or stay out of sight: NFL owners approve new policy aimed at quelling the firestorm over national anthem protests, permitting players to stay in the locker room during "The Star-Spangled Banner" but requiring them to stand if they come onto fie
Associated Press2 min readPolitics
California's West Hollywood declares 'Stormy Daniels Day'
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — Stormy Daniels: Freedom fighter or city icon? The porn actress who is suing President Donald Trump was praised Wednesday as a heroine in West Hollywood, California. About 100 people cheered and chanted "Stormy! Stormy!"
Associated Press3 min readSociety
Las Vegas Strike Would Have Far-reaching Effect
Two casino companies facing the threat of a strike from housekeepers, bartenders, servers and other key employees saw their shares slide
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
APNewsBreak: Ethics Complaint Made Over 2017 Reporter Attack
The head of the Montana Democratic Party is asking for a congressional ethics investigation into whether Republican U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte lied about his attack of a reporter last year
Associated Press3 min readPolitics
AP FACT CHECK: Trump Puts Words In Clapper's Mouth
AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts the words of Obama's intelligence chief as part of effort to trash credibility of Russia probe
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