The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Readers Write: Prairie Presence, And Delayed Adulthood
Prairie presence Regarding the Feb. 18 Points of Progress article, “Slow and steady, grassland grows”: As a native of a prairie state – North Dakota – the article on grasslands expressing concern for their conservation evoked a “yes!” There are nati
The Christian Science Monitor3 min readSociety
Global Newsstand: Put Women At The Negotiation Table, And More
EUObserver / BrusselsPut women at the negotiation table “March 8, International Women’s Day – or ‘Women’s Combat Day’, as many feminists call it in Germany – has just been declared a public holiday in Berlin,” writes Hannah Neumann. “Awareness for di
The Christian Science Monitor10 min readPolitics
Christchurch Brings Global White Supremacist Threat Into Sharp Relief
White supremacist terrorism is on the rise around the world. The attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, has brought new awareness of the long-underestimated threat.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Points Of Progress: Thai Social Media Helps Free Speech, And More
This is more than feel-good news – it's where the world is making concrete progress. A roundup of positive stories to end your week.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min read
‘Ten Caesars’ Demystifies The Past
Barry Strauss' more or less explicit model is the Roman historian Suetonius, who wrote 2000 years ago and whose book famously profiled 12 caesars instead of 10.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min read
‘The Highwaymen’ Retells ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Story
“Bonnie and Clyde” is one of the landmarks of Hollywood cinema, so it takes a healthy dose of chutzpah to revisit that territory. “The Highwaymen” does just that – sort of. Instead of focusing on the two elusive outlaws whose two-year bank-robbing sp
The Christian Science Monitor5 min read
With Turkey On Edge, A Look To Architecture To Bridge Divides
Turkish architecture as politics: In Istanbul's Taksim Square, a vast new mosque and rebuilt cultural center are in seeming competition.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min readScience
A Cyclone’s Wake-up Call On Climate Adaptation
This month’s massive storm in southern Africa highlights the need for helping poorer nations build up resilience against flooding.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min read
Jordan Peele Returns To Horror With 'Us'
The film is a more ambitious work than Peele’s ‘Get Out,’ but despite some extraordinary sequences, it’s also a lesser work.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readPsychology
In The Growing Gospel Of ‘Workism,’ Is All Work Holy?
T.G.I.F.? For many millennials, it’s T.G.I.M. – thank God it’s Monday. But can “workism” – searching for a sense of purpose and identity on the job – work?
The Christian Science Monitor6 min readPolitics
Trump-Netanyahu: True Bromance, Or Marriage Of Convenience?
US-Israel ties often transcend a tough relationship between leaders, but the Trump-Netanyahu bromance has been useful to both men.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Status Words Reflect Changing Times
Terms that at first simply denote status come to acquire moral connotations – low-status words gain negative meanings and high-status words pick up positive ones.
The Christian Science Monitor6 min read
Can A Lake Have Rights? Toledo Votes Yes.
Fed up with pollution-driven algae blooms on Lake Erie, residents of Toledo, Ohio, last month established the ‘Lake Erie Bill of Rights,’ marking a shift in how the law views humanity’s relationship with nature.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readSociety
Can A Word Change Make Women Feel Welcome At Work? France Hopes So.
How important is it that a job title reflect your gender? In France, an official change to add feminine titles has people debating whether the change increases equality or lessens it.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Winter, Where Are You? Please Come Back.
Our reporter communes with other cold-loving folk at an icy park in New Hampshire on the last day of the season.
The Christian Science Monitor6 min readPolitics
New Hampshire Wonders: Is Beto Tough Enough To Take On Trump?
The first political hurdle in any U.S. presidential race is the savvy New Hampshire electorate. Is Beto O’Rourke’s cheery enthusiasm enough for the Texas Democrat to win over skeptical voters seeking substance too?
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
A Lesson In New Zealand’s New Gun Ban
After the Christchurch massacre, both left and right listened to each other’s fears about guns and gun control to quickly achieve a compromise.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min read
Is There A Border Crisis? Depends On How You Measure It.
The past five months saw the record for families detained between ports of entry broken four times, according to officials. But overall apprehensions remain near historic lows.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min read
Where Nature Has Rights
The notion that nature has certain inviolable rights is growing, especially internationally, as a paper published March 14 in Science makes clear. In some instances, those rights are specifically rooted in indigenous spirituality. In others, they’re
The Christian Science Monitor4 min read
Policymakers Hear The Needs Of Communities, Thanks To This Group
Cohear, an organization in Ohio, sets up conversations between local officials and and ‘everyday experts.’ And those talks can help resolve acrimonious divides – from arguments about new developments to bullying in schools.
The Christian Science Monitor1 min read
Meanwhile In … The Cook Islands, The Country Is Thinking About A Name Change.
And in the southern highlands of Mars, scientists confirmed the existence of a system of liquid water that once flowed on the red planet.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min read
How To Volunteer Abroad: Five Points To Consider
These days, many people looking to volunteer want to be sure it will truly make a difference. So in this piece, a philanthropy expert shares her insights.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min read
What’s In A Name? For Flowers, Plenty.
A rose is a rose is a rose.... Sorry Gertrude Stein, but it isn’t quite as simple – or as short-winded – as that. What might be true poetically for a rose is definitely not applicable to many other plants. Most of them have at least two names. For i
The Christian Science Monitor6 min read
Legal Pot: Why Minorities Say They’re Being Left Out Of The Money
Black lawmakers from New York to Georgia threaten to block marijuana legalization unless there are concessions for drug-war scarred neighborhoods.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readSociety
For Italy’s Homeless, Salvation In Selling Newspapers
A recession and punitive populist policies are exacerbating homelessness in Italy. One publication is offering purpose and income by putting homeless people to work as newspaper vendors.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min readPolitics
‘Fake News’ In Russia: State Censorship Elicits An Outcry
‘Fake news’ in Russia: Protests against new state censorship moves, signed by Putin, invoke universal principles.
The Christian Science Monitor8 min read
Restoring Indonesia’s Peatlands To Their Natural Soggy Glory
One-size-fits-all agriculture has robbed Indonesia’s peatlands of their moisture. Now the country is working to restore these historic swamps by embracing rather than fighting their boggy nature.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min readPolitics
When Trump Tweets, How Should The Media Respond?
To some, Trump’s tweets are a distraction from real news. To others, they’re the president’s most direct form of communication with the world.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min readPolitics
Small Donors Boost Beto And Bernie – And May Transform The Political Landscape
Mr. O’Rourke claimed an average donation of $47 to Mr. Sanders’s $27, highlighting Democrats’ increasing reliance on small-dollar contributions.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min readTech
The Ethics Of Watching A Massacre Video
The livestreaming of the New Zealand killings only raises the bar for both social-media giants and internet users to increase their powers of discernment.
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