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Hurricane Maria Proves How Difficult It Is To Predict A Storm’s Devastation
A satellite image of Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean Sea on September 19, 2017. Dennis Mersereau The second scale-topping hurricane to make landfall in the past two weeks will tear through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands on Wednesday, bringing to
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Fake Diamonds Helped Scientists Find The Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded On Earth
A girl's best friend, or maybe the cheaper alternative Pexels About 36 million years ago, an asteroid slammed into Canada and created a fake diamond, which over the millennia degraded and transformed into a shiny black rock. Now, geologists have used
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This Scorching Black Exoplanet Takes In All The Light It Can And Gives Almost Nothing Back
An artist's rendering of WASP 12b. NASA We have discovered a planet. It gathers in light from its sun, and refuses to let go. In return, the star strips away the planet’s atmosphere, slowly devouring it. That's how the popular planet-inventing Twitte
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The Plimp Is A Plane-blimp Mashup That Promises Safe Air Transport
Plimp The Plimp uses a blimp-like body to prevent hard crashes and a plane-like body to maneuver through the sky. Egan Airships In 1908, five years after the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk, U.S. Army Lieutenant Thomas Etholen Selfridge ea
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11 New IOS 11 Features To Try
The new operating system arrives iOS 11 will appear on the iPhone X, as well as many older devices. Apple This week marks the official arrival of iOS 11, and Apple's latest operating system boasts quite a few party tricks that you're going to want to
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Siri Has A Peppy New Voice. But That’s Not The Most Important Thing.
In addition to a new voice, Siri can also translate phrases out loud into five other languages. Apple Have you heard? Siri, the virtual persona that speaks from your iPhone, sounds different now. The new voice officially rolls out today as a part of
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Your DNA Probably Didn’t Make You Do It
Lawyers use genetic information to try and get their clients off the hook. Deposit Photos In March, an episode of Law & Order SVU dove into murky scientific waters when it introduced a character claiming to have a gene that made him commit sexual ass
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Is My Drinking Normal, Or Could I Be An Alcoholic?
Nearly every group of people in the United States right now is drinking more than they did a decade ago. Deposit Photos The trouble with alcohol is that it’s everywhere. We don’t treat any other drug the way we treat alcohol, marijuana included, and
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Take These Steps to Secure Your Phone Before Letting Anyone—Even Your Friends—Borrow It
Don't lend out your phone without reading this guide. Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash When somebody asks to borrow your phone—perhaps a stranger asks to make a call, or a friend wants to scroll through your vacation photos—the thought can give you heart
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What Earth Looks Like to Far-Out Celestial Bodies
When we look at stars in the night sky, we’re actually looking back in time. Since it takes a while for light to cross the vast emptiness of the universe—even at a blistering 186,000 miles per second—we’re seeing each celestial object as it looked eo
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What the Pop Sci Folks Are Reading Right Now
From our bookshelves to yours. Annie Spratt via Unsplash I never know what to read, so I asked my coworkers. Then I wrote it down here. Here is what the PopSci editors and writers are reading when we are away from our desks. The Dead Mountaineer's In
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Cassini Is Gone. What Comes Next?
There's a whole lot left to explore. NASA It sent back data until the last possible moment, struggling against the atmospheric forces that would soon vaporize the spacecraft into dust. Then, it was gone. Cassini’s perfectly executed dive last week sh
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62 Percent off iPhone 8 Cases and Other Good Deals Happening Today
For more deals and product chatter, check out our exclusive Facebook group. Amazon Tap. Amazon The Amazon Tap—Amazon’s portable Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker—is now 36 percent off, bringing it down to $80, or the lowest price so far this year. It’s
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All the Ways Hurricanes Can Harm—and Help—the Ecosystems They Hit
Texan coastline before and after Harvey swept through in late August. The Brazos River can be seen flooding in the after shot. USGS Hurricanes Harvey and Irma set records with their power, and the devastation they left in their wake. Irma has destroy
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Last Week in Tech: The iPhone X Is Real and Polaroid Is Back From the Dead
The math quiz section of Apple's big iPhone event was surprisingly difficult. Apple When Apple announces new hardware—especially new iPhones—it bulldozes the rest of the week’s tech news into an internet pit. But, life was going on elsewhere while Ti
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Is There a Single Food That You Can Survive on Forever?
Potatoes are awesome, but not enough to live off of them forever. Deposit photos For all of 2016, Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes. There were a few caveats: He ate both white potatoes and sweet ones, and sometimes mixed in soymilk, tomato sauce, salt
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It's Actually Really Dangerous to Go Down a Slide With Your Kid
It's best for young children to go down slides solo. Depositphotos It’s a familiar sight on any playground: A parent placing their small child on their lap before they glide down the slide together. You can almost hear the tyke screaming with glee. P
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The Very Best Ways to Boil Water Quickly, Anywhere
Apply enough heat to water and it will eventually boil, but try toconvince your brain of that while you impatiently loiter in your kitchen, listening for your old kettle to whistle. Your noggin is a timekeeper, and the more you pay attention to each
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Girl Soccer Players Are Five Times More Likely to Return to the Game After a Concussion Than Boys
Soccer players are staying in the game with a concussion. Deposit Photos Shane Miller sees a lot of kids come through his office with concussions. Miller is a pediatric sports medicine specialist at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and in t
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Six Apps to Add Blockbuster Special Effects to Your Smartphone Videos
Add professional effects by simply tapping your phone's screen. David Nield/Popular Science The smartphone revolution hasn't just put a video camera in your pocket. It's given you a whole movie-making studio in one compact package. With the right app
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When Time Seems to Stop, Blame Your Over-Prepared Brains
"This 30-minute meeting is actually interminable." Brian Klutch Not every second is made the same—at least as far as our noggins are concerned. Quickly glance at an analog clock. You might find that the second hand seems stuck at first. But if the pr
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How to Choose the Best Tablet for You
Make sure you pick a tablet that's right for you. William Iven/Unsplash Tablets pack all the power of smartphones behind a much larger screen. That comes in handy when you're watching Netflix on the sofa or reviewing documents on the go. Grab a clip-
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This Year's Ig Nobel Prizes for Unusual Research Honored Old Man Ears and the Fluidity of Cats
If I fits, I sits. Depositphotos The Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony honors scientists who have pursued unusual research. And between the eight-year-old who repeated “I’m bored” whenever the scientists went on too long, the audience chants of “Ira, Ira, Ira,
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Focusing on Soccer May Have a Troubling Effect on Teenage Girls
Girls who played only soccer said they were more stressed. Pexels In youth athletics, as anyone who has ever been around it can tell you, every sport is a blood sport. Competition for top spots, high pressure to succeed, and the allure of a college s
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How to Trick Your Brain Into Thinking a Small Animal Is Hopping up Your Arm
Hippity hoppity. Brian Klutch Everyone hates awkward pauses, and your brain is no exception. The mind’s eye will attempt to fill in dead spaces—though it’s not always very accurate. Try this: Have a friend give a few taps to your forearm, first near
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Eulogy for Cassini
An artist's interpretation of Cassini diving towards Saturn. NASA/JPL-Caltech We thought we knew what it looked like, the planet with the broad, striped belt. We scribbled it onto construction paper with crayons and magic markers; built models of it
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Here’s All the New Apple Stuff You Can Order Right Now
Like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 models are water- and dust-resistant, but it's up to you whether you want to take the plunge with them or not. Apple The hullabaloo surrounding the iPhone X and its new Face ID feature may have overshadowed the other p
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Mysterious Sea Monsters That Wash Ashore Are Rarely Mysterious (and Never Monsters)
An adorable sea blorb that didn't wash ashore, but was instead pulled up from the abyss. You'd never find something this cute decomposing on the beach. Asher Flatt The ocean is a mystery and all that stuff. It’s a wild stallion to be ridden, it’s a w
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Stuck in a Hurricane? Don't Forget to Look Out for Tornadoes.
Hurricane Irma nearing landfall in Florida on September 10, 2017. NOAA/NASA Hurricanes are an amalgam of the worst weather nature can produce. Not only can a landfalling storm plague entire states with intense winds, pounding rains, surges of seawate
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The iPhone X's Face Unlock and the Fifth Amendment Don't Mix
iPhone X includes a facial recognition option for locking and unlocking one's phone. Depositphotos Earlier this week, Apple unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. Its marquis feature is a front-facing array of sensors it calls the TrueDe
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