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Watch And Learn: Hublot Aerofusion Chronograph Special Edition “The Rake”
If The Rake were to create a Hublot watch, it would have to embrace two eras simultaneously — that of the ancient world and that of the modern world. It started on a clear, unseasonably warm and hospitable evening in Milan in February last year. Litt
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‘I Have Moments — I Was Sitting In My House In L.a. Last Week Just Smiling, Like, This Is It’
photography diego merino fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Since the concept was created in the 1950s, the American dream has always contained some degree of false hope. Though that hasn’t prevented many millions feeling the warmth of its glow. Sixty y
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Welcome To Summer School
photography jake walters fashion stylist jo grzeszczuk I enjoy the juxtaposition of a crumpled linen shirt with the sharp crease in a pair of mohair trousers. The British do not have a good reputation for dressing well in warmer weather. The unpredic
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The Real Mckay
The issue of Life magazine that hit the newsstands on July 6, 1959 bore the image of an almost excruciatingly handsome man, then 27 years old, staring into the middle distance: dash-of-salt, tousled hair; lips puckered rakishly; and eyes fixed in a g
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California Blues
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk model john pearson Special thanks to Flower Ave. Yellow cotton crewneck sweater, Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery at The Rake; cream and brown linen striped shirt, Brunello Cucinelli; beige cotton shorts, Lardini at Th
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Silver Lining
Asterisked items available at I have been spending some time in Tuscany lately — primarily in Florence a couple of times a year, in particular when the men’s fashion world descends on the city for Pitti Uomo. Florence (and all of Tusc
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The Line Of Beauty
“It wasn’t scary but it was challenging. That was the moment when I got a first real connection to the business.” Wandering around Trivero’s Casa Zegna, it’s easy to imagine a moment when — between a kickabout on the lawn, or climbing one of the tree
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Michael Schwartz is a Floridian turned New Yorker, and a photographer. He began his career in the fashion industry as an agent for models. While developing and maintaining the careers of some leading models, Michael had a desire to get back to his li
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Dan The Renaissance Man
The first thing I notice as I’m going up Lexington Avenue towards Dapper Dan’s new atelier in Harlem is a billboard saying, ‘Gucci Dapper Dan. Made in Harlem.’ It is a sight that would have been hard to imagine even a couple of years ago. But many th
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Letter From The Founder
I grow old. To quote from one of my favourite Rake contributors, Warren de Montague, “like the semi-desiccated grape Corvina, just one of the multiple varietals blended together in the palimpsest elixir that is Amarone, I grow more wrinkled but inten
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The Keeper Of Greatness
Bao Dai in his early years arriving at the opening of the French Colonial Exhibition in Paris, 1931 playing ping-pong in France, 1932. He was believed to have single-handedly bagged a large percentage of his country’s tigers. Last May, Phillips aucti
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Letter From The Editor
I recommend that all of you play me at poker — in fact, any game with a stake. If you hear I’m involved, buy in, as I am completely rubbish and greatly admire the patience and technical skill required to succeed in such pursuits. I once won at the ra
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England, Our England
Derby Day by William Powell Frith, 1856-8 Baroness Rosencrantz and Mrs. Frank Mackey at Black Ascot, 1910, when racegoers mourned King Edward VII King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) at Ascot in 1938 the Ascot scene in My Fair
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Method Man
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to Flower Ave. Blue linen safari shirt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label at Harrods. Blue denim jeans and brown leather cowboy boots, both property of Ed Harris. The teenaged Ed Harris was, by his own admission
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Hatters Gonna Hat
Made for the practical purpose of wearing, there is equal justification for mounting them on your wall.
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Men Of The Cloth
The town of Biella in northern Italy is famous for playing host to many of the finest cloth makers in the world. For Piacenza, this is doubly true: their history is inextricably woven into the fabric of the town itself. Although the company usually q
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Fit For A King
Turnbull & Asser have consistently been purveyors of elegance and dynamism. The journey they have made over the past five years has riffed on the idea that style, suiting, sartorialism needn’t be boring and uninventive despite so many brands seemingl
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Bird Of Sorrow
If you know your Seinfeld, and you should, the name Dolores should raise a smile. It was, after all, the handle of a woman Jerry was dating whose name he couldn’t recall but knew rhymed with a body part. There was little unforgettable about Dolores M
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It’s now more than two decades since Karl-Friedrich Scheufele — a man whose horological prowess is matched only by his passion for wine-making (‘Grand Cru’ is, of course, a French regional wine classification) and a penchant for vintage cars that spu
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From The Land Up Over
as told to nick scott From a linguistic perspective, ‘Aussie’ is a markedly Australian way of shortening the word ‘Australian’, and people tend to be astounded when they hear that the breed to which this nickname is applied is about as Australian as
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Northern Soul
photography kim lang 2 Prior to joining Anderson & Sheppard, he needed a suitable briefcase. He can’t recall where he got it from but it has “been through the wars with me”, he says. 3 Karl has a daughter, Florence, aged nine, whom he describes as hi
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A Sharper Edge
It’s apposite that ‘swordsman’ has become a phallic synonym for philanderer, given the dashing elegance of the weapon and the virile elegance that results when one is employed in fiction. Bourne and Bond may exude lethal masculinity when bearing a Wa
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The Poor Little Greek Boy Grew Up
“The Child,” Wordsworth wrote, “is father of the Man.” This apparently oxymoronic truth explains much about Taki Theodoracopulos. As a schoolchild in America after the war, and while his fellow pupils were preparing for life at university, Taki was r
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The Lane Less Travelled
Diane Lane wouldn’t give you the time of day. Although her parents’ families are from Georgia — dad was a drama coach and mom a delightful slashie (centrefold/nightclub singer) — Lane, a New Yorker, has forever radiated a coolly detached East Coast s
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In construction circles, the family name Bamford is best known for the excavation vehicles bearing the initials JCB. In horological circles, the name belongs to George Bamford, and it conjures images of a hyper-innovative maverick whose marvellously
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Living In The Material World
Around the time that Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry opened a fabric merchants at 10 Old Bond Street in 1836, specialising in woollen and silk cloths, men’s coats featured long tails at the back and were cut much higher at the front. Squa
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From The Heart
In 600 B.C., when Greek settlers on the south-western coast of what we today call Italy founded a settlement in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, they called it Neapolis — the new city. It was to be new not just in location but in philosophy, a haven for
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Strange Magic
Benedict Cumberbatch has a potent mix of highly tuned talent and looks that can be dashing, frightening and even androgynous.
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The Art Of Making It
“Christie’s has been selected as the global auction house for the collection of David and Peggy Rockefeller. This vast collection will be offered for sale in May 2018 at our flagship auction rooms in Rockefeller Center in the heart of New York City.
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Letter From The Founder
By the time you’re reading this, The Rake will have embarked on the next chapter of its e-commerce evolution: watches. Why watches? Well, to begin with, everyone at The Rake, yours truly in particular, adores them. Amusingly, I was speaking to my fri
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