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Parents Are Exploiting Their Children On YouTube For Fame And Easy Money | Emma Brockes
A mother was arrested this week for allegedly abusing her kids for ‘hilarious’ videos. Why are people watching this stuff?
The Guardian5 min readPolitics
Brexit Q&A: How Likely Are We To Crash Out Of The EU With No Deal?
Possible scenarios range from no deal to May’s deal, Norway plus, second referendum and May’s resignation
The Guardian8 min read
Venezuela's Revolution Of Hunger: A Photo Essay
Economically destroyed, socially unstable and now hungry, Venezuela is undergoing turbulent times. Photographer Ignacio Marín has been covering the crisis since May 2018. He talks about his images and his experience
The Guardian3 min read
My Music Is A Declaration Of Survival | Nathan Bird For IndigenousX
Seeing artists like Ice Cube speak out against racism was an eye-opener. Since then, my passion for hip-hop has never wavered
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We Need A Return To Curiosity – Right Now, People Just Want To Tell You How Wrong You Are | Adrian Chiles
Meeting a group of schoolkids on a tram reminded me that we’ve lost the art of asking genuine questions. I can’t help thinking we could do with being a bit less sure of ourselves
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Mount Everest: Melting Glaciers Exposing Bodies Of Climbers
Melting glaciers on Mount Everest are exposing the dead bodies of climbers previously entombed in ice, as global warming causes temperatures to rise. Almost 300 climbers have been killed attempting to climb the mountain since the first attempt to sca
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German Journalist Who Gave Birth As Hostage In Syria Speaks Of Ordeal
A German woman who was abducted in Syria and held captive for nearly a year has revealed how her kidnappers were prepared to “cut off my head in front of a live camera”, but ended up pampering her with chocolate, toys and luxury nappies after she gav
The Guardian4 min read
New Zealand’s Swift Change To Gun Laws Highlights 25 Years Of US Inaction
Sweeping new ban that came just six days after mass shooting in Christchurch is a stark contrast to the political stalemate in the US
The Guardian4 min read
Behind A Lesbian Furore Over A Famous Palaeontologist Lies A Deeper Truth | Tori Herridge And Becky Wragg Sykes
No one knows if Mary Anning had lovers. But what a new film does get right is the vital role women played in her life
The Guardian9 min read
How Milosevic Stripped Kosovo's Autonomy - Archive, 1989
In March 1989, Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic instituted a new constitution, beginning his nationalistic campaign to create a ‘Greater Serbia’
The Guardian4 min read
'A Perfect Platform': Internet's Abyss Becomes A Far-right Breeding Ground
After Christchurch, many are asking what role the ‘darkest reaches of the internet’ play in radicalisation
The Guardian4 min read
Do It Yourshelf: The Jakarta Libraries With Book Nooks On Tuk-tuks
Inventive Indonesians are coming up with new ways to get scarce reading materials into the hands of youngsters
The Guardian4 min read
'Real Leaders Do Exist': Jacinda Ardern Uses Solace And Steel To Guide A Broken Nation
The 38-year-old prime minister has been tested like no other New Zealand leader before by the worst terrorism attack in the nation’s modern history
The Guardian4 min read
Football’s Name-changing Fetish Shows The Game’s Infected With Greed | Anthony Clavane
Renaming White Hart Lane station as Tottenham Hotspur is a blow to loyal fans and the neighbourhood’s history
The Guardian4 min read
Why Climate Action Is The Antithesis Of White Supremacy | Rebecca Solnit
Behind the urgency of climate action is the understanding that everything is connected; behind white supremacy is an ideology of separation
The Guardian3 min read
The Death Of My Mate Mike Thalassitis Shows That Reality TV Is Costing Lives | Jonny Mitchell
The way this industry operates is toxic. Shows such as Love Island have to take better care of contestants
The Guardian4 min readSociety
The Extraordinary Rise Of Drag Brunch: A Dining Delight Or A Betrayal Of Queer History?
Five years ago, breakfasting while being serenaded by a Geri Halliwell impersonator was a novelty. Now, mainstream venues are serving up drag – and LGBT venues are suffering
The Guardian2 min read
DNA From 200-year-old Pipe Sheds Light On Life Of Enslaved African Woman
US archaeologists trace roots of woman to modern-day Sierra Leone as part of ongoing ancestry research
The Guardian8 min read
Murder On The Mekong: Why Exiled Thai Dissidents Are Abducted And Killed
The Thai leadership is accused of the deaths and disappearances of activists in run-up to first elections in eight years
The Guardian3 min read
Coded Language Of Hate Groups Makes Threats Hard To Spot
Sick jokes and deadly intentions can often be difficult to tell apart for those policing online culture
The Guardian5 min read
A Muslim Woman’s Place? In Casablanca, It Could Be Burning Rubber On A Harley…
On the streets of Morocco, an all-female club is defying western stereotypes of oppression and breaking down barriers
The Guardian7 min read
Culture’s Race War: 'Blackness Is Something To Consume But Not Engage With'
From Dave to Green Book, artists and the art they create are too often critiqued for being ‘too black’ or ‘not black enough’
The Guardian3 min read
Isaac Julien On Frederick Douglass: 'It's An Extraordinary Story'
The British artist talks about his series of tableaux vivants focused on the trailblazing abolitionist who is more relevant than ever
The Guardian5 min read
Thank You, Climate Strikers. Your Action Matters And Your Power Will Be Felt | Rebecca Solnit
Nothing is possible without action, and almost anything is when we rise up together, as you are today
The Guardian3 min readFood & Wine
Move Over, McDonald's: French Taco Poised For Global Expansion
At lunchtime on a street near the Gare du Nord in Paris, queues were forming at a fast-food restaurant. Construction workers jostled with schoolchildren for what has become a business phenomenon: the hefty, cheesy slab of indulgence known as the Fren
The Guardian5 min readScience
Think We Should Be At School? Today’s Climate Strike Is The Biggest Lesson Of All | Greta Thunberg And Others
We are among the young people striking against climate change in every corner of the globe – adults should join us too
The Guardian5 min read
A History Of Recent Attacks Linked To White Supremacy
Mosques. Synagogues. Black churches. Leftwing politicians. In the past eight years, across continents, white supremacists have repeatedly chosen the same targets for shootings, stabbings, bombings and car attacks. The mass shootings on Friday targeti
The Guardian3 min read
What Are Tariffs And How Do They Affect The Prices Consumers Pay?
The government has announced that tariffs would be slashed to zero on 87% of imports should Britain crash out of the EU without a deal, while keeping higher border taxes on some sensitive products. Here is how the plan might work. What is a tariff?Ta
The Guardian3 min read
Democracy Is Good For Your Health And Heart, Major Study Finds
Democracy is good for your heart, health and longevity, a major study of 170 countries has concluded, in a boost to a form of government that has faced significant setbacks around the world in recent years. Life expectancy improved more quickly in co
The Guardian5 min read
Gulnara Karimova: New Details Emerge In Story Of Uzbekistan's First Daughter
Police raids, an ad hoc trial, and an aide who committed suicide by drinking vinegar: the 20-year-old daughter of Gulnara Karimova has provided new details about the remarkable fall from grace of her mother, the daughter of Uzbekistan’s late dictator
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