Foreign Policy Digital1 min readScience
Space Research Can Save the Planet—Again
The solutions to climate change lie far, far away.
Foreign Policy Digital1 min readScience
Climate Change Requires Big Solutions. But Baby Steps Are the Only Way to Go.
Dramatic projects to mitigate global warming often don’t work. Slow, quiet, incremental policies are the planet’s best hope.
Foreign Policy Digital1 min read
Who Will Save the Planet?
Meet five unlikely saviors of Earth's climate crisis.
Foreign Policy Digital1 min read
Democracy Is the Planet’s Biggest Enemy
Young people care a lot about climate change—but most of them can’t vote. Here’s how governments can adapt to accommodate them.
Foreign Policy Digital1 min readPolitics
A U.S. Marine Looks Back at Fallujah
Listen and subscribe to First Person from your mobile device: Via Apple Podcasts | Via Google | Via Spotify | Via Stitcher It’s been 16 years since the United States went into Iraq, nearly nine years since President Barack Obama formally ended U.S. c
Foreign Policy Digital10 min readPolitics
Once Again, Ukraine Steps Into the Unknown
A comedian-turned-president, a rockstar-turned-party leader, and a sea of new faces in the parliament: Meet the new political reality in Ukraine.
Foreign Policy Digital20 min readPolitics
Who Lost Turkey?
The blame for Ankara’s antagonistic stance to Washington lies with both sides, a product of decades of misunderstandings.
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readSociety
To Fight Terrorists, Follow the Money
In 2015, British authorities caught Hezbollah-linked operatives stockpiling more than 6,000 pounds of explosives on the outskirts of London, new reports revealed last month. The British deserve praise for unearthing the London bomb factory. But they
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readTech
Cyberdeterrence Needs People, Not Weapons
In April this year, Iranian operatives were reported to have launched an online assault on a string of British banks and government agencies. A couple of weeks later, Amnesty International Hong Kong was attacked by Chinese hackers, who accessed the p
Foreign Policy Digital4 min read
The United States and Turkey Peer Over the Cliff
With the cancellation of F-35 sales to Turkey, relations between Washington and Ankara have reached a new low. Here are our top reads on how things got so bad—and what comes next.
Foreign Policy Digital4 min readPolitics
Document of the Week: Trump Administration Shrinks Iran’s U.S. Footprint
With the State Department imposing new travel restrictions on Iranian diplomats, New York City influencers trek across town to see Tehran’s foreign minister.
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
Iran Overtures Are the Latest Setback for Bolton
Trump’s hawkish national security advisor may be losing credibility fast as the president pushes diplomacy, observers say.
Foreign Policy Digital4 min readPolitics
France Is Looking for New Allies in Asia
Eager to project its power in the Indo-Pacific, the country has doubled down on Japan and India.
Foreign Policy Digital7 min read
Estonia Battles Its Elected Racists
The recent Financial Times interview with Vladimir Putin was a reminder of how closely Russia has become tied with anti-liberal interests across Europe. Putin described liberalism as “obsolete,” denigrated sexual minorities, and praised closed border
Foreign Policy Digital4 min read
Europe’s Future Will Be Decided in North Africa
The United States should stop treating the region as secondary to the rest of the Middle East.
Foreign Policy Digital4 min read
Alarmed by Venezuela, U.S. Military Seeks to Sell Arms to Colombia
The Air Force wants a key regional ally to get new F-16 fighter jets to deter threats from Caracas.
Foreign Policy Digital4 min read
Is Duterte Really Asking for U.S. Aid Against China?
As tensions over trade intensify between China and the United States, direct conflict seems far off—but one former U.S. territory may be accelerating Washington’s call to arms. On Wednesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte invoked the Philippine
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
Is Italy Immune From Terrorism?
In recent years, the country has managed to avoid jihadi violence. But not everyone will want to copy its methods.
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
America’s Road to Reputational Ruin
The decline in U.S. soft power didn’t start with Trump, but he accelerated it this week with his racist tweets.
Foreign Policy Digital4 min readPolitics
The Case for Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
Since the impromptu meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un late last month, there have been signs the United States may be prepared to make major concessions—including, so the rumors go, easing economic sanc
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
Europe Is Back
Long deemed strategically irrelevant by the United States, the EU is poised to become a major geopolitical power. Washington should take note.
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
The Abyss Is Opening Under China-U.S. Relations
A strange sort of calm has descended over the U.S.-China relationship. Officially, Washington and Beijing have agreed to a truce in their escalating trade war and are searching for the outlines of a possible agreement. But it’s looking increasingly l
Foreign Policy Digital4 min read
Warren Hammers Trump’s Pentagon Nominee—Despite Her Own Industry Ties
The presidential contender is leading the charge against the Defense Department’s revolving door but has a history of pushing the interests of firms in her home state.
Foreign Policy Digital6 min read
Here’s How to Finally Solve Spain’s Governmental Standstill
A coalition between Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists and Albert Rivera’s Ciudadanos could prevent a fourth election in as many years—but voters are unlikely to buy it.
Foreign Policy Digital6 min read
Colombia’s Uneasy Peace
A few years after Bogotá struck a deal with the FARC, challenges to the agreement risk undermining it.
Foreign Policy Digital9 min readPolitics
Ich Bin Ein Hong Konger
How Hong Kong is turning into the West Berlin of the quasi-cold war between the West and China.
Foreign Policy Digital7 min read
‘We Are Going to Continue to Fight’
Venezuela’s would-be president, Juan Guaidó, says he’s confident ahead of a new round of talks with the Maduro government.
Foreign Policy Digital13 min readSociety
Ursula Von Der Leyen’s Big Promises For Europe
On Tuesday, Ursula von der Leyen, who has been nominated to lead the European Commission, set out her plans for the European Union in remarks to the European Parliament. Promising a “Green Deal for Europe,” more equal representation of women, and an
Foreign Policy Digital5 min readPolitics
Japan’s Trade War Is as Futile as Trump’s
Japan and South Korea’s long-standing diplomatic dispute about the legacy of imperial Japan’s colonization of South Korea is not new. But Tokyo’s recent decision to turn trade issues with South Korea into a weapon in the history wars is a radical esc
Foreign Policy Digital5 min read
Hun Sen’s Man in Washington (State)
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia—Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is having trouble making friends in the United States under President Donald Trump. While past Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama pursued tentative cooperation with Cambodia, the United St
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