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How to Create a Random Password Generator
Installing a password manager and loading it with all your passwords is a good and noble beginning, but the job doesn’t stop there. You’re not fully protected until you replace every weak and reused password with a unique password that nobody could g
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9 Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying
PCs, tablets, smartphones—even coffee makers—can wirelessly connect to the internet at the push of a button. Devices buzz with emails, notifications, and status updates at all hours of the day, making it hard to concentrate. Fortunately, you can avoi
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How to Call Someone From Your Amazon Echo
Alexa isn’t the only one you can talk to on your Echo. You can place a voice call to someone with an Echo device or the Alexa app, and you can receive such calls as well. The Alexa app supports Alexa-to-Alexa calling on an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or high
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Virtual Health Service: How VR Is Helping Patients Face Their Fears
A tree is growing in the middle of a shopping mall. Apples, red and ripe, hang on its branches. Tentatively, you reach out and take one, before dropping it in a basket sitting by your feet. Or rather, where your feet would be: As you look down, your
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Four Trends IT Pros Need to Watch in 2019
Prediction pieces are often the bane of the new year, with pundit predictions flying at you from all directions. Many of those predictions turn out to be from marketing shills producing typically self-serving, even lurid suggestions of a dire technol
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The Best Way to Game
Jeffrey L. Wilson’s gaming opinion column that ran in our January issue (“Xbox One Is the New Standard That Future Consoles Should Imitate”) unsurprisingly sparked a lively chain of reader comments—including vehement disagreement with Jeff and with o
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Atari Explains What ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon on Blockchain’ Means
When you think of Atari, you think of the classic video-game company. But when you think of blockchain, you think of the hyper-contemporary crypto technology of secure linked hashes—or you don’t think of anything at all, because you’re so confused. A
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Facebook Tops the List of Least Trusted Tech Companies
In December, the latest in a long string of Facebook privacy scandals came to light: According to a report in The New York Times, the company skirted its own privacy rules to give more than 150 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and Spo
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Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi Plug: Affordable and Wi-Fi-Enabled
Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi Plug $19.99 4/5 Stars PROS Affordable. Small footprint. Voice command support. Works with other Geeni devices. CONS Lacks energy usage reporting. Doesn’t interact with third-party devices. No HomeKit or IFTTT support. The
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BMW’s Vision iNext Car Is a Sci-Fi Living Room on Wheels
The most futuristic vehicle at CES (aside from the Hyundai Elevate and its robotic legs) was the trippy BMW Vision iNext concept car. The SUV-sized vehicle has a shimmering blue carpet, wooden floors, and a coffee table in the center console. The sl
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At CES 2019, 5G Took a Break
This may be the year of 5G, but you wouldn’t have known it at CES 2019. Wireless carriers and device makers alike declined to make any 5G news at the world’s largest technology trade show, and they refused to answer the questions consumers are most c
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LG gram 14 2-in-1: A Top 2-in-1 Pick
LG gram 14 2-in-1 $1,499.00 4/5 Stars PROS Extra light for a convertible PC. Snappy performance. Great-looking IPS display. Excellent battery life. Includes Wacom pen. CONS No Thunderbolt 3 ports. Weak speakers. Available in only one configuratio
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High-tech Healthcare: Today’s Innovations Are Powering Tomorrow’s Medicine
Microneedle patches, handheld diagnostic machines, and better sensing capabilities, as well as 3D bioprinting, are just a few of the technologies coming to a doctor’s office near you—or maybe even into your home—in the next decade.
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How Secure Is Your Messaging App?
Which messaging app would you choose for absolute security? Every developer will say they responsibly consider the security and privacy of their users. But with so many different choices, it can be hard to tell which messaging platforms you can trust
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JBL Endurance Run Sound Great for the Price
JBL Endurance Run $19.95 4/5 Stars PROS Powerful audio performance with deep bass and crisp highs. Sweatproof, secure-fitting design. Can be worn in two different ways. Excellent mic clarity. CONS Light on accessories. Not for audio purists. We
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Amazon Echo Wall Clock: A Good Adjunct to an Echo
Amazon Echo Wall Clock $29.99 4/5 Stars PROS Inexpensive. Attractive design. Visually shows Alexa timers. CONS Flimsy build. Doesn’t work with Echos in multi-room groups. The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is part of a new line of products called Alexa
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Does Windows 10’s Security Boost Make Antivirus Obsolete?
Not so long ago, the venerable Windows Defender got a new name—Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center—and made a leap in functionality. In addition to antivirus, it manages Windows Firewall, SmartScreen Filter, and Microsoft’s parental control sy
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Better Medicine Through Tech
In 2019, when a person (like myself) sets out to assign a story on healthcare and technology, she’s faced with an embarrassment of riches. The field is exploding right now, thanks to a multitude of new techniques and discoveries. We could have writte
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Brother MFC-J6945DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer
Brother MFC-J6945DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer $349.99 4.5/5 Stars PROS Low running costs. Good print quality. Prints, scans, copies, and faxes tabloid-size pages. Single-pass duplexing ADF. Three paper input sources. CONS S
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Roundup: Best Mobile Photo Editing Apps
Smartphone camera technology continues to improve in amazing ways. Low-light performance, portrait modes, and exposure that takes the type of scene into account are now standard on Androids and iPhones. The better smartphone cameras these days do a l
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Dell XPS 13 (9380): Best Ultraportable You Can Buy
Dell XPS 13 (9380) Starts at $899.99, $2,449.99 as tested 5/5 Stars PROS Compact and classy. Beautiful rose-gold-and-white color scheme. 4K touch screen. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports plus USB-C. CONS No HDMI or USB Type-A ports. 4K display isn’t the b
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8K Wasn’t the Only Buzzworthy TV Tech at CES 2019
CES is always a show for big, experimental TVs. Huge screens with the newest technology abound, providing attendees with a glimpse of the future. At CES 2019, the newest technology was overwhelmingly 8K resolution: Nearly every major manufacturer di
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ASRock Z390 Taichi: A Solid Motherboard Choice
ASRock Z390 Taichi $239.99 4/5 Stars PROS Uncluttered layout. Spiffy mechanical-gear motif. Steel-wrapped PCI Express x16 slots. Three M.2 connectors. Slick LED glow and support for RGB and addressable-RGB LED strips. CONS Priced more like a boar
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The Best of CES 2019: The PC Edition
CES is 52 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. The show has certainly changed over time, though. The major smartphone announcements we were seeing 10 years ago are all but gone, being held for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. I
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Canon EOS R: Its First Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Canon EOS R Body only, $2299 3/5 Stars PROS Proven 30MP full-frame sensor. Vari-angle touch LCD. Big, sharp EVF. 8fps continuous capture. Big shooting buffer. Broad lens compatibility via adapter. Unique native lenses. CONS M-Fn bar tricky to use
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Razer’s Terrible New Rewards Program Mines Cryptocurrency on Your PC
The internet can be a dangerous place, and if you’re not careful, you could end up unknowingly running crypto-miner malware. Alternatively, you could voluntarily install crypto-miner malware to earn fake coins and buy a new keyboard. Seriously, that
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JBL Charge 4: A Powerhouse Speaker in a Small Frame
JBL Charge 4 $149.95 4/5 Stars PROS Powerful audio performance with rich bass and crisp, clear highs. Gets quite loud for its size. Waterproof. CONS No speakerphone function. Mono audio output. JBL knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to
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Xbox One Is the New Standard That Future Consoles Should Imitate
The Sony PlayStation 4 dominates this console generation with more than 75 million units sold, and Nintendo’s Switch warms gamers’ hearts with its untouchable first-party lineup and home-and-away functionality. That leaves the Microsoft Xbox One—the
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Google’s China Conundrum: Breaking Down Project Dragonfly
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai testified before Congress in December on a range of topics, from data privacy to Google’s controversial plans to build a censored search engine for China. Pichai characterized Project Dragonfly as more of an exploratory in
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Google Hits Pause on Selling Facial-Recognition Tech Over Abuse Fears
The ethical dilemma swirling around facial-recognition technology has prompted Google to hit pause on selling its own system to the public. In mid-December, the company announced that its Cloud business would hold off on offering a facial-recognition
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