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Tips for Keeping Kids’ Tech Use in Check
Not everyone believes that tech addiction is a real malady, but it’s harder to argue that technology isn’t playing a huge role in kids’ lives. Phones and tablets have supplemented TVs as electronic babysitters; in restaurants and doctors’ offices, in
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What is Nvidia Max-Q?
Traditionally, gaming laptops have been hulking machines with big screens and short battery lives. They were meant to stay put on a desk. The cooling systems required to run the discrete graphics cards have typically makes standard gaming laptops lar
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Sony a7 III: A Groundbreaking Full-Frame Camera
Sony a7 III Body only, $1,998.00 5/5 Stars PROS 24MP full-frame BSI sensor. 10fps with tracking. 5-axis stabilization. 4K HDR video. Silent shooting available. Tilting touch LCD. Dual SD slots. Vastly improved battery. Focus joystick. Flat profile
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Tesla’s Tussle With Feds Over Model X Accident Is a Fool’s Errand
Silicon Valley trailblazers have reshaped our lives with their innovations. But the same irrepressible attitude and disregard for traditional rules that drive idiosyncratic individuals and iconic company founders including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg,
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Fitness Trackers Changed My Life
Wearables analyst Victoria Song’s personal fitness-tracker story resonated with (most) readers.
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How Virtual Avatars Help Stroke Patients Improve Motor Function
I‘m hooked up to a 16-channel brain machine interface with 12 channels of EEG on my head and ears and four channels of electromyography (EMG) on my arms. An Oculus Rift VR headset occludes my vision. Two inertial measurement units (IMU) are stuck to
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Fitbit Versa: Right Features, Right Price
Fitbit Versa $199.95 4/5 Stars PROS Sleek, lightweight design with lots of style options. Accurate fitness tracking. Guided workouts with Fitbit Coach. Stores music on-device. Long battery life. Will support female health tracking. CONS Swapping
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Adobe Illustrator CC: New Features for 2018
Adobe Illustrator CC $19.99 a month 4.5/5 Stars PROS Killer vector design abilities. Excellent Touch Type feature. Simplified Free Transform tool. Powerful new Puppet Warp feature allows transformation of select portions of illustrations. Many imp
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Lenovo IdeaPad 720s: Thin, Light, and Customizable
Lenovo IdeaPad 720s (13-Inch) Starts at $999.99; $1,299 as tested 4/5 Stars PROS Very customizable. Thin and light. Sturdy keyboard. Excellent full HD matte display. Thunderbolt support. Inexpensive. CONS No touch screen. Touchpad feels flimsy.
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The Tech Industry Reckons With Its Responsibility
Drugs? Violent video games? No, those quotes are from former Facebook execs Sean Parker and Chamath Palihapitiya, respectively, when they were asked recently to take stock of the social network they helped create. They’re not the only ones. Gadget m
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What if Amazon Closed Up Shop Tomorrow?
Speculating using the “what if” premise can be a lot of fun. In this case: What would you do if Amazon suddenly shut down tomorrow with no notice? This idea came to me after my partner Adam Curry was having trouble with an Amazon S3 server used to ma
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4 Reasons Not to Fear Deep Learning (Yet)
Back n 2012, a group of scientists from the University of Toronto made an image-classification breakthrough. At ImageNet, an annual artificial intelligence (AI) competition in which contestants vie to create the most accurate image-classification alg
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Tech Addiction Nation
When Rob Marvin pitched me a feature story on tech addiction, I was skeptical. There’s been so much coverage of this topic already, and so much of it has been terrible. The headlines, the personal anecdotes, the fear-mongering about new, poorly under
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How the ExtremeTech Staff Stays Backed Up
If you’ve got only one copy of a file, that’s not much better than having no copies. You’re just one storage failure or account hijack away from losing everything. That’s why it’s vital to keep your important files backed up. Check on your existing b
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Alexa, Teach Me How to Talk to You
When Apple introduced its first personal digital assistant (PDA), the Newton, in 1992, it was clear from the start that it was not long for this world. As a concept, the Newton was a head-turner, but its design and functions were weak, to say the lea
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Fast Forward: Why Intel’s Diane Bryant Isn’t Afraid of AI
Fast Forward is a series of conversations with tech leaders hosted by Dan Costa, PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief. Diane Bryant is EVP and General Manager of Intel’s Data Center Group. She and Dan spoke about artificial intelligence.
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Malwarebytes Free: Keep It in Your Toolbox
Malwarebytes Free 4/5 Stars PROS Very fast scan. Removed many malware samples. Free. CONS No real-time protection. Missed some malware samples in testing. No software is perfect; that’s why we have patches and updates. Antivirus software is no e
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Want to Speed Up Your Users’ Internet? Look at Your DNS Server
The Domain Name System (DNS) is crucial to how your users experience the internet. Each time users need to reach a website, their PCs need to translate whatever they type in the address bar into an IP address. Since most people can’t remember IP addr
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+: A Delightful Next Step
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ $35.00 4.5/5 Stars PROS A usable Linux PC for $35. Easy to set up. Extremely customizable. CONS Ethernet port can’t reach theoretical maximum speed of 1Gbps. Heat problems under heavy computing loads. Sure, you can buy a
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How to Tell You’re a Tech Addict (and What to Do About It)
Brian was cleaning his bedroom when he came across an old iPhone. The screen was cracked, but he found a charger, plugged the smartphone in, and turned it on. The college junior told himself it was just for nostalgia’s sake. Then he discovered an old
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Apple iPad (2018): Best Midrange Tablet
Apple iPad (2018) $329.99 4/5 Stars PROS Terrific performance for the price. Elegant, high-quality apps. Supports Apple Pencil. CONS Neither rugged nor waterproof. Keyboard and Pencil accessories increase the price. Apple’s sixth-generation iPad
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Building Your Own PC
Joel Hruska’s story “How to Build a PC in 2018: Choosing the Right Components” struck a major nerd chord. Our readers were eager to chip in with their experience and expertise.
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After The Hurricanes, Puerto Rico Eyes A Future As A Tech Hub
Late on a Sunday evening in Puerto Rico weeks ago, a breaker exploded at a power station. After a fraught five-month recovery effort following Hurricanes Irma and Maria, parts of the island were plunged once more into darkness. A few days later, Gov
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HP Omen X Compact Desktop and VR Backpack
HP Omen X Compact Desktop and VR Backpack $2,499.00 3/5 Stars PROS Fast gaming performance in small form factor. Enables desk-free VR experience. Easy to dock. Many ports. Hot-swappable batteries for long sessions. CONS Expensive. VR experience i
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What Net Neutrality Really Means and How to Protect Your Business
By now, you’ve heard the cries of anguish from all sides as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moves to reclassify internet service providers (ISPs) so that they fall under Title I of the Telecommunications Act. Previously, they’d been class
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon: Premium Features in an Attractive Package
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2018) Starts at $1,369.00 4/5 Stars PROS Premium build quality. Thin and light. Very good battery life. Quick charging. CONS Expensive. Finicky touch screen. Anemic speakers. No Ethernet port. The sixth-generation Len
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Best of MWC 2018
When it comes to trade shows dedicated to mobile devices and technologies, they don’t get bigger than Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Last year’s event attracted close to 110,000 attendees; this year, Samsung returned to Spain to announce the hig
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The Old Man and the Smartphone
The smartphone is under intense scrutiny as a disruptive device that causes depression in teens and has resulted in a noteworthy increase in pedestrian deaths. People walk into poles because they are looking at the screen or get into car accidents be
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How Ditching Consoles for a Gaming PC Improved My Life
Over the course of my nearly decade-long stint with PCMag, I’ve written numerous articles about my love for the arcade, esports, and overall video game scene, but not about how I got into those things. For instance, I became an arcade junkie because
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How Tech Empowers Citizen Science
Several years ago, I met inventor James Paar at a tech event in New York City. Paar was demoing a prototype of his Open Space Agency Ultrascope, an open-source, 3D-printed telescope (powered by a smartphone!) that’s intended to make astronomy feasibl
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