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Movie Review: Roddy Doyle's 'Rosie' Is A Heartbreaking Tale Of An Irish Family's Resilience
Other films have bigger budgets and more glamorous stars, some even take home more awards. But few if any can quietly move you as much as "Rosie." A very fine socially conscious drama in the classic Irish tradition, "Rosie" tells a sobering tale that
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Henry Lozano, Who Engineered The Political Careers Of Emerging Latino Leaders, Dies
Henry Lozano, who spent much of his career aiding, counseling and influencing Los Angeles Latino politics and politicians, has died at his home in Whittier, Calif. Lozano, who died Monday, was 85. No cause of death was given. As a political insider,
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Movie Review: Lynn Shelton's Politically Barbed 'Sword Of Trust,' Starring Marc Maron, Takes On Civil War Truthers
Weapons are brandished but rarely deployed in Lynn Shelton's "Sword of Trust," a smart, politically barbed comedy about truthiness and consequences. At various points the characters wave handguns, screwdrivers and, yes, the sword of the title, a Civi
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Universal Music Group, In Initial Count, Cites Only 22 Masters Lost In Fire
LOS ANGELES - Universal Music Group officials have initially identified only 22 original master recordings made by five artists that may have been destroyed in the 2008 vault fire, according to an internal memo issued Wednesday, a copy of which was o
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Movie Review: 'Ray & Liz' Is A Bleak, Beautiful Memoir Of An Unhappy English Childhood
"My father, Raymond, is a chronic alcoholic. He doesn't like going outside and mostly drinks homebrew." The lines come from the back cover of "Ray's a Laugh," a celebrated 1996 book of family photographs by the Turner Prize-nominated visual artist Ri
Los Angeles Times3 min read
A Calmer A.J. Pollock Hopes For A Strong Second Half With The Dodgers
PHILADELPHIA - In retrospect, the Los Angeles Dodgers' A.J. Pollock admits, maybe he was pressing. Maybe coming to a new team and seeing so many new faces and learning a new commute and a new city and a new routine was overwhelming. Maybe that elbow
Los Angeles Times5 min readScience
How NASA's Apollo Program Turned Military Test Pilots Into Lunar Geologists
Step through the Cinder Lake Crater Field roughly 12 miles outside Flagstaff, Ariz., and you might encounter a white crystal-filled rock that has absolutely no business being there. The chunks of anorthosite weren't deposited there by nature - they w
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Commentary: No, Using Reusable Straws Isn't A 'Risk.' Not Using Them Is
I was very sorry to hear about the British woman who died after impaling herself on a reusable metal drinking straw - and not just because it sounds like a terrible way to die. This single strange and horrible story has the potential to do further ha
Los Angeles Times3 min read
'Big Little Lies': How Meryl Streep Redeems A Mediocre Season
Mary Louise Wright wasn't meant to be a superhero. The mousy grandmother, played by a transformed Meryl Streep, looked so neutral when she arrived on "Big Little Lies" six episodes ago that she may as well have been a clump of seagrass. Beige was the
Los Angeles Times4 min readLeadership & Mentoring
It Is Official: Majority Of Americans Think Women Are Just As Competent As Men, If Not More So
Good news, ladies: Americans now think women are just as smart and just as competent as men. And it gets better: Among the 25% of respondents who did perceive a gender difference in the smart category, most said that women were more intelligent and c
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Movie Review: David Crosby Hoping For A Little More Time In Elegiac Doc 'Remember My Name'
David Crosby, a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member for his tenure with the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, has talked freely about his addictions and missteps over the years. He wrote about his lurid ad-ventures in his 489-page 1988 autobiog
Los Angeles Times2 min readSociety
LAPD To Equip More Officers With Medication To Reduce Opioid Deaths
LOS ANGELES - As the nation battles an opioid epidemic, the Los Angeles Police Department is expanding a program to supply officers with thousands of doses of a nasal spray to treat overdose victims. Last year, the LAPD launched a pilot program to tr
Los Angeles Times5 min read
With 'The Lion King' And 'The Mandalorian,' Director Jon Favreau Cements His Status As A Disney MVP
Heading into this week's opening of his photorealistic CGI remake of "The Lion King," you might assume that director Jon Favreau would be coasting on a wave of pure "hakuna matata." After all, if you're following in the footsteps of one of the most s
Los Angeles Times3 min readSociety
California Supreme Court Allows Defense To Obtain Private Facebook Postings In Gang Trial
SAN FRANCISCO - In an unprecedented move, the California Supreme Court has allowed the defense in a gang-related murder trial in San Francisco to obtain private postings from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In a brief order Wednesday, the court let
Los Angeles Times6 min readSociety
LAPD Informant Infiltrated Left-wing Activists During Trump Protests, Records Show
LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Police Department ordered a confidential informant to monitor and record meetings held by a political group that staged protests against President Donald Trump in 2017, a move that has drawn concern and consternation fro
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Astros Catch Up Early To Take Down Pitcher Matt Harvey And The Angels
ANAHEIM, Calif. - The Dark Knight, the nickname Matt Harvey earned by blowing fastballs by hitters and challenging them with nasty breaking balls as a young New York Mets ace in 2013 and 2015, returned in spirit on Thursday night. It did not return i
Los Angeles Times1 min readSociety
Man Who Ripped Out Rival's Eyeball In Heated Attack Faces Life In Prison
A 39-year-old man was found guilty this week of ripping out another man's eyeball and trying to tear out the man's other eye in a 2018 attack inside a Bakersfield, Calif., home, prosecutors said. Jurors on Wednesday convicted Isaac Manuel Orozco of a
Los Angeles Times7 min readPolitics
Rising Health Insurance Deductibles Fuel Middle-class Anger And Resentment
WASHINGTON - Denise Wall, a Fresno-area schoolteacher with more than $2,000 in medical bills, was outraged to hear she could get free care if she quit her job and enrolled her family in Medicaid. Brenda Bartlett, a factory worker in Nebraska, was so
Los Angeles Times5 min read
The NASA Logo Is Having A Moment
It's the rare fashion emblem you can find everywhere. Walmart and Target offer T-shirts, swimsuits, sippy cups and ugly Christmas sweaters covered with it. Coach put it on bags, shoes and sweatshirts priced at hundreds of dollars apiece. Singer Arian
Los Angeles Times3 min readPolitics
Virginia Heffernan: The Democrats' 'Squad,' Infighting And Extremism May Save The Nation
When 65,853,514 of us cast our ballots for Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, we were voting for the relative peace, opportunity and pluralism of Barack Obama's America. The majority of voters that day at the polls hoped for an experienced leader k
Los Angeles Times10 min read
Los Angeles Is Finally Ditching Coal — And Replacing It With Another Polluting Fuel
DELTA, Utah - The smokestack at Intermountain Power Plant looms mightily over rural Utah, belching steam and pollution across a landscape of alfalfa fields and desert shrub near the banks of the Sevier River. Five hundred miles away, Los Angeles is t
Los Angeles Times4 min readPolitics
Rep. Ilhan Omar Is In Trump's Crosshairs. What's Going On?
WASHINGTON - Rep. Ilhan Omar has only been in Congress for seven months, but the Minnesota Democrat has become a major target of President Trump's ire. What's going on? Question: Trump's attacks on Omar escalated sharply this week. Why? Answer: Omar'
Los Angeles Times4 min readScience
Editorial: We Went To The Moon
A decade before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the lunar surface, a popular children's book was published with a title that sounded like a promise: "You Will Go to the Moon." The illustrations showed a young boy's trip in a
Los Angeles Times2 min readPolitics
Trump Administration Backs Off Threat To Audit California Wildfire Fighting Agreement
LOS ANGELES - A growing dispute between the Trump administration and California firefighting agencies over millions of dollars in back pay has ended with both sides agreeing to maintain an existing cooperation agreement, according to officials. At st
Los Angeles Times4 min readSociety
'Surviving R. Kelly' Executive Producer Dream Hampton On The Emmy Nod And Justice
Few documentaries have had as tangible an impact in changing the narrative around accusations of sexual assault as "Surviving R. Kelly." The Lifetime docu-series from journalist and executive producer dream hampton, nominated for an Emmy on Tuesday f
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Commentary: What Sex-trafficking Defendants Look Like Now
The new faces of sex trafficking are increasingly white, affluent and well-connected. In an indictment unveiled July 8 in the Southern District of New York, Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy hedge fund manager, was charged with sex trafficking for recruit
Los Angeles Times5 min read
MS-13 Gang's Bloody Reign Of Terror In San Fernando Valley Leaves Residents Horrified
LOS ANGELES - Brayan Andino wasn't the type to go somewhere without telling his mother. So when the 16-year-old didn't come home from school one day in October 2017, Doris Andino immediately searched her son's computer. She found messages arranging a
Los Angeles Times8 min read
Mass Murderer? Cult Leader? Musician? Charles Manson's Son Wrestles With Father's Legacy
The soft-spoken man with the crooked smile and bright blue eyes wants to change the way the world thinks about his father. He says his dad has been misunderstood for half a century. Unfairly blamed. Wrongly vilified. The man is 51. His name is Michae
Los Angeles Times4 min read
John Tanton, Quiet Architect Of America's Modern-day Anti-immigrant Movement, Dies At 85
For the past two years, Virginia-based immigration attorney Hassan Ahmad has fought the University of Michigan in court to unseal the personal papers of a small-town ophthalmologist named John Tanton so that all Americans can learn about his legacy.
Los Angeles Times2 min read
Immersive Or Distracting? Regal L.A. Live To Experiment With 'Ambient' Movie Theater Tech
LOS ANGELES - Faced with greater competition, movie theaters have tried multiple experiments to upgrade the cinematic experience, including bigger and brighter screens and rumbling seats. But a major challenge for exhibitors is to make the experience
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