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Marrakech FIT FOR A KING
To begin to comprehend the intoxicating and contradictory city that is Marrakech, you need a metaphor. And these days the handiest is what you drive—or, more accurately, what you’re being driven around in. You could take the high road, and survey the
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It’s uncommon for a modern city built largely in the past half century to have an extensive and fascinating history, but little about Agadir is commonplace. Located on the shores of the Atlantic and one of the most visited towns in southern Morocco,
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Erg Chebbi
Much of Morocco is about color and vibrancy, the energy of an ancient culture brought into the modern age. But one part of the country remains exactly as monotone and eerily quiet as it has been for centuries: the sand dunes that take up huge spaces
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The Royal Treatment
When his father, King Henry IV, was assassinated in 1610, the nine-year-old Louis XIII ascended to the French throne. In the following three decades, Louis the Just lifted France to the apex of the continent by effectively vanquishing Spain, and was
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For all that the world’s great cities promise a well-traveled man, there’s nothing that can pop the bubble of a fully transporting experience far from home like bumping into overt reminders of what you left behind. In this place, free of Gucci and Pr
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Recouping A Legend
It’s the last thing anyone wants to see in the rearview, especially in Texas. I’m on Highway 71 headed westbound out of Austin, happy as a Lone Star barbecue, when suddenly my entire rear glass is shrouded in blue and red flashing lights. The dread t
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The Greatest Adventurer
It’s easy now to think of Elon Musk’s SpaceX as the ultimate success story, given the live broadcasts of its rockets soaring into space before landing softly back on terra firma minutes later. After all, there are few harder tasks for a startup than
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OUR OFFICIAL MIXING PARTNER • 1½ oz scotch• 5 oz Q club soda• large ice spear• lemon twist A few words on the drink: “I love a scotch and soda for its simplicity, and yet there’s a depth of flavor you get from the combination of a great scotch and a
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$100 million Addresses
Not so long ago, $100 million was the benchmark in ultra-luxury real estate, an extravagant figure reserved for a few massive properties beyond the reach of mere mortals: modern-day white elephants that nobody wanted even if they could afford them. N
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Ich Bin Ein Berliner
On her adopted home: I’m 27 years old and was born in Berlin. I moved to the U.S. by myself when I was 16 years old, not speaking English. California is definitely home to me, but in my heart, I’ll always be a Berliner. On her modeling start: When I
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Beethoven 2.0
When it comes to the history of rap music, cities like New York and Los Angeles have produced a preponderance of the genre’s biggest stars. But Atlanta has played a unique role in the explosion of hip-hop, one that’s equally influential to its nation
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Future Perfect
In case you haven’t heard, Aston Martin has been on a bit of a tear lately. This certainly hasn’t always been the case for the venerable British automaker. The 106-year-old company has seen its fortunes rise and fall with great vicissitude, reaching
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Bush Whacked
I rubbed my bleary eyes as the caffeine kicked in, and the fog lifted. Twenty-three hours of air travel, on a nearly 12,000-mile marvel of a modern journey from Gotham City to Lusaka, Zambia—what used to be Northern Rhodesia. Then, three hours’ sleep
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Peak Performance
On May 6, 1970, Japanese ski adventurer Yuichiro Miura managed to carve down part of Mount Everest’s South Col, eventually falling down the icy face and careening toward an open crevasse, and likely death, until he was miraculously stopped by a snow
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Forever Young
Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young has long been the center of attention. From his time in high school as a top-25 recruit to taking the college basketball world by storm during his one season at Oklahoma and arriving in Atlanta as the hoped-for sa
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In its more than eight centuries of existence, Rabat has seen it all. From its founding by Almohad caliphs, eager to utilize the city’s proximity to Iberia for raiding, to its time under the control of Barbary pirates looking to dominate local shippi
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No. 1
Janel Tanna, the winner of the 2019 Maxim Cover Girl competition, is not your average cover girl. In fact, very little about her is average in any way. She is a self-invented, unconventional multihyphenate extraordinaire: an accomplished actress, pro
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One of our classic favorites, Johnnie Walker is world-renowned for its range of iconic scotch whisky blends: Red Label, Black Label, Green Label, and Blue Label. Its “pioneer blend,” the one that introduced Johnnie Walker to the rest of the planet, i
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There was a time when Irish whiskey approached the brink of near extinction—but, being Irish, it refused to back down. (We’ll drink to that.) In fact, since 1990 it’s been the world’s fastest-growing premium spirit. While Teeling whiskey dates back t
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Call Me Andy
At the tender age of 16, a fresh-faced Andy Palmer took on his first apprenticeship at an automotive supplier. Now, almost 40 years later, the straight-talking executive is leading Aston Martin into its second century of existence. We had the opportu
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Casablanca. The name alone evokes images of beautiful, mysterious expats having passionate affairs and leading thrilling lives, but the true identity of the city today bears little resemblance to the Casablanca so many of us imagine. There’s a Rick’s
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Text by HUGH GARVEY Call it the Burning Man effect: Where the bohemians go, the billionaires follow. And it’s happening in Mexico’s Tulum. Just as the Black Rock alternative-lifestyle bacchanal now attracts Fortune 500 execs camping out in sleek air-
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Text by KEITH GORDON In the past decade, Iceland has gone from, well, a frozen island in the middle of the Atlantic to one of the hottest tourism destinations in the world. In 2010, fewer than half a million foreigners visited the island, but thanks
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Text by NICOLAS STECHER At the heart of the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy, the official inauguration of a sparkling new building dubbed the Centro Stile, a.k.a. the Styling Centre, is taking place. Enveloped in 3,000 elements of gilded alu
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Arctic Adventure
Text by KEITH GORDON Iceland’s landscapes are some of the most stunning in the world, and with the right guide (not to mention vehicle), the country is an explorer’s paradise. Perhaps the most popular adventure is a tour of the Golden Circle, a 186-m
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The Birth Of An Icona
The dazzling showstopper of Capital Markets Day—the glimmering bait that wooed collectors and journalists from across the planet to the Ferrari campus—was the whispered promise of a new model. Many assumed it would be something fairly expected, like
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The Ground Up
Text by NICHOLAS GIL For most of the 1,100 years since Iceland was settled, the island’s food had more to do with surviving the long, sunless winters than it did with making something that was remotely palatable. In order to eat when the ground was f
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