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7 Unconscious Mistakes That Make You Waste Money on Food

It happens to the best of us: You go to the grocery store and get so excited by all that gleaming summer fruit that you buy a bunch, then let half of it go bad in the fridge. Or you order the lobster special at a restaurant and end up eating enough for two. Or you buy a “fancy” ingredient like truffle oil for one recipe and then never use the bottle again. Food waste — and the financial waste that goes along with it — is a huge problem in the United States. Americans lose out on $29 billion worth of food annually just because they don’t know what sell-by dates mean, as Mic has reported. We als
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Cauliflower Is The New It Vegetable

CAULIFLOWER USED TO BE BORING. When chef Eric Ripert was growing up in France, it was something to buy only when “there was nothing else on the shelf.” Now the once humble veggie can be found roasted and served like a steak at the Mexican restaurant La Condesa in Austin or sliced into a sandwich along with eggplant at Bocado in Atlanta. At Le Bernardin in New York City, Ripert thinly carves it and serves it raw as a garnish atop crab cakes. Driven by carbo-averse consumers’ desire for a healthy alternative to white rice and gluten-filled grains, demand for cauliflower has grown steadily in r
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More Under Statements!

once upon a time (and by that we mean last year), the definition of “nude” seemed to be a lonely shade of beige. Finally, lingerie co’s are expanding their skin-toned offerings (some boasting a dozen shades) and also including wider size ranges. 1. Cosabella, $26, in 7 shades, one size fits most, cosabella.com2. Jockey, $13, in 5 shades, S–XL, macys.com3. Naja, $22, in 7 shades, S–XL, naja.co4. Aerie, $14.50, in 4 shades, XXS– XXL, aerie.com5. Nude Barre, $19, in 12 shades, S–L, nudebarre.com6. ThirdLove, $12, in 11 shades, XS–XL, thirdlove.com7. Nudz, $10, in 10 shades, S–XL, thenewnudes.com8