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Strine Be The Glory
Is there any more rugged way of life than mustering and droving? That’s rounding up livestock and moving it long distances, for those Pommy readers (not to mention the sooks in Sydney and Melbourne) who haven’t been introduced to it by that sappy Hug
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Beauty Comes In All Colours
The seductive and scantily clad women who have made the Pirelli calendar famous over the past five decades have, in the last three years, been replaced by imagery designed to develop the pin-up beyond the male gaze. The latest calendar, of which a se
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Pocket The Difference
photography kim lang 1. A big fan of military clothing, Nick designed this bag as the ultimate oversized, go-anywhere rucksack. “It’s a sample from Japan that was going to be for Private White, but now it’s just ‘Nick Ashley Archive’.” 2. Nick’s oliv
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Honour Among Thieves
It is technically a rom-com, but A Little Romance — a 1979 basement-cinema treat, directed by George Roy Hill, of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame — couldn’t be more removed from any saccharine, Kleenex-sponsored Anne Hathaway vehicle. The fir
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Personal Statement
photography stéphane butticé 2. “This Hermès ‘Sac à dépêches’ was a gift from my wife for my 30th birthday. It fits everything I need for the two or three days a week I spend in London. It has so many scratches and marks which look like scars and mak
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The Lane Less Travelled
Diane Lane wouldn’t give you the time of day. Although her parents’ families are from Georgia — dad was a drama coach and mom a delightful slashie (centrefold/nightclub singer) — Lane, a New Yorker, has forever radiated a coolly detached East Coast s
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In construction circles, the family name Bamford is best known for the excavation vehicles bearing the initials JCB. In horological circles, the name belongs to George Bamford, and it conjures images of a hyper-innovative maverick whose marvellously
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Living In The Material World
Around the time that Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry opened a fabric merchants at 10 Old Bond Street in 1836, specialising in woollen and silk cloths, men’s coats featured long tails at the back and were cut much higher at the front. Squa
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From The Heart
In 600 B.C., when Greek settlers on the south-western coast of what we today call Italy founded a settlement in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, they called it Neapolis — the new city. It was to be new not just in location but in philosophy, a haven for
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Strange Magic
Benedict Cumberbatch has a potent mix of highly tuned talent and looks that can be dashing, frightening and even androgynous.
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The Art Of Making It
“Christie’s has been selected as the global auction house for the collection of David and Peggy Rockefeller. This vast collection will be offered for sale in May 2018 at our flagship auction rooms in Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City.
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Letter From The Founder
By the time you’re reading this, The Rake will have embarked on the next chapter of its e-commerce evolution: watches. Why watches? Well, to begin with, everyone at The Rake, yours truly in particular, adores them. Amusingly, I was speaking to my fri
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Profits Of Doom
Steve Cohen’s estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, 2013. Since the financial crash of 2008, our fascination with the super-richest of the banking class — and their perceived crimes — has expanded like a trader’s algorithm. Fortunately, like the mobsters
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Letter From The Editor
While unofficially, and perhaps unintentionally, the subject of legacy has a strong influence in this issue, perhaps part of The Rake’s raison d’être is to emphasise not only the great men and women of history and the impressions they have left on th
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Hacienda Heights
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to Patrón Tequila Cream silk double-breasted, shawl lapel jacket, Lardini; burgundy cotton chain print shirt, Hermès; brown and vanilla, chianti silk pocket handkerchief, Serà Fine Silk at The Rake. Navy
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Steve Schofield is an award-winning English photographer. He has a number of portraits in the National Portrait Gallery London’s permanent collection. He recently returned to the capital after spending the past six years living in Los Angeles, where
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Going Places
photography baard lunde fashion stylist jo grzeszczuk The American essayist’s rather pious aphorism does not, of course, refer to the garments or accoutrements found on and about the person of globe-scouring voyagers of the age: his observation is ex
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When To Provoke Is To Live
In a recent interview, Jane Birkin described her first date with Serge Gainsbourg. They met on the set of the 1969 movie Slogan; he was 40, she was 22. “He barely spoke to me and I thought him terribly arrogant and unkind,” she recalled, “so the dire
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Total Immersion
In his twilight years, a second world war hero who once walked nine miles to safety with severe bullet wounds to his intestines and lungs — a man who took part in a string of Reapergoading missions as a weapons trainer and saboteur, parachuted twice
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Desert Song: Palm Springs
It has been a while since my last visit to Palm Springs, California. In the late 1990s a group of friends would travel to this idyllic desert community from Los Angeles for the holidays. It is about 110 miles from Hollywood, and we were drawn there b
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Tag Heuer X The Rake And Revolution Carrera Chronograph ‘Blue Dreamer’
Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot on the Riviera. “Ciao, come stai? Tutto bene. Fammi un Martini secco, per favore! Grazie!” If you’re bellowing this through a loudspeaker to the staff at the Capri Palace as they watch in slack-jawed awe as you — stil
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Label Of Love
In 1932, a nine-year-old boy from a devout Muslim family living in London — his father was a diplomat and legal adviser to Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish republic — was taken by his elder brother, Nesuhi, to see the Duke Ellington and Cab Call
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The Man With No Plan B
In his late teens, Mike Horn recalls, “I was in the South African Special Forces, fighting the war in Angola”. As a soldier during the final years of the two-decades-long South African Border War, “I led a very exciting life. Although war is not a ga
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‘I’m A Solid Actor. But I Want To Be Bolder In Future, And That Involves Learning More’
photography by pip fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Joe Dempsie is used to intense fanfare surrounding projects in which he’s appearing. He first encountered it when playing Chris in the acclaimed British teen comedy-drama Skins. The fans, he says, “w
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‘The Corneliani Man Is Open Minded And Curious… He Absorbs The Energy Of The World’
Since September 2016, Stefano Gaudioso Tramonte has played a crucial role at the helm of Corneliani. That said, he hasn’t had his hands on the tiller in the way one might assume. He’s not the creative director or the art director, nor is he the manag
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Easy Company
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to the Corinthia Hotel Among the more ambiguous archetypes of the celluloid age, that of ‘leading man’ is perhaps the least defined. Far from the specific criteria of commedia dell’arte and melodrama, in
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The King Of Bling
King Farouk as a teenager dining at his wedding with his first wife, Safinaz Zulficar with his second wife, Narriman Sadek, at their wedding, Cairo, 1951 in exile with his family on the island of Capri, 1953 in Monte Carlo with Italian opera singer I
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Letter From The Founder
“But what about our editorial integrity?” Thus was the chest-rending bleat of protestation from some of the younger journalists when it was announced that, as we move forwards, our website, our social media and, yes, even our magazine would synergist
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Paradise Found
An island named after an insect infestation is surely no one’s first idea of paradise. Yet since the 1960s, Mustique has been just that: a privately owned, reassuringly inaccessible castaway retreat for the jet set. This tiny landmass in the Caribbea
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Kalle is a Swedish director and photographer. A master of the atmospheric cinematic moment, he shoots both print and motion for an advertising client list that includes Paul Smith, Gant, Johnnie Walker, Volvo, Hackett, Peroni, Rolex, H&M, Neiman Marc
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