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Ex-espn Prez Tries To Out-espn ESPN
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May’s Crushing Loss
“Defeat” is too small a word for the rebuke Britain’s Parliament handed Prime Minister Theresa May. Her Brexit deal, laboriously negotiated over months, was voted down by a massive 230 votes—a far bigger margin than expected and the worst loss of any
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Come Together, Right Now
You should host a party. Our civilization depends on it. If that sounds overly dramatic, know that I’m not the only one sounding the alarm that society is falling apart because we’ve forgotten how to hang out. Sociologists have been fretting over o
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Italy Invites Poland To the Anti-EU Party
When Matteo Salvini headed to a snow-clad Warsaw in early January to offer a populist pact to Poland’s ruling party, Italy’s deputy prime minister had not one but two elections on his mind. As leader of the euroskeptic League, he wanted to forge a gr
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The Bitter Angels of Trump’s Nature
Mick Mulvaney, one of the president’s most trusted advisers and his current acting chief of staff, is an avowed skeptic of large-scale government who previously espoused the benefits of shutdowns as the president’s budget chief and as a Tea Party mem
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An Investing Prophet Takes on Climate Change
Terrifying an audience is one of Jeremy Grantham’s specialties. The legendary investor, co-founder of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO), is famous for predicting doom. And he’s famous for being right, with a remarkable record of spotting investment bu
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Turning Food Courts Into Office Space
Three decades ago, Tom Petty strummed his guitar while riding the escalator at Westside Pavilion in his Free Fallin’ music video. He couldn’t have picked a more iconic scene for 1980s Los Angeles or that era’s mall culture. Every weekend, teenagers h
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Tax Breaklandia
Large swaths of Portland now qualify for a suite of federal incentives. Developers are circling
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Millennial Women Are Winning the Job Recovery
Among younger Americans, the male-female gap in labor force participation is the smallest it’s ever been
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Sears’s Long
Eddie Lampert, who’s controlled the retailer since 2005, wins a last-ditch bid to try to save it—again
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China’s Fakes Get Harder to Spot
China has come down hard on its world-renowned counterfeit industry in recent years. Bazaars lined with fake watches, shoes, and bags have been demolished. And a new law that went into effect on Jan. 1 promises to slap online retailers with fines of
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D.C. Isn’t Uber’s Biggest Problem
Turbulent markets and the federal shutdown complicate gig companies’ IPO plans, but not as much as new state rules could
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For Whom the Shutdown Tolls
A prolonged idling of government services would have consequences far beyond federal workers going without pay
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Big Up
The Jamaican stock market is so obscure, even emerging-markets funds don’t invest there. And it’s booming
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Locking Up Secrets With Quantum Keys
Commuters inching through rush-hour traffic in the Holland Tunnel between Lower Manhattan and New Jersey don’t know it, but a technology likely to be the future of communication is being tested right outside their car windows. Running through the tun
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Too Big To Fail?
Once again, the world’s investors are turning their worried gaze toward China. And for good reason. Economic growth in the third quarter sank to 6.5 percent, the slowest pace since the depths of the global financial crisis in 2009. Car purchases fell
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Weekend at Bob’s
At a billionaire’s golf nirvana, you can spend three days getting fitted for the most coveted set of clubs in the game.
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An Alzheimer’s Vaccine Hints of Promise
For two decades, biotech companies trying to tackle Alzheimer’s disease have had little success. While vaccines have often shown promise for certain patients, they’ve come with devastating side effects for others—brain swelling, for example—because r
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Choosing Sides In Davos
The U.S. and China are pulling multinational companies and other countries in different directions
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Streaming’s Homegrown Superstars
The list of the 10 best-paid women in music is dominated by American superstars such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. But nestled at No. 8 is a German singer named Helene Fischer. Although she’s little known outside her home country, Fisc
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In Brief
• Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Wells Fargo reported $111b in annual profits for 2018, the largest in U.S. banking history. The final tally will be larger—Morgan Stanley had yet to report at press time. • U.K. Prime Minist
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And Then There Were Six
With the rejection of Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union, the U.K. must now figure out the way forward: Give May a chance to find the compromise she says she’ll seek; stage a fresh referendum; delay Brexit (scheduled for March 29); so
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Globalization Is Surviving Trump
Kevin Kester is used to taking the long view—his family has raised cattle on the land his Bear Valley Ranch occupies in California since 1867. But he also can see what looms in the not-too-distant future across the Pacific Ocean. The 11-country trad
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Tax Driver
ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ MIGHT NOT HAVE SEEN EYE to eye with Joseph Overton, the late free-market advocate. But she has a firm grasp of the concept for which he is best known: the Overton Window. The term refers to the range of ideas that are at any
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Can China’s Banks Handle a Rate Cut?
Bank stocks in China are underperforming, a sign the market is worried about them. Should you be? Banks make up a big part of indexes for onshore Chinese stocks and are therefore in many portfolios whether investors know it or not. Beijing has been
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Nice Spice
The path most spices take from the exotic places they’re grown to your less exotic kitchen cabinet is a long one, both in miles traveled and time elapsed. Which is why the pepper you grind onto a rib-eye and the cinnamon you sprinkle over your oatmea
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Have Your Cake And Drink It, Too
A frosty mug of fizzy yellow pilsner might not sound like the most luxurious post-dinner drink, but what about an imperial stout that’s twice as strong as a regular brew and tastes like pistachio-chocolate ice cream? Certain boozy subgenres of sweet
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After actor Natalie Portman braved the stage at the 2018 Golden Globes to introduce the nominated directors as “all male,” it wasn’t hard to find mocking stories in the media. Critics also went after the many women that night who wore black in solida
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Hey Pal
CEO Dan Schulman saved PayPal from dot-com obsolescence by turning former foes into friends
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Big Dairy’s Big Friend
The American dairy industry is in a bad way. But the Department of Agriculture has thrown it a lifeline—it’s easing Obama-era rules for school lunches
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