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During Micron Technology Inc.’s latest quarterly earnings call in September, Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Mehrotra told those listening to think of the memory-chip maker’s disappointing sales forecast as a temporary detour. Investors want to believ
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Larry Kudlow
The director of the U.S. National Economic Council talks trade, infrastructure, and the labor crunch
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Anwar Ibrahim
After two jail sentences and decades of waiting, a founder of Malaysia’s democratic opposition has a chance to transform the country
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Real Estate
The U.S. housing market has already begun to lose its momentum as rising mortgage rates have cut demand in cities where prices ran too hot for too long, such as Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. If borrowing costs keep climbing next ye
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Wind Power
A coming-of-age moment is bearing down on the U.S. wind power industry, and proponents say it’s ready—well, mostly ready. For a quarter-century, the industry has been supported by federal tax credits that helped it attract $250 billion in investment
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Formula E
In December, Formula E is set to kick off its fifth racing season in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Whereas Formula One has a history of charismatic drivers and long-standing team rivalries, the all-electric series centers much of its hype on the unique d
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Electric Vehicles
The world’s biggest market for electric vehicles wants to get even bigger, so it’s giving automakers what amounts to an ultimatum. Starting in January, all major manufacturers operating in China—from global giants Toyota Motor and General Motors to d
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readFood & Wine
When experts forecast the future of food, they emphasize “fast.” And “casual.” The modernist Danish chef Rasmus Munk rejects those trends. At his soon-to-open Copenhagen restaurant, Alchemist 2.0, Munk will prepare a dinner that can stretch as long a
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Stealth Pricing
• FASHION DROPS After growing into multibillion-dollar businesses by expanding their range of products and the number of locations where they’re sold, European luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Burberry Group Plc are racing to put scarcity b
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
David Siegel
The co-chair of hedge fund Two Sigma Investments says oversight of Silicon Valley should emulate Wall Street’s model. What?
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
A device that shrinks the space—and time—required for growing plants is coming to your kitchen
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Tom Lewand
There seems to be a renaissance of the watch as accessory. Why? With our customers, there is a movement for both analog and digital watches. People are saying they want a little bit of both. There aren’t many accessories that men can choose from, an
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Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador won’t be sworn in as president until Dec. 1, but his honeymoon with investors came to an abrupt end in late October. That’s when he announced his administration would cancel construction of a $13 billion airport n
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Silicon Valley
The U.S. is at the forefront of turning consumer data into revenue. When it comes to privacy laws and punishment for breaches, it’s bringing up the rear
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
Since Macau opened its doors to Las Vegas operators 16 years ago, annual revenue at the Chinese territory’s casinos has surged tenfold, to $33 billion, making it the world’s largest gaming locale. But the luck of casino operators in the former Portug
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Mindy Grossman
How are you positioning the company as you rebrand Weight Watchers around the WW name next year? We’ll be entering 2019 with a whole new portfolio reflecting all the brand initiatives and the transition from not just being the leader in weight manag
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
On the day after Andrés Manuel López Obrador—nicknamed “AMLO”—was elected Mexico’s president, the streets outside the headquarters of Petróleos Mexicanos, the state-owned oil giant, were loud and rowdy in support. Inside the offices there was a morgu
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Once hyped as a miracle material, it’s finally finding its way into everything from Prada jackets to Ford Mustangs
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
China’s policymakers are trying to deflate a lending bubble before it bursts, just as investors have begun to worry about state intervention in companies
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“It is really different to run for office as a woman. You’re held to a higher standard and asked questions men wouldn’t be asked—how are you going to lead as a mother when you have four kids at home. As we continue to see, women are less likely to be
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In most countries, e-commerce is dominated by one or two behemoths, such as Amazon in the U.S. and Britain, Alibaba in China, and MercadoLibre in Brazil. In Russia, where the largest web store has less than 7 percent of the market, at least a half-do
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Brian Athaide was at his desk in Grimsby, Ont., when news broke in October 2017 that Constellation Brands Inc., maker of Corona beer, was investing in Canopy Growth Corp. in a deal valuing the cannabis producer at about $2 billion. Athaide, who was c
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Growth Outlook 2019
The world economy will be out of sync in 2019. The U.S. is likely to expand faster than all but a few other wealthy nations. Europe will be troubled by Brexit and Italy’s budget deficits. In the developing world, China, pressured by its trade war wit
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The political mood in India has darkened significantly as Prime Minister Narendra Modi gears up for reelection in 2019. While the rest of the world perceives Modi as a polite statesman, he and his Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata party aren’t afrai
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Tokyo’s Tax Hike
Burdened by debt, Japan may have found a nonrecessionary way to raise revenue. It’s still risky
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Health Data
Life insurance sales have slipped. One company is offering deals to users of wearable devices
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Elon Musk
The Tesla chief succeeded in rolling out his lower-priced electric car this year. But 2019 won’t be a victory lap
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
In fits and starts, the U.K. is leaving the European Union—just in time for parliamentary elections that could decide the bloc’s fate
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readPolitics
For a few shining moments, Tencent and the rest of China’s national champions seemed on the verge of upstaging Silicon Valley. Then everything went to hell. Early salvos in a trade war with the U.S. and whispers about stretched valuations in smoky Sh
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Investors love exchange-traded funds because they’re simple and cheap. With some index funds now charging zero fees, it’s getting harder for asset managers to make money selling investors the basics. Watch ETFs get more complicated
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