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Aerial Commuting
São Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city, it’s also the country’s financial center, not to mention the economic heart of South America. As a result, people have flowed into the city, pushing its population beyond 12 million (including suburbs, the
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The city of Manaus, the largest in the Amazon basin, provides the perfect jumping-off point to explore the surrounding nature Brazil is home to one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders, the Amazon. Flowing across most of South America, it houses
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ZAGATO’S Second Century
In the early days of the automobile, customers didn’t buy a vehicle like they do today, as a single finished product. Instead, one would purchase a chassis and powertrain from the likes of Rolls-Royce, Duesenberg, or Mercedes-Benz, and then hire a co
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Joseph Fiennes Gets Dark
Fiennes sees his character Fred as being especially relevant today as Hollywood reckons with men’s abuse of power The nice thing about filming The Handmaid’s Tale in Toronto is that, should the United States actually manage to slip the Constitution’s
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Fierce Competition
YOU VOTED, WE LISTENED: INTRODUCING THE FINALISTS. @carla.tempesta Hometown: Conneaut, Ohio (currently living in Los Angeles) How I got my start: I was discovered by a photographer on the set of a film. First time in front of the camera: I’d been act
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Suits Of The Southern Hemisphere
Australia is known for many things—surfing, of course. The Outback. Maybe, if we’re being generous, even Aussie pinot noir. But with all due respect, the country’s two primary fashion exports have been ghastly Coogi sweaters and an unfortunate swimwe
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Cool Hand Luke
As mixed martial arts, once maligned as “human cockfighting” by Arizona senator John McCain, has been accepted as a more mainstream sport, its most ferocious fighters have become household names. But it is Luke Rockhold who could become MMA’s best-kn
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The Fisher Doctrine
Trees don’t grow to the sky,” goes an old Wall Street saying. It’s a phrase you hear when stocks seem to be getting pricey and investors a little too euphoric about the future. But Ken Fisher has a different perspective. “In a forest, it appears that
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The Newcomer
The track record for a production car at the Nürburgring in Germany is the Holy Grail for automakers, and the list of record holders comprises the very best performance vehicle designers: Porsche, Lamborghini, even track-car manufacturer Radical. But
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Lace and tulle dress, ELISABETTA FRANCHI (price upon request); Gold-plated earrings, AURÉLIE BIDERMANN ($685); Gold bracelet, MENÉ BY DIANA PICASSO (price upon request); Sandals, FARHAD RE ($700)
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One To Watch
Photographed by ANTOINE VERGLAS If Bree Condon looks familiar, there are a few possible reasons: She was a Guess campaign girl for almost a decade; she famously sported a whipped cream bikini on the updated version of the classic album Whipped Cream
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Sunken Treasure
The waters of the dive site in Žuljana are a consistent 59 degrees Fahrenheit, right in the sweet spot for maturing wines Legend has it that there’s treasure resting off the coast of Žuljana, a tiny town with roughly 250 residents located along the s
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A Star Is Born
Styled by CAROLINE CHRISTIANSSON Text by PRIYA RAO Linen shirt, PALLAS. Pearl necklace and leather boots, ELISABETTA FRANCHI. Embroidered mousseline top, ZUHAIR MURAD. Leather biker boots, BLUMARINE. Strass earrings, REINE ROSALIE. Later, modeling al
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The Best Of Rio
The Belmond Copacabana Palace is where the city’s elite sip caipirinhas. Rio de Janeiro is a world-renowned party town. It’s a reputation well earned. But Rio is also a diverse metropolis with a spirited culture, a rich history, and vibrant neighborh
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The Enduring Legacy Of Ayrton Senna
For his success on the track and philanthropy off of it, Senna was a national role model In global sport, it’s not always the winningest athlete who serves as a sport’s spiritual and cultural ambassador. For all of Bill Russell’s titles, or Kareem Ab
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Play Beautiful
Neymar, the most expensive player in the world, is one of a long line of Brazilian soccer royalty Canada loves its hockey and produces some of the world’s best players. The same goes for New Zealand and rugby, or the Dominican Republic and baseball.
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Meet the Man Who Is Reinventing SÃO PAULO
Allard believes Brazil’s greatest asset is the dynamism and diversity of its people An unending sprawl of concrete and traffic, São Paulo is the fifth most populous city in the world, and its economy is projected to be the 15th biggest in the world b
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The Cachaça Diaries
Aging cachaça in indigenous and often endangered Brazilian woods delivers unique flavors—the main issue is sustainability It’s almost a guarantee that any trip to Brazil will be laden with the intrinsic pleasures of beachside caipirinhas. The cocktai
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Down Under Upward
Everybody knows how to get out of Oz—just follow the yellow brick road. At this point, the path from Australia’s local acting community to Hollywood fame is practically a well-trod thoroughfare. Starting in the 1980s, folks like Nicole Kidman and Mel
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My Grandfather’s Jacket
Photographed by LISA ROSE Ethan Peck models Golden Bear’s signature letterman jacket. Inset: Gregory Peck as a member of the crew team at UC Berkeley. I knew I had seen a photo of him in a letterman sweater somewhere, and I found it online with a sim
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Port’s Revival
Welcome, port, back into the spotlight after so long a sojourn in the shadows. While the fortified wine hailing from Portugal’s Douro Valley is appearing as a trendy ingredient at cocktail bars, the best stuff is meant for sipping. So while port may
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Hinckley Goes Electric
The late American banker and billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller had an opinion on everything, and on the subject of yachts, he was a Hinckley man through and through. “As any sailor will tell you, most of the pleasure of sailing is in the q
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Tennis in Paradise
The daily routine is simple There’s also a spa to make the Romans jealous. It’s a sunny Monday morning in November and I’ve just flown 3,800 miles from New York to Spain to play tennis. I’m not alone. Beside me on the court are five men and three wom
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Wild One
Philipp Plein likes to push the envelope. First there are his clothes: For spring, the designer trotted out bomber jackets imprinted with ferocious tiger heads, navy sweatpants set ablaze with flames, and denim ripped and torn so many times it’s surp
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Good as Gold
Sarah Hendrickson Hendrickson training in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel. Sarah Hendrickson The United States dominated in Sochi in 2014, finishing first in overall medal count (after the host Russians were sanctioned for institutional doping that wo
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Flying Blind
The climber atop Aconcagua mountain in Argentina. One day in January 2012, a few days into a two-week kayaking trip down the jungle-flanked Usumacinta River in southeastern Mexico, Erik Weihenmayer, a relative novice to the sport and a blind man, fou
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Olivia Burns Voted No.1 as Maxim’s Cover Girl
Styled by CAROLINE CHRISTIANSSON Text by A. D.PARK Even in a plain black sweater and jeans, it’s impossible to miss Olivia Burns, with her wide green eyes and pillowy lips. It’s hard to believe, then, that the winner of the inaugural Maxim Cover Girl
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The Throwback
Morgan Motor Company strives to be an outlier. In fact, the company flips a metaphorical bird at its peers with eclectic designs that defy sports car norms. While the competition uses carbon fiber and composite materials invented by NASA, Morgan stic
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The Best of Savile Row
A man’s first trip to Savile Row is akin to a second baptism—a rite of passage into the world of bespoke tailoring. The process is no less exacting than it was when Henry Poole & Co. first set up shop on the unassuming London street in 1846. Tailors
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Failure Is Not an Option at Dyson
England’s domestic auto industry is as moribund as the British Empire. Yes, you can still buy stylish Jaguars and hand-built Rolls-Royces, but technically speaking, none of these legendary auto badges belong to a Brit. For example: Jag and Land Rover
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