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For the epitome of extreme auto racing, forget the circuits and head out into the big, dirty real world. The World Rally Championship (WRC), a 13-race tour that spans five continents and nearly 10 months, is where the most fearless drivers test their
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Cocktails Of The CÔTE D’AZUR
Rooftop Riviera bars offer an abundance of eye candy in all forms—turquoise waters, the rich, beautiful, and famous—but when it comes to drinking well, a glass of rosé or perhaps a spritz is about as much as you can expect. Right? Well, the good news
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Big Bidders
As car collectors seek out ever more exotic vehicles, auction houses like RM Sotheby’s have grown to fill the demand, offering more than a dozen specialized auctions annually, in locales like Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Paris, and Monte Carlo. High-
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The Napoleonic ROAD
When Napoléon escaped from exile on Elba and returned to France in 1815, he arrived on the coast of the French Riviera before heading north into the countryside. While this route led Napoléon back to a short-lived second reign as emperor, today the s
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Photographed by SOPHIE ELGORT You might not recognize his name, but you’ve seen his face—or versions of it, at least. In movies like American Hustle, A Most Violent Year, Selma, and HBO’s The Wizard of Lies, Alessandro Nivola transforms seamlessly fr
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This legendary palace, the most elegant address on the Riviera, is a delicate combination of sophistication and cool. Order lunch at Eden-Roc Grill, followed by a swim in the Mediterranean, before choosing either one of the two in-house restaurants f
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Monte Carlo
The world’s premier showcase of luxury superyachting, the annual Monaco Yacht Show last year drew some 34,000 participants to marvel at 125 of the vessels on display, including a 360-foot marvel. In total, the merchandise was worth more than $4 billi
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For about ten days in the middle of May, the sun revolves around the Earth. Or so it would seem at the Cannes Film Festival, the center of the universe for lovers of cinema. Situated on the French Riviera, Cannes is a place where the air feels charge
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With a century-plus history, the 343-room Carlton is where American actress Grace Kelly was staying when she first met her future husband, Prince Rainier III. Oscar-winning actors celebrate their Palme d’Or victories on the seventh floor, where the e
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Styled by CAROLINE CHRISTIANSSON Text by PRIYA RAO Fascinator, ARTURO RIOS. Earrings, HOUSE OF EMMANUELE. Pants, belt, shoes, and jewelry, VERSACE. Bra, HEIDI KLUM INTIMATES. Jacket, DSQUARED2. Jeans, MOLLY BRACKEN. Belt, vintage HERMÈS. Necklaces, C
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Playground Of The ELITE
Jewel of the Riviera A dreamlike seaside route connects Monaco and Saint-Tropez, studded with palaces and bastions featuring imposing architecture, gigantic rooms, luxurious gardens, and enchanting terraces. Together, they reflect a past defined by t
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Ship to Shore
Some of the rich and famous who visit Saint-Tropez choose to live not in a penthouse overlooking the water but on the water itself. Ensconced within nine-figure super-yachts, the global elite who travel to the shores of Saint-Tropez each year enjoy t
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Role Model
“I’m a totally different person when the camera turns on,” says Joanna Krupa. It’s hard to imagine the powerhouse model, actress, and activist as anything other than the stunning woman you’ve seen in magazines and on TV, but Krupa prioritizes finding
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Man Of Principles
Photographed by MATT FURMAN When Ray Dalio was eight years old, his jazz musician father, Marino Dallolio, moved the family from Jackson Heights, Queens, to Long Island. Like many kids, young Ray had a paper route and did odd jobs around the neighbor
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The Ultimate Bottle
Hidden among the estimated 100 million bottles stashed away in Moët & Chandon’s sprawling subterranean wine cellars is a Champagne like no other, the hard-earned result of a project two decades in the making. It’s what chef de cave Benoît Gouez refer
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P.18: Blazer, ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA ($2,795); Derby shoes, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI ($1,175); Watch, ROLEX BY TITAN BLACK (price upon request); Fragrance, CREED ($425); creed P.20: Tourbillon watch, A
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High-Low Summertime Champagne Pairings
It’s never a bad choice to reach for a bottle of Champagne during a celebration. Why stop there, though? It’s more versatile than you may imagine, and that includes both the appropriate times and settings for a glass of bubbly, as well as what you ca
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Trail Blazers
Kelly Yazdi is thinking what I’m thinking. We’ve just picked up a pair of Indian motorcycles on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. We’re supposed to shuttle them to downtown Los Angeles for a women’s motorcycle event there. Showing up at such mix
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Mind Game
As his ball sliced far to the right of the 13th fairway at Royal Birkdale, near Liverpool, England, eventually landing on an overgrown hillside, Jordan Spieth looked on helplessly, if not hopelessly. It was the final round of the 2017 Open Championsh
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The Ultimate Escape
When Condé Nast Traveler recently published an “illustrated guide to risking your life in New Zealand,” it was more incentive than deterrent. The magazine dubbed the remote island nation the adventure capital of the world, and though it has always ap
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Apollo Ascending
Restricted to a limited run of 10 units, the Apollo Intensa Emozione is an example of a highly anticipated car coming not from monstrous companies with historical legacies (think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche) but from smaller bespoke auto builders l
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Photographed by SONIA SIEFF Sonia Sieff has earned a reputation as one of the most gifted photographers in the world. It was no small achievement. The daughter of two photographers, including the legendary portrait artist Jeanloup Sieff, she has expe
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Instant Icons
For all the work McLaren Automotive has done in recent years to climb the supercar hierarchy, its reputation is still based on its success on the track. Worldwide, the brand is associated not only with Formula 1 but also the most celebrated driver of
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Play Beautiful
Neymar, the most expensive player in the world, is one of a long line of Brazilian soccer royalty Canada loves its hockey and produces some of the world’s best players. The same goes for New Zealand and rugby, or the Dominican Republic and baseball.
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Meet the Man Who Is Reinventing SÃO PAULO
Allard believes Brazil’s greatest asset is the dynamism and diversity of its people An unending sprawl of concrete and traffic, São Paulo is the fifth most populous city in the world, and its economy is projected to be the 15th biggest in the world b
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The Cachaça Diaries
Aging cachaça in indigenous and often endangered Brazilian woods delivers unique flavors—the main issue is sustainability It’s almost a guarantee that any trip to Brazil will be laden with the intrinsic pleasures of beachside caipirinhas. The cocktai
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Aerial Commuting
São Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city, it’s also the country’s financial center, not to mention the economic heart of South America. As a result, people have flowed into the city, pushing its population beyond 12 million (including suburbs, the
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