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How To Use Your Smartphone Without Leaving A Trace
Your phone is logging your activity. Rami Al-zayat via Unsplash Every time you grab your phone to participate in a group chat, watch a YouTube video, or search the internet, you leave a digital trail of activity. This footprint can compromise your pr
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It's Surprisingly Easy For Your Headphones To Damage Your Hearing
Outdoor listening Many listeners crank up the volume of their headphones to drown out intrusive noises like traffic. Henry Be via Unsplash When the rest of the world gets too distracting, it’s tempting to pop in your earbuds, crank up some tunes, and
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Termites Are Nature’s Most Amazing Skyscraper Engineers
Ter-mighty towers. Clint Ford The Namibian savanna is dotted with 13-foot-tall towers of sandy soil. Built by termites just a fifth of an inch long, these mounds aren’t only structural feats—they’re a biological extension of the 1.5-million-bug colon
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Neptune, Titan, Jupiter, And Pluto Look Gorgeous In These New Photos
Neptune as seen from the Very Large Telescope. ESO/P. Weilbacher (AIP) Astronomers released some incredible images of our Solar System this week—let’s take a peek at some of the highlights. Above is the clearest picture of Neptune ever taken from Ear
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Here’s What You Can Do If Your Social Media Post Gets Taken Down
Unacceptable. Facebook Some social media-content is easy to evaluate. Cute cat pictures? Great. Helpful how-to videos? Perfect. Unfortunately, parsing posts gets a lot more complicated when the content flowing through the tubes of social media involv
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This Textile's Twitching Tendrils Hint At A Future Of Programmable Materials
The Active Textile project uses the natural properties of various materials to create environmentally-responsive textiles without robotics. Courtesy MIT Self-Assembly Lab, Designtex, and Steelcase Touching artifacts, in most museums, is not encourage
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Five Rad And Random Things I Found This Week
My job is to find cool stuff. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are useful or fun or ridiculously cheap. Often times, these choices coalesce into a guide of like items—for example, the ultimate guide to making cafe-st
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The Truth Behind 8 Common Misconceptions About Drugs
Recreational drugs, especially ones you take at parties or concerts, can be easy to get misinformation about. Pixabay Drugs, especially illegal ones, are notorious for their misinformation. Without a reliable knowledge base, users—from recreational o
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Geologists Think There Could Be A Quadrillion Tons Of Diamonds Inside Our Planet
The diamonds in the Earth's interior definitely don't look like this. Pixabay/Tatti777 Despite their incredible reputation for being exquisitely rare and valuable, diamonds are more common than you might think. Other planets, like Uranus, are probabl
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China's Super-sized Space Plans May Involve Help From Russia
Long March 9 The Long March 9, when it flies around 2030, will be one of the world's largest space rockets, aimed at lunar and Martian missions. CCTV 1 China recently provided the clearest look yet at one of the world's largest space rockets, the 4,0
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Why This Algebra Teacher Has Her Students Knit In Class
I chose to eliminate pencil, paper, calculator (gasp) and textbook from the classroom completely. Pixabay One snowy January day, I asked a classroom of college students to tell me the first word that came to mind when they thought about mathematics.
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A Realistic Guide To The Current Crop Of Tech Rumors
Gutcheck: Cars will still have wheels for a while We wouldn't put too much stock in this rumor. Popular Science It’s fun to speculate about tech rumors, especially when they apply to the products we use every day. But, every rumor is different. Some
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Sleep Trackers Probably Won’t Help You Sleep Any Better
Sleep monitors are cool to look at, but don’t provide any valuable data to enable you to get a better night’s rest. Pixabay Everyone wants to get a better night’s rest. For typical adult humans, numerous studies show that eight hours is the amount of
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Rising Sea Levels Are Going To Mess With The Internet, Sooner Than You Think
The internet has a vast and messy physical underpinning Flickr user Ossy Snaking beneath roads and strung across oceans, hundreds of thousands of miles of cables and their connections make up the backbone of the internet. Despite its magnitude, this
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'Glider Trucks' Are Pollution Machines, But They Might Roll Past EPA Regulations
New freight truck frames can be fitted with old engines, which are cheaper and more polluting. Pixabay Leading up to the Trump administration, the Environmental Protection Agency had been on track to regulate a group of highly polluting freight truck
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Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning
Air conditioners Great for cooling air indoors...not so great for the environment. Pixabay Air conditioning makes it much easier to work through the summer. In fact, it’s an important tool for public health. But running your AC also increases your ut
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Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To IPad Pro
Soon photographers will be able to use a full version of Photoshop on an iPad. Element5 Digital This article was originally featured on PopPhoto.com. Search for “Photoshop” in the iOS App Store and you’ll get a variety of results including apps like
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Old Footage Of Sports Events Can Help Scientists Track Climate Change
Cyclists racing in a road race. Pexels Pieter De Frenne is a big cycling fan who likes to watch coverage of the Tour of Flanders, a one-day bicycle race held every spring in Belgium. He is also the consummate scientist. So it’s not surprising that he
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Supercharged Blood Helps Some Dolphins Dive 1,000 Meters
Dolphins that practice deep diving have 25 percent more red blood cells compared to their shallow swimming counterparts. Dolphin Quest Near the islands of Bermuda, a bottlenose dolphin with special sensors suction cupped to its fin dove deeper, and d
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Your First Memory Probably Isn't Yours, No Matter How Real It Seems
This girl probably won't really have a good memory of this day, but if her parents tell her about it enough she might think that she does. bruce lam Think back to your earliest memory. What age were you in it? If its under two, you're not alone. In a
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The Tanning Bed In Your Gym Is Worrying Dermatologists
Tanning beds are common sights at many gyms. Pixabay GTL, or–for those who don’t watch Jersey Shore, “gym, tan, laundry,”–may be the credo of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his friends on the Shore, but the pairing of gym and tan stretches far b
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Why Websites Still Break At The Worst Possible Times
Not one of the dogs of Amazon, but still cute. Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash Earlier this week, Amazon held its annual celebration of consumerism known as Prime Day, a 36-hour orgy of buying that spanned over a dozen countries. By Amazon’s own r
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The Weirdest Things We Learned This Week: Artistic Farts, Meat Lozenges, And Tesla's Beloved Pigeon
Tesla recalled that his favorite pigeon was like a white dove with gray-tipped wings. Pixabay What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcas
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The Complicated, Century-long Relationship Between Swimming Pools And Chlorine
The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle was designed for newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst as an homage to ancient Rome. The luxurious outdoor swimming space was reconstructed three times to meet his specific demands. Today, it's empty—drained due
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The Timing Of Your Dinner Could Affect Your Overall Cancer Risk
Eat early (but not if you're a night owl) Pixabay Certain routines are less healthy to abide by than others. Drink coffee too late, and you’ll have trouble getting to bed. Stay up too late, and you’re more likely to develop health complications down
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The Winding, Heated, And Absurdly Technical Oral History Of The Ginger Emoji
The meanings of emoji evolve. Poop may not always mean poop; though sometimes it does. Illustration made with with Getty Images and © EmojiOne In November 2014, a tech-industry consortium announced a new set of emoji that would diversify the physical
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China Launched Two More Massive Type 055 Warships
Launch Each Type 055 destroyer (called a cruiser by the US Navy) displaces over 13,000 tons, and has the heaviest missile load of any post Cold War warship. by78 On July 3rd, China launched two gigantic "Renhai" Type 055 guided missile destroyers (DD
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Jupiter Has 10 Newly-discovered Moons, And One Is A Weirdo
An illustration of the outer moons of Jupiter, including 12 that were recently discovered. Roberto Molar-Candanosa, courtesy of Carnegie Institution for Science. Jupiter has always held fast to the upper echelon of superlatives in our solar system. I
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Human Cancers Aren't Contagious, But Dogs And Other Animals Aren't So Lucky
Dogs beware, this cancer is contagious Joel Mills Whenever Máire Ní Leathlobhair visits a new city, she calls up vets in the area. She wants to know if they’ve seen any dogs harboring ugly genital tumors, contagious lumps that contain one of the more
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The Case For Full-fat Yogurt
Creamy, full-fat yogurt and fruit make a decadent snack that's actually good for you (minus the sugary granola...) Pexels Not all fats are created equal. There’s the dangerous trans fats, the healthy unsaturated fats, and the middling saturated fats,
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