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Desert Rose
Styled by CAROLINE CHRISTIANSSON Text by PRIYA RAO Wool cardigan, ACNE STUDIOS. Hoop earrings, HOUSE OF EMMANUELE. Sequined tulle dress, ELISABETTA FRANCHI. Hand jewelry, HOUSE OF EMMANUELE. Embroidered vest, ELISABETTA FRANCHI. Bikini bottom, ORZA.
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Seeing Red
For even the finest watchmakers, innovation can be limited by the traditional materials used. So when Hublot wanted to push its horological designs, it decided to try something entirely new: timepieces made from incredibly durable ceramics, produced
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The Cool Ones
Talk about timeless beauty: The 20-year-old Italian exudes old-world glamour. She has been seen in campaigns for major brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, but is still considering acting or psychology if modeling doesn’t work out. The 28-year-old
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Power Players
The Suits starlet–turned–people’s princess is probably the most talked-about woman in the world right now. Trump, who can list fashion designer and businesswoman on her impressive résumé, is balancing her entrepreneurial endeavors with her White Hous
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TV Temptresses
As dark as The Handmaid’s Tale is, Bledel’s take on her character, Ofglen, is quietly revolutionary—it’s a role the super-talented actress, with those mesmerizing eyes, was born to play. The Riverdale star might play the rich popular girl on the hit
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Wonder Women
The Swedish actress brought new life to the Tomb Raider franchise with her badass turn as Lara Croft. Even Angelina Jolie supported her. Best known for her role in The Walking Dead, Gurira was the fiercest part of this year’s epic Black Panther. Can
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Cotton top, ZIMMERMANN ($400); Crystal hoops, HOUSE OF EMMANUELE ($349); P.8: Striped-trim bomber jacket, GIVENCHY ($3,760); Napa Maserati driving gloves, ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA ($495); Val
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The Inner Circle
Like little sister Kylie, Kardashian also has a new baby, but we’re ready for the star to reignite her more entrepreneurial efforts, like her Good American jeans, which made $1 million in one day when they were first released. Hadid was made to model
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“THE MAGLI FAMILY…HAVE REALLY STAYED FOCUSED ON BEING QUALITY CRAFTSMEN AND COBBLERS.” The handiwork that goes into a pair of Bruno Magli shoes; the first Bruno Magli workshop; Magli’s classic Fabiolo loafers. It’s tough for some storied fashion hous
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Naughty By Nature
We’re just putting this out there: We haven’t gotten enough Fox-y time. Thankfully, we’ll have another opportunity with the former Maxim cover girl (July 2007), courtesy of James Franco’s Zeroville. It’s been a minute since we last heard from the bad
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All In The Family
When the Gores family left Israel for Detroit in 1968, they were just about broke. It had taken five years to get a visa; sons Elias, Samir, and Tewfic spoke no English. They were promptly given new American names by their aunt, who picked them up at
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Funny Girls
McKinnon’s hilarious portrayals of Kellyanne Conway, Robert Mueller, and Jeff Sessions on Saturday Night Live make her one of the best comics out there—male or female. Look out for her next project, The Spy Who Dumped Me, later this year. We’ve come
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Startup NATION
SOSA’s offices in Tel Aviv, the brick-and-mortar version of the company’s platform of bringing together people and companies to help create the next successful Israeli startup. Everyone’s familiar with Silicon Valley, but if you haven’t heard of “Sil
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The Divas
Despite how manufactured the celebrity sphere can be, this 25-year-old is the real deal: She’s not afraid to talk about the tough stuff. Lovato regularly speaks out on mental illness and addiction issues. Since the release of “Be the One” back in 201
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Party People
Yotam Goldman was 13 when he began hanging around the record shops of Tel Aviv’s perennially hip Shenkin Street, then slowly worked his way up: handing out flyers, taking busboy shifts, and playing house parties when his mentor DJs couldn’t make a gi
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The Bombshells
González got her start on Mexican telenovelas, but with her enviable looks and considerable talent (she blew us away in Baby Driver), it’s clear she’s going to be dominating the silver screen soon. Expect to see her in The Women of Marwen later this
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Negev Desert
Deserts can be surprising places, with scorching days under a hot sun and freezing nights on the cold sand. The Negev Desert is a place of such dualities, with stunning vistas and infinite horizons contrasting with one of the harshest terrains on ear
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The Instagram star is pretty damn comfortable being herself—something she thinks is hot in other women, too: “The girls I admire the most have such a presence about them. [They] radiate confidence and body positivity, no matter what their size or sha
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It’s commonly said that in Israel, Jerusalem prays, Tel Aviv plays, and Haifa works. While an oversimplification, it is true that Haifa, the nation’s third largest city, is a hub for Israeli business and industry. But there’s more to Haifa than its p
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Iron Man’s New Ride
We’ve known for a while that actor Robert Downey Jr. has fantastic taste in cars: His garage is home to an eclectic array of automobiles, from a stylish, sophisticated Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda to a fun and economical Volkswagen Golf GTI. But we were b
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Is Israel the World’s Next Whisky Destination?
Our insatiable thirst for whisky made in every far-flung corner of the world leads us to perhaps one of the least likely destinations we could have expected. Water of Life, meet the Holy Land, as Israel now boasts a flourishing whisky scene on the cu
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Need For Speed
Ever since Christian von Koenigsegg founded his eponymous automotive company back in 1994, the brand has been on the frontier of supercar design and performance. So when the Koenigsegg Agera RS appeared to set a new land-speed record last November at
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Tel Aviv
While Jerusalem has a history that dates back to antiquity, Tel Aviv is the new kid on the block. Well, relatively speaking. Founded in the early 20th century, Tel Aviv, known as the White City for its light-colored buildings, has emerged as a world-
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Preach For The Stars
In an alternate universe, Dominic Cooper might not be an actor. In fact, he almost didn’t make it into an acting program at all. “It’s very lucky that I got in, because I left it up to the very last minute,” he remembers of his audition to the London
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The Melting Pot
While some might equate Israeli food with “Jewish food,” the fact is that the cuisine, and the country, is far more diverse than that: In addition to world-class kosher offerings, you might be surprised to learn that nonkosher options abound. Israeli
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Cocktails At 35,000 Feet
Soaring through the sky somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, perhaps an hour after leaving Hong Kong on a flight to Los Angeles, a loaded, legit cocktail cart comes rolling out for service. This is about as far from the standard in-flight routine—where
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For thousands of years, Jerusalem has remained a city of immense geographic, political, and religious significance. Control over the city has changed hands countless times over the centuries, whether through crusade, conquest, or negotiated treaties,
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Know The Score
While the U.S. national team didn’t make it to the 2018 World Cup, there are plenty of reasons to tune in. Here, Maxim’s guide to the celebrated tournament, which takes place in Russia this year. NO.1 Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal Arguably the best pla
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Trail Blazers
Kelly Yazdi is thinking what I’m thinking. We’ve just picked up a pair of Indian motorcycles on the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu. We’re supposed to shuttle them to downtown Los Angeles for a women’s motorcycle event there. Showing up at such mix
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Mind Game
As his ball sliced far to the right of the 13th fairway at Royal Birkdale, near Liverpool, England, eventually landing on an overgrown hillside, Jordan Spieth looked on helplessly, if not hopelessly. It was the final round of the 2017 Open Championsh
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