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A former staffer at both U.K. Esquire and GQ Australia, Nick was Editorin- Chief of The Rake for three years before leaving the role to pursue a number of creative projects in the summer of 2014. His work has appeared in the FT’s How To Spend It, The
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The Edifier Tom Stubbs
It’s hard to think who else could pull off the devilish insouciance — the same effortless, imperious poise — of a three-pieced Withnail, ensconced in an armchair and holding a quadruple dram, but clutching an undersized coffee vessel instead. That’s
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The Shearers Terry Haste
It is hard to be impartial when writing about friends; in fact, I find it hard to be impartial on pretty much anything, so I have largely given up trying. But just because I am not impartial does not necessarily mean that Terry Haste isn’t among a ti
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Elegantly Wasted
“Five notes, two strings, two fingers, and one asshole.” That’s all Keith Richards has ever needed to get by. Well, that, and perhaps an indestructible physical make-up from hell, a few hip cats with a thing for the blues by his side, and the blessin
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The Game Changers Jeremy Langmead & Toby Bateman
When Toby Bateman, the Managing Director of Mr Porter, and Jeremy Langmead, its Content Director, appear at any stand of any luxury trade show, or visit the most liveried, chandeliered premises of the world’s halcyon brands, there is a moment when a
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The Shearers Joe Morgan
In 1981, Joe Morgan and Roy Chittleborough founded their esteemed eponymous tailoring house, which is one of the few establishments on Savile Row that still strictly embodies and practises bespoke-only work. Not long ago I dropped in to say hello, an
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Bordeaux: A New Golden Age
*Products available at Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, located on the Garonne river on the Atlantic coast. It is also the wine industry’s capital of France, and its region is home to famous Grand cru vineyards such as Lafite
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The Charmers George Glasgow Sr. and Jr.
It was a year into developing The Rake, and things were not going well. Despite my decision to focus on bespoke tailoring and shoemaking, my initial forays into both had left me bereft of confidence in these most artisanal of arts. In suiting, the is
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The Shearers Davide Taub
‘Humble’ is the first word that pops into my head when thinking of Davide Taub, the Head Cutter at Gieves & Hawkes. When we took his photograph there wasn’t an opportunity to talk openly, as it was busy on the cutting-room floor. Also, Davide didn’t
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Spiritual Leader
For his autumn/winter 2017 menswear collection for Balenciaga, the designer Demna Gvasalia, who’d elevated the oversized hoodie to haute status at Vetements, vowed to “make tailoring sexy again”. His method? To cut a roomy jacket, dispense with the s
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The Recuperators Edward & Eddie Sahakian
If there is a health benefit of smoking, becoming acquainted with Edward and Eddie Sahakian is it. Nothing bad has come from my getting to know these men. They are the personification of generosity, gentleness and generational bonding of father and s
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The Documenters Robert Spangle
Street-style photography is a nomadic, sometimes isolated, art form. You travel all over the world following the annual calendar of fashion weeks and get-togethers, where the international fashion cognoscenti descend in their finery. There is no dres
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‘Suits Are so Comfortable — Fuck You, Guys, You’ve Been Wearing Them All This Time and You Didn’t Tell Us’
photography nick kelly fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Publicists are an interesting breed. They are the gatekeepers of popular culture, guarding the people we want to get to know. Avaricious periodicals seek access to tell a good, saucy story, and t
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The Invigorator Jemma Freeman
In developing this list you can’t be shy in acknowledging that fine work in one particular field can be so consistently commendable over the years that the same person appears more than once. Which explains the return here of the great Jemma Freeman,
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The Documenters Karl-Edwin Guerre
“Can the shoot highlight the family element of the two of them? Don’t make it too serious, it’s not like them, let them be playful with one another and juxtapose what they are wearing.” This was (more or less) the brief I gave Karl- Edwin Guerre (or
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The Prom King Pooch
Goulash, embroidery, paprika, thermal baths, non- Euclidean geometry: it’s not exactly a collection to have thrill-seeking tourists boarding the next boat to Budapest. So it’s lucky that the Vizsla exists to sex up the list of things that emanate fro
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The Customizers Charlie Stockwell and George Bamford
According to Pope Francis, “the age of authority has ended and the age of persuasion has begun”. And if the father of the Holy Roman Catholic church understands that today you need to reach individuals and win over each and every heart and mind, then
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Vale Sir David Tang
I was once staying in Scotland, at a pretty grand house — the kind in which a grand piano does not look out of place. Walking down the stairs to breakfast, I was greeted by the crystalline notes of what might have been Schumann (I am no expert) float
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Be Prepared
photography kim lang 2. William’s choice of smokes for the evening is a pack of Tor Oriental, which is a marinated Turkish tobacco. During the day, however, it’s a pack of Marlboro Red, which he keeps in a silver cigarette case from 1915 engraved wit
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The Tastemakers Ben Clymer & Aurel Bacs
I remember taking a train with Ben Clymer, the founder of, after a visit to the Patek Philippe dial factory. We discussed the idea of e-retailing watches. After all, what was the point of emotionalising, in championing their aesthetic an
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Take Me to the Riva
fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to The Gritti Palace, Venice Navy wool cardigan, Enlist; charcoal grey cotton T-shirt, Sunspel; black wool wide leg trousers, AMI. Navy wool, double-breasted blazer, Thom Sweeney; navy wool trousers, nav
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To Rise Again
Kim Novak never intended to be an actress, and her success surprised no one more than herself. “I never dreamed of it, never even thought about it,” she said. “It literally just happened, as if by magic.” It wasn’t until a cross-country tour modellin
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The Arbiters Simon Crompton, Hugo Jacomet, Darius Namdar, Shary Rahman & Alexander Kraft
special thanks to mark’s club The term ‘arbiter’ generally refers to an individual who wields a more than significant authority over his or her chosen sphere of influence. And our 2017 arbiters do just that. Two of them work in men’s classic style; o
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The Flux Capacitor: The Caruso for the Rake Houdini Fabric Travel Blazer
photography james munro fashion direction ben st. george Umberto Angeloni is a proud citizen of the nation of Flux. If you are unable to find this unique principality on a map, it’s because you need to cast your eyes skywards. Because Flux lives in t
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Here’s one for trivia buffs: it’s distinctly possible that the backpack was invented before the wheel. At least, we know for certain that Ötzi the Iceman — whose remains were found by snow hikers in 1991 — set off across the southern Austrian Alps ca
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The Nourisher Sarah Ann Macklin
special thanks to the dorchester hotel Though she may be unaware of it, I first met Sarah Ann Macklin a decade ago. It was at a photoshoot in the first year of The Rake’s existence, a shoot dedicated to the sartorially seminal film Get Carter, and st
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Forging the Future
I kid you not. At 100mph (or 160km/h in the metric system) the GTR version of the McLaren F1 — the 25-year-old game-changing sports car designed by the iconoclast Gordon Murray — generates so much downforce that it could drive upside down across your
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Alpha and Omega: Riding the Last of Harley-Davidson’s Dynas and the First of Its New 2018 Softails
One of the most famous passages in Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, the book that first espoused his now widely accepted theory of evolution, was quickly removed by him because of the public ridicule it received. In this passage he explained how he
The Rake2 min read
The Mediator Alessandro Squarzi
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alessandro Squarzi. It was in April this year at his go-to haunt when he’s in London, Blakes hotel, for a story for The Rake. One can’t help instantly warming to him. He’s unbelievably polite, has an infectious smile,
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‘With Louis XIII, We Think a Century Ahead’
photography james munro Within the confines of the Library Bar at the Devonshire Club, Ludovic du Plessis is relaxed, making jokes and smiling. As the Global Executive Officer for Louis XIII, one of the most prestigious and enchanting wines and spiri
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