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Prince Among Men
Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg alongside his wife Ira von Fürstenberg, circa 1950s. I was very much in with high society, what one would call the ‘jet set’, although I have never owned a jet — but I did have three aeroplanes for cargo. I also
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Sartorial Solstice
Navy 14/15oz Joseph Clissold worsted wool double-breasted two-piece suit (£1390), Chester Barrie; navy raw indigo dyed denim shirt (£155), Drake’s; blue silk tie (£82), Ulturale; white and blue linen-cotton hand rolled contrast edge pocket-square, An
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‘I Used to Be a Dancer... It Helped Build Resilience’
There are big breaks in life, and then there are thunderbolt-from-the-blue, life-redefining, shower with blossom from Heaven’s most fruitful Tree of Opportunity kind of breaks. And two of those have just come the way, quite deservedly, of Tom Glynn-C
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Let the Old Times Roll
While responsible for some of the greatest commercial or critical successes this century — the return of the Mini, the FIAT 500, the Olympus Pen-F, the vinyl L.P. revival — ‘retro’ is at risk of overuse. Too many ‘futurists’ deem it regressive or sim
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Gothic, Novel
If there is another breed of dog my size — roughly that of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi — with as menacing a moniker as the ‘Vikingarnas Hund’, I’ve yet to meet it. It is a name surely meant to be emblazoned, in some imposing Gothic font, across sweat-soak
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‘We Got a Call Saying the Family Business Had Been Attacked. My Life in London Started Then’
Six kilos of caviar, 20 kilos of rice, and a tuxedo: that’s what Edward Sahakian was carrying when he arrived in London from Iran with his family in 1978. Four decades later, Sahakian is a cultural icon of London’s luxury scene. The world is sometime
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Be Squarzi
There are few men who grace the digital devices we use for a style fix more inspirational than Alessandro Squarzi. Transcending the roles of menswear designer, entrepreneur, talent scout, style icon and collector of vintage cars, motorcycles and watc
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The Great Restoration
I still keep a suitcase in Berlin,” the magnificent Ms. Marlene Dietrich once said. And once one has visited this crazy cool city, one cannot contend with that choice. Berlin buzzes on a one-of-a-kind kinetic frequency. The history, the significance,
The Rake2 min readFashion & Beauty
The Search Engine
George Bamford is not exactly old; far from it. His business savvy, however, belies a childlike enthusiasm for the world’s opportunities and offerings. I don’t meant this in a bad way — quite the opposite, in fact. He is a thinker, he has imagination
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Asexual Healing
Encantado, amigos,” as goes the traditional Argentine greeting. De Montague is ensconced on the terrace of the estancia belonging to his dear friend Ernesto Gutiérrez, the singular sudamericano tycoon and polo buff. And today’s genuflections pertain
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A Song of Ice and Fire
Dame Diana Rigg is the doyenne of amused gravitas, a tough, imperiously stylish, post-imperial stateswoman of stage and screen. Like Julie Christie, the subject of The Rake’s previous Cherchez La Femme column, she had a traditional English education
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Infant Immortality
Admittedly, the red braces and yellow, long-sleeve T-shirt combo wouldn’t cut it at Pitti Uomo. The lemon curd-coloured tux he and the other Griffins wear in the opening song sequence might have some of the more credulous Pitti peacocks jealously ass
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The problem with most luxury casual shoes is that — much like a magnum of Clos du Mesnil, a tin of Almas, a pre-revolutionary Cuban, or the company of a Monaco-based courtesan — the pleasure is fleeting. You may have outlaid a stupendous sum, but bef
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Cloths of Heaven
The gift of a great man is that he is able to read the prevailing currents as if accessing a language the rest of us have only a passable comprehension of but in which he is totally and unequivocally articulate. Sensing the seismic shift, tapped into
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Method in the Madness
Even though it is not on street level, and not, therefore, easily accessible to passers-by, Mad Lords has become in less than five years one of the most coveted places in Paris to go and chill, fulfilling exactly the desire of Serge Muller, its found
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Pressed-in Prestige
There is a particular kind of prestige one feels when entering Turnbull & Asser’s flagship store on Jermyn Street in London. The kind that can only be achieved by possessing a trading history that stretches back more than a century and a heritage tha
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Gentlemen, May We Present Marol
by christian barker Marol is the greatest Italian shirtmaker you’ve never heard of. O.K., maybe you have heard of them — you’re a Rake reader, so chances are you’re pretty clued up on the sartorially obscure, smarter than the average #menswear bear.
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Letter From the Founder
Developing a penchant for tattoos in middle age has decided advantages over precariously dabbling with this artistic medium in your early twenties. For one thing, it makes you less likely to get the left side of a Chinese menu tattooed on your tuckus
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Grey Pride
Grey knitted cotton and linen cardigan, Brunello Cucinelli; navy cotton long-sleeved T-shirt, Sunspel; blue grey, cotton drawstring trousers, Giorgio Armani; ecru and smoky grey Sartorial Survival cashmere-silk mega-square, exclusive design for The R
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Letter From the Editor
All things considered, we are not enjoying the sort of settled times that 100 years of suffrage, growing liberty and freedom, medical advancements, and relaxed attitudes to increasingly risqué sexual activity might bring. Fortunately, humour, especia
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The Bold and the Beautiful
A 20-year-old Nina Dyer vacationing on the French Riviera in 1950. Nina Dyer posing by a lake, circa 1960; with fiancé Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan and his mother, 1957; on her wedding day with Prince Sadruddin in Collonges, France in 1957. History can
The Rake3 min readFashion & Beauty
As well as The Rake, Nick — a historian and author and surely London’s most prominent luxury commentator — writes for periodicals including How To Spend It, Financial Times, The Independent, Vanity Fair and The Daily Telegraph. Among his many publish
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The Sun Also Rises
Section opener: Him: Navy and sea green piped swim shorts, Hermès. Her: Ivory Bakélite one-piece Romy swimsuit, Eres; silver and grey enamel Carré en Boucles charnière small and extra large bangles, all Hermès. Opposite page: Copen blue classic cable
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Un Pas de Deux
In the spring of 1962, in a small bistro in Normandy, a momentous meeting took place: Jean Gabin sat down for a coffee with Jean-Paul Belmondo. You didn’t have to be a French cineaste — or even have a passing acquaintance with Gallic poetic realism o
The Rake6 min readFashion & Beauty
Black Beauty
Few of us get to sashay into a Savile Row atelier one day, parietal lobes awash with creative whimsy, and request a garment that will change sartorial history. But that’s what happened in 1865, when the future King Edward VII went into Henry Poole an
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Rake Commends: The French Riviera
The view from Éze on the French Riviera. There are few places in the world with more romance and glamour than the Côte d’Azur. At least, you might think that is the case until you visit Saint-Tropez or Monte Carlo in high season… there is nothing rom
The Rake5 min readFashion & Beauty
Solar Power
Sunglasses have always been, and will always be, achingly cool — a phrase I tend to avoid in written form but that I will employ with joyful abandon when writing on this subject. It’s fair to assume that the first time an Inuit tribesman fashioned a
The Rake5 min readFashion & Beauty
Where There’s a Wil
Wil Whiting’s background is not what you might expect of a man producing some of the world’s finest bespoke shirts. While it is inevitable that craftsmen, no matter their discipline, are often compared with artists, Whiting invites more parallels wit
The Rake5 min read
Wheels of Progress
Reinventing a car marque is one thing. Reinventing a brand long associated with grunt, functionality and its boxy, behemoth silhouette into one that people associate with aesthetic beauty is another thing altogether. But that’s what Gerry McGovern ha
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He Is a Golden God
Grey wool Fox Bros flannel three-piece suit, Chester Barrie; white cotton shirt and yellow gold collar pin, both Edward Sexton; white and navy checked silk tie, Emma Willis; yellow gold Royal Oak extra thin timepiece, Audemars Piguet. Mink brown doub
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