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What To Expect From The Monday Morning Vote To Fund The Government Through Early February 2018
McConnell is expected to hold a vote on the continuing resolution at 1 a.m. eastern on Monday, although NBC News noted that it is unclear whether the measure has the 60 votes it needs to pass.
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Bernie Sanders And Rand Paul Share What They Think It Will Take To Re-open The Government
Senators on both sides of the aisle emphasized the need for negotiation Sunday — while the president suggested a different approach.
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#ReleaseTheMemo: What’s Behind The Document Conservatives Want You To See
As investigations into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign continue, conservatives are now pushing for the release of a potentially scathing look at the FBI and the infamous dossier compiled by British intelligence agent Christo
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One Year Into The Trump Era, The American Left Is Still Growing
In the immediate wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration there was an explosion of progressive activism across the country. A host of new organizations were created to channel the frustrations of Americans who oppose Trump’s agenda into organiz
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One Year In, The Trump Administration Still Has Hundreds Of Positions Left To Fill
Here are just 10 of the hundreds of critical government positions the Trump administration has yet to fill.
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This Week In Trump-Russia News: Shutdown Won’t Stop Mueller Probe As “Witch Hunt” Cries Intensify
The government shutdown won’t stop the FBI’s Russia probe, but Republicans say that a mysterious memo will. The document, which supposedly details abuses of power at the Department of Justice and the FBI, was all the rage among President Donald Trum
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Second Women’s March Draws Thousands Across Country As Trump Mocks Protesters On Twitter
"Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success," the president said.
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Trump Has Been Commander-in-chief For A Year. Here’s How He’s Used The Military So Far.
President Donald Trump had been in office just days when he authorized his first military operation — a chaotic raid on al-Qaeda in Yemen that left one Navy SEAL dead. Trump, the first person to be elected president of the United States without any
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Trump Points Finger At Democrats As Government Shuts Down On Anniversary Of Inauguration
President Donald Trump is blaming Democrats for the government shutdown that began at midnight Friday, tweeting Saturday that they’re “holding our Military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration.” “They could have easily made
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How Women Candidates Will Run On The Republican Anti-abortion Record In 2018
Since Republicans were ushered into office during the 2010 Tea Party wave, a historic rollback of access to abortion and women’s health care services has been introduced across the country at the state level by members of the GOP. Now, ahead of the 2
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With Christie Gone, Felons In New Jersey Could Finally Get Their Voting Rights
When a Democratic state is run by a Republican governor, obvious progressive wins can become frustrating impossibilities. Over the last eight years, New Jersey has tried to pass some of the most progressive voting rights laws in the country, only to
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Trump Is Losing Support From Black Republicans: “It’s Almost As If Trump Doesn’t Really Care”
His already low job approval among black Americans has dropped 60% since his first week in office.
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From Pussy Bows And Hurricane Heels To Ms. Frizzle, This Was The Year In Trump Fashion Controversies
This Saturday is the one-year anniversary of the Trumps moving into the White House — and we’re exhausted. As style reporters, you maybe wouldn’t think that we’d have to be constantly plugged into this family’s doings, but joke’s on you (and us), bec
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While You Weren’t Looking: 5 Stories From Trump’s Cabinet That Aren’t About Shutdowns Or Porn Stars
U.S. health and education departments are cracking down on transgender rights, and the EPA is easing safety restrictions on consumer product safety just as people start eating detergent pods.
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Americans Would Largely Fault Republicans For Government Shut Down, Poll Finds
The poll’s findings could have an impact on whether or not the government will shut down Friday.
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How Trump Has Attacked Blue States During His First Year In Office
Many policies that came from the Trump administration and the GOP were designed to specifically hurt the people who didn’t support Trump in the 2016 election.
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Here’s How ‘The Simpsons’ Keeps Predicting The Future
The Simpsons is known for some surprisingly accurate predictions. In 1994, the Fox show predicted a 2013 incident in which horse meat was found in burgers. In 1997, The Simpsons predicted the 2014 ebola outbreak. And, perhaps most famously, in 2000,
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11 Looks That Prove Men’s Fashion Doesn’t Have To Be As Dull As Actors Make It Look On Red Carpets
The men have it so easy. Men can show up to a red carpet in a black suit or tuxedo and people think, simply and serenely: “Nice.” Or, they can show up in a suit with a subtle little twist and blow people’s minds. When it comes to men wearing what ar
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Democrats Are Standing Firm In Shutdown Negotiations
The party appears to be ready to shut the government down to demand permanent protection for DACA recipients.
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Mic Wakeup: The Shutdown, Fake News And Dylan Farrow All Make Headlines
It’s Friday, Jan. 19. Here are three stories you need to read. As of Thursday evening, only the House could come to a budget consensus, voting 230-197 in favor of a spending bill, with 11 Republicans in opposition of a plan that will keep the govern
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There’s More Than Just Eggs In Your Fast-food Breakfast Sandwich, And Panera Wants To Change That
An egg — just a plain old egg — is the key ingredient in an egg sandwich, yes? While that might be the case in your home kitchen, the simplicity of the dish changes when fast food restaurants serve it. The egg in Starbucks’ sausage, cheddar and egg b
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Dublin Hotel Bans Social Media Influencers: “The Sense Of Entitlement Is Just Too Strong”
The controversy is a lightning rod for existing tensions between influencers and people who find them useless.
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US Olympian Aly Raisman To Larry Nassar: “You Should Have Been Locked Up A Long, Long Time Ago”
The three-time Olympic gold medalist delivered a fiery speech in court, as part of a multi-day sentencing period for the disgraced doctor.
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Need $1,000 Right Now? You’re Not Alone: Here’s Why — And How To Get It.
Wondering how to save or make money fast? If you're short $1,000 for credit card bills or an emergency fund, take action today. This is how to rustle up some quick cash — and actually hold on to it.
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How To Buy A House Or Apartment: 10 Foolproof Steps To Get Your Dream Home On A Budget
Yes, you can get your dream home and still save money. Here are the smartest ways to close on a house or apartment you love — without totally blowing your budget.
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Trump Administration Adds HHS Unit Allowing ‘Religious Freedom’ Rights For Workers
The Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday that it’s forming a new division to protect health workers who object to certain procedures based on their religious beliefs — a move that critics are saying could give health workers a “
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Standoff Forms In Congress As Clock Ticks Closer Towards Government Shutdown
The Republican-controlled Congress doesn't appear to have the votes in the House nor the Senate in order to avoid a government shutdown.
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Bitcoin’s Price — Like The Dow Jones Industrial Average — Does Not Mean What You Think It Does
As the stock market hits highs and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rebound from lows, it's hard to resist asking, "Buy or sell?" But the daily swings are a distraction: Here's what to ask instead.
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Naomi Campbell And Kate Moss Storm The Louis Vuitton Menswear Show To Bid Farewell To Kim Jones
On Thursday, the fashion equivalency of two planets slamming into one another occurred when supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who remain unparalleled in the modeling industry, crashed the Louis Vuitton Fall 2018 menswear show in Paris as a wa
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The Gay Outdoorsman That “Straight-washed” Himself To Keep His Sponsors On Instagram
“Seeing how heteronormative the outdoors industry is, I straight-washed myself for nearly the first year in hopes of fitting the established mold."
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